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walgreens photo ads

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

All FREE at Walgreens 🏃‍♀️

good morning guys. hello, thanks for joining me at Walgreens right now. grab some deals. I wanted to share them with you guys. how are you doing? happy Friday- so awesome that it is Friday. let me get my receipts together here, okay. good morning guys. so, yes, Walgreens is pretty hot. I'm gonna go through some deals that I recently- like two seconds ago- just did. everything went super smooth, so really excited to go ahead and share them with you. good morning, hi, Veronica. I hope yeah, so we'll give everyone just a couple minutes to go ahead and jump on. it's Friday. I'm super excited. I got a busy day. today is my. normally it's not Friday, but I slacked this week. I'm not gonna lie. we did a lot of holiday stuff and things for the holiday party, so I have to go in store today and record at both Walgreens and CVS. I have a lot of work ahead, but it'll be a fun day. so, first things first, before everybody jumps on, thanks for the thumbs up. if you know how to give a thumbs up, that is amazing. I understand if you don't, don't go crazy. a lot of you guys say have to get out of the live, go back into the live. I don't know. that seems kind of crazy for all of that right. so I'm gonna go into that beauty perks coupon and walk you guys through that. but I want everyone say to go to Walgreens and get your free 8 by 10. so there is another code. I think the code is free 8:10. I posted it on Savi coupon shop or comm. so double check. I did it on my phone and it went through super fine. so get your free. I did it this morning. this was actually a pic from me and Sam's mommy daughter day. so I got it. you know, I didn't want to wait to let go through my pictures, cuz when I wait and say I'm gonna do it later, I forget and I don't get the free picture. so I'm like, let me just get a big old eight-by-ten of and, because we had such an amazing day, we are already scheduling another one for Christmas break. so get that, guys. that is a holiday gift. give it to the grandmas, give it to the grandpas, give it to the godmothers, Godfather's. get a picture and do that. I'm dyeing my hair right now so I'm ready for more beauty deals. be careful with that dye. got mine, thanks. free 810 at Walgreens. it doesn't say when this deal is going to expire, guys. but just do it, and I did it on my phone. sometimes when I do it on the computer and order it, it does not go through. so I wanted to give you guys a couple of updates. I did do that Walgreens Beauty thing going on. are you guys finding these coupons? let me know. I want to see if you guys are finding these. these have been readily available by the cash register and they're actually leaving one by the cash register. they put void on the top. they're keeping it to scan it for their customers. so I hope your stores are doing that. I think that is amazing. so not only do you want to look out for this coupon- Oh, Thank You, Brenda, back in the chat immediately. okay, thank, there's already succeed comes up. so it went from my 10 to 68. so you guys are awesome. you want to look for these. these are in store only. so you want to look at the beauty counter. you want to look at the register. you just want to look. you want to look on the floor. you want to look in. you know the carts and see if anyone left them, kind of look around. um, this is valid for days, so it started the sixth and it's valid through the ninth, beauty products are included. so this week, you know, there's really not much that I needed. soft soap is included in the deal. so if you include soft, so you definitely can. I did at my store was wiped out and I didn't want to get the larger bottles. I just don't need that. but, yeah, partikipating items are included. so you want to look for this coupon and then you want to go into your Walgreens app and look for the same perks coupon. now they sent it to me through email. I did not have it in my app so I was looking, looking, looking. I remember getting an email saying: you know, here is a whatever perks coupon, Congrats, whatever. the code for the eight-by-ten is free, eight, the number eight, one zero. it's so easy guys, just order it today, just get it done with and you will be so good. so, yeah, you want this physical coupon here, you want this one, and then you want the app coupon as well, because it's going to like: give you seven thousand points for this one and seven thousand points for the app coupon. so I did a really simple deal. this week: nexus is spent 20, get a 10, doesn't say get a 10 dollar extra buck, I get 10,000 points. that's the deal. yes, so I got two of these. these are $13.99, guys. let me get my receipt so I could show you it. the Sun, of course, is starting to come out, so, yeah, $13.99. I'll show you part of that here, as I explained it. so what coupons did I use? I had a printable coupon and those printables are still available. so if you, you can print it from couponscom. if you don't want to search through the coupons on my site, on the right hand side, I always post coupons you should print, and that's one of them that is still there. it's still available. click and print it. good morning, El Paso. we're going through some Walgreens deals. is what we're going through? Walgreens deals literally just did the picture. thank you, yes, grab. I'm telling you every year I haven't bought an 8 by 10 thanks to Walgreens. CVS gives us some once in a while, but not