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webnovel ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How Are These Ads Allowed on YouTube?

A year ago, a video was made about mobile ads, and it highlighted the fact that they are often terrible, with sexual and creepy content that is not related to the game being advertised.

Strange Ads:

- The first ad discussed involves a game where players have to pick up butt implants while navigating an obstacle course.

- The second ad is even more disturbing, featuring a game where players kidnap girls and put them in lockers, with graphic and violent content.

- The third ad features a zombie game that is nothing like its trailer, and other ads have similar premises of women running away from someone or zombies.

Mobile Gaming:

- The premise of every mobile game seems to be the same, with women running away from someone or zombies and players building fortresses.

- Mobile gaming has become repetitive and boring, with every game following the same basic structure.

Mobile ads have become increasingly disturbing and inappropriate, with YouTube seemingly allowing them to slip through the cracks. The mobile gaming industry needs to move away from this repetitive structure and focus on creating more original and engaging content.

Incredible Synchronicity That Looks Like a Glitch in the Matrix

Have you ever been mesmerized by people or animals moving in sync? The world can be chaotic, but there's something magical about seeing perfect coordination. In this article, we'll explore various examples of synchronicity, from dancers to divers to animals and even drones.

Examples of Synchronicity:

- Dancers from the University of Panama perform stunning synchronized moves.

- Synchronized diving requires incredible precision and training.

- Gymnasts and acrobats perform complex movements in perfect sync.

- Even dogs and cats can move in sync with each other or their owners.

- The Chinese national ping pong team uses a unique technique of visualizing their moves even when not playing.

- Alpine skiers can perform mesmerizing freestyle maneuvers in perfect coordination.

- Precise and coordinated actions are essential for synchronized work, as seen in factories or construction sites.

- The Generator of Pendulum Waves and metronomes showcase spontaneous synchronization of multiple devices.

- Starlings and fish are masters of synchronized movement in nature, forming stunning pulsating figures.

- Fireflies create a magical synchronized dance in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

- Drones can also form synchronized displays, such as spelling out messages in the sky.

From dancers to drones, synchronicity is a remarkable display of coordination and precision. While chaotic events may surround us, there's something magical about seeing perfect harmony in movement. Whether in sports, nature, or technology, synchronized displays never fail to captivate and amaze us.

What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

Tending a garden can be a difficult task, especially for seniors. However, with the right fertilizer, it can become an enjoyable and fruitful experience. That's why Organi Bloom all-natural fertilizer is the perfect solution for those who want to tend to their gardens without breaking a sweat.

Benefits of Organi Bloom:

- Packed with rich nutrients that plants need to thrive

- All-natural ingredients ensure a safe and healthy environment for your plants

- Easy to use and apply

- Helps promote strong and vibrant blooms

- Environmentally friendly

The Strange Ad:

The article takes a bizarre turn when a woman named Addy appears and starts talking about her life in a garden. She pleads with the audience to watch the entire ad, promising them fertilizer or even sexual favors. The ad ends with Addy seemingly breaking free from her garden and thanking the audience.

Despite the strange turn that the ad takes, it's clear that Organi Bloom is an effective and reliable fertilizer for any garden enthusiast. With its all-natural ingredients and easy application, anyone can enjoy a beautiful and thriving garden.

How to Publish Your Book on Webnovel for WSA 2022 (PC)

Welcome to the video guide on how to publish your book for web novel's biggest annual writing competition, the Disparity Awards or better known as the WSA. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

- To join the WSA competition, you need a web novel account.

- Log in or create one using the guide provided in the description box.


1. Click on the event banner and select Join Now at the bottom of the screen.

2. Create a story on Inkstone and fill in the details for your new novel.

- Note: You can only enter the competition at the point of a book's creation, so make sure you're ready to upload.

3. Under Writing Contest, select WSA 2022 as the contest you wish to enter.

- WSA 2022 will automatically be selected if you join via the WSA 2022 contest page.

4. Fill in your book's title, cover, length, tags, rating, and audience group.

5. Include an eye-catching synopsis to draw in readers.

6. Click Create and your story begins on Inkstone.

7. Fill in your chapter title and contents in the box provided.

8. Click Publish and then Confirm.

- You can set a publishing time for your chapter following the time zone of Singapore and/or Shanghai (GMT+8).

9. To add more chapters, click Create Chapter at the top right corner of your page.

- Use the settings gear icon beside it if you want to change any of your novel settings.

10. Congratulations, you've successfully published your WSA 2022 entry!

- If you want to switch to another book, click on Workspace then Stories on the left side of your screen.

Additional Tips:

- Fill in all the details for your new novel from the start to make things easier.

- Make sure you only create your competition book when you're ready to upload.

- Your options may become more restricted once you're offered a contract.

- Good luck and happy writing!

How To Convert PDF To Word Document:

- This is a separate topic that will not be covered in this article.

How To Edit PDF In Word:

- This is also a separate topic that will not be covered in this article.

