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websites that pay for watching ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Earn $7.40 Every 30 Seconds WATCHING ADS (Make Money Online)

this. right here is a payment i received for 30 seconds of clicking. this is a swell bottle. now, in order to get payments like these, you won't be needing a swell bottle, but you will be needing a phone or computer and to go over to www dot [Music]. hey, welcome back. this is ryan hildreth. now, before i show you exactly how to earn seven dollars and 40 cents for watching ads and clicking, go ahead and hit the subscribe button down below this video and make sure to click that little notification bell next to it so it can alert you on the latest ways of making money online. but check this out right over here. as you can see, a payment was sent to me simply for watching a few advertisements. now, results are not guaranteed. you may earn more than this, the same or a little bit less, but i can tell you one thing: if you don't follow the exact steps throughout this entire video, then results like these will not be possible for you. so make sure to stik all the way through and do not skip over any of the steps. now, the three steps to earning 7.40 cents every 30 seconds for watching ads are step number one. i'm going to be revealing the number one site that is paying people to watch little ads. okay, step number two: i'm going to be unveiling how to cash out your earnings with this site, and then, step number three- i'm going to be showing you how to automate your earnings on this site and get other people to watch the ads for you. okay, so let's go ahead and get right into this. i'm going to show you the exact website and then two separate strategies on how to earn the most money on this partikular website. okay, so let's go ahead and go over here. this is ojucom, okay, ojoocom. okay, now this is where you can earn money by viewing advertisements, as you. as you see right here, watching ads will pay you for viewing advertisements, um, from their advertising partners. okay, so businesses come here. they want to advertise their business. they pay oju and oju splits the profit with you. okay, they split that revenue with you, um, just for viewing those advertisements. you don't have to buy anything. it's totally free, um, so what you're gonna do is register, okay, earn watching ads. you're gonna set up your account, all right, and i'm going to show you some ads that you know are going to look like this. it's going to be like mcdonald's- maybe you know their mcburger or whatever. you're going to simply watch their little video campaign and, boom, money lands straight into your account. okay, so, as you see, you'll get a 20 bonus just for signing up. earn watching advertisements and, uh, you know, i'm going to show you multiple ways to earn on the site. so let's go ahead and go into the exact strategy now, when we go over here. okay, this is gonna be our dashboard. now, the first thing you're gonna want to click on- okay, there's lots of things to click on, but what you're gonna do is click on paid to click ads. okay, because that's what we came here for. we want that quick cash and we want to make that money simply for clicking on little ads. and, as you see right here, okay, here's some. you know, businesses that are paying you to click on their advertisements. okay, you have unit systems, smart trade, coin time bucks- uh, halloween promo- okay, lots of different ads, and they're paying out, you know, very small amounts, but literally the ads are five seconds. you don't have to watch the whole thing, just let it play in a separate browser. okay, you can click on every single one of these ads. okay, that's going to take you 10 seconds. and then what you're going to do is refresh this page so that new ads come up and your money starts filling into your dashboard. okay, so this is a very quick, very quick and easy way to start earning on this partikular site. now, the money is not that great just for clicking on the ads. you're going to have to do a lot of different ads. so i'm going to show you even better way to start earning on this site. okay, so what you're going to do is you're going to click on offers and you're going to go to oju grid. okay, and that's gonna take you to this page. now, this page pays a little bit more. as you see right here, they're paying about a dollar just for clicking anywhere on this picture. okay, you're just gonna click all these advertisements, little ads are gonna start popping up and you're gonna earn even more with this strategy. okay, so this is very easy to do. um, and you know, honestly, this is one of the easiest ways to start earning money watching these little ads. now, i'm sure you're probably like: well, i can't be watching these ads all day, so how am i going to earn even more? well, as you see, in the left-hand corner, they have a contest that they're giving away 700. okay, so you're gonna click on this contest right here- and they do this daily- okay, and i'm going to show you how to win the 700 very easily. okay, so what you're going to do is you're going to collect points. it says contest: invite new direct referrals, collect points and get money on your current balance. okay. so how are you going to collect more points? well, you're going to have to get referrals, meaning people come to the