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weekly ads heb

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

HEB Weekly Ad preview

hey everyone. this is sanela from the mommy blog and I have a preview video for y'all. I haven't done one of these in the longest time, but things have been super busy over here. as you all know, we just finished the moms across america march. that was super fun. it's great to get awareness about genetikally modified foods out there. I also started a new Facebook page called GMO or, let me think, GMO free, rgv circus. I'll put the link in the description box anyways. so here we have: 88 sent whole chickens, 48 cent a pound, tomatoes for for a dollar on the purple garlic and a few more deals here on. this week is also, or starting tomorrow, the first day, you can use a ten dollar off of 30 Catalina, so mix for some super cheap groceries. sorry, that's my mom's phone. um, then we have a new meal deal, starting by the Phi heat dust and you get four items for free and, as always, I love heb because they always have coupons for burgers, chicken, sausage, bacon. then we have pizza, Gatorade by 2 and you get the chips and the little the Pepsi for free. another really awesome coupon is the pineapple. it was 189 at my store. this is the second week for that deal by the pineapple and get three pounds of bananas for free. then we also have that three dollar produce coupon. be sure not to use them together, because I got the three dollars off of the bananas so I wasn't able to use the the free bananas coupon, so I kind of lost three dollars. but oh well, or what is it to? dollar 44? then we have- sorry the gun is also deal. three days only: Friday, Saturday and Sunday- a dollar Mason since 77 cent hotdogs, and those are only good for those three days. then some beverage coupons only. what did that say? by three dr pepper's, get the 43. huh, check your dr pepper's. there was two dollars off when you buy 3, so that would make a really good deal. don't know the price on them, but two dollars out plus a third one free. that's not bad. then healthy come below goes. this is the last week for these ones as well. beauty buys five off of 15. oh, and somebody asked me if they can use a ten dollar off 30 Catalina for these. i want to say the answer is no, because they're both big savings coupons and it deducts off of your basket. so i don't think you'll be able to use both of them, but try it. ask your manager: um, let me know, maybe you you are able to. I haven't tried that. I'm. then pentene by the shampoo and you get the hill country essentials for free. two dollars off Neutrogena. a dollar fifty off of Johnson baby products. that's not bad at all, save to an always when you buy both. what is its its assault, safe to touch when you buy one always Tampax feminine care product and one always feminine wipes or panty liners. so that's a different coupon. a dollar fifty off of gold's bond and a dollar fifty off of a phenyl free health care screenings. oh, and this is the Catalina for this week: by 4, get four. so when you pi by 4 of these colgate-palmolive products, oh, that's good, you could get a four dollar Catalina. print it out. if you're cuddling is to print out. I get this question all the time. ask or check first to see if it's on. there should be a little green white. then ask your manager for the failsafe code. all they'll do is scan your receipt, enter the code and your four dollars will print out. and seen, here's some more. c: murphy oil, murphy vegetable oil, soap, similar. so anyways, fabuloso is included, lady speed stik is included. softsoap, irish springs- all those are colgate-palmolive products. then fajita frenzy: July tenth through the 23rd, so you can get some deals. buy one, get one. on the HIV sausage pita bread: oh, we love pita bread. we've been eating pita bread with ground beef, kind of like a in a back home, I guess. save a dollar on that. 545 corn tortillas and that's pretty much it by the meat tenderizer. get the tongs for free. that's a good one anyways. um, that's all for the ad preview. I hope you all have a great weekend. I'll put the links. oh, I got that's what I wanted to tell me how I was remembering earlier. I got Instagram again, so i'll put the link to that if i find any deals in store and you can follow me on there and all probably share a few photos. like my new facebook page. if you want to know more about genetikally modified foods, I know it's really hard to go gmo-free, but why not educate yourself about it? hopefully there are 68 other countries that ban or have a winter cold, a labeling act put into place, so as long as if we can label it, that would be great. so if you have any questions, you can head on over to my facebook page. invite your friends and family so that they can. you don't know that it's out there and I hope you'll have a great week. I'll see y'all next video. bye.

