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watch ads for bits

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Ads for Bits Missing | Can't Get Free Cheers | Future of Free Bits | Twitch Cheers | Multiplayer Ads

[Music]. hello and welcome. that's awful, it's okay. we're going to keep it because hopefully i'm not going to butcher the rest of my stuff- for those of you i don't, i don't my videos in one take because i don't have editing software. anyways, today we are going to be toking about the future of ads for bits. so i know i made a previous video on a theory on where ads for bits were going by words that i heard from a partnered streamer and if you see that video, if you've watched it, it's somewhere somewhere in here. i have my channel behind myself. i know probably a lot of you guys are asking in this video where i tok about ads for bits on mobile. ads for bits on every everything are gone, whether it's mobile, whether it's pc, whether it's a dell chrome edge, wherever you are, ads for bits are gone. and the reason for that is what we're gonna be going over today and the future for ads or bits. so, rather than rambling too long because people don't like that people so far i've gotten comments of beginning getting that, everybody getting straight to the point. that was almost butchered, but we're gonna keep going. let's go, let's go check it out. this is actually brought to my attention on one of my videos. it was a comment, um on the video, essentially toking about you know where, where ads for bits are going. so a camera is really off. okay, professional streamer, everyone really is- well, no one is. everyone is, everyone is, but no one is all right. the future of ads for bits is actually being changed to multiplayer ads, so this is what they're doing. i think it's probably because of people farming ads for bits, people taking advantage of it or people just not knowing about it. really, you know, there were so many people that didn't know about her, didn't make any sense, so they have now come out with- which is still in closed beta- multiplayer ads. so, essentially, what multiplayer ads are? i'm going to summarize it. i'm going to have this link in the description below is it's ads for bits, but it's an ad that the streamer is going to run, so it's still an interactive ad. you still have to click something or answer a poll, but it's run by the streamer. they have their example here. you know, partikipate in the poll. there's a countdown 30 seconds, which is, you know, ads for bits. what's your favorite? twitch gift card is the one that they've given an example and if you do the quick math, i'll give you a second: 38 votes for 190 bids. sorry, allergies are bothering me too. so if you do the math, 190 bits for 38 votes is the equivalent to five bits per vote. what is that? that was essentially what ads for bits was. i mean, you got, you got 10, you got 15, 25, 50 or sometimes 100 running ads for bits, but it was super, super rare. now i am hoping that that same, you know, luck aspect is still there. i really, really am, because i think that luck aspect- you got excited when you gave more than five or got more than five running ads for bits. now, the only difference with this is the streamer is going to be have to be live running this ad, so no longer can people farm them with, let's say, multiple accounts, which is against the rules, but i know many, many people that did it. now you have to wait for the streamer, so they give this example: 38 votes, 190 bits. and then what's interesting to me is this: happy holidays. you know was the winner for the vote, is they so 534? so ads for bits previously worked off of fives, five, ten, fifteen, well, almost five, five, ten, fifteen, and then 25, 50 or 100 per- excuse me, advertisement that was run. so it's interesting that they showed 534- i don't know if that's just a placeholder and they just put in 534, like that's. they actually only got the 190 and they were like: all right, let's just put a random number, five through four, and you see it. you know it'll pop up on screen, bits will rain down, everyone will cheer. if that was me, i'd be cheering and everyone would be happy. there's a bunch of other questions and stuff like that down here that goes really in depth on, you know, different questions that people should have. you know, for me, i'm definitely telling my viewers: hey, we're running. that i thought was interesting is that the streamer? you actually, if you're a streamer and you go into your settings, you can actually turn this feature on for your subscribers right now and leave normal ads off for them. and that's super important because all of my subscribers- there's not very many of them, but for those of them that are there which sub free with prime to me, um, they were okay with it. they were like, yeah, i'd be okay with answering a poll, especially if the rest of the channel is going to be seeing it. something that i thought was super, super interesting is this feature is going to be for everyone ad services previously only for those of in the us, but it's going to be interesting because different ads people are going to get different ads. let's see, i saw a different ad from everyone else. why my ads for bits? when i used to get them? sometimes they were, you know, for a college that's like two hours away. obviously, if you are in another country or even states away, you're probably not going to want the. the advertiser is probably not going to want their ads to go to someone that's not even remotely likely to go to that location. i mean, they're sure there's online programs, whatever, but the point is people are going to get different ads, but it's good to see that different locations are going to be getting different ads, or even just add availability, because those of you i know i have a lot of viewers in the uk- thank you uk viewers- as well as all around the world- but only us was allowed to get ads for bits. so this is going to be super, super interesting. a lot more people are going to be able to interact now and support the streamer for free. one thing, though, is i know a lot of you watch on mobile. so currently they have stated december is when this is going to be available for both ios and android users. now you could always. if you've watched my previous video on ads for bits, you could always use the desktop version on your phone and you should still be able to interact because it identifies it as a desktop. you haven't seen that video. it's my top video. just go to my channel and you should see it. i think i have it featured or whatever, um and with that android, but i don't know about. for those of you i know, a lot of you came from mixer. for those that don't know me, i previously was a streamer on mixer, mixer dyed rip and you watch on xbox. i have no idea. for xbox it doesn't even look like they're gonna consider that. probably so if you do have the ability to watch on a phone or a computer, i do suggest that you do so. now. the thing is upper left hand corner of the video. be on the lookout, i'm definitely gonna. you know if your streamer is running at odds, they know it's there, but for streamers right now this is actually currently in closed beta. so i first heard about this from another streamer back in like january. we're currently in july when i'm making this video, and so it's been seven months, so i'm really, really, really hoping that that's going to be something soon. i know, if i go to my twitch channel right now, let's go over to me channel once it it loads and what you actually can see is- i think it's under affiliate right here- multiplayer ad free viewing. now i don't have multiplayer ads as an option in my scroll bar on my channel, like when you go to your dashboard and you can add different options, but it does appear that they are making an effort to add stuff like this. let me know, by the way, in the description, if you don't have this. i don't know if everyone does or not. i just i know. i was in here the other day and i actually turned it off because previously it was on for a lot of my subscribers to watch multiplayer ad free. so i turned it off because my subscribers said: yeah, you know i'd be fine. five cents, easy, easy, i'd. you know. 30 second for a poll for you, don't worry about it- which, for those of you that said that i do greatly, greatly appreciate it, as that will directly sup.

