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weekly ads albertson

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads


[Music],hi friends it's valerie welcome back to,my channel and welcome back to this,week's grocery haul this week's grocery,haul is going to be part of a monthly,collab that is hosted by tiffany from,small town 6 and jessica from jessica,myros and i will leave a link in the,description box down below to both of,their channels as well as a link to the,playlist so you can go check out,everyone else's videos and what they,have for you,but let's just get started,y'all i have been wondering if these,barbecue rib sandwiches from sam's club,are any good,and my friend got them and i tried them,and they're delicious now i'm a big fan,of the mcrib from mcdonald's when they,have it i also like the am pm version,it's just been a really long time i,don't even know if they carry it anymore,because i haven't been in an am pm in,years,but i get that craving and i wonder if,they were good but i wasn't willing to,spend 14,to find out i didn't like them there's,ten sandwiches inside which isn't a bad,price considering the fact that they are,good,so,uh the bun is a little bit thicker than,mcdonald's i personally like that and,i'll just want to add like onions and,pickles on it to be more comparable to,the mcrib,but it is really really good,and then i got two packages of some,smoked turkey breast just for lunch,sandwiches,and then a couple bags of the baby val,cheeses been loving keeping those on,hand these are the small bags there's no,deals going on for them right now so,i just grabbed those,a lemon,needed some ground lamb for a recipe,that'll actually probably be out before,this grocery haul because,i needed it after i made my last meal,plan,and then got some corn want to make the,mexican style elote so gonna give that a,try,and then a couple english cucumbers,some hot dogs,some breakfast sausage was sounding,really good again,so i had to get some of that,then i've been craving pie so bad like,berry pie either pie or cobbler,and vanilla ice cream i've been really,wanting those two things together but,i don't bake,too much and,from scratch so,it's on a rare occasion it'll happen but,i just stik with easy things like this,and it's really good so got that in the,vanilla ice cream some heavy whipping,cream i've also been trying to keep more,things in the freezer that we can easily,grab,especially with summer being here and,the fact that we're on the go a lot so,got some red baron french bread,pepperoni pizzas i love those french,bread version,and then some mini corn dogs,i picked up some of the tyson,chicken strips i wanted the pilgrim ones,but they were all out and then i've had,rico's nacho cheese before i like the,white queso but i wanted to keep these,little cups on hand because i have some,frozen pretzels,that i want to eat up but i like to dip,them in cheese and i just don't really,have that like on hand normally so these,little cups are going to be great for,that,and then i saw these they're the store,brand of albertson's brand of um,florentine mini quiche they sounded,really good their egg cheese spinach and,pastry flaky pastry that sounds,delicious so that'll be a quick,breakfast,and then,i also was really wanting these,tgi fridays,jalapeno poppers the cream cheese ones,i needed some fries so i got the red,robin ones we really enjoyed those ones,needed to restok on some fresh fruit so,i got one cantaloupe and two watermelon,i saw a recipe on tiktok that uses this,fermented red pepper paste,so,i was looking for that and i found it so,i figured i'd grab it now so that i can,have it on hand when i want to try out,that recipe,i had a freebie for the store brand of,orange juice so i went ahead and grabbed,that,and some hummus now i toked to you,recently about sabre being hard to find,and i love the pine nut one but i've,been seeing sabre back in store now but,just the original and the red pepper,so i was giving different hummuses a try,and i tried this roasted garlic one and,actually really liked it so i got,another one of those,just a big thing of sharp cheddar cheese,some steaks,um,these were on sale still so i grabbed,some more might grab another set as well,i might freeze these up just so we can,have some decent stakes like on backup,while i can get them at a discounted,price and then some asparagus,two of the fresh express,caesar supreme kids i really love these,a lot i could literally just eat these,by the bag like daily i love them that,much,then i got some semi-sweet ghirardelli,chocolate for baking some corn tortillas,a red onion,some celery,broccoli,um spinach a cup noodle,jasmine rice,and just a thing of diced peach cups,i picked up some tostitos chips these,are the scoops ones i figure these are,going to be great to have around um i,like to eat salsa and chips with cream,cheese,and then so i got two bags of those,they're on sale so they're like buy,three then they're only a dollar nine in,a bag so i got two of those and one of,the lay's barbecue chips got some of the,um water enhancing drops the arizona,mucho mango i actually like to add those,into like my seltzers to make them taste,better,and then,i got some brussels sprouts some frozen,broccoli some rosemary,some of the baby dutch yellow potatoes,these looked so good i like wanted some,roasted potatoes so those look like,they're going to be amazing,got another bag of the,feta cheese i liked it in the bag and it,was really good so got that and then,some goat cheese some lamb this is going,to be for a dinner,and,it's a burger so,i needed these ingredients for that,some cream cheese,sourdough english muffins and then we,went to dollar tree to look for some of,them vacuum seal bags and i saw this,velveeta cheese sauce