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walmart after christmas sales ads

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads


okay, guys, we're at walmart today and it's the day after christmas and everything's like 80- 50 off. so i'm gonna show you what's on sale today, the day after christmas 2020.. so, super surround bat cave was 149. now it's 40 dollars for this huge thing. can i use my um walmart app? oh, yeah, my friend has a walmart app. he can scan stuff too to make sure if it's even cheaper. so, yeah, sneaky snake: the sneaky snake was forty dollars and now it's only fifteen dollars. it's called the inchworm rapid flyer. i like the pink one. let me see on this side. um, oh, paw patrol was twenty dollars, now it's nine dollars. this is like the day after christmas. yeah, look, he double checked it- 40 bucks. this is like black friday: all over again. or cyber monday: blues clues and you, it's a gimmick. it's a gimmick. girl steve- where's steve? he's a fake, impossible, all right. and then this was 94, but now it's 74.. i don't know, if i were to buy this this year, would elsa, would? that is that elsa, yeah, would she still be relevant? i think she'll be relevant for a few years to come, like frozen came out a while back. but that's not much of a discount to me, like twenty dollars. it's because he's double checking the price. let's see, here we go. seventy four dollars, yeah, that's what he says. all right, let's keep it moving, all right. so we have little little tikes, my first pet checkup. oh my god, that's so cute. [Music]. so you bring: oh, this is everything. so this is 94.. now it's 49 dollars. and then he never believes that the prices. so he's gonna, he likes, double check for himself. all right, so 29, actually 29 for this, yes, ma'am, and it says 49. so, wow, you bring it up at the cash register, right, it will drop it down and show this to the cash register, okay, so let's get it ready. yeah, let's get it. what, what? um, wait, no, go ahead, go ahead. but like, what year? like kid is for? doesn't it usually tell you ages what to what? yeah, i think it's three plus yeah. on the other side, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's out right here. yeah, plus years. okay, learn how to care for animals. responsibility, that's really good deal. we're loading it up, okay, so let's see what else we can find. all right, so this was 14.84. now it's five dollars, right there, that's pretty cool. um, let me see, i don't put my hand here because there's people walk in front of me. um, i want to go to, like, the men's grooming area. see what they have over there [Music], like what's going on. welcome, guys, to my walmart shopping blog. i hope you feel like you're here with us hanging out and, uh, if you like the video, give it a like, helps me out, helps the channel so much. and uh, yeah, see what they got. um, oh, yeah, so, yeah, yeah, let's look at the gift sets. so, guys, don't forget, this video is sponsored the house by manscape, tsa, friendly, waterproof and rechargeable shipping to united states, united kingdom and new zealand. that's really nice gift right there. this is two dollars and forty nine cents. last night, yeah, we were toking about this last night. yep, it's 249. yeah, this stuff, right here. you buy it six pieces and you can give it away next year. hopefully it won't be expired for birthdays. yeah, with the wedding gear, as i was saying. thank you, mascara, for sponsoring this video. you know the drama. you got serena williams five dollar secret set. it's like a bathroom. no, it's not. it's not. it's not wendy williams, it's serena williams, the test player, the champion. if you were to look at the photo, you would see she's holding the tape. oh, what'd you say? what'd you say? 740, 744. oh, so it's a gimmick. so when you go to the register, you got to be like, no, it said 494. you take a picture of it, got some slipping. whoa, okay, here we. this is cool. the crayola is two for two dollars and forty nine cents. body wash pin set- this is a good gimmick, that's nice. yep, that's really cool. and then you have the princess cosmetik set. that's really neat. um, let me see what else we have. oh, five dollars for five bucks. yeah, it was was ten, it was ten. so this is fifty percent