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Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

The Face of Socialism: A Political Ad Sparking Controversy

Elizabeth Heng, a former Fresno mayoral candidate, has created a political ad that is causing a stir across the political spectrum. The ad is a hit on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and the Democratic Party, with Heng claiming that they represent the face of socialism. The ad has been airing in select markets across the country, including Fresno, and has sparked heated debates on the topic.

Panel Discussion:

- Panelists include Joe Kieta, Executive Editor of the Fresno Bee, Phillip Teresi, host of KMJ's afternoon drive, and Ricardo Franco, former district 22 Democratic congressional candidate.

- Franco argues that Heng's ad is a blatant attack on AOC and represents a fear tactic used by the Republican Party to win votes.

- Teresi disagrees and claims that AOC represents a type of socialism that is destroying cities and economies.

- Kieta believes that the ad is provocative but has a shock value that could be convincing to some people.

- Franco stresses that there is a difference between the socialism that the Democratic Party is promoting and the socialism that Heng is attacking in her ad.

- Kieta suggests that Heng's ad is a way to keep her name in the public domain and could be a sign of future political aspirations.

- The panelists agree that the ad is effective in grabbing attention and sparking debates.

The controversy surrounding Elizabeth Heng's political ad highlights the ongoing debate over socialism in American politics. While some believe that the ad is a fear tactic used by the Republican Party, others argue that it represents a growing concern over the effects of socialism on cities and economies. Regardless of one's stance, it is clear that Heng's ad has succeeded in sparking conversation and bringing attention to the issue.

The Pawn Stars Were FORCED To Kick Out This Customer...

The guys from Pawn Stars are known for their friendly demeanor, but they are entrepreneurs at the end of the day. In this article, we will explore six customers who were banned from the Gold Silver Pawn Shop.

1. Daniel Callaghan:

In 2011, Daniel Callaghan filed a lawsuit against Rick and the old man for physically assaulting him inside their shop. Callaghan, a Vietnam veteran who walks with a cane, got into an argument with the duo, which resulted in them placing him outside the store. Callaghan claimed that he was injured in the incident, and his cane and rifle were damaged. He sought $20,000 in the suit, but according to Corey, his father and grandfather cannot be blamed for throwing him out as he became irate with a weapon in his hand.

2. Rafael:

In the show's second season, a bald guy with a prominent mustache in a foreign accent called Rafael came to the shop to sell a limited edition statue by French sculptor Emile de Becque called from 1888. Although he kept saying that he didn't know anything about the piece, he had a pretty clear idea about how much he wanted for it and got quite upset when Rick gave him his thoughts on the statue.

3. The Chmura File:

In this episode, a guy named Ifile came to the Gold Silver Pawn Shop with a bronze statue that he wanted to sell for about $6,000. He claimed he didn't know anything about it, but Rick pointed out that the statue showed Perseus and Pegasus, with Perseus wearing a helmet that made him invisible. After Ifile stated that he didn't know what Rick was talking about, Rick informed him that the sculptor was a French sculptor born in the 1830s, and the statue was a recast from 40 or 50 years earlier. However, the customer didn't believe him and got pretty angry.

4. Buying Stolen Items:

In 2014, a woman came to the pawn shop with a collection of valuable gold coins and got a little over $12,000 for them. It later turned out that she had stolen the coins from her uncle, but the Pawn Stars had already melted the coins down to make more money from selling the gold than they had initially spent on the coins. The gold coin collection was actually worth about $50,000 and contained rare coins like a 1903 State Gardens 20 gold piece and silver Morgan coins from the 1880s and contemporary one-ounce American Buffalo gold pieces.

5. The Biggest Bust:

When a man offered Rick a pair of diamond earrings of the finest quality, Rick paid $40,000 for the jewelry. However, three days later, the police came to the shop, and it turned out that the earrings had been stolen. The Gold Silver Pawn Shop gave them back to the owner, and the thief was arrested, but the money was lost.

