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wegmans weekly sales ads

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

Wegmans brings back Alec Baldwin for their holiday commercials after receiving support from customers. Meanwhile, a man crosses the border using a scanned passport on his iPad, but officials warn against trying this method.


- Wegmans brought back Alec Baldwin for their holiday commercials after receiving support from customers.

- Baldwin is known for promoting Wegmans and his mother often talked about the store.

- Customers love Wegmans for its unique shopping experience and quality products.

- One man managed to cross the border using a scanned passport on his iPad, but officials warn against trying this method.

- The man was from Montreal and was allowed into the US and back into Canada using the scanned passport.

- Border officials warn that this was just one incident and using a scanned passport is not considered proper ID.

- The ultimate wingman in New York City, Brian Hoffman, ate 2011 wings last year as his new year's resolution and documented every single one on Facebook.

Wegmans brings back Alec Baldwin, customers love the store, a man crosses the border using a scanned passport on his iPad, but officials warn against trying this method, and Brian Hoffman eats 2011 wings as his new year's resolution.


In this article, we will be discussing a recent grocery haul from Wegmans for a party and weekly groceries. The total spent was $290, including party food, cake, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Party Stuff:

- Two bags of shredded lettuce

- Two bags of Mexican cheese

- Salsa, queso, regular scoop party size Tostitos, and Hinda lime ones

- Mini cupcakes, grape tomatoes, and chicken for chicken tacos and beef tacos

- Beef ground beef, two things of shells, Honest Kids fruit punch, a case of coke, and a case of sprite

Weekly Grocery Haul:

- Two bags of Donut Shop coffee for Keurig

- Mini sweet peppers, three Lunchables, and parm cheese

- Bananas, International Delight caramel macchiato creamer, and frosted mini wheats for the boys

- Popcorn, shredded Parmesan, cooked shrimp, strawberries, grape tomatoes, and baby spinach for smoothies and salads

- Fruit and grain bars, Greek yogurt, avocado, American cheese, and peppers for fajitas

- Honeydew melon, Kobe Drock shredded cheese, eggs, romaine, fresh asparagus, baby carrots, and sweet potatoes

- Chicken breasts and seasoning packets for grilling

Menu Ideas:

- Monday: Burgers

- Tuesday: Leftover tacos

- Wednesday: Grilled chicken and green beans

- Thursday: Grilled shrimp, asparagus, and broccoli

- Friday: Chicken fajitas

- Saturday: Chicken and broccoli

- Breakfast: Shakes

- Lunch: Leftovers, salad, eggs, egg salad, chicken salad

Overall, this grocery haul had a variety of items for both a party and weekly meals. From shredded lettuce to shrimp, there were ingredients for taco bar, fajitas, and grilled meals. Additionally, there were snacks, drinks, and breakfast and lunch options for the week. The total spent was $290, and the menu included burgers, chicken, shrimp, and fajitas.

Shopping Vegan @ Wegmans

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today, I'm going grocery shopping at Wegmans and filming a video at the same time. Two birds, one stone, right? Let's check out what vegan options they have at this grocery store.

- Combining grocery shopping and filming a video

- Exploring Wegmans for vegan options

First Impressions:

- Wegmans is located near Brooklyn Navy Yard

- Had trouble finding the entrance

- They have paper bags

- Hoping to be low-key while filming

Grocery Shopping:

- Found potatoes for a good price

- Wegmans has a food court with various cuisines

- Grabbed vegan bread

- Vegan oatmeal bites

- Purchased kale and carrots

- Frozen blueberries were priced well

- Found vegan meat options, such as Don't Have a Cow burgers

- Wegmans has its own almond milk

- Grabbed tofu and tomato sauce

- Affordable prices

- Wegmans is a good option for vegan grocery shopping

- Similar to Whole Foods in terms of prices

- More ready food options than Whole Foods

- Overall, a positive shopping experience

Final thoughts:

- Should have explored the food court more

- Wegmans has its own brand of plant-based butter

- Three bags of groceries for $61.37

- Affordable if you're smart with shopping

- John Oliver ads are everywhere

How To Find the Best COUPON Deals at WEGMANS | How I find Cheap Coupon Deals at Wegmans| Tutorial |

In this article, we will discuss how to find good deals at Wegmans by using the app for prices and a clipping service for coupons.

Using the Wegmans App:

1. Download the Wegmans app for free on Android or iPhone.

2. Enter your email and shoppers club card information, if needed.

3. Use the app to scan your shoppers club card or check prices.

Using a Clipping Service:

1. Visit the clipping service website Clip to Save.

2. Purchase individual coupons instead of buying in bulk.

3. Look for change coupons that are 99 cents or under.

4. Check the size restrictions and limits on each coupon before purchasing.

5. Use a calculator to determine the final price with the coupon.

Examples of Coupons:

1. Men's Speed Stik: 50 cents off of one. Use at Wegmans for a final price of 99 cents.

2. Lady Speed Stik: 50 cents off of one. Use at Wegmans for a final price of $1.29.

3. Windex: 50 cents off of any Windex product. Use at Wegmans for a final price of $3.09 for the smallest size or $5.89 for the multi-pack.

