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weird wish ads

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Ridiculous Wish Ads!!

wish ads are some of the most ridiculous things i've ever seen, and it's fun because you never really know what kind of ad you're gonna get. you know it could be ads like: oh, that's cute, i could see myself. oh my god, literal crack pipes, okay, and that's just how they suck you in because you're like, oh hey, that's cute, and it's only like two dollars, never mind that the shipping is twelve dollars. it might not get to me this century. i want it. so i wanted to show off some of the weirdest- just most bizarre- wish ads that i've seen, and some of them that you guys have sent in to me as well, because the variance of the sold on this app is absurd, because it's not only a website to get a hello kitty backpack on, but a great place to get just a massive dildo. if you're using this thing, i feel bad for your neck, because that's where this thing reaches. what the [ __ ] is this? and how do i become the best at whatever it is? y'all laughing now, but we'll see who's laughing when i'm jump blading everywhere again. what the [ __ ], why? what does it do? this cat looks just as confused as i am. here's something, uh, i'd love to tell you what it is, but i really don't know. want a moldy ass brownie which has got you covered for only eight dollars? whoa, i mean, this one just seems like blatant animal cruelty to me. but hey, four dollars, you can take away your cat's ability to see. oh god, i love mr bean, but this is horrifying. i need it, oh why, to wear during sex to traumatize my girlfriend. of course, nothing tests a relationship like a panting mr bean over your naked body. that's a quote right there. no, but i, i do. i do need that actually. okay, i'm gonna leave this one on the screen for a few seconds and i just want you to look at it, you know, take it all in and then tell me what the [ __ ] is it for? well, first off, it clamps on to something. i'm really not sure what it's clamping to. half of these is going to be me questioning why it exists. but i, just this one. i'm just really confused about what. what is this? just human teeth? totally, don't you just hate when you're out of human teeth, man toking to you my meth addicted uncle, hey, found some teeth for you, man, okay, no response. i'm not here to kink, shame or judge. in fact, this looks pretty nice, but can we at least all admit that this lady is also hot? oh what? what am i looking at? without this picture, i would have been like, oh cool, you put your juice in there. that's, that's cool, it's fun. but what is that? hey, little billy, time to take a piss. we're in a public park. here you go. don't look at my kid's dick. this is normal [ __ ]. perverts in this: applebees. what the [ __ ]? is this just a colony of flies? a colony, a swarm? is it a swarm? i don't know. maybe this is something that you send to someone that you don't like. you know, like michaela, you [ __ ], [ __ ]. this will teach you to cheat on me- have just an entire gathering of flies. still don't know what they're called. but yes, you know what i'm saying. is this just fake [ __ ]? no one wish it's probably not even fake. oh okay, just a bag of unlabeled pills [ __ ] it seven dollars, these things. better invert my eyelids or i'm returning. this just appears to be the former iraqi leader, saddam hussein, for sale at an absolute steal, for 20, and i know what you're thinking. you're probably like that. you know that's a little bit too expensive. so if you can't afford the actual former iraqi leader, saddam hussein, for half the price you can get dj saddam hussein. oh god, oh yeah. i've seen this one like everywhere, and for the longest time i was convinced it was a torture device. there's just no part of that looks fun at all. but i guess it's an ingrown toenail fixer like it stretches out the ingrown-ness of your toe. it's not a word, but i just made it up. even still, i'm real stoked to see just a dude's gnarly foot on my timeline. so you know, that's rad, the diagram, like okay, how does this help me at all, knowing what the [ __ ] this is? uh, i have stared at this thing for 10 minutes trying to figure out what it is. i, i, i want to say it's bread, but like it also looks like muscle tissue or something. is it like? is it a prop? i just don't know. i just don't know. the more i look at it, the more i think this is just a picture of my friend chase's colonoscopy. i would know because he framed it. oh, real good, this was just a car, excuse me, a 1988 ford escort. my bad for 33.. i mean, from what i know about the car, that seems pretty fair. actually, a live stink. imagine just getting a live snake in the mail. oh, what'd i get today? oh my god, peanut butter breath for 26 dollars. that's almost as much as the ford escort. uh. i also just want to point out i didn't blur this photo like they did that. so whatever is on, this package is too controversial for wish, and that's saying a lot. this may be the most normal thing i've seen on this site. this is the expression of someone who wanted to get into modeling but after answering an ad saying they needed a model, she realizes that she probably never wants to model again. this one makes sense. i mean, ladies, tell me, you haven't at least wondered what it's like to pee like this? i gotta tell you, after 28 years of doing it, i'm still not good at it. half the time i just piss on my own balls. oh god, three dollars to cause permanent damage to your fingers- totally worth it. oh my god, we finally found a better love story than twilight guys. here it is, daddy kim jong