site. okay, strangers: we're going to invite strangers on the internet to this site. they're going to watch the ads for us and we're going to get paid not only based off what they earn, but we're going to get this 700 bonus. okay, and i'm going to show you exactly how to do that. as you see right here, these are some of the prize winners: this guy right here: one, 200 bucks. this 100 bucks, 50 bucks for third place, fourth place, 40, right, and so on. okay, and then, once you place anything lower than- uh, you know- 15th place, you're gonna get five bucks. but hey, you know, any extra money is great and i'm gonna show you how to get thousands of people to come to this site and watch the ads for you so that you can earn not only from what they earn. you can also win this contest every single time. okay, and get in the first place spot, because this guy, honestly, is not even doesn't even have that many points. i'm gonna show you exactly how to get more points, um, and win this contest every single day, okay. so, um, direct referrals. now you're probably wondering what that means. well, when you refer someone to the site and they sign up and they start earning money watching ads, you're gonna get paid out. okay. now, if you have 40 direct referrals- okay, this is their benefits calculator- you're going to earn 679 per month. recurring right, every single month. you're going to earn 679 based off of your people, the referrals that are watching the ads. okay, now let's type in, like, let's type in a safe estimate. now, let's say we get 500 people to this site, okay, you're going to earn 1714 people, 1714 monthly from people watching ads on the site. now, this is a safe bet. i can easily show you how to get 2 000 people to this site within the month and that's gonna be five thousand dollars in pure profit from this partikular site. so i'm going to show you exactly how to do that. so let's go ahead and do that right now. now let's go ahead and click on the um. if you go back here and click on affiliate program, okay, that's going to take you to this page and basically you're going to earn 30 of whatever your referrals earn. so if your one referral earns 100 bucks, you're going to get 30.. so imagine having a thousand referrals, each earning 30, a hundred dollars. you're gonna get thirty dollars times one thousand, and then obviously that grows exponentially. then you get two thousand referrals, three thousand, and you get more and more and more money without you having to physically log into the site and watch the ads yourself. so i'm going to show you exactly how to do that. what we're going to do is scroll down and you're going to see this little link right here: okay, link to promote. now, this is my special link. you're going to have your own special link and when someone clicks on this special link and signs up to oju and starts watching ads, you're going to get paid for it. so what we're going to do is we're going to copy this link and we're going to go to two separate.

How To Make $57 Per 5 Mins Repeatedly By Watching Video Ads! (Make Money Online)

By merely clicking on advertisements, you can continually earn $15,, $80, or even $150.. To begin, all you need to do is click on the ads. That is precisely how individuals from various countries around the world can earn money: by just clicking on advertisements. Don't worry, this is completely legitimate and free, and this is accessible in any country in the world. All you need is a computer or a smartphone. I'll give you a ton of examples and proof in this video and you can follow along step-by-step. I'll reveal a little secret about how all of these people can make up to $500 to $1,000. if you stik with me through the end, Make sure you pay attention and don't miss anything, because I've never heard anyone else discuss this. Let's watch the video now. Atiklixnet is the website I'll show you today where you can get paid just for clicking on advertisements. If you don't watch this video, you won't earn any money and even if you do, the money will remain in your account and you won't be able to withdraw it. Therefore, you must watch through to the very end to discover all the errors to avoid and properly cash out your money. All of your online activities can start earning you extra money. You can play games, complete offers, refer friends, engage in surveys, contests and other activities. However, I want you to concentrate on visiting websites. That means you can earn real money by just visiting different websites and clicking on different advertisements On this website. they are incredibly open about all of their profits. You can view their daily and weekly payout totals here. Currently, this website has approximately 43,000 registered users. They even displayed the names of everyone who had taken a withdrawal in the previous 25 days, together with information on their location and mode of payment. You have a variety of payment alternatives when you cash out your money, such as PayPal, bank transfer, Skrill, Paytm, Airtm, cryptokurrency, Neteller and Perfect Money, to name a few. There are simply a ton of various payment methods available worldwide. I'll show you all the payment proof. Many people have already cashed out their money and you can see from the "Username" part that they come from various countries. There are a lot of people from all over the world who are now able to make money