HEB Weekly Ad *Preview* 4/10

good morning. this is sanela from the modern blog. I have next week's ad for eg be here, wanted to go through it with y'all. I just took a look at the first page and so far so good: 88 cents on the whole chicken. if you are running low, go ahead and buy this. but usually they will go down ten cents lower to 77 cents a pound. so if you can wait for that sale. the chocolates, I think they're like 8gb brand, not too sure, does it say, but there are three for a dollar. usually they're two for a dollar, so that's a good price. a dollar fifty on Nivea and a dollar on dove. check to see if there are any on sale or clearance to make your price out of pocket even lower. go to the next page. oh yeah, don't eat no more. and then we have couple of locals for this week. again, if you go to my blog, I put on there that these meal deals and the combi logos are on a two-week cycle. so if you don't didn't get it last week, don't fret, you can still get in on it this week. and this week will be the last week, so it should be. it's a great time to stok up on deli meats and cheese and cheese does freeze, and well, the deli meats usually go fast in our house anyways. so i will probably get two or three of these deals: freeze the cheese and the hem. obviously it will be gone by the end of the week or something like that. then we have sausage chicken and get sunset such and such items for free: ekron and the tomato and the goldfish and the jimmy dean are repeats from last week. we have the nor by that and get the rice and beans for free. oh, and there's also a 55 sent a courage coupon on their Facebook page, then by the pen for 15 bucks and get free chicken. that's pretty good. the thought is also for this week: dollar spare ribs, the dollar 77 pork ribs, a dollar for the leg quarters and the mesquite charcoal- again 245 this week. then same deals as last week on the healthy come. below goes the tea and the chicken. Danny, Oh, a Catalina deal. it's been thirty dollars on these products and you get a ten-dollar Catalina at checkout. so we just got to insert on most of these coupons. so don't know if the coupon inserts will be better or heb coupons will be better. so just check out your stores, check the prices. we got Johnson & Johnson, us-born Abby. no, stay free. neutrogena, benadryl- all these products spend thirty dollars and you'll get that ten dollar there. playtex, all of these items- you can spend 30, get 10. and we have coupons for these razors. and, yes, you can use a coupon on the item that you are purchasing, not on the free item. so, for example, you can use a four dollar coupon on the and you will still get the shaving gel for free. then we have beauty buys: revlon, maybelline. it is so sad that we cannot stack anymore. but what are you gonna do? gotta follow the rules. and i'm still trying to get a response from heb. as far as percent off and dollar off, your basket coupons, for example, the boise, fifty percent off on the. there's a cult: the feminine, other feminine products. don't know if we can use a coupon. that and what's the other one? there was also like the. well, I think it ends today. spend 10 or spend 25, 5 beauty products. I know there is still no confirmation. there was somebody that said, yes, you can use coupons because it's a basket off. oh, here's one, save five when you spend 15. so ask your manager, maybe they will let you use coupons. then orchard that by the nail polish and you get the hand soap or the sanitizer for free. check your stores. if there are any still unclear, install a dollar. you can get both of them for 50 cents each. and last page just, they are celebrating world of sandwiches, so maybe your store will have some samples or some coupons. so definitely check that out. and, of course, more deals on deli meats. definitely stok up time for this. and there's a dollar. i bought a coupon for the kool-aid jammers. if you need invitation, that we know and i'll send one over to you. i think we do need to be facebook friends. oh, i'll send you the link to my facebook page if you're interested in that dollar. french is: buy two, get one free on the chips, and that is pretty much it. i will have the unadvertised deals on my blog ASAP. I will go to heb tomorrow, so be sure to like me on Facebook. if you see any unadvertised deals, feel free to share them when i'll see you on the next video. bye.

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HEB Weekly Ad Preview - 2/13

