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Want Your New Online Business to Succeed? Do These 5 Things.

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

Want Your New Online Business to Succeed? Do These 5 Things.

The above is a brief introduction to Want Your New Online Business to Succeed? Do These 5 Things..

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Want Your New Online Business to Succeed? Do These 5 Things.

but seriously if you don't understand
this one concept you will grow to hate
your business it will not grow
and eventually you will bitterly return
to your nine-to-five
job hey guys this is one of the most
valuable videos that i honestly think i
will put out this year on the channel
and it's not a video that's going to get
a lot of hype and honestly it's probably
not going to get a lot of views but what
it will do is it will shave off
years from the learning curve and the
pain that comes from building your first
online business
please please please stay till number
one because it is by far the most
important one that we're gonna tok
about but because this is youtube and
this is the way youtube works we're
gonna start with number five and number
five is to understand the learn
apply cycle
so i used to do a lot of coaching and i
get on calls with people that were just
starting their affiliate marketing
business or different kinds of
businesses online and
all of them seemed to lean one way or
the other they were learners or they
applicators okay and they would they
would get stuck in this learning phase
where they just bought course after
course they watched youtube video after
youtube video they listened to podcasts
and this
is where most people lie let me know if
you're a learner down below because this
is what most people are they're people
that love to learn
they love to listen and get all this
knowledge but they get stuck
right there and then they never actually
start applying it and so while the
knowledge is in their head they have no
experience and
they pretty much have no money or all my
business because they're stuck in that
learning cycle now you can counteract
that with the other type of person and
this is the type of person that i am and
let me know if you're an applicator down
below you're the type of person that
wants to start it on my business so you
just go and do it just do
it you sit down you build that website
and you start selling something now this
is great right you're a doer
but in my case and in the case of many
applicators is
we spend years years literally learning
experiences okay learning through
experience which is great and we learn
better lessons maybe than the other type
of person
but in the end each of these types of
people spends a long time
spinning their wheels and going nowhere
and so what you've got to do is find
that balance where every single day
learning a little bit you're turning
around the next day and you're applying
what you've learned and you're using it
in your business and seeing how it works
and you do this back and forth and back
and forth and don't let your mind get
stuck on either one of these and you'll
see your business
constantly growing number four you've
got to master a traffic source
every online business runs around being
able to find traffic i can't tell you
how many
coaching sessions i've had where they
have this killer product or they're this
awesome personality and you know they
have everything it takes except they
have no
eyeballs on what they're trying to sell
and if you have the best product in the
world but no one knows about it it will
not sell so where most new online
business owners whether it's affiliate
marketers or agencies or drop shippers
where they go wrong is they bounce
around okay they start on instagram
and they spend a few weeks on instagram
and they get you know 100 followers and
then they move on because it wasn't
working that great they try facebook ads
and they try facebook organic then they
go try tiktok and then they try
blogging right and a lot of you are
nodding your head and let me know if
you're nodding your head on this because
this is a very relatable thing we all
tend to do this and we don't
go hyper focused on one traffic source
i'm going to tell you right now
every one of those sources i just
mentioned whether it's instagram tik
tok blog
every one of them works so you need to
pick one you need to pay someone to
teach you how to do it that knows how to
do it you need to watch youtube videos
on it you need to become the master to
where you can have an hour-long
conversation with someone about that
specific platform how the algorithm
works how content goes viral and have no
problem toking for another hour after
that can we tok some more
yeah i suppose the cool thing about this
is even if your product isn't that great
if you master traffic you'll probably
still be able to sell some of that
product and once you get the combo of
the two you'll see crazy things happen
now if this is something you want to
learn there's actually a video right
here maybe it's right here right here
somewhere there's a video that you're
going to want to watch that shows you
five traffic sources
that i'm using in my business that are
free typically when you're new to all
this you aren't spending a lot of money
on traffic so these are the five free
traffic sources that i use that work
really well
but let's move on to number three and
this is something i still struggle with
but i really struggled in the beginning
and that is you've
got to know your audience better than
just on the surface level okay you can't
just know the stuff like oh my audience
is mostly females and
most of them are 35 years old that's
really basic stuff and it's going to
help you go
nowhere you've got to go much deeper and
specifically you've got to know what
their pain points are and what their
desires are
so most online marketers when they come
to me and they're just starting and they
show me hey can you check out my funnel
or can you check out my landing page or
this email that i'm writing to sell an
affiliate product to someone and i'll go
and i'll look at it and it's very
surface focused and here's a couple of
good examples they might see something
like this right here they'll say
hey do you want to learn how to lose
weight okay and that's kind of their
headline and they're thinking yeah
that's what they want right they want to
learn to lose weight but that's not
really what they want right there's
something deeper that tells you
why they want to lose weight okay is it
that they uh you know they want to look
in their swimsuits is it that they're
super embarrassed to go outside in a
swimsuit or go outside in short sleeves
