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Published on: February 26 2023 by pipiads

Awful Game Ads on Instagram

Hey, Greg, welcome back to my channel. I hope you're all having a great day. This, of course, is another episode of Weird Shit That I Found on Instagram. Every time I make a video about Instagram ads or Instagram memes or Instagram comedians, My Instagram DMs are immediately flooded with people who find similar things and they send them to me, Hoping that I will make a video about those things also. It's kind of helpful, actually, as someone who, you know, makes a lot of videos about these things, It's kind of nice to just have people send them to me. So if you find a weird shit on Instagram, feel free to send it to me. My instagram is dannygonzalez, But especially after the video that I made about Instagram ads, I got so many people sending me all of the weirdest Instagram ads that I couldn't not make another video about them. now I know what you're thinking. that sounds like a lot of fun, and it does, and it will be. But before we have too much fun, I think it's important to remember that this chair sucks. I've been using this chair for a long time. It's a fine chair. It's sturdy enough. I guess what I'm trying to say is: there's nothing fun or cool about this seat. It's a pretty plain seat. It just doesn't really do much for my butt or the rest of my body, come to think of it. But luckily, today's sponsor is SeatGeek. SeatGeek is an app that makes getting tikets to cooler, more fun seats way easier. easier. you can get seats to football games, basketball games, Taylor Swift games, Kanye West games- Whatever kind of games you're into. with SeatGeek, You can do everything on your phone within the app, including actually scanning to get into the event. They've got the best deals and they have a scoring system that lets you know When you're getting a good deal and when you're not. and if you use my promo code, Greg, You'll get $20 off your first purchase. So head on over to SeatGeek. you can use the link in my description. Thank you to SeatGeek for sponsoring the show. guys, get your butt in a better seat. I'm sure a lot of you remember the last time I reviewed ads for mobile games on Instagram. they all seem to have this really weird strategy where they show a clip from the game and then the caption above. it just Makes no sense. It's almost confusing, to the point where you have to download the game Because you're just so confused. Here's an example of this strategy. it's a game where you're this little blob and it looks like you go around trying to knock people off of this platform and the Caption is: "I never knew anxiety until I played this game". I have never felt anxious in my whole entire Goddamn life until I downloaded this game, Which is totally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Whether I win or lose in this game has no bearing on my well-being, but it was so stressful that for the first time in My entire life, I felt anxiety. and I know what you're thinking. Yes, I do live a very privileged life. There's this game. It looks like all you really do is just Zigzag back and forth, but it is the most relax game ever. This one's pretty interesting. It looks like you're just a little ball and you bounce from platform to platform and you try not to fall. and it's got Disney's Magic Cinderella's castle or whatever it is in the background. and the caption for this one is: if you score 400, You can go to Disneyland. so this is interesting cuz like for the first time, it feels like an ad has a coherent phrase at the top, Like I understand what it means: if you score 400, They're gonna- they're gonna- give you a tiket to Disneyland, I guess, which is great. tikets to Disneyland cost like $100 each. It's pretty impressive that an app would just pay for you to go Just forgetting like a Seemingly pretty attainable score in this game. I think the problem that I have with this is I just kind of doubt it. I really doubt that if I download this game and get a score of 400, that they're gonna like mail me a tiket to Disneyland. so