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watching youtube without ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How to Block Ads On Youtube 2022 | New Update

friends welcome to my YouTube channel in,this video I am going to show you how to,block YouTube ads,so this is updated version I have posted,another video around one year ago but,this is the latest and this is true,method but we can at least limit or you,can also block YouTube ads so now what,you have to do is there are three ways,by which you can,block YouTube ads so first way is when,you open your YouTube so,whenever I play any video so like this,if if it is on the your home page you,can play it without any ads but just you,have to click on this button and here,you will see like this,you can uh you can watch this video and,you will never see any ads but if you if,you search for anything okay yes as I,want to search for,this how to change Instagram old,password okay like this so if whenever I,click on this video you will see that I,will get an ad here okay like this now,when uh when you click here here you,will see stop adsorption so when you,click on ADD stop ads here you will see,such YouTube will suggest that YouTube,premium YouTube and YouTube music ad,free offline and in backgrounds okay so,you can try it for uh it is 129 per,month but uh if you want to if you don't,want to buy this YouTube premium there,are other ways by which you can block,YouTube ads and second way is you can,just go into your YouTube,okay so when you go into your YouTube,you will see your profile pic click on,it and after that you have to click on,manage your Google account option so,when you click on your manager Google,account option here,okay so it will open in new tab and now,here you will see many options privacy,personalization manage your data privacy,Security review,many options but you have to just click,on this manage your data and privacy,Okay now click on it so when you click,on it here you will see privacy power,level history settings all these things,and here you will see my ad Center okay,now here you have to just click on it so,when you click on it my ad Center you,will see that personalize ads is on okay,personal personalized ads is on here now,you have to turn it,off,so after that click on got it and now,you have at least you have block 20 to,25 ads on your YouTube so like this you,can use this and block your YouTube ads,the Third Way is you can use an app,YouTube vans by which you can actually,just block every ads on your,YouTube so if you like this video please,like my video also subscribe my channel,for more videos like this thanks for,watching

Youtubeൽ ഇനി Ads വരില്ല 🔥.How to Remove Youtube Ads in malayalam💯⚡⚡⚡⚡

what today is toking back to the new,episode of Abraham's world nominal kind,poll that the voila reading him,interesting I told Toby Gannon but kind,your toe single item will be disowned,then upload is in there in the lab can,aware of my lack what's it that feeling,I'm gonna get a room anyway in there,we'll knock and pool the bulla ready,camp interesting idolizing Ocala or cool,or you born a boy but now every guy,Rihanna other YouTube will a video,called Paris Himalaya that angle a,comments are they giving all O'Donnell,say give our ninja youtubers today,labpas laquetta can verify your idea in,the Adam we're on the lap youtubers in,the main by Ramon oven or in the you,develop artists in the jnanam tinkle,poliana your opinion of the councilman,Deluth mightor and I promise well Disney,Channel another just to subscribe yup,totally on the Pelican America and every,app I'm deliberately gonna come along,Peabody like it snowed Amish or Kappa,Mina meal nor Cancun the youtube a video,called par same in the other angle a,column in the logarithm actually then,I'm sending you to Vanir Vanir Bugzilla,jnanam kinda so video app developer,illegal every web developer on them,ridiculous you realize they got a par,another when I take you there giveaways,hundred percentage of working at the end,and I'm Gabe would be like a mitten,another them beautifully we do a Paris,Emiliana Collins are they given them a,pizza mingle comprise or crowns Adam you,romantik epic Adam you two billion down,in them and again I rate the left shall,be revealed in you know he washes,initiation like another language,telephone YouTube bug every clear either,- no cell phone were still shares new,hokum Bob you remember things and Avila,opening line material is a big I really,have either you two bit of background on,any ketone them anyways i'm khalida,method and then the try though ago you,to believe videos well pal similar the,canonized of another chain to the you,know for like google chrome and,application upon GM 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than a needle get the wallet you,are lady piensa has a give you NEPA,website in a partikular order back on,another neglible dynamic in the a medium,you're a dot to view it's a website,about a single meal a bag and sag in the,area but while are you busting out a,little condom up is nothing gonna change,any guide in the incident angle best,could have more to learn under option,other bring us ganas are they give our,option you know just know on,Carolyn League or joining on with them,easier to obey against I have the game,mother allow you to believe me Dougal,background applies the economical,everything I woke up request it does,cloak model I your option and I blame at,random background applies you can saw,the globe Volare interesting asteroid,optional and he's not written array in,the meeting I let it this one try though,come near fire a single in Loudon India,madam you to be like saga like videos,and Carol saw became in the logarithm we,didn't allow commission but other news,is garam when you add my time I promise,were literally channeling Islands and,adjust to subscribe me up put it down,the Pelican Americana and I believe you,know look a DVD somebody just like Jacob,ERG got subscribe me up further than the,bell like and maracas and ibrehem okay,friends my,by,[Music]


