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weird vintage ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Old Commercials That Would Be Politically Incorrect Today

As society progresses and becomes more aware of issues such as gender roles and racism, some old commercials that were once considered acceptable are now seen as politically incorrect. Here are some examples of such commercials:

1. Goodyear Tires Commercial:

- The commercial portrays women as helpless without a man, and reinforces gender stereotypes.

- This flat tire needs a man, but when there's no man around, when there's no man around, Goodyear should be.

2. Suntory Whiskey Commercial:

- The commercial uses offensive stereotypes of Japanese people and culture.

- The creek is an old Japan, Roderick shot everywhere, but when we get that down to eat, they sure didn't miss their favorite tree.

3. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Commercial:

- The commercial objectifies women and reinforces gender stereotypes.

- It's a scary man who heard the kids, been casted hands and said, 'I crave,' keeps me very wide spun by p4p surprise, makes don't you try this my own way a little cruelly.

4. Kool-Aid Commercial:

- The commercial uses racial stereotypes and reinforces gender roles.

- The most refreshing much rolled by or family about mother Japanese, a boy Japanese girls of package make 2 4 war cost only 20 l just lie still.

5. Winston Cigarette Commercial:

- The commercial objectifies women and reinforces gender stereotypes.

- Erik Estrada and Howard has beneath the dream girls, hi every man's fantasy are just 90 Dan Morgan Fairchild Linda Carter Kathie Lee Crosby Victoria Principal and much much more, they're the sexiest super ladies on the scene, they're the women who rate of ten.

6. Maxwell House Coffee Commercial:

- The commercial reinforces gender stereotypes and objectifies women.

- Your squat is ready for you to lead them, prove with Johnny seven OMA, you charge Bible Johnny seven, watch out tank, Johnny sevens cutter on the run, Johnny seven fires both my rival, I was like a Tommy gun.

As society progresses, it is important to recognize and challenge outdated and offensive stereotypes and portrayals of gender, race, and culture. While these commercials may have been acceptable in the past, they are now seen as politically incorrect and serve as a reminder of the progress that still needs to be made.


Welcome back to another video where we take a look at some weird vintage advertisements. We apologize in advance if we've already seen all of these. Do you ever go on weird Google tangents and end up finding interesting things?

In this video, we'll be exploring vintage ads that sold everything from cocaine for toothache to wooden TVs. We'll also take a look at how beauty products used shame selling to target insecurities, and how smoking was once advertised as a way to have a slim baby.

But first, let's talk about our sponsor, Dashlane. As someone who has been using it for five years, I cannot remember the last time I filled out all of my information manually. Dashlane can help you create an auto-generated password and even fill out your credit card information for you. It also alerts you when your password has been compromised and can monitor your email address on the dark web.

Now, back to the vintage ads. Some of them are just downright bizarre, like the sexual temperance spoon that was advertised to tame unwanted erections. Others, like the Beat Your Wife booklet, are clearly meant to be jokes.

One interesting thing we discovered was how beauty products marketed towards women were often designed to sell razors and other shaving products. And who can forget the classic ads for cigarettes, where smoking was advertised as a way to have an easy labor and a slim baby?

Overall, vintage ads offer a fascinating glimpse into the past and how advertising has evolved over time. While some of these ads may seem absurd now, they were once taken seriously and used to sell products. It makes you wonder what products we use today that will seem ridiculous in the future.

10 CREEPY Vintage Commercials

The world of advertising has come a long way, but looking back at some of the commercials from decades ago can be a strange and sometimes creepy experience. From possessed dolls to warning children of running water, here are some of the strangest and most unsettling ads from the past.

1. Creepy Doll Commercial:

- Commercial from the 1970s

- Dolls are already creepy, so why make them worse?

- Children's eyes glow as they hunt for dollars possessed by the dolls

- Unnerving and unsettling

2. British PSA:

- A 1973 public service announcement warning children of the dangers of running water

- The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water warns of the dangers lurking in pools and ponds

- Children were terrified by the message

- Effective, but almost too effective as some children never wanted to go swimming again

3. Kinder Surprise Commercial:

- A commercial from the past promoting Kinder Surprise, a popular treat with a toy inside

- The commercial features a scientist transforming into an egg

- Unusual and bizarre, not what you would expect from a candy commercial

4. Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Pancakes:

- A commercial from 1955 promoting Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Pancakes

- Features creepy, cult-like voices speaking in unison

- Emphasis on men, as if women didn't eat pancakes in those days

5. KFC Commercial:

- A 1967 commercial promoting KFC and the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices

- Colonel Sanders is tied to a chair undergoing a lie detector test, interrogated by three nurses

- Strange and creepy, with no real explanation for the bizarre setting

6. Hickory Ridge Mall Commercial:

- A commercial promoting a shopping center in Memphis, Tennessee from 1988

- Features a child dreaming of being on a carousel ride with a pedophile

- Unsettling and disturbing, like a nightmare

7. Viceroy Cigarette Commercial:

- A hypnotic commercial promoting Viceroy cigarettes from the past

- The hypnotic voice tries to convince viewers to buy the new Spud cigarettes

- Bizarre and unsettling, with no real explanation for the hypnotic voice

8. Post Sugar Rice Krinkles Commercial:

- A commercial from the past promoting Post Sugar Rice Krinkles cereal

- Features a creepy clown named Car Wrinkles

- Unsettling and bizarre, with an emphasis on honey and sugar

Looking back at the past can be a strange and unsettling experience, especially when it comes to advertising. These commercials from decades ago may have been effective at the time, but looking at them now, they seem creepy and bizarre. It makes you wonder what we'll think of today's commercials in a few decades' time.