I decided I would put this to the test, Download this game and get to 400 myself and see what happens. Haha, No, okay, the best I can get to is like a hundred (false, that's a hundred and one). so I Guess I'm not going to Disneyland. this very specific format seems to be actually pretty common with games. Here's another game where you like hit a ball and see how far it goes and it says if you bounce ten times, you can Legally reach pink castle, which is just the Disneyland Castle, tinted pink. I can legally reach the pink castle. was I not allowed to before? Why wasn't I legally allowed to reach pink castle? Why are they trying to keep me up? Come on, I'm a nice guy, Let me into pink castle Legally this time. and then there's this one which says: if you swallow Big Ben, you can go to Disneyland. If you swallow Big Ben, what the fuck does that even mean? Big Ben's like the giant clock tower in London. So if you swallow that, you might find yourself at Disneyland. and to prove it, right next to the picture of the game, there's a picture of this like skinned and gutted Donald Duck Screaming and agony or maybe anger. you know, like you see, at Disneyland man, I can't wait until I swallow Big Ben. I can go to Disneyland and see all my favorite characters, like Mickey Mouse, with his arms torn off, decapitated, goofy and skinned and gutted Donald Duck, who's very, very Angry about something, probably the fact that his stomach is gone. Here's another fun phrase. It's a little game where it looks like you flip and then there's a picture next to it which is a girl playing in bed and a guy looking over a shoulder like The fuck you doin, and the caption is when she's tapping the game more than you. I don't understand that progression of emotions because I think the fire is supposed to be like Sexy, like kind of hot. So it's like she's tapping the game more than me. Oh, ha ha ha, She's tapping the game more than me. hell yeah, girl, you tapped that game. you don't get it at me As long as I can creepily look over your shoulder in bed while you tap that game. baby girl, there was one ad I saw on Instagram that it seemed literally everybody wanted to send me, and Rightfully so. I think it was very festive and applied to my life personally a lot. It looks like this game where you're a little pumpkin and you spin this sort of Cylinder to try to fall all the way down. It looks like a pretty interesting game, but the caption and the picture next to it are even better. if you reach level 2, You're legally a pumpkin. legally a pumpkin. I've never heard anything better in my fucking life. And all you have to do is reach level 2- bring it. I don't really know what kind of perks or responsibilities come with being a legal pumpkin, but I Mean it sounds great to me. So your bitch ass better believe that. I downloaded this game and I got to level 2. That's right, And it took me about 15 seconds. All I had to do was spin this little cylinder while the ball fell and then I got there. it was kind of weird because when I got to level to the game, barely even Acknowledged that I reached such a momentous achievement. It also didn't say anything about Pumpkins- said nothing. It just said, like, okay, at level two, do that now. so I don't know what that's all about, But I'm guessing that my new ID will show up in the mail pretty soon, confirming my identity as a legal pumpkin. So I just like to take this opportunity to say to my haters: I told you so. you said I'd never amount to anything, But now I'm a pumpkin because the Instagram ads that I really want to tok about today are quite a bit different Than any of the ones I've toked about before. this will be a series of ads from probably the most fucked up looking game I've ever seen. it's a game called Game of Sultans. I don't really know if it's a popular game or if any of you have maybe even played this. maybe you could tell me if the game is as fucked up as the ads are, but it seems to be Advertising all over Instagram. The thing about these ads is it makes the game look like this: really gross, like sexist and All-around just like awful.