Twitch Multiplayer Ads - New Way Of Advertisements To Earn Bits As Streamer

i came across this tweet from twitch report about multiplayer ads. you as a broadcaster, can start earning bits. what my name is tree and i make streaming support videos 3 smarter, not harder. before i begin, i should give you tuesday and friday: 8pm is the european time. on thursday, tv slash 3- link is down below in the description. so i saw the street come across and i was like super confused about what it was. let me meet you between. we're excited to introduce a new ads format called multiplayer ads. creators can run these ads, which will count towards disabling pre-rolls- always good- and result in twitch awarded bits to the creator based on the whole interaction. i don't have any information about how many bits you would actually get from this because i can't see it anywhere, but if i look at the revenue right now and how much i got paid is not that much. so if i get a couple of hits, i'm probably already pretty happy for one advertisement. further on a tweet, we can actually go to a website, which actually helps us understand a little bit more about what's going on. so here on the website, it says they're currently in closed beta. when you run a multiplayer ad on your channel, many of your viewers will watch the same ad at the same time. i'm guessing that subscribers won't, because subscribing is free as part of the shared experience. afterwards, these viewers will be able to vote in real-time interactive poll. for each phone. in the poll, twitch member board bids to the creator and there will be a special channel celebration. special channel celebration. that sounds really fake. i don't know what what that's supposed to be, but it says: for each fold in the poll, switch your reward bits to a creator. does this mean that we get multiple bits for only one road? because if i get two cents for one phone, i'm already kind of happy because that's a better rate than the actual ad wrapper you want to watch. then we have some screenshots here that are actually showing how a poll like this would look. like what you buy. you can also see how many bits this person gets. it says 38 votes. it's 190 bids. i don't know if this is something that i said, if this is the rate, but if this is the raid, i would love a rate. i get you get 20 bids for one vote. then that is crazy. that is 20 cents per vote, so per viewer, instead of like the very low ad revenue you normally get on twitch. i've got quite some questions about this because it's pretty vague and i don't have it on my channel yet. let's jump into those frequently asked questions that are here on the website. how do i run multiplayer ads for closed beta? the only way to initiate multiplayer ads will be clicking on a run at quick action button in the creator dashboard. run at quick action button. apparently you need to have one of those to be able to do this. once your community finishes watching the ad, you will see the votes come in, so apparently you will see that on your dashboard, probably- how many people have voted on a certain ad. i think you will also see how much you got from it. if you look at the screenshots, we already see that you can see the bits when people are actually voting, so you probably can see them in your dashboard as well. how many multiplayer ads can i run as a creator? multiplayer ads are in a limited supply for closed beta as we experiment and learn about what works best. again, very vague i. it says limited supply but it doesn't say how many ads you can actually run. like this, what should i tell my viewers if, if anything, encourage them to watch and vote the poll? obviously, because then you get bit. yeah, then you make money. do multiplayer ads show to subscribers and turbo users? some viewers, including twitch turbo users or subscribers, may not see multiplayer ads as part of their ad-free benefits. so if you're subscribed, you won't get these ads, which kind of seems logical to me, because you subscribe for the app reviewing as well. right, and how do you actually get those multiplayer ads? they're currently not accepting people for the beta, so i guess they're just testing it out with people and sending out emails to test it out with certain amount of people. usually after a while you can sign up for these kind of betas, but that's not the option yet here on the website it also says that it's available in early december for people on mobile, for ios and for android, so people will know what can't do it yet, but it's only for pc. i have not seen it anywhere on any channel yet. so if you are a streamer with this function, please let me know, because i would love to see it in action. i still have so many pressures about this feature and i will definitely keep you up to date if i find something new. uh, but i thought this was very interesting, as the the revenue, the bids seem to be pretty high and it seems to be really unique, as youtube and make sure didn't used to do that. yes, i'm saying mixer and i know they died. that is nothing anymore, but i can still use them as an example. right then, they didn't used to do that, but i don't see other platforms doing anything like this and i think it's something new and fresh and if we get more bits from it, then we get ad revenue. hey, i'm just happy. if you don't have this function yet and you want to make some money as a twitch affiliate, i would recommend watching this video about how to make money as a twitch affiliate. i'll see you right there. [Music] you.

