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What I Wish I Knew When Starting Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Advice)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

What I Wish I Knew When Starting Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Advice)

What I Wish I Knew When Starting Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Advice)

comment what you want but you can't call
me bro
what's going on everyone hayden here
coming back at you with a brand new
video and this one we're going to tok
about a couple things i really really
wish i knew before i started shopify
drop shipping obviously there's a lot
more to touch on but these are just kind
of like a few of the main keys that i
think you should definitely know whether
you're already an experienced drop
shipper someone who's been doing it for
a while or your complete newbie is just
getting into it now first of all kicking
this right off nothing's as simple as it
looks doesn't matter if you're doing
amazon fba ecommerce social media
marketing a nano bot tiknology company
doesn't matter nothing's ever as simple
as it looks you'll figure that out
quickly you know you're not just gonna
open your stores and then oh boom sales
are hidden yeah it's not quite like that
sorry to break your heart so nothing's
as simple as it looks now it is simple
the concepts are simple but you do have
to execute put in the work and test the
right things at the right time think
about it like this anyone can become
successful but not everyone will become
successful anyone can succeed with
shopify but not everyone will so how can
you make sure you're in the part of the
five percent one percent or whatever it
is that actually does do well with it
well that answer leads right into point
number two which i want to tok about
which is don't do facebook ads if you
don't know about it you know this
is a mistake that i personally made with
my first store my first business partner
when i started shopify drop shipping i'm
gonna tell you the people and the
friends i was learning from they started
with facebook ads but they had already
known how to do it that's the problem
now that wasn't a problem for them that
was the problem for me because i didn't
know how to do it and even though i had
that guidance that i tested and i really
tried i couldn't figure it out fast
enough so what i recommend to you to
save your time and save some money only
folks on instagram influencer shout outs
for the first 30 to 60 days i'm gonna
tok about why in some other videos but
just focus on that in the beginning try
and get some sales and get momentum
going as fast as you can number three
you're gonna have to test way more than
you think obviously everybody's like oh
test test test and that can become
overwhelming but you need to genuinely
understand like think about in your mind
and fully grasp that you do have to test
i don't know about you guys but when i
was getting started i'm like yeah i hear
you guys saying test blah blah whatever
but i never actually really did much
with it i was just kind of going with
whatever and throwing it out there and
seeing if it worked but you have to
strategically test different things and
see what works i've tried doing what i
see other people doing and it didn't
work for me but on the same hand i've
tried stuff that other people are doing
and it did work for me so you really
have to take what works and kind of
create your own formula for what works
for you your store your audience your
products all that which leads into
number four
i guarantee you almost guarantee you
whatever product you think is funny
whatever product you think is gonna sell
the best
isn't i it's so so funny and i up
on this all the time trust me the
products that you think are good aren't
going to sell at all the problems that
you think are just whack as and
would never sell
so many people are going to buy it's so
weird so that being said you can't go
into it with a biased opinion based on
what you like or what you buy or what
you think your audience will like and
buy you have to go based on your
detailed researchers you know we've
toked about in other videos hopefully
whatever course you're in toks about
that you know you can learn from mentors
and friends or whatever but do your
research and figure out what's actually
going to sell because you can't just go
based on your opinions of what you think
is going to work now it's obviously
going to play into the testing and stuff
a little bit but just focus on products
that have the potential to sell a lot
and then run with those and for number
five i believe is what we're on it's
definitely a strategy there's a strategy
to the madness nothing's random look
people on youtube people in courses on
webinars whatever blah blah whatever
content you're looking at they're gonna
make it look easy and it's a very simple
reason why it's because they want you to
think you can make money like that
immediately in your sleep first night
with your store or whatever so that
you'll go out and buy their course all
their products thus making them richer
now the problem with that is that people
who are making money and stuff and they
show it is that simple there's a real
strategy behind what they're doing both
marketing their products to you but with
their actual store itself nothing's
random they have a marketing plan
they've been testing products they
figure out what works what doesn't and
it's not random that's what you have to
notike and i feel like that's something
a lot of people are kind of blind to or
at least they see it but they don't want
to believe it because they want to think
that it's that easy when they get
started that's only going to hurt you so
try and kick that mindset out right now
just get rid of it as early as possible
but definitely one of the biggest things
i focused on or at least like i knew
this in the beginning but i didn't
exactly focus on it or execute or do it
as effectively at least as i should have
and that's just simply getting into the
testing phase as fast as possible and
i've toked about in other videos like
don't spend a lot of time on all the
front-end like that's just the
best way i can say like picking your
name setting up your store doing all the
products the descriptions everything
like i mentioned in multiple videos well
that stuff is very very important you
can't spend a lot of time on on the
front end because literally i i
guarantee this if you're starting out
it's your first store your first time
everything that you do right now is
gonna be different in a month if not in
a month within two i guarantee you like
all of my stuff that i did my entire
store my niche my business partner all
my products everything was different
within a month maybe not quite a month
you know it depends like my entire store
reading the layout different design
different products different colors
different aesthetiks everything so just
get it going as fast as possible like
i've said spend a couple days literally
like three days build it all get it
going and start testing because what's
gonna happen is you're gonna figure out
very very quickly what works and what
doesn't and that's gonna like change and
make changes based on that because like
i just mentioned earlier in the videos
you wanna do changes based on you know
the results and what you're seeing you
know i toked about picking the product
you don't want to be guessing based on
your own opinion it's the same thing
with building your store you don't want
to guess what products people want to do
what description works what colors what
aesthetiks all these different things
about website layout you want the
results and the data to show that so let
it do that for you but you have to start
testing as fast as possible and then
make changes based on that it's super
simple but you have to execute and put
in the work to make it happen lastly but
most importantly is who you're learning
from whether it's a course a mentor you
know someone directly you're learning
from in person or online a friend you
know a bunch of different friends people
you're learning from or all the above
you just have to make sure that the
right people that you're connecting with
the right people who can add value to
you and vice versa you can do that by
using social media by paying someone for
consulting by doing whatever you want a
lot of the friends that i'm connecting
with you know they might not all do
shopify necessarily but i know friends
who are really really good with the
components that go into that for example
facebook ads i have i'm not going to say
a countless amount of friends but like a
very good size handful of friends who
are all making six figures a month
because of facebook ads now facebook ads
is what i'm gonna use to get to six
figures a month which we'll tok about
in other videos i know i made a video on
that but it's working so that's kind of
cool to see but that's what's gonna
allow me to scale it's the people who
have helped me develop those skills and
figure out what works and what doesn't
not only through my own trial and error
but through advice and having them kind
of go through and give me their opinions
because there are definitely a lot of
things that i wish i knew in the
beginning when even before i even got
into shopify drop shipping that i just
really wish i knew it would have made a
big difference so hopefully this video
brought some value to you guys that can
kind of help you cut that learning curve
and figure out what mistakes you're
gonna make so you can prevent them from
actually happening these videos are
getting lit i'm jumping back into these
every single day econ videos so be ready
for that definitely let me know what
kind of videos you guys want to see in
the comments below be sure to join the
family by hitting that nice looking
subscribe button down below and drop a
like if you're with the youtube
channel right now i think the content's
been good and you guys are responding to
it really well so i'm gonna see you guys
tomorrow i hope everyone absolutely
crushes their week and continues to do
well with whatever it is they're doing
take care peace

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