bruh [Music]. advertisements suck. they interrupt your gaming experience, your YouTube videos and even when you try to go to the bathroom. there's no way around these things, at least without having a few dollars laying around. and the silliest part is that the ads you get are always for some of the worst cash grab games to ever be created- a lot of the hyper casual types of games- I actually have a whole video on the topic- just because they annoy me. so that's when I came up with the idea. that's when I legally acquired the idea to make a video playing some of the most bottom of the barrel mobile games you could possibly play. yep, I'm toking about garbage ad games. so now you guys don't have to try them out for yourself and get about 10 000 different viruses while doing so. but before getting into the games, I should probably go through my process for finding them. so first things first. I went on the App Store and downloaded a random Voodoo game because, knowing how much Voodoo likes ad money, they were the obvious go-to. then I opened the game and I did the cardinal sin of playing mobile games. I turned on my internet, then I played the game for about five seconds and- oh look, I have enough material to make this video and we have a lot to choose from. only unique brain can do it. oh sorry, I guess my brain just isn't unique enough, my bad. I think we'll start with monsters gang. to start things out, let's see the ad that the developers really wanted us to see. so the ad shows three homies getting into an epic fight with RTX graphics and true to life physics. then it cuts to two buff Among Us characters on the top of a bus preparing to brawl. now I'm not sure where the monster part of the title shows up, but we'll see. we start on the loading screen and here we can see some basic level up options on the leaderboard and a big section in the middle of the screen telling you to drag to start playing. once you start, we could finally play the game. your goal is to beat up the other characters you're put up against in various levels that we're choosing at random. the levels can range from simple and straightforward to decently gimmicky, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but for some levels it is so obviously the game revolves around combat. but how fleshed out is it? well, it's all about the in-game physics. well, they're much jankier than the ad suggests, there's still a decent amount of fun to play around with, especially when you throw enemies into imminent death. at the end of every level, your name appears on the leaderboard and it shows you the worldwide placement. by that I actually mean, it's not real. you also get one key, and when you get three keys you get to open some random chests. the rewards range from in-game coins to actual skins. speaking of skins, there are actually a lot of copyrighted characters here. now, the royalties obviously weren't paid for, considering it's just an independent mobile game, so they use the copyright free versions of the characters and yes, Among Us is here too. the game has no music, with the only audible feedback being the royalty-free sound effects, so it's pretty awkward when you play this game without any sort of background music. there's also a side game mode where you can be in a house. you can't really do much inside of it, but here, overall, this game is pretty silly. it's a bit repetitive, with the goal staying the same every single level, but the levels themselves are actually pretty alright. the next game we'll be looking at is pull the pin. I think you could probably guess why I chose to add this into a video about mobile ad games. the pin pulling genre is pretty common to see in ads, so that's why it's here. so the ad here shows a hand pulling pins with a secret agent guy holding whoever's playing. we then cut to the next screen where there's a woman tied up and she's about to get burned to death. but look, there's water. maybe if we download the game and act fast we might be able to save her. so the game itself is actually nothing like the ad. well, it's sort of like the first part of it at least. while there's sadly no suited man bullying us, there are at least pins here. the goal of the game is pretty self-explanatory. you go through levels trying to get all the colored balls into a jar. there are also these colorless balls, but they don't go into the jar. you have to make them connect with the colored balls so they can become colored. why am I explaining? every once in a while, these bombs with bootleg Roblox faces show up and you have to make sure they don't blow up, because that's what bombs do. so yeah, this game is exactly what you'd expect. it starts out pretty easy, but the game gets harder as you make your way through the levels. the game's fine, but I'd rather play the other one advertised here. we have Rush run. take a leak. wow, this game is so cool. let's see what the ad did for me to want to get this game. so, uh, we start with a character select menu and, oh look, it's Spider-Man. so he's about to piss himself and we have to get him to the Toilet Before It's Too Late. throughout the entire ad you can see Spider-Man toking to himself. faster I can get to the toilet. come on, Spidey, I'm gonna piss myself. the ad showed the gameplay pretty accurately. besides the part where Spider-Man toks to you sadly- and yes, the diaper anyone. text is real. the first thing you see after the title screen is the main character saying: