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Web Design Tutorial 2022 - Design Websites that Build Trust & Close Sales

Published on: December 6 2022 by FeedbackWrench

Web Design Tutorial 2022 - Design Websites that Build Trust & Close Sales

The above is a brief introduction to Web Design Tutorial 2022 - Design Websites that Build Trust & Close Sales.

Let's move on to the first section of Web Design Tutorial 2022 - Design Websites that Build Trust & Close Sales!

Web Design Tutorial 2022 - Design Websites that Build Trust & Close Sales

hey what's going on guys i want to tok
to you if you're an accountant
bookkeeper tax firm and you want to
build up a ton of retainer clients
business clients you want to build what
i call this outsourced account model
we're going to help you know we do
websites we do paid ads and funnels and
remarketing we do sales copywriting we
help you build a website and a digital
presence that will actually close i'm
going to tok to you about how do you
actually build credibility what are some
of these secret things that will cause a
website visitor to actually take a step
with you and i get really um i get a
little frustrated as i look out there
and i see all of these accounting
gurus tok about how they're going to
close you 12 000 a month clients and
whatnot the goal in everything that we
do i'm just going to walk you through
this is to remember
no matter what what we're trying to do
is we're trying to help strangers that
don't know you become visitors on your
stuff where they eventually trust you
and they become a lead and eventually
become a customer and when you do this
it's a lot like when you first start
dating somebody right if you just go
running around and say hey you want to
get married hey you want to get married
to a
it's not going to work right what we
have to do is initially you're going to
have a first meeting where you bump into
somebody that could be online anywhere
and you're like hey you can make my life
better i can this this is good you're
attractive i'm attractive hey let's have
a first meeting maybe exchange some
digits some phone numbers you slide into
the dms and next thing you know you set
a little bit of a relationship get to
know each other you have a first date a
second date you have a ton of dates and
you date and eventually you have a
proposal in a marriage right it's not
done overnight and really what we're
trying to do is help people go through
buyer's journey of going through
curiosity enlightenment and commitment
and what that is is we want to peak
their curiosity about how we make their
life better and actually solve their
problems messaging needs to cut through
the nonsense and focus on what they want
and help them get to where they want to
be then what's going to happen is once
you peak their curiosity they're going
to come and they're going to want to
find out are you credible can i trust
you do you have actual results that you
can show and then last if they feel like
that they can take small commitments or
big commitments and really what's going
to happen here is
we're going to use advertising and
website content and videos and social
media content
to intersect with people and eventually
they get into your marketing funnel and
that could be like a retargeting funnel
it could be that you email them it could
be that they see a bunch of ads they
come back to your website they listen to
your podcast they watch your youtube
videos whatever that is eventually they
enter your sales funnel where you have
their information you're gonna call on
them and eventually they become a
customer this is a healthy sales
relationship that's where you start if
you actually want people to close with
you because they've been on your website
you need to embrace this path and that
means you have to do some things to
actually get in front of them now i
think there's three parts to this whole
thing now this is on my how it works
page but number one you want to build a
high converting website and footprint so
that's your youtube channel it's your
website it's everything and this is like
building a better mousetrap that
actually makes sales the second thing is
is you want to generate traffic and
market share which is a lot like buying
seed for a farm once you've built the
tractor and bought the field you have to
fill your capacity so these are the two
major things that you're going to do the
third would be building up credibility
through search engine optimization and
content you want to position yourself as
an authority well the best way to do
that is create authoritative content
kind of like what i'm doing with you
here right videos blog posts everything
like that now what i'm going to do real
quick is i want to tok about how do you
build a high converting website so that
people actually take a step with you
okay on the bottom here
you have how it looks it needs to be
have a responsiveness to it so it works
on every device there should be an
authentik look to it it shouldn't be
filled with stok photography it
shouldn't not look like your clients it
should look like you and your clients
usually have photos of you your locality
your region your niche whatever that is
there should be an authentik look to it
i shouldn't wonder if it's just a
template cpa site solution website or
some of these just nonsense corporate
looking say your site should not look
overly corporate it should look
professional then you should have good
branding and coherency in your
typography your colors your off colors
things should look good then you should
excellent user interface is paramount
are the right things in front of the
right people that's super important
right so that's the core of your website
it's the core of your social media
profiles and your advertising as you
move up you have what it says
all of your messaging must be super
clear and concise a paragraph is your
enemy and yet you should use headers
subheaders and if people lean in
there should be concise value
propositional information which leads us
to the second thing is that it should be
customer focused messaging it shouldn't
tok about you it should tok about them
their problems and how you make their
life better and what's important to them
the benefits you're delivering to change
their life the outcomes you're trying to
actually achieve in their business and
you want to touch a little bit on the
stakes if you choose differently how is
it going to be different if you choose
us versus somebody else and that gets
into brand scripting so we do a process
here called donald with donald miller's
brand skipping and marketing made simple
