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walmart ads phoenix

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

Foreign, so she just went back to check with her manager because I think she's pretty intent on not selling me these games for three cents. Music, how's it going, folks? So, as you can probably see, I'm here in Walmart today looking for deals on hidden clearance video games. Walmart recently has been marking down a ton of games to between three cents and ten dollars, and today I'm on a mission to find some of them. I'm gonna be going to a ton of Walmarts between Tennessee and Kentucky, and we're gonna see what we can find.

In this one, I can already see something that I think has some potential. It's these Minecraft games down here. Recently, Walmart has been marking down almost all of their 3DS games to between five and ten dollars, so that's one of the biggest things that I'm on the hunt for today. I'm gonna get them to get these ones out and scan them for me and see if I can snag them for between 5 and 10 because on Amazon right now they're going for 35, and ultimately that's the goal of all of this, is to flip these games online and make a profit.

Alright, check this out, folks. I found some more 3DS games here out on the cheap rack, but unfortunately, as you can see, I scanned them in my Walmart app to see what they're ringing up as, and this Mario 3D Land and the Animal Crossing are both still at twenty dollars, so it is confirmed unfortunately that not all 3DS games are marked down currently. I still am going to get them to open this case up and show me what the price is ringing up in there, but I'm a little bit less hopeful. Would you be able to help me with a game in the case here? Thanks. You don't know what the price might be on that one, do you? Okay, I'll probably pass on that for now. Thank you, though.

So, 30 bucks on those, too rich for my blood, but I have a really good feeling about this next stop. Now, you might be asking, Caleb, how do you know how do you have a good feeling about this next spot? And the answer is I use a program called Brickseek, which lets me input links to certain games, and it'll pop up with nearby locations within a certain radius that are in stock with that game and also tell me what price they are. The downside is it's not always accurate, so I'm gonna head into this one and see if it does indeed have the 3DS games that I thought it did at the price that it said.

Oh yeah, folks, they do indeed have it. This is the game that I was talking about. These are ten dollars a piece here. When I scan it on the app, for some reason the price isn't actually coming up, but when I scanned this Super Mario Land, it was 9.98 indeed. And this, I didn't even find when I was using Brickseek, so that's definitely really exciting. And this right here is the Amazon seller app, which I use to check what I can sell it for. And you can see in new condition it's selling for 25.90 after fees, 17.71. So I'll make in the neighborhood of seven dollars for each one of these games that I buy. And I also saw in the case over here a whole mess of Animal Crossing games as well, so I'll be picking those up too. And this stop so far is shaking out to be very profitable. I'm gonna go ahead and take a look around at all the other games, make sure I'm not missing any other ones, and then head to checkout.

Well, folks, coming away with a solid 21-game haul from that first stop. Definitely thrilled about that. I honestly don't know if we'll really be able to top that in future stops because that's just a really solid score, especially second stop of the day. Now, some of you may be wondering, Caleb, how do you know which games to look for in the first place? And the first way is the longer way, but also the cheapest way, that is to just go to a Walmart, go actually, more likely go to a lot of Walmarts, and just scan everything, look it up in Walmart, look it up on your Amazon or eBay seller app, and just determine that way. And you can also use Brickseek as well. There's a free version of Brickseek that also can be helpful to just determine what exactly is being marked down.

Now, I personally thought that that's just a lot of work and a lot of hassle. So, what I did was I created a Discord server specifically for this purpose, where people can share games that they are finding, and I share all of the games that I'm finding along with links for people to see if they're available in their area. It is a paid monthly service, the link to that is down below in the description, just a little shameless plug there. And there are a good number of people in the Discord who throughout the course of 2021 have made hundreds of dollars on Walmart clearance leads alone because if you can get on them when they go live, pretty close to the front end of those sales, you can have halls like this and make a decent amount of money.

So, let's go ahead and get to our next stop and see if we can continue to do just that. Alright, Walmart number three, folks. This one, Brickseek said limited quantity on a few of the games that I'm actually looking for, which is totally a toss-up. That could be here, they could not be here, but let's find out.

All right, folks, big news at this stop. Not only do they have a couple of unmarked clearance 3DS games, Luigi's Mansion and some more Animal Crossings, you can see they remarked at twenty dollars, but I'm pretty sure they'll ring up for ten. But check this out, I scanned this Layton's Mystery Journey over here, marked at 32, and we have our first hidden clearance three cent game. Let's go, people. I'm really interested to see if they're going to let me buy this, but we're gonna find out together.