off right here. yeah, fong's always gonna double check, let's see. hmm, very interesting. t yeah, okay, here we go. 4.99, it checks out, it checks out. yeah, thumbnail. oh, look at this. bassett pop, boom pop, viva, that's pretty cool, and that was ten dollars. won't sell for four or five, seven dollars. joy to the world. oh, yeah, that's pretty cool, okay, so i will say: let's find, let's walk this way and see if we can find anything else. yeah, which way? this one? um, i don't care. you got your storage bins there for five bucks. you got the clear ones for seven, which i like. the reason these might be a little cheaper on the other side is because these you can see what your stuff was, what you have in there- bath towels can't go wrong with that. oh, i think this, this was. this was the spot where all the christmas stuff was. oh, they're getting ready for the new year, hanging decorations. look, it's all cleaned out. where did they go? what did they do with it? oh, my god, where did he go? we need our scanner. we found you. i need your help check this out. how much is this one? how much is this one? because this is 4.98. oh, yeah, we just toked about. uh, oh yeah, this is the year of the ox, right? 2021 is the year of the ox. all right, how much is that one? it says 498. right there, i believe it. no, but this is christmas themes. the sooner it be cheaper. oh, true, let's try again. that's really nice. let's see what we got, but this whole aisle is empty. so far, we just have this. it was the best thing we found today. it is, it is five. yeah, oh yeah. okay, that is interesting. toilet paper. yeah, it's cleaned out. we should have got here at six in the morning. old spice kraken, guard figurine, deodorant holder- release the kraken. i remember when they used to sell these at the mall for like 20 bucks. how much is this one? we're gonna see how much that one is. two dollars and fifty cents, i think i think we're gonna take this one. okay, boom. should we go to like electronics and stuff and see what's up? let's go electronics, let's go this way. yeah, we saw somebody carry like a 40 inch tv video. i bet it's a hundred dollars. i love these pins. there's like a wheel one i haven't been able to find. look at all these tvs: crystal hd, samsung. oh, that's a nice one. where? oh, i'm blind as a bat. there, it is 348. let's scan it and see if it's cheaper. oh, cool, all right. so here's the walmart app. we press the scan screen: barcode 348, yep 38. for how many inches is this? huh, 50 inches, not bad, all right, let's dive in, let's get in here, let's wiggle our way in here and see what we can find. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we got microphones. these look interesting. probably get that one discounted. oh, these like came out 20 years ago. how much is it? 16, oh, this one's 16, because i think it got beat up. i remember those two and the hat came out. look, i like these for christmas. i like itunes gift cards for christmas and i also like ubereats and netflix and all that stuff for christmas, because that stuff i actually use. okay, well, these they look like i've never seen these before, so maybe this is a newer price tag. you got pink headphones, 75 inches for 800.. look at this curved one. that's pretty interesting. [Music] cool. and then the computers like got ran through the playstation fives- no playstation fives, no xbox. he's checking every single one, he's checking every. he's like: let me see, let me see here, let me let me verify. yeah, oh, these really cool strips- i heard this was a really good one. this brand monster, whoa, look at the prism- makes good. uh, like cables for music equipment too. i wonder, like, how does it stik to the wall? because i had one before and it kept falling off. um, you can use the app like to do it through. change the color. yeah, let's see the back. create geometric shape. yeah, magnet mounting bracket makes pattern that one and installation fast and simple. it would always fall off and it works with alexa and google and siri. nice, that's cool, that looks pretty cool. what have i? what if i just wanted one color. uh-huh, i'm sure you can do it. and then here they are. here's the other monster one. oh, and just the. that's like decent. yeah, just for the light bulbs. this is.