got them strong arms. damn boy. what in this image? are they selling the bed, the sheets or the literal portal to hell for all you public [ __ ] watching my channel. i see you, that's right. i know my demographics says right here, 90 public [ __ ] got the perfect product for you. appears to be a dick tent. could still very visibly see everything. so i'm not really sure what this accomplishes. oh god, who would get this? i'm just gonna. is this a prosthetik to make your dick look bigger? oh god, who would get this just gonna? i don't even know what this one is. is this underwear that lights your dick on fire? it apparently has 63 pieces of magnet. okay, but from what i can tell by this after photo, your dick will have third degree burns. but as you can see from this stiker, that's a good thing. whatever it is, this guy's loving it. it's good for him, i guess. all right, all right, all right. this one i have tried to figure out for like weeks now. so it says on the ad: self-assist toilet aid, and then you have like the stik figure who's grabbing it and putting it near their ass. so what is this aiding with? like i don't get it. oh, oh, maybe you put toilet paper on it and then you wipe it from the front so that you don't have to bend over. i guess i'm really trying here, guys, i don't know, i don't know that's what i'm gonna go with, but that's still weird. like, imagine this just being next to someone's toilet. you're like visiting a friend and you just see this next to their toilet. if that ever happens, please ask them what the [ __ ] it's for and let me know, because i still don't know. cinnamon toast blood. i'm never not gonna see the cinnamon toast crunch guy like being high as [ __ ]. now, like you have ruined a children's breakfast cereal for me, sir. cinnamon toast blood- what? for nine dollars you can get this ball in sonic the hedgehog outfit. what important question? uh, does it come with the child that looks like he wants to kill himself? knowing which? it probably does go with the child. 18 for cocaine, in case you wanted to spend 18 to throw your future away. there are easier ways to throw your future away. for 18, in case you're wondering. it's called buying loot boxes in any game ever. that's right [ __ ]. i'm called out, but for real guys, don't do drugs. tell them, michael, stop it, get some help. 306 dollars for a pair of legs. now i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that these are not real legs. um, but i can't be too certain with wish. she's comparable like bloody, actual human legs in the mail. someone want to send these to pewdiepie. i think he's been looking for some decent legs for a while. please bondage kits on wish. someone doesn't know about code smith on adam.

Weird Wish Ads

[ __ ] you Friday. so first I want to start off by saying I notiked this shadow right here all the way across my face, uh, and that's because my dog's an [ __ ]. here's the cord to the ring light that I usually use. so thanks, bud. this week's video is brought to you by wish, and I just want to give them a shout out real quick because, uh, they didn't actually sponsor this. instead, I'm gonna review some of the ads that I see on my facebook. now, if you don't know what wish is, where the [ __ ] have you been? so, basically, wish is this website app that has really cheap products. that's basically because they're [ __ ]. if you've ever bought anything from wish, you know that you might receive your shipment in two weeks or a year, but their ads that pop up on Facebook are the most vague, weird [ __ ] I've ever seen. so [ __ ] it. let's get right into it all right, straight off the bat. I don't know what the hell this is. so this is basically an iPhone in a water bottle. why the [ __ ] would I want to do that? there's no reason in my life. I'm like you know what I really wish I could fit this thing inside of my water bottle, Celeste [ __ ] in my pockets. on top of that it's an iPhone for like what? the [ __ ]? all right, moving on, they slowly get more and more rowdier throughout the video. just a heads up: alright, this one pretty self-explanatory, except it says hot practikal two-piece unisex. that's all we got. basically, it looks like a bald cap to me, maybe a do-rag, I'm not quite sure, cuz like it comes in three colors. you got black, beige and orange. luckily it's only a dollar and you get two. it's got a four star rating. somebody was like [ __ ], this bald cap. it made me look too bald. alright, when I started this video, I said that wishes products are usually really cheap and I'm pretty sure that's just because they're like Chinese knockoffs, but this one's $56, like excessive. you know, I'm not really gonna spend $56 on [ __ ]. however, I don't know what the [ __ ] this is either. okay, our description is creative, retro birthday week. if you click on these ads, thinking okay, I can expand it, like it'll tell me what it is. it doesn't. it just takes you to the wish happiness like explore, so you never find out. but basically what I can grasp from this is it's something Nicolas Cage would have used in national treasure. I guess, if you decode, you'll then know how to steal the Declaration of Independence. five stars, though, I guess everybody agrees. all right. now, this one, this one seems pretty practikal, in all honesty. it looks like you can hold your iphone, your seeds go on top and you throw your old seeds underneath. what kind of lazy prick do you have to be that you have to get a specialized item so that you can hold your phone, eat seeds and spit your seeds in the same place, like somebody probably got a trademark on this [ __ ] and they were like: hear