they're embarrassed of their body and
you can help them solve that
embarrassment and imagine how much more
powerful your copy or your youtube title
or whatever it is that you're doing will
if you target that desire right the
deeper desire the real desire that's
causing them to want to lose weight and
you can use the same thing
in the make money niche right you could
say hey do you want to learn to make
money online that sounds great
but guess what there's another level
deeper there's a reason that these
people want
to know how to make money online so you
could say something like
are you sick of being disrespected put
down and ignored simply because you
don't make enough money
okay and that's your starting headline
and can you see how much better that can
do for somebody who who does want to
make money online but there's a deeper
reason and that's their deeper reason
and you'll only know that if you really
grow to know your audience beyond just
those surface level stuff i want you to
look out for this right now
go go out there and look at some of
these landing pages and stuff and you'll
see the ones that really pull you in the
ones that make you want to keep reading
and even pull out your credit card are
the ones that focused on the reason and
the deeper reasons for uh for what
you're trying to do
this would probably be a good time for
you if you've learned something to leave
some kind of comment let me know
but even better to subscribe because
this is just one of many pieces of
content that can help you grow an online
business and now that you've done that
you've done that right right
right all right now that we've done that
i want to tell you a story that kind of
leads us into number two this is uh four
years ago i started a youtube channel i
had a lot of uh
non-successful things up till then right
instagram blogging all that stuff so i
started this youtube channel
and i made a video and the video had an
affiliate link where i was going to make
some money in affiliate commissions and
you'll never believe this
but on this channel it blew up over 350
000 views on that video and hundreds
thousands of people clicked my affiliate
link and i made a good amount of money
but then in one single
day youtube just shut that video down
gone nada it went from
thousands and thousands of views every
day to nothing
and because i had no access really to
this audience that i had managed to get
right i got hundreds of thousands of
views but i
had no way to access any of those people
most of them had come and it instantly
disappeared after watching it
a few of them had come and they'd
actually bought the product and maybe
some affiliate commissions but i was
back down to nothing i didn't have a
okay i didn't have any assets
as a business you have got to have a way
to access your audience and the best way
is through email addresses or phone
number a way that you can get a hold of
them and still continue to sell them if
your youtube channel goes down or your
ads account gets disabled by the way
thousands of people get their ads
account disabled every single day
facebook is absolutely out of control
right now
but i'm gonna get off my high horse and
we're gonna explain exactly what you've
got to do with these email addresses
and that is not let them go cold
okay so not only do you have to capture
email addresses through landing pages
like this one you're seeing on the
screen you've got to capture those
emails and then you've got to email them
at least every week
i just got an email this morning where i
came in and i had no idea who it was
some name i didn't recognize and they
were toking about something i didn't
i was about to remove it then i decided
i'd click in and see and it turns out it
was someone whose list i had opted into
years ago and they'd just gone silent
for over a year they'd gone completely
silent and never sent me anything so
when they sent me something out of the
blue saying hey look i'm back and i want
to sell you this
how many of you think i actually went
and bought that product
okay this is number one those of you
that have stayed i very much appreciate
go ahead and leave that thumbs up now
but let's have a drumroll
and number one is to become a ceo
18 months ago i was drowning in my
business i tok a lot about passive
income and stuff like that but 18 months
ago i was running a pinterest account i
was running two youtube channels i was
running two blogs i was running a
facebook group
i was putting out content like crazy i
was doing support for a course that i
i had a massive amount of stuff on my
plate and i was
drowning if we went on a vacation i
worked 90
of the vacation and in fact we did go on
a vacation to hawaii and i spent a vast
majority of that vacation
sitting in our airbnb working because my
business still needed me to run
now i just got back from hawaii about
two weeks ago
and it was a completely different story
we put out
six youtube videos while i was gone for
two weeks four of those
six youtube videos did the best that any
of our videos have ever
done at launch okay you can see right
here one out of ten one out of ten one
out of ten
one out of ten these videos crushed it
we also put out eight blog posts we had
increase in traffic in our blog we had
high tiket sales come in almost every
single day and i only put in about five
hours of work the whole two weeks that
we were on vacation
so what's the difference it's that i
became a ceo and i built a team of
specialized people that could handle all
of that for me and it's crazy but it's
actually turning out that most of them
are better at their job than i was at
their job so as soon as you start your
online business i want you to spend one
week and i want you to keep track of
everything that you do and how long it
takes then i want you to group
everything up into what one individual
employee can do
now i want you to look at what you did
not like doing i want you to look at
what you are
bad at doing and i want you to look at
what's taking most of your time
that you don't necessarily have to be
involved in now for me that's pretty
much anything that doesn't involve a
video i don't have to be involved in so
at the very least you want to start by
hiring an executive assistant or some
kind of virtual assistant
that can handle just the basic tasks for
your business you will find that
magically you start enjoying being a
business owner a lot more and your
business starts growing almost
effortlessly you need help every single
one of these
will help you grow your business much
faster i need to know which one you like
the most so let me know down below
and don't forget there is a subscribe
button over there

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