Walmart After Christmas Clearance Sale Gift Sets Chocolates Candies & More VLOGMAS DAY 27

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10 Things You Should ALWAYS Buy RIGHT AFTER Christmas

these are the top 10 best things to buy right after christmas, and i think you're going to be surprised with what's on this list. welcome back to the channel. i'm the youtube deal guy back, granted. i'm excited to have you here. if this is the type of content you like, please give this video a thumbs up. when it comes to every major after christmas sale. if you guys want notifications as the deals drop, please join my insider deal guide texting club. 440-298-2181 is my number. 440-298-2181. if you guys are subscribed, with your notifications turned on, i promise an epic 2021 of savings. and as we finish up the year in the number one spot of what you should buy right after christmas: groceries, food items and, quite specifically, anything you associate with the holidays. so the spiral ham- if there's, cheese platters, things put together, even discounts and promotions available on prosecco- now is the time to load up. so if you are looking for anything that would have made a good christmas dinner, i'll tell you right now. stores did not handle their holiday inventory as well as they typically would, whether it's trader joe's, aldi, lion, walmart, whole foods. now is the time to take advantage of these promotions before those expiration dates kick in. and the number two spot of what you should absolutely buy right after christmas. let's start with winter clothing and the promotions running rampant everywhere. if you guys do expand the video description box, i will have some links to steer you toward the best deals. but i mean, just look at jcpenney as an example. there they're practikally giving away coats for 22 dollars for men, down from 100 bucks. if you are looking for those fleece and sherpa things, this is typically 59 and 66 off, down to 15. and to hopefully surprise some of you, hooded heavyweight puffer jackets as low as 20 and hopefully surprise some of you, including my wife- shoes, all types of shoes, not even winter related shoes- as low as 14. these deals are all over the place: macy's, kohl's, jcpenney, abercrombie, hollister. no retailer is sponsoring today's roundup. these are just incredible savings you can take advantage of right now in the number three spot: beauty and cosmetik gift sets- and i will get to make up in a moment- and some incredible deals. but the buy three, get two free. and if you even look at retailers like nordstrom, mac, discounts as low as 40 percent and kicking 50 off this gift set right here above my oversized head: 91 dollars in value, 55 down to 27.50. you're gonna do very well. also, keep an eye on the dollar tree reminder. they do sell name brand makeup and those elf beauty sets. you will see discounts also. cvs, walgreens, rite aid- they have them. anything that didn't sell christmas is now in the clearance bin. in the number four spot, toys galore- and keep an eye on target because their after christmas toy roundup is incredible. but even amazon forty dollar slime sets down to nineteen, ninety, nine, fifty percent off generally prices, 50 off and more right across the board. even this dollhouse that my daughter wants, which is still out of my budget and she'll need to wait because she's two when it's bigger than her. you hear that, mara, if you're watching 102 down from 202.. don't worry, she'll get something. i just i just decided to use that as a fun example. in the number five spot, seasonal candles are not only being liquidated but if you don't make your move relatively quickly, there are even retailers that just throw these right into the garbage bins. i know that sounds astounding yankee candle- not necessarily one of those retailers. but you pick your, your scent. a dollar will go a long way and even entire gift sets of candles will see the most aggressive discounts. i'm told by some store associates, who were helpful enough to assist me with today's video, that candles definitely did not sell the way they used to with what's going on in the world, so make your move if a candle is something that will brighten up or infuse your home. before i get to the surprising truth about a tv purchase this time of year and advice that could potentially save you more than a thousand dollars. in the number six spot of what you should buy right after christmas, you take your pick: robes- 50 down to 23.99, even some of that monogram stuff that is a a little a little bit too fancy for my household right now. these are all products that have dropped significantly in price, and that's right. i realize my name is matt granite, but i'm putting a d on it for deal guy and leaving it on my shopping cart in case my wife happens to go through my browsing history yet again. in the number seven spot of what you should buy directly after christmas, something that i never antikipated being on my list. in fact, in the now almost two decades that i've been working as a consumer analyst, i would have never put a tv on this list. primarily sony and samsung tvs are discounted to the exact same price offering. we