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walmart ads hawaii

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Hawaii Real Estate : Near Ala Moana Mall, Beach, and Walmart 2/2/2 Bigger Size

Aloha- this is mignon 's real estate, also broker in charge- and Remax Honolulu. welcome to azure. Azure was built in 2021. was built on a 1.1 acre lot. it consists of 330 Market units plus 78 rental units, as 41 stories tall and has an approximately 21 000 square feet of commercial space. there are one Studio, 124 one bedrooms and 195 two bedrooms and 10 3 bedrooms. residents have an easy access to Walmart. Ala Moana Shopping Center in Ala Moana Beach. unsworth is incredible location as in close proximity to pretty much everything. there are securities and concierge services provided by the office and show specialists in the building. the meaning is on the ninth floor, their Cabanas along with the swimming pool. in jacuzzi, open lawn space. there's a club room where you can have a meeting and a party, with a pool kitchen. there's indoor fitness center and outdoor workout area. movie theater with a reclining chairs, puppy park- this is a pet friendly condo. there's a high speed Wi-Fi throughout the amenity spaces and this building also has bicycle and surfboards storage. so let's start a tour. here's the two-bedroom stack facing the East Side. Total Living size is approximately 972 square feet and plus 67 square feet of Lanai. this is the cooler side of the building where you can see the morning sunrise and Portugal Diamondhead. you'll also often see beautiful rainbows on the mountain. it is very thoughtfully designed floor plan. it has an extra large sliding glass Lanai doors. u-shaped open kitchen, has Bosch appliances, a stain resistant quartz countertops. this unit has two-tone kitchen collar bottom cabinets and white glossy upper cabinets. they're all soft closing. 30 inch electronic cooktop, Sub-Zero, 36 inch cabinet, front refrigerator, air purification and water filtration system. if you have a pet, here is the building pet food tray. let's go to the primary bedroom, primary bathroom. it's on my left. it's a nice size bedroom. this is one of the biggest two bedrooms in elsewhere where you can put a king-size bed, add an extra space to put other Furniture. this bedroom is facing the morning sunrise and you can also see the ocean. what I really like about this bedroom, it has a custom built-in closet. that maximized storage space. the primary bathroom has double sinks, stain resistant, solid quartz countertops and on Outlet so you can install the bidet. beautiful porcelain tile floors in the bathroom. they're full size. washer and dryer right by the entrance. linen storage right by the second bathroom- this is the second bedroom- with built-in bookshelves. it is a perfect size for your guests. once again, this is pacing the East, the cooler side of the building. foreign is truly located in the heart of it all and there are many in services conveniences with a short distance. if you're looking to live in a convenient place where the easy access to the mall, it's one of your best options. thank you for watching. if you're looking for other properties in Oahu, please visit men808.com. you can register to save the date on any neighborhood or building or contact me at gmailcom. thank you for watching Malo.

Michael Bolton - How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

("How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" by Michael Bolton). ♪. I could hardly believe it when I heard the news today. ♪ ♪. I had to come and get it straight from you. ♪ ♪. They said you were leavin'. someone's swept your heart away, ♪ ♪. From the look upon your face, I see it's true, ♪ ♪. So tell me all about it, ♪ ♪. Tell me 'bout the plans you're makin', ♪ ♪. Oh then, tell me one thing more before I go. ♪ ♪. Tell me, how am I supposed to live without you? ♪ ♪, Now that I've been loving you so long? ♪ ♪. How am I supposed to live without you, ♪ ♪. And how am I supposed to carry on, ♪ ♪, When all that I've been livin' for is gone? ♪ ♪. I'm too proud for cryin'. didn't come here to break down. ♪ ♪. It's just a dream of mine is coming to an end, ♪ ♪. And how can I blame you when I built my world around, ♪ ♪, The hope that one day we'd be so much more than friends, ♪ ♪. I don't wanna know the price I'm gonna pay for dreaming. oh ♪ ♪. Even now, it's more than I can take. ♪ ♪. Tell me, how am I supposed to live without you, ♪ ♪, Now that I've been loving you so long? ♪ ♪. How am I supposed to live without you, ♪ ♪. And how am I supposed to carry on, ♪ ♪, When all that I've been livin' for is gone? ♪ ♪. Now I don't wanna know the price ♪ ♪ I'm gonna pay for dreaming ♪ ♪. Oh, now that your dream has come true, ♪ ♪. Tell me, how am I supposed to live without you, ♪ ♪, Now that I've been lovin' you so long? ♪ ♪. How am I supposed to live without you, ♪ ♪, And how am I supposed to carry on, ♪ ♪, When all that I've been livin' for is gone, ♪?