hail. this is sanela from the morning blog and I hope you all can hear me, okay. I think I was getting sick, so she's taking a nap right now and I don't want to wake her up. anyways, this is the ad for tomorrow, the 13th through the 19th, at heb, and just wanted to run through it real quick. I haven't taken a look at the ad, so I'm looking at it with y'all aining. still some of the same deals. us last week a dollar off of dove, and also just wanted to put it out there. but some people are still able to stack coupons. but I wanted to say that you- and though some people are doing it, doesn't need that we should do it. it's against your coupon policy, so I wouldn't even try. anyways, the meal deal for this week is by the extra jumbo white shrimp, and then you get the six items of free on y'all. you newsletters HIV has. in one of them there is a two dollar off of the shrimp. I believe it's on this one, but i'll double checks on y'all. then there's some same deal as last week: beef, the chicken sausage, the hellmann's, the Nabisco crackers, bacon, blah, blah, blah, babyganics. and get the pun for free toothpaste toothbrushes. tomorrow is a start of land there. there are some really good deals on and seafood combo, local deficient, the chaos, oh. and also if you buy able to three chickens, there are hang tags for a dollar off the seven out, big red, some peace items, so you get a little bit of over. trip that coupon. that's a pool of Valentine's Day gift by the Texas football magazine and you get two liter: 4 320 bucks for the slow cooker, 13 for the coffee maker- oh, I want that, I don't have a walk- hmm, 15 bucks. and then you get the 8 inch and walked free- I have to show that hubby- and a deep fryer. it wasn't able to snag it on black friday. he was, I think, $14. there's something about an inch in mattapan. that's some pretty good gifts for yourself if you like cooking. and then outdoor living. and percent off, thirty percent off on skype storage organization products. I'm doing an organizing challenge. I've been working on it every day, so using getting some items at a discount will be bad. and then see beauty buys this week, 250 and elm cotton rooms and get the nail polish remover for free. 250 on the Nivea and some baby clothes. nature made coupons. won't be getting that for friend. it should be any more in the last page every day. oh, there was one dollar pee wees on the horse and cheese spread. yes, you've been down the corns which stiks and then the cut my saw. so for this week it's only good friday, saturday and sunday get these deals alright. so that's the anti house. also be working on the matchup all day and hopefully have it on the blog later tonight. the last page every day: oh, there was one dollar pee-wee's on the boris and cheese spread. yes, you, but down the Gordon's fish stiks and then the cut my saw. so for this week it's only good friday, saturday and sunday can get these deals alright. so that's the end. i'll have also be working on the matchup all day and hopefully have it on the blog later tonight, and i'll see you next video. bye.

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HEB Weekly Ad Preview + Digital Coupon Info

good morning, snow from our blog here. and this is the heb ad for the 30th tomorrow they have the seasoned pork and the chicken thigh, he thought, for 197 a pound. the leg quarters, the BBQ seasoned, are still a dollar a pound. these salad tomatoes are two pounds, for a doll bit cheaper than j journal. they're going to have a dollar off, making them 398 each, and if you're heb allows, they should. it's. their coupon policy is still one coupon per item. you can use that. buy two, get one free and still use the dollar off coupon. and I haven't looked at the ad, so I'm barely checking out. meal deal for this week is on chicken wings. my husband's gonna be happy about that. we went to dinner for my birthday. my grandparents took us to pizza hut and he wanted to buy wings but so I didn't let him buy the wings, I know. but now I'm gonna buy some chicken wings and you get five items for free, including cheese balls, which will kind of be a treat for my girls, then easy melts by that. get rotella wolf brand for free, chick it craft dressing and get the lettuce free. I don't know if there's any coupon for craft but- and I check your binders, Totino's, and get ice cream free. I believe that's the same deal as before and you can see the rest of them here and there's going to be another gonna hustle- friday, saturday and sunday only and all. i'll put all of these prices in the blog post. then we have combo logos: for free thin sliced, boneless, skinless chicken breast when you buy the Susan boneless, skinless, low-sodium chicken breast- and i think i saw that price at about six bucks for the chicken, so not too bad. by the Hill Country Fair, oil-dependent crumbs for free. b4, 11, 3, 4, 10. have some outdoor living coupons. anybody needs a new grill. oh wow, look at that eminem's x 1mm and get the second free and it has a price at 250 each. so that's making it 125 of bag, which is awesome. then a crock-pot: save ten dollars on that one. or the blender rival, Pyrex. a rubbermaid by e2, everything you need to make. sweetheart pens- those are cool, 10 bucks each. and you get bacon and eggs for free and some other cute gift ideas here. and, sad to say, we won't be able to stack any manufacturer coupons with these book beauty buys. but there's save two dollars on the l'oreal. buy one, get the second if you piss enough, currell coupon, then a sally hansen coupon, a dollar off with a pole gate and two dollars with the alka-seltzer to dodge with the always and the last page everyday low prices. here are some other deals that you can get every day at heb is pretty much it okay. also, I just finished doing my ad match up and I was going to show you all the coupons that were available and I saw this. so they already have all the information that you need to know for the digital coupons that are going to be in fact, and it says that they are now available in the bryan-college station area. and then, well, let me show you the other pages. alright, so here is the HIV digital coupons page. like I said, it's only available in that market for right now and all you gotta do is enter your telephone number, create a pin and then select your coupons. so I'll show you all the coupons that they have available right now. and then to redeem in-store, you just enter your phone number and depend that you created and supposedly they are subtracted from your, your total. and here are the digital coupons and it looks like they are the exact same ones that you can print on. so here's the bob evans one on the printable coupons, like coupons calm and stuff like that. so i guess you can either print the coupons- oh, this is the faq page, if you want to check that out, um, so you can either just load them to your card or your account or whatever- or print them online. so if they're exactly the same ones, then I really don't see any changes, you know like, in the coupon value as of yet, but I'm hoping that these digital coupons will go up in value rather than the ones that we can print online. so I'm just crossing my fingers. oh, and also there's this five dollars off when you spend 50 bucks- it did. it doesn't expire till six five. and then here's the coupon policy that I guess you really don't have to print because basically it's just one coupon per item, either a digital one, newspaper one or a printable one, but with, like the journal one to buy two, get one free. see where is it this one. and then heb has that dollar off coupon. I'm totally not sure how that's going to work. so if you're in the bryan-college station area, let me know if we can still use a coupon on the items that we are purchasing and is still like the combo locals that HD offers. so let me know if we can still do that. there it is. you can also enter your email address and zip code so that they can, or so you will, get an email when digital coupons are available in your area. so I already filled that out. make sure you do that, and I guess we just have to play it by ear. i'll put all of the links for these sites that i showed y'all down below, and good luck. i'll see you on the next video. bye.