packet so i,thought that'd be good to have on hand,i picked up one of the palm passion or,pomegranate peach passion white tees i,haven't had those in a while and i,really like them so got one of those as,well as a couple of the watermelon,hydration waters i really like that a,lot,i picked up some stoke cold brew to keep,on hand so,i run out of milk a lot so i can't make,like espresso,lattes the way i like to,um so,like when i run out of milk it's the,worst because you know like the base of,my drink is milk so that's like horrible,when i tried the other day to just have,a regular cake up just like you know,iced coffee,it was disgusting like espresso has,ruined basic coffee for me it like,i used to drink it just fine no problem,and now it was just like horrible so,i figured keep a bottle of stoke in the,fridge at all times because if i do run,out of milk this lasts longer in the,fridge and um,i do still enjoy stoke so,my cats are going crazy in the,background so if you hear them running,around i am sorry about that you can see,that little crazy guy right there,uh anyways so,um,i got some avocado oil,needed some pantry staples or like to,like restok on them so that i can keep,extras like on hand and um so i got two,of the chef boyardee mini raviolis oh,one's not mini apparently it's just the,regular one i didn't notike that but,that's okay,and then a thing of,alfredo sauce,this is just the ragu one couple things,of pesto we love the filippo berrio,pesto and i like to use that a lot so,keeping those on hand is very,handy i always keep a good stok of,those some baked beans,some green olives,needed some roasted red peppers,so i grabbed those some sun-dried,tomatoes some of the panda express,orange sauce since it's summer and ice,cream time i got some of the smuckers,sunday syrup in chocolate,and some sugar cones,we do enjoy our ice cream in the summer,and then my boyfriend grabbed this,arizona i think it's strawberry kiwi,i think and then i got a triple x,vitamin water and one of the smart,waters in,passion fruit mango,[Music],let's go back over here,i grabbed some olives,and some diced tomatoes,got a couple things of the nora rice,sides and some tortillas for like tacos,some spaghetti noodles,some of these rice paper things i like,these to put like shrimp and like,carrots like some veggies just l

Albertsons/VONS ad Preview

hi everyone it's time for the albertsons,funds,ad preview for the week of,november 18th through thanksgiving day,november 26th this ad does go all the,way through thursday and then after,thursday they'll have a little,three-day ad so there's a lot to tok,about so let's get started,they still have the turkey deal the five,dollar friday is actually on the front,page this time,don't see anything that fantastik on,there,except maybe the biscuits for a dollar,they have uh tostitos lays or kettle,cooked,chips buy two get three free so i'm sure,they're very expensive for the first two,the ritz crackers and wheat fans and,nabisco snack crackers are three for,five dollars there's various,sodas and sparkling waters and things,for 99 cents,the butter the challenge butter is buy,one get one free,but the regular price is 649 so it would,be,two of them for 6.49 i was able to go,the challenge website and finally print,off 50 cent coupons,coupons do not work on a free item at,albertsons or,vons they beep so it would be,two for 5.99 or three dollars,each i mean it's not a horrible price,but,it's not the greatest we've ever seen,finally the california cuties are in,they're 297 for a three pound bag i do,love the california cuties they are,delicious,this is kind of a weird like this is,like an extra little,flap here so this is a good deal if you,eat,beef it's 477 a pound for the ribeye,bone-in,roast or the boneless new york roast you,can use this coupon or clip it on your,just for you app,if you have not downloaded the just for,you and you're an albertsons and vaughn,shopper i encourage you to do so they,have all kinds of great,wonderful special deals it's really,great,and some things you can only get on,these this just for you up,like the fresh gold pineapples for 99,cents each that's a really good price i,do plan on picking up a pineapple,the dryer's ice cream is 199.,my friend that prints me coupons anytime,i want them,she loves this kind so i'm going to pick,her up two,ice creams the oscar meyer bacon is only,3.99 that's a really good price i'll,probably pick up some for mama,and then there's various wine and beer,deals,as is on the back over here on this flap,there's the fab,five so it's a lot of things this week,on the fab,five the cool whip is 99 cents on the,coupons.com,app there is a an offer to get free cool,whip,so i plan on getting that mama likes to,use that to make her jello salad,if you don't want to pay a lot for,butter the imperial margarine which i,think is just,as good is only 99 cents,the kellogg's cereals are a dollar,sixty-nine now on the fab,five you have to buy a minimum of five,items and anything over that,it's okay as long as you buy a minimum,of five items you'll get that price,so the frosted flakes are dollar 69,there's a dollar,20 rebate on shopkick plus a 45,cent rebate on ibotta so that makes them,only four cents,with no coupons at all but if you have,coupons,then it would be even cheaper i happen,to have,a few peeleys i've got a dollar on any,two,there's also i bought a rebates on the,froot loops,so and i have one of these peelies if,these are included then these would be,cheap and if the rice krispies are,included,then i have a coupon to get a free pack,of marshmallows when you buy two,rice krispies so lots of,i bought a deals on the kellogg's cereal,so check and see what offers you might,have,the campbell's soup is 99 cents,if you still have the 50 cent off