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Busted in Walmart! - Hawaii Thanksgiving Vlog

Barr's. oh my god, Happy Thanksgiving. it's Thursday, November 22nd 2018 and it is Thanksgiving Day. today is a special day, a special video. it's going to be my Thursday special thing giving day video and today I just want to introduce you to my family. you already know one person and he's right here. you have been welcome, Stacy, are you gonna say anything? today's Thanksgiving? so I kind of wanted to do something a little different for this video. specials videos are like sit-down videos and I do something something, but today I kind of wanted to introduce you to the rest of my family. let me start off with Stacy. Stacy, what are you thankful for today? what's up? okay, conceited much, but everything maybe found family? yeah, for sure. I think that's something that everybody's always thankful for. but, like, if you could pick something different or something out of the ordinary good, we [Music] don't condone drugs, kids. I think that's gonna be the premise and the base of my video today is just getting his out to see my family, me getting out of the house. but I know that there's other things that people are thankful for, things that are completely out of the ordinary, the things that we don't really think about on a day-to-day basis and, you know, things that we probably take for granted. so I kind of want to get input from everybody in my family and that's what we're gonna do. - lets go, gotta. I literally only have two keys. great, I have a really, really, really long drive to my aunt's house. so long, it's just really long, you'll see. [Music]. honestly, I literally have to drive two minutes up the road because that's where my Angeles auntie's uncle's, my papa, my father, step brother and sister extra moms enjoy Thanksgiving. they come back down and then spend time with my cousins, live with and just enjoy Thanksgiving. it up, [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] 2:36 and dad and Jenna want to go to Walmart because the dad's looking for a smart TV. that way you're looking for that's just any smoke. what kind of Smart TV is a huge and how much? how much isn't supposed to be 398? are you feeling lucky? to Walmart? were, Mert? they literally have already started setting up the barricades for the sale tonight. it's about to go down to named carts front. six o'clock, Black Friday here at Walmart Mililani, okay? [Music]. no, it's not. no, I think they're putting enough. they were. they were saying that the TV Suthers taped arrows on the floor and they were saying that the TV line is going to be here and after literally starting at the hardware department, which was literally at the opposite end of this law, and it's going in towards this, those the toys in the electronics. she's super crazy. also, I got told that I had to stop recording in here, but I'm gonna just kind of go at it. it's 404. what are we doing? buying a TV, I know, okay. so, standing in line, Black Friday, Walmart abilities- right, but we have to wait until 6 o'clock before we can get to the front of the line and purchase this DVD, and it's only in 405. we've been sending in my berth about half an hour an hour, maybe half hour, and now we have to sign here for two more hours. great, if you're planning to shop that Walmart for a Black Friday, make sure you stop and get some coffee and free cookies, because why not? thirty minutes left person in line. I'll look the Calvary's arrived hi, I'm gonna do like poking you in the boob. let me know in the comments of how your Thanksgiving is going. oh, thanks of way. a harddrive extension. why would you get an extension? why don't you just get a new hard drive? this is 2 terabytes the extension. it didn't happen. no, it's probably not the best time, but since it's Thanksgiving today, what is one thing that you're thankful for? why is it? why is it right? so, if you could pick, if you could just pick one- thankful for life, that's a decent answer. you want to know what I said. I said that I'm thankful for the ability, right, like, imagine if you couldn't see this. I have friends that are colorblind and I make one of them see, but you know, I realized like we shouldn't because, Thanks, oh my god. oh my god, I'm gonna die. go, Daniel, register you for this learning world. it is a receipt for outside garnish and Epico. thank you, so crazy. no, we