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watch ads for bits

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

- The removal of watch ads for free bits option on Twitch

- Response from Twitch regarding the decision


- Twitch's new focus on multiplayer ads

- Negative reaction from Twitch users

- Comments from disappointed users

- Twitch RPG as an alternative for earning free bits

- Twitch's decision to remove watch ads for free bits has received backlash from users

- Alternative options are available for earning free bits on Twitch

- It remains to be seen what Twitch will come up with to make cheering available for everyone.

Ads for Bits Missing | Can't Get Free Cheers | Future of Free Bits | Twitch Cheers | Multiplayer Ads

In this article, we will be discussing the future of ads for bits on Twitch. Previously, there were ads for bits available on both mobile and PC, but now they are gone. The reason for this change is what we will be exploring in this article. We will also be discussing the new feature of multiplayer ads, which is currently in closed beta, and how it differs from the previous ads for bits.

The Future of Ads for Bits:

- Ads for bits have been discontinued on all platforms.

- The reason for this change is due to people farming ads for bits and taking advantage of the system.

- Twitch is currently testing a new feature called multiplayer ads, which is still in closed beta.

- Multiplayer ads are interactive ads that are run by the streamer.

- Viewers still have to click on something or answer a poll to receive bits.

- Streamers can turn on this feature for their subscribers only, leaving normal ads off.

- Different ads will be available to different locations and ad availability will be expanded beyond the US.

- The feature will be available on mobile for both iOS and Android users in December.

With the discontinuation of ads for bits, Twitch is now testing a new feature called multiplayer ads, which is still in closed beta. This feature will allow streamers to run interactive ads that viewers can participate in for bits. This feature is not available to everyone yet, but it will be expanding to more locations and platforms in the future. Overall, this change is meant to prevent people from taking advantage of the system and to make ads more interactive for viewers.

Twitch Multiplayer Ads - New Way Of Advertisements To Earn Bits As Streamer

Recently, Twitch announced a new ads format called multiplayer ads that allow creators to run ads, which will count towards disabling pre-rolls and result in Twitch awarding bits to the creator based on viewer interaction. This article will explore what this new feature entails and how it could benefit Twitch creators.

What are Multiplayer Ads?

- Multiplayer ads are a new ad format on Twitch that allows creators to run ads.

- The ads count towards disabling pre-rolls and result in Twitch awarding bits to the creator based on viewer interaction.

- During a multiplayer ad, viewers will watch the same ad at the same time, and afterwards, they will be able to vote in a real-time interactive poll for each phone in the poll.

- Twitch will award bits to the creator for each vote in the poll.

How to Run Multiplayer Ads:

- Currently, multiplayer ads are in a closed beta and can only be initiated by clicking on a run at quick action button in the creator dashboard.

- After the community finishes watching the ad, the creator can see the votes and how much they earned from the ad in their dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- How many multiplayer ads can I run as a creator?

- Multiplayer ads are in a limited supply for closed beta.

- What should I tell my viewers?

- Encourage them to watch and vote in the poll to help the creator earn more bits.

- Do multiplayer ads show to subscribers and turbo users?

- Some viewers, including Twitch turbo users and subscribers, may not see multiplayer ads as part of their ad-free benefits.

- How do I get multiplayer ads?

- Currently, Twitch is not accepting people for the beta, but it will be available in early December for mobile (iOS and Android).

Multiplayer ads are an exciting new feature on Twitch that allow creators to earn bits based on viewer interaction. While it is still in a closed beta, it has the potential to be a valuable source of revenue for Twitch creators. As Twitch continues to innovate and improve its platform, it will be interesting to see how creators utilize this new feature to grow their channels and earn more revenue.

Not Getting Free Bits for Twitch

Are you having trouble getting free bits on Twitch? In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why you might not be getting those bits and how you can possibly get them.

- Introduce Dale and Walt from Live Streaming Tik and invite viewers to subscribe and turn on notifications.

- Mention past video on how to get free bits by watching ads.

- Explain that this article will discuss why some people might not be getting free bits on Twitch and offer potential solutions.

How ads function:

- Explain that advertisers come to the platform to serve their ads to a specific audience.

- Emphasize that not all ads will work for everyone, as advertisers target specific audiences.

