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weight loss facebook ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Using $5 Facebook Ads To Make $500 | Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2022 😎

in this video, i'm going to show you a new and improved, much better way of getting traffic for your affiliate marketing business: using facebook ads. facebook ads is really like notorious- notorious for affiliate marketing- being really, really difficult. they don't even like it. mark zuckerberg goes out of his way to slap affiliate marketers. they don't like you promoting other people's products using their ad platform. but i found a much better way to do it. it slides under the radar. it doesn't matter about the ios 14 update, all that stuff- none of that stuff matters. it works extremely, extremely well. your conversion rates are going to be super high and you can sell affiliate products using facebook ads using this method. now let me show you inside this video. let's go. but before we get started, if it's your first time on this channel, i'm the infamous joel and your boss hates me because i show you how to live a life for freedom, passion and fulfillment. and if you're infamous, too, make sure you subscribe to the channel. now let me get into this facebook ad strategy that nobody's using right now. i'm going to reveal it to you in this video, and i've been using it myself for a little bit, and it works extremely, extremely well. facebook usually does not like you to promote other people's products via affiliate marketing, they usually set that stuff down. it's really really hard to get the right data. it's really really hard to get going. it's just really really hard. okay, but i found a loophole, a much better way to still use facebook ads to scale very, very quickly just using two to five dollars a day in your ad spend, and you can grow using this method. now let me show you now, first and foremost, i'm gonna tok about how to set this thing up and then i'm gonna back up and show you a large kind of like overall view of how this works. okay, it's very, very, very, very simple. in theory, right, it's simple to look at it and understand it and say, wow, that looks like it definitely works. but once you go out and start doing it, it will shock you actually how easy it really is and it'll also blow your mind as to why having other affiliate marketers just done it this way the entire time. because facebook will not bother you, they will not shut down your ad accounts, they won't target you, they won't hate you and you can make a crap ton of money doing it this way. it also cuts the time almost like 90, where you're starting an organic, free traffic strategy using facebook and i've done some training of on that on this channel so you can look at that. but it cuts your time by like 90 percent to get leads, get people fast, get people interested in your affiliate offers. start making sales immediately by using facebook ads and they don't have to be super expensive- two dollars a day, five dollars a day, something like that. you can easily start getting sales this way. now let me show you how to set this up first and we're gonna go over to our ads manager just to show you how to set this up. now, inside of your ads manager, you're gonna go ahead and create an ad and i'm just going to show you exactly what you want to do. most ads gurus out there on the planet and they're teaching you affiliate marketing, ads and stuff like that with facebook. this is where you get in trouble first and foremost, as you go for conversions- absolutely not. we're gonna go for traffic. i know it seems counterintuitive a lot of times like, well, i don't just want traffic. trust me, you're gonna want traffic for this strategy, for this strategy. it works extremely well. so we're gonna tell uh facebook that we want the campaign objective to be traffic. you can call it whatever you want. you can do all this stuff later on, but i'm just gonna show you at a bird's eye view how you wanna set this up. we don't want, uh. well, actually it's okay. it's okay. if you have campaign budget optimized here, that's fine. your daily budget, like i said, can be like like two dollars a day, five dollars a day, uh, something like that. it could be really, really cheap because all you're gonna do is you're going to use ads- facebook ads- as a leverage. okay, you're going to use them to leverage your lead flow on facebook. this is for those of you who do affiliate marketing on facebook. you do organic outreach, you send friend requests, you post all day, you try to get people interested in your stuff. this is going to boost your traffic tenfold and it's going to boost your entire business, your conversions, everything. okay. so let's go to the next part. here we have that going two dollars a day and i just want to show you where you want to drive traffic. you'll either enter more details, blah, blah, blah. we're gonna go website because we are still gonna send people to a funnel, but i'm gonna show you how it's broken down and how it's different than any other funnel you've ever seen, or especially any affiliate funnel. okay, so let me just show you how that works. you want to set an end date? most of the time i always tell people: have an end date. in case you forget, because i always- i always have ad campaigns. i forget. you know that i even have them on, so i'm just spending money. you can make this anything you want. you know your audience. okay, i can't tell you what to put here. you know your exact audience, so you know