4. Aquafresh Toothpaste: 75 cents off of any Aquafresh toothpaste 4-6 ounces or larger. Use at Wegmans for a final price of $1.19 for kids toothpaste and $1.99 for adult toothpaste.

5. Colgate Toothpaste: 50 cents off of any Colgate toothpaste 3 ounces or larger. Use at Wegmans for a final price of $1.09 for 6 ounces.

By using the Wegmans app and a clipping service, you can save money on your grocery purchases. Make sure to check the size restrictions and limits on each coupon before purchasing, and use a calculator to determine the final price. Happy shopping!

Fetterman Brings In The Lettuce After Dr. Oz ‘Crudité’ Flop

The Pennsylvania Senate Race has been heating up, with Democrat John Fetterman running against Republican millionaire TV Dr. Mehmet Oz. Fetterman has been criticizing Oz for being out of touch with the state and not understanding its residents.

Grocery Store Gaffe:

Oz released a video in April, attacking Democrats for high prices at the grocery store. The video resurfaced this week and Fetterman has been using it to his advantage. Oz mistakenly said he was at Wegner's, a non-existent grocery store, instead of Redner's, a Pennsylvania-based supermarket chain. He also used the French term crudite for a raw vegetable platter, which is not a relatable shopping experience for most people. Oz's attempt to show inflation causing higher bills failed, as the grand total was not that expensive, so he went for pre-made guacamole and salsa to increase the cost. Fetterman has been selling stickers captioned Let Them Eat Crudites and using the video to fundraise for his campaign.

Oz's Real Estate Claims:

Oz claimed he owns two homes and rents out other properties, but an investigation found he actually owns ten properties and rents them out to tenants. This further damages his relatability to the everyday hard-working American.

Oz's gaffes and lack of understanding of Pennsylvania and its residents are hurting his campaign. Fetterman is using these missteps to his advantage and fundraising off them. The gap may narrow, but if Democrats want to keep or expand their Senate majority, they will need help from candidates like Oz.

Grocery Delivery From Wegmans

Have you heard the news? You can now get your groceries from Wegmans delivered straight to your doorstep! With the help of Instacart, you can shop for your favorite products from the Malvern or Downingtown locations of Wegmans, without having to step out of your house.

How does it work?

To get started, head to instacart.com/Wegmans and set up an account. Once you're logged in, you can browse through the various products available at Wegmans and add them to your cart. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the online ordering process:

- Use the search bar to find specific products like pretzels.

- Filter your search results based on food type, brand, or nutritional needs.

- Click on a product to view its description, nutritional information, and ingredients.

- Keep an eye on your running total at the bottom of the page.

What if an item is out of stock?

If your shopper is unable to find a specific item, you have a few options. You can choose to not get a replacement, suggest an alternative replacement, or approve replacements in real-time while your shopper is still shopping.

My experience:

I recently tried out the Instacart delivery service for my favorite Wegmans store and I was thrilled with the results. The produce was fresh and the items that were supposed to be cold were delivered cold. Any replacements that were needed came as I had instructed, making the entire process more personal and convenient.

With the help of Instacart, getting your groceries delivered from Wegmans has never been easier. So, go ahead and use our promo code to get started on your shopping today!

WEEKLY VLOG | Filming Videos, New Perfume, LPN Work, Wegmans Grocery Haul, Cooking + More

Title: A Day in the Life: Groceries, Cooking, and Makeup Reviews

In this vlog, I take you through my day as I run errands, cook dinner, and try out new makeup. I share my thoughts on a foundation and show you a grocery haul.

- Tried out the new Clinique foundation and was pleasantly surprised

- Heading to the supermarket for groceries

- Cooking dinner and trying out new recipes

Grocery Haul:

- Spinach, coconut water, celery, bananas for smoothie

- Gluten-free bread for PCOS

- Rice, mixed vegetables, chicken for dinner

- Nutella breadsticks for a treat

Smoothie Making:

- Chopped up ingredients for a healthy smoothie

- Blended spinach, cucumber, and coconut water

- Added ice and enjoyed the delicious drink

Cooking Dinner:

- Seasoned chicken and vegetables in pan

- Added chicken broth and let it simmer

- Added basil for flavor

Makeup Review:

- Tried out new Clinique foundation and loved it

- Held up well throughout the day, even with a mask on

Overall, it was a productive day filled with errands, cooking, and trying out new products. I hope you enjoyed following me along and trying out some of these ideas for yourself.

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