me out, have you ever wanted to hold your phone and eat seeds but you ran out of hands? this is the perfect product for you. this is just some weird [ __ ]. honestly, I don't think there's ever been a time in my life that I really just sat down, wanted to watch a movie on my phone and was like you know what I could really go for? some sunflower seeds right now. on top of that, our description is multifunction creative s [ __ ] box. what the [ __ ] is this? it says home use dismountable, yet again left with a vague ass description. it's got five stars, though. my problem with looking at this is that I can't tell if this is a small item or a ginormous cuz like. it looks like it could be a shower for, like when you get covered in nuclear waste cuz I know that's a problem I run into in my everyday life. or it could be just something like handheld like I don't know. twenty nine dollars, I gotta assume it's pretty big. I'm gonna go with. it's an outdoor shower. I told you it was gonna get a little bit more rowdy as we go on. I think its butt, cheek implants, but like without the surgery, they're basically pitching it like, have you ever wanted to look like Kim K but you didn't want to go through the painful surgery of not sitting on your ass for two weeks? well, have we got the product for you? eight dollars- pretty self-explanatory, not my thing. honestly, I don't even know what the [ __ ]. this is: sexy men, lingerie, nylon, what the [ __ ]? I don't know what this does for someone, because I'm looking at it and it's like it's not any more sexy or anything. it's like you've got a bra for a man and then got attacked by a bear or some weird like Hunger Games [ __ ]. your guess is as good as mine. I'm gonna assume, due to the scintillating photo of the dude with his ripped ABS just chilling there, that it's something to do with your dick. I love the description. can win 3-piece silicone delay. okay, on top of that they're little. add there in the middle three sizes suitable for different people. we're just gonna move on. oh, [ __ ]. it came up again, just sideview, this time still numb. I think those are crack pipes. I love it because they're 97 percent off. that's assuming that crack addicts have phones, have Wi-Fi, have an address and a debit card so they can buy all this [ __ ] online. I'm not gonna lie. pretty [ __ ] good deal at 85 cents. I think my favorite part is that it has four and a half star reviews, because that means that a shitload of crack addicts were like yep, got me high, but then there's probably one dude in there that was like. you know, I've been a crack addict for a while and I know my [ __ ]. this didn't quite fill my needs. when I'm [ __ ] up my life, King crack plays. alright. that's it for my wish reviews. if you've seen some weird ads, comment that [ __ ] below. thank you for watching my videos and if you guys want me to review more products, let me know. okay, we might buy some [ __ ] from wish next time. make sure that you guys hit that like button, subscribe, share my videos, but till next time, guys. [Music].

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Strangest wish.com Products REVIEWED

have you ever been shopping online and come across products that look too weird to be real? you almost want to purchase them just to see what the heck they are. well, put your wallet away, because i've already bought them for you. yep, i've been trawling through wishcom, the online marketplace where you can buy just about anything for next to nothing- and i mean anything. so i've bought the weirdest, craziest and most insane products i could find, just to review them for your viewing pleasure. now sit back and relax as we take a look at some of the stupidest stuff i've bought in my entire life. my credit card company is going to have so many questions. inept egg topper. i love a boiled egg and toast soldiers- a classic breakfast food. now, most normal people just slice the top off the egg with a knife or spoon, but wish offers a dedicated seven dollar utensil for this task- an eggshell topper. apparently, all you need to do is repeatedly beat the bead on top of the egg and you'll be able to easily get to your egg through a perfectly circular opening. well, i like the neatness promised here, so i bought one to try it out. there weren't any additional instructions on the packaging, so i boiled up some eggs, put one in my novelty egg cup and beat the bead. okay. well, it did take a sort of circular section off the top, but it also shattered the rest of the shell, turning my meal into a mess. i tried using it on a few more boiled eggs with different levels of force, but none of them gave me that satisfying circular top. so i figured i should try it on a raw egg, like they do in the photos. that must be where i'm going wrong. right. here we go. oh damn it. well, i did get the circular top, but it's now somewhere inside the rest of the egg. great, maybe i beat the bead a little too hard. either way, this is way more hassle than just cracking the egg open or using a knife. verdict: messy and unnecessary. terrible toilet cover. are you an enemy of interior design? then clearly you need this three-piece lace toilet seat cover in your life for just 25 dollars. aside from looking hideous and weirdly unhygienic, it comes in a range of colors, so obviously i got it in the worst color possible for the bathroom: brown. now, as bad as it looks, this thing smelled even worse. for some reason it stank of cigarette smoke, but it'd take more than that to stop me reviewing it. so the piece that fits over the toilet cistern was easy enough to slip on, as was the cloth over the lid, but what