exactly who you're gonna target, what you're gonna target- interests and things like that. uh, this is location. i always go united states because i like to. i like to just aim at the the best audience possible. i mean, i know a lot of people do the whole tier one thing: uk, australia. i know everyone says that i just go united states and then later on i'll worry about expanding into other markets. okay, now this is the important part where we go to detail targeting and we're going to select one, one group of people with one similar interest, not 10, not also interested in this and this and this and this doesn't matter. okay, just get rid of all of that, and only one interest at a time. you can create multiple sets if you want to, but each set needs to have one interest: the best way to test, the best way to know what's going on inside of your ad campaigns. okay, so if i search here and i put affiliate marketing, which most of the time that's what my audience is into, right here- affiliate marketing- we have a very, very giant size of 13 to 15 million people in the us, but that's fine with me because it gives me the ability to reach as many people as possible with this partikular ad campaign. it works really, really well. usually in an ad campaign, you don't want that many people to target because you can spend a lot of money reaching a lot of different people, but this ad campaign, this strategy, is designed to get you the highest volume possible at the lowest cost possible. okay, so that's the goal. we want to get very, very high volume, very low cost. we're gonna hit next, and now i'm gonna. this is the ad: creative, right? this is what the ad is gonna look like. this is totally up to you. you design the ad. maybe it's a video, more than likely it should be an image. images work better for this strategy. don't do a whole video, just a quick image. i'm going to tell you what that image should say. in a minute i'm going to tell you what the whole funnel, the whole outline, looks like, but first, before i do that, make sure you smash that like button underneath this video to let the youtube algorithm know that this is an awesome video. this is a new strategy and more people should see it. don't be greedy. okay, don't be greedy and hold this you know strategy back for yourself. let's share it with everyone on youtube. okay, now, with that being said, let me get into the rest of the strategy. okay, so this is what the entire strategy looks like from a bird's eye view. okay, i hope you guys can hear me. my chair is making a lot of noise, but this is the whole strategy. this is a facebook group strategy. okay, facebook group strategy. so, instead of the traditional affiliate marketing strategy, where you're taking people from your ad campaign or from your organic campaign, however, you're running your m.

How To Write Ads For A Skeptical Audience (Weight Loss Case Study)

i'm literally getting into the under the fingernails, into the really, really my new details so they can understand it. and when you do that, it's like when people hang on every word that you're saying: um, so my dna. so last week, um, we sort of badgered you for some ideas on how to attack the poppy. yep, this is what we've come up with, um, and we're about to go live. so the client absolutely froths. this, loves me. that's what i like to hear. yeah, that he's like, he's a really good client to work for. he's very realistik, very level-headed, um, and, yeah, he's just a pleasure to work for. so it's going to be a good relationship. excellent. can you make this screen bigger so i can read this copy? yeah, okay, here we go, because last last week i was just suffering through it. but until i know, you can make a video. who wrote this copy? for ants? all right. headline: new breakthrough tiknology for effective weight reduction- helping aussie women- aussie aussie man- sheds kilos based on this new age genetik evidence. well, that's a good one. i got a diet plan based on my dna and actually work. dna testing help shed kg's. lock down fitness story. dna testing helps aussie women shed kilos. yeah, this is all good. no more wasted time. this simple dna test reveals personalized exercise plan. yeah, they're. they're all good headlines, um, so you're going to do different female, different male, yeah, yeah, okay, cool, i'm calling all health conscious aussies. did you know? a brand new study out of the uk exposed that an average adult will try 126 different diets in their lifetime- crazy, right. so if you, if you're one of the many aussies trying to restrict diet, silly tea detoxes or even eating like a rabbit with no success, well, i have news for you. um, i have good news for you. it's not your fault, because what i told you, no matter how much exercise or you eat, if you don't understand the simple secret, there will never be a point. successful sheldon kilos- yeah, this is exactly what we discussed. this thing will crush. um, if anything, i would sell more against the existing things. i would definitely mention paleo, atkins, keto, all of them, and i'd say that none of them will work unless you do this, because everyone, if we know that everyone's tried 126 different diets, then we need to throw stones at those things because, like everybody's done a diet that hasn't worked before. right, so we're, we're, we're already going up against someone that's very, very skeptikal and we just are in a unique position where we have something that is literally new, unique and something that never, that somebody has never, ever seen or heard about before. so we