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Vova Tess Professional Dropshipper, 17 Years Old Raking In Over $1,000/day Dropshipping, Must Hear!

Published on: December 25 2022 by Tech Money Talks

- In the world of e-commerce, dropshipping has become an increasingly popular business model.

- Vova Tess, a 17-year-old professional dropshipper, has achieved immense success through this method.

- With earnings exceeding $1,000 per day, Vova Tess's story is a must-hear for anyone interested in dropshipping.


I. What is dropshipping?

- Definition and explanation of the process

- Advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping

II. Who is Vova Tess?

- Brief introduction to Vova Tess

- Background and early experiences with dropshipping

III. How did Vova Tess achieve success in dropshipping?

- Key strategies and tactics used by Vova Tess

- Examples of successful products and niches

- How Vova Tess has adapted to changes in the market

IV. Lessons learned from Vova Tess's success

- Important takeaways for aspiring dropshippers

- Common mistakes to avoid

- Dropshipping can be a lucrative business model when executed correctly, as demonstrated by Vova Tess's success.

- Learning from Vova Tess's experiences can help others achieve their own success in dropshipping.

- With dedication, hard work, and strategic thinking, anyone can become a successful dropshipper.

Hey everybody, Brian McCumber here from Tik Money Toks. Today, we have an exciting episode with a special guest, Vova Tes. For those in dropshipping, you need to know who he is. He's made a six-figure income at the age of 17 and is mentoring others on how to do the same.

Vova's Backstory:

- Started selling things on eBay at 10 years old.

- Started a gaming channel at 13 and made over $5,000 from it.

- Found out about dropshipping at 16 from a Tai Lopez ad.

- Opened his first store in February 2018, which failed.

- Got a job as a lifeguard in July 2018 and spent his free time learning about dropshipping.

- Made $1,500 in one day from dropshipping and quit his job the same day.

Motivation and Thoughts on College:

- Wanted more in life and to not depend on anyone else for income.

- Realized entrepreneurship was the way to achieve this.

- Started building passive income through dropshipping.

- Encourages his kids to go to college but also supports entrepreneurship and building digital assets.

Advice for Under 18:

- Use your parents' social security number to start dropshipping.

- Parents take on the risk, but you can make money and pay taxes.

- Start building passive income through dropshipping, information products, affiliates, etc.

Vova Tes is a young and successful dropshipper who started from a young age and built up his passive income through hard work and dedication. He encourages others to do the same and supports entrepreneurship and building digital assets. If you're interested in dropshipping or starting an online business, listen to this episode and learn from Vova's experiences.

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