HEB Weekly Ad Preview 10/2

hey, jaan sanella, for the mommy blog. yeah, haven't taken. look at the ad so I'm going to take it. take a look at it with y'all. and I already saw one. feel that I'm excited. but the hill country fair barbecue seats and chicken leg quarters: as always, they usually go down to a dollar per pound. the chicken leg quarters, the 10 pound bags, is 55 cents a pound and they're sold in 10 pounds of its 554, 10 pounds of chicken. then dental Dada, maybe park loling chops, 197 a pound. and there is the deal that I'm excited about: the digiorno don't have any room, my freezer, I'm not going to be buying any because my husband said: don't fall, don't buy no more freezer frozen foods. but they are 399 with in-store coupon- almost positive. it's not a beat coupon. but there is a tear pads at heb. I've seen them almost at every heb for the past few weeks. the three dollars off of two. so let me pull out my calculator here. I use this thing: a whole pot. so they'll be 499, which is still less than they usually are. they're usually about five something. so x 2 comes up to nine. eighty eight minus the three dollars for the 302 comes out to 698 or 349. a pizza, Mars and eminem's 59 cents and heb has had that fifty cents off of to Mars tear pad for the past few also sparkle- same deal as last week. the gain: I believe we have coupons out for that. and then you get the small bottle of Clorox from free Head & Shoulders: 392 after 75 sankofa. so I need a check. that's a big coupon because we have that two dollar P&G coupon. so if it is B coupon I'm saying coupon a lot, it'll make them 192 a bottle, which is an ok deal. right, bacon are the same from last week, this is a new one, the baked chicken breast chunks. and you get ice cream for free by two pantene conditioner samples or conditioners and get the penting hair styler for free. huh, interesting. and with that bogo coupon you don't know when it expires but everybody has been getting the Pantene at CVS, so for CVS is out of them. you can check out heb. then you get a free hair styler. produce: we have a five pound 198 sim date sent pound tomatoes to be four dollar 38 CENTCOM fresh cabbage and then by the oral feet and get the heb plan stands for free meal deal, same as last week with the Stauffers. they still have the SLO by to get the third one for, or by one, sorry, and get the second one for you. i was reading, reading this over here. I have some other pink deals. five dollars off, be Avengers, Halloween just around the corner. gum sit, see. buy one, get the second free. so we can keep our eyes out for gum food. once we have the Loreal coupons for the foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, and then l'oreal moisturizers- you still can't say that word- hair color. and then there's styling treatments: Nivea lip care- buy one, get one free. and we, I think I have like one coupon for free. Nivea, from one of their Facebook promotions or something, and say five dollars off of two. enfamil, the powder don't have a Botox- buy one, get the second one free. I had a fan mention that she got a Catalina for free, a nail polish, so that would give them two for free, and then we just have the everyday prices. he should be all right. so not a bad ad. I just not many deals. so keep your eyes out for the unadvertised and deals that I'll bring to y'all within the week. I'll CLE.

