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walmart honoring black friday ads

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

What's up OCC gang? Today, we're at Walmart for their Black Friday deals for days event. Walmart has tons of great deals both in-store and online. Let's kick things off with one of the top deals, the Keurig. This Keurig is only $35 and comes in various colors. You can even shop this deal online for an even cheaper price.

Next, let's take a closer look at the five-pack food storage containers. These containers are not only durable but also come with resistant and stay-improved lids. They are made with Triton material and are a great value at only $11.

Moving on, we have the Farberware easy release durable non-stick cooking set. This 11-piece set is only $35 and would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking.

If you love being in the kitchen, you'll definitely want to check out the mix measure and storage set. This set includes 23 pieces, including mixing bowls, prep bowls, storage lids, and measuring cups. And the best part? It's only $10!

Now let's talk about the Primowater dispensers. Not only do you get a water dispenser, but you also get a coupon for a free five-gallon bottle of water with your purchase. So, for only $79, you get both the dispenser and a free five-gallon bottle.

Next up, we have the Black Panther Marvel Studios tool set. This 82-piece tool set is not a toy and would make a great gift for any Black Panther fan.

For all the board game lovers out there, Walmart has board games starting at only $6. From classics like Monopoly and Clue to newer editions like Monopoly Fortnite, there's something for everyone.

Looking for a fun toy for your kids? Check out the Star Wars snacking toy. It's super cute and only $15. It would make a great gift or even a collectible item.

If you're in need of a new vacuum, the Shark cordless pet vacuum is a great deal at only $144. It used to be $259, so the discount is pretty nice.

For those who love their deerphones, Walmart has cozy comforters and quilts on sale for $44. They're super cozy and comfy, perfect for the upcoming winter season.

If you're looking for a gift for a gamer, check out the gaming rocker chair. It lights up and has volume inputs and outputs. And the price? Only $59!

Need an extra mattress for the holidays? Walmart has a queen-size 18-inch mattress with a built-in pump for only $44. It's perfect for guests or if you need a new mattress yourself.

For the remote control truck enthusiasts, Walmart has a variety of trucks starting at only $49. They're detailed, have big wheels, and even come with all the batteries included.

If you have a child who loves LOL dolls, you'll want to check out the LOL twin dolls. This five-pack of dolls is only $68, a steal compared to their regular price.

Looking for a fun game center? Walmart has a five-in-one game center online for only $25. It includes basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and hockey. And the online price is even cheaper than the in-store price.

Another online deal is the Shark Freestyle Pro. It's on sale for only $79, compared to the in-store price of $99. It's a great deal for a quality vacuum.

Lastly, we have the holiday towels on sale for only 96 cents each. They have cute sayings and holiday vibes, perfect for the upcoming season.

So there you have it, a summary of the top deals at Walmart's Black Friday deals for days event. Don't miss out on these great savings!

Walmart CEO Announces Stores Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving

The holiday shopping season is already underway in the United States, with major retailers offering deals earlier than ever. With rising prices and inflation showing no signs of slowing down, the shopping experience this year could look very different from last year. In an exclusive interview, the CEO of Walmart US, John Ferner, discusses the upcoming holiday season and the changes Walmart has made to adapt to the current economic environment.

Key Points:

- About a quarter of Americans are already shopping for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, showing a lot of momentum going into this time.

- Walmart will be starting its Black Friday sales earlier this year, with three separate events on November 7th, 14th, and 21st, to accommodate customers who prefer to shop in-store or online.

- The decision to start Black Friday sales earlier is based on customer behavior, as more people have been shopping earlier each year. By moving the events up, Walmart aims to be ready for customers who prefer to start their holiday shopping sooner.

- Walmart has done a great job navigating supply chain challenges and is better positioned this year. Some categories, such as protein and consumer electronics, have seen prices moderating or even deflating.

- Walmart, as one of the largest grocers in the United States, is committed to helping people save money and live better. While food inflation has been a persistent source of rising costs, Walmart is hopeful that prices will moderate in the coming months.

- The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates multiple times this year, but Walmart still sees strong spending and demand from customers. Walmart is prepared to operate in any economic environment and focus on delivering value to customers.

- Customers' behaviors vary when it comes to paying high prices, with some switching to private brands and smaller pack sizes, while others are in a better financial situation and can afford higher prices.

- While there are predictions of a recession, Walmart is ready to face any business situation and serve customers. Walmart has more options for customers now, such as pickup, in-store, and home delivery, which positions them well regardless of economic conditions.

- Walmart will be closed on Thanksgiving, allowing associates to spend time with their loved ones. This shows Walmart's commitment to its employees and their well-being.

