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Wall Street's $3.9B Global Filing

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In today's market open live stream, Jay Powell testified in Congress and came to the rescue with a statement reiterating the Fed's plan to maintain the current target range for the federal funds rate until labor market conditions improve and inflation has risen to two percent and is expected to moderately exceed two percent for some time. This helped the market chill out after yesterday's inflation readings. Despite a moderate downside day, the market was mostly green with notable gains in American Airlines, QSI, Alibaba, Apple, Plug Power, and Southwest. On the other hand, cannabis ETF, AMC, Churchill Shift Tech, and DD were down. Bitcoin had a slight recovery, but overall, crypto has been range-bound with volatility reducing. In other news, Bank of America struggles with tepid loan income as consumers avoid taking on new debt, and Kathy Jones Vegeta discusses the possibility of yields having peaked for this cycle. Meanwhile, Piton slumps after a long-time

Will FAANG Earnings CRASH Markets?

What's going on, investors? Hopefully, you guys are doing well out there. That is right, the weekend is here, and it's Friday. But more importantly, it's time for the FANG stock recap show here on the Investor channel, where every Friday, we recap all the major news and the technical chart patterns of the week from all the major FANG stocks, including Tesla and Netflix, which reported their earnings this week. We are on the eve of earnings; all of these companies, outside of Nvidia, will report their earnings by next week. Let's kick things off like we always do with Meta Platforms.

- Meta started the week closer to $166, much higher up over $182 per share, and ended the week closer to $169.

- Snapchat's financials are a complete disaster and bled through to all the online

FAANG Stocks RALLY - How Long Will It Last?

In this week's FANG stock recap, we cover major news from Meta Platforms, Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Tesla. We discuss how the companies' stocks performed and the latest updates from their respective industries.

Meta Platforms:

- Meta's stock started the week at $171 and ended at $180 per share.

- Meta announced testing end-to-end encryption on message backups.

- Analysts question whether users will trust Meta with their data.


- Apple's stock started the week at $166 and ended at $172 per share.

- Apple plans to raise the average selling price of the iPhone 14 by 15%.

- Foxconn reported earnings, topping estimates but warning of slowing smartphone demand.


- Amazon's stock started the week at $143 and remained flat at the end of the week.

- CVS Health

Top 5 Stocks To Buy In June 2020

On May 18, the stock market experienced a surge following the announcement of a potential coronavirus vaccine by drug maker Moderna. This led investors to look for new stocks to buy, with a focus on companies with strong balance sheets. In this article, we will discuss the top five stock picks for the month of June.

Top Five Stock Picks for June:

1. Visa: The world's largest payment processor, Visa, had an earnings report of 7 for the month of April, with a 6% earnings growth. Despite the pandemic disrupting their current business model, Visa remains a worthy company to invest in. They currently have a net debt of 5.7 billion and a trailing 12-month free cash flow of 11.9 billion. Based on an enterprise value of 431.5 billion, Visa has a free cash flow yield of 2.8%.

2. Nike: Nike currently has the seventh-best five-year cumulative return through May 19 of 80%. Despite the ongoing pandemic, people continue to buy Nike products. Nike's total debt is just 25% of its assets, putting them in good shape to fight the current pandemic. Nike has a net debt of 3.5 billion and a trailing 12-month free cash flow of 3.4 billion. Based on an enterprise value of 145.8 billion, Nike has a free cash flow yield of 2.3%.

3. Johnson & Johnson: Despite public relations issues with their health-based baby powder, Johnson & Johnson remains a trusted producer of consumer brands. The consumer health segment only accounts for 18% of its overall sales. Johnson & Johnson has a net debt of 9.6 billion and a trailing 12-month free cash flow of 17.8 billion. Based on an enterprise value of 402.4 billion, Johnson & Johnson has a free cash flow yield of 4.4%.

4. Microsoft: As people continue to work from home, cloud-based companies like Microsoft are doing very well. Microsoft's sales jumped 26% to a record 76 billion dollars during the pandemic. Microsoft has a net cash of 63.8 billion and a trailing 12-month free cash flow of 43.4 billion. Based on an enterprise value of 1.3 billion, Microsoft has a free cash flow yield of 3.3%.