How To Block YouTube Ads? All methods, Step-by-Step.

大家好,今天我要告诉你们,如何删除 YouTube 上的广告,你必须,同意然后当您打开 YouTube 和,想看视频很烦,看到很多广告令人沮丧,中间现在我会告诉你几个方法,摆脱 YouTube 上的任何广告,今天的设备从 PC 到智能电视,以谷歌浏览器为例,但在,一般这些方法适用于大多数,我们之前的浏览器和操作系统,开始我提醒我的名字是马丁,你在它的评论频道里,我们制作有用且有趣的软件,给你的视频,不要忘记喜欢,并订阅你之前的频道,开始观看,如果你有任何,问题发表评论,我们会回答,他们所有人,所以坐下来放松一下,让我们,去,[音乐],最简单和最有效的方法,摆脱 YouTube 上的广告就是注册,付费的 YouTube 溢价,通过支付平台订阅,每个月你都保证得到,摆脱订阅可用于的广告,个人使用三年半,美元或五人的家庭账户,在第二种情况下每月美元,账户可以被五个人使用,YouTube 付费版不仅,阻止广告,但也有一些,附加功能和优势,例如,绝对没有广告 所有广告都会,甚至阻止弹出横幅和,公告保存视频的能力,如果,您喜欢任何视频或只是想,离线观看,您可以下载,它能够收听 YouTube,音乐付费帐户为您提供,听的机会很大,音乐列表约 50 000 首歌曲,您还可以下载并离线收听,传输到任何兼容的设备,谷歌播放音乐保存视频的能力,如果你真的喜欢这个视频,还有音乐,或您可以下载和观看的歌曲,听用户离线后台模式,想允许屏幕音乐或视频,将不停地播放和 YouTube,原件这可能是严肃的和电影,专门为,YouTube 所以 YouTube 溢价有相当,除了获得一些优势,摆脱烦人的广告,您也可以拥有,访问音乐的逻辑选择,这可以是一个很好的选择,Spotify 现在让我们看看如何屏蔽广告,使用 Adblock Plus 在 YouTube 上,扩展所以启动器浏览器谷歌,Chrome 打开菜单进入更多工具,点击后点击扩展,主菜单并打开 Chrome 网上应用店,在搜索框中输入 Adblock Plus,选择它点击添加到 Chrome 并点击,添加扩展我们所有的扩展都是,如果你去 Adblock Plus 安装,开发者网站我们可以看到哪个,浏览器可以安装这个扩展,现在让我们看看我们的新,YouTube 扩展首先工作我们需要,尽可能在扩展名下禁用它,请注意,YouTube 上有广告,所以去吧,再次扩展并启用它转到,YouTube 重新加载页面运行一些视频,正如我们所见,我们的没有广告,扩展程序阻止了四个广告,页面扩展程序还阻止广告,在您的 PC 上单独的 YouTube 应用程序和,笔记本电脑有不少类似的,Blockheads 和 YouTube 的扩展,比如广告拦截,你阻止起源幽灵3麦角添加,拦截器终极版,您可以查看谁的意见,阅读并查看我们的比较测试,网站 thinkmobiles.com 中的链接,描述并选择最适合的,你在评论测验扩展中写,你在 YouTube 上使用屏蔽广告吗?,轻松禁用您计算机上的广告,需要安装专门的浏览器,扩展,您将受到保护,与 iOS 设备一样的所有广告和弹出窗口,事情有点复杂,iOS 用户有一个单独的弹出窗口,您可以在其中选择的拦截器功能,内置的 Safari 浏览器,不幸的是,只有加载能力,浏览网页时的恶意广告脚本,网页被屏蔽了不影响,YouTube 应用程序以任何方式,但有一个,解决方法问题的方法,阻止手机上的 YouTube 广告,这些是第三方广告拦截器,应用程序中有几个不同的程序,商店它们都彼此相似,但它们的效果不同,例如,让我们安装 adgar,块已安装在 iOS 上,您需要,在设置中激活它以执行此操作,您需要打开设置并选择,Safari 线打开扩展,功能打开所有新设置,我们刚刚安装的重启,设备,然后再次启动 Safari,Safari 搜索引擎进入 