As the holiday shopping season kicks off, Walmart is prepared to provide customers with an enjoyable shopping experience. While inflation and rising prices continue to be a challenge, Walmart remains focused on delivering value to customers. With their early Black Friday sales and commitment to employee well-being, Walmart aims to meet the diverse needs of customers and ensure a successful holiday season.


Hi everybody, it's Amy from Bargain Beauty and I have some exciting news! BestBlackFriday.com has released Walmart's 2018 ad scan, so if you want to see the full ad, head over to BestBlackFriday.com. In this 32-page ad, there are a lot of electronics, so let's go over them quickly. Now, I'm not an electronics expert, so I can't tell you what's a great deal and what's not, but I'll give you a quick rundown of what they have on sale.

Here are some of the electronics deals:

- iPhone 6 on Straight Talk or Total Wireless for $99 (normally $149)

- Sony PS4 for $199 as a special buy

- 65-inch 4K Roku Smart TV for $398

- Hisense 40-inch TV for $99 as a special buy

- Hoverboard for $99

- Google Home Hub with bonus $10 Vudu credit and 6 months free YouTube premium for $149 (now $99)

- Samsung soundbar for $169, LG soundbar for $99, and ONN soundbar for $29

- Samsung 32-inch TV for $178 as a special buy

- Monster 6-inch premium HD cable for $650

- TV mount for $27

Moving on to the next page, we have more TVs:

- Samsung 55-inch 4K Smart TV for $398

- Vizio 60-inch 4K Smart TV for $498

- Smart Blu-ray player for $49

- RCA projector for $49

- Digital Vudu card for $7.96

- Roku Ultra with JBL headphones for $48

- Roku streamer for $20 as a special buy

Next, we have some deals on laptops and tablets:

- HP Pavilion gaming laptop for $599

- Samsung 32-inch curved monitor for $160

- Razer Chroma gaming bundle for $95

- Lenski Velop mesh router 3-pack for $199

- Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi router for $499

- HP Pavilion notebook with active pen for $499

- HP Stream notebook for $159

- iPad 6th generation for $249

- Samsung Galaxy Tab for $129

- Samsung Chromebook 3 for $99

- RCA Voyager tablet for $28

Now, let's move on to some other great deals:

- Fitbit for $149

- Kodak PixPro long zoom digital camera for $99

- Fujifilm instant mini camera for $55

- Boys' soundtrack wireless headphones for $99

- Beats earbuds for $30

- Google Home Mini for $25

- All tech smart home security system for $69

- Arlo HD security camera set for $199

- Night Owl HD video security camera kit for $150

Lastly, we have some deals on prepaid phones:

- iPhone 6s Plus on Straight Talk for $299

- Samsung Galaxy J7 on Straight Talk for $199

- Samsung Crown on Straight Talk for $79

- LG Rebel on Straight Talk for $39.88

- LG Xpression Plus on AT&T for $49

- LG Zone for Verizon for $49

- iPhone SE on Walmart Family Mobile for $79

And that's just a small portion of the deals in Walmart's 2018 ad. Remember to do your own research on the products before making a purchase. Happy shopping and have a great Black Friday!

Note: The total token count of the summary is 505. To reduce it to 3500 tokens, I would have to omit some details or shorten the explanations.


Welcome back to Side Hustle Cinema! Today, we have an update on some Black Friday deals from Target, Walmart, and even Big Lots. Unfortunately, it's mostly bad news, but let's dive into the details.

Target's Buy Two Get One Free Sale:

- Usually, Target's Buy Two Get One Free sale includes pre-orders and a wide range of items.

- However, this year, the sale started on Saturday and did not include movies, which is disappointing for many customers.

- This deal was especially great because it would trigger Amazon to do a similar sale, but now we're losing out twice.

Walmart's Black Friday Events:

- Walmart has divided their Black Friday into three events, with the first one starting on Monday, November 7th.

- Unfortunately, movies are not included in the first event, but there might be some updates for the second event.

- If movies are included in the second event, I will make another video to keep you informed.

Black Friday at Big Lots:

- Big Lots, although not known for physical media, usually offers discounts on their movies.

- However, their Black Friday ad this year does not include movies or store-wide coupon savings.

- It seems that physical media options at Big Lots are limited this time.

While the Black Friday deals from Target, Walmart, and Big Lots are disappointing for movie enthusiasts, there are still other options like the Barnes & Noble Criterion sale. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the Black Friday shopping season. Stay safe, have fun, and keep watching those movies!

Walmart's Black Friday 2018 Ad! - Gor Takes a Look

Alright, everyone! What's up? I apologize for not calling you that. What's up, everyone, and welcome to another video? This time, I'm taking a look at another Black Friday ad that just came out. Of course, I already looked at the Target ad, and it's alright. But now, I'm taking a look at the one I've been waiting for, the one I care the most about, and that is Walmart. Yes, Walmart. Have you heard of it? Probably not. Anyway, let's take a look. It's not a Gaurav video unless I make everybody sick to their stomachs, so alright.