online by just clicking on advertisements, as indicated by the flags next to each user's username, and you can see the total amount paid hereWithout any prior expertise, anyone can complete this, and I'll provide numerous examples of how to increase your income On this platform, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Simply click on this button to register for a free account if you want to create one. That will take you to this page, where all you need to provide is your full name, email address, a username of choice and setup password. Just enter your birthdate and birthplace and click the "I'm Not a Robot" button to confirm that you understand and agree to the terms of service. Then click the "Register" button. The leaderboard will be the first thing you see when logging into your account. They'll display the highest earner for you to see. Take this one as an example. you can see the username, the country and the overall earnings of more than $1,500.. Since April 2020, this user has been a member of ATI Clix. These are all individuals from various nations who are capable of making hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year, and all they do is something that you can also do. When you go into your account, you can see a variety of ads to click on, with banner ads being the most popular. When we get to the right section, all of these banner ads will be there for you to click on and earn money repeatedly. You can do this on your computer or mobile device. if you choose to click on any of these banner ads, which will take you to a random website, Remain for 30 seconds on this website. You only need to wait here for 30 seconds. you don't need to click any buttons, register or make any purchases. Make sure you avoid making this mistake, which is one extremely vital thing. Many people don't do anything when they click on the banner ads and visit the website. They don't browse elsewhere on the page, they simply remain there. Make sure you avoid making this error, because ultimately, they don't make any money from these ads. I want you to browse this website. You need to look around because if you don't do anything, they'll assume you're a robot and won't put any money into your account. It's crucial that, after entering the website, you move around, scroll and stay there for a short while. Once you've moved a little, you can just hold your position for five to ten seconds before starting to move once more. By doing that, you can prove to them that you are a real person, not a robot. They can credit money to your account after 30 seconds. Once you've finished with one banner, you can just click another. On this website, there are just a ton of different banner ads that you can click to begin earning money. Before we go any deeper, I'll give you some time to subscribe to the channel and give it big thumbs up. if you've loved the video thus far And if you found this video interesting and informative, please leave a comment below. The second method of payment is to click on the "Daily Fixed Ads", which are all the ads you can click and remain on for roughly 10 seconds to receive payment. This specific method is being employed by many people to increase their income. Let me show you a few of their forum's payment proofs: "My 6th Payment", "Payment #3,", "My Payment" and "My 12th Payment" are all shown here. If you click on any of these, you will be directed to a page where all the results, proof and testing models are shared. People report their earnings in such large numbers on this website and all they do is click on the "Daily Fixed Ads", For instance. if you click on any of these advertisements, you'll be taken to this random website To prove that you are not a robot. all you need to do is remain still for 10 seconds while moving around. Once the 10 seconds are up, you can receive money and you can repeat the process as necessary. I want to share with you an additional idea that nobody else has mentioned. Ensure that you perform this five times every day. Complete at least five "Daily Fixed Ads" per day, and you'll be able to multiply your income and outnumber everyone else by a ten-fold amount. Once you have completed five "Daily Fixed Ads", you can unlock the "Standard Ads", which will pay you 10 times as much. To receive payment for any of these advertisements, you must remain there for 30 seconds. For instance, if I click on this ad, I'll be redirected to another website. The amount of time you must wait varies based on the adverts you are clicking, from 10 seconds to 30 seconds Typically. the longer you wait, the more money you will make. Once again, if you browse around for 30 seconds on this page, you will be compensated. I'll show you the top bonus tip, as I promised. No one else is toking about this, and it will essentially let you make hundreds of thousands of dollars on this website. On this leaderboard, you can see the top earners as well as the total earnings. Additionally, you may view their referral profits. More than $1000 of the $1400 comes from referral commissions. That is the key to understanding how the top earners are ranked on the leaderboard and how they get the greatest income. by merely sending others to this website, By referring them to Atiklix, you can achieve the same result. On the one side, you can earn money by clicking on adverts and on the other, you can create an additional.