need to use that card as much as we possibly can. um, and so like, literally mention all of like- just google top 10 most popular diets- paleo, keto, atkins, all that kind of stuff, intermittent fasting- and you're saying like good luck, because none of that's going to work unless you know your blood type and you know this brand new scientific research that shows you exactly how to eliminate stubborn fat and all of that kind of stuff. but other than that, it will be very strong. um, and they don't have any one that you could use like a news story with. is there anyone that's lost lots of weight, like good old gavin or shelley or anything like that, that we can do a news hook for? i'm gonna ask that all of the creatives are centered around like a news story. so i haven't done any one second. yeah, so you would want to get this live, but also get the like, because your story based copy. you cannot beat it. it's physically impossible to beat story based copy. i don't care if you're going to cold traffic. it's impossible to be so if you, if you- that's the reason why i keep doing it, because you can't beat it, but i would go, i would run with this. so let's look at your lead into. i remember my battle with weight. it's yo-yo dieting, yes, extreme detoxes, and constantly wondering if i have my genetiks to blame. the way that you can make your copy strike like lightning even more is even just getting it even more specific: shells, right. so instead of just saying yo-yo dieting and extreme detoxes, tell me about what they are. i did juice fasters. i did like tea, bloating detoxes, you name it. i tried it. dietitians, weight watchers, meal kits delivered, low calorie, low carb, no carb, paleo- i had literally tried everything. um, and i was so frustrated and i found myself crying in front of the mirror one day. right, like you get really, really in the weeds, because when you speak like that, they're like: oh, she's one of us, they're one of us, they know exactly what it is like, right, but when you just say thing like yo-yo dieting, extreme detoxes, it's not enough. you need to get really visceral with the copy. that's when people like so like, even with that ad that i run where it's like cbos, cpcs and all those kind of stuff. if you're a facebook marketer, you know that. i know, right, i'm not toking about. have you launched a campaign and it didn't work? like i'm literally getting into the under their fingernails, into the really, really my new details so they can understand it. and when you do that, it's like when people hang on every word that you're saying: okay, um, wondering, i constantly have my genetiks to blame. perfect, yeah, my health was always a question game. so who is this person, nelly? so what images are you gonna use with this? because this is first person copy? yeah, so i've got, um, they have this like these spokeswomen, people, um, that i'm using in the copy, but no images, sorry, no images of these ladies. no, there is, yeah, okay. so there's your story based. yeah, okay, and do we have specific like age, weight, location? no, we don't so, but i know that if i ask them i can get it all right. yeah, get it, because that's that's the best: 86 kilo melbourne woman loses 15 kilos with brand new scientific based diet. um, but this is good. i much prefer this copy because it's it's just really straight to the matter. but you've gone a hundred percent down the to two roads that you want to go down: new story versus story based um. the one line is that and constantly worrying if it was my genetiks to blame. i think that that is the golden thread that is just going to crush, because that that helps you sell against everything and that's like what a lot of people think in the back of the mind when they don't get success from the things: that it's their genetiks and you're like just coming out and just addressing that thing straight away. um, health, summer management. when we know exactly how our bodies work, things change for me pretty rapidly. i might try and integrate that into a headline then, yeah, i would. um, is that all of the copy? no, i've got heaps of other variations. no, but is that? where are you going to get into the juice? where is the scientific juice? okay, yeah, so you've got, i understand w. when exactly our bodies? wait, sorry, it wasn't until i met the team at yeah, i wouldn't be saying that i would say, but it wasn't until i got clear of exactly what my blood type was and how to pair my blood type with the foods that would put my body into overdrive fat burning mode to shed kilos, literally why i slept. i used this data. i used this simple data to understand exactly what foods to avoid, what i could do when i should eat, how big my meal sizes should be, more so than like. here's the pitch, here's you want to be like. this is how i figured it all out and this is where you can get it. if you're interested in figuring out exactly what your blood type is and if you want to know exactly what foods to avoid so you can finally lose all the weight that you've dreamed of losing, and then give me a little bit more of the science behind it. so i believe you a little bit more. it oxygenates your blood cells. it creates more. i, this is all. [ __ ]. i'm just making up. you have to find out what the real stuff is. um, it changes the blood count. it does whatever it does. you need to tell me it. so, oh, wow, like. this isn't just a fat, this is real. this is science. this is like: check the blood type. this is the answer that i've been searching for my entire life. and then, yeah, i, i li.