for,coupon you can get some,campbell soups for cheap,the folger's coffee is only 5.99 that's,actually a really good deal for the big,one and i do have coupons,i have a dollar on the k-cups,if that's included i don't see it there,but sometimes it,is but then there's 50 cents on the,canister,the mayonnaise is only 2.99 that's a,really good deal because i have one,dollar off coupons that they emailed me,so i plan on picking up i have two of,these so i'm gonna get,two one for my friend that prints me,coupons and one for mama,and then the melee mustard i'm sure i'm,not saying that right but it's 299 we,have a dollar coupon and there's dollar,i bought a rebate so that would only be,99,cents i really do like the dijon mustard,they make a good dijon so i plan on,picking that up,the chocolate chips are 2.99 i have a,digital for a dollar off two so check,your digitals and see,what you might have you might be able to,get some,good deals on chocolate chips,the green giant box vegetables are only,99 cents,and if the simply steam are included,then i have these dollar off two tear,pads so 49 cents for these box,vegetables,i love these they're so good,the sour cream is a dollar 49. i have a,personalized price for 2.36,so the way that works is since the,regular price,not the regular but the single price for,one is 249,a dollar would come off so my price,would be a dollar 36,and then there's a one dollar i bought a,rebate so 36 cents for sour cream,is fabulous there's the marshmallows if,i,get those free the coupon might take off,more than 99 cents i'm not sure,so could possibly be a little bit of,extra overage there,but we'll just have to wait and see,okay so that's enough of that one i,don't like it when they have all these,different pages,that's the way it is here's more fab,five the late july chips are a dollar,ninety nine there's a one dollar i,bought a rebate,the s w canned beans are only 79 cents,and if you go to their website and sign,up,they will um you can print off dollar,various coupons i have one for a dollar,off four,so that would only be like 54 cents each,i plan on getting,some canned beans because i like to keep,those in my pantry,for chili's and side dishes for tacos,and enchiladas and things like that,i like to do of course my own homemade,beans from scratch in the crock pot of,course but those,are really nice to just have on hand,when you don't have a lot of time,the blue diamond almonds are 249,so that's really good and i do plan on,getting those for my husband,i have dollar off two coupons so it make,them a dollar ninety-nine that's really,good,also on my just for you i have an offer,for five off 50 and i also have,an offer if i spend a hundred dollars,before coupons i will get five extra,rewards,so that's a good deal that's what i plan,on doing is trying to get my basket up,to 100 so that i can reach that,threshold and get those extra rewards,the king author flower is 249,and we just got coupons in the 1115,retailmenot,for 75 cents off so you can pick up some,flour for a dollar,74. anything for me under two dollars is,a great deal on flour,now i put it in the freezer so that it,doesn't get any,bugs in it well they all the flour,this is what i read on google i don't,know if it's true but all the flour,that you buy has eggs in it from the,bugs so if you put it in the freezer,then it kills the eggs and they don't,hatch,um here's some other things that don't,seem that,exciting to me okay this one actually is,so the,phy yay yogurt is a dollar twenty five,i have a one dollar off any yogurt just,for you coupon,it's one of those northern californian,ones so for me this week,the coupons are a dollar off yogurt a,dollar off,bread a dollar off fruit or vegetable,and a dollar off neo organics products,so i would pay 25 cents for this and,then i bought it has a 65 cent rebate so,a nice little money maker on that,and then we have more meat deals on the,back the impossible,burger i love this stuff so this is 6.99,i have one dollar coupon so i plan on,stoking up and getting,the stores usually don't have that many,so i'm gonna try to get two or three,if they have them i like this for,meatloaf and just all kinds of stuff but,especially meatloaf i like to do two,packages,and make a big meatloaf and then we have,it for dinner and then we have extras,for meatloaf sandwiches,and here's ready ms for 99 cents a pound,which is actually a good deal,these days in this area,and see here's the o organic salad blend,so with that one dollar off produce,coupon,and the one dollar off oh organics they,would b

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How to use the new For u app STEP BY STEP

hey friends welcome back to my channel,happily g,i am going to be going over an,app update tutorial for the just for you,this is for safeway stores so even if,you are shopping at your local,shaw's or albertson's vaughns they,should all,run very similarly,[Music],upon entering i am going to start from,the bottom left tab,home you are going to select,your zip code and,it prompts you this is the zip code i'm,using,you have the option to select delivery,pickup or shop in store,and select your store from here i'm,going to click,on the three tabs next to,that it will take you to your settings,this is where you can sign out you can,have prescriptions transferred,you can see previous orders,as well as your current orders,your account is the information that you,signed up with,it's personal so i'm not selecting that,you will want to click on scan,settings and on scan settings make sure,you have,this set on,you will see a color of blue and this,will allow you to scan products,in store you can also,access fresh pass i will get back into,toking about that very shortly there is,a help and frequently asked questions,that is very