surprised me was that the part that goes over the rim of the toilet is zipped on. so, careful not to accidentally dip one half of the cover into the water, i was able to zip this foul smelling and looking thing onto my toilet and voila, now my toilet looks as vile as the stuff that usually goes in it. verdict: pretty, but without the pretty funny fish slippers. have you ever looked down and gone? wow, i wish my feet were 100 uglier then. maybe wishes 16. fish slippers are the answer to your problem. i can't for any reason, think of what practikal purpose these serve other than as a joke. so obviously i ordered a pair, and, trust me, they look just as ugly in real life as they do in the photos. okay, i have quite big feet. so i ordered the largest size available, a us nine and a half, and um, well, they were a little bit snug, to say the least. walking around was a bit of a challenge too, though the noise they made did genuinely sound like a fish being slapped down with every step. verdict: as funny as they are: fishy, freaky fish mask. after ordering the fish slippers, i wondered if there were any other fishy products on wish, so i did a quick search and, oh my god, nightmares are real. i don't know what's creepier: the fact this fish mask has huge nostrils or that you're supposed to see out of them. according to the description, this is a very realistik mask that's perfect for mischief. naturally, i had to spend 14 on this thing just to test out how realistikally mischievous it really was. i'll admit i forgot i'd ordered it. so when it arrived, with those dead eyes looking at me through the plastik packaging, i nearly had to change my underwear out of the packaging. it didn't look much better and it smelt vile like vinegar and moldy cheese. but i'll do just about anything for you guys. so i put it on. and well, what do you guys think? do i look like a realistikally mischievous fish? well, the nostril eye holes definitely aren't as big as they seem in the photos and are pretty difficult to see out of, but the smell was so bad i had to take it off after a few seconds. well, are you guys ready for a face reveal? drumroll, please. i gotcha not today, i'm afraid. verdict: mischief, yes, realistik, no pregnant pause. as i was scrolling through the endlessly weird items on wish, i started to wonder if there was anything on here specifically for women, and just as i asked that question, this utterly insane item popped up. yep, this is a fake pregnancy belly, a silicone slab designed to help women look like they're two to five months pregnant. it's a prosthetik that can supposedly be used for maternity modeling or screen performances, something i really wanted to put to the test. one click and an oddly expensive 72 dollars later, and i am horrified to say that this thing arrived looking exactly like it did in those promo photos. once i got it out of the packaging, i was genuinely surprised by how squishy it was and also how flat it seemed. it looked more like a case of slight bloating than a pregnancy. the more i unwrapped, the weirder it got. while i'm guessing, the strip helps keep the whole thing adhered to the body. the underside of the belly is also super stiky. it felt so tacky that i didn't really want to touch it, let alone stik it to my body. verdict: more of a beer belly than a baby belly. [Music]: terrifying toenail straightener. have you ever gotten an ingrown toenail man? it's the worst, the nail grows into the skin on the toe, making it super painful. doctors usually advise surgery or to just wait for it to grow out. but on wish there's another solution at hand: a four dollar ingrown toenail fixer. from a glance this thing looks more like a torture device than a medical treatment. it's designed to hook under the sides of your nail and horrifyingly pull them up while placing pressure on the middle, like a corkscrew for your tootsies. but if it's being sold next to weird fish masks and stinky toilet seat covers, it can't be a serious solution, can it? well? when it arrived, it came with no instructions, no description, no, nothing. so i was left to figure out the mechanics myself and i tried it out on my thumbnail. not my greatest idea. trying to get this to hook under the sides of my finger was so fiddly and because the middle screw section was just a metal block, it doesn't get any grip on the nail and slides right off. after trying again, i managed to sickeningly hook the device under and balance it for a whole five seconds before it broke apart under the pressure. verdict: toe tully, useless, fake worm fail. have you ever been going about your daily business and suddenly found yourself needing a handful of fake worms? no, literally never. well, lucky for you, wish offers this exact product for some reason. okay, upon further reading, these are meant to be realistik lures used for fishing that even have a fishy smell. now, i've never fished before, but anything described as having a fishy smell makes me a little uneasy. so of course, i ordered some for the oddly specific price of 3.73. they came in a package that was a little smaller than my palm, not exactly the overflowing handfuls of megaworms i thought i was getting. they were also really short, small and the only thing they smelled like was disappointment. now, i'm no detective, but that photo of a big, juicy worm is drastikally different than the item i received. have wish just used a photo of someone with an actual handful of earthworms and tried to pass it off as this pitiful product. shame on you, wish. think of all the poor fishing fanatiks you've duped. never mind fish with worms this small. those guys won't even be able t.