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Not Getting Free Bits for Twitch

are you not getting free bits on Twitch? well, we're gonna discuss some of the reasons why you aren't getting those bits and how you could possibly get them. so make sure that you stay tuned to today's video, because there's videos for you. I'm Dale and I'm Walt, and this is live streaming, tik. if you want to learn a little bit more about live streaming online, be it on twitch, YouTube, Facebook and whatnot, make sure that you subscribe to this channel and turn your Bell notification on so you don't miss single video. if you haven't watched our past video on how to get free bits on Twitch by watching ads, click this card above. but we want to discuss why, some of the reasons why you might not be getting free bits on Twitch by watching ads, and we can give you a couple of potential solutions. so make sure you stik around to the end so you know exactly why you aren't getting any of the ads and how you can possibly get some type of a solution. so let's just start it out with how ads function. now I can say as an advertiser- I've used YouTube on a number of occasions and even Facebook, and how ads work is: an advertiser will come to the platform so they are able to surf, say, their commercial or their ad, if you will, to you. now with ads you can actually pick a specific audience, who you want to have it served to, because obviously you don't want to be having ads for a lawnmower for 8 year old kids, alright. and likewise you don't want to be serving play-doh ads over to a senior citizen. it just doesn't make sense. so that's why- and you need to kind of understand, not all the time- are some of the ads are gonna work out for some people. so just bear that in mind every now and then when you're kind of going. I don't understand this. my brother got these ads but I didn't get them. well, there's a good chance that they're specifically targeting that audience for a good reason. for instance, I have a dog, my brother has a cat, so eventually, through them seeing cookies where we visit on the web sites, this- and that they're gonna figure out that I have a dog and he has a cat. so does it make sense for an advertiser to target Dale for dog food and me for cat food? no, it doesn't. it'd be the opposite way around. so the next issue that a lot of people aren't aware of and we tried to make it clear in our past video. once again, if you didn't click that card up there, you can go back and hit our play list and look at the video that we did on how to get free bits by watching ads. the thing is is that it is blocked per region. now when the mobile was out, it was more than United States. now that they've done away with the twitch mobile, yes, unfortunately you can no longer bits by watching ads on your mobile device. you have to use the desktop browser. it is only for the United States only, and even in some parts of the United States, say, you live out in the boonies- you're more likely probably not gonna see ads because they're not targeting you. they're gonna target more population dense areas. I know what you're probably thinking. there's some of you out there that think: okay, there is some solutions that you heard so-and-so try, or maybe someone said something inside a comet or inside a twitch chat' some sort. we want to tok about some of the solutions. you shouldn't do- and I've even made this mistake by saying this in the comments. now the first thing you shouldn't do is don't try to circumvent the system and then win any way, shape or form. I know there's a lot of people out there say, well, I'll overseas, I use a VPN that's based in the United States and therefore I can watch. but you're gonna have to make your own decision on that and I would probably recommend against it because for some reason, it breaks twitches Terms of Service when it comes to getting these ads, because it's basically lying about where you're located in the world. so therefore, think about it this way: we're paying as advertisers to serve people and we're wanting to only serve US customers on Twitch, but yet we have people over, say, and Czechoslovakia using VPNs, pretending to be in New York City. now, I'm not saying that's the reason why they're using VPN. maybe they're our streamer, like myself, and use a VPN for my own protection. so I mean that could be one of the issues. the second thing is is: do not make all the council. I have actually have recommended this to people to try to figure out whether they're being. they said, hey, I, Walt, I live in the United States, I'm not getting ads and I'm like making all account. actually, I have gone in and read the Terms of Service when it comes to watching ads for free bits on Twitch and they do not recommend against that or recommend against it is because that people then were starting to views it. they would make the Alta California the same IP, and they do investigate that. now, for some reason, if you get locked out of your account or some reason- you or another- you can no longer get in your account. I recommend emailing twitch to try to get back in that account before you make an OLE account, because there's nothing worse than making an alt account just because you forgot a password and then seeing you watching and earning free bits by watching ads and next you know you're banned because they think that you're trying to circumvent the system. yeah, I'll let you know that, as the parent company, Amazon, they- I- use their platform for many, many different operations as a business. I'm gonna tell you that they are very weary of people trying to gain or manipulate the system. so you may be getting away with some of these things right now, but they will start to close those loopholes up. so I would advise that you don't try to trick the system, and just because they don't catch you red-handed doesn't mean they can't go back six months from when you actually did it and go back and ban you for that breaking of Terms of Service exactly. so now that we've kind of got all the doom and gloom out of the way, there is clearly some type of a solution, obviously because people want to get some bits. right, man, correct. let's make sure we can kind of give them the goods, because there are some pretty practikal ways that you can get the bits if you aren't currently getting on, and the first thing is is if you do live in the United States and for some reason you think you're not being served up bit, so when you open that browser and you go to click that button that says watch ad for free bits, a lot of times a lot of people will see that notification that will say try back again. that's literally what it means: try back again later. I know my brother-in-law he went a good two solid months where it was grayed out and it told Cape Town the Tribeca ting. that frustrated him and, lo and behold, two months later it actually was open again. the thing also I found is that the time of the day makes a big difference. you have to remember these advertisers only pay for so many views. so for instance- and we're gonna, this is obviously small scale- but say an advertiser gets on twitch and they pay for a hundred views of their ads. well, if they start that at such-and-such time in the morning and you get on Twitch later in the afternoon, regardless of what time zone you're in, those ads are already minute used up and those bits have already been given out. so, in other words, there is a cap on these advertisements. okay, so this is a pretty interesting one. this is one actually he shared with me was actually posting on reddit because it seems that twitch is very receptive to feedback and suggestions over there, so reddit goes a little bit above my head. how does that work? um, you will see posts on reddit and literally you can get on there right now and see a post that says not getting free bits for watching ads. get on there and, in a polite way, basically say where you're located in the world and that you would love if twitch would serve up ads for your area. yeah, at the end of the day, again, it's an Amazon owned company and they're very customer centric. so if there's enough noise coming from you, the viewers of the twitch-

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How To Watch Ads For Free Bits? | Twitch Cheers

