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What I Wish I knew Before Selling On Shopify

Published on: December 24 2022 by Mr. Ecomm

Selling on Shopify can be a lucrative and exciting venture, but there are certain things you should know before diving in. Here are some tips and insights from experienced sellers on what they wish they knew before starting their Shopify journey.

1. Choose the right products:

- Don't just sell what you like, research what's in demand

- Test products with small batches before committing to larger orders

- Consider the cost of shipping and handling when choosing products

2. Optimize your store:

- Make your store easy to navigate and visually appealing

- Use high-quality product images and descriptions

- Offer multiple payment options to cater to different customers

3. Focus on marketing:

- Use social media to promote your store and products

- Utilize email marketing to keep customers engaged and informed

- Collaborate with influencers or run ads to reach new audiences

4. Provide excellent customer service:

- Respond to inquiries and complaints promptly and professionally

- Offer free shipping or discounts to loyal customers

- Personalize your communications to build a relationship with your customers

By following these tips and insights, you can set yourself up for success when selling on Shopify. Remember to focus on choosing the right products, optimizing your store, marketing effectively, and providing excellent customer service. With dedication and hard work, you can turn your Shopify store into a thriving business.

What I Wish I knew Before Selling On Shopify

In this video, the speaker shares some things he wishes he knew before starting his own Shopify store. He discusses various issues related to delays in product delivery, chargebacks, supplier holidays, and personal information protection.

Key points:

- Products can take up to 28 business days to arrive, despite the website claiming 6-14 days.

- Chargebacks can lead to account shutdown, so it's important to communicate with customers and try to minimize them.

- Suppliers from China have a month-long holiday in the first quarter of the year, which can affect product delivery times.

- Personal information, such as phone numbers and addresses, can show up on customer billing reports, so it's important to protect oneself by using alternative contact information when possible.

- It's important to be honest with merchant processors when applying for accounts, as lying can lead to being blocked from opening accounts in the future.

Starting a Shopify store can be a lucrative venture, but it's important to be aware of potential issues and take steps to minimize them. By communicating well with customers, planning ahead for supplier holidays, and protecting personal information, one can avoid some of the common pitfalls of running an online store.

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