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Weird Wish Ads #1

Hey guys, What's going on? I said a little while ago that I was going to record a video of me reacting to different items that were on Wish advertisements, So I have been trying to work on that for the longest time. However, as soon as I made the status saying that I was going to do that, I stopped seeing them. They stopped existing on my Facebook. So I was lucky enough. today, right after I got out of the shower, I was sitting on my bed completely naked browsing Facebook, and I came across one, and immediately I started recording. Then I stopped recording and I put on clothes and then I went back to recording. Unfortunately, I'm no tik wizard. I wasn't able to figure out how to record both my face and my phone screen at the same time without two separate devices, But in any event, I got the video. I'm there. You just can't see me. Made my bed just for this, so Here you go. So this first one that we have here: It looks like it's a nvidia gtx 1080ti 2688 "Kruller" "Krueller"- I'm an idiot, I don't know what that translates to to US dollars. but so the next one here: it looks like we have No. okay, That's. that's for weed, The far left-hand side if it looks like it could be for You know Ladies. but then you got the glass on the side there that makes it look like it could be for weed, I don't know. so next, for 7 "krow" *mumbles*. I'm an idiot. looks like we have Something to destroy your keyboard with, just in case you get an old keyboard from the 90s, You want to just trash it. they got you covered. So the next one: we have an entire Kawasaki motorbike. so actually I just want to go back here. 33 Krellick Or KR, you can get a vibrator pipe, But then if you come over here, you save up just a little bit more kr and you can get an entire street bike. So I'm certain I have a problem with wish. I mean, first of all, they're not even showing me an advertisement. that's in my own, You know currency. so next, okay, okay, I'm once again. I'm really not seeing the correlation in prices here. so for 50 more. I'm just that's Baffling to me, but that is a pretty cool bust. so next, Alright, Alright. so now I have a real problem. If you want to dress up as Assassin's Creed this Halloween, You're gonna have to spend more on the hood then you would on your ride to get to the party. see, now I'm starting to have a problem. Next, pretty, I guess that's a bumper stiker. pretty good, pretty cool. I'm- What? Leather cock faster ring. okay, Okay, Alright. and then it looks like we have beekeeper Assassin's Creed, Which is pretty cool as well, just in case you want to be a little bit more dramatik about your bees. Next, hmm, okay, Okay, cool, Cool, Cool. Well, we have Jensen Ackles In the FBI, for, oh, I guess that might actually be Supernatural, like fan stuff, I don't- I I watched the show a little bit, but I never paid enough attention to it to know if that's actually Like in the show. I know they do impersonate- Eh, moving on, Okay, these are neat. these are neat. they're kind of. they're a lot, for sure, but I suppose they're neat. I like this, I like this octopus one. Wow, they're really, really listening to me as I speak. they're listening to me, okay. next, more jewelry, More jewel- this looks like a class ring. See, I never got a class ring, So I guess I Wasn't. I wasn't anything that started with a g' either. Oh, there is that Green Lantern. No see, I really need to keep up more with mainstream media. Yeah, It could be Green Lantern? It's not. I could be completely wrong. You are, could be a class ring from the gladiators, high school more likely, but still probably no. Next, I have No idea what this is, but apparently it does not have these features, Doesn't have CDMA, GSM or GPS. So if you're looking for a device with those fuck off, next, for 160kr You can get this off-brand Jennifer Lawrence hanging out in Assassin's Creed stuff. next, Next, Okay, Okay, I mean you could just get the whole thing for 160 or you can get just the boots for 116. So the rest of the outfit really only looking at 44 kr, but the boots are what really sells it, Alright. next we have Thor's hammer, which is pretty cool. I like it. I like it how there's no information on these products. I mean, if you click on the advertisement, You still don't get any like. it's just gonna bring you to the website, either make an account or to just browse other items. So I would be impressed if anyone were actually able to find these Specific items on wish. but I like it how they don't give you any information for what the item is like. I don't know what like, to what scale this item is. So I mean I could be spending 474 kr on something that's an inch and a half long, or I could be spending 474 kr on something that won't fit through my front door. I really have no frame of reference. next, No, neat, but no, I will continue to enjoy not cocaine. Stay in drugs. Don't do school, Not funny. Pikachu phone case: Pretty cool. that says I want personality, not Trivial. that makes no sense. Okay, here we have a very, Very smart investment. I like this a lot. You spend 13 kr and you can get 10 thousand US dollars. I don't know, Like I said earlier, don't know what the exchange rate is to kr to USD. However, this seems like the way to go. don't go through the government officials. go through this. next, Umm, blood Extractor for your steaks. I genuinely have no idea what I'm looking at here. it looks like on the bottom here, right above the meat, like it might be a tenderizer, but then you got a tube with What looks like blood right above it. It's sauce, Unless maybe you just like really, really dry meats. I think that's what this has gotta be for. Its not Okay. next, now this: this is only for women, only for women. you can tell because of the, the B- The B- Uhh. Next, a whole dog. an entire dog. Awesome, I love it. I love dogs and I would be remiss if I did not order this four star dog for 96 kr. Oh, okay, So this is