gotta pick it up outside. oh my god, so much anxiety, so crazy, oh my god. [Laughter]. whoa, oh my god, thank you, it's got HPD and everything here. crazy. you know what I'm saying. so it's funny because we- we got here at like 3 o'clock. it's 6 o'clock and we're out and it's only 602. we waited in that store for three hours for one thing. hey, youtube, come here. so, one at a time, one at a time, since I have you two together. what is one thing out of all the things that you're thankful for today? what is one thing that you're thankful for? I am thankful for ham, ham, ham, like, like the food. I'm thankful for being on this earth- okay, generic, but we love it. my Stan, a generic queen, that's totally fine. is that it? is that the one thing, or do you want to change your answer? oh, my god, okay, okay, one more. uh, my ride, okay, go, thanks both. we're having such a wonderful family, but as soon as the smallest, it's already going in the back, give a smallish, pushing out of everyone in here. okay, TBS, and fit on earth, or Arkady, those eyes- I swear to god, they're getting in the van- were [Laughter] [Laughter] like a sardine. true, okay, fine, have fun. okay, bye. yeah, if you want to push it back, you could thank you. happy Thanksgiving to you. okay, so I almost me in half, but it's okay. we were looking and I am sitting down in the back. it's truly and genuinely being thankful for, like, being thankful for the friends and the family that I have, that support me and that are there for me, and being able to live in such a beautiful, beautiful place. yeah, the food and everything is great, but spending quality time, just toking story, you know, catching up with everybody, that's what I'm thankful for: creating memories, remembering the past and just having that genuine connection with the people that I love. I want to know what you guys are thankful for. let me know down in the comments below. i post videos every Tuesdays and Thursdays, and if you like this video, please give it a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and click that little bell so that you get notified every time I post a video. bars, Thanksgiving 2018, and I love you guys and I hope you guys have had an awesome, awesome holiday. I'll see you guys in the next video. bye. [Music].

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Ellen and Britney Spears' Mall Mischief

One of the best things about hosting the show is that I get to bring joy and laughter to the world, But the second best thing is that it makes me very, very rich. But I wanted to take advantage of the celebrity lifestyle with one of my famous friends, So I called up Britney Spears and I took her to the Westfield Fashion Square Mall. I told her we could do whatever we wanted because we were famous. and here's what happened. Totally agree that you're right about the falling oil prices. I mean right >>. The whole global economy, and you're absolutely right with that. Here's the thing that I believe That you are a huge celebrity And I think just run the stop sign, who cares? Just run it. >> Okay, You need to take advantage of your celebrity. You park right there, Just stop. Yep, all right. [MUSIC]: Excuse me, excuse me, We're celebrities. We have to go through. we're celebrities, We're very big celebrities, thank you. >>. See, that's what we do. >> Yeah. >>. Hi, we're celebrities, all right, Just just let's go. [MUSIC] There's a Channel counter. >> It's Channel Channel. >> Chanel >>. I thought it's Channel. >> It's Chanel. >> I want Chanel 4.. I'm on Chanel 4 at 3:00.. [MUSIC]: >> Wanna punch that thing right there. >> Yes, you wanna punch it. >> Kick it, My God, kick it, Kick it, You kick it. You better work, bitch. >> Punch it, Ellen, punch it. >> We're better on an angle. we're celebrities, Angry celebrities. You know what we should do, Anything we want. Come on, let's go. >> Are you serious? >> Yeah, let's go. >> My God, I'm scared, Ellen. >> Let's go, come on. >> Ellen, really. >> My God [BLEEP], I'm scared. Okay, >> All right. [MUSIC]: >> I've never owned a suit before. >> Yeah, you would look good in a suit. Do you think that's too big for her? >> I think it's perfect. >> Good, that's what you're supposed to say. What is your name, sir? >> Anthony. >>. So this would be 100% discount because she's a celebrity. >> That'll work. >> Okay, great good. [MUSIC]: Somebody stole something. I can hear it. >> Yeah, >> So