YouTube,如您所见,前往该网站本身,没有更多的广告,但为了,使用 YouTube 的浏览器版本,您需要方便地创建一个,执行此操作的桌面快捷方式 单击共享,添加到主屏幕并为其命名,你想要,这样我们就有了 YouTube 广告,在我们的 iOS 设备上免费,但值得,注意到 YouTube 应用程序本身确实,不屏蔽广告,[音乐],在 Android 上屏蔽 YouTube 上的广告,Android用户我们将看看几个,在 Android 上阻止 YouTube 上的广告的方法,可以选择免费安装广告,浏览器 Google Play 提供了广泛的,一系列子浏览器,您将专注于,在 Adblock 浏览器上,您只需要,要做的是将这个应用程序下载到您的,Android 并观看您的任何 YouTube 视频,喜欢去 Google Play 并找到应用程序,在拦截器浏览器,将其下载到您的智能手机并运行,它,[音乐],发射后,我们用幻灯片做简短的介绍,描述浏览器的好处,查看并确认我们的用户协议,去 YouTube,我们可以在那里看到,没有广告让我们更容易使用,可以在主屏幕上添加快捷方式,就像我们对 iOS 版本所做的那样,到我们的广告屏蔽浏览器按设置,并选择添加到主屏幕给我们一个,名称并按添加现在我们可以,方便地使用 YouTube 并观看我们的,最喜欢的视频,没有广告,只是,就像在 iOS 上一样,YouTube 应用程序没有,使用此浏览器屏蔽广告,您可以,阻止多达 99 个出现在,不同类型的横幅和格式,你有能力控制在哪里,ADS 应该出现在它们应该出现的位置,不会在您想要的任何时候出现,切换下一个选项以阻止广告,我们 Android 设备上的 YouTube 是,跳过此应用程序的广告应用程序,经常使用 YouTube 的用户,视频托管服务在这里你可以,快速且不复杂,操纵跳过广告直接进入,观看所需的视频,应用程序是一个有面子的助手,,互动总是触手可及,有了它,简单易行,可能的接口被设计成,非常容易理解你可以,从 Google Play 下载,Google Play 并输入跳过广告和,下载 下载到您的智能手机,并运行它然后你需要激活它,按 OK 我们需要在,设置并按允许,如您所见,该应用程序现在已激活让我们看看如何,它有效让我们尽可能开始视频,看到应用程序会点击,按钮跳过您不必做的广告,您刚刚在 YouTube 上观看的任何内容,一些视频广告会消失另一个,删除 YouTube 广告的好方法,Android是安装adguard应用程序到,从功能齐全的 Edgard 开始,Android 的拦截器不可用,Google Play 该应用程序仅作为,开发人员的单独安装程序,网站所以转到浏览器并输入,Edward com 和地址栏然后你,进入开发者网站然后点击,下载并同意所有警告,下载文件后的 Windows,点击打开,然后点击下一步安装,安装应用程序本身并按照,方向,然后我们去 YouTube,如你所见,没有广告,我们需要支付大约 70,每月美分让爱德华阻止,YouTube 上的广告,但有 14 天,试用 eduard 应用程序的伟大之处,是它不仅在,YouTube,但在您的整个设备上,浏览器游戏和应用程序分享您的方式,在智能手机上屏蔽 YouTube 上的广告,结论,所有关于仅删除广告的方法,使用第三方应用程序,以便您可以,只避免使用原生 YouTube 应用,付费订阅没有广告,是因为要删除广告拦截器,需要发起中间人攻击,取代安全连接,例如,https 与应用程序证书,问题是 YouTube 不信任,因此第三方证书,视频不会播放 选择离开,给用户观看视频,第三方应用程序或订阅 YouTube,溢价让我们知道您的想法,关于在 YouTube 上屏蔽广告的其他方法,如果您喜欢,请在下面的评论中,视频一定要喜欢它订阅和,点击铃,这样你就不会错过我们的新,您在 ITV 评论中观看过的视频,频道再见大家,外国的,[音乐]