beneficial to navigating,and learning how to shop,smarter another thing is for delivery,there is a fee of 9.95,and you will want to pay attention to,the cost,of delivery i am going to tell you,something,towards the end of this video how you,can get this for free,next i am going to go back to the home,i'm going to start from the top down so,there's a barcode at the top,you can scan an item you can see what,coupons are,available next is clip your favorites,and,these are items that i've previously,purchased and,they are prompting me to purchase it,again with a specialized price,for myself since i have been purchasing,this item before when you scroll down,you can see,the weekly ad you can select it to,browse it,then you can also browse deals,the fresh pass i will be going back to,and telling you about that,and the weekly ad coupons these are,the just for you ones that are in the,mailer that comes in with the barcode,but these are the ones that you want to,clip and i think this is a good feature,to have it in a special place,because sometimes you go to the register,and you're not sure if it is clipped,you can just easily clip it and it says,added and it is,clipped to your account as you scroll,down you can also,view your receipt and have contact list,pay,you can set that up and then also be,able to view your receipts,once that is set up they also have,a app for gasoline and your,prescriptions,if you would like that and you can save,on their brands,select see all or,you can see some of the items that are,down below right here,and i have the earn three times points,when i spend,on their products when you spend twenty,dollars on partikipating items,that have this you get three times the,point so that is super cool,next we are going to go to,the browse it's the second from the,bottom,and as you can see the barcode is at the,top again,so i really like that they are,encouraging you to scan your items,they have it very similar to the setup,they have on their website,which has the visuals of the item,but this even goes down to the specific,size,and quantities that you might be wanting,to purchase,you can even sort through deals,regular price this vitamin water was,8.29,and now it is 5.99 each and that's for,the six pack,this is a filter sort and filter by you,can do it alphabetikally best match,most popular low to high so that is,really nice,as well i think the visuals are,definitely,extremely helpful for anyone that,is learning to shop someone that's from,a different country,i think that having the visuals is a,really nice feature that they have,next you will see the deals button and,this is the you,that we all are very familiar with at,the top you see that it is labeled deals,and then,the toggle we are on right now is all,deals you can slide,this all the way across and there's bogo,on these items,then promo there are some promos that,are going on right now,there are some coupons that are expiring,soon and you can refine this,newest as well as a coupon center you,can sort this all out,special picks just for those who aren't,familiar,these are specialized coupons because,you have purchased the item before there,is a for you tab,you can see that there is my rewards,clipped,deals and weekly ad and items that i,purchased,and the buy again which we are seeing,this from home page,you will also want to make sure you,always select the two times points,because you will earn two times points,every time you purchase produce,as well as meat or seafood department,here's another incentive,of the three rewards when you spend 80,dollars on your next shopping trip,so these occur periodically and when you,spend that amount you get three rewards,my only dislike of this app so far,has been the font is so much smaller and,the fine print,however i think that the visuals,outweigh the cons of this app i hope,that a lot of people are able to,learn how to use this and it's more user,friendly for them,and it looks like i have,some larry's seasoning of garlic salt,for a special price limit one per day,and through the month of july and here's,some,other save all month items and,i have to tell you that the items that,are save all month are items that i,purchase,a lot so the more frequently you shop,the more the app and all the,coupons will be more catered to you and,your family,so going on from here you can see that,you can select the weekly ad again,i will select that so you can see it,from here you can view the ad,so if you are in store and you happen to,not have the mailer with you,you can definitely pull your phone out,and hopefully there's good reception you,can get that,also on tuesdays there is a sneak peek,at the ad,so you definitely want to be looking at,your phone,if you haven't received it already in,the mail just to see what deals are,going on,for the next day wednesday is the day,that the new,sale starts and tuesday's the last day,for,the week here's some items that i may,like and i have a freebie,of ice cream which my store doesn't,carry it here's some categories,and under categories this is where you,see your savings events which is really,awesome,you have exclusive brands with coupons,and this is where you will see your free,offers free offers,are items that the store selects for you,to pick up and,i've received hand sanitizer wipes,before,i've received ground beef i've received,bars some of the stuff is,store brands that they want to introduce,you to,however there are a lot of items that,they,put out like planet oat that are not,affiliated with,albertsons at all they're just an item,that they're just giving as an incentive,if you toggle to the left you will see,that there's some online orders,that there are special picks for you so,you can clip these deals if you are,doing an online order,enfamil png products and if you