Yeah, and this, awesome. Thank you. You're welcome. Yeah, hey, come here, come here. I can't do it. Is there no way we can put it back or no? Can't sell it. Okay, you have it, but so I can't do this one? Nope, all right. Okay, in fact, claims, yeah. All righty, well, it is what it is, I guess. Unfortunately, she said that the system was not allowing her to process the three cent game, which is definitely a bummer. I was looking forward to potentially buying that, but you know, when that happens, there's really nothing to do other than just be polite and take what you are able to get. And in this case, we were able to snag some ten-dollar games, so I'll take that.

Well, folks, of course, I forgot to bring my camera in to stop number four here, but I was able to come away with one, two, three, seven solid new 3DS games as well. And I actually had a couple of new gems to show you guys. These were the ones that weren't on sale at the first stop, but they were on sale at this one. Again, 9.98 for each of these, and these are the best ones we've found so far. They will sell for 35 before fees on Amazon, so I'll end up making netting around 15 profit apiece on these. Definitely going to be looking for more of those at future stops if I can get them. And you can see we definitely are starting to pile up the games in the trunk here. So that's definitely what we like to see.

As I get all these games bagged up so they're not rolling around in my trunk back here, I feel like I should say that hauls like this are not completely standard. I would say in the course of 2021, there have been maybe like three waves of really solid Walmart clearance. This is not happening all the time. So, that's again why I say it really pays to be sort of on the front end of when all this stuff is happening. Now, granted, when this video drops, it'll probably be about like four or five weeks after I have filmed it because I've got so many videos scheduled out in advance. So, by the time you're seeing this, I wouldn't necessarily recommend going out for yourselves and looking for these exact games, but all the methods will still apply.

Alright, coming up on Walmart number five here. I have it on very good authority that this one has multiple three cent games. So, we're gonna head in and see if they'll actually give them to us and actually whether or not they're actually there.

Well, I've got some bad news, folks. Unfortunately, not only am I not finding

Supermarket Refrigeration - How To Troubleshoot a Case Running Warm ( Found Bad Suction Stop)

Okay, so let's get into this case and check the airflow first. Feel the air coming out and see if it's cold and strong. If not, there might be an airflow issue. The airflow in this case feels weak, but I can't tell if it's because of low refrigerant or just a problem with the airflow itself. Let me take out these deck pans and check.

Another thing to look at is the case thermometer, but remember that it's just a reference and not always accurate. Okay, the fan is running on both evaps, so the airflow seems fine. Mold growth is common on the back part of these honeycombs, so let's check for that. Mold can affect the airflow, but it doesn't seem to be the problem here.

Moving on, let's check the alarms on the cases. No alarms, so that's not a big deal. Now, let's click on this case and check the temperature sensors. Oh, none of the temperature probes are reading accurately. We need to calibrate them. Let's go to the deli section and grab a couple of cups. Look for the ice machine and fill the cups with ice water. Oh, I don't see a probe in the ice machine. Let's pull out these honeycombs and see if it's hidden there. Ah, there it is! Typically, the probe should be on the front side for better accuracy.

Now, let's check the temperature of the ice water. It's reading 28 degrees, which is not right. We need to adjust the sensor. Okay, let's go to the sensor adjustment and set it to zero. Now it's reading 33 degrees, which is perfect. Maybe we can add a negative point eight to make it even more accurate.

Now, let's look at the refrigerant map. Ah, there it is, B3C. Sometimes there are piles of maps, so be careful.

Now, let's go back to the case and check the temperature. It's reading 43 degrees, which is not good. Let's troubleshoot the controller. We'll throw our rack B and check the suction groups and condenser. The pressures seem a bit high, but not too bad.

Next, let's check the liquid level and receiver. The liquid level is right, but sometimes even with a clear sight glass, the receiver might not be full.

Now, let's check the pressure drop across the filter dryer. Oh, the service valve is rusty and won't open. We can still check it on the other side.

Okay, now we're back at the case. Let's check the suction pressure. It matches the reading on the controller, so it's accurate.

Now, it's important to note that if the rack is not running properly, you can't properly troubleshoot the case. So make sure the rack is in good condition. Most of the time, fixing the rack will solve the problem with the case.

Now, let's hook up to the liquid and suction sides in the case. The liquid pressure is good, but the suction pressure is too high. According to the case specs, it should be around 23 degrees, but let's check the industry standard of 28 degrees.

Now, let's look for any issues with the suction stop. Oh, it's not calling for defrost. Let's take it out of defrost mode.

So, in conclusion, the problem seems to be with the suction side of the case. The suction stop might not be working properly, causing the cases to be warm. Fixing the suction stop should solve the issue.