6. Corey's Big Play:

A guy named Bill had come to the shop and offered Corey a 19th-century Wells Fargo strongbox with two antique prison ball and chain sets from the Yuma and Folsom prisons. Rick had some concerns about the authenticity of the ball and chain sets, saying that they would have only been hot-welded together during that time. After Bill had assured him that the ball and chain sets hadn't come in the box originally, Rick decided to make an offer on the Wells Fargo strongbox.

Pawn Stars has had its fair share of interesting customers and situations. While some customers were banned from the Gold Silver Pawn Shop for their behavior, others were banned for selling stolen items. The show has also been scammed by people coming into their shop. Despite these incidents, the Pawn Stars remain a popular show and continue to entertain their viewers.

Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

Hi, my name is Aubrey Plaza, and I am here with BuzzFeed to read your thirst tweets. I know that most of these tweets are going to be people telling me they want me to run them over with a car or stomp on their face or something, but let's do it.

Thirst Tweets:

- If Aubrey Plaza actually reads thirst tweets, I will be burying myself alive.

- Are you free on Thursday? Because I am free on Thursday.

- I wish Aubrey Plaza and Matthew Gray Gubler were my birth parents.

- Let's bring back her drinking milk through her nose.

- Aubrey Plaza, if you are listening, please let me take you out on a date.

- Perfect threesome? Aubrey Plaza and a tub of peanut butter.

- If you would suck Aubrey Plaza's big toe, and if you don't like this tweet, let me know so I can block you.

- Aubrey Plaza is so daddy, she can fix all my daddy issues.

- Aubrey Plaza is a goddess, and no other human woman will ever live up to her standard again.

- The feminine urge to get railed by Aubrey Plaza.

- Aubrey Plaza could choke me to death, and I'd still be into it.

- I would let Aubrey Plaza stab me again.

- Petition for Aubrey Plaza to plow me.

It's clear that people have some interesting and sometimes disturbing fantasies about me. But hey, I asked for it by reading these thirst tweets. Check out my movie Emily the Criminal coming out in theaters soon. And to all those who want me to stab them, throw them into oncoming traffic, or dominate them in other ways, maybe seek some therapy.

Here's What You Never Knew About Lily From AT&T Commercials

AT&T is known for their iconic commercials featuring Lily, played by Milana Vayntrub. However, there are some facts about Milana and her journey to becoming Lily that many people may not know. Here are some interesting things to know about the actress and her role in the AT&T commercials.


- Milana Vayntrub was born in Tashkent, which is now known as Uzbekistan.

- She and her Jewish parents came to the United States as refugees after fleeing religious persecution.

- Milana began acting at a young age, landing her first appearance in Barbie commercials at just 2 years old.

- She attended Beverly Hills High School but dropped out in her senior year to get her GED.

- Milana earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of San Diego.

- She started studying improv comedy at The Upright Citizens Brigade theater and made a name for herself as one of the live prude girls on the hit YouTube show.

- Milana landed small comedy roles and more substantial roles in shows like This Is Us and Marvel's New Warriors, but unfortunately, the latter project did not work out.

- She starred in 40 commercials for AT&T as the character Lily.

- The first AT&T commercial featuring Lily was so successful that the company continued to bring her back for more.

- Amy Schumer parodied the AT&T commercials featuring Lily, but Milana did not appreciate the portrayal of the character as dumb.

- Milana co-founded the website and social media movement called #CantDoNothing to raise awareness and support for the European migrant crisis.

- Her focus now is on her career and helping other refugees.

- Milana appeared in Hot Chip's music video for their hit song Hungry Child in 2019.

Milana Vayntrub's journey to becoming Lily in the AT&T commercials is a fascinating one. From being a refugee to co-founding a social media movement to help others, she is a talented and passionate individual. With her great comedic timing and acting abilities, we can expect to see more of her in the future on TV or even the big screen.

