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walmart food ads week

Published on: January 18 2023 by pipiads

Grocery Prices at Walmart Freshco in Canada Weekly Flyer

In this weekly video, we will be exploring the flyers and deals for Walmart and Freshco, highlighting the great prices and offers available this week.


- White all-purpose flour for $1.97 for a 2.5 kg bag

- Juice can/jar for $2.97 for 1.75 liters

- Bunch of celery sticks for $0.97

- Sugar bag for $0.97 for 2 kg

- Peanut butter for $2.97

- Can of tomato soup for $0.67

- Easter chocolates available

- Plastic hangers for $7.77 for 30


- English cucumbers for $0.99 each

- Plum tomatoes for $0.99 per pound (2.18 kg for $0.99)

- Iceberg lettuce and broccoli crowns for $0.99 each

- Classico pasta sauce for $4.99

- India Gate basmati rice for $7.99 for 4.5 kg

- Paneer for $2.99

- Nutella for $3.99 for 725g

If you're looking for great deals on groceries, be sure to check out the Walmart and Freshco flyers. And don't forget to try out Walmart's online grocery shopping to save time and take advantage of promotions. Happy shopping!

New Walmart and Fall Aldi Finds Grocery Shopping / Weekly Grocery Haul

Today, we are heading into Walmart to pick up a few things before heading out to Hawaii. We will also be going into Aldi to show you what's new for fall. Stay tuned to see where we got the sweatshirt and earrings we're wearing. Let's take a look at what we found:

At Walmart:

- Copperline Original Barbecue Sauce

- Black Panther Popcorn Tins

- Monster Mix

- Gourmet Halloween Bark

- Michael Myers Shirt

- Dreamworld Coca Cola

- Monster Mash Puffs

- Cheetos Balitas

- Pumpkin Pie Hot Cocoa Toppers

- Sprinkle Sets

- Candy Decorating Sets

- Halloween Baking Decorations

- Eggnog

- Pumpkin Spice Bag

At Aldi:

- Pumpkin and Sage Ravioli

- Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothies

- Apple Cider Donuts

- Pure and Simple Apple Pie Fruit and Nut Bars

- Halloween Decorations

- Animal Storage Baskets

- Ceramic Pumpkins

- Fall Candles

- Maple Leaf Cookies

- Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix

- Caramel Apple Pie Trail Mix

- Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Covered Pretzels

- Pumpkin Pecan Cake Mini Bundt Cakes

- White Chocolate Fusion Ice Cream Bars

- Donut Flavored Dessert Bars

- Cheesecake Bites

- Apple Strawberry Strudel

We found a variety of fall-themed items at both Walmart and Aldi, from food to decorations. It's always fun to see what new items are available each year. Have you tried any of these products? Let us know in the comments!


In this article, we will be discussing how to use Flip, a website and app that helps you save money on groceries. We will cover the following points:

- Briefly introduce Flip and its purpose

Using Flip:

- Log in to Flip using your postal code

- Browse stores and categories

- Add items to your shopping list by clipping them

- Check quantity and sizes of items

- Look for sales and discounts

- Compare prices at different stores

- Use the app to price match at other stores

- Consider buying in bulk for non-perishable items

- Flip is a useful tool for saving money on groceries

- With careful planning and comparison shopping, you can maximize your savings

- Remember to check expiration dates and only buy what you need

ALDI * FULL AD PREVIEW FOR 12/21/2022 - 12/27/2022

In this video, Amy shares the latest deals and offers available at Aldi. She mentions various food items and household products that are available at reasonable prices.

List of Products:

- Pineapple for $1.69 each

- California Naval Oranges for $3.99 per four-pound bag

- Zucchinis for $1.39 per pound

- Grade number one round white potatoes for $4.49 per 10-pound bag

- Brussels sprouts for $2.29 per one-pound bag

- Celery for $1.29 per bunch

- Grade number one sweet potatoes for $0.79 per pound

- Mini cucumbers for $1.89 per 16-ounce bag

- Appleton Farms spiral sliced half ham for $0.95 per pound (limit of two)