I'm cool, why can't I watch ads for bits? no, bro, calm cool, my PC doesn't let me watch ads for bits. hey, calm cool, I can't watch ads for piss. please, please, come cool, tell me how to watch ads for bits. why can't I watch out for bed? what's going on? you guys? I'm your host, Wesley, aka the calm cool Savage, and you're watching CCS TV. this is the new series on my channel, dedicated to helping out amateur and beginner streamers on Twitch. now, before we get into the video, smash like smash subscribe. up to recently, I thought anyone in the world can get free bits by watching ads, but I got so many comments saying I can't watch ads that I had to look into it. so I went to Google and started searching why can't watch ads on Twitch, and what I found was some shocking news. unfortunately, if you live outside the US, you can't watch ads for bits. you can only watch ads for bits if you live in the US. right below it says how it works: Desktop website bits for ads is only available on our desktop website, only for viewers and the US. I don't think this is right at all. I think free bits should be available to everyone across the world through the bits. I'm just saying if people all over the world would be able to watch ads to get these bits, twitch would probably make twice as much money from the ads. so I have no clue why twitch does this. you guys, I apologize if in the last videos you thought you can get free bits. but if you don't live in the us, you can't get free bits. but if you do live in the us, you can get free bits. and this is how. on Twitch is help website. it tells you how to get free bits for watching ads on Twitch in the US. all you have to do is go to any channel where bits are activated. click on the bits icon in the chat entry window. click the get bits button on the bottom of the menu. if you're eligible to watch an ad, for you will see a button at the top. this is watch ad. you're gonna want to click that button. this should launch a short video ad: watch to completion. occasionally you may be asked to complete a short survey instead of watching an ad to receive this. when you complete, you will get a notification that you have earned bits. it may take a short while for the bits to appear in your inventory and there you have it. that's the reason why you can't watch ads to get free bits on Twitch. I feel like someone needs to start a petition so we could free the bits to the world. why the US is hogging all the free bits, I don't know. comment down below if you think there's a conspiracy. if you liked this video, hit up the like button. if you like the content on the channel, punch out the sub button. thank you guys, so much for tuning in to this quick video. remember we're all amazing people capable of amazing things. she's become typical. keep it Savage. [Music]. why can't I watch it for bit?


do you want to learn how to get your hands on some free twitch bits in 2021 without having to pay a single cent? well, lucky for you. in today's video, i'm gonna be teaching you exactly that. so if that sounds good to you, make sure to drop a like on the video to help other people find this video, otherwise let's jump right into it. so you might be thinking to yourself: well, i used to be able to get bits by watching ads through twitch. unfortunately, they removed that feature not too long ago, both on the mobile devices and on the computer. so being able to get bits for free is actually a lot harder, but it's still possible. so let's jump over to google and let me show you how to do it. first thing you want to do is go into google and type in twitch rpg, and then you're going to see this link that says rpgtwitchtv. this is basically a platform that the twitch staff have created that you can go ahead and sign up. basically, you can complete short surveys in order to get twitch bits. i'm gonna leave all of the links that i'm toking about in this video in the description down below, so you guys can follow along at home. so go head over to rpgtwitchtv and it's going to ask you to sign up or sign in. i've already created an account, so if you haven't done this, go ahead and click this join our community tab right here. click join. they're going to ask you for all of your different information and link your twitch account so that way, you can go ahead and sign in for that. i'm already a member, so i'm just going to quickly sign in. by the way, i just want to thank all my patrons for helping make these