that many. Walgreens is amazing with free prints. so with the Nexus, I'm going through the beauty deal and explaining that you guys really want to look for these in-store. so it is 7000 points when you spend $25 or more in beauty. so go ahead and use this coupon and then go. Thank You, Brenda, thank you guys. we are gonna have an amazing. I've got so many good ideas that I'm gonna be sharing with you guys for the new year on things on my channel that I'm going to be doing and I'm gonna need your help, but it's gonna be like couponers, you know, coming together and doing things, so stay tuned for that. okay, use this coupon. I always get sidetracked on these lives. use this coupon, go into your app or check your emails. guys. Walgreens sent it to me yesterday, so check your emails and see if you I think yesterday or no, yesterday, because today's the six, so this was the first day of this deal and you want to click that coupon and make sure that it's in your Walgreens account because it's gonna double dip. so, rather than you know, just using this and getting seven thousand using the email coupon, you are going to get 14,000 points. and the cool thing, the reason why I picked Nexus number one- I didn't need anything and this is the only Nexus product I would probably use. I'm not a huge fan of their shampoos and conditioners, so grab two of these. these are the 10 ounce hair sprays. you don't have to get here spray if you want to get shampoo, conditioner, get what you need there- $13.99 each. so you want to grab two of them, which is gonna bring a total like $27. so you're way over the five dollar amount. I'm. I always give my cashier these perks coupons. first, of course, she scanned at last. I don't know if she was like thinking I was doing something wrong, but she stand at last and I gave him one printable nexus coupon because I had one printable left. again, guys, those coupons are still available and I used one of the digital coupons and the Walgreens app. now, at one point I had two digital coupons. one disappeared, but luckily one was still there today. so that was after the two coupons. I had to pay 1798 plus tax, so it came to twenty dollars and 43 cents. but, guys, you're gonna get back 10,000 points for doing the Nexus seal and 14,000 points for doing four using this coupon and using your email coupon. so you're gonna pay 20, 43 and get back 24,000 points. so they end up being completely free and a moneymaker. super awesome, awesome deal. yeah, I really didn't need anything else. if you guys did different deals, run them in the comments. now let me know what you guys got at Walgreens. but here's the receipt you can see that I spent okay. I'm gonna be honest. I had not enough points to pay with points today. I used my points for gifts for my holiday party, so I ran my points dry b.

Walgreens Ad Preview Chit Chat Lots of Great Deals August 9th-15th 2020

[Music]. hello everybody and welcome back to my channel. yes, you guys, i am bringing you guys the walgreens ad preview for august 9th to august 15th. now, as i can see on this ad, um, in the last couple of weeks they've had it where their temper temporary pausing the physical ad and the stores because i they didn't give a reason, but i know it's because of covid. well, this does not say that it's not there anymore, so they might be bringing back the physical ads, i think after so many people complained. i am not sure, but just wanted to give you guys a heads up. now they do have school supplies. they got crayons, uh glue, 49 cents. they got the the really good pencils- from what i've heard- for 99 cents, which it looks like it's a 10 pack paper mate and fiskars pencil sharpeners for 99 cents. so if you guys have a lot of points or register rewards that you guys need to use up and get some school supplies, go for it. i don't know what to use for school supplies right now because of the whole school shutdown thing, so i'm waiting to see what we need, but i can always use crayons. now they do have, um, some kellogg's cereal for 1.99 and then we. there should be a 50 cent off digital coupon. otherwise in the 8-2 retail me now we did get some dollar off of two coupons. now you guys can i pay 1.49 or you would pay 298 for two of them, but then you can also submit your receipt to uh, the kellogg's family rewards to get points plus. they're doing the free box. i'm our free books. i'm maxed out on my books but you can still get points. so wanted to share with you guys on that. now they have dove body wash- 5.99 and then there's going to be a two off, a two digital coupon. you guys would end up paying um 798, but then you get 2 000 points when you buy two of them, so it comes out to be 3.99. now it looks like we are getting men's body wash for two dollar off coupons, so you guys would end up paying 5.98. you get 2 000 points. it comes out to be, i think, just 3.98, so two dollars a piece. so i'm gonna check, definitely try to check- that deal out and see if we can get a good deal on dove body wash. now the crest toothpaste is three dollars. you guys want to buy two of them. there's going to be a three off of two digital coupon, you would pay three dollars, but then you get a three dollar register reward back, so making it pretty much furry. uh, ajax, look at that. it's on sale for 99 cents at my stores. it's regular price to dollar, so you are saving one penny for that laundry detergent. that is a great deal. then we got tide and don donny downey for 2.99. this will be a dollar off digital coupon, making it 1.99. um, and then they have