and then and that's to there's a
coherent bunch of sections you'd want in
your website to communicate things then
you have meaningful calls to action
that's like the checkout counter you
have to have meaningful calls to action
so that people know where this is going
book a consultation download my free
lead magnet whatever that looks like
messaging's incredible so what it looks
like what it says then you have how do
you build credibility i'm going to show
you some examples of this you have to
have tons of google reviews facebook
reviews customer reviews you must have
other people saying that you are
credible number two you should have
testimonials on your website you should
actually have photos of real people with
logos and real quotes and videos that
point to them and then three you should
have examples of your work and case
studies and show people stuff and not
only that it shouldn't just be your
website you should be creating content
on youtube putting the youtube videos
onto your blog post putting the blog
post onto your website sharing the blog
posts across social media taking those
cutting them up putting them everywhere
if you do that you'll build credibility
you'll close more sales and traffic will
actually move in a direction then you
have what builds authority well if you
address content to your niche and
actually teach them and be a guide to
help them get from here to there they're
going to see that you're actually an
authority and they're
they're going to lean in with you number
two you can do lead magnets and exchange
you should create content that really
solves a problem that they would give
you an email for or lean in a little bit
closer video sales letters you need to
have videos on your website that explain
and have the conversation
that you'd hope to have in person right
there with a video it's incredibly
important then you have funnels with
nurturing that's emails and getting
people in your list i like to use
hubspot and you keep track of people and
and drip on them and say hi to them and
add value to them and stay front and
center with them don't spam them with
some newsletter from some third party
with a bunch of noise of cpa artikles
don't do that
connect with them help them
show them the content you're building
and then last retargeting content as you
stay in front of them that will build
authority this is what you need to do to
actually build
a high converting website now let's tok
about the advertising that i really like
now at the core
i gotta hit on this real quick at the
core we're gonna we're gonna go through
what marketing works but i wanna just
tok about sales versus marketing
your best
outcomes will come from your sales
activity you are eighty percent sales
twenty percent uh execution specifically
in the first five years of your firm as
you go about you have to get a lot of
clients you have to get a lot of
prospects so that you get a lot of
meetings so that you get a lot of
clients you have to prospect now if you
commit to toking to legit prospects 10
a day for 190 days
that will get you to about 1500 people
that you've connected with if you close
and get a meeting with just eight of
those so if you called 100 people you
got eight meetings and then a quarter of
those actually became customers which is
pretty realistik right then you would be
able to hit a real successful thing you
have to you should cold call people you
should be networking you should be
introducing yourself you should be
teaching and if you can't do that you
should be doing it via
video that's the next thing so i just
want you to know there's a difference
between sales and marketing i'm gonna
hit on what marketing works but sales
must be part of what you do so in the
beginning you and no matter what you
should commit between two to twelve
percent of your budget to advertising
here and the core advertising is paid
search or search
you have to do paid search when you
first begin because you don't have any
seo you're not gonna get found until you
have a million a ton more reviews than
everybody else your site's been up for a
while you're going to have to rely on
paid search and even there if you want
to expand outside of your regional area
or the niche that you've built up you're
going to have to use paid search so
using a paid google ad so that when
people search bookkeeper near me tax
accounting near me whatever that looks
like you're going to pop up and you can
control that then the second thing is is
once they've hit your website here's
usually how it goes we're going to
remarket to them and what is remarketing
we're going to make a list on google on
facebook on twitter
and tik-tok
you're probably not going to be able to
do all those because it gets expensive
but the idea is is once they've been to
your website usually what happens is
they're like all right i go on about my
and i don't do anything that day 95 of
the people that come to a website don't
do anything and you have to stay in
front of them well what's cool is
facebook tiktok twitter google all
these they give us a tool to stay in
front of them so we create these
remarketing audiences and then we can
create these small campaigns that stay
in front of just the people who've been
to our website and that's called
retargeting or remarketing so imagine i
went and looked around accountants near
me i'm in lakeville i hit on my website
now when i go
to the bathroom and i pull up facebook
or if i go watch my smart television all
of a sudden what pops up is some ads and
some video and some google display when
i go to kare11.com my local news website
all of a sudden a google display ad is
right there reminding me oh yeah that's
right feedback wrench i want to go to
feedback wrench that's going to keep you
front and center again this is how you
close more business deals number two you
want to do lead magnets or really good
helpful content like actual helpful
in exchange and then nurture them so the
idea is you give away a free book that
really helps them or a list
and then you can either email them to
stay in front of them or you can just
have remarketing that is in front of
them but the idea is you want to stay in
front of them next and this is what's
most important second most important
because with
lead magnets we can use social and we
can pierce a niche right we can get in
front of very distinct groups of people
right we can get in front of the the
hvac professionals out there we can get
in front of
the people who've gone to carpentry
school we in front of people who got
their cdl license we can get in front of
cpas right we can target these groups of
