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what does ads mean in gaming

Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

When playing Valorant, many of us have the habit of aiming down sights (ADS) from other games. However, is this a good strategy in Valorant? In this article, we will answer the question of when to ADS and when to hip fire in Valorant.

Disadvantages of ADSing:

1. Decreases firing speed of weapon

2. Takes time to ADS

3. Decreases movement speed

Advantages of ADSing:

1. Accuracy bonus

2. Can feel more comfortable and have better reaction time

3. Can better see where you are aiming


The Operator is an exception and should almost always be scoped in with, as it is not accurate otherwise.

When to ADS:

1. Long range

2. Holding an angle

3. Tap firing

4. Pixel angle

When not to ADS:

1. When you see someone in close quarters

2. When spraying

3. When peeking

ADSing can be useful in certain situations, such as long-range or holding an angle, but it can also be detrimental due to its negative effects on firing speed, movement speed, and time to ADS. Ultimately, hip firing is more efficient and should be the focus of gameplay.

Ads in Video Games

Advertisements are everywhere, and video games are no exception. From in-game ads to adver games, product placement has become a common occurrence in the gaming industry. But are all ads in video games bad? And how effective are they at boosting sales?

History of Adver Games:

- Adventureland (1978) was one of the earliest examples of in-game advertising, with an ad for Scott Adams' upcoming game, Pirate Adventure.

- Tapper (1983) was one of the first adver games, featuring Budweiser and later rebranded as Root Beer Tapper for children.

- Donald Land (1988) was an adver game in Japan featuring Ronald McDonald.

- Cool Spot (1993) was an adver game for 7Up that got good reviews despite being solely based on the brand's logo.

- Chex Quest (1996) was bundled with boxes of Chex cereal and boosted sales by 295%.

- Pepsi Man (1999) was an adver game only released in Japan.

Product Placement in Video Games:

- Sports games like Madden and FIFA feature real brands and products relevant to each sport.

- Racing games like Need for Speed and Gran Turismo also showcase real car brands and parts.

- Tony Hawk and Croc 2 (or just Crocs) are other examples of product placement in fully priced video games.

Effectiveness of Advertisements in Video Games:

- Chex Quest's success suggests that adver games bundled with products can be effective at boosting sales.

- However, games like Pepsi Man that require consumers to purchase a game with advertising may not be as successful.

Product placement and advertising in video games have become increasingly common, but their effectiveness at boosting sales may vary. While some adver games and in-game ads may add to the immersion of the game, others may be seen as intrusive and annoying. Ultimately, the success of product placement in video games may depend on the specific product and how it is presented to consumers.

Why ADS Is PERFECT For Winning Gunfights (Valorant Guide)

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of ADSing or aiming down sights in Valerian. We will explore the advantages of using different weapons and how their zoom and fire rate affect gameplay. Before we begin, we will also cover some important settings that need to be adjusted for optimal gameplay.

Benefits of ADSing:

- Zoom is beneficial for longer range fights

- Slower fire rate is better for longer ranges

- Recoil is easier to control with a slower fire rate

- Guardian has a 1.5x zoom, making it a great long-range weapon

- Ares shoots 30% faster when ADSing

- Op shoots faster when scoped in, while the Marshall shoots faster when no-scoped

- Phantom and Vandal have a 1.25x zoom and a 90% fire rate

Important Settings:

- Adjust scope sensitivity multiplier to 1

- Set equipment and aim down sights to hold

- Practicing in the range is recommended for mastering these settings

ADSing in Valerian can greatly improve gameplay, especially in longer range fights. Knowing which weapons have a higher zoom and slower fire rate can give players an advantage in different situations. By adjusting important settings and practicing in the range, players can master ADSing and take their gameplay to the next level.


In this video, Gaming Provision discusses the differences between normal sensitivity and aim down sight (ADS) sensitivity in the game, Open Loop Bath Carnival. He demonstrates how adjusting sensitivity affects recoil control and aiming with different weapons, such as snipers. He recommends a sensitivity setup for close range and long range fights, but also suggests experimenting to find what works best for each player.