scats, uh, paper towels and toilet paper- a dollar 25 with the walgreens coupon. now, some of them, some of the. lately there's been some digital coupons popping up. i have yet to check. i just have so much paper products i don't really need it, but i keep forgetting to check. to share with you guys on that deal, in case you want to stok up a paper product, since now, finally, things are dying down. they have soda: 3 for 9.99, that's 333 apiece, or they have to buy the two, get one free. not the greatest deal. wait a little bit. you could probably get a deal now. they do have some tide and bounty for 4.99 and then when you buy two of them you get a three dollar register reward. so you guys, depends on what kind of coupons there is to use. um, let's just say there is no coupons. you would pay uh ten dollars, but then you get three dollars back. it comes out to be just seven bucks or three dollars and fifty cents. so hopefully we can find some digitals for that. uh, l'oreal makeup is going to be: buy one, get one, 50 off. i do know we had some printable coupons that we could have used. um, you guys might have got some coupons in your inserts and then you get. there is also a walgreens coupon. this is one of my favorite uh foundations, so i'm going to try to get that deal because i like to get stuff like that. now here they got the 10 times everyday points when you spend 20 or more. so usually you get 10 points for every dollar that you spend. this time you'll get a hundred points for every dollar that you spend, but you get those points if you do not pay with points. i know it's kind of weird, but, uh, this is actually going to go through august 22nd, so it's gonna be for um, two weeks. is that deal for those 10 times everything? so make sure you clip it to your card. now here we got some food deals. nothing's really popping out at me, but i always find more stuff as i'm shopping in the store. more food deals, yes. now here they got some candy for 69 cents. it looks like the nestle brand. so i'm pretty excited because i like to get some nerds for 69 cents. and look at you guys, candy corn. if you are a candy corn, it says brock's or trolley candy corn. um, halloween candies coming out. you guys, that's the best time of it all, halloween candy. then we got some purex. i know there was some coupons out there, uh, but this is a two dollar off digital coupon making them the nice sandwich bags, uh, whatever bags, or buy one, get two free suits. they usually are 2.79. you guys will get two of them free. they go out to be just 93 cents a piece. i don't know why i get so tired when i do these, but here we got the renuzits and snuggle for 89 cents. now there is gonna be a digital coupon for: buy four, you get two free. now, watch your receipts, you guys. i've notiked several people say it only takes off one, otherwise we are getting some inserts in this, uh retailmenot that we're getting this weekend. so basically, you guys, um, you would end up paying 3.56. but then there's a deal that just popped up on ibotta for two dollars off of five. that's an awesome deal. so you guys will get all six of them for a dollar 56 or just 26 cents a piece- awesome deal. now here is a deal that is um regional. not everybody does this deal, but it looks like there's domino's, taco bell, burlington or foot locker. now if you guys have this deal in your area, definitely do it. if you need gift cards for, like, christmas this year or anything, or your kids are going to college and they need food cards, definitely go ahead and do this deal. so it looks like i don't know about the foot locker in the burlington, but with taco bell and domino's you can actually buy a 15 gift card. you can mix and match depending on what you guys want. but you want to buy two fifteen dollar gift cards, you would pay thirty dollars, but then you get a walmart gift card for ten dollars. so you basically you would pay thirty dollars to get forty dollars worth of stuff. so ten dollars for walgreens and thirty dollars for taco bell dominoes. so definitely do that. my husband's obsessed with taco bell, so that would be a good deal for me to get them for our anniversary, because our anniversary is in october, so might do that. might do that- my favorite deals when netflix happens, because i always like to do that. now they have a lot of back to school stuff. um, they have some big pens and pencils for a dollar 49. then there's gonna be a dollar off, a two digital coupon. you guys would pretty much get them for a dollar a piece. and then they got some other things that are: buy one, get one- fifty percent off backpacks or buy one, get one free. they got some other supplies for 49 cents: locker stuff- buy one, get one free. highlighters, erasers- uh, rulers, pencils are but, uh, five for a dollar. we got some other stuff for 79 cents: graphing pads, sheet protectors- 1.99, rubber bands- 1.99. now we're into the personal care products. uh, nexus is, if you spend 20 dollars, you get 10 000 points. now we do have those 5 off printable coupons that we got for the last couple weeks. if you guys can do that, um dial, i can't remember what i just saw. actually, let me check you guys, i forgot the deal already. so dial, where did i read? the dial for men and body wash is going to be: buy one, get one free. so the dial body wash is 349 and then we're getting buy one, get one free. so you guys would get two bottles for 3.49. that's like a dollar 75, i think, for a piece. if you guys want to go ahead and do that, maybe pretty excited for that. i never.