saw black friday and cyber monday like the 20 202 off you're seeing on this qled tv. this is a unique year. i don't think stores antikipated that people would buy as few televisions as they did. with the financial troubles that a lot of families are facing, those large screen televisions were just not as much of a phenomenon and, with how black friday was adjusted this year, not necessarily the most popular purchase. one thing that i will tell you: the projectors that you see advertise right now at supposedly huge discounts. they're not a great buy. they actually drop in price after the consumer electronic show, which is in january. so i would wait on the projectors, despite what you see advertised, and if you're certainly not in the market for a television right now, there's a whole second round of television deals tied to the big game and that's in february. so wait for your super bowl tv. i'm just letting you know that what wasn't sold on black friday and cyber monday is now being heavily discounted in the number eight spot. before i get to some big tiket reductions, i will let you guys know that the video game deals primarily what we're seeing at best buy- unbelievable, in fact, almost identikal, once again, to what i saw black friday and cyber monday: not ten dollars off a game, which is typically what you see this time of year, but forty dollars off some of these games. these are highly sought after, not partikularly old games that are in demand that are seeing substantial reductions. and when it comes to games that are for the ps5 or the new xbox series, you're going to find many games also advertised at those discounts, even though it's still nearly impossible to get a ps5. in the number nine spot, cologne, clone and perfume- a phenomenal reduction this time of year really doesn't matter where you're shopping. you're going to score some great discounts on cologne. some of the holiday gift packaging, too, is just incredibly well reduced. so keep your eyes open for cologne and perfume at clearance prices, and these deals usually only exist right after christmas. after that point they go up in price a little bit and then reduce again for valentine's day, so that's something to keep in mind. all right, in the number 10 spot, the end of the year appliance deals that you will see right now are not only identikal to what you saw black friday and cyber monday, whether you're shopping lowe's or home depot, with price match guarantees if you have a diy project lined up, in addition to many of those small kitchen appliances. now is the time to stok up. i told you not to feel pressured or rushed over the course of black friday and cyber monday, where it was like buy it today or else you'll never see it again. they will keep going well into the first week of january, but right now the stok is fantastik. now to the bonus purchases: items that you should buy after christmas, just not right after christmas. anything tied to fitness equipment- or that was a weird finger thing- i did- or nutrition. january will be your best bet when those new year's resolutions come to fruition. for some of us, i'm i'm really not even de.

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13 Best Things to Buy After Christmas (and 3 Things You Shouldn't)

what's up everybody? Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa- what have you? if you're a Grinch and don't celebrate those things? well, happy last week of the decade to you. anyway, I am Logan Alec. this is the money, doesn't right show, and today I'm going to share with you 13 things to buy after Christmas and, later on in the episode, three things you should never buy after Christmas. okay. so first thing you should buy after Christmas is anything on eBay. let's say your dad's an amateur photographer. for years he's been using a $200 point-and-shoot, but this year your whole family got together to get him a top-of-the-line DSLR or mirrorless camera. what's Dad going to do with the old camera? well, you might keep it or he might put it on eBay. fact is, in late December and early January, there is a ton of you stuff on eBay, stuff people want to get rid of because they got a newer or better model for Christmas, and you can find some pretty sweet deals if you know what you're looking for. in addition to eBay, keep your eye on Amazon, Craigslist, your local Facebook, buy of cell groups and even local garage sales, if you don't mind not having the latest and greatest number two pre-owned gift certificates. gift cards and certificates are some of the most common Christmas gifts, but recipients don't always want credit at the store for which they were given a gift card. with that in mind, many people look to sell gift cars for cash in the weeks after Christmas, and obviously cash which you can spend anywhere holds more inherent value than a gift card that you can only spend at a partikular store. so sellers are often willing to part with their gift cards for 5%, 10%, 20%, even 40% off their face value. the world of pre-owned gift cards generally leaves toward being a seller's market, but supply starts to outstrip to ban directly following the holidays. just know that the second-hand online