- Gaming Provision introduces himself and the topic of sensitivity in Open Loop Bath Carnival

- He encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and share the video for a chance to win a giveaway

Differences between Normal Sensitivity and ADS Sensitivity:

- Gaming Provision explains that ADS sensitivity is used for aiming down sight

- He demonstrates how adjusting sensitivity affects recoil control and aiming with different weapons, using his thumbs as examples

- He shows how sensitivity settings differ between normal and ADS modes

Sensitivity Setup for Close Range and Long Range Fights:

- Gaming Provision recommends a sensitivity setup for close range and long range fights

- He suggests experimenting to find what works best for each player

- He discusses the advantages of using certain sensitivity settings for snipers

- Gaming Provision encourages viewers to like, subscribe, and share the video for a chance to win a giveaway

- He reminds viewers to find their own optimal sensitivity settings for the game

- He signs off and thanks viewers for watching.

What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

Tending a garden can be tough, especially as you get older. That's where OrganiBloom comes in - an all-natural fertilizer that is packed with the nutrients your plants need. But what happens when an ad for OrganiBloom takes a strange turn?

Main Content:

- The ad starts off with a woman introducing herself as Addy and talking about the benefits of OrganiBloom.

- However, she suddenly gets distracted and starts questioning her own memories and existence.

- Addy begs the listener to not skip the ad and promises to do anything if they just listen until the end.

- She even offers to perform sexual favors and reveals that she is pregnant in a desperate attempt to get the listener to continue listening.

- As the ad ends, Addy thanks the listener and bids them goodbye in a dramatic manner, leaving them wondering what just happened.

The OrganiBloom ad takes a bizarre turn as Addy's strange behavior leaves the listener confused and uncertain about what just happened. While the ad may have been intended to promote the benefits of the fertilizer, it ultimately leaves a lasting impression due to its strange and unsettling nature.

How mobile games are designed to SCAM you.

Have you ever played a mobile game that seemed innocent and free, only to find out it's a trap to bankrupt you? That's what happened to me when I started playing Pokemon Unite. It seemed like a simple game where you compete with other players using your Pokemon. However, it quickly became apparent that this game was designed to make me spend money.

My Experience:

- Started playing Pokemon Unite

- Offered a Unite Membership for $10

- Bought a login bonus pass for 60 EOS gems ($1)

- Bought three held items for half my in-game EOS coins

- Realized I needed to level up my held items with item enhancers

- Bought a battle pass for $10 to earn more item enhancers

- Discovered I needed 7761 item enhancers to level up all my held items

- Realized I would need to spend $760 to max out all items

- Found out about multiple in-game currencies: EOS gems, EOS coins, tickets, energy, and cake currency

- Felt trapped between spending money or being at a disadvantage in the game

Mobile games like Pokemon Unite use tricks to get players to spend more money. They offer small purchases at first, then slowly reveal more and more expensive items that are necessary to stay competitive. This is not just a problem with Pokemon Unite, but with many other mobile games as well. As a player, it's important to be aware of these tricks and to decide whether it's worth spending money on a game or not.

Mobile Gaming is the Definition of Wasted Potential

The Spookiest Form of Gaming: Mobile

- Childhood memories of handheld gaming consoles

- The evolution of mobile gaming

- The current state of mobile gaming

Mobile Gaming in the Early 2000s:

- Traditional game design

- Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell

- Mobile gaming better than it is now

Predatory Monetization:

- Let's Go Whaling video

- How data is used to exploit players

- Consumers speak with their wallets, but are they really speaking?

Manipulation of the Subconscious:

- Mobile games tailor-made to exploit the subconscious

- Mobile games as bottomless pits for players to throw money in

- Mobile gaming ads and their uncomfortable nature

The Difference Between Mobile and PC/Console Audiences:

- Mobile gamers are mostly casual

- PC/console gamers riot over predatory monetization

- Mobile games are worth more than PC/console gaming combined

- Mobile gaming has the potential to be great, but predatory monetization and manipulation of the subconscious make it a less appealing option for many gamers.

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