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[Music]. hi guys, welcome back to my channel couponing with Kayla. so if you are new here, don't forget to take a second to hit that red subscribe button below so you don't miss any of my new videos. so we are gonna bout up to take a look at the Walgreens ad preview. so this ad starts on the fifth. so we're gonna go ahead and just take a look, tok about some possible matchups and all of that. of course, we're strolling through this online ad because we don't get the paper ad anymore. so, anyways, we're gonna go ahead and flip through this ad. make sure I'm not missing anything down here, okay? so the first thing we're looking at is we've got the three dollar register reward when you spend twenty on select Walgreens products. we have that deal this week - now, then - too exciting on that part. so far, we've got the tees for two for a dollar. those are good for filler items. now I do want to say that we are going to be having a beauty event coming up, so I will of course post my must do deals video for the regular deals of the week on Thursday, as usual, but I will also soon be posting a beauty event video toking about some of the best deals to do some different scenarios for the beauty event coming up. that beauty event is going to start on the 9th and go through the 11th, so it's gonna be Thursday through Saturday like normal. so for the beauty event, I don't have a copy of the flyer yet, but I did want to tell you guys about that. so keep an eye out on your account. you know on Wednesday is a lot of times if they're gonna give us some boosters, they give it to us. then keep an eye out on your account for the next few days for that Beauty booster so you can clip that to your account. so you definitely want to keep an eye out for that stuff. now, over here we've got some buy one, get one, or, sorry, buy one, get two free on the Armand Hammer. over here we've got this $6.99 oh, and wrapping stuff, and this is on secret deodorant, Old Spice deodorant, old lady or bath care. so it also includes those bath products and is showing a five off a for digital coupon, which I did check my app and I already have that coupon on my app, and also it is ten thousand points when you buy for. so this is a buy deal, not a spin deal. so keep in mind that you can pay with points on this, plus with this, if the Old Spice body wash is included, like it's toking about Bath care. so I'm pretty sure it will be, because I check the details of the coupon and the coupon does include bath products and you know body wash- all that anyways, if we still have the, I bought a rebate. they could take it away before, you know, come Sunday, of course, but if they don't take it away, then we come out pretty good on these body wash or mix-and-match. you know your items and everything. but if we can get some rebates, then that is even better. and if you not signed up on, I bought it yet. it's a rebate app that you can earn cash back on your purchases- as simple as clipping offers and then scanning your receipt, taking a picture of your receipt and send it in to them, and getting some cash back. so I have a link below in the description box if you're interested, and this thing is gonna be slow and not let me click on it. okay, there we go. okay, so I don't think we miss anything, is there? of course, we've got our paperless coupons. you check right here. we've got military and veterans discount Day on July 5th, and that is going to be 30% off of eligible regular priced merchandise. we've also got seniors Day on July 7th and that is 30% off on regular priced merchandise and certain brands and then 20% off of regular all other. hot, I'm sorry, sorry, I can't hardly read this. 30% half of eligible regular price recognize from our brands, including these, and more so from their brands, and then 20% off of everything else. okay, so anyways, making sure I'm telling you right, alright, so over here we've got some candy bars, some Coffee, got some laundry soap up there, nothing too exciting. we're already having a good laundry soap deal this week, so we're gonna skip by that. this week in our Sunday paper we should be getting a RetailMeNot and also our PNG, so keep an eye out for your coupons there. so check it out. we've still got some dove deals going on now. with this dove it is not gonna be the buy one, get one, 50% off, but it is going to be $5.99 and get 2,000 points when you buy two. so right now it's 1,000 points when you buy two, but it's going to be 2,000 points when you buy two. and those dove: buy one, get one, free coupons for: buy one regular body wash, get immense body wash free. those coupons are still going to be good. I believe that they expire on Hanah, wait, no, do they expire on the fourth? I can't remember. yeah, so double check it myself. those eggs by are so forth, so they will not still be good. it's showing that we're gonna get a two off of two coupon. so you know, it just depends on what works for you, what your wanting to get all of that. but we've been getting some really good deals on dough, so it's kinda you know, now by to get the third free on some dental care products and those items. there's lots of different ones. we've got several digital coupons to make those a good deal. now, over here we got some duller nothing on cereal. we've got buy one, get one, 50% off down here on the Loreal alive and also on those Aveeno and Neutrogena Sun care products. we've got, let's see here, some other food items nothin - too much - four, five on the peanut butter and jelly up there. so we're gonna scan along, see what we can find over here we've got some more food items. the $3.00 register reward when you spend, funny. okay, make sure we're not missing anything, okay. so I'm just gonna kinda like scan that so that way you guys can just look at it. first, I can't down here on these, um, these ice cubes. they're two for five dollars and it says a $2 off Walgreens coupon and so if we take $2 off that I would make them two for three dollars, or a dollar fifty each if you like those, buy one, get one, 50% off. on the beggin strips, I believe we're getting coupons for those, like a dollar 50 off, something like that. got some photo deals, but not super interested in those unless they're free or super, super cheap. let's see, here we've got five for a dollar on the folders and the highlighters and then that three dollar register reward when you spent twenty. as part of that we've got binders: buy one, get one free, also part of that deal. some $2.99 pins- buy one, get one free. candles, also included in that. spin twenty, get a three dollar register reward deal. down here we've got some of the Dixie bowls and plates that are going to be. buy one, get one, 50% off. get some Purex laundry detergent, some different things here. see, what else do we have? okay, so we've got the spin 50, get a $15 gift card. that is part of the P&G promotion. it is spin 50. that's spin 50 after any coupons, so that you're gonna be paying a little bit. but I think you can split it up and, you know, do ones from different transactions so you can submit things as you go, or something like that. we, I think, on the website for spend 50, get 15,000 points on P&G products. I'm not sure if that deal is good in store, but it is online. not sure if it'll continue into the next week, though. now on the King C to let they are against Ben 20, get 10,000 points. so that deals been going on for a little while and we do have good digital coupons for that more. the dental care products out there the top- oh, I skipped over this- but the laundry products again are gonna be four for eight dollars. so if you didn't get them this week and you want to get them this coming week, you still have a chance to grab those, because that is gonna be an ongoing promotion. for right now. we've got the diaper deal. we've had this going on for a couple of weeks with a 6,000 points when you buy three on the Pampers over here. this looks like it'll be a pretty good deal, so I have not tried this. I think it's like a new product or something, but it is the Venus um shave cream. it's a Venus pure shave cream, okay, and it is $5.99. we're getting a $2 coupon, so that'll probab.