- Appleton Farms boneless spiral sliced ham for $3.99 per pound

- Fresh Bap certified farmed coho salmon for $10.99 per pound

- Thomas Farms fresh grass-fed chuck roast for $6.49 per pound

- Fremont Fish Market jumbo cooked shrimp for $8.69

- Italian dried cured meat for $3.49

- Emporium selection havarti cheese for $2.69

- Berman's cocktail sauce for $1.19

- Park Street Deli assorted Tzatziki dips for $3.39 each

- Especially selected salamini for $2.99

- Emporium selection cranberry white cheddar cheese for $2.49

- Southern Grove dried cranberries for $1.95 each

- Simply Nature organic broth for $1.79 each

- Chef's cupboard condensed cream of mushroom soup for $0.68

- Chef's cupboard French fried onions for $1.85

- Happy harvest French green beans for $0.49 a can

- Bake shop cheesecake sampler for $5.89

- Bake shop apple pie for $5.89

- Dark chocolate-covered cherries and cranberries for $4.99 each

- Specially selected milk or dark chocolate-covered butter cookies for $2.19

- Huntington home 24 by 72 utility runners for $14.99

- Auto XS 600 amp portable jump starter for $59.99

- Auto XS four-piece all-weather car mats for $14.99

- Auto access car organizer for $7.99

- Hot hands hand warmers value pack for $5.49

- Easy home folding step stool for $8.99

- Work Zone 2x3 Mega scraper mats for $12.99

- Huntington home 18 by 30 absorb at $6.99 each

- Deluxe travel safety kit for $19.99

- Easy home shoe and boot tray for $9.99

- Huntington home robotik floor duster for $19.99

- Easy home portable vacuum cleaner for $24.99

- Huntington home Spin Mop for $19.99

- Huntington home tree storage bag for $24.99

- Huntington home large or two-pack small woven totes for $9.99

- Huntington home large storage bin for $4.99

- Sterilite latching storage box for $8.99

- Pembroke premium planners for $6.99

- Huntington home wreath storage bag for $4.99

- Huntington home holiday light organizer for $6.99

- Huntington home ornament or gift wrap storage for $9.99

- Huntington home double rod garment rack for $49.99

- 60 by 70 feather soft throw for $14.99

- King size heating pad for $16.99

- Huntington home door insulator for $6.99

- Easy home fan-forced heater for $14.99

- Two-pack of memory fiber bed pillows for $19.99

- Flannel sheet sets for $14.99 (depending on size, range $22.99-$99.99)

- Huntington home alternative comforter for $24.99

Overall, Aldi offers a wide range of products at affordable prices, from fresh produce to household items. It's worth checking out their deals and promotions to save money on your grocery and household expenses.

Walmart Grocery Haul with Prices! November 2022! Two Week MEAL PLAN!

In this article, the author shares their two week grocery haul from Walmart, discussing their meal plan and budgeting strategies for their family of four in Southern California. The article is structured as follows:

- The author introduces themselves and their channel, and explains that they will be sharing their grocery haul from Walmart for the next two weeks.

Breakfast Items:

- The author discusses various breakfast items they purchased, including orange juice, apple juice, coffee creamer, Cinnamon French toast sticks, sourdough bread, pineapple, strawberries, sausage, and butter.

Lunch Items:

- The author talks about lunch items they picked up, including deli turkey, Munster cheese, string cheese, pepperoni, French bread, sliced tomatoes, hot dogs, hot dog buns, romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, and croutons. They also mention a brand-name item they like to purchase that they cannot find at Aldi.

Dinner Items:

- The author shares their dinner meal plan for the next two weeks, using some chicken they already had on hand and purchasing additional items from Walmart. They note that they will have leftovers twice during this time.

- The author reflects on their haul, discussing their budget and how they feel about the value they received from Walmart compared to Aldi. They also mention that they did not purchase snacks due to Halloween candy, and provide a total cost for their haul.

Walmart Couponing This Week | MM Pasta, $0.24 Pasta Sauce, Hot Food Deals! | Ibotta Haul

Good morning, everyone! We are outside of Walmart and I'm excited to show you some of the hottest couponing deals this week. I also have a surprise giveaway for a digital Walmart gift card, so make sure you're subscribed and comment down below to enter.