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How To Watch YouTube Ad-Free On iPhone

if you're tired of sitting through,countless ads whilst watching youtube,on your iphone then i have two solutions,for you,unfortunately there is no way of,disabling ads in the youtube app,itself so the two methods that i'm going,to demonstrate for you only work,by watching youtube in a browser the,browser version of youtube does work,perfectly fine but you do lose a little,bit of functionality,like the ability to double tap to skip,forwards and backwards the first,method is to install an ad blocker,called ad guard which has a free,feature specifically for blocking,youtube ads,ad guard works like an extension for,safari so once you've downloaded and,installed it open up the settings app,and click on safari,followed by content blockers you can,enable as many of these content blocking,options,as you wish but to specifically block,youtube we need to come out of settings,and open,safari in safari browse to youtube.com,and click on the share icon,if we scroll down to the bottom of the,page there you'll see we now have an,option to block,youtube ads click to enable the,extension and we can now watch,youtube ad free for as long as youtube,is loaded in our browser,if you close the tab or close out of the,safari app you'll need to reload the,extension,by going through the same process of,clicking on the shared icon,and choosing the option to block ads,if that solution sounds less than ideal,then i think you're going to prefer this,next method which is simply installing a,new browser called,brave brave is a privacy centric browser,that blocks ads,straight out of the box without the need,of installing any extensions,or changing any settings which means,once i've installed brave i,simply choose my default search engine,skip through the information,and click the shortcut to youtube and,there we go,ad free youtube all day long,the brave browser is available on,desktop as well as mobile,and is an excellent alternative for,those concerned about,online privacy and tired of watching,countless ads,so that is ad-free youtube if you'd like,to learn,how to set youtube to always play your,videos in the highest resolution,then this is how you do it,so a recent update to youtube's mobile,app has made it even easier to choose,between watching videos in high,definition,or saving on your data by watching them,in standard definition,up until now there's always been the,option to change the resolution,simply by clicking on the ellipsis icon,in the top,right corner of the video and choosing,quality,however the latest update to the mobile,app now gives us additional,options to choose between higher picture,quality and data saver,by default each video is set to auto,which means that youtube will determine,the quality of playback,based on your current internet speed,however if you wish to guarantee,high definition playback you now simply,need to choose,high picture quality which will deliver,a minimum of,720p or if you're worried about your,data usage,you can choose the data saver mode which,will max out at,480p you can still choose a specific,resolution by clicking on advanced,or alternatively if you open up your,video quality preferences,you can set specific options for when,you're watching on wi-fi,and when you're watching on mobile data,for example you may opt for a lower,resolution when you're on,cellular networks but prefer maximum,quality when you're on wi-fi,before you go if you are considering,starting your own youtube channel or you,just like to see how i create my videos,i have a free course on my website which,i'll link to below,no gimmicks it is completely free so i,recommend having a look at that,if you found this video useful i'd,appreciate you give me a like and hit,subscribe,for lots more quick tips like this one,until next time,thank you very much for watching,you

How to block ads on YouTube | Block ads | UPDATED (2020)