- Use personal example of having a dog while brother has a cat to illustrate how advertisers target specific audiences.

Blocked per region:

- Explain that free bits by watching ads are blocked per region.

- Mention that it used to be available on Twitch mobile, but now it is only available on desktop browsers in the United States.

- Note that some parts of the United States may not receive ads if they are not in a population dense area.

Solutions not to try:

- Warn against trying to circumvent the system by using a VPN to pretend to be in the United States.

- Mention that making alt accounts is also not recommended, as Twitch investigates and may ban users for breaking Terms of Service.

Practical solutions:

- Note that the first solution is to keep trying and check back later, as ads have a cap on how many views they will pay for.

- Mention that the time of day can also affect whether or not ads are available.

- Encourage viewers to post on Reddit to suggest that Twitch serve ads for their region.

- Summarize reasons why viewers might not be getting free bits on Twitch and offer practical solutions.

- Remind viewers not to try to trick the system, as Twitch is likely to catch and ban users.

- Encourage viewers to keep trying and offer feedback to Twitch.

How To Watch Ads For Free Bits? | Twitch Cheers

- Wesley, aka the Calm Cool Savage, hosts CCS TV, a series dedicated to helping amateur and beginner streamers on Twitch.

- Recent comments led Wesley to investigate why some people can't watch ads for bits on Twitch.

Why Can't I Watch Ads for Bits?

- Free bits through watching ads are only available on Twitch's desktop website for viewers in the US.

- Wesley believes this isn't fair and that everyone should have access to free bits through ads.

- Twitch would likely make more money from ads if free bits were available to everyone.

How to Get Free Bits for Watching Ads on Twitch (US Only)

- Go to any channel where bits are activated.

- Click on the bits icon in the chat entry window.

- Click the Get Bits button at the bottom of the menu.

- If eligible, click the Watch Ad button at the top.

- Watch a short video ad to completion or complete a short survey.

- Receive a notification that you have earned bits (may take a short while to appear in your inventory).

- Wesley thinks a petition should be started to make free bits available to everyone.

- Comment if you think there's a conspiracy.

- Like and subscribe to the channel for more content.


Do you want to learn how to get free Twitch bits without spending any money? In this article, we will show you a simple method to get Twitch bits for free in 2021.


- Go to Google and type in Twitch RPG.

- Sign up for RPGTwitchTV, a platform created by Twitch staff where you can complete short surveys to earn Twitch bits.

- Fill out the necessary information and link your Twitch account.

- Wait for surveys to be sent to your dashboard, which usually take a few minutes to complete.

- Earn anywhere from 100 to 500 bits per survey, which will be deposited into your Twitch account within 45 days.


- You can earn free bits without spending any money.

- Surveys usually take only a few minutes to complete.

- You can expect to receive one survey every month or every other month, ranging from 100 to 500 bits.

If you want to get your hands on some free Twitch bits, completing surveys on RPGTwitchTV is a great way to do it. While you won't make thousands of dollars, it's a simple and easy method to earn a few extra dollars to support your favorite streamers. So why not give it a try?

How to Maximize the FREE Bits earned on Twitch by watching ads (U.S. Twitch users only)

Are you a Twitch user looking to get bits without spending money? In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to get bits on Twitch by watching ads.


1. Go to Twitch and choose a user to watch.

2. Look for the bit icon and click on it.

3. Check if the watch ad option is available.

4. Complete the verification process.

5. Watch the ad for 30 seconds.

6. Click on the I'm done message to collect your earned bits.

7. Keep checking for available ads throughout the day.

8. Remember not to abuse this method by creating multiple accounts or sharing bits with yourself.

9. The amount of bits earned from ads is random, but usually ranges from 5 to 100 bits.

Additional Information:

- The availability of ads may vary depending on your location.

- Interacting with the ad, such as clicking on it, counts towards your ad view.

- Try to do as many ads consecutively as possible, starting early in the morning.

- When you run out of ads, check again in increments of 1-2 hours.

- The ad limit refreshes throughout the day.

- Getting bits through ads is a great way to support the people you watch on Twitch without spending money.

Getting bits on Twitch by watching ads is a simple and easy way to support your favorite streamers. Remember to use this method responsibly and enjoy the benefits of supporting your favorite Twitch users without spending a dime.

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