Weekly Webcast 12/04/09

Hello everyone! Today is Friday, December 4th, and welcome to your weekly business update from BusinessStreetOnline.com. I'm your host, Lance Cardoza, and here's a recap of the week's top business news:

- Mayor Ashley Swearingen was invited to the White House for a job summit

- Christmas tree businesses in the valley are booming

- Wells Fargo is closing over 100 branches in California

- The Fresno County Farm Bureau is hosting a water seminar

- Business leader of the week is Kurt Nagamini, CEO of Central Valley Business Incubator


- Mayor Ashley Swearingen attended a White House forum on jobs and economic growth with President Obama and other officials. The focus was on innovation, green jobs, small businesses, infrastructure, exports, and workforce development.

- The Fresno Grizzlies presented a new stadium lease proposal to the city council. While the cost remains at $1.5 million annually, other details may change. The team's general manager stressed that baseball will still be played at Chukchansi Park in April 2010, regardless of the proposal's outcome.

- Christmas tree businesses in the valley are seeing higher sales each year, and this year is no exception. The Patch in Fresno has become a popular destination, with 15-20,000 visitors per week.

- Wells Fargo is closing 120 branches in California in April, including ones in Fresno and Hanford. The company merged with Wachovia Corporation last year, and some stores will be merged with others nearby.

- The Fresno County Farm Bureau is hosting a water seminar on December 18th, with Senator Dave Cogda in attendance to discuss the Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010.

- Kurt Nagamini, CEO of Central Valley Business Incubator, is this week's business leader of the week. He focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and gaining support from the community.

Thanks for tuning in to this week's BusinessStreetOnline.com update. Check back next week for more business news and our next business leader of the week!

Newly leaked Florence, Arizona prison video shows inmates trap officers in stairwell

An exclusive ABC 15 investigation has obtained leaked videos from inside an Arizona prison that shows inmates calling the shots, not the corrections officers. The video shows officers being held against their will inside a stairwell, and no inmates received any discipline, which may be part of a behind-the-scenes pact between gang leaders and prison staff.

Main Points:

- The video shows a prison with stacked cells, groups of inmates dressed in orange, and push-ups, haircuts, and lookouts.

- A deal is going down in a cell behind a raised sheet, with a lookout. Two officers walk into the area, and as one walks toward the cell to grab the sheet, the two inmates inside walk toward the stairwell. One of them distracts the officers while the other heads up to the third floor to make another exchange.

- Inmates surround the officers as they enter the stairwell, and the officers are trapped between the first and second level for almost a minute and a half. Another officer talks to the group, and the inmates let the pair out as other staff arrive.

- The inmates involved in the incident are documented prison gang members who have been given licenses to run things just like officers. They have a say-so in the prison and are rewarded with extra privileges and withholding discipline.

- The outside investigation found that supervisors used inmate leaders who had influence over other inmates to help control inmate behavior and keep the peace. These inmate leaders were rewarded by extra privileges and withholding discipline.

- Inmates involved in the incident were reviewed and found to be appropriately classified and housed. No formal disciplinary action was warranted.

The leaked videos from inside an Arizona prison show how inmates are running the show, not the corrections officers. It highlights the need for stricter regulations and protocols to ensure that inmates are not given the power to control the prison environment. The fact that no disciplinary action was taken against the inmates involved shows the need for accountability and transparency in the prison system.

How to Find HIDDEN Walmart Clearance Deals at Your Store

In this article, we will explore how to score insider crazy clearance deals at Walmart and unlock prices that very few people know exist. We will show you an easy trick to use the Walmart app to unlock significantly lower prices and save money on your everyday purchases.

Insider Secret Clearance Deals at Walmart:

- Download the Walmart app to unlock lower prices.

- Use the app to scan products and find better rollback prices.

- Walmart will price match against its own website.

- Use the app to unlock lower prices not just in the clearance section but also in other sections like furniture, toys, and tech.

Tech Savings at Walmart:

- Use the app to unlock lower prices on tech products like printers, GPS units, and gaming items.

- Save up to 40-50% on your shopping spree by employing this trick.

By using the Walmart app, you can easily unlock lower prices and save money on your everyday purchases. This trick is an excellent way to take control of your finances and advocate for yourself. So, go ahead and try it out on your next in-store trip to Walmart.

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