I wanna go pee. obviously, the kid from scary teacher 3D is just jumping for joy at the thought of going to the bathroom. so the gameplay here is pretty self-explanatory. you need to draw lines to get to the bathroom before the main character pisses his pants. there are slight differences between levels, but they all play virtually the same, except for these really weird levels that happen when you actually make it to the toilet. after every couple levels. you play these things where you end up flushing this neon green sludge down the slide and right into the ocean where all the little fishies can eat it up and die. as you play through the levels, more and more various new mechanics get introduced, various buttons and stuff involving TNT. overall, this game is pretty weird, but it's also pretty funny. next we'll be looking at time control. the ad here is literally just some gameplay, but the art style looks like the typical minimalist, hyper casual stuff, so it's definitely something worth adding to this video. in this game you play as a purple man with no face and you have to go back and forth in time to get past these levels, because you can't just walk around these guys. you have to alter time itself to get around them. but that's not all. after a few levels, this Red Devil guy shows up. then the new goal is to have him killed. then you beat the level. there are also these other levels where you can change the weather in order to get around other various obstacles. while there's an interesting idea here, the execution is just as shallow as you'd expect from a hyper casual game. the actual gameplay just consists of selecting the weather or moving the time bar around. there are costumes to try to add more gameplay, but they really aren't that great of an incentive to keep going. there's actually not any replayability at all. the levels are all incredibly similar, with the same couple situations being repeated over and over again. overall, this game is pretty shitty. lastly, we have draw monster 3D. as opposed to the largely inferior draw monster 2D, the ad for this one showed a little bit of gameplay. then let me draw a monster myself. well, I see what it wants me to do, but I actually forgot how to color inside the lines, so I'll think outside the box here. so the gameplay for this one is what you'd expect from the ad. you draw the outline that the game gives to you, or something original, and you fight against an enemy. The Monsters you can play as range from Huggy wuggy to a chicken. now, the funny thing with the gameplay here is that the battles last about five seconds. it's pretty cool that drawing something that doesn't match the l

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These Gaming PC Ads Are WHACK

you know, it has been a while since we've looked at some ridiculous gaming pc ads and after just skimming the surface just in my local area, i can say with certainty that there are still plenty ridiculous ads out there now. obviously, things are sort of kind of being compounded right now as a result of the graphics card market being turned upside down as a result of mining, as a result of silicon shortage, the results of a ton of things, and we've toked about that in dedicated video. so that is definitely skewing some prices here. but i'm still going to show you some ridiculous ads. i've found even some previously sold listings on sites like ebay that are just, they're, really they're. they're something else. you might want to buckle up for this one. stay with me to get rid of that annoying activation watermark. hop on over to vip std key and purchase a windows 10 pro oem key for fractions of the price of retail. just use a secure payment method like paypal, receive your key in seconds and activate your os here, bye, bye watermark. and be sure to use our new offer code, skgs, for a sweet discount. alright. so let's kick things off with an ad that i find to be rather distasteful. it is a 5 000 listing. pardon me, it's a 40 500 listing. now he tried listening for 5 000 at one point. he's only got it up here for 500. but i should note that facebook has this really weird rule where, like, if it's if you're selling something for more than 500, you can't ship it. so what people do is just list things for 500 bucks and then they actually say in the description: oh no, it's not really 500, it's 10 times that you know. so i don't know, that's kind of a stupid rule on facebook's part, i'm sure for liability reasons and the like. but uh, this guy's got a 10 900k in here: rtx 3070, founders edition, 32 gigs of ram, one terabyte m.2- you know the usual spiel, right, it's a very powerful system, very well balanced, but for four and a half freaking grand- the 30- 70, let's be honest- it's gonna go for about a thousand dollars, if not more. it just depends on who you happen to sell to and at what point in time you happen to sell it. uh, but those cards are pretty hot, right, so that people are paying well over msrp for them. but i don't think that a 4500 ask is is even like in the ballpark. he'll probably sell it though that's just how it goes now. the next one i want to show you is an ebay listing and at first glance you're thinking: all right, it's a pretty vanilla rx 570 from gigabyte, not too bad. and then, whoa, whoa, winning bid: 66 bucks. prices are coming down. i mean this is like super reasonable for an rx 574 gig, yeah. but then you read the condition. it says four parts are not working, dmg, no