Walgreens Early Ad Preview 9/23-9/29

[Music]. hi guys, it's Jess and welcome back to my channel. I'm here with your Walgreens early at preview for the week beginning and Sunday, the 23rd of September through to the 29th, so not deals starting tomorrow, but the week after that. as usual, the preview comes from my heart, waves, calm, and this week the photo credit comes from free stuff finder. so let's get into it. we have that until November deal on buy one, get one, free vitamins. so that's just always going to be in here, guys. all detergent is going to be $2.99. we're getting eight dollar off coupon which would make it a dollar ninety-nine, and we usually get a matching savings die rebate for a dollar. if we do, you'll be able to pick up one for just a 99 cents. we have Mars of Skittles or stop a single candies gonna be two for a dollar. we have 50 cent off to snickers coupons which would make them true for 50 cents, and a great filler item. if you have any boosters to be using the Butterfinger, fun-sized candies. it can be on sale for a dollar and 99 cents a card, which is a great price. I doubt any coupons. lore'l is going to be buy one, get one, 50% on I or lipid cosmetiks, the Kellogg's cereals or Pop Tarts, they're going to be a dollar in 99 cents. I think our to offer for couponing is still valid, which would make them a dollar in 49 cents each. we buy one, get one free on the Blue Diamond almonds. Maxwell House coffee is gonna be $5.99 and we have a dollar off coupon online which would make it $4.99. well, that's do we have and we have select coffee, k-cups and ground coffee from what? 18:58? Froggers and Kure donut shop, NV. $5.99. I know we have different coupons, I think 1850. there are printables on couponscom. so if you're a coffee fan, that could be a good deal for you. select a 2-liter sodas from 7up, anw, Sunkist and Canada Dry, it gonna be three for three dollars. these Skippy and the Welch's, they're going to be two for five dollars and will be tuna will be four for five. and we have the Domino and C&H sugar gonna be a dollar and ninety nine cents. I think we just got CH coupon the last week in the 99 inserts a lot of double check but potentially is a good deal on sugar as we head into peak baking season with fall. we have the Hershey's snack sized candies are true, for six dollars. we have a dollar of to install coupon. any dollar off two means manufacturer's coupon in the paper which should make them true for four dollars or two dollars each. we have two, four, six dollars on select candies and true for five dollars on the Mars mini candies. we have that three, two off of three coupon from this weekend's paper- sorry, last weekend's papers- which you could pair with that as well. what else do we have? the 99-cent nice sandwich bags and freeze bags. I find them really good quality. they're equivalent to ziplock for me and I find them like really high quality, so a good filler item as well there. and we also have the nice napkins and paper plates and bowls in you, two for four dollars. what else do we have? we have allergy relief from sudafed and benadryl. it's going to be on sale for $5.99 and when you buy two at 3,000 point reward or $3 or $4 off digestive care like adult aline, maxium or prilosec we have buy to get 3000 points on select Vic's mucinex and I call dayquil, Ruth, or cough drops, Walgreens cough drops and Evelyn products. I think is standing out as being as fantastik. dear Leslie guys, I'm sorry about that but we can't have good deals every week. we've spent 12, get 3000 points. plus on sale for $4.99 on axe, degree or dove deodorant, our body sprays, would you get a whole bunch of coupons on coupons, calm for the degree and the dove. so definitely check out the link in the description box below. with the link to those coupons you have dove Bath care is going to be spent. Wells get three and says they're getting coupons for dove in that weekend's inserts. plus they'll be on sale for 649 with card. we have the Gillette secret of Old Spice deodorant, our shave needs. I spend 15, get three plus. buy one, get one. 50%. buy one, get one, 50%. mix-and-match on hair accessories. we buy one, get one, 50% on the same brand for a Revlon, Maybelline, Sally Hansen or covergirl. buy one, get one, 50% on palms. simple, or think I was. possibly it was set to get coupons. it looks like Tresemme is going to be 2 for 10 plus for getting that fly off of to coupon, which make them two for five. else do we have buy one, get one, 50% on L'Oreal hair care. buy one, get one. 50% on a vino or Lubriderm. buy one, get one. 50% on Listerine. crest is going to be 399. we have $1 off online coupon. I want you can make it $2.99 when you buy. for you that a $6 register award. that's not the best deal, guys, but if you're a desperate need of toothpaste you could do both. if I only get one 50% on PET SHOP pet supplies, why soul? it's gonna be 2, 4, 5. we have a new range of Harry Potter gifts and children's toys. we have spend $25 or more on the Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Day call and giftables range. get five thousand points back. the Patriot candles are 3 for 15. Febreze is going to be 2 for $6. you're bailing. get one 50% on outdoor Halloween decorations. suddenly good detergent and Purex detergent- we're going to be $2.99. Bounty paper towel or for large roles, chairman bath tissue for makeup or 12 giant- they're gonna be $4.99 for 25% off