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walmart ads for black friday 2015

Published on: January 19 2023 by pipiads

- Preview of the 2015 Walmart Black Friday movie ad

- Disappointing Black Friday ads this year

- Recommendation to still go to store on Black Friday

- Mention of Shopkick app for earning free gift cards

Movie Titles for $9.96:

- Aladdin: worth picking up

- Jurassic World: worth picking up

- Terminator Genisys: stay away

- Cinderella: worth picking up

- Home: not worth it

- Fury 7: worth picking up

- Tomorrowland: not worth it

- San Andreas: more of a $4 title

- Fifty Shades of Grey: no

- Mad Max: maybe

- Paddington gift set: not worth it

- Chappie: haven't seen it

- Spy: haven't seen it

- How to Train Your Dragon 2: definitely worth it

- Fury: good rental but not worth $10

- Battle of the Five Armies: pretty good

- The Equalizer: no

- Transformers: no

- Kingsman Secret Service: no

Movie Titles for $6.96:

- Hotel Transylvania: not worth it

- The Book of Life: not a fun movie

- Expendables 3: no

- Catching Fire: worth picking up

- Rio 2: haven't seen it

- Pitch Perfect: not bad for $7

- Jurassic Park 3: no

- Jurassic Park: definitely worth it

- Maggie: haven't seen it

- The Hunger Games: worth picking up

- Ex Machina: worth it for $7

- Gone Girl: good movie but not rewatchable

- Penguins of Madagascar: horrible movie

- Homefront: okay but not worth picking up

- Neighbors: only worth it if you like Seth Rogen comedies

- Django Unchained: incredible movie and best deal so far

- X-Men: Days of Future Past: great movie and worth picking up

- The Amazing Spider-Man 2: horrible

- The Fault in Our Stars: nice movie but not too rewatchable

- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: really good

- The Interview: not bad

- The Gunman: really bad movie

- Transformers: no

- Hercules: haven't seen it

- Noah: not a very good movie

- Treble packs: good deal for fun movies

- Interstellar: not a big fan but worth picking up for $7

- Man of Steel: great deal

- Gravity: good movie and worth picking up

- The Lego Movie: definitely worth it

- Godzilla: worth it for $7

- 300: Rise of an Empire: awful movie

- Dumb and Dumber To: haven't seen it

- Annabelle: heard it was horrible

- Tammy and We're the Millers: pretty bad movies

- Disappointing Walmart Black Friday movie ad

- Few titles worth picking up, but many not worth it

- Better deals found at Best Buy and Target

- Check out other ad videos for more information

Black Friday 2015 - Walmart LEAKED Ads / Deals

David talks about Walmart's Black Friday deals and expresses his opinion on some of the items being advertised. He mentions that his family moved Thanksgiving dinner earlier so they can go Black Friday shopping. David focuses on electronics, movies, video games, and boys' toys like action figures. He comments on how some of the items being advertised, like socks, Kleenex, and Tupperware, don't make sense to be on sale for Black Friday. David goes through the Black Friday ad and highlights some deals, like a 40 inch HDTV for $149 and a 4K TV for under $1000. He also mentions video game deals, like the PlayStation 4 for $299 with the Uncharted collection, and discounts on HDMI cables. David expresses his interest in buying some of the DVDs on sale, including Jurassic World and the Game of Thrones seasons. He also notes the Xbox One Gears of War edition for $299 and laptop for $239. Overall, David finds some good deals but also questions the point of certain items being on sale for Black Friday.

Black Friday 2015 - Best Buy & Target LEAKED Ads/Deals

In this article, we will be discussing the Black Friday sales at Best Buy and Target. Doors will open at 5:00 pm on Thursday, so get ready to skip your Thanksgiving dinner and head out to shop. Here are some of the deals that caught our attention:

Best Buy:

- 4K TV for $499

- Blu-rays for $9.99, including Jurassic World and Cinderella

- Xbox One bundle for $349

- Samsung 40-inch Class LED HDTV and Xbox One bundle for $500

- Printer for $20


- Xbox One bundle for $299

- PlayStation 4 bundle for $299

- DVDs for $1.99 each

- Blu-rays for $7.99 each, including Kingsman: The Secret Service and Terminator Genisys

- Video games for $15, including Far Cry 4 and Titanfall

It's important to note that these deals may vary by location and are subject to change. Black Friday is not the only day with sales, so be sure to keep an eye out for deals leading up to the big day. Happy shopping!