fan, spin or display. someone paid sixty six dollars plus fifteen dollars in shipping. it's about 80 us dollars for a broken rx 570.. hold up, i take it back. this is an msi rx 574 gig. it also sold for 69.99- 12.80 shipping. you're thinking: good deal, right, it's sold for parts or not working. and if we scroll down here the description, it says card power is on, but boots to black screen and vj light on motherboard is on. this is nick. so that's two broken rx 574 gig sold for almost 100 us dollars each, actually sold within like a 10 or 15 minute time spent of each other, and the descriptions are rather vague, which means they're probably not going to be repairable. that's just how it usually is with ebay. another uh facebook listing here. this is called a beginner gaming pc listed for 500, previously listed for 600. condition: um, it says used good, i'm i'm not too sure about that, but um, we'll, we'll keep reading. it's a lenovo h420 case and motherboard, second and third gen intel i5 33, 30k i think, with stok cooler, a evga 600 watt power supply. it's got 12 g. this is like one mega freaking run-on sentence. um, okay, i don't see a discreet card in this build. i don't see any messy. it says: with a asus super 1070 ti i could almost run red dead redemption 2 without compromising smooth gameplay. the cpu is unlocked, so a oc gaming gpu is a very nice fit, but so there's not even a graphics card. you're telling me that it runs games fine with a graphics card that you're not even including in the build. not that i expected a 1070 ti to be included in a 500 build like this in this current market, but still, this is like one big blue ball. my dude like i. i've seen that ad like five times up to this point while filming and i still cannot understand the purpose of it. i mean, it's called a gaming pc but it is clearly not. i think that 3330k has an igp, but it certainly doesn't qualify as a gaming cpu that even exists, which have apu's out there, and the new ryzen apu seem to be pretty good alternatives to discrete cards in 2021, but uh, the 3330k, i have a good feeling, is gonna fall quite short of that. now, this craigslist listing this is: this is something here. high-end gaming pc- i7 9700k- okay, high-end gaming pc. the card looks pretty beefy in there. let's see what he's got. selling my gaming pc. we've got the eight core i7 9700k and fx rx 588 gig at an rx 588 gig, jesus, what is it? we said in one of our previous videos: the phrase high end is one of the most overused phrases in this industry and- and look, this is just my opinion here, but i'm gonna say it anyway- i'm not afraid of offending anybody- your specifications should speak for themselves. you shouldn't need to ever, under any circumstance, include a phrase like high-end to to justify your asking price. people should just be able to look at your specifications, your primary specifications specifically, like your cpu and your graphics card, and decide whether or not you're asking prices. you know, in the ballpark and look, i'm not trying to pick on the guy's build specifically, and the build itself in my eyes is fine. it might, i don't know- piss somebody off for some stupid reason. but the combination of hardware i mean it's good enough in this market. i'm not going to complain about an rx 580 being paired with a core i7 from a couple of generations ago, but i have a problem with this way it's being presented high-end, just nix it, it, it. it's a gaming pc, sure, but it's not a high-end gaming pc, not not even close. now we've got another listing here: custom build gaming pc 2200.. i'm not really worried about the location, i don't really care. another core i7 9700k. this is interesting. 16 gigs of ram, one terabyte of storage. feel free to offer. so is it open to offers? that's cool. newly built i7 9700k gaming pc with corsair liquid cooling system, freshly installed windows 10 pro, perfect for gaming. everything is ready to go, fully functional and tested. display via displayport or hdmi: okay, where is the graphics card? why have you not listed that yet? now, gtx 1660 um for twenty two hundred dollars. that takes this a step too far, especially when seen in light of the fact that, even if we consider inflated graphics card prices- which i think is fair, of course, because that's what the seller could get if you decided to part out with the card individually. i mean we're in what? the four or five hundred dollar range. that's absurd for 1660, if you ask me. but people are willing to pay those prices. so that's what we have to deal with here. that's what we should consider in the listing. so four or five hundred dollars for a gtx 1660 in a build that costs 2200, you'd have to have some pretty premium components to justify the remaining 1500 or so that he's asking. i honestly just don't see it here. i mean, we've got an h100i, which is fine. he's got 16 gigs of ddr4, so nothing crazy on the ram side. a z390 motherboard, a one terabyte ssd, a 550 watt modular power supply, which is a bit underwhelming in a 2200 rig, and then a p500a, which is a fine mid tower from fantex. so yeah, um, i'm not impressed now. we've been running through a lot of ads. i've got one more for you here. this is a two thousand dollar listing on offer up. so the title reads: self built gaming pc cs go fortnight, cod wars on valor and apex. uh, league of legends is assassin's creed, jta, right. okay, dude, we get the point. all right, it plays most triplet titles. that's fin.