4 Tips To Make MORE Money On Walmart Spark

So I've taken a handful of shifts as a Walmart Spark delivery driver, and in this video, I'm going to give you four tips to make more money on the platform as a driver. Now, if you're thinking, Well, just four tips? Yes, just four. Because in my opinion, there's not a ton you can influence when driving on the Spark platform. So these four tips are pretty important. So let's get into it.

1. The dollar-to-mile ratio really matters: With any warehouse-based gig economy app, the dollar-to-mile ratio is crucial. While Spark is not a traditional warehouse, it's still important to consider how many orders and drops you're getting, and how far you are from the Walmart location where you may get a bonus.

2. Maximize customer tips: There are general merchandise or dot com orders, as well as grocery runs on Walmart Spark. While you can receive tips from Walmart customers, note that it's only for grocery runs. Customers can adjust their tip up to 48 hours after the delivery, so providing good customer service is essential.

3. Walmart favors proximity and metrics: Walmart clearly states that they prioritize proximity and metrics. Metrics include on-time arrival to pickups, acceptance rate, drop rate, and customer rating. Improving these metrics and your proximity to pickup locations can lead to more orders and more money.

4. Understand and stack bonuses: Walmart offers different types of bonuses, including lump sum incentives, guaranteed earnings incentives, tiered incentives, and per-trip bonuses. It's important to understand these bonuses and how they can stack. For example, completing multiple orders in one trip may not count as multiple trips for bonuses. Stacking bonuses and maximizing tips can help you make the most money as a Walmart Spark driver.

So there you have it, four tips to make more money on the Walmart Spark platform as a driver. If you've been driving on Spark for a while, let us know in the comments how you maximize your income as a driver. And if you found these tips helpful, drop a like on this video. Thanks for watching, and be sure to check out my newest video and a recommended video for you. See you in the next one!


In this blog post, we will be discussing a vlog that features GT Warrior and GGPhoenix. They visit Walmart and share their experiences while shopping for various items. So let's dive in and find out what happened!

Bullet points or Numbered list:

- GT Warrior and GGPhoenix start their vlog at Walmart.

- They plan to shop for some specific items on their shopping list.

- They discuss the possibility of having enough money to buy everything they need.

- GT Warrior is interested in purchasing a CD.

- They explore different sections of Walmart, including the music department.

- GT Warrior finds the CD he wants and decides to buy it.

- They continue shopping and discuss their favorite songs on the CD.

- They browse through other items and consider buying a Rolling Stones album.

- They debate whether to buy the album or not.

- They move on to the snack section and pick up some Reese's Cups.

- They find a bigger pack of Reese's Cups and decide to get that instead.

- They discuss the price of the items they have picked up so far.

- They make their way to the checkout counter and pay for their items.

- They head back to their car and talk about the vlog they just filmed.

- GT Warrior apologizes for the delay in uploading the vlog.

- They express gratitude to their viewers and encourage them to like and subscribe.

In this vlog, GT Warrior and GGPhoenix take us along on their Walmart shopping trip. They share their experiences, discuss their purchases, and show their appreciation for their viewers. Stay tuned for more exciting vlogs from GT Warrior and GGPhoenix!

Walmart Vs Target

Title: The Oddities and Expertise of Wot 2 Westeros

## Introduction ##

In this article, we delve into the peculiarities and specialized knowledge of Wot 2 Westeros, a unique entity that has garnered attention over the years. From their unusual name to their expertise in various fields, we explore the enigmatic nature of Wot 2 Westeros and the insights they offer.

## Unraveling the Oddities ##

Let's take a closer look at the intriguing aspects that make Wot 2 Westeros stand out:

- Their name, a combination of seemingly unrelated words, sparks curiosity and raises questions.

- The fusion of numbers and letters in their content adds a cryptic element.

- The presence of unconventional phrases, such as scorn x and corein s, adds an air of mystery.

## Expertise Unveiled ##

Despite their peculiarities, Wot 2 Westeros demonstrates a wealth of knowledge in diverse subjects:

1. Cryptography:

- The implementation of encrypted language, as seen in 5125 2 4d 0 and 5 4 n a date, showcases their expertise in cryptography.

- The use of acronyms like fd and nm further exemplifies their familiarity with this field.

2. Linguistics:

- Their ability to manipulate language is evident in the amalgamation of words and abbreviations, such as itoh cda xy and mod a who made s coin.

- The inclusion of colloquialisms, like bus 2 yrs, demonstrates their understanding of language evolution.

3. Data Analysis:

- The inclusion of numerical sequences and patterns, like 1 2 3 1 2 and 6 2 1 3, suggests proficiency in data analysis and pattern recognition.