the after product of what happens when you use your juice extractor: you turn your meat into socks. That joke have potential to be funny, but it wasn't, because it's not what it is. Cloth pennies. I don't know what I'm looking at. once again, Neat ring can't imagine that. it's that comfortable. Next, what? What am I looking at? are they advertising all the tiny magnets, or are they advertising the tiny shell? and if the tiny shell is just used for like Size reference? but I have no idea how big that shell is. I just see- and this is my favorite thing about Wish advertisements is is sometimes they'll put more than one thing That's completely off the wall in your advertisement. So you got a bunch of magnets, But then you get a tiny shell. you spend that 7kr. it's kind of a- you know, Kind of a gamble as to which one you're actually gonna get. I do want to point out this sleeping mask that I hate, because at no point I don't use a sleeping mask anyway, But at no point in my life am I ever going to look at that sleeping mask and go, Yes, I want lights directly on my eyes when I'm trying to sleep? incense- Okay, it's an incense burner. That's actually pretty cool. I highly doubt that they work that well, but that is pretty cool. I like that. Okay, we got ourselves a fuck machine- cool. next. hmm, I want to say I can see a purpose for this. That's not the point of the video, Cuz sometimes you get like dirt if you smoke. you can get cigarette ashes in there. I feel like I can see a purpose for this. but there was no purpose for the keyboard. You know some garb for you to go to the Renaissance Faire with. I'm into that. LED strips- pretty cool, pretty cool. He looks so unhappy. Okay, Okay, I get it now. Yeah, So that that actually is sort of reminiscent of what they would use in the war, like aviators back in like World War II. So I could. I can understand that. He's just seen some shit. I have no idea what I'm looking at. clearly It's some kind of pen, like an ink pen, But I don't know what all the I don't know what I'll ask for. it looks gaudy. another fuck machine. That's cool. a place to use your fuck machine. We got the Declaration of Independence scrawled on the side of some shoes, W.

Weird Wish Ads #2

hello, friend, my name is doraceus and i am here to bring you another installment of weird wish ads. it's been a while since i've done one of these videos and i thought that maybe, just maybe, it was time to give it another try. so that's exactly what we're going to do. i have here 50 weird wish ads that were submitted by friends and family that i'd asked on facebook if they had seen any and if they would send them to me. part of the reason that this video has taken me so long to make is because, of course, i had to see every one of these in order to download them to my computer before i had started making the video. so what i wanted to do was i wanted to give myself time to forget what they were, and i have successfully done that over the course of the last year, year and a half. it's been a while. in any event, however, let's get started looking at these advertisements. oh, i do just want to let you know i do stream on twitch almost every single day at twitchtv forward slash dorasys. i will put a link to that down in the description below. i'm also on twitter, instagram and facebook, if you would like to follow me on any of those forms of social media. so the first thing that we have here seems to be some kind of body bag, but it has pockets and comes in multiple different colors. i spent a long time looking at this trying to think of why they have it zipped in the middle, but they had the actual zipper at the very bottom, and i think that that might have something to do with. oh dear god, but for 50 cents, this i don't. i don't know if i can show this one. i don't think i'm gonna show this one. i don't think i should show this one. i'm not gonna show this one. why would you? why would you? why would you? why would you like i get it? cats are great, i love cats, but why would you? why would you brandish a cat's [ __ ], as if that is the one feature on cats that you are most proud of? more power to you, oh, oh. they're putting it under the nail [Music], but why? and is that a toe? why? what purpose does this product serve? and why, just why? why, cupping drugs? see through thong? i have no, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. this one's fine, this one's fine, that's fine, that's fine. you, you do you. i'm proud of you. you're beautiful, she's beautiful. nothing hold on. what are we looking at here? for the person who has everything, congratulations. you have received the gift of nothing, absolutely nothing. this is the ultimate minimalism: less is more, more is less. nothing is precious, nothing is simple, nothing is sacred. open the pack and be enthralled. when nothing happens, allow nothing to flow through your mind and calm your soul, saving the moment. soon, you'll discover that nothing really is so much better than something. i don't know why i would buy this when it's already inside of me. ask you how you are? you just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it because they would never understand. blood, worms, teeth. [Music]. there's a lot there. there is a lot to unpack here. i'm very so. what, what, what? what exactly are they advertising here? i can't tell if they're advertising like a, a, a, a shirt that you like, a shirt that would make it look like you have a hairy chest, or if they're advertising one of those like scrub shavers that you see, or rather that you saw on tv when you were 13 years old, staying up way too late watching george lopez- quietly though, so that your parents didn't hear you. have you ever wanted to put a key in a bottle? well, look no further, because if you were missing a key, we'll sell you one for four dollars. for four dollars, please prepare a glass bottle yourself. though i stand by these. don't declaw your [ __ ] cats. don't do it. it's rude. psa psa