aren't,familiar with png,it means procter and gamble and they,have some summer games,some are cocktails and weekly ad coupons,again you can search through,the categories they have it alphabetized,this time,another thing i didn't touch on in my,last video were the rebates because i,was unfamiliar with it however i have,tried this before,and it is really cool if you are already,purchasing it,there are coupons on alcoholic beverages,and for this item this,michelob ultra you can clip the deal and,it is a rebate,and at first i had no clue how it works,but,there is fine print and pretty much it,says that,if you purchase this item you need to,buy two,12 packs or larger of the methyl ultra,you will get,this rebate and this value is for,six dollars and you will receive that in,an email three to five days after,you purchase it so if you already have,your account set up,then it will go directly into your,paypal three to five days after you,purchase this,and at the bottom of your receipt the,day that you purchase it,it will say pending rebate i know for,some

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Albertsons/VONS(Safeway) ad Scan 3/31/21-4/6/21

hi everyone it's time for the albertsons,vons,ad scan for the week of wednesday march,31st,through tuesday april 6th or it's hard,to believe it's almost april,but today is the last day of march and,this is the,easter sale ad so let's get started a,very happy easter to everyone,the gold pineapples are only 99 cents,each,and you can get up to two this week's,northern and southern california coupons,are a dollar off produce a dollar off,organics,a dollar a dollar off of bread which is,found in the condiment spices and bakes,category of your just for you and a,dollar off any yogurt,so with that coupon if you bought two,pineapples the dollar would come off you,would pay,98 cents for two pineapples very very,good price,the beef rib eye roast is 577 a pound,with the just for you digital coupon,that's a very good price um for meat,these days and this,is the bone-in roast so excellent deal,there,these spiro sliced hams are a dollar 27,a pound,the strawberries are buy one get one,free,their eight pieces of chicken is 5.99,each,check your just for you digitals on one,of my accounts i had a dollar fifty off,which would make it for,49 which is a really good deal,and the ritz crackers and the nabisco,snack crackers are three for five,dollars you do have to buy them,in increments of five check your,monopoly game pieces,there's often coupons for these plus i,won,i think 50 cents off of these toasted,chips so,that would be really nice to have three,of those i think i only have two but if,i get another one that would take 50,cents off of each one so it would make,it three,four three dollars and fifty cents or,just a little bit over a dollar each,that's a good deal,i think we have digital's for a dollar,off two on the ritz also so check that,those digital dollar off two writs are,manufactured digital's and they will,stack with the store digital,so that could be some really good cheap,crackers,the kellogg's cereals are a dollar 69,but you do have to buy them in,increments of three,i don't know of any i bought a rebates,right now but if you go to kellogg's,family rewards they do have coupons for,the kellogg's,cereal items,there's some craft beers for 12.99 they,were 11.99 in the past so those have,been going up also,food prices are definitely on the rise,so now is the time more than ever,to look at the sale prices match it up,with coupons and i bought a rebates and,get your groceries for cheap,the potato chips are two for four,dollars you don't have to buy two that,just makes them two dollars each,the ice cream dryers ice creams and,their brands,um ice cream sandwiches are 2.99 each,there's some soda water and sparkling,water and snapple,drinks three for 9.99 you do have to buy,them in sets of,three,and the limit is two offers per,household,there's a lot of stuff on the fab five,this week there's a couple of pages,worth so,the green giant boxed vegetables are 99,cents,that's another monopoly winner i've won,50 cents off of that,so that would be 49 cents that's a great,deal,their brand of cheeses the shredded and,the chunks are 1.99 the special k,cereal is 1.99,if you hear any um toking in the,background it's my husband he works from,home now so,unfortunately it's just you know the way,it is,with both of us working from home that's,just the way it is sometimes,so the tuna is 79 cents for the chicken,of the sea,tuna that's a great deal,their brand of pasta is 79 cents we have,jello,and marshmallows for 99 cents mama loves,to make jello salad,so she always needs jello marshmallows,and cool whip for her jello salad,okay so the magnum is a really good deal,so it is 299 for the magnum,either the cracked pints or the ice,cream bars,and then we have various coupons from,coupons.com we have 75 cents off of one,and a dollar fifty,off two as well as these are digital,also,and often when they're digital and you,have a dollar fifty off,two and a seventy five off one usually,they both stack so if you buy two of,them you'd get,a dollar fifty off and 75 cents off,plus check your fetch on my fetch i get,a dollar fifty back,on the magnum so that makes it,almost free possibly even a money maker,so really really good deal on that,the talentes are 2.99 i had gotten some,emails from them so i have dollar 25,coupons so that's a great deal,the big honkin tub of country croc is,2.99 hopefully checkout 51 will give us,a dollar rebate,that would make it 1.99 that's a great,deal,the king arthur flowers 299 there maybe,i bought a rebates i,i was looking at my ibotta rebates to,see what matched up and i think those,were on there but i just,can't quite remember so check your,ibottas and see if you