people if we want to
social but then you have to pique their
curiosity with the lead magnet about how
you significantly change their life so
that they see that you would actually
that the grass is greener with you it
has to be a real pain point so it's
overpaying in taxes it's wasting time
it's like
exposing their lazy accountant it has to
be something spicy or
helpful where they'd want to give up
their email then the next thing is and
this could move into the middle this is
sales so personal outreach as you
network and cold call and email
what you should be doing is sending them
an email right so a cold email could
look like hey uh is this joe's concrete
hey joe hey my name's rob i'm right here
in lakeville i own my own little
business i'm an accountant i do business
accounting i was wondering could i just
send you an email and introduce myself
we do like proactive tax planning and
bookkeeping um i don't know would it be
all right if i just sent you an email to
introduce myself
ah sure cool what's your email you get
his email you send them an email and
then what happens is they're going to
see your remarketing not only that but
you have their email and you can put
them in a nurturing where all you i
wouldn't spam them they didn't opt into
your email but i would reach out to them
periodically and just hey just wanted to
make sure that you're you're good and
maybe you do some events right maybe you
go and go pheasant hunting or you do a
lunch and learn or you just have a happy
hour inviting to the chamber thing or
whatever that is right the idea is you
build relationships you you prospect
they also hit your remarketing
and you're nurturing the next thing
would be content marketing so content
marketing would be blog posts and it'd
be videos a lot like this the idea is is
they will rank they will get in front of
the right people and as they do that
you'll get clients from it and then the
last thing i think is social media
posting engagement the reason why i put
this last it is super powerful you could
build a business on social media but if
you're like me i'm not funny enough i'm
not good looking enough hopefully i'm
helpful enough where people will
actually look at this stuff but for the
most part social media posts have an
incredible short lifespan you have to
stay really active you have to engage in
it and it can consume your soul let
alone all your time so if you do this
this is what's going to lead to the best
situation so for us we do four services
we do strategy and messaging we build
amazing websites so we do the homework
for you
when you get with these other guys like
all right tell me what you want the
website to say no we understand your
customer we help you with this this is
this is huge
we do custom websites our websites are
beautiful we do paid ads and lead
generation so we will set up a funnel
that's just like this right and when you
come to my website you go up to the
pricing we have some really good
packages to make this really easy so we
have kind of a small medium and large
and essentially what this is you either
do the upfront package or to help it be
more affordable we do six monthly
and essentially what this is is we have
we have an 11 step process for our
website and our writing and everything
that will bring you through we do a deep
search engine optimization we will build
you a fantastik website i'm going to
show you a couple of these in just a
minute we do all the writing all the
strategy all the building the whole site
is totally set up as you move up here
for two thousand dollars more what you
get is we're going to set up your
marketing machine which is setting up
conversions and audiences for
remarketing but then we hook up what's
called the conversion actions to google
to facebook to tik-tok to everything
and what that will do is it will allow
you to run ai assisted or machine
learning based advertising basically
you're saying when you fill this form
out download this lead magnet or click
on this phone number that's my
conversion then what happens is over
time google facebook linkedin all these
systems their ai learns who are the
types that tend to be
customers and do that action and then
what happens is they start making bets
on your behalf to actually close you
will have a significantly higher
conversion rate as you do it for
conversions rather than just running for
clicks there are different types of
campaigns so we set that up and we set
up your analytiks so you can monitor and
see what's happening and then we will
actually create your core search ads and
we'll create your core facebook google
display retargeting ads and now we're
doing a lot more on twitter too um so
this is us setting it up and you sit
back you're gonna have to spend on
advertising i usually tell people you
gotta spend between 500 and 2500 bucks a
month to just have that on and just
where you're trying to head with this
there is a place where you're done
being 80 20 sales and you go 80 20 80 of
your effort will now be put towards
client satisfaction and 20 to running
new meetings because the referral thing
will kick in if you get enough google
reviews if you build up the way we want
you to you're going to rank an seo
you're going to get referrals and you
will become the 10-ton gorilla in your
region where every hvac plumber concrete
home service realtor everybody will have
a choice to connect with you i i do
recommend keeping your remarketing on
because people just want to close so
that's kind of our middle package again
1300 bucks a month for six months we
will set this up and get you going or
over here what we'll do is we'll create
a script
and we will create three to four video
bumper ads and if you're local here in
the minneapolis twin cities area will
actually come and record you so for 2000
bucks more you'll have youtube bumper
ads so those show up before and after a
video and then we'll also have youtube
discovery ads folks that's how you close
more clients you have a setup like that
but you got to go sell you got to run
your meetings check out our other
content like and subscribe if this is
helpful good luck god bless i'd love if
i actually the more comments i get the
better challenge me or think i'm wrong
ask questions if you if you want any
help but contact us and please help
these videos go further to more people
so that they discover the power of
entrepreneurship and specifically more
accountants cpas and bookkeepers can get
to know how to build a successful
business we're super excited about that
we'd love to help you

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