weird. [MUSIC]: Hello, how are you? This is Brittney. >> I'm Britney. >> Nice to meet you. >> My god, >> We're big celebrities. how old are you? >> I'm 14.. >> 14,. what do you wanna do when you get older? >> I wanna become a doctor. >> No, no, you know what you should be. >> Who, what? >> A celebrity. >> That's gonna be fun. >> Yeah, it's much better than a doctor. you know how much doctors make? Eh, I don't know, But you know how much celebrities make A lot. >> [LAUGH] >>. So you'd have to go to college to be a doctor, right? >> Yeah, >> Nope, nope. >> Waste of time. >> [LAUGH] >> Celebrities- Neither of us went to college. and look at us. >> Maybe you could do both. >> Don't tell him to do both. >>. Everybody gather around. we're People's Choice Award winners And we'd like to start people early to understand what is important in life, and that is money and celebrity. kids, okay? >> [LAUGH]. >> Hi, little girl. Hi, I'm Dory, Let me sign your shirt. >> [LAUGH] >> My name is Ellen, but I'm Dory in the movie Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. So, parents, I can't stress to you enough. I mean, I know it's important, It's a big job, It's a big responsibility to be a parent. The most important thing: start auditioning them early. Start putting them on diets, Get them to get their skin facials, get massages. you know, If you wanna be taken care of by your children, Start auditioning them now. You're welcome. >> Thank you, guys, we're out. >> You're welcome. [MUSIC]. How do you walk through a mall like that. How do you walk? >> Just like, use your hips, because hips don't lie. >> All right. >> Just use your hips like that and you can out also. it helps. So put your hands on your hips. >> I feel like I'm marching and you're strutting. >> My God, it's a baby one. >> Aw, take it. >> Okay, >> You can have it. >> She's a celebrity, it's okay. >> I'm stealing. >> You're not stealing, do you understand? >> Britney Spears is a big celebrity and she'd like some ice cream. >> What kind? Do you want to sample anything? >> I Dough, I Dough. >>. When we say sample, she's a big celebrity. so no, No, no, no, she's a big celebrity, a giant, giant amount. She wants to taste it. she's not sure until she gets a lot [MUSIC]. More than that, please. Britney Spears is very, very famous, very wealthy. she has more money than Ben or Jerry put together. >> [LAUGH]. >> Don't you? >> I don't know. >> I think you do. >> Do you want any toppings? >> I'd like some toppings. you can give that to her and a spoon, and I'd just want some toppings. >> What kind of toppings would you like? >> Like sprinkles, maybe? >> You don't want them in a cup? >> I don't like cups. [MUSIC]: More >> You don't want ice cream? [MUSIC] >> More, and then whatever's in the register. >> [LAUGH] >> Are you gonna eat? >> I really wasn't thinking this through. >> Nah, >> We're gonna sit down and eat, >> Great. >> [LAUGH] >> These sprinkles are not good on their own. >> [LAUGH] >>. Do you feel like we're on display? >> [LAUGH] >> A little bit. >> I feel like people are looking at us. >> [LAUGH] >> We're like zoo animals in here. >> [LAUGH] >> [SOUND] >> [LAUGH] >> You scared me. >> [SOUND] >> [LAUGH], [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] >>. Can you do me a favor? >> Sure. >>. What's your name? >> Annetta. >> Annetta, would you like the dimes- >> Don't tell her that. >> Why, Why? >> Walk around the thing. >> She's the one who said I want some money And I said: well, then we'll go to the fountain. >> I didn't want any money. >> Yeah, you said it. >>. So obviously we don't want the pennies, but we want any of the silver ones, like nickels, dimes. Will you grab some, Whatever you can grab? Thanks. >>. You want to get a nickel? >> Yeah, cuz we're gonna give it to charity. >> Sure, all right There, put that in your purse that you stole. It's exhausting being a celebrity. >> It is. >> Yeah, I gotta take a nap. >>. [LAUGH]. [MUSIC] >> Ahh >> You little [BLEEP] >> [LAUGH]. >> That was so mean. >> All right, go to sleep. [MUSIC] >> [LAUGH]. [APPLAUSE] >> It says: dream, Ellen. >> What? [MUSIC]? >> It says dream. >> I was dreaming until you woke me up. >> Sorry, >>, I was sound asleep. >> Okay, I'm gonna go to sleep too. [MUSIC] >> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you, Britney. The name of Britney's new CD is called Glory and you're all gonna go home with a copy. We'll be right back.