have that,if you want to pick up some kin salad,dressing today,is the last day to use the coupon,we have these uh dollar off one,on the simply vinaigrette that's the one,my husband and i like,and we also have a dollar off two off of,any,there was i bought a rebates those are,no longer available,sadly very sadly,um the cottage cheese the nuts is a,dollar forty nine there's a fifty cent i,bought a rebate mama loves cottage,cheese so i'll probably pick that,up for her the czech cereal is 199.,there's a 75 cent i bought a rebate on,that,and we do have dollar off two coupons so,that would make,two of them 398 minus a dollar would be,298,and minus 275 centibatas i think the,limit is one though on the ibotta so,yeah then it would be 224 for two boxes,of chicks,which is actually not bad because it's,very hard to get checks on sale,for really really super cheap oh there's,cool whip for 1.99 for mama's jello,salad,i like to pay 99 cents but you know,that's the way it is,and here they're just advertising the,monopoly game which i'm loving,right now i've won a ton of those waters,which i still cannot find at my,albertsons i can't find them anywhere,not even up at the checkout,so if you shop at vons let me know if,you can find them there,and on the next page we have even more,fab,fives the soups are 99 cents each,there's a 35,35 off two i bought a rebate,the kettle chips are 1.99 i won a 50,cent off,i didn't yeah i guess i did win a 50,cent off coupon,that i loaded to my car so those would,only be a dollar 49,the mayonnaise is 299 for the best foods,mayonnaise there's a digital for three,dollars off the mayonnaise,and the melee mustard so,and there's two of them so if they stack,it might be first,it might make for some free or money,maker mayonnaise and mustard i'm gonna,try it out,last week i did a really big haul on,monday i got like 130 dollars worth of,groceries because i had a 10,off coupon that my friend gave me who,prints me coupons anytime,unfortunately i had so many so much,trouble with my video i was not able to,do a video so i'm very sorry about that,but i got a lot of good deals,but i did not get the mayonnaise so i do,want to try that again,not again but i do want to try it,the oatmeal is 199. i have dollar off,two oatmeal coupons but they do expire,today,and i'm not planning on going today,unfortunately,so the chobani yogurts are 99 cents,and if this probiotik one is included i,have 50 cent peelees,so that would make them 49 cents and,there's also,a 50 cent off two i bought a rebate plus,that yogurt dollar coupon hopefully will,come off,if i buy two then two of them is 198,minus the dollar,would be 98 cents minus two of these,would make it two cents of overage plus,the 50 cent ibada would be a,52 money maker so hopefully that works,i have a personalized price for a dollar,52 on the cake mix,so see the price is 1.99 so a dollar,would come off my personalized price,and i would pay 52 cents for a box of,cake mix,i'm definitely gonna pick that up,the crescents and the cinnamon rolls are,a dollar sixty nine,i don't think we have any coupons let me,check,we actually do have printables,unfortunately today is the last day to,use it,so that's too bad hopefully we'll get,some more or some digitals or something,starbucks coffee is 5.99 i did win a 50,off coupon in the monopoly game for that,we're almost at 11 minute

Albertsons/VONS/Safeway ad Scan 7/27-8/2-2022

hi everyone it's time for the albertsons,bonds ad scan for the week of wednesday,july 27th,through tuesday august 2nd so there's,some pretty good deals this week,uh the for you digital coupons are,avocados or mangoes for 78 cents each,that's a really great price on the,avocado so i do plan on picking up some,of those,the rice-a-roni's are 78 cents each,i like the long grain and wild rice so i,plan on picking up those gatorade is 98,cents i don't really do gatorade,um but that's a good deal,bacon is 4.98 for 12 to 16 ounces that's,a good deal these days,and there's some drinks for 17.98 i'm,very well stoked on those so i don't,plan on picking up those,so this week's northern california,coupons are a dollar off produce the,dollar off organics a dollar off cereal,and a dollar off frozen,so i do plan on getting some things with,those generic coupons i don't get them,on my main account i only get them on,mama's account,because i have a lot of those um,back when we were playing that game i,have a lot of those winning coupons that,um i won a lot of,it's just i don't get those northern,california coupons anymore sadly,um so here's some various meat items the,general mill cereal is 199 but you have,to buy them in sets of three,so if you bought three that would be 597,minus the dollar cereal coupon,generic northern california you'd pay,4.97 we have 50 cent ibata rebates that,you could do for each one making it 347,for three boxes of cereal,or like a dollar 15 each,that's not bad if you need cereal i do,not need cereal so i don't plan on,picking that up,the tillamook ice cream is only 3.88 if,you email them they'll send you coupons,so i have a 75 cent coupon so that would,be,313 for a tub of ice cream,on monday they're gonna have eight,pieces of fried chicken for only six,dollars that went up it was five dollars,now it's gone up to six dollars,and it's only drumstiks and thighs now,in the um previous days it included the,wing and breast but now it's just,drumstiks and thighs so,yeah things are changing,okay so the fab five is now called save,more when you pick four so you only have,to buy four minimum now to get these,prices so,one really good deal is the yoplait,yogurt and i notiked that in northern,california they're only 49 cents so,this is an even better deal if you're in,northern california,so,what you want to do is pick up 12 of,them at 59 cents