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wedding venue ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Are you looking for the perfect wedding venue to make your special day unforgettable? Look no further than the Regal Promenade Pavilion! We have everything you need and more to make your wedding, corporate banquet, or christening an unforgettable experience.

Venue Details:

- Located in Queens, right across from where the taxis go to sleep

- We have everything shiny and anything you want

- Big drapes, gold forks, and dusty sconce light bulbs

- We even have a carpet in the bathroom and kitchen

- The youngest valets you can imagine, born in 2005

- Our world-renowned chef can make you dinner with buttered sea shells, big rolls, and squeaky green beans

- Our staff is always ready to serve you, even if it means yelling at them

Wedding Experience:

- Have your wedding at the Regal Promenade and we'll make sure it has everything you want and more

- We have a round driveway that's perfect for a big princess dress with boobies on top

- Our in-house cameraman will capture all your memories

- Our DJ will provide the perfect music for your special day, from Shania Twain to Jewish songs for the Hora

- If it's a gay wedding, we might giggle a little bit, but we'll make sure it's still the perfect wedding for you

At the Regal Promenade Pavilion, we make sure your wedding or event is everything you want and more. From the shiny decor to the delicious food, we have it all. Don't wait, book your event with us today!


Hey everybody, Kristen Benford here, wedding venue owner and coach, running a profitable wedding venue community here on Facebook. Today, I want to talk about engagement season and why just spending money on advertising is not the first step to being successful in the wedding industry.

1. Busy Wedding Season:

- Fall is peak wedding season.

- Many couples love to have fall weddings.

- You're probably busy hosting weddings and dealing with last-minute requests.

2. Engagement Season:

- Engagement season is typically between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.

- Historically, we used to book about 40% of our weddings during that time period.

- Couples are booking right now, and they don't book two venues.

- As a small business owner and wedding venue owner, it's hard to balance hosting weddings and thinking about booking for 2022 and 2023.

3. Advertising:

- You're likely inundated with advertising pitches from advertising agencies and software companies.

- The pitches are all about advertising strategies and tactics to book more couples.

- Advertising is not the first step to being successful in the wedding industry.

4. Building the Right Business Strategy:

- Spending money on advertising is like setting it on fire for many venue owners.

- We spend less than $2,000 a year on advertising.

- We built our business strategy around our ideal couples.

- We want couples to buy, not to be sold.

- Think of your business as a bucket with holes.

- Dumping more paid advertising dollars into that bucket with holes is inefficient.

If you want to be successful in the wedding industry, don't just focus on advertising. Build the right business strategy around your ideal couples. Don't be a salesperson, but make sure your value is communicated effectively. And remember, engagement season is just around the corner, so start thinking about booking for 2022 and 2023 now.

Wedding Venue Marketing: How To Double Your Bookings In 30 Days

Hey there! This is Dylan with Johnson Jones, and today I want to share a story with you about a wedding venue that we were able to double sales for in a short period of time using effective Google advertising and website optimization.

Using Google AdWords:

- Google AdWords is paying Google to show your website above others in organic traffic

- Our client showed up as number one in Google results for rustic wedding venue

- Small budget of $500/month

- Lots of conversions on their website

Website Optimization:

- Landing page specifically for weddings

- Prompt to enter email for a free brochure

- Benefits listed, but not capacity, amenities, or pricing

- Personal letter from event specialist

- Call to action

- 91 total brochure downloads in 30 days

- 88% audience conversion rate

- 6 unsubscribes

- Client closing 50% of visitors

- Total cost of advertising: $500

Overall, our strategies were successful in doubling sales for this wedding venue. If you're interested in learning more about how we did it or want to start a similar campaign, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. Thank you for your time and I hope we can work together soon!

How To Promote Your Wedding Venue and Get a Ton of Bookings Using Facebook ads

- The article discusses a new case study on how to effectively use Facebook Ads to generate wedding and event bookings for venue businesses.

- Many businesses struggle with expensive and untargeted marketing methods such as wedding fairs and Google Ads, making it difficult to track return on investment.

- The author, Elaine Sanderson, is a Facebook Ads expert and offers a solution to this problem.

The Main Problem:

- The main problem for wedding venues, event venues, and restaurants is getting a consistent stream of bookings to fill their venues on a daily basis.

- Paying for expensive and untargeted marketing such as magazine advertising, leaflets, and word of mouth can be ineffective and difficult to justify.

- Businesses need to target the right clients who can afford their venues and track their return on investment.

The Old Solution:

- Magazine advertising can be expensive and untargeted, reaching hundreds of thousands of people who may not be interested in their services.

- Leaflets and word of mouth can be untargeted and inconsistent.

- Posting on social media and hiring a social media manager may not yield desired results as only a small percentage of followers see posts.

- Google Ads can be expensive, difficult to learn, and risky.

- Local SEO can take time and effort to rank and may not yield immediate results.

- Groupon may reduce prices and give commission, but businesses may end up giving away too much to clinch bookings.

- Wedding fairs can be expensive and non-exclusive to businesses, making it hard to track return on investment.

The New Solution:

- Facebook advertising with the use of Messenger Bots is an effective way to generate targeted, trackable, and exclusive leads.