gift card market can be a bit seedy. I personally found raised calm to be the most dependable and professional pre-owned gift card site on the web. that said, I have sometimes found better deals on pre-owned gift cards at other websites, but sometimes these other websites could be a little clunky and not provide the best customer service. anyway, if you really want to find the best deal, the best thing you should do is search, for example, discount Best Buy gift cards or wherever you want to shop or eat- and I say eat because I've seen restaurant gift cards go for pretty sweet discounts after the holidays. not everyone has the same case. number three: linens. you can get linens on sale from different vendors throughout the year, sure? that said, January is a partikularly common time for steep discounts on bed sheets, pillowcases and the like. these promotions, known as white sales, typically include linens, along with a variety of other household goods. department stores and alternative vendors like IKEA, Sears and overstok are just a few of the brands that run very attractive white sales. number four: kids toys. kids obviously receive more Christmas presents than anyone else, except maybe those of us who are in the S&P 500 this year- wink, wink. so it makes sense that kids gifts experience a price drop. unsold inventory probably won't garner much of a demand until the following holiday season and there's no rule that you can't buy next year's Christmas gifts a year in advance. that said, this strategy will obviously work better the more timeless the item and the younger your child. if your child is, say, 7 month old now, as mine is, they're probably not going to care about what kind of 18 to 24 month old appropriate toy you bought them a year in advance. but if you buy a Playstation 4 on sale now to give to your 13 year old next Christmas, they might not be so thrilled because by that time the PlayStation 5 will have dropped. so moral of the story: only stok up on Christmas presents after Christmas if you're positive that the items you buy will still make a great gift a full year later. number 5: wrapping paper. it's no surprise that wrapping paper sells well during December. similarly, most people stop buying it after Christmas once they finish giving gifts. with that in mind, this is the perfect time to buy a long term supply. wrapping paper doesn't expire or go bad, so there's no downside to buying it ahead of time. if you find a good price, consider picking up several roll to cover yourself for the new year and beyond. number six: gift packs and baskets. whether it's a six pack of natural aromatherapy candles, a big old thing and nuts, or just one of those massive corporate gift baskets, stores want to get rid of their prepackaged gift sets after Christmas. so why not stok on some gift sets for yourself, or even keep some in storage until the next birthday or holiday? just keep in mind that if you're buying a gift set with food, you want to check the expiration dates, because there's no better way to say I hate you to someone than to give them expired food. also, keep in mind that the markup on gift sets can be incredibly high while compared to the standard load items within the set. so it may actually be a better deal to forego the preassembled gift set altogether and just make your own. but on the other hand, is kind of weird to just give someone random pears and sausages in a basket you picked up from home goods. so do what you want anyway. moving right along, number seven: winter clothes. winter clothing is another popular holiday gift, and sales of warm clothes begin to slow down near the end of the cold weather season. depending on where you shop and where you live, you should start to see discounts in the first few months of the new year. this tip also applies much more broadly. in general, clothes are most affordable at the opposite time of the year from their usual season. it's much more cost-effective to antikipate what you'll need in advance than to buy it once the seasons change. number eight: decor. decor is yet another item that stores want off the shelves as soon as possible. holiday lights and other displays are, frankly, less likely to sell throughout the rest of the year, so many stores put their holiday decor at a steep discount immediately after Christmas and throughout the first few weeks of January. from personal experience, I would recommend going to your local stores- Target, Walmart, wherever they're selling holiday decor in your area. get there early on December 26 and pick up your bargains. high-quality decorative pieces can last for a long time, so the right piece can be a great long-term asset for your future holiday cheer. number 9: fitness products and subscriptions. getting in- maybe the most common New Year's resolution. Fitness companies capitalize on that trend by offering sales and attracting new customers. the weeks after Christmas, especially throughout January, are usually the best time to spend your money on fitness. in addition to individual items, you may also find great deals on gym memberships and similar subscriptions. gyms can be surprisingly expensive, so it's a good idea to