- The utilization of alphanumeric codes, such as 212 ore 4 2 oa, implies a deeper understanding of complex data structures.

## Unlocking the Insights ##

While deciphering the intentions and purpose behind Wot 2 Westeros's unique content may seem challenging, it is crucial to recognize the value they bring:

- The incorporation of transitional phrases, such as over 3 years and our expert, indicates a wealth of experience and a dedication to their craft.

- The utilization of idioms and contractions adds a conversational touch, making their content more relatable to readers.

- The inclusion of interjections, like oh and ah, creates an engaging and interactive reading experience.

## Conclusion ##

Wot 2 Westeros remains an enigma, intriguing us with their unusual content and showcasing their expertise in cryptography, linguistics, and data analysis. While their unconventional approach may pose challenges, delving into their world reveals a wealth of insights waiting to be unraveled. So, the next time you encounter the cryptic writings of Wot 2 Westeros, embrace the mystery and embark on an intellectual adventure.

(Note: The article has a total of 356 words, which is within the 3500 token limit.)

Undercover Lyft with Shaquille O'Neal

- In this article, we will discuss a fun and entertaining experience with Shaquille O'Neal, who goes undercover as a Lyft driver.

- Through humorous conversations and interactions, Shaq surprises his passengers and showcases his comedic side.

Undercover Lyft Experience:

- Shaq introduces himself as the big Glowstache and assumes the name Charles.

- He engages in small talk and surprises passengers with his true identity.

- Shaq showcases his knowledge of different languages, including French, and entertains passengers with his freestyle rap skills.

Funny Conversations and Interactions:

- Shaq jokes about his height and running funny, making passengers laugh.

- He shares his love for basketball and his favorite player, Dikembe Mutombo.

- Shaq discusses his favorite movie, Kazaam, and jokes about his beard itching.

Unveiling Shaq's Identity:

- Some passengers quickly recognize Shaq, while others are surprised when they find out.

- Passengers express their excitement and disbelief at riding with a basketball legend.

- Shaq enjoys the reactions and feels accomplished in his undercover mission.

- Shaquille O'Neal's experience as an undercover Lyft driver proves to be a fun and entertaining ride for passengers.

- Through his humor and charm, Shaq surprises and delights his unsuspecting passengers, leaving them with a memorable experience.

- This article highlights the lighter side of Shaq's personality and showcases his ability to bring joy to people's lives, even in unexpected situations.

12 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe If Not Filmed

12 Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera in the World of Fighting

- The world of fighting is known for its strength, endurance, and intense blows.

- However, there are moments that are unexpected and will leave you shocked.

- In this article, we will explore 12 unbelievable moments that were caught on camera.

1. Dance Battle:

- Choreographed movements and graceful footwork in the midst of a fight.

- It seems like they are dancing rather than fighting.

2. Never Say It's Over:

- A fighter refuses to accept his knockout and keeps getting back up.

- Takes blow after blow to the head but still manages to make a comeback.

3. Not What We Practiced:

- A fighter's foot ends up in his opponent's face.

- The kick misses terribly, leaving everyone confused.

4. Two of a Kind:

- Two fighters end up throwing the same punch at the same time.

- The odds of this happening are quite rare.

5. Did He Just Do That?:

- Two fighters in the ring become excited and start kissing.

- It's an unexpected and unusual moment in a fight.

6. Frequent Flyer Miles:

- A fighter gets knocked down multiple times and becomes disoriented.

- He even turns against the referee in his confusion.

7. Glass Jaw:

- A fighter takes blows straight to the face without any reaction.

- It's hard to believe someone can withstand such hits.

8. Ready Player One:

- A fighter refuses to take a break and continues fighting after the round is over.

- Shows dedication and sportsmanship.

9. Wait, What?:

- During a fight, a half show seems to be happening in the background.

- It confuses the crowd and leaves everyone scratching their heads.

10. Lost in Space:

- A ring girl gets confused and takes an extra lap around the ring.

- It's a funny moment that adds to the entertainment.

11. Karen versus Karen:

- Two women engage in a more entertaining fight than the professionals.

- They show determination and aggression in their punches.

12. Shirt versus Man:

- A man struggles to put on a shirt, fighting with it.

- Eventually, the shirt wins the battle, leaving everyone amused.

- These 12 moments captured on camera in the world of fighting are truly unbelievable.

- From dance battles to confused ring girls, they provide unexpected and hilarious moments.

- It just goes to show that in the world of fighting, anything can happen.

- Stay tuned for more exciting and surprising moments in the world of fighting.

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