HEB Weekly Ad Preview - 8/14

everyone is smelling them on my blog and I have the heb ad starting tomorrow, the 14 August fourteenth. so let's get started. we have the Franks. usually there are the 12-ounce ones, but this one are the bum length and the Bologna and the turkey Franks 5: 45 and the girls are watching toy story. so yeah, it's an always in the background. then he'll creature fair chicken drumstiks for the thighs: a dollar a pound. for dollars for the salad shrimp: I wanted to buy shrimp last week and they were like seven dollars and up. so even though these are a little bit smaller, maybe i'll still get peace to mix with pasta or something. then produce: or 98 cents pound for the white- see the scrapes- 77 cents of town for the black plums. strawberries- good deal. and the apples: a three pound bag for 248, not too bad. then BOGO on the heb creamy creations, ice cream, if you'll need to cool down from the heat with the Huggies. last year there was someone clearance, so keep your eyes open, ladies. meal deal the season last week by the ham and the cheese and you get those four items for free. some new combo logos are the eckrich sausage, same, the fisher boy, fish stiks. and check the blog output see if there's any coupons available. okay, glucerna, if y'all need to, that's a great time to stok up. you get the by the shakes and you get the snack bars for free. and then boom down. do hair care and you get the hairspray for free. gotta check out the price of that. gerber graduates buying the sippy cups and you get the juice and a book for free and free. um knows when you buy the rapid ramen cooker at 497, just a convenience item, or maybe have somebody going out to college? that would be probably a lifesaver. now I haven't tried this. um, Michael Mina Southwest actually tilt at cheil thick seasoned leg quarters. their dollar pound will be. button is also Friday, Saturday and Sunday: only more Kumble logos and some beverage deals five-foot-ten after you get one free on the peps. oh yeah, I saw that earlier. I I skimmed go to the add just a tad earlier and I'm super excited we might be able to get some more free school supplies. how you say, just stay tuned. so we have the fashion zipper binders- as low as eight books, and you get those for free items, including batteries. we're not. do we ever get free batteries right? and then we have these sandals. it's a really good price, though, there is a new Catalina. this Catalina is will only be running for four days, starting tomorrow through the 18th, which is Sunday, and then you can use the Catalina starting on the 19th through the end of the month of the 31st. so what you need to do is buy twenty dollars in back-to-school supplies. so if you have not finished your back-to-school shopping, I suggest to do it at heb this next weekend. excuse me, so when you spend 20, you will get a ten dollar off coupon on your next shopping trip. okay, so it says Catalina will be printed a check out when the purchase threshold has been met. ten dollar coupon good on a minimum of ten dollar purchase at heb from 10: 19 to 8: 31. you know what that means. that means that we will get just by ten dollars, probably a little bit over, and he will get ten dollars off. so that means free stuff. plus, to earn the Catalina we need to spend 20. so if you scroll back up here's, possibly there might be a ten dollar and he left zipper binder and we will get nine dollars and stuff. so that right there we will be spending twenty dollars but will only be hanging the cashier. ten to twelve dollars and we will get ten dollar, are ten dollar Catalina back, so pretty much paid ten dollars for a total of thirty dollars. after wewe, je maar Catalina in stok. so yeah, best place to buy back to school supplies will be aging it for this weekend and next weekend when we can use our can hina, super exciting, um. so yeah, we have dorm deals. let me get this over with, because I'm just rambling on and on. beauty buys Maybelline, Garnier, orchard, may Allah core lekker. buy one, get one. enfamil de amor, the Gentiles tubs, safe. I'm on to save a dollar on the Rimmel cosmetiks or a dollar unto your cosmetiks. and last page, every day deals, a GP. and also i'm going to show you real fast. we should be plus. yes, i wanted to show you all the five dollar backpacks and the lessons are still five books, the same. back to school deals where there is buy one, get one. here is something i'm going to share with y'all. last week we did not get the coupon, but there is a dollar off pic coupon, so that would make you three pins, the 97 seconds plus we can use that to get the ten-dollar catalina. so that'll make that free. and usually we might get some other school supplies coupon. so keep your eyes open. and if anybody is a gamer, when you order any starter pack you get a free figure of your choice and it to create power disperse casino, where there are some coupons from that, some great. these are more dorm deals. if y'all need to drink coffee for the new year, great combo, hopeful for that, and that is it all right. so thanks for watching. see y'all next video. bye.