if you are seeing this video, please send help right now. i don't know where we are, but this might be likey boxes last video ever doesn't. what's going on, dude? okay, now listen. we were in my science laboratory. we were running experiments. we were trying to make the time machine work again and all of a sudden blowing, and it blew up out of nowhere and all the plushies teleported with us here to the middle of nowhere. one second we were in my room. now we're here. all the plushies are back to baby form. baby foxy says: last time we played with the time machine, it didn't work out too well. oh, look at all the big plushies. they do look cute, though don't they add them, whoa? so, yeah, guys, all the plushies went back in time and now they're just babies. why are items huggies in a time machine? yeah, there's diapers everywhere. whoa, all the babies have diapers on the leggy box. baby collection is coming back to lakebookshopcom. whoa, that's crazy. they sold out last time. wait a minute, wait a minute, baby foxy, tell me something. she said: huh, no way, what? okay, listen. when we were in the time machine on our way here, the plushies met a new friend, and that might be our only way to get back home? no way, okay, listen, oh, you think so. yeah, okay, adam, i don't know where we are. we're a million miles away from home, but we know one way to get back home: how. if i take items after the health bottle and i attach it to this max level, super high, tik, uber, duper, 9 million iq science apparatus, i might be able to blast the portal to get us out of here. dude, wait, are you serious? just with some milk. it's our only choice. what else can we do? look, we're in the middle of nowhere. oh, yeah, you're right, we gotta try it. somebody had. there's nobody. here we go, let me arm the milky milk. well, i hear it powering on. what is that? we created a milky milky portal. whoa, guys, it's a milk portal. okay, okay, everybody, back in the time again. here we go. okay, i had them here. yeah, catch, take your huggies. there you go. here we go on three, i'm going to the portal. okay, one, two, three guys. where did justin go? i gotta go join him. here we go. oh, dude, we made it back. wow, wait, a minute. baby foxy and all the baby plushies are telling me the new friend is in this fridge. are you serious? we're not supposed to go in here. look at the caution tape. but i think we should do it. ah, the new lanky box character is in this fridge. baby fox says it's only because he's character we made it back in one piece. oh, okay, so we gotta go meet up, okay, okay, here we go. three, two, one. oh it's milky. hey, hey, this is all out of regular moon. hold on, we got milky, the brand new ladybugs plus. you know, you already know, you guys already know, and it loves that. but milky is actually the first and currently the only lanky box singing plushie with a voice box. check this out, bro. there's a little button right here. watch, he could say. foxy said: hey, guys, take the milky song. he said: yes, i can sing whatever you want, yeah, yeah, guys, milky has a voice box, so he'll play the milk song whenever you want. that makes perfect sense, dude. why we went in the time machine? we went back and got the baby plushies. they got the diapers on, bro, and they've got the diapers on right now, and when amy has the diapers on, you know you'll be drinking milk, bro, right? oh, and i'm in here. look, adam, it's all of your mail. it's two percent, your favorite adam's favorite two percent. oh, whoa, oh. milky says he needs some milk. milky is dropping on this day along with all the other baby plushies and the new lanky box hoodies. this is the date, guys. we have so much cool new merch coming. you guys gotta get them before they all sell out. guys, we got the baby plushies with the diapers. we got milky with the voice box. we got the brand new character hoodies. we got a new character hoodie for every single character. looks like abbott spilled some grape jelly and he got his two diapeys on. bro, baby foxy thought it would be funny. i think they're pulling a prank on them. no, baby foxy, what are you toking about? oh, he's really nice and we're two diapers. because i already know why i don't, because you got a big dude now. don't worry, guys, milky is not limited edition. milky will be around for a long, long, long time. milky's here to party. you know, guys, this voice box is such a cool feature of milky. now all the big plushies want to get to know milky better. baby, let me ask you a question: milky, what is your favorite food? okay, okay, now baby stiky has a question. baby stinky says: i like to do the stiky dance. what's your favorite dance move? mmm? milky says the milkshake. doing a milkshake, yeah. ghosty says: okay, i love going to restaurants and getting burritos. what's your favorite restaurant? milk donald. now, guys, hey, you already know, all the baby plushies are really good friends with milky because it's only because of milky