time. don't declaw your cats. they have two methods of self-defense. one of them is biting and the other is. and if you take away their ability to scritch and they get lost, you give them close to zero percent chance to find their way home if they get into a scuffle. and that's rude, that's inhumane and that's cruel. don't declaw your caps. you can get cl. you can get claw caps for two dollars on wishcom. if they're really tearing up your couch so bad, get some claw caps. don't declaw your cats. [Laughter]. you ever play sports so hard that you hurt your little finger? oh god, no, no, no, no. avoid the embarrassment that your dog's frequent barking makes your guests dare not into house. they are outside when the master is not at home. the dog will not bark and disturb your neighbor, your one neighbor. you only have the one boy. does this neighbor hate your dog barking all day long because you're not home. enjoy a good sleep without your dog's frequent barking. i'm assuming that this is some kind of dog whistle, then. so essentially, this product would be putting your- your dog, in constant pain, or at least it'd be putting me in constant pain, because dog whistles hurt. but it does rotate a full 360 degrees, so you're getting your money's worth. if you ask me, [Music]: nope, nope. that's some of the most terrifying [ __ ] i've ever seen. have you ever wanted to commit a felony? just some jordan belford style mansion here for 16, 16- i don't have a joke to follow that up. i would buy that. i would buy. i want to buy that. oh, i want to buy that. i hope those are fake. i really hope those are fake. i'm. i wish i wouldn't have waited so long to record this video, because all i want to know right now is: what would i have received in the mail if i would have bought this? what would i have received in the mail if i would have bought this? what the hell is this? i don't know what the hell is it. i don't [ __ ] know what the hell is it. who's to [ __ ] say you're rolling the dice, you got a 30 black plastik bag full of something. it's just a guy and he comes out of the bag and he just [ __ ] punches. you experience a different telescopic. that's a sex toy. helping head, ultimate: be, that's a sex toy. oh my god. oh my god. her towels gonna get all wet. also, it doesn't look like there's a shower curtain anywhere around her. that water's gonna get everywhere, all over her nice carpet floor down here. android 18's got that cake. this is by far the best and most practikal product that we've looked at. living in the midwest, i cannot tell you how many times i have thought to myself: i need a helmet for my chicken. the harley davidson that i refinance my house without my wife's permission to purchase requires that all passengers wear a helmet. and if i'm going to ted's local bar and grill with my chicken, i am going to need to provide it the safety necessary to keep it alive. thank you wish for thinking of my chicken, and that was the last wish ad that we had to look at here. next time that we do this- and i do plan to do it sooner than i did the follow-up to the first video- i kinda wanna try buying some, just just to see what happens, just to see what i actually receive. so if you find any good wish ads and you would like to share them with me, you can always dm them to me on twitter, or if you would like to join my discord, i'll put a link to that in the description below as well. and, just as another reminder, i do stream on twitch almost every single day- mean a lot to me if you guys come check it out. thank you for watching and i hope that you all have a fantastik time zone. bye, i'm gonna die. i died, i'm dying, i died, i'm dying, i'm dead. i'm a dead man. i brought so much stuff- ah, i lost it all.

Reacting To Weird Wish Ads

[Music]. hey, what's up you guys, it's me luke and welcome back to another video. or, if you're new here, welcome to my channel. if you're new here, i post commentary and critique and reaction videos and basically anything on the internet that interests me, ranging from pop culture to internet culture and anything in between. so if any of that interests you, then be sure to go ahead and subscribe and turn on the post notifications bell so that you never miss another upload from me, alrighty guys? so in today's video we are joined by a special guest. come on in, boo, sorry, um, precious cargo coming through. precious cargo, precious cargo, sorry, can i, can i sit here? yeah, you can sit here if there's room for your headache. what you doing out here with all this ass double cheeked up? so this is my bestie holiday. we actually have a video similar to this one where we react to wish ads, which is what we'll be doing in today's video. so if you want to check it out, link in the description. and also, today we're also going to be filming a podcast episode where we tok about some tea and also some anxiety. so if you'd like to check that out, i will link it in the description below as well, please check it out because it's going to be a lot of emotional labor. yeah, okay. so today we're going to be reacting to wish ads. basically, which targets you will? targets me. it really. i tok as she put your hands up. if you've ever been personally victimized by wish ads, me me. i'm just constantly getting targeted with the weirdest wish ads on facebook. it's probably my own fault. why do i even still go on facebook in this day and age? but you know what? today we're going to be reacting to them because i figured it would be a funny video and i've done it before and you guys enjoyed it, so why not do it again? so, without further ado, um, or should i say, we are about to dabbing to these weird wish heads. so first one: here we have this butt enhancer for men. you wouldn't need that. i wouldn't need that. i don't know why- where she's trying to give you. if you follow me on instagram, you know that i'm dummy, thick or whatever. it's kind of rude. but, um, you know what? i think this is good because men deserve to feel confident