5. Apple: Despite a drop in revenue from its hardware products, Apple is making significant profits through its services category. Apple has a net debt of 15.5 billion and a trailing 12-month free cash flow of 60.6 billion. Based on an enterprise value of 1.3 trillion dollars, Apple has a free cash flow yield of 4.9%. Apple increased its dividend payment this past month, making it the only company to do so during the pandemic.

Investors looking for new stocks to buy should consider companies with strong balance sheets. Visa, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Apple are all companies that have proven to be successful during the current pandemic. These companies have strong financials and are likely to continue to perform well in the future.


The following article will summarize the history and accomplishments of Warren Buffett, one of the world's most successful investors. From his early beginnings with Graham and Buffett Associates to his leadership of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett's career has been marked by smart investment decisions and a commitment to philanthropy.


- 1950: Warren Buffett starts working for Graham and Buffett Associates

- 1956: Graham and Buffett Associates dissolves, Buffett starts his own investment partnerships

- 1962: Buffett creates Buffett Partnerships

- 1964: Buffett starts acquiring shares of Berkshire Hathaway

- 1969: Berkshire Hathaway becomes Buffett's primary investment vehicle

- 1973: Berkshire Hathaway acquires The Washington Post

- 1974: Berkshire Hathaway acquires shares of Exxon and Coca Cola

- 1985: Berkshire Hathaway acquires shares of Gillette

- 2008: Berkshire Hathaway invests $600 million in the now-defunct Lehman Brothers

- 2009: Berkshire Hathaway acquires shares of Mars and M&Ms

- 2010: Buffett pledges to give away 99% of his wealth through The Giving Pledge

- 2020: Buffett is worth approximately $50 billion

Notable Investments:

- Cities Service Preferred (1930)

- The Smart Investor (1944)

- Geico (1976)

- ABC (1979)

- Salomon (1987)

- See's Candy (1971)

- Heinz and Kraft Foods merger (2015)

Warren Buffett's career has been defined by smart investments and a commitment to giving back. From his early days with Graham and Buffett Associates to his leadership of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett has consistently made sound investment decisions that have earned him a fortune. At the same time, he has pledged to give away the majority of his wealth through The Giving Pledge, making him a model for philanthropy and responsible investing.

August 22nd Bull-Bear Binary Option Hour on TFNN by Nadex - 2017

In this article, we will be discussing the stock market, specifically the Dow Industrials and the Nasdaq. We will also be looking at some earnings stocks, including Toll Brothers and Fiskars.

Stock Market Update:

The Dow Industrials are up 113 points, while the Nasdaq is up 48 points and the SPS is up 12.5 points. Gold is down 653 points to 1290, and silver is down 0.10 to 16.99. Platinum is off 79.74, and copper is flat at 298 per pound. Light sweet crude is up 61 cents to 47.98 per barrel.

Earnings Stocks:

Toll Brothers came out with their earnings report, and while they missed on revenue, they had a nice gross margin of 25%. They also have a backlog of 5.3 billion, which is a big deal. Fiskars is set to release their earnings report on the 19th, and their stock is down.

The stock market is up today, with the Dow Industrials and the Nasdaq both seeing gains. Toll Brothers had a good earnings report, while Fiskars is set to release their report soon. We will continue to monitor the stock market and provide

May 7th Bull-Bear Binary Option Hour on TFNN by Nadex - 2018

This article is a presentation of TFN boo bear binary option brought to you by Nadex, discussing the current state of the market and various topics including Bitcoin, Spotify, and the music industry. Tom and Tommy O'Brien, hosts of the show, talk about the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P, as well as the trading range of Bitcoin and the new spreads available on the Nadex platform.

Key Points:

- The Dow is up 177 points, Nasdaq is up 50 points, and S&P is up 14.

- Bitcoin has a trading range of $5,000 to $10,000 per contract on the Nadex platform.

- Spotify recently went public and two of the three major record labels sold their stakes for over $1 billion.

- The SPY has hit the 200 day moving average multiple times and has seen buyers step in each time.

- The volatility of gold continues, with the GDX up today but still in the lower range.

- Berkshire Hathaway blames new regulations for their first loss in nine years.

- The oil market is affected by a propaganda war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Overall, the market is experiencing a lot of fluctuations and volatility, with various factors affecting different industries and sectors. It is

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