each so that's 708,there's a 50 cent off 5 digital coupon,as well as the 50 cent off 5,coupon on thecoupons.com app,there's also and i bought a rebate where,you get 258 back when you buy 12 of them,so i didn't factor in the 50 cent off,five uh coupons.com coupon so this is,going to be a little bit lower,also fetch is giving back 10 cents on,each cup of yoplait and the limit is,five so you'll get an additional 50,cents back from fetch,so with that 50 cent digital from,coupons.com it would be three dollars,for 12 yogurts,which is a lot less than 29 cents and if,you're in northern california it's even,less than 19 cents each so,that is a really great price on the yo,place there's also a fetch deal,right now for me so,if you guys have it,it's a great deal if you don't you can,sign up for the general meals newsletter,whatever you do on fetch you just opt,into their offers through fetch,for me it's been 35 dollars,in general mills products and i'll get,five dollars back so this will count,towards that,so that makes this just a really great,deal these are great to have to make,smoothies with,they're great for a snack they're great,for breakfast,they freeze really nicely in the,container but if you want to freeze them,you can take out the yogurt out of this,container and put it in another,container so it's easier to get out the,thing is when you stik these in the,freezer you have to wait till they thaw,before you can um,pop them out so you might want to put,them in a different container just as,one big blob and put in like 12 blobs,so they would pop out real easy out of,the freezer,but just a really great deal on the,yogurt,there's also another deal on coupons.com,if you spend fifteen dollars worth,you'll get three dollars back,sometimes on coupons.com it picks up the,shelf price so you might even be able to,get 53 dollars back on that so you could,get this free or even a money maker so,it's a really great deal,another deal that i plan on getting even,though i don't need cereal and i said i,didn't but the kellogg's cereals are,1.99 so with that cereal,digital coupon it would only be 99 cents,and there's a lot of different ibotta,rebates for 50 cents back some for a,dollar,so you could either get one for free or,one for 49 cents which is a great deal,and if you're trying to work towards a,weekend bonus or a big vitamin c bonus,it's a really great deal so i do plan on,picking that up,the herdes salsa is only 1.99 i have,hang tags for a dollar off so that makes,them 99 cents and,that is my favorite salsa and 99 cents,is a really great price for that salsa,the sargento cheese is 249. so i have a,personalized price for 284,and then with that dollar pick four,we'll or that pick four will take a,dollar off so that'll make it only a,dollar eighty four for this argento,cheese and that's a really great price,for eight ounces of cheese,and there's lots of other items to,choose from,bakery and deli items,fresh flowers,lots of wine and beer deals so check,your ibottas and your digitals and your,other offers you might be able to put,together a deal on that i don't see,anything that's a great deal right now,some digital coupons,tied 599,bounce or downey is 3.99 bumblebee,tuna's 99 cents,and some beautiful produce the peaches,are only 2.99 a pound their peaches are,wonderful,and red bell peppers are 99 cents each,that's a great deal,the watermelon and pineapple bowls are,three for twelve dollars,and you do have to buy them in sets of,three,some various meat items on the back,and here we are at five dollar friday so,the doritos will be two for five dollars,but you do have to buy them in sets of,two there's some bakery items,some cocktails the blueberries the nice,big 18 ounce package of blueberries will,be five dollars,the requisite shrimp of course,um 18 packs of coca-cola for five,dollars but you have to buy them in sets,of two,some cornish game hands,this pasta and this sauce for five,dollars,and some fresh flowers and that's it for,the week of,wednesday july 27th through tuesday,august 2nd what are you guys going to,get um,what deals do you see that i didn't tok,about,definitely going to pick up avocados and,rice and the kellogg's cereal and the,yoplait yogurt so,when i do i will bring you back with the,haul thank you all so much for watching,everybody have a safe wonderful and,happy weekend bye

Albertsons/VONS ad Scan 4/-13/2021

hi everyone it's time for the albertsons,funds,ad scan for the week of wednesday april,7th,through tuesday april 13th so let's get,started,um they have their brand of chicken,breasts for 99 cents a pound,and their brand of the pork shoulder,country style ribs are butt roast for 99,cents a pound,if you eat those that's a really really,good deal,the cuties are 2.97 each for a three,pound bag,this week's northern california and,southern california coupons are,a dollar off any produce a dollar off,any o,organics item a dollar off cereal,and a dollar off frozen so there are,some,pretty good deals um the,taylor farms or the fresh express,chopped salad kits which i love,are 1.99 so with that one dollar coupon,they'd only be 99 cents and that's a,really great deal,the just for you digital deals are the,new york steaks bone in for 4.99 a pound,instead of five dollar friday requisite,shrimp these,um two pound bags of shrimp are 11.98,each which makes them 5.99 a pound,their brand of pasta is 59 cents there's,a 10 cent,off any pasta i bought a rebate so that,would make it 49 cents,you can get a whole rotisserie chicken,plus,a hormel side dish for only 5.99,their brand of cheese is 199 for eight,ounces,the cereals are 169 each for the general,meals,and the nature valley granola bars and,the fiber one bar so i do need some,fiber one bars,so with that cereal generic coupon it,would work like,this