Top 25 Scariest Commercials Ever Part 2

In this article, we will be discussing various topics and advertisements that use different techniques to grab our attention and persuade us to take action.

Topics and Advertisements:

1. Levi's Pants:

- A stranger came to town wearing Levi's pants.

- He introduced the town to the world of Levi's slacks and jeans.

- Levi's pants were available in different colors and styles.

- The town was fascinated by the magic of Levi's pants and wanted more.

2. Music:

- Music has the power to evoke emotions and create a mood.

- The gentlemen sing about the moon, snacks, and sweets.

- Beware of the Germans when the moon is fat.

- Kinder Surprise from Ferrara is a delicious treat.

3. Post Sugar Rice Krinkles:

- Post Sugar Rice Krinkles is the best breakfast cereal under the big top.

- Each grain of rice is coated with honey and sugar, making it different and wonderful.

- It is a circus of fun to eat and deliciously crinkly.

- Crinkle on down to the store for Post Sugar Rice Krinkles, the greatest cereal treat on earth.

4. Dressing:

- The speaker has never really thought about dressing.

- The first hit is free, but the choice is yours to make when you need more.

- The message is from concerned children's advertisers.

5. Forest Fires:

- Forest fires are caused by careless actions such as using a match or cigarette.

- When in the forest, be extra careful to prevent forest fires.

6. Human Endeavors:

- It is no longer about what they can achieve for us, but what we can experience on our own.

- Mental will is a powerful tool to achieve success.

7. Little Babies Ice Cream:

- Eating Little Babies Ice Cream keeps you young and light on your feet.

- It is a feeling that makes you wink, nod, hug, and high-five with great enthusiasm.

- Little Babies Ice Cream is a special time that you will love.

In conclusion, these topics and advertisements use various techniques such as persuasive language, emotional appeal, and humor to grab our attention and persuade us to take action. It is important to be aware of these techniques and make informed decisions based on our own judgment.

MORE Ads of the Past That Would be BANNED Today

These ads from the past may be disturbing to those with sensitive natures. From promoting highly addictive narcotics to downgrading women and using racial stereotypes, these ads would be banned today. However, they provide insight into the attitudes and marketing strategies of the past.

Key Points:

- Major drug companies promoted highly addictive narcotics until 1970.

- Ovaltine used the adjective gay to describe their product, not as a reference to homosexuality.

- Many ads downgraded women and used racial stereotypes.

- Celebrities touted the benefits of smoking.

- Lane Bryant targeted their market without being insensitive.

- Lucky Strike sponsored Dodger baseball.

- Bleach was marketed to make skin whiter.

- Washers and dryers were marketed to keep wives pretty and pregnant.

- Arsenic wafers were marketed for a fresh complexion.

- Whiskey toothpaste was marketed for whiskey breath.

These ads provide insight into the marketing strategies and attitudes of the past. While some may be disturbing, they serve as a reminder of how far we've come in terms of social progress and responsible advertising.

8 Massively Inappropriate Vintage Commercials

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World's Funniest Commercials of All Time | Series-1

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of language and cultural knowledge in communication, as well as the impact of advertising on our daily lives. We will explore examples from various sources, including commercials, movies, and real-life situations, to better understand how language and culture shape our interactions.

Language and Culture in Communication:

- Contractions and colloquialisms are commonly used in everyday speech, but may be inappropriate in formal settings.

- Idioms and interjections can add color and emotion to our language, but may be misunderstood by non-native speakers.

- Transitional phrases and dangling modifiers can affect the clarity and coherence of our sentences.

- Local knowledge and cultural awareness are crucial in cross-cultural communication, as different cultures have different values and expectations.

Impact of Advertising:

- Advertisements often use catchy slogans, jingles, and visual cues to grab our attention and create brand recognition.

- Product placement in movies and TV shows can influence our perceptions and preferences.

- Some ads may use misleading or exaggerated claims to persuade us to buy a product.

- Advertisements can also reflect cultural norms and stereotypes, which can have both positive and negative effects on society.


- In a Doritos commercial, a pregnant woman and her partner are seen eating chips during an ultrasound, highlighting the cultural differences in pregnancy norms and humor.

- HSBC's slogan The World's Local Bank emphasizes the importance of cultural knowledge and understanding in international business.

- A commercial for Zazu condoms uses humor and a catchy jingle to promote safe sex practices.

- A real-life example of cultural miscommunication is the difference between Chinese and English dining customs, where clearing your plate can have opposite meanings.

Language and culture are intertwined and play a significant role in our daily lives. Understanding and respecting cultural differences can lead to better communication and relationships, while advertising can have a powerful influence on our attitudes and behavior. By being aware of these factors, we can navigate our interactions more effectively and critically evaluate the messages we receive.

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