videos possible. link in the description down below if you want to help support the channel. so once you've filled out all the information you needed to and you've signed in with your account, you'll notike that you have a little dashboard here. this is just a little hub where twitch can send you different surveys, so that way you can quickly fill them out. usually they're related to gaming. sometimes they're related on, like, energy, drinks or snacks or alcohol or things that are related to gaming and the twitch brand, so that way, they can get some more insight without having to shell out too much money to random people. so in exchange for a couple minutes of your time, you usually get a handful of bits, ranging from anywhere from 100 to like 500 bits at a time. you're not going to strike gold and make thousands of dollars doing this, but it is very nice just to spend a couple of minutes toking about stuff that you're probably going to tok about anyways, and the best part is is that it's free and it's only takes a couple minutes per survey, so it's really not that bad. so, as you can see here, it says latest activities in this little box right here, and this is a new survey that i actually just got today. so if you guys attached your email to this, i'm going to go over to my email real quick and show you that i got the survey today. so if you see right here, it says: from support: earn 100 bits with twitch rpg. and i just got it today, which is september 27, 2021, at about 1 pm, so i literally just got it less than a half hour ago, as you can see here. basically, they're asking me to complete the short survey. i'll get 100 bits. you got to make sure that you do this fast, because only the first 400 people do it. after that, all you have to do is click on here to start. hopefully, we're one of the first 400. it's only been 30 minutes, so i'm hoping that we've gotten in fast enough and luckily we did so. it says it should take about five minutes. normally it only takes about a couple minutes. i would be surprised if it takes the full five and we'll get 100 bits for doing it and it'll show up about 45 days at the maximum, so you can get anywhere from the next day to about 45 days after you completed the survey. so let's go ahead through the survey and just show you guys what you guys are gonna get expected for. so, as you can see it's: have you heard of the following spirits brands: jack daniels, obviously. i have fireball. i have captain. we're gonna have crown royal. yes, hennessy. yes, the fact that i've heard of all these, i'm not sure it makes me an alcoholic or anything, but hey, you know it's for 100 bits. so if i have to do that, i will definitely do so. have you seen any of these advertised on twitch in the past 30 days? honestly, i don't think i have on any of these, so i don't think that's correct. the rest of these questions are pretty self-explanatory, so i'm just going to fast forward through this. so there was only about like 10 questions or less. it literally took me less than two minutes to do and it says: thank you for completing the survey. remember, bits will be rewarded within 45 days. look out for more surveys and stay up to date with the twitch rpg member hub. so now, if we go back to this little dashboard that we were at before it's called the hub, we scroll down as you can see. we no longer have any more activities. so we've completed the short survey. we're gonna get 100 bits the next 45 days. took us two minutes and it's really not that bad at all. so doing these surveys are actually a really great way to get your hands on some free bits without having to spend too much time. so while this is really nice and convenient for a lot of us, don't expect a ton of surveys to pop up. usually you should expect one survey every month or every other month, which is quite unfortunate for those surveyed junkies such as myself that just want to get free bids, free bids, free bits. but you know you gotta work with what you can get and, honestly, this is the only method of getting free bits that i'm aware of. so you kind of have to take what you can get, but you can expect one survey every month or every other month, usually ranging from 100 bits to 500 bits. so that's an extra dollar to five dollars in your pocket that you can give over to your favorite streamer. i hope you guys get some nice free bits with this. drop a like on the video if it helped you out. otherwise i'll see in the next one.