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Writing Facebook Ad Copy As A Weight Loss Coach [facebook compliance 101]

if you're a health coach, one of the biggest hurdles you'll face in advertising online is facebook compliance rules, especially within the weight loss industry. so today i'm going to walk you through step-by-step uh or an ad that i recently wrote. uh, i'll show you a before and aft and after example to walk you through what you can actually say. i'll walk you through some of the basic facebook compliance rules to give you a better idea of what you can go out there and present to your audience, what message you should use to connect with them, but not get in trouble in terms of getting your facebook ad shut down or getting your ads rejected along the way. so if this is the first time joining one of my lives, i'm brian sekanski. i help coaches crack the code on facebook ads so they can accelerate not only their income but also their impact by uh, but while also cutting their work hours in half. so let's walk you through. number one: join my free opt-in fullconfidenceadscom. even if you haven't launched facebook ads before, it helps you kind of demystify the entire process, not only in terms of writing facebook ad copy that is gonna really connect with your audience, but how to actually set it up, how to actually manage the ads, how to do things like targeting and especially it with all the ios changes. i've got a series of videos that walk you through step by step on how to do that. i've got a five step process to make sure that from day one, you are running ads that are profitable and that you are not just have a giant expense line in terms of uh, running facebook ads along the way. so let's jump in. uh, again. this is just a recent example that i did. uh, you know it's a. i'll show you the ad before as written and i'll kind of show you how, with track changes, i made changes kind of shifted around the ad language, some of the things that kind of caught my attention that i know facebook compliance will really highlight, and we'll go from there and along the way you'll get a better sense of like, okay, what is, what is that? um, you know what, what's facebook compliant looking at? and and how can i keep myself out of trouble? let's go right here, it's okay. so first i'm just going to walk you through the um, the example, and i'm going to just give you an idea. so this is just the existing ad that i was looking at and this is the one that i'm going to revise and i'll kind of just walk you through what it looks like. so, number one: the headline: how to lose 20 pounds in eight weeks without starving yourself. so that's a promise that facebook is is not gonna allow to go out there again, uh, putting a specific claim like how to lose 20 pounds, how to, look, lose 20 pounds within a specific time period, um, is just not something they're going to allow for. so you have to really think about the promises that you're putting out there, especially from a weight loss perspective, uh, in in terms of of that. so definitely, the headline you'll see is something that i um revise. uh, so, putting like specific claims in terms of how much pound, you know how many pounds they can lose within a certain amount, like, even if you took out eight weeks and just had a specific number of pounds they're going to lose, that is going to get flagged by facebook every single time. so really think about, especially within the weight loss space and especially within health. really think about, like, okay, putting out our promises here, we kind of have to tone them down a little bit and not put those specific things out there in terms of the overall language, so let's kind of get into the text a little bit. so this is, you know a little bit longer of a facebook ad copy: busy moms hate dieting and i don't blame them. my name is janet and i'm the creator of the simply slim system. although things are great for me now, things were once much different. i used to struggle with a muffin top, just like you. so, you know, one of the things that kind of stiks out to me is, like: okay, in these first few lines, this