- Businesses can easily tap into their exact audience on Facebook and Instagram, which are the fastest growing platforms with their clients.

- Investing in a local business and Facebook advertising course can help businesses learn the nuances of effective Facebook marketing and ads.


- Businesses can generate 50 inquiries in a month and get 30 people through their doors by spending only $250 a month on Facebook ads.

- By using Facebook Ads, businesses can make more money and get better quality, high paying bookings.

- The author has seen success with businesses from different industries.

- The use of Facebook Ads can be an effective solution for businesses struggling with expensive and untargeted marketing methods.

- Investing in a Facebook advertising course and learning the nuances of Facebook marketing can help businesses achieve success with targeted, trackable, and exclusive leads.

- Businesses can generate a constant stream of quality well-paid bookings and avoid relying on inconsistent leads and word of mouth.

How To Create A Facebook Ad Targeting Engaged Couples

Are you a wedding venue owner or manager looking to improve your Facebook ads targeting? Look no further! In this article, we will go through the steps of creating a boosted post with effective audience details to ensure your ads are reaching engaged couples in your target area.

Step 1: Choose Your Post

To begin, choose a post from your page that you want to boost. Do not click the special ad category, as it will only create issues for you unless you are doing housing, social issues, or elections.

Step 2: Audience Details

When it comes to targeting engaged couples, select the area you want to target, usually a city or specific target area within that city. Set a 50 or 30 mile radius depending on your preferences. In the audience details, select newly engaged for 3 or 6 months. This helps narrow down your audience and avoid wasting marketing dollars.

Step 3: Browse Targeting

Browse targeting details to further refine your audience. You can target interests, relationships, parents, financial status, and life events. For example, you may choose to target people who like weddings or vacations, but starting with newly engaged for 3 or 6 months is usually the most effective.

Step 4: Define Your Audience

Once you have defined your audience, save it and choose your budget. It's best to start with a total budget of around $500 for seven days. You can adjust your budget and end date as needed. Remember, you can cut your ad at any time.

Step 5: Boost Your Post

Finally, enter your credit card information and click boost post. Congratulations, you have successfully targeted your audience for a boosted Facebook post!

Targeting the right audience is crucial for a successful Facebook ad campaign. By using these steps, you can effectively reach engaged couples in your target area and avoid wasting marketing dollars. Remember to monitor your ads and adjust your targeting as needed for the best results.

The Sneaky Way to Get Wedding Leads With Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the cheapest and most effective way to advertise your wedding business. However, if your Facebook ads haven't worked for you, you might be making a critical mistake. In this article, we'll discuss the biggest mistake you might be making with your Facebook ads and how to fix it.

The Biggest Mistake:

The biggest mistake you might be making with your Facebook ads is poor targeting. Without a proper targeting strategy, your ads will fail. Even if you have the most effective ad, if brides and grooms are not seeing it when they're trying to hire someone who does what you do, it's not going to do you any good.

Targeting Strategy:

Most wedding professionals target their ads by location, age, and gender. However, we don't know what point in the engagement she's at. Is she just newly engaged, or has she been engaged for a year? That's where some cool targeting options come in.

Life Events Targeting:

You can use life events targeting to target couples who are newly engaged by the amount of time they've been engaged for. Newly engaged for one year means couples who have been engaged for less than one year, six months means they've been engaged for less than six months, and three months means they've been engaged for less than three months.

Using this targeting strategy, you can target couples based on the stage of their planning. If you know that couples are usually booking your particular business at the beginning of their planning process, you might want to target the ones who have been engaged for three months or less. If it's more in the middle of the planning process, you might target for six months or less. You can even target the entire new crop of engaged couples who are one year or less into their planning.

Using life events targeting can save you money on your Facebook ads and make them more effective. By targeting couples based on the stage of their planning, you can reach your ideal clients when they're most likely to be looking for a service like yours. There are even more sneaky ways to target your ideal clients on Facebook, which we'll be revealing in our new workshop, Five Steps to Real Wedding Leads with Facebook Ads. Join us at bookmorebrides.com/fb to learn more.

All about wedding venues | St Francis Links

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Region 80 Wedding Show. This week, our guest is Eugenie from St. Francis Links, who is the wedding and function coordinator. Unfortunately, our co-host couldn't make it, but before we start, let's discuss what the move to Level 3 means for our clients.

- Pre shoots can be scheduled.

- Weddings are not allowed on Level 3.

- Small gatherings or weddings may be allowed on Level 1 or 2.

- Live streaming is a great option for those who cannot attend physically.

Livestreaming is not just limited to weddings but can be applied to all special events. At Region 80, we offer this service to all our clients.

Now, let's get started with Eugenie from St. Francis Links. The venue was not initially planned for weddings, but it has become one of the top wedding venues in South Africa. The venue offers beautiful scenery, including a natural reserve and ocean as backdrops for ceremonies. Additionally, there is a small church for traditional weddings.

The reception area can seat up to 210 guests with a dance floor and stunning views of the golf course and mountains. The venue also offers reduced green fees for guests to enjoy golf after the wedding. The venue has an in-house wedding coordinator and well-trained staff to take care of all the details.

In conclusion, St. Francis Links is an ideal venue for a memorable wedding celebration.

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