1. Bertolli Pasta Sauce: On sale for $2.24, get $1.50 back from Swagbucks and $1.25 back from Checkout 51 when you buy 2. Final cost: $0.48 per jar.

2. Veggie Craft Pasta: Get $1.50 back from Fetch and $1.50 back from Swagbucks and Checkout 51 when you buy 5. Final cost: $0.10 moneymaker on the first box and free on the rest.

3. Cheese Crispers: Use $1 peelie coupons found on Chips Ahoy to get $2.93 for 2 boxes. Get $2.93 back on Ibotta. Final cost: $0.93 for 2 boxes or $0.46 each.

4. Turkey Bacon: Use $0.50 coupon from SmartSource and get $1 back on Ibotta. Final cost: $1.78.

5. Hormel Natural Choice Salami: Get $2 back from Swagbucks and Checkout 51. Final cost: $1.64.

6. Parmelat Milk: Get $1 back on Ibotta and $2.24 back on Shopkick when you buy 2. Final cost: $0.93 each.

7. Jet-Puffed Marshmallows: Get $1.04 back on Shopkick when you buy a 16 oz bag. Final cost: $0.84.

8. Hungry Jack Pancake Mix: Use $1 coupon from SmartSource and get $1 back on Checkout 51. Final cost: $0.16 moneymaker.

9. Nestle Splash: Use $1 coupon and get $1 back on Ibotta. Final cost: $0.64.

10. Perfect Bar: Get $1.99 back on Ibotta. Final cost: free.

11. Core Bar: Get $1 back on Ibotta. Final cost: $0.98.

12. Noki Skillet Kit: Get $1.25 back on Ibotta. Final cost: $6.72.

13. Finish Quantum: Use $2 coupon from SmartSource and get $1 back on Ibotta. Final cost: $0.77 per bag.

14. Huggies Diapers: Buy 1 big box of Little Snugglers and 1 big box of Little Movers for around $75 total. Use $2 coupon from Coupons.com and get $4 back on Ibotta for each box and a $1.50 bonus for buying both. Get $3 back on Fetch for spending $65 on Huggies. Final cost: around $60 for both boxes.

Thank you for joining me on this Walmart couponing adventure. Don't forget to enter the giveaway and happy shopping!

Here's how Walmart's in-home grocery delivery service will work

Walmart's In-Home Delivery Program: A Closer Look

Walmart is rolling out a new in-home delivery program that will allow consumers to have their groceries delivered directly into their fridge at home. The program has been in the works for some time now, and Walmart has finally released details on pricing, technology, and official launch dates.


- The program is currently available in Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach, Florida.

- Shoppers in eligible areas will need to buy a smart lock kit for the door of their garage, which costs $49.95 and includes installation.

- A membership fee of $19.95 per month is required for unlimited delivery, as long as a 30 purchase minimum is met.

- Walmart employees with at least a year of service, who have undergone background checks and training, will receive a one-time access code that works only during the delivery window.

- The delivery process will be live-streamed and recorded by a camera attached to the associate's uniform.

- The smart lock technology works via Bluetooth, and Walmart claims that it doesn't change the lock aesthetically, and there's no need to change keys.

- Walmart is an investor in Level Home, which makes the garage door smart lock.

Nationwide Rollout and Returns:

- The program will be rolling out nationwide over time.

- In December, members will be able to leave Walmart.com returns right on their kitchen counter, and Walmart employees will handle the rest.


- Some people may be hesitant to have a stranger enter their home, even with the fact sheet and live-streaming camera.

- Others may find the convenience of having groceries delivered directly into their fridge too good to pass up.

- The online grocery delivery industry in the United States has not taken off as it has in other parts of the world due to costs and concerns over the handling of produce and meat.

- Competitors, such as Fresh Direct and Amazon, already offer similar in-home delivery services.

- Walmart's program may face competition from Fresh Direct, which is reportedly being shopped around for purchase.

- The success of Walmart's in-home delivery program remains to be seen, but it could be a game-changer in the industry.

Walmart's new in-home delivery program is an exciting development in the online grocery delivery industry. While some may have reservations about the program, the convenience of having groceries delivered directly into your fridge cannot be denied. With the program set to roll out nationwide over time, it will be interesting to see how it stacks up against its competitors and how consumers react to it.

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