is the sound bite that is really designed to kind of catch your audience's attention. so you know, in this sound bite, um, there is some good things that are happening. like one of one of the things this ad is trying to do is really resonate and connect the business owner, in this case janet- with the audience, but is trying to do it a little bit too directly. so, um, again, facebook doesn't like when you're trying to call out, uh, the audience, obviously there's targeting involved with your ad- uh, but, um, you know, facebook doesn't want you directly calling out your audience. um, a lot of times i would see it in past years where you'd um have a facebook ad that said: attention, you know such and such audience, um, and facebook is really getting away from that. they don't want you calling out specific people, so, in this case, busy moms or, um, all those other like um, people struggling with muffin tops, just like you, all those kind of things. and and one of the things you'll see as i revive this, revise this ad, is: how can i kind of bring that to life, instead of saying something like i used to struggle with my muffin top, just like you. instead of saying that, how can i really bring that to life? and how can i give, you know, kind of paint the picture for the audience about what you know, janet was really going through? so, instead of telling them that i'm just like you, how can i really, you know, show them via a story, how, what her life was like and how she is just like you, without even really having to say that? so you'll see that as i, as i come through, uh, and and just in terms of this as well, like again the, the the first few lines are not meant to sell your system or to sell anything. really. the first few lines are just to catch their attention and you'll, you know, after this first few lines, you'll see that see more button because it's a little bit longer of ad. so our only objective with those first few lines is to get our audience to stop their scroll, to kind of catch their attention, truly connect with them to you know, expand on their curiosity and hit that see more button. what we're trying to do here in these first few lines is really, yeah, we're trying to do too much. we're trying to sell the simply slim system. we're also trying to for janet, tell them why she's just like them, um, why they hate dieting. there's just too much going on. so, like, again, you'll see how i revise it and really keeping it really simple and really getting back to like, okay, like you're going through this, i've been through this before and we can potentially get you on the other side again, you don't have to say the things. like, you are not alone. again, we're gonna try and avoid, um, any use statements around anything that's negative. again, facebook doesn't want, uh, you calling out the audience by saying you and then attaching any kind of negative statements around that. uh, obviously there's a lot more compliance from a weight loss perspective, because there is a good deal of shame and everything like negative feelings around weight loss. so you just have to be really careful in terms of what verbiage you're using, but also anytime you're mentioning anything negative, kind of removing that word. you and you'll see how i do that. in kind of the revised ads and here's how you know, like here's how she's trying to uh, show a little bit more instead of telling so. i remember wearing baggy clothes to hide my belly, doing endless amounts of cardio, buying all the gimmicky weight loss tools like waist trimmers, diet shakes and fat burning pills. within that line, one of the things that you should know is, as a weight loss coach, weight loss is one of those trigger words that is always going to pop up- facebook compliance. so, as much as possible, you know, even though you're a weight loss coach, we want to avoid. those were like just the words weight loss, want to make sure, as we go through our ad, that those two words aren't really in there, because any time that's in there, you're immediately going to get some additional scrutiny from a facebook compliance perspective. it could be results. i.