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Can Youtube Ads Help Grow a Gaming Channel

what's up, guys and welcome back. this video is all about gaming channels and youtube ads. i'm running an experiment on my channel. i am running youtube ads and i want to see the impacts of it from positive, negative and also how many views i'm going to be getting out of the money that i put down into it. the ad that i'm running is a thumbnail that's just placed into the home page in the recommended section of the relevancy of the video. my video is a fall guys video. i'll get into, uh, the keywords and the searches and all that a little later. first off, we're gonna cover setting it up. what i did was just go to youtube ads, google search it and then hit start now. as soon as i got in there, i started hacking away at display ads and i was like you know what i just it's probably better off just to chat and it was so right away. i'd recommend just going straight to the little question mark, go down there in the search and select chat. i put in i wanted to create youtube only display ad and got started chatting right away. as soon as i started toking to the first person, they instantly transferred me over to a specialist. i didn't know they actually had ad specialists, but i guess they do. so i toked to this guy for a bit so he came in asking about display ads, like yes, of course, and he wants to know a little about my company. well, i just let him know. i'm just a youtuber. i'm trying to promote one of my videos be a thumbnail place. i told them exactly where i wanted it, you know, recommended section, homepage based off the keyword of fall guys, because that's what my game was. so after chatting with him for a bit, he eventually just said: give me the url to it and i'll do it for you. so hell yeah, didn't even have to do anything. when they're done making it for you, they leave it paused. this way it doesn't just charge you right away and just run a bill up. one of the first things i hit was the keywords, because they just they create it for you, but they don't do everything for you. they don't do all the keywords, they don't do like they do a basic charge as well. they left it at 40 a day. that's too rich for my blood. it's actually on the far left you get the overview: recommendations, ads, extensions, yada, yada, display video keywords. here i added the keywords that i think i was closest to. next was adjusting. the bids kept it at ten dollars a day instead of the 40 that they had. so i'm running this for one month and i'm going to run it at 10 a day, which is going to bring me to 300 for the month. so the next thing i hit was the ad schedule. this is how you automate your schedule. it'll come on at a certain time, it'll stop at a certain time. i think this is kind of critikal because my subs, as you can see, they pop on sometime around 10 and they stop close to about four or five. so i set it to run at seven am and then i wanted to run it till about close to midnight, so i closed it off right right before midnight. i ended up tweaking this a little later. i saw that this would extinguish the ten dollars early and then it would be running limited, so i tweaked it up a little more towards closer to that time. i ended up landing at 11 o'clock and stopping it at 7 pm, and this is going to be different for everybody. you just go into your analytiks and your youtube and you can see when your viewers are on youtube. you just kind of schedule around that time before i launched it. i wanted to take as much analytiks as i could beforehand. that way you guys could see how the channel was doing prior to the ads running. as you can see here, i'm at 2989 subscribers. i average about 398 subscribers every 90 days and my views for 90 days is 62 100.. i can see my audience retention on the video since it launched is four minutes and two seconds. it's about 32.9. on the audience retention, i'm not the best youtuber, i'm not a pro. so you know audience retention. i'm not sure where that should be at. i don't know what you know like pewdiepie's retention is. i don't know markiplier, jackseptikeyes- i don't know what a pro attention span would be for this. like the, to retain somebody for 32 percent. for me that's meh. i'd like to reach about 50. you know 100 is the goal, but 50 would be awesome. so within two days i'm running at 3015 subscribers. it was uh. it was running about 1200 views for the first day and 1400 views for the second day. so that's the update i got right now. i'm gonna come back in about two weeks and see how it's doing then. all right, so it's been two weeks. what's going on here is: i've reached 20 000 views. i have 144.7 watch hours. 