one of the more frustrating things to,deal with on the web,are the small video ads that pop up,before youtube videos you're trying to,binge,even though most of them let you skip to,your video after a few seconds,this advertising filled interlude can,feel like an eternity,we have a hack to fix that and it's,ingenious,before we start the video please comment,what type of advertisement you are,enjoyed of,[Music],today i will show you two different,methods to stop youtube ads on your,computer,and in your smartphone so make sure you,watch this video till the,end and please give it a thumbs up if,you like it,all you have to do to eliminate this,advertising video,a trick we tested today but one that,google will surely patch at some point,is to put a period after the youtube,domain in the url,that's it so if your url looks like this,you'll want to add in a period write,after the end of youtube.com,so your new url would look like this,as i said i just tested this trick on a,random video that fired up a video,at every single time i launched it in a,new browser,placing a period after the dot-com,didn't summon and add no matter how many,times i tried it,removing that period and going back to,the regular url brought the ads back,this trick only works on the desktop,version of youtube,so you'll have to request that version,of the site on your mouse browser,if you're trying to view videos on your,phone,also the period hack is great for those,one-off times moments you're trying to,watch a youtube video,and find yourself thwarted or annoyed by,advertising,however it's not ideal if you're,planning to do an extended session of,youtube binge watching,in that case you can place the period,after the dot,com in youtube's url all you want but,the url will revert back to the standard,youtube link whenever you click on a new,piece of content,having to continually add a period to,the url to defeat video ads,will be as annoying and time-consuming,as watching the ads themselves,if you're looking for an ad-free youtube,experience whenever you're on the site,you'll want to combine a few of your,favorite ad blockers,with a youtube themed browser extension,that also works to strip away pre-video,advertising,i'm a fan of enhancer for youtube which,works well,and has a pretty easy to navigate,configuration screen,there are plenty of these kinds of,extensions out there,but i've always preferred the simplicity,of enhancer for youtube,also it feels less likely to be,siphoning my data,or who knows what given that the,extension is developed by one easily,identifiable person perhaps i'm overly,suspicious,but i tend to err on the side of fewer,extensions having access,to what i'm doing on the web than more,outside of that remember that ad revenue,partially helps your favorite creators,keep doing what they do,add blockers and this trick take away,those resources,the proper way of no longer seeing ads,is to subscribe,to youtube premium which you might,already know since the youtube app,relentlessly badges people about it with,maddening frequency,another way to block ads on youtube is,to install youtube advanced on your,phone,youtube vance eliminates virtually all,youtube ads,for example those that appear before the,display and all those that break into,the middle of the content,are automatikally blocked however,those ads embedded within the interface,are displayed normally,to learn how to download and install,youtube advanced go to do video,description,or please check the card on top youtube,advanced has some advantages,over the official application developed,by google,for example it is capable of playing,music in the background,even with the soft off however,one of its strengths is advertising,blocking please like and comment if you,find this video helpful,thanks for watching,[Music],you

Make Money Watching YouTube Videos - 2022 (FREE & AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE)