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*(1 Video = $5.00)* Make Money Watching Videos 2022 (Free PayPal Money 2022) Make Money Online 2022

step one: come over to youtubecom, where you can find different videos and can earn free paypal money 2022 by just watching youtube videos. i want you to click on any of these videos and once you open the video, just like this, i want you to make sure that you watch at least a minimum of 30 seconds of the video so that you can earn five dollars for each youtube video you watch. all of these are real payment proofs from people all over the world for all the videos they have watched. here's exactly how much free people money you can earn with this. if you watch just one youtube video, you can earn five dollars. if you watch ten videos, you can earn fifty dollars, and when you watch thirty videos per day, you can earn up to one hundred fifty dollars. and the good thing is that you can just repeat this as much as you want and keep on making money. you just need a mobile phone or a computer to do this. first of all, i want you to click on sign in button on the top right corner and it will take you to this page now. if you don't have a youtube account already, create your account by just clicking on create account and choosing for myself and on this page, you can literally create a free google account and sign up on youtube. once you log into your youtube account, one thing you will notike on the left hand side is you can see the best of youtube from there. youtube will show you the best performing videos from each of these sections, such as music, sports, gaming, movies, news and so on. i want you to click on gaming from there and it will take you to this page under the gaming section. there are literally millions and millions of people watching these gaming videos on youtube and they don't know how they could be making a lot of free people money. but today i will show you a secret strategy, which nobody's toking about, that can make you free paypal money 2022 in just minutes, and that's exactly how all these guys are making five dollars again and again for every single video they watch. this is completely free and one hundred percent legit way to make free paypal money 2022. youtube is actually available in every country and you can watch it from anywhere in the world to earn free paypal money. right now i will give you the first bonus tip. i want you to focus on this category of video- minecraft, which is one of the most popular games that is trending right now. when you click on minecraft, it will take you to this partikular page where you can find a lot of videos about minecraft gameplays, and one of these live streaming videos is running right now. and for the second step, all you have to do is to click on any of these live videos. if you click on this video, it's going to take you to next page where they are running a live stream. as you can see, a lot of people are watching this video and there were a lot of demands to watch these videos, and so are the opportunities to make free paypal money in 2022 using these videos. make sure you keep watching, because i will show a bonus tip at the end of this video which will help you to make ten times more money than others, and in a minute, i will show you exactly how you can make a lot of free people money with this kind of youtube video, and the best part is you can repeat this again and again for a lot of different youtube videos on this category. to turn these youtube videos into actual money, we have to go on to the second website, which will help us to earn free paypal money. as you can see, people are earning five dollars watching videos again and again using this strategy on this website. you have the opportunity to shorten the url links and earn free paypal money with them. don't worry, i will make it really simple for you. it's actually much more easier than you think, and there are very few people toking about this strategy right now, and you can make a lot of free paypal money in 2022 if you watch this video all the way till the end. the name of this site is 7r6.com, so the concept here is really simple. you just need to sign up for a free account on 7r6.com and from there, you have to shorten different url links of different youtube videos. i'll show you exactly how to do it in just a minute, and you can make free paypal money for every single video. now i will show you one example of exactly how it works. if you're watching these youtube videos, under this video, you can find the share button right here. click on this share button and you will be able to find the youtube url link of this partikular gaming video, and from there, i want you to click on the copy button. this will copy the link of this youtube video and then all we have to do is to go back to this website, 7r6.com, and paste the link into this box. now, as you can see here, i just put in the link of that youtube video into this box. now click on this little button. this website will automatikally help you to shorten this long youtube link into a brand new unique link. now, whenever people will click on this unique link, you are going to get paid. that's exactly how all of these guys are making big money on this website called 7r6.com. once you've earned your money, you're able to cash out your earnings into your paypal account, bitcoin, web money- perfect money- and payeer. there are so many different payment options. so, for the first step that i want you to do is to come back to the home page, and i want you to click on the sign up button on the top right corner of the site and from there, you will be taken to this page where you can register a brand new membership, and once again, this is 100, free and available worldwide. now i want you to submit your username, your email address, create your password and check this box of terms of use and privacy policy, and then click on the register button after you sign up for a brand new account and when you log in, this is what your dashboard will look like. on this page. i want you to click on this button on the top left corner, which is new shortened link. click on that and here we're going to copy and paste our youtube url links so we can shorten it and earn free paypal money. so right now, all i want you to do is just go back to your youtube video, click on the share button and copy this url link, then go back to your dashboard and paste that link right here into this box and under alias. i want you to type in minecraft, which is the name of the video, and i want you to just click on the shortened button and that is your minecraft shortened link. so step number three: i want you to go back to youtube and repeat the same process for up to three different videos. the more youtube videos url links you copy and shorten, the more free people money you're going to make. this is the next bonus tip that i want to share with you: that i want you to focus on this partikular category only because this will help you to make a lot of free people money using it. i want you to focus partikularly on live streaming videos only now. let's continue. i want you to click on this video and that's going to take you to another live streaming video from there. we're going to repeat the same strategy: click on the share button, then click copy to copy the url. after that, go to your url shortening page and paste the second url link into the box, and then we're just going to put minecraft 2 in the alias box and click on shorten. that's the second link we successfully shortened. remember what i told you: just repeat the same strategy. to make big money online, you have to find different trending youtube videos. then just copy the link and shorten it with the help of 7r6.com. now, moving on to the fourth step, i want you to come over to the site steamcommunitycom. but before we move further, if you guys are enjoying this video, then like this video and comment down below the name of your country so that i can make more make money online videos for you and others watching from your country. also comment down below the name of the games you often play. now, this is a gaming website or a gaming platform, where a lot of people discuss about different strategie.