plus we have a bunch of coupons too,i have some that came off the back of,cereal and if these are included we have,one dollar coupons,and then there's some one dollar off two,insert coupons,if checks is included there is an i,bought a rebate on checks so,hopefully that is included and then,there's a bunch of peelies,for the granola bars and if,these are included there's a one dollar,off one paylee so the way it could work,is a dollar sixty nine times three,is 507 minus the one dollar serial,coupon,minus the dollar off to manufacture,coupon,and a dollar peely would make it 207,for three boxes or about,67 cents each so not a bad deal,the dave's killer bread is 449 and i,have one dollar coupons from the ralph's,booklet,so that would only be 349 for the dave's,killer bread which is very very good,bread,you can get some beer deals the coors,light,budweiser miller or takadi 12 ounce cans,the 30 pack is 17.99,or you can get the mickelob ultra 24,pack of bottles or cans for 17.99,so that's a pretty good deal pepsis or,bubbly sparkling waters or three for,9.99,check your monopoly winners um i have a,bunch of 50 cent coupons off these,bubblies,and the crystal geyser waters 277,for a 24 pound it's kind of a,boring week so get ready to snoring,snooze,but hopefully things will change,so this argento shredded cheese is 199.,i have digital coupons for a dollar off,the creamery variety,if you have those two so that would make,it only 99 cents,which is a great deal or we have these,insert coupons for 75 cents off two,so that would be about a dollar 65,for each bag of shredded cheese which is,pretty good these days for shredded,cheese,the haagen-dazs is 2.99 i have some 50,cent monopoly coupons so that would make,it 249.,that's a good deal,the mods apple juice i have some 50 cent,monopoly coupons for that,mama likes apple juice i'll probably,pick some up for her,when i bought the cottonelle last week i,had three of those 50 cent monopoly,coupons and they stacked on top of each,other,and took a dollar fifty off of one pack,of cottonelle so,it's a possibility because i have about,three of those 50 cent coupons that i,loaded to my card,it's a possibility that all three could,come off making them only 29 cents for,that,i will test it out and i will try it for,sure,uh the smuckers is 199. i think we have,50 cent digitals on that,the silk almond milk is 299. i also have,some 50 cent monopoly coupons on that,plus if you just go the silk website you,can print off,dollar silk coupons so that would make,it a dollar ninety nine,and if those 50 cent coupons come off,a bunch of them it could be really cheap,but if only one comes off that's still,only a dollar 49 for a half gallon of,almond milk that's an,excellent price,the pillsbury cake mixes and brownie,mixes are 149,and i have dollar off to tear pad,coupons so,look around for these if you can find,them that would make them only 99 cents,for the frosting and for the cake mix,and the brownie mix,and that's a great deal,the o organics milk dairy milk or almond,milk is 2.99 so with that organics,coupon you could get it for 1.99 that's,a great deal,the snuggle fabric softener is only 4.99,if you go to coupons.com you can print,off dollar 50 coupons,off of the snuggles and also,there's 50 monopoly coupons for that,also so that could make for some cheap,fabric softener,the almond breeze 96 ounces,of almond milk is 449. again i have a,bunch of those 50 cent,monopoly coupons i also have a dollar,coupon that they mailed me,so i'm looking to get some almond milk,for less than three dollars,uh this is my favorite brand i really,prefer this one over the silk,i'll take the silk if i can get it for a,dollar forty nine but if i could get,this,for less than three dollars i'd love to,get that,so i'm going to test that one out,now they have a lot of meat deals one of,them is the chuck roast for 5.99 a pound,check your ibotta on my ibotta this,morning was two dollars off any,carne asada and they had a bunch of,different cuts of meat,that qualified for carne asada,so that would be great it would only,make it 3.99 a pound,well you probably have to get a bigger,than a pound package but you get a two,dollar i bought a rebate,so that would be a great deal,on me these days,and some various beer and wine deals i,don't see anything that exciting here's,some frozen items you can use your,dollar off frozen,um coupon for i got an anniversary happy,anniversary,coupon to get a free ice cream so their,brand of ice cream so i'm excited about,that,the organic bananas are only 79 cents a,pound,and they do have really good organic,bananas the organic bananas,taste really good so with that dollar,produce coupon that's a,really great price red bell peppers are,only 99 cents,and cucumbers are 69 cents so some,really good deals on produce there,this is a good deal the organic salad,blend i love to get the,super greens with the dollar produce,coupon and the dollar,o organics they would combine and you,could get one of these for only 50 cents,so that's really great,they also have some beautiful flowers,and five dollar friday uh doesn't look,too super exciting this would be a good,deal on their hash browns,their french fries and things like that,they're frozen potatoes for three for,five dollars with that frozen coupon,it would only make them 67 cents for a,bag and that's,really good when you can get them for,less than a dollar,you can get a pound of strawberries for,250 with that one dollar produce coupon,that would only be a dollar,fifty and that's great and the light,life is five dollars,that's good,and that's all i see this week so if you,guys see anything that i missed just let,me know in the comments down below,and i thank you all so much for watching,everybody have a safe wonderful and,happy wednesday bye