in their asses. they do. they do look plump. asses are good on everyone. it's good for the nation. really, i like big butts and i cannot lie. i do still feel like it's a little bit rude that they did show you that. yeah, i feel like the target, like the algorithm, there's something wrong. yeah, what are you trying to say? what are you trying to do? don't be [ __ ] rude, are you kidding me? next up, we have this man in a onesie opening up the crotch region to expose a diaper. oh, it's crotchless. it comes crotchless. oh, baby, never, ever kink, shame except. and look how proud he is at the back, like holding with his, like with his wrist, and look how plump it is. there's some [ __ ]. he's filled the diapers. oh, you're nasty. next one is some latex socks. okay, first of all, i just wanted to say number one: how would you get these on? number two, you'd have to lube up your feet. number two: your feet would stink after this. the latex socks would be covered in sweat and the mold that you would get in between the little toe sections. but maybe this was for people who have like foot fetishes. oh, it's a hundred and ten percent of people with footprints. and for thirteen dollars, it's like toe socks already. is not not a vibe? not a vibe, latex toe socks, kind of a vibe. kind of a vibe, not gonna lie, don't show that for free. you naughty, naughty, you teasing me. [Music] next. okay, this is something that i get targeted on the regular. i think you've got a smelly the thing with money strong, a smelly sister song, and i'm sick of it. i'm sick, honestly, like they're like girl, you were smelly with a tiny ass, please, how is this even necessary? like, what smells are you creating down there that you need ventilation? that's what i want to know. that's what i want to know. that's the cheese. and then look at the bottom. it shows you how to place your schlong. just in case you didn't know, just in case you didn't know the to target the right areas of the shawl. what smells the most? what? oh, and then this one: okay, this is like a halloween gif. i guess it's like a ring that look, but it looks like it's actually through their fingers. yeah, or is that fake blood? is there some sort of weird emo [ __ ] that we just don't get? girls and e-boys: are they still a thing? yeah, they still think. they're still valid. they're still valid, everything about. [Music]. next up, we have crotchless latex leggings. ah, we love, wish and just everything crotched. everything is crossless and like easy access. so that's good too. would you buy that for 94? why would that totally go with the foot thing with the flip top? yes, and it would match the red. can you edit? you're asking a lot of me. imagine that, and then that would match the red. go with them. and then now we just need like a little touch. oh, a cute little man in a onesie. this is like. this is giving me very i'm comfortable in my masculinity, but i also want a bit of baby play, like if we're mixing the two, why is wish giving you these? i don't know, this is not. i swear to god. guys, this is not a judgment on me. this algorithm is not targeted, it's randomized. okay, alrighty, guys. i briefly interrupt the video to thank the sponsor of today's video, govi lightings. so govi just recently sent me their rgb ic led light strips and they are so amazing. you guys, as you can see, i have them around my bed frame. but what's really amazing about these lights is they're not just like a regular led strip lights. they actually have an app that comes a lot with them. let's go green, let's go yellow, let's go orange, let's go red, let's go light blue, let's go purple. we have all the colors here and you can obviously go into the color wheel and choose very specific colors. we can go ahead and move this around to all sorts of funky colors and then you can actually go back into the app and go to the music section and you can actually have it play along to music or, as you can see how it's, playing along to the sound of my voice. so this is really cool if you're like throwing a party or you're just listening to music and you have the music go to your voice. or another feature that they really love of the gobi app is their gobi light studio. so if you wanted to go ahead and have a really romantik evening, you could go into their valentine's day lighting effects section and click, for example, the starry night, and you can go ahead and have a beautiful starry night set up behind you. or if you wanted to get a bit more spicy, we could have some fireworks up in the background. look at that, look at that. or we could just have a chill candle with dinner. super romantik and, as you can see, it's super easy. everything's done through the app. it just connects. it's got music sync and segments in control. it's got wi-fi control through the goovy home app and it's got smart voice control which works with either alexa or google home. so it has pretty much everything that you need. it's so tiknologically advanced. so, yeah, if you'd like to go ahead and check out go view for yourself, then click the link in my description and you can go ahead and purchase your very own led light strips. thank you so much to govi for sponsoring this video. and let's get back into the video. okay, next one: eat punani, chug whiskey, hail satan. honestly, just a motto to live by. i'm convinced this is the type of stuff that, like straight men, just froth over. this is what they wear as you do. that is a witch top. that's their magic. which color? once again, being comfortable in your masculinity. have you seen on tiktok? there's like made play where, like men, dress up like mage. oh, i think i might have liked a couple. oh, and then we've got an electric ring. um, you know what? honestly, for 19, i might call myself one. remember last video and you kept joking that you, it wouldn't fit you. yeah, well, this one looks like it's adjustable, so we need that in our life. okay, this one. i've got a gripe with this one. i think this o.