How to Maximize the FREE Bits earned on Twitch by watching ads (U.S. Twitch users only)

hello, YouTube. tighter shot here with a how-to video on how to get bits on twitch by watching ads. this is, for us twitch users, only a little disclaimer. things seem to be changing. the thing seems to be statik all the time. it also might depend on ads in your area. I've had people who say they've had different experiences for me because of where they live in the US, so ads might be local. it might be depending on where you're located as well. also, I do not condone abusing this by creating multiple accounts to get tons of bits or sharing bits with yourself by doing this as well. so, with that being said, we'll move forward. so you will first, of course, go to twitch and go to any user that you'd like. in this case, I'm going to simply press Start. you go down here to the little bit icon and if you are in the US, you you'll get your get bits and there will be a section for watch ad. if it's not grayed out like this, you have the option to watch it. so you go ahead and click on that. you'll have, for the first time each day, you'll have this little verification that you'll have to do. it's just pretty simple, and then you'll get to watch your ad. for these ads you'll notike that there's a countdown and then a little arrow icon here. the countdown at all the ads are 30 seconds, regardless of the ad. this indicates whether or not you've interacted with the ad at all. so if you click anywhere in the ad at any point that counts, you'll see that light up and you'll be good to go. once the ad is over you'll get a little message here- you'll see here in a couple seconds that says I'm done. you click that and in the bottom you'll see how many bits you've earned. now, once this is grayed out, you can't earn any more bits for that time period. but if as long as it's not, you can keep going with it. I've gotten. I've gone for an hour before just consistently clicking ads. now that's pretty rare. it. I think it depends on how many ads they partners that they have and how many ads are available. now some random facts. while I'm going through this, you'll want to make sure to try to do as many as you can consecutively. start early in the morning, I'd say it. this does change. I'd say usually around either 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock in the morning. you just start and check to see if you can and if you can go ahead and keep doing them. otherwise, check every half hour or so. when you do run out and it doesn't, and that's great out, then check in increments of 1/2 hour and it will refresh over the day in most cases. so if this ad ends, then a half hour from now I can start it again and keep going through most of the day, usually again starting around 9:00 am, and it'll continue through till 2:00 or 3:00 pm. you'll get less and less ads each time consecutively, but you can still keep going. this is a nice way to be able to support people that you go, that you watch and then sub to, without having to actually spend money, but you, you know, supports which and it supports the people that you want to support. so some additional information: when you do run out of ads, you'll usually get this little message saying ad limit reached. additionally, for those who are curious, the amount, the bits that you get are random. generally speaking, you'll get 5 on most ads, but you can get 10, 25, 50, 75 and a hundred bits on any random given ad. so definitely take advantage of this if you have the opportunity. thank you for watching. if you liked the video. please leave a like. if you have any questions about this or you've had different experiences with the ad bits, leave a comment below. thank you for watching and I hope this helped.