coupon. Gillette Shave needs select cartridges, raises or raises systems. they're gonna be by to get a $10 register reward. we'll have to wait and see what's tagged in the store for that to make sure we're getting the right products. Sara Lee is borrowing your own 50%. we have $10 off with card on select fragrances. then need some loonies. sensor mist, nasal sprays are going to be 10, $24.99 and then we're getting a $10 coupon which would make them $14.99. we have the Reese's king size or share size candies. they're gonna be three for three dollars and 33 cents. Hershey's bag, pouch or canister candy at two, four, six. we have $1 off too. I mean still coupon, which is making two for $5. excuse me, guys, I go. Steve, Oh, mr Holden, I'm sorry, and we have candy. gamma popcorn balls are going to be 2 for $10 and Kellogg's cereal and pop-tarts two for five. Oscar Mayer bacon two for eight. and that is about it, guys. so it is a super quiet week, Wolverines. hopefully we get some online deals- four points boosters or things like that- because otherwise there's not a lot I would be rushing out for. but I hope you enjoyed this preview. if you did, please give this video a thumbs up. share a comment below. if you're not yet done so, I would love it. if you subscribe to my channel and if you are subscribe, but make sure you put that bill icon click see you notified every time when I post a new video. thanks so much for watching, guys, and I will see you next time. bye. [Music].


alright, guys, we're gonna go ahead and start with your Walgreens ad preview for the week of August 18th through the 24th. the ad is brought to you by eye, hard wax, com, photo credit, the couponing couple. so we're gonna dive right in. you can see, over here we have some forty-nine cents: school supplies: the glue, stiks, paper, mate, pens. we have the notebooks, highlighters. not a bad deal. love these emoji Hershey's. I see them every time at Walgreens by the checkout. I guess with every purchase a donation is going to give education. so that is awesome. ninety nine cents. we do have deals of the week and it looks like it's a little bit blurry but it's probably. when you buy four you get four thousand points, so I will confirm on that. but there's tide bounty, Charmin, lots of different products there that are included. I do like this Oreo deal at a dollar ninety nine. that's really cheap. and we have 75 cent off two coupons that we just got in our eight eleven smart source. so those will help with that deal. and right below it is the Colgate Total here. so select Colgate toothpaste are $2.99 and then when you buy two you earn a $2.00 register reward. so we only have fifty Cent coupons. but here's a what-if deal if you wanted to do it. the five off three Cova coupons are no longer available. you may have printed them or you may have send to card the coupon that was available in our walgreens app. if you bought three of them, that would be 897. if you use that coupon, that would be 397 and then you'd get back a $2.00 register reward. that would be a dollar ninety seven, four, four, three of them, so not a bad price. scrolling down, a good filler item for your register rewards, if you're using them, are the arizona tea. is their two for a dollar? we do have some soda here: Canada Dry and coca-cola, three for 1197, and it looks like we have a Walgreens coupon for two dollars off three. so to make them 3 for $10, which is an OK price, not the best deal, but if you need it there is some savings there and we are looking at candy deals here. we have some nice trail mix sunflower seeds for a dollar 99 and more filler items for you register rewards: the Dasani or the vitamin water. here's the Pringles: 4 for 5 dollars. we have a dollar coupon off for coming in our Sunday paper so you can grab them for a dollar each. now. hopefully you guys checked my CVS clearance video. CVS had those mega Pringles for 57 cents. that was a great deal, alright. more food deals here. we've got some organic gummies at 99 cents. lots of times we get those free, so I just always wait till that deal comes through the orbit. gum 2 for 2 dollars and more food. so we have some Chobani yogurt at 99 cents. I believe we just got a manufacturer coupon, I think it was 25 cents. it's a little bit of savings there. we have Tyson chicken nuggets. I'm looking over here, guys. alright, a crinkle-cut fries and ketchup, they're all by, wouldn't get one free. so I have to see how much those Tyson nuggets are at Walgreens. I'm sure they're overpriced but because they're by, wouldn't get one free, that could be a good deal. I'm not sure if we have ties and coupons on those, but that might be a deal to go ahead and follow. that is about it there. so we've got some paper deals here. let's see anything pops out and says by me it actually doesn't. 74 cents on the Palmolive- not a terrific deal. 3000 points when you buy three of these products. so cascade dawn, Swiffer. we're gonna have to see exactly what's on sale. Swiffer, I know we have Swiffer refills and two dollar coupon and the August PNG. again, I have to check the expiration dates, but that's something to look out for. that's the cool thing about these previews is we can tok about what we think we can get and then later in the week we can work in the deals actually, and that's where the five must-do deals come into play, because those will be the the best deals that I see for the store. so the