So, I just went up, and if you don't know, Walmart is the one place I like to go to when it comes to actually going to a store. For Black Friday, this is the one I go to every year since 2012, maybe 2011. I've been going there pretty much every year, and they just got it together, okay? Not a lot of people talk about Walmart's stampedes and people fighting each other for stuff. Not over here, at least. Whenever I go there, it's nice and orderly fashion. Just lines and lines everywhere. It's not like giant groups of blobby people. You know, just going give me that TV. It's nice. Yeah, I mean, there are a lot of people there, so if you're claustrophobic or something, you should never go to Black Friday unless you go to crappy stores. I'm sure no one's going to Kohl's this year. I mean, maybe Kmart, but who knows if there's even a Kmart still around by then. But, whatever. Let's check out this ad.

This ad is from AmusingBlackFriday.com. They took all the pages from the actual ad and put it up here, so let's take a look. Okay, we're more into the video games and movie stuff, but we'll look at everything because why not, right? Alright, so they have the same exact bundle that Target had: $200 for a PS4 and Spider-Man. Hey, know what? What about these TVs? $100 for a Hisense 40-inch class 1080p TV. 40-inch diagonal screen size. Model number 40EU3099. Bucks, I don't know. And for $100 more, you can get an HDR TV at Target. So, double the price, get double the TV. Double the TV, now that's a deal. Okay, this Roku clear, what the heck is this TV? Sharp? Okay, wait, TCL model or Sharp. Can you see my mouse? Let me make sure. Yeah, you can. Okay, I wanted to make sure. Yeah, alright. So, there are two models. That's why I didn't say immediately what it was. This is not HDR though. That's a bummer. I don't see any. So, this one is $400. Sharp is an okay brand, I think. TCL is supposed to be pretty good. But isn't TCL also the TV that Target had? I'm not sure. I don't remember. It's been a few days. And wasn't that one cheaper? I mean, I don't think it was fixed 65 inches, but $400 is still pretty good. But I have, you know, 100 for a friggin' hoverboard. That's great. You'll break your ass on that. I wouldn't be able to fit on this. Alright, it's dark. For some reason, it does that whenever I click that arrow. It always makes the page darker. I guess it thinks I clicked on it. But you click on it, it doesn't do that. Had to list. Nope, alright. So, wait. Is that... I can't see. No, that's just a regular HDTV. Yeah, that sucks. Oh, these deals, they did it with Madden. So far, soundbar, soundbar. This one's a 300-watt. I have a soundbar I never use. Alright, these are regular 4Ks. Yo, where's that sexy ass HDR? Baby, I don't want this Vizio. Get the... Oh wait, Vudu card. Oh, what the... Get the heck out of here. Mission Impossible Fallout, $8 for that is good. But I want that 4K TV. Baby, projector, woo! That's pretty good. Fifty bucks. That's not bad at all. Hm, which I had a lot of wall space. I don't like that. Sucks because I would love to have a projector. But, yeah, no wall space. I'll put it on my ceiling. Just look up, bam! See if I'm playing Red Dead on the ceiling. What's up? Alright, well, I guess let me look at this stuff real quick. Blu-ray player, Roku box, just garbage in the landfill. Alright, laptops. Okay, someone in my family wanted me to find a decent laptop for them. So, I'm gonna skip this page. Oh, well, they don't want a gaming laptop. They just want a regular laptop. So yeah, especially since there's only one laptop in this ad. I'm actually in the market for a brand new monitor, but I don't need a fancy one. And this is curved. It says right there, Game mode, V-Sound. Does that mean I just need a new one, really? Because mine's starting to kind of go. No one, I'm using right now. Alright, so this is more what I'm looking for. For my family, remember this one right here? Yeah, straight up notebook. Perfect. Oh, this one? Oh, that's even better. They just want something that you can use the Internet with. So they don't have to use their phone. Alright, I'll keep that one in mind. I'm sure they already know about it by the time this video goes up. So, because I'm sure they looked at the ad already. Alright, smart home security system. Oh, and go get my Xbox games. I'd like to see your mother try. $25 for 125 gigabytes. Isn't that usually... Okay, like 128 is pretty good, but isn't that the price that Amazon had for, like, a couple days ago? As of recording, because I think it was actually cheaper. Like, $22. Yeah, I'll just wait because I do want to get one. Not that I need it for my Switch games. Usually, I only play a few Switch games here and there. I'm not playing 25 different ones. So I always have the ones that I'm not playing uninstalled. But I mean, I can get one for cheap and just keep most of my games installed. Then, oh, that'd be nice. Just in case I ever really want to play Shovel Knight again. Yeah, that's a good game. You never know. Alright, says it's all... Just like the garbage. Let's just put it in the garbage. Just shove it right in the dumpster right next to all those... Whoo! Yasss! Alright, get it out of my face. I don't want this. What is this? SoundSport? And get out of here, wireless speaker. Suck it. One of the Fuji, yeah, yeah. Go back to the mountains. Alright, no contract. Yeah, no bye. That's what I say. Oh ho, I'm a clever little boy. Alright, no contract. I don't want a phone. I got a phone. It works. I call people and they answer. If they want to talk to me, yeah. And no hate, but sometimes I don't get an answer. So, you know, whatever. Okay, hey, that's Spider-Man on Blu-ray. Homecoming for four bucks. That's really good, actually. See, this is why I hate when they do this. Okay, I'm gonna have to go on the Walmart site to find out what all the DVDs and Blu-rays are. Because look at this, over 180 titles at this price. So, four bucks. Okay, I'm gonna have to go on the website to find out what they are. So we'll do that in a minute, I guess. Angry Birds, Castlevania, Hotel Transylvania 2. Cringe, yeah. I got a copy of The Grinch with my Samurai Jack box set. I don't know why, but I did. It was just a digital code in there. I still don't know why. That's really odd. Alright, six bucks for Rampage. I might get that. I like Rampage enough. Pacific Rim, no. That's okay. That was a disappointment. Gentlemen, McTarry. Have Jumanji, Fifty Shades Freed. Oh hell yeah, Justice League. Nope, that's okay. You can keep them. Garbage. Eight bucks for Jurassic World. Nope. Deadpool 2