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How To Make LEGAL "Before & After" Facebook Ads

hey guys, hope you're well. so i want to show you a quick ad that is on my timeline right now. um, this is a place local to me in the uk, uh, where i'm now living, and you know you're not allowed to do before and after pictures on facebook- just not allowed to, so you can't show a transformational image of somebody looking overweight in one image. and then they followed your program or this, whatever program, and now they look all ripped and amazing or just super slim if it's. you know, um, maybe a woman might look slim, but woman could look ripped as well. um, this is a really quite interesting take on that. they've used, um curiosity as a way of getting people to click the ad. now, i don't know if this is a successful ad, but i thought it was still interesting enough to point out because you might want to consider this if you're in any kind of industry where before and after images would be useful for your business, for promoting your business, and that doesn't have to be in weight loss. there can be all kinds of reasons for before and after pictures, um, but these guys, they help people, uh, looks like they help train people, um, and help them maybe with their, with their uh diet. now, the only critikism i would have is: this guy is really not the prettiest of specimens, but, um, when you get to here, it's quite a good headline and it's quite a good hook. so you've got basically the curiosity of, well, how, what does he look like? now? well, if you want to see it, you've got to click that link right now. it's almost unimportant for the purposes of this video what happens on the next page, but the main thing is that you see this and you're thinking i'm going to see something really interesting to me because i look like this guy. thankfully, i don't think i do um, but i look like this guy and i'm curious to see how he ended up and if i can do the same thing to get similar kinds of results. so, shall we click the button? let's click the button and let's see if this is interesting or not. i'm i genuinely haven't clicked this. so now we say, oh well, fair play to your mate. yeah, still not the prettiest of sights in my opinion, but who am i to judge? um, you definitely look better now. so, yeah, fair play to to dave. i think he was called um. yeah, a pretty interesting ad. and i would say, because often, when you're on your timeline, you'll see ads and you'll think: how is that compliant? how did that, you know? stay advertising for years or whatever weeks, months? and the truth is, most ads that aren't compliant survive for a day, a week, maybe a few weeks, and then they get killed by facebook and they get their ad account shut down and possibly more. and whereas this is fully compliance, there is no before and after. yeah, i don't know how facebook will feel about having before and after on the actual um landing page. i've forgotten about that. i can't remember at the top of my head whether or not that's allowed, um, but definitely in the ads. this is a really interesting way to um to get around that issue and get people clicking your ads. i would argue that you could make this even less pixelated or less blurred, um. however, this is why- why you experiment. you know, maybe they've split tested this and this was the, the exact shade of blurriness or grade of blurriness that got them the best results. i mean, judging of the fact that they've only got 29 likes, it's fairly early in the cycle, but let's have a look at the comments. said some funny comments and yeah, yeah, people, people are well, the top comments are a complimentary, so that gives your ad juice to survive and thrive, and facebook incentivizes facebook to show it to more people and to get you results at a better price. so i would say this is a solid idea and worth testing if you have anything that you can show in a kind of before and after format. hope that helps. have a good day.

How To Get Weight-Loss Ads APPROVED on Facebook | AskEstebanGomez #118

all right into this video, obviously, Diana. yet much question. so she patty, hello, can anyone said Sonali to, while I add: keep get addicted by Facebook, uprising equal to the language and using a mighty something. first I thought it was because I just busy moms in partikular, so I changed us. try it again. I wonder if it was because I said how to go to being overweight. overwhelms our tires is probably loaded body again. so I change us. then I wondered what is a prominent mind in the world? the words spattered because I had said in your own to your morning: stores back away. but you rejected any sex would be appreciated. thank you, okay then. so basically your ass, yeah for people to the silicon text, press it, dance and the free video course on how to lose weight and feel a better body. so let me see, let me see, alright, okay. so let's say they understand. so your ass in the waste of space there, really treats, because there are a lot of marketers that push a lot of traffic to our power stroke. they've been getting triggered strictly to make sure that everything's implying that xfinity in order. so my tip for is a to get weight. let us prove this number one. they have the really, really. they know that they can be aggressively up. we reveal reality, so we - you can dance like. then a negative and again equalization shows: are you overweight? because that makes you feel bad. so so that that's not related. the Senegalese approach because it makes others feel that. so that's number two. and then number three: go before and