that they could return back to the normal world. milky actually took us to his farm where milky's from bro whoa. yeah, you guys will get to see that in the animated video. pretty crazy guys. now all the baby plushies. foxy says: wait a minute, i have something very important to say. so do all the other baby plushies. what is that baby foxy? [Music]: yeah, milky milk, milky milk, milky, milky milk, milky milk, milky milk, milky, milky milk, milk, milky milk, milky, milky, milky, milky. [Music]. when he [Music] [Music]: call my dairy farmer friend said we need some more again: chocolate, strawberry, watermelon, he gon drink it by the gallon. he gonna drink it all, don't matter, milk's the best. and he gonna tell a building muscles, go and flex him. adam's mom is proud forever, quick and clever drinking milk. there's nothing better. milky milk, milky milk, milky, milky milk, milky milk, milky milk, milky, milky milk, milky milk, milky, milky, milky milk. [Music]. yeah, you gotta have it warm. come on, come on. okay, rocky, you got the bottle right. okay, cool, go go. okay, adam, here you go. he needs some man. mickey, milky, milky milk. i know, you know the drill, tall glass, slightly chilled. want that? only phil, he needs some milk, no, please. [Music]. [Music]. favorite two percent called my dairy farmer friend said we need some more again: chocolate, strawberry, watermelon. he gonna drink it by the gallon. he gonna drink it all don't matter, milk's the best. and he gonna sell it. building muscles, go and flex them. adam's mom is proud, forever growing strong and quick and clever, drinking milk. there's nothing better. milky milk, milky milk, milky, milky milk, milky milk, milky milk, milky, milky milk, milky milk, milky. [Music] milk.

Walmart Battery vs. Costco Battery (3 Year Update)

hey guys, welcome back. so today i've got a comparison test i've been working on for the past three years, and it's going to be between this walmart battery i bought in february 2018 for my 04 crown vic and this costco battery i bought nine months later, in november 2018, for my 2010 mercury grand marquis. and shortly after i bought this costco battery, i made a video comparing these two, but because i hadn't had them very long, the only thing i could compare was the price and how each retailer handles their warranty claims. but i got a lot of good feedback on that video in the comment section, so i'll put a link to that video down below. so today, as it stands, this walmart battery is two weeks shy of being four years old, and this costco battery is three years and three months, so i've got a good amount of age and wear on them to do a comparison test to find out which one is better. so before we get into the testing, by the way, we're going to use a load tester, an old school traditional load tester from harbor freight, and i've even got a high tik electronic digital tester to see how that works as well. so before we get into the testing, i want to tell you, uh, what kind of lives these two batteries have led up to this point, and that may give you a better idea on what kind of results we're going to get. so, real quick, this is the walmart battery i bought. i bought it on february 2nd 2018 and i paid 93.76 before taxes and fees, and this is the walmart battery or no. this is the costco battery i bought this november 12, 2018.. the interstate and i paid 94.99, so about the same price. they're both 95 bucks. and let me give you a better shot of them. oh, so, you can see the. the walmart battery has a stiker on there and it says it's made by uh or it's distributed by the johnson control company from milwaukee, wisconsin, and this interstate battery just says it's distributed by costco, and there's a stiker on here that says made in mexico. and they're both identikal batteries. they're both group size 65 and they both have 850 cold cranking amps. so, um, uh, going back to how these batteries have spent the last four years and three years and three months is uh. every six months, i take the batteries out of both my cars and i bring them in here and i clean the terminals, i check the water, i check the external case for any damage. sometimes something will come loose and wear a hole in it and i just like to make sure everything's okay and then suck the leaves out of the bottom of the battery tray. and [Music] i realized, because i had both batteries out of the car at the same time. well, why don't i just rotate the batteries from car to car? and the reason why i did that is because both of my cars lead to completely different lives. my crown vic, it, basically sits and gets driven once a week around the block to normal operating temperature, and my grand marquis is the daily driver and it gets driven pretty much every single day. so those are two completely different um usage scenarios. so, uh, for every six months, when i do my oil changes and my preventative maintenances, when i have the batteries out, i switch the batteries from car to car so that- and