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5 Websites That Pay For Watching Ads (Up to $3 Per Video Ad)

are you tired of watching those annoying ads in between games and videos? yes, especially the never ending ones that pop right up before the hero throws his last punch to kill the villain. completely ruin your mood, don't they? well, what if I told you that the same ads that piss you off could be paying you up to three dollars for every single one that you watch? don't believe me? well, you certainly will by the end of this video. so, without further Ado, let's jump right into the good stuff. today, we'll be taking a look at five sites that pay for watching ads on your phone. so let's kick it off with number five: add wallet. add wallet is a GPT or get paid to platform that directly connects consumers to businesses, who then pay you for your attention. add wallets specifically curates ads for you and offers other earning opportunities like completing paid surveys or making referrals. once they have an ad ready for you to view, they'll simply send you a notification through text. however, you can't be eligible to watch all the ads on the platform, because most of them will be dependent upon your area, gender and overall profile. so if you're expecting to become a millionaire, you're certainly getting your hopes way too hot. remember that GPT sites are just for supplementing your income, and for each ad you view with ad wallet, you'll only be paid a fixed 50 cents. now, depending on the number of ads your profile qualifies for, and if you choose to take surveys, you can expect to make anywhere between fifteen to thirty dollars a month with ad wallet. not bad right. number four: Zoom bucks. zoombox is another great GPT platform where users get paid to watch videos and advertisements from different brands, which can either be related to The Lifestyle, entertainment or Sports sector. the best part about zoombox is that the site also has a leaderboard section where new users can head over to view profiles of the top earning people and understand their workings. now the way you should go about zoombox is not to rely on watching videos only instead indulge in other earning opportunities like surveys, completing offers and making referrals as well. this way, you can maximize your earnings and you'll only be making 0.007 cents per video, which certainly isn't a satisfactory payout. so if you take part in all the earning opportunities available on the site, you can expect to make anywhere between an extra 25 to 35 dollars every month. not too bad for just 15 minutes of work every day. is it number three? slide Joy. slidejoy is yet another GPT platform on today's list, and it's probably the easiest one of all. the main highlight feature a slide Joy is the renting out your lock screen, which, as the name suggests, means that your phone's lock screen will essentially be rented out to advertisers to display ads on it. in return, you'll be compensated with carrots, which is slidejoy's native currency. well, the best thing about slidejoy is that interacting with the ads displayed on your lock screen isn't necessary to earn carrots. in fact, interacting won't even make a difference in your earnings and you'll be paid the same amount. so unless an ad interests you, there's simply no need to open it. toking about the money potential, it's not something mind-blowing, since all you're getting paid for is unlocking your phone, so don't get your hopes too high. if you go about your day normally and check your phone several times a day, you can expect to make anywhere from an extra 10 to 15 dollars every month. however, a slight disadvantage of slidejoy is that the app is only available for Android users, so if you're on iOS, we do our best to find a similar alternative. so make sure that you are subscribed so you don't miss out on a new video. number two: Viggle. although Viggle doesn't necessarily pay for watching ads, it does pay to watch your favorite TV shows. so if you binge watch Hulu and Netflix, this is the perfect app for you to download and make money passively. well, all you need to begin earning vehicle points, which is the app's rewarding currency, is simply checking into Viggle before watching your shows. and well, that's about it. to make the most out of it, just use the app when traveling longer distances, such as road trips and flights, which could tiknically even have Biggle pay a portion of your Trip's expense. pretty cool, isn't it? but wait, the best part yet to come. not only does the app pay for every hour of entertainment you consume, but you could also be in for frequent bonuses, although there is a limit to how many Viggle points you can earn. it is a pretty handsome limit of 60 000 VPS, or sixty dollars every month, so I don't think there is much to complain about here. number one: app trailers. app trailers is exactly what it sounds like. the platform pays you to watch a combination of ads and movie trailers to earn cash. there is nothing complicated here, and in fact, the whole app interface looks like something even a 10 year old could navigate through to begin earning. all you need to do is open the app and start going through all the video offers or app trailers available, which, taking ads into account, will be around 60 seconds in duration. App Trailer is especially great for parents who are trying to familiarize their kids with early money making, to have them pay for little things that they might need on their own. well, in terms of the payout, it isn't anything huge, as there's almost no work to do here, but, realistikally speaking, if you have some spare time after school or work, AB trailers has the potential to make you a sum anywhere between Thirty to forty dollars a month. and now we've taken a look at