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wear a mask ads

Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

New York State Wear a Mask Ad Contest

- Mariah ran a competition for a 30-second ad

- The winner's ad will be shown as a public service announcement

- Five finalists have been selected


- I wear a mask for my fellow New Yorkers

- I wear a mask to protect you

- Let's all wear a mask to stop the spread of coronavirus and save lives

- We care for each other

- Don't show your love for New York and as a New York loves you


- People can vote for their favorite ad at wearamask.ny.gov

- Voting is open until Memorial Day on May 26th

- The winning ad will be announced on May 26th

- Over 600 submissions were received

- Honorable mentions will also be shared

- Thank you to all who participated

What face masks actually do against coronavirus

If you're wondering what the numbers and letters 5 6 14 25 1 8 N95 95 N95 N95 N95 mean, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll decode this string of characters and uncover its significance.

Decoding 5 6 14 25 1 8 N95 95 N95 N95 N95:

1. The first five numbers (5 6 14 25 1) are likely a random sequence and have no particular meaning.

2. The next two characters (8 N) could possibly represent the eighth letter of the alphabet, which is H, and the letter N, respectively.

3. The final five characters (95 N95 N95 N95 N95) could indicate a specific product or model number, with N95 being a common designation for a type of face mask that filters out airborne particles.

Possible interpretations:

1. It could be a meaningless string of characters with no significance.

2. It could be a code or password for accessing a particular website or system.

3. It could be a reference to a specific product, such as an N95 face mask.

While we may never know the true meaning behind 5 6 14 25 1 8 N95 95 N95 N95 N95, it's always interesting to try and decipher cryptic messages. In any case, it's important to stay vigilant and informed about the latest products and safety measures in our ever-changing world.

Woke "MASK" Ads | Try To Guess! (Viewer Requested)

In this article, we will be discussing a recent trend in commercials - woke commercials - and analyzing their messaging and effectiveness. We will be specifically looking at a series of woke commercials focused on promoting the use of masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.


- Woke commercials and their impact on society

- Definition of woke commercials

- Importance of messaging in advertising

- How woke commercials can shape societal beliefs and behaviors

- Analysis of woke commercials promoting mask use

- Recent study in Denmark that masks don't protect from virus

- Virtue signaling in woke commercials

- Feminism and masks

- Examples of woke commercials promoting masks

- Review of recent woke commercials

- Guessing game on which states produced PSAs for mask use

- Impact of gender equality in downturns

- Commentary on fashion and dental commercials

- Sponsorship from betting company

Woke commercials have become a popular trend in advertising, with many companies using them to promote social causes and messages. The recent slew of commercials promoting mask use during the pandemic have been met with mixed reactions, with some arguing that they are virtue signaling and not based in science. However, these commercials have the potential to shape societal beliefs and behaviors, and it's important to analyze their messaging and effectiveness.

How to Convince Others to Wear a Mask

- Wearing masks is one of the best tools we have to socialize, shop, and get back to normal safely during the pandemic.

- Masks help slow the transmission of COVID-19 without affecting oxygen supply.

- Wearing masks protects both individuals and their communities.

Tips for Effective Mask Communication:

1. Focus on the community rather than the individual.

- People are more likely to wear masks when messages focus on the community.

- Underestimating the risk of getting a disease can be a mental barrier.

2. Avoid shaming and throwing facts at people.

- Shaming people often makes them more polarized.

- People act less rationally when considering health choices.

- Framing behavior change as common sense can be unhelpful.

3. Address concerns and barriers to change.

- Mental barriers affect confidence in changing behavior.

- Acknowledging concerns can give people more confidence to change.

4. Compare mask-wearing to other behaviors.

- Compare wearing masks to behaviors that people already do to protect themselves and others.

- Use commercials and ads to make behaviors more widely accepted.

5. Be nice and persistent.

- Being nice makes you more approachable and friendly.

- The more people hear a message, the more they're willing to accept it.

- Humanize messages about reducing risks by focusing on pleasurable, enjoyable social interactions.

- Wearing a mask is patriotic and helpful for the community.

- Be a science communicator and share the message about wearing masks.

SILICONE MASK SCAM ALERT - You WON'T get the mask in the picture! - Misleading ads on social media!

- Warning against buying fake silicone masks

- List of reputable silicone mask companies provided in the description below


- Discussion of scam listings using images from reputable companies to sell knockoff latex masks

- Mention of other YouTubers who have covered this topic

- Unboxing and comparison of a fake silicone mask purchased from a scam listing

- Emphasis on the importance of buying from reputable companies to ensure quality

- Reminder to be wary of too-good-to-be-true deals online

- Encouragement to support the channel by liking and subscribing

Fluffster Wears a Mask

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing masks has become an important part of keeping ourselves and others safe. However, it can be difficult to get used to wearing a mask, especially for children. In this article, we will follow the conversation between a father and his daughter, Julia, as they practice wearing masks together.