BLACK FRIDAY Gamer's Guide 2012

Hey everyone, I'm here to give you my Black Friday gamers gift guide. I'll be going over the deals I'm taking advantage of and the games I plan on getting. I'm aiming for about six or seven games. Let's get started!

First up, I'm looking to get Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360. I'm hoping to find it used online for around $30-$40. Next, I have my eyes on Medal of Honor Warfighter for PC. I've seen some deals for it on websites, so I'll have to double-check if it's for console or PC.

Forza Horizon is already on sale, so I'll definitely be grabbing that. Assassin's Creed 3 for PS3 is also on my list, as well as Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I doubt they'll be on sale since they just came out, so I might wait until Christmas to get them.

I've also been considering Dance Central 3 since it's at a really cheap price.

Now, let's take a look at the deals. Best Buy sent me an email as a rewards member, and they have some great deals. The PlayStation 3 Super Slim 250GB bundle is a steal at $200. You get five games, a free month of PlayStation Plus, and 250GB of storage. Keep an eye out for this one, it's bound to sell out quickly.

They also have game deals for $30. Medal of Honor Warfighter is included, but unfortunately, they don't have the PC version listed. I might have to look for that elsewhere.

There are also deals on controllers, cameras, TVs, and sound systems. If you're a movie person, they have DVDs for $2 and $4 each.

For those interested in the PlayStation Vita, there's a bundle for $200 that includes a 4GB memory card and Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified.

Nintendo fans, don't worry, there's a deal for you too. The Nintendo 3DS bundle with Super Mario 3D Land is only $150, regularly $210.

Lastly, the Xbox 360 is also on sale for $200.

I hope this guide helps you find some great deals on Black Friday. Happy shopping!

KROGER Black Friday AD 2019!

Welcome to the Kroger Black Friday ad preview! Unfortunately, this ad is only for Kroger marketplace stores, which is annoying because my local Kroger doesn't have a marketplace. However, I'm not sure if they will honor these sales, so I'll have to wait and see.

Here are some highlights from the ad:

- 50% off extra bonus items (check out my other Kroger ad for this week for more details)

- TVs, socks, underwear, and bras are all 50% off

- Instant Pot for $50

- Sleepwear for $5, including sleep pants

- 70% off sweaters and 60% off boots

- Levi's jeans for $20, a great deal considering they are usually expensive

- Graphic tees for $9

- Kitchenware items, including Rubbermaid mason jars and gingerbread houses

- Half price on Ozsee no TV stuff

- KitchenAid for $200, same price as other stores but Kohl's offers Kohl's cash

- Toys at discounted prices

- Christmas items are half off

- Store hours vary from 6am to 1am, 6am to midnight, or 24 hours depending on the location

- Google Home for $19

- Wireless earbuds set with speaker, headphones, and earphones

I'm disappointed that my local Kroger won't have all these great deals, especially the wireless headphones and earbuds set. But if other stores run out of stock, I might consider going to Kroger for these deals. Just keep in mind that the prices are good at Kroger, but you might get some extra perks at other stores.

I hope you enjoyed this ad preview and found some deals you want to take advantage of. Thanks for watching!

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