tuna creations over here on five, four, five, that's not bad, and for this partikular deal you there a dollar each, so you don't have to buy in fives in order to get that price. now see, if you wanted this ham to for five dollars or $2.99 each, you're gonna pay a little bit more buying it's. you know just one. so keep that in mind. alright, that we have a three dollar coupon on Priscilla you can use on the hundred ounce, making it $8.99. we did get some gain coupons and the 811 RetailMeNot for $2 off. gain products for $2.99. here are the nice paper products over here. guys, you need to use this in store coupon to grab them two for $4, and below that are the nice bags: storage freezer bags for 99 cents. Lysol at 249. we have a dollar off to coupon, so those will end up being a dollar 99, not the best deal. school supplies: let's see what we've got here: seven for a dollar on the little highlighters, folders, things like that. that is the best that we've seen it so far. we've seen it six for a dollar, so seven for a dollar is good. we've got colored pencils and markers, Crayola brand, for just 99 cents. that's a great deal. for Walgreens, definitely a good deal, okay. so Nivea lotion: we are getting a three off to an $8 off one coupon. they're gonna be: buy one, get one fifty and then when you buy to earn 5000 points. that's a pretty hot deal there. so yeah, that could be a must-do deal there. and it does say select varieties and they're showing the larger bottle here, so we know that that is included. but that's a deal to kind of watch out for. and Lister means a good deal: spend $10 or more, get 5,000 points. that's a good deal. no, we have Listerine coupons and we just got Listerine coupons and our inserts as well. here's another crest seal: 399 by three and a seven dollar extra bucks, extra buck. I'm thinking CVS here: register reward. you want to do that deal this week. so you want to do it through the 17th, because the products are only $2.99, guys. so much better deal this current week than it will be starting the 18th. and that's another thing about these early previews, as you can compare the weeks. so if you see something's gonna be better the next week you can halt and buy it. but in this case you want to do that deal this week. so good, good to know. oh, my goodness, here is al May. I have to see when. that I'll make you pun is good, because we have been getting killer deals- this, this coupon around ma products are gonna be 40% off. it's on revlon i cosmetiks- I'm sorry, L may I cosmetiks. so the eye shadows, mascaras, and then when you spend 15 you're gonna get a looks like a $5 register reward. that's a hot deal there, guys, with those three off one coupons from our 84 smart source. so I think it looks pretty good. over here we have by 4 or 3000 points, unless we get some kind of magical Walgreens coupon that they sometimes give us like eight off of for something. that would be great. what do we have here? our whole blends. or you have a $2 coupon online: the L vibe. I think too exciting there. oh, the shave gel. you have to buy four to get 2,000 points. that's no good. and then when you spend twenty dollars or more on ship products, you're gonna get 5000 points. we're getting coupons on all these products, guys, and you can see them here. so, yeah, nine and six. I don't know if that would be a deal that I would do. I still think the out-of-pocket would - hi, unless you have a perks coupon. and, guys, if you need to see what coupons are coming in the 8:18 inserts, there's already a preview up. I'll link it at the end of this video. check it out. we are getting some good coupons. so I do you recommend grabbing some newspapers, but check those newspapers before you buy them. coupons can be regional, so not every area can get the same coupons, which is a bummer cuz we should. just really don't see any great savings so far. Johnson's: we are getting a $2 Johnson's coupon and a dollar coupon, and check it out. spend 15, yet I think it's 5000 points. of course the that is blocking it, but normally the Johnson's coupons are a limit of 1. so check your Walgreens app on Sunday for additional. sent a card coupons, guys, but already it: spent 15, get 5. you know you're down to $10 there and - I

Walgreens Ad Preview Chit Chat November 26th-December 2nd 2017

hey everybody, welcome to my channel. here is the chit chat video for Walgreens that is starting on the 26th, this coming Sunday. so here are some deals to show you. the first thing that you guys see is it says: get up to twenty dollars in jingle cash. it's kind of just like. it's just kind of like um, um, registry wart. so if you spend thirty, you guys will end up getting like a $5, Catalina, and then they you have to use them during like a certain date. so spend fifty, you get ten, spend a hundred, you get twenty. I can't remember. I think that is also before coupons, but you guys would earn it between the 22nd or the 26 to the December 2nd, but then you guys can redeem them on the 3rd through I can't see the small date- the 9th, and then it looks like they're doing it again the following week. so definitely do that deal, Benjamin, sweetie. okay, so the first thing we got is these like little gifts of the week. they're going to pick an item that is 50% off. so if you guys want to do that deal, Cannell, Viva P paper towels- they're gonna be $4.99 and, oh, there's 50 cent off coupons for that. these are: buy one, get