different sites that pay users for viewing advertising content. now let's find out how to spot fake GPT sites and what to look out for. since there's quite a bit of money involved in this industry, it is the perfect ground for scammers to set up fake offers, deals and sites. So to avoid getting scammed, here are some key things to look out for. number one: a site offering an unrealistikally high payout compared to its competitors could be a huge red flag, as most of them operate and make money the same way. number two: sites with membership and sign up fees are almost always a scam, so make sure to even avoid the realistik looking ones, and do not fall for the five dollar upfront fee trap, since it's highly unlikely you'll ever be making it back. number three: sites that appear to have fake looking, sugar-coated or computer generated reviews and testimonials should also be avoided at all costs, as these so-called public reviews are just there to grab a user's good attention for scamming them later on. now we'll keep things a little different today, and I'd like to end this video by sharing a meaningful conversation between a CEO and a young boy. so once the CEO of a massive hedge fund found this young boy crying outside his office, screaming and complaining that he ran out of money, the CEO lectured: once upon a time I was dead broke, had the responsibility of two children and a sick wife to look after, so I decided to put in every ounce of effort I had in me, started working as a bartender and consistently invested half of my earnings into stoks every month. the boy asked: that's amazing. you're very proud of turning that whole experience into such a successful hedge fund, aren't you? confusingly, the CEO replied: not really. my wife passed away, so I inherited her hedge fund business. well, we all might have heard the saying: good things take time, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. however, good things also call for effort. so, instead of just relying on Miracles, shortcuts and sights that make you quick bucks, try equipping yourself with the diversity of money making tikniques. wondering where you can learn them from? well, simply by subscribing to this Channel and tuning in regularly for more videos just like this one. anyways, that is all for today, guys, and I'll see you in the next one soon.

How To Make Money Online By Watching Ads in 2022 (For Beginners)

so in this video revealing how to make money line just by watching ads and check this out. all of these ads are ads that you are watching right now, and instead of just watching them, what if you just got paid 100 to 700 a day? simply just watch these ads with no experience? mark that after the intro. [Music]. hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here, welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online. sign up for it. in the link below, we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 000 profit in 90 days. so check it out now. so one of the things when it comes to people learning how to make money online is they need to understand one crucial concept, and that is: you cannot create money. you can't make money. okay. the only people that can make the money and create the money is like the federal reserve, okay. at the end of the day, when you want to go ahead and make money, you need to take money by literally go ahead and being in between a transaction where money is already flowing. does that make sense? and people don't understand this. you know when they're like, oh, i want to make money, i want to make money, i want to make money. little do they know that they're not opening their eyes, the fact that there's opportunities of money transacting every single day from, like, the videos that they watch, the products that they consume, and all they have to do is just understand how money works, how people are literally going ahead and selling things, how people are buying things- look at your own buying materials as well as, like what you do, habits, wise, on how you consume- and just find a way to get in there right. and the moment you start doing that, you realize, oh wait, i'm watching these youtube videos already, i'm watching these ads already. why can i just not find a way to make money from these ads? because i see these ads right. all these people that are creating content, they're making money from selling ads. youtube's making money from selling ads. the people that are spending money on the ads, they're making a bunch of money on the back end. why can't i be the one that just takes a little bit of that pie? but of course, people are like: well, mike, i don't understand it, i don't have the time, i don't have the money, i don't know exactly how to go to do this. well, this is exactly what i would do if i want to go ahead and make money, step by step, just by watching ads. and it's not just me, i mean. we literally have people in our community, people like dina, a stay-at-home mom at age 47 years old, go from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks, as well as hundreds of other people that are literally going ahead and doing this exact same method for themselves as well. so what would it be? step number one: literally watch ads. now you're probably wondering: well, mike, where do i go ahead and watch ads? well, do i have to watch every single youtube video and then wait for ads to come? no, you could literally go ahead and go to vidtokcom and you could see that they already have all of the ads in youtube up and running. look at this: 70 million views, 52 million views. some of these, of course, are music videos and some of these are like ran in india, right, but there are a lot- i mean a lot- of video ads here that you could go ahead and make money from this, right? the second step you need to understand