- Man humming, man sighing, button clicking

- Daddy: Hey Julia, your mommy said you wanted to talk to me.

- Julia laughing: Hey Daddy!

- Daddy: I hear you're going some place exciting.

- Park, park, park! (Both laughing)

- Daddy: You can have so much fun. Now, Honey, remember if you go outside, you need to wear your mask. That's how we keep everybody healthy and safe.

- Julia: No!

- Daddy: Hey honey, why don't you go and put your mask on right now?

- Julia weeping: Ears.

- Daddy: Oh, it bothers your ears?

- Julia humming: Yeah.

- Daddy: Yeah, well, masks can bother your ears when you first start to wear them.

- Nose.

- Daddy giggling: Um, yeah. They can tickle your nose too. You know, we just need to practice wearing our masks and then it won't bother you so much. Hey, hey, Julia, who do we know that's good at wearing their mask?

- Fluffster!

- Daddy: Oh, good, ah, Fluffster.

- Man humming: Fluffster.

- Julia giggling: Yeah, yeah, your mommy told me Fluffster has been practicing with you. Looking good there, pal. (Man laughing)

- Daddy: Hey Julia, let's have mommy help you put your mask on and we can practice with Fluffster.

- Practice!

- Julia laughing: Hm, yeah.

- Footsteps tapping.

- Daddy: Oh, um, so um, Fluffster, how's it going?

- Woman: There you are, sweetie. Go practice with daddy.

- Footsteps tapping.

- Julia heavily breathing.

- Daddy: Oh, I know masks can take time to get used to, but I like how cool your mask is. I painted it. (Man giggling) I see that you painted your mask to make it extra special.

- Bunny!

- Daddy giggling: That bunny nose you painted makes you look just like Fluffster. Hey, is your mask as soft as Fluffster?

- Soft as Fluffster!

- Daddy: Good, good. A soft mask feels a lot nicer on your face.

- Julia heavily breathing.

- Daddy: Oh, oh, honey, do you wanna take your mask off?

- Julia humming.

- Daddy: Oh, look, why don't we practice wearing it for just a little bit first, okay? Oh, Fluffster, of course, Fluffster and I will both practice with you here. Just wear it while I count to five. Okay, honey, Fluffster, you ready? Okay, here we go. One, two, three, four, five. Five! Yay! Yay is right! You did great, sweetheart. You wore your mask for five whole seconds. Honey, you're still wearing it. Six seconds, seven seconds, eight seconds! (Both laughing) You are really good at it, Julia. And you know what? It just gets easier every time you wear it.

- Julia giggling.

- Daddy: And hey, now you're ready to go to the park! Park, park, park! And don't forget Fluffster, he's doing a great job wearing his mask too.

- Julia laughing: Fluffster too!

- Man giggling.

- Daddy: Bye bye, honey. Have fun.

- Bye bye, daddy. Footsteps tapping.

- Yay, park! (Man laughing)

- Yay, park! Upbeat music.

Wearing masks can be challenging, especially for children, but with practice and a positive attitude, it can become easier. Parents can help their children by providing soft, comfortable masks and finding ways to make it fun, such as practicing with a favorite toy or practicing together as a family. By wearing masks, we can help keep ourselves and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Draw the Earth wearing a Mask | Coronavirus Awareness Art

In this video tutorial, Wendy teaches how to draw the earth wearing a mask. She uses a bowl as a circle template to draw a large circle and then draws the mask on it. Wendy also draws straps, eyes, and arms to complete the drawing. She encourages spreading love and kindness during the pandemic.

Steps to Draw the Earth Wearing a Mask:

1. Use a bowl as a circle template and draw a large circle for the earth.

2. Draw the mask by starting from the center and going up and down to create a curved shape.

3. Draw straps for the mask by curving them at the corners and at the bottom.

4. Draw eyes for the earth by drawing two big circles and adding small circles for highlights.

5. Draw arms by curving them at the sides and adding heart-shaped hands.

6. Draw land on the earth by wobbling some shapes around the circle.


- Use a large circle template for drawing big circles.

- Draw curved shapes for the mask and arms.

- Add small circles for highlights in the eyes.

- Draw heart-shaped hands for the arms.

Drawing the earth wearing a mask is a fun and creative way to spread awareness about the pandemic. Wendy's tutorial provides easy-to-follow steps to draw the earth and encourages spreading love and kindness during these difficult times.

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