one free. it's the tide. simply, there's gonna be $1 off online coupon. plus, if you guys spend $10, you'll get 2,000 points, so which is like 12, which is like two dollars. um, one thing I'm pretty excited about is I know it's weird, but I've been really wanting pudding lately. but they got pudding coupons too for a dollar, along with jello. so if you guys are interested in that, I don't think there's ever coupons out there. but hey, if you got that coffee-mate creamer are 2 for $3. I can't remember if there is a coupon out there for that, but definitely check that out. not a lot of deals going on because they're focusing more on Christmas gifts, which is still a good deal, but it's just hard to say. they got some peanuts for like $2.99, and this is a thing that I always give my relatives and my in-laws and stuff for gifts, because you can't go wrong with peanuts, especially for $2.99, and so I plan on getting a bunch of that stuff because it's that's a great stok up price, you know, for gifts. otherwise, if you want to go fancy, they got some nice for nice ones for $4.99, or you can get planners nuts for $4.99. it just depends on what you guys want to do the candy? there's not much going on with the candy. we got orbits, gum, eclipse for 89 cents, this stuff's for 99 cents, and then a whole bunch of other candy. nothing really with couponing, but you know, never know. here is some cleaning supplies thing as a ziplock baggies- two, four, five, fifty. usually you guys have that dollar off coupon. you guys would pay 450, but then you guys get a dollar fifty register reward, making them a dollar fifty a box, which is an okay deal, lifestyle 249, all. there's not much really going on with the cleaning products, which is okay, you know, it's okay. more holiday gift ideas: um, I always like ordering photos. that's one thing, that it's a great photo to give or it's a great gift to give. now they got toys: buy two, get one free. so they got several toys. it's usually always the toys that are $6.99 and they're not always the ones in the regular toy aisle. they usually have their own special aisle. you got some cards and pokemon and magic stuff for 40% off. Barbies and fisher-price dolls and stuff 25% off. blind bat boxes, blind bags- buy one, get one 50% off and then transfer more toys or 25% off. so if you guys need some gift ideas, that's a pretty decent deal. now we're looking at the Christmas stuff. they do have this deal where if you buy three Hallmark cards or more, you guys will end up getting a $3 or 3,000 points, but it does exclude the $0.99 cards. so if you guys want to, you guys could get, like the dollar, ninety-nine cards and then you get three thousand points. we'll just make some $1.00, which could be an okay deal. so there's that. a lot of the Christmas stuff is buy one, get one, 50% off. unless I- absolutely we- wanted I wait until closer to Christmas or after the holidays, so it. but it's up to you guys. you know some of you guys may not have everything for Christmas. more gifts: now we have a lot of the box sets. the beauty sets are going to be by to get the third one free, so you can get some easy deals on that. this is where I'm super excited, for these are little stoking stuffers. like you got the blending sponge, which is super cute, a face mask, lotion and I think these are bath fizzies for for five dollars. so that's a great deal. if you guys want to get little stuff, things, I think I'm gonna probably do stuff like that. otherwise, if you just get one. it's two dollars a piece. so we got that makeup deal: buy one, get one, 50% off. it has to be the same brand, but all my revlon covergirl- not very much going on rev lines - for six dollars and there's gonna be a dollar off coupon online. I think that's probably in the Walgreens booklet, not much going on with, you know, a lot of the beauty stuff. we got the tone in the Bott dial. body wash: we do have those buy two, get one free coupons. I think they expired the 26, so it'd be the Sunday only. here's a Crest toothpaste for $2.99. we're gonna be getting $2 off coupons in the December P&G. most of those now have a limit of two. but you guys can probably clip a two dollar off coupon on the Walgreens website and those will end up possibly being free. but we'll see. it depends on if you can load to card this stuff. buy one, get one, 50% off body wash. if you buy four you'll get five dollars in points. so just depends on what you want. diapers, pampers and Huggies are two for 18, but I think the ibotta deal will be ending by that time. here's some just medicines, not not a lot of stuff. this time. I tried finding some deals for you guys, but it's gonna be a slow week because they're more focused on people getting Christmas gifts instead of couponing. and now we are on the last page of the ad right. go to Walgreens, calm on Wednesdays, and you guys can see this ad: puffs, tissues, dog dish- so 99 cents. we do have those 25 cent off coupons that we'll be getting in the December P&G. so if you guys want to stok up on that, here's some great filler items: Mars, dove, skittles and starburst candy. give me 75 cents off. Kellogg's and fruity pebbles or post cereal is gonna be a dollar ninety-nine, so there might be some deals with that, but otherwise it's going to be a slow week for you guys. but if you guys enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and I will see there's all another time. bye, bye.