when you watch a lot of ads is you? then you need to understand the business model behind why people are are running these ads, okay? well, it's very simple. the reason why people are running these ads is because for every one dollar that they spent, that turns into three dollars in about profit. right now, really, just do the math. every single time you spend one dollar on a machine and you made three dollars, would you just stop putting money in the machine? no, you would find a way to put the three dollars back in the machine and then you get nine dollars, and then you get the nine dollars back. you put it in the machine and then it turns into thirty dollars, right, and you could see that it ends up scaling really, really fast. now, ads is a very interesting business because it's exactly what i used to go in one of my businesses- from zero to five grand in 30 days to 1.6 million that first year- because essentially, i took the money that i made and i would constantly just throw that back in there, right, and that's why all these people are willing to spend money on ads- because they're they're in that process. does that make sense? so the next step that you need to understand is decide where. which place do you want to be in? do you want to be the one that creates the contents and sell the ads, or do you want to be the person on the back end that takes the ads and turns it into money for this sake of this video? we're going to do this so you don't have to show your facebook camera at all. it's to literally just be in the back end where you're making money by just modeling the ads that you're already work were already working. so the third step would be finding ads that you could simply model. so what i like doing is i just like scrolling down, seeing which ads caught my attention, and you can see. if i see some that works, i'll literally go ahead and pull that up, and here's an example of this. check this out. this one video was like, literally modeled by a lot of different- you know different- types of- uh like people and channels with no like subscribers whatsoever, and one of these videos- let me just play this. if you wear glasses or contacts, you must see this- a japanese nobel prize winning scientist and you can see that that ad was made from robot voices and no one was showing their face on camera. so every now and then, you'll see one of these ads blow up. right, and you could tell, because they just use stok footage and robot voices. these are the ones that i would want to go ahead and model. when you go ahead and find one of these, you literally just pull up the url by just grabbing it from like, for example, vidtokcom- right, and what i like doing is the fourth step is i like writing down word for word what this person said, because the ads are. if they said this and were able to get 26 million views, that means they did this dance a lot, meaning they made a lot of money, right, and all you got to do is go ahead and model what already is working. now. the fifth step, once you have that script, is you want to find a product that you could go ahead and mold that script to a different type of industry. right, so you could literally sign up for clickbank for free. now i really like clickbank because clickbank was one of the ways that i went from zero to eight grand in 30 days, with no product, with no service, with no delivery, with no customer service, with no back end, with no um inventory. right, and you can see. when you sign for free, you can literally go ahead and check out their marketplace and they have a bunch, a bunch of products. they'll pay you even upwards of a hundred dollars, plus per commissions, to sell a product where they do the shipping. they spend the money on inventory, they do all that hard work and all you got to do is a little bit of the marketing right. the sixth step that you want to do is take the words that they use. say: this is weight loss, right, and then take that. the script that you made. when you made the script. see, this one is like restoring vision. replace all of the words that's toking about like: oh, i want to get better eyesight to losing weight, and they'll tell you exactly what to say by just pulling up their affiliate page. they have a bunch of different copywriting and emails. you can go ahead and plug and play the emails that they have written for you. that gets them to sell to people that have email lists, but instead you just use it, for example, in a youtube video ad. right now, the moment you have that script and you change it up to all the new words that you get from the affiliate page, you then just take that for example script. put it on loboai and t.

Get Paid $1718 For Watching Ads (FREE) With 5 Websites (100% Legit) | Make Money Online 2022

everyone dislikes ads, but did you know that you might get compensated for watching them? most people ignore them, yet there are methods to earn money by watching short adverts. although you may not earn enough to replace your job, watching advertisements might be a rewarding side venture instead of mindlessly scrolling around social media or watching tv shows. take a look at our list of the top 5 best websites that will pay you to view advertisements. but before we begin, i would like to ask you to watch this video carefully, because i have seen in the comments section that some of you have asked me to come up with websites that offer multiple payment methods instead of paypal. so in this video, all the websites that i have mentioned offer that feature. so without further ado, let's get started on our list for today, starting with number five: star clicks. do you want to earn free money for each time you make a click? if that's the case, this website is for you. with 4.8 ratings on 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