after photos, which is which is doing great. so you're asked them: are you starting to agree to your rate of growth or your own? with them? then your f? last and complete information. holding back the answer. you can look back strangers in feeling proud. but you have achieved esprit de corps. switch your health and weight loss goals to achieve separation and community support and free the body. you can truly follow. jump again. join us and our private Facebook community s - yeah, so pretty much, try it. try - voiceover. lose weight, burn fat, weight loss. try an angle that's for leg. achieve a healthy body. doesn't look so much a new suede, but the photographs of some choice. would you like to? to have a healthier lifestyle, you need to have a healthier body. some here on looks like something. wait, was that right out? that's always before. another reason that might be happening is because your account exterior again, place who's made sense in a row. it gets like a better reputation. so even if you may try this, if you you feel, if you feel that you're ready, fully compliant, trim. on another account, it has much more history because like more, more, more asking history that you realize before they get a food. so it's easy to get approval that come. but if you just open up there being a content, throw out a way to look at it, if we're nice, approve. so keep the image. it is finally my relations. already the proof is just, lady, feeling happy, reach your health and weight loss goals. eternity. try to be moving like the world, weightless translation from blindness. one will just keep it at the fructose. making a compliance partikulate, not addresses. just make sure you approve. once in a group you can start getting more, more aggressive styles, like adding some orange, some white love, maybe a bit more recipes on to what level you can pushes. so you can. so the main goal now is to make it to get approved and once you have approved, psssst, how far are you an alien? both to make more aggressive. so that's pretty much it. I analyzed it for you. I hope they help you out and I don't forget, I hope, that area which we get to a diploma. so you have it for questions for anyone else watching the video. make sure that is it. I got it. oh, I'll record a video answer: yes, those the other nection? alright. so if you got value out of this video and want to learn more, simply click on the link below or go to esteban gomez dotnet forward slash course where you're going to get access to my facebook advertising 101 course. it's going to teach you all the fundamentals, from A to C, on how to let your first successful campaigns- everything from how to do market research, how to do audience research, how to create an ad and how to launch first successful Facebook campaign. so this is something you're interested in. simply click the link below this video or go to s 1 1, s 4 / course and I'll see you on the inside.

How to Create a Weight Loss Supplement Funnel for FREE (+2 BONUS Templates!) | Make Money Online

hey guys, yvonne, here at evonmanacom, and in this video i want to show you how to create a weight loss supplement funnel or a landing page, completely for free. and this can work for you with any traffic source, be it native ads like ref content, tabula, solo ads, reddit or quora, and even google and microsoft ads. and, better yet, to sweeten it up for you, i actually went ahead and got some templates that you can use. so we all know that we're lazy. we don't want to spend that much time building out anything. so i went in and created templates for you that you can go in and you can tweak a little bit and you can use, which will look really, really good. so here's actually an example of a landing page here on googlecom. so if i go in and click this, open it in a new tab, you're gonna see it's just a standalone landing page, and if you click, you're gonna end up going to the next page, to the order page, so on, so forth, and so i'm gonna show you how to create a page that looks very, very similar to this. now, before i get into it, guys, don't forget to hit like and subscribe, hit the notification bell icon so you get notified when i release more videos just like this showing you how to make money online. all right, so let's get into it now. i did say that i'm gonna show you how to create a funnel like this completely for free. so to do that, we're gonna need a free page builder, and i have the perfect one for you. so if you guys head over to goevonmanacom systemio, you can get started for free with system i? o. i already created another video on this, showing you how to create a funnel completely from scratch. if you want to know the ins and outs in more detail, you can take a look at that video. what i would suggest you do here first is enter your email and just get started for free. you don't need your credit card. it's free forever. you can, of course, upgrade, but this is perfect if you're just getting started. so do that first and then, once you do that, i'm gonna put these two links in the description. so what you can do is you can go in and, for example, copy the first link. you're gonna copy it and then you're just gonna paste it here and then this funnel will automatikally be added to your account. and if i save this and just take a quick look at what it looks like, you can see that it looks very, very professional, okay. so it's got a nice picture. it's got a nice headline, very clear, nice arrow, nice call to action button. okay, everything is here looks very, very, very nice. i actually contacted the owner of system io. i asked him if he had