The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

Mobile game ads have become increasingly prevalent on the internet, with deceptive and manipulative tactics being used to lure in consumers. These ads rely on fraudulent claims and shocking promises, rather than actual quality, to get people hooked on microtransactions. The corrupt system behind mobile game ads is complicit with many websites, including YouTube, allowing these crimes against humanity to flourish. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the origins of mobile game ads and how they have evolved into their current state of madness.

Origins of Mobile Game Ads:

Mobile game ads began to rise in popularity in the early 2010s, with companies using upfront payments as their main form of generating revenue. However, this model was eventually scrapped in favor of in-game microtransactions, which allowed companies to sidestep fees from Apple or Google and have access to customers who would spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a free-to-play game. This newfound revenue stream was then used to unleash a tidal wave of advertisements.

The Evolution of Mobile Game Ads:

The first wave of mobile game ads in the early 2010s showed actual effort and creativity, with commercials like Clash of Clans being leagues above the trash we see today. However, as people became numb to regular ads, mobile game companies started to get increasingly bizarre and hyper-sexualized in their advertisements. The competition for attention in social media ad slots and the need to make an impression in a few seconds led to poor animation, outlandish scenarios, imitations of popular properties, or blatant sexual imagery being used to grab attention.

Tactics Used in Mobile Game Ads:

Mobile game ads use a range of tactics to grab attention, including baiting viewers' creativity or intelligence, using false gameplay to make obvious mistakes, and poking at viewers' egos. These tactics are powerful tools to stop people in their tracks and force them to pay attention to the ad. However, they rely on fraudulent claims and deceptive promises, rather than actual quality, to get people hooked on microtransactions.

Mobile game ads have evolved into a corrupt and disgusting system that relies on fraudulent claims and deceptive promises to get people hooked on microtransactions. The competition for attention in social media ad slots has led to increasingly bizarre and hyper-sexualized ads that use poor animation and outlandish scenarios to grab attention. The only way to combat this system is to become more aware of the tactics used in mobile game ads and to resist the urge to spend money on microtransactions.

Horrible Game Ads on Snapchat

Sir, your wife's womb has been taken out with twins in it, it's yours. This is the best romance novel in 2021, hands down. Do you still use Snapchat? That is a serious question. Does anyone still use Snapchat? Recently, I started getting recommended these absolutely insane Snapchat ads for like hentai web novels. Actually, I know exactly why it's recommending me those. Hentai, just poggers loads of hentai, hentai hoggers, sentai anime characters kissing and licking. Every day I look at hentai, lesbian hentai, hentai, hentai, but anyway, they're just so absolutely ridiculous that I've been sending them to my friends. Let me walk you through this. He hands her a plate, she takes it, instantly drops it, and says, Ow, my stomach hurts. Then he takes her to the doctor, and the doctor was like, She was misdiagnosed, like the pregnancy test was wrong, I guess she's not pregnant. So over the course of nine months, and then he gets mad and says, You lied to me, we're getting divorced. This guy was initially guarding the door and the suspected woman skirts by him and finds two people who I assume wanted to hide from her. This one is sponsored by Trial Marriage Husband and the story goes like this. He is the definition of danger, he is the darkness itself. So from reading part of the first chapter, she's like, Oh, the princess can't choose who she marries, and usually princesses get married off for alliances and yada yada, like Game of Thrones, you know, standard stuff arranged marriages for political reasons. We have this nice girl helping out Robert Pattinson, a homeless man on the streets. Just imagine a guy showing up to your door and the first thing he says is, Can you be my gf? It's like the most romantic thing you show up in a nice tux and flowers, Can you be my gf? Please subscribe to help me hit 5,000 subscribers so that way I can cut my hair live on stream and donate it to charity.

Author One on One — JKSManga, Webnovel Spirity Award 2020 Gold Winner

Hi, I'm JKS, mostly known as the author of My Vampire System. I'm excited to share my stories with you and answer some questions from my fans. Today, I'll also be sharing some new experiences for those looking to write for web novels.

My Story:

- Before writing for web novels, I was a reader first. I discovered web novels after reading Cultivation Chat Group.

- During the pandemic in 2020, I started writing my first novel, My Dragon System, while stuck in Northeast China.

- I participated in the Webnovel Spirity Awards and won the gold prize with My Vampire System.

- I was surprised to see my book on the Times Square billboard and realized that my work was being seen by other people.

- With the support of my family and wife, I quit my job as a music teacher to become a full-time author.

- I found it difficult to balance my time teaching and writing, but being a contracted author for web novels allowed me to make a living just by writing.

- My book became popular among readers, and I was happy to receive support from them in various ways, such as promotions on social media and events on the app.

- Webnovel even made live-action trailers for my book, which was a fantastic experience.

Future Plans:

- I want to write one more system story and am looking to write a zombie story.

- Serialized novels are a new style of writing, but they allow me to connect with readers more rapidly.

- I didn't expect to win the Spirity Awards, but it was a great opportunity to learn from the writing experience.

- Webnovel has a good community of authors who encourage each other and help everyone grow as writers.

If you haven't started writing, the Spirity Awards are the perfect opportunity for you. Who knows? Maybe the next popular writer is you. Thanks for reading!

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