what's going on guys thomas garrett's,here and in this video i'm going to show,you how to make money just by simply,watching youtube videos and the best,part is you don't even need to watch the,videos to make the money i know i know,sounds too good to be true right but,it's 100,true you can see the payment proof right,here if you don't believe me and it's,100 free to do and available completely,worldwide and i'm gonna be showing you,how to do everything completely step by,step all i ask of you is to simply smash,that like button make sure you watch,this entire video so you don't miss out,on anything with that being said let's,get into the video alright so like i,said in this video i'm gonna show you,how to make money just by simply,watching youtube videos but then i told,you you don't even need to watch the,videos so let me explain what we're,gonna do is we're gonna be using a tool,called shrinkme.io,and that's where i showed you the,payment proof right here okay so there's,a couple tools that we're gonna be using,and they're all free every single one of,them and i'm going to show you each and,every one of them so don't skip any part,of this video otherwise you might miss,out on the most important tool so we,start off with youtube what you need to,do with this video is you need to find a,very viral video so that's where the,first tool comes into play and the first,tool is vid iq okay so i'll have a link,down below to get vid iq it's a chrome,extension but it's also an app okay so,it shows this thing right here once you,download the chrome extension and,obviously you need a youtube account but,you have one,so instead of like searching youtube to,find like a viral video you can actually,just click here and you can go to most,viewed now with the free plan i don't,even have the paid plan anymore just so,you know with the free plan it is,limited but you can still see like the,views per hour and the past seven days,it looks like you can't change anything,else but look at that this video is,getting 190 000 views per hour okay so,this is definitely the video maybe i,wouldn't use that one i'd probably use,one that's not kid related so i'd,probably do the pub g one and that one's,still going crazy okay so now that we,have the video let's go to that video,and like i said we don't even need to,watch the video literally so what you're,gonna be doing is you're gonna be using,this video and the traffic from this,video to actually send people to this,video to watch it okay so just keep,watching it will all make sense all,right so now that we have our video you,need to get the actual thumbnail from,this video because we're going to be,sending people to it so we want the,thumbnail so all you got to do is you,got to take this link right here to the,video,and then you go to another tool i got,right here which is youtube dash,thumbnail,grabber.com and just so you know it's,not like,a scammy account or whatever i mean it's,getting 600 000 monthly visits okay like,this is a legit website all right so now,what you're gonna do is you're gonna,take that link and you're just gonna,paste it in here and then you just hit,get thumbnail images,and right here you can see that's the,thumbnail so you can download it in,multiple different like versions we're,gonna take the hd one so just hit,download hd thumbnail and you can see,it's downloaded right there okay now,we'll exit out of this and the next tool,we're using is canva again i'm going to,have links to all of these websites,tools whatever you want to call them in,the description down below so now what,you're going to want to do is you're,going to want to go to create a design,and then right here you're gonna wanna,go to custom size we're gonna do 1080 by,1920 okay so that's the width and the,height then you're gonna hit create,design so now we got down here we got,this image right so now you're going to,drag this image right here to drop to,upload okay so you're going to click,right here,and you're going to just make it bigger,so something like that,and then what you're going to want to do,is you're going to want to grab a text,right here,and you can just hit add heading,and you see it added right there so now,you just drag it up here and then you,can say something like it's you want,like a heading that will capture,attention we could do pub g and,black pink make this a little bigger,pub g and black pink,collab,i get a little smaller,there you go okay,so you could do something like that and,then at the top you probably want to add,in something like,like an attention grabber right so i,would start by doing this i would add,like an element and just take like a,square because you want it to be a,different color than that right so,probably grab something that's gonna,catch their attention like probably red,okay,and then again what you can do is just,click on this text right here and you,can actually just hit duplicate up in,this top right corner and then you can,write omg,viral video right now maybe just take,out the right now and then you're going,to want to center it right,and,make it bigger so i'm just dragging that,right there you see and then you just,make it bigger,okay,and center it,and now you can change the color of the,font if you want you can click on it and,you go to the font color right there you,can change the font you can change the,size this way tons of ways to do this so,we'll we'll just make it white and then,i'm personally going to add an effect,okay so i like to add some shadow to,that,and just pay attention so you go all the,way to the left on the first two and all,the way to the right on the second two,and then just go to black right here,okay you see how much better that looks,now check this out this is really gonna,get attention click on it again and,duplicate it and then just drag it right,on top you see how much darker that is,and how much better it looks and i could,have centered that a little better but,that's just fine for this example okay,so now there's one last thing you want,to do you want to see back on elements,right here you're going to want to type,in like a play button,and you want to put one of these on,there okay so this one's probably good,this white one,well you can make it any color you want,but let's uh let's make it a little,smaller,and then let's make it white i wonder if,that that's pretty hard to see actually,maybe we'll go with,this gray one yeah now you can do a,couple more things okay so personally,this is what i would do i would get an,arrow now and you can just take any,arrow right here like this one's cool,because it's an actual like automation,or animation so you could do something,like that and you can like move it a,little bit and now you probably want one,last thing of text right here at the,bottom so i take this text and i would,duplicate it again and now you drag it,down here and then click to watch now,and again you can change the color of,the font to like yellow,and you can add some more um,shadow again okay the shadow really,helps it be able to be seen when the,background isn't the best do you see how,much better that is right like and then,you duplicate it and it's just so much,easier to see but yeah so that's how you,make basically this image that we're,gonna use so we can get people to see,this video and we can get paid okay so,now this is very important we're gonna,go share and then you're gonna go to,download right here i totally forgot,we're gonna use an actual image so the,the animation isn't gonna show on an,image you could use the video but it's,just not as good for what we're gonna do,so you can choose it doesn't have to be,an animated arrow this will still work,i'll show you so just go to png right,here and yeah they even say it right,there so right here they say heads up,video audio and animations won't play,when exported as this file type so like,i said if you wanna use a video you can,but i would just suggest using the png,it's gonna work better but this