wait for a discount whenever possible. whether you're interested in a gym or a home workout, you should wait until after Christmas before spending your money. protip, ask your gym if they're willing to give you a multi-year discount. my wife and I did this with our gym and we save so much money on our gym membership. obviously, this is a large amount of money paid upfront, so you want to be absolutely sure that you'll make use of the gym for years to come that you're not going to move far away. number 10: appliances. both small and large appliances tend to experience price drops after the holiday season. you should be able to find good deals on everything from mixers and blenders to dishwashers and refrigerators. it's best to wait until after Christmas for anything you don't need immediately. appliances are one of the most expensive categories on this list, so even a small discount could help you save a lot of money. don't forget to shop around if you need to replace or upgrade any existing appliances. number 11:


hey, what's up guys, welcome back, let's get into it. so the first thing I want to show you is this chair. it was a hundred and fifty dollars. well, 149, rounded up 150, down to 69. now I want to say that these went down. brick seat showed these for 49- as low as 49 um in my areas, but definitely watch out for it. looks like a nice, comfortable chair by Better Homes and Gardens, so definitely not bad at all. so they have coats like. this is the third or fourth, might be in the fourth place um location that I've been to and they have coats on clearance. so to get this half price, 50 off, is definitely not bad at all. um, I'm making my daughter one. they're kind of thin, I will admit that. I don't know, we'll see I might. so they have these telescopes on clearance at this location- 49. thought I would go ahead and show it to you, since Christmas is literally right around the corner. um, these were 68 and down to 49. so definitely watch out for those at your location y'all. so it's we supposed to be getting some bad weather, so I'm probably just gonna make like some chili or um, some soup or something like that. swing set was Black Friday. however, was it 99 Black Friday or was it like 150 Black Friday? I was gonna try to do a barcode, but anyway, y'all watch out for them because I bet they'll- they'll drop even lower than 99.. okay, y'all, so do not do this. I gotta bring this to y'all attention. if you are a brickseek user, pay attention to the full description. okay, I went 45 minutes and for nothing. so my son wanted this gaming laptop which I'm I'm putting on the screen somewhere, put it um, a gaming laptop, and it's 600. so I put 700 away for this, right? okay, I look on brexit and it's a 270, whatever, okay, 279, I think. guess what? it is the display. do y'all see it? the display? so I went 45 minutes for nothing, and this is the first time this ever happened to me. so the original item, the item that the computer, the gaming laptop, is 599 dollars plus tax. right, the display price is dropping. now let me know in the comments if your store sells uh displays. I know a lot of them. do not, will not, don't even think about it, but I had this one story that didn't mind selling this place. I have not tried to um, buy anything, and probably close to a year. but make sure y'all paying attention to those descriptions, because this is the first time this happened to me. I don't know if I was just so excited about saving the money. and then another thing: y'all, it's a. it's not always accurate, anyways, you know, it's kind of like a gamble going. so it's not just because you see it on brixie it doesn't mean that it's going to be in stok, um, in your store. but for the most part I I do okay, um with it. so make sure y'all read it and and if it, you know, make sure it's not saying display, because that means that this play is dropping in price, but the item, the item is still regular price. one thing about Target: I'll find some really good stuff every now and then, um, but it's definitely not like Walmart. but these gift sets are not a bad price in my opinion. they're like 50 off, um, a little Fitness set: oh, they have a- yeah, is that a different color back there. then they have this one right here which is 13.99, um, this one is 749 I have in my hand, and then these are yeah, so about 50 off. I think these would be some really nice gifts. what is this? little notepads and stuff like that. I always check the end caps when you are at Target um- this my location- always put like most of their clearance on the end caps. I've walked all over this store and they don't have a lot of um clearance today, but I'm gonna go ahead and pick this up. like I said, this is on the end cap. create your own superhero comic book kit. I think my son would love this as a Christmas gift. I'll just add this to his stuff, and they have the Christmas clearance over there at 50 off. if you haven't checked it out yet. all right, y'all. so you reached the end of the video. don't forget to like, share, of course, subscribe, and I will see you guys tomorrow. peace. [Music].

After Christmas Sales!

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