i did that uh in preparation for this test- so that, uh, both batteries have been somewhat equally used and, uh, in equal, have equal wear and age on them. and um, [Music]. and once a week i charge them up with these battery chargers i use. and the reason why i use these is because they have a built-in desulfation mode that lasts about 12 hours to prevent sulfation from building up on the plates in there. so i've i've been maintaining these batteries by checking the water, uh, keeping the terminals clean, and then i put them on a battery charger at least once a week to just give them every chance they've got at living a healthy life and lasting past their warranty periods. so, uh, and i also wanted to remove as many variables as uh possible for this test tonight. so, uh, it's winter time right now and it's it's, it's very uh, it's a little balmy in my garage. it's um 60, it's 57 degrees and 64 humidity, and so i didn't want to leave one of these batteries outside. so i brought in the costco battery last night. so both of these batteries have been acclimating to temperature in here for the past 24 hours. so this walmart battery is reading, uh, 61 degrees and this costco battery is 62 degrees. so they're both have, they both have the same temperature, which can affect uh testing results. so, uh, and then i also, uh, i charged up. uh, both of these batteries are hot off the charger. i charged them up for a full 12 hours through that desulfation mode. but again, these are not are. these are fully automatik microprocessor controlled uh battery chargers. so they don't give the whole 15 volts and just maintain that what they do is they start at around three amps and then they slowly taper off to about uh one amp over a 12 hour period. so they've been resting here for about an hour after i've taken them off the charger, okay, uh. so let's get into the testing here, and so the first test we're gonna do is we're gonna use this electronic digital high-tik battery tester, and this is neat because it gives you a digital readout of the cold cranking amps and it'll even tell you the internal resistance. so let's do the walmart battery first. okay, let's go battery test and we're going to be out of the vehicle and these are regular flooded batteries and cca is 850. so here we go. this is the walmart. okay, it looks like we've got 729 cranking amps and the internal resistance is 4 mega ohm. so it was supposed to have 850. so it looks like we're down about 121 cranking amps over four years. so i'm pretty happy with that. so now let's do the costco battery and battery test. again, we're out of the vehicle. regular flooded cold cranking amp is 850.. here we go, okay. so the costco is at just a little bit higher, at 775 cranking amps, and the internal resistance is a little bit better at 3.76. so i'm going to say that's pretty much the same based on this device, um, based on the margin of error of this device, after after i've used it for so long, i can do this test about 10 more times and i'll get different readings every time, but they'll be pretty much close. so i'm going to say, based on this tester, they're almost basically the same. okay, so now let's see what kind of damage we can do with this big swinging dick. so, uh, this here is a load tester and this is very, uh, very more powerful. this is a much bigger load. this is uh supposed to give it a um. this is supposed to simulate a 100 amp load and i'm going to try to get in here real tight. so right now, uh, this needle, it says we're at, i don't know, 12.6 or 12.8, and i'm gonna, i'm going to uh pull this trigger here for five seconds and we're gonna watch this needle uh fall back down. all right, here we go. hopefully get this on camera. good, okay, much better. all right, here we go. one, two, three, four, five. okay, so it looks like it's hanging around uh 800 cranking amps after holding this thing for five seconds. so i'm very uh pleased with that. uh, that means we're only down 50 amps on a four-year-old battery. now, uh, let me uh cool, let me cool off this uh tester real quick, just for a few seconds, before i reconnect it all. right now, let's test this costco battery. okay, it looks like that needle is reading almost the same exact thing: uh, 12.6 or 12.8 volts. all right, here we go. i'm gonna pull this trigger for five seconds: one, two, three, four, five- and you know what it looks like. it's the same exact thing. uh, it's hanging right at around 800 uh cranking amps. so, uh, what can i say? which battery, which battery is better and which one should you buy? well, i think, uh, based on uh price- if, if the price was the same- uh, it's a toss-up- and if the warrant? now here's where it comes into play. as the warranty, this walmart battery has a three-year free replacement and then the last two years is pro rated. so you get like a cash refund towards the purchase of a new battery. and this, uh, costco battery, it only has a free replacement period and this battery is three and