any, uh, sales funnels for weight loss supplements, and him and his team created some. so, um, something you can definitely use. you can also collect emails, so really, really cool, all right, and then once you do that, once you add it to your account, you're gonna see it here, and you can also do the same for the second one. so let's just go in and add these here first, and then i'm gonna show you how to go in and edit them and make it work for you. so we're going to save that. then we're going to do this one as well, and this is another variation, okay, so again, you can change the colors, change whatever you want, but this is basically it. this is the page that you can use anywhere, and it is an entire funnel as well. now, if you don't want to use the funnel, if you just want to use the landing page, you can totally do that as well, okay, and if you are using it for google and microsoft and so on, you can just go in and add some disclaimer. you know terms of use stuff like that, similar to what they have here at the bottom of this page, but for anything else it should work just fine. so that's the page now, once you have these two funnels in your account, if you click on funnels you should see them here and then to edit them, you're just going to click either one of them and then you are going to click on this little magic wand there to edit the page, and then this is where you can actually edit anything you want. so if you guys use click funnels system, io is basically a free click funnels, okay. so very, very easy to use. as you can see, it has even the same colors- you know the orange, the blue and the teal for all the different sections, and all you guys are gonna do is simply change the wording around, right? so let's suppose you're promoting research. you know you could. this title probably even looks good as well. free 30-day supply of diet and weight loss product. so free, uh, 30 weight loss supply of. you can say research, and then over here you can say: you know, whatever research is- i i don't remember now, but it's like you know, 100 all-natural weight loss supplement that can help you lose weight and as little as 30 days or something like that, right? so you're just gonna go in here and you're just gonna change these things up. now you can substitute the background image a little bit with the picture of research, or you can just leave it like that. it's up to you. but things like these you definitely want to change up. so, for example, for the button here, you're going to see everything here on the left hand side. so, yes, i want. you know, you can say 30 days of research or not. don't say 30 days. just say yes, i want research. you know. you can say that and then you can fill in the button. if you want it to be, make it bigger. if you want to get smaller, you can play around with it. totally up to you. now, the main thing is actually the url, right? so if you want to keep this as a standalone landing page, so if you're an affiliate, that's what you'll probably want to do. what you want to do is click the button, go to url and type in open url and then this is where you'll enter your affiliate link, right, whatever it is. so if you're using clickbank, you're going to enter your affiliate link there and then you're going to scroll down and just fill in the blank. so again with one promotion built on one big idea. so what's the big idea about research? so explain here the consumer problems your product sold. so, for example, you could say: you know, lose weight without having to go on an intense diet or crazy workouts. you know something like that, and then over here you could offer more details. this 30-day free supply of research can help you lose weight with minimal effort. okay, and just go in here and just change these up a little bit as well. i don't remember how many ingredients research has, but let's say it has 10. you can put 10.. i don't know how many food products it has, but you can change this up as well. so you could say: you know, for example, active buyers and i don't know how many people bought this, but you can look it up and you can replace it. i don't know like, let's say, 8 000. you know 784, and if it is a little too big, you can go in and just make it a little smaller so that it fits. so, like that. you know, um, and it's got a picture of people, so that looks good. you can also remove the logo or add your own logo if you have there. so you're just gonna click on that and just upload your own image. okay, very easy to do. you can change like. you can play around with the settings as well for sections and so forth, so it's very easy to do so. for example, you would select the section and if you want to remove the space a little bit at the top, you're just going to drag that and then you can do the same thing here: move it to 76, you know, up to you, so you can do that. then you will go here and you would say: you know what are the three things, like, what are the three steps? right, losing weight with this product? you can do that as well. i like the picture here. you can add a video here. i know some affiliate programs do give a video so you can go in and just add the video that they have hundreds of health benefits again, just add more information. so this is what i was kind of telling you about if you guys want to promote stuff like this on google or microsoft. you want to try to add as much information as possible, and that's what this page has. it has much more information on it than you know. just a regular hey, enter your email and that's it. right, so these images look good. you can keep that i.