Black Friday With Boba! - 2015 Walmart Black Friday Ad!

It's that time of the year again, Black Friday! This year, we're going to review Walmart's Black Friday ad and show you all the highlights.


- TVs: People always love a good TV deal. The 32-inch Smart TV by Roku is only $125 and is great for a room.

- Tablets: There's a super cheap Android tablet for $30, but we're not sure if it's worth it. The 8-inch Philips waterproof Bluetooth speaker is only $20 and looks amazing.

- Cameras: The DSLR camera for $400 is a great deal, but the $99 camera is also good for those on a budget.

- Toys: One of our favorites is on the list, but it may not be worth it at this time.

Other deals:

- Xbox One games for $27 each.

- iPhone 6 for $200 total savings with contract.

- Gift cards, sweaters, and jackets are not recommended to buy.

Overall, Walmart's Black Friday deals have some great bargains. Make sure to read the fine print and pay attention to small words to avoid disappointment. Happy shopping!

Walmart Black Friday Deals 2015

Walmart's Black Friday Deals for 2015

Sir James from Gamer Fusion is here to give you the inside scoop on Walmart's Black Friday deals for 2015. Get ready for some amazing discounts and great bargains!


- Walmart will be opening up at 6 pm on Thursday, November 26.

- In-store and online deals are available.

- Check out the movie deals, as there are some great options available.

TV Deals:

- 40-inch TV for $150

Video Game Deals:

- Call of Duty Black Ops 3 for $29 (for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 only)

- PlayStation 4 Uncharted bundle for $300

- PlayStation Plus 3-month card for $10

- Xbox Live 3-month card for $12.50

- Current generation controllers for $40

- Set of games for $35 each

- Selection of games for $25 each

- Selection of games for $8 each

Other Deals:

- Wii U Deluxe Set with Super Smash Brothers and Splatoon for $250

- Nintendo 3DS XL with Super Mario 3D Land for $129

- Disney's Infinity 3.0 and Skylanders Supercharge for $37

- Guitar Hero for $69

- Lego Dimensions for $79

Walmart's Black Friday deals for 2015 are definitely worth checking out. With discounts on TVs, video games, and other electronics, you're sure to find something you want. Get ready to shop and save!

Walmart Black Friday Price Match Policy 2015

- Walmart is one of the only stores that allows price matching on Black Friday.

- Other stores exclude Black Friday through Cyber Monday in their ad match policies.

Details on Walmart's Black Friday Price Match Policy:

- Same item and quantity must be available at Walmart to price match.

- Special offers like gift cards and free items do not apply.

- Walmart only price matches within their local competitive area.

- Walmart in-store price match policy applies to a few retailers like Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.

- Walmart online price match policy is different from in-store policy.

- In-stock and direct seller requirements apply to online price match policy.

Things to Keep in Mind:

- If a store has a special exclusive version, it cannot be price matched.

- If there is a free with purchase item, it does not apply to price matching.

- Walmart will not give the gift card deal when price matching.

- Walmart does not price match Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday online.

- Walmart in-store price match policy applies at the manager's discretion.

- Walmart online price match policy has exclusions for Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

- Walmart in-store price match policy only applies to specific items with specific prices.

- Walmart online price match policy requires the item to be in-stock and sold by the direct seller.

- Walmart's Black Friday price match policy allows for price matching on Black Friday.

- However, there are certain limitations and requirements to keep in mind.

- Checking physical newspapers and visiting the store closest to the competitor can help determine the local competitive area.

- Passion for Savings has a list of all the retailers included in the price match online policy and daily updates on online deals for Black Friday.

My 2015 Walmart Black Friday Trip!

The speaker is describing the scene at Walmart on Black Friday, where there are long lines and crowds of people trying to get the best deals. The store is busy, but there is no violence or fighting.

Points of Interest:

- The registers are crowded, and people have to wait in line to buy Black Friday items

- There are big sales on electronics, including printers, Bluetooth headsets, and Chromecast devices

- Fitbits and exercise equipment are also on sale

- There are plenty of toys, including Star Wars toys and plush animals

- The produce section has movies for sale at discounted prices

- Despite the crowds, there is no violence or fighting

Walmart is busy on Black Friday, but there is plenty of everything in stock, and people are getting along. The speaker suggests that buying groceries on Black Friday is possible, but it might be best to avoid the crowds. Overall, Walmart looks great on Black Friday, with lots of deals and no issues.

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