70 subscribers gained off of this. these are the ones that are just subscribing directly at the video. we gotta take into consideration the ones that are poking around at my channel, going to the home page and subscribing from there as well. i've earned four dollars and 42 cents off of that. that's that's. that's fantastik. yeah, too bad. i'm spending 300 for this. so now i'm doing google search. i don't know, uh, what they're searching to get that or why, like i didn't. maybe this actually, uh, combines both google and youtube for the thumbnail. i'm not sure my audience retention has dropped to 26 seconds on this terrible. see. my views are going in between the ad schedule. i hit 70 and 100 views per hour. all right, so we've reached the end of the month and i just wanted to give you the full update of what happened in that 30 days. now i got a new camera. this is the gopro 9 black series. i was using the c920 through obs. this is just recording independently by itself. just wanted to let you know because when you see the difference in clarity now, you know why. this is how all of september went. you can see how my views went from september 19 all the way up to here. august was 25 000 and in september was the 48.9 000 that i got, primarily because of the ads. i am now at 3 316 subscribers. now see how salted sea salt spaghetti did. i got 243.6 watch hours. for the watch time, my views were a total of 34 400.. what was the exact on it? 34 358 views. that is 34.1 000 more than usual. that's right, because i'm a small youtuber. i got 143 subscribers off of it. now, when we tok about the 143, that's directly to it. that does not count the ones that clicked on my page and checked out more stuff. this is just directly to it. i earned only 6.39 off of that. now think about that for a second. i spent three hundred dollars on ads for this. that's three hundred dollars that went to youtube, and as the creator, i only got six dollars and 39 cents of that. they're making so much money. good for them, though. now the audience retention dropped significantly. like this is terrible. this isn't a true view ad, or this isn't supposed to be a true view ad. i don't know if that's how it came out. it was supposed to be a display ad, where it had the little thumbnail off to the side. this looks like a true view ad situation because look, if you look at the bar right here, everybody started at zero boom in seven seconds. fifty percent. so i have no idea where this was being placed at, but if there's a thumbnail, somebody clicks on it and they're like within five seconds. i did terribly. i failed on that then. so, yeah, i wish that the uh the average view would have went up. but remember, people hate ads. people will click on ads just to go, thumbs them down and like. that's how bad. people go out of their way to spank the person who's advertising and. but unfortunately, when you're a small youtuber, you gotta do what you can to get your stuff out there, because youtube's not gonna do it. 232 likes, 90 dislikes. this thing took quite a beating while i was being advertised. now i can't say all 90 people that came and disliked it were the ones that just don't like ads. what i can say is: i know it contributed to it. i did not have one dislike before this thing went live as an ad and also my view ratio was at four minutes, i believe, from the beginning. all right, so inside of google ads. this is how they say i did. now you can see my- uh, my- keywords. it was set towards fall guys, so people searching for fall guys came across that. now locations l.

Mobile Gaming Ads NEED TO BE STOPPED

today we are taking a look at terrible mobile ads, the ads that you love, the ads you may even seen on this video where you watch the ad- just go, what the heck was that? that was awful. well, there's a whole reddit for that and we're checking it out once again, where you can find great things like ultimate royale runner 3d, which is obviously just from fall guys, or even i monster classic, which looks strangely a lot like a mungus, or at least a screenshot of it, or how about this will happen to your body if you eat one egg a day- horrifying, oh so scary. but we have one thing to discuss before getting all this great content, and that is our patreon. there's gonna be some changes that are being made. i need to tok about it and, uh, just wanted to take a little moment here to discuss it with you guys. we've had a patreon for quite a few years. we've had a lot of people being very generous and support us through the patreon. uh, it's where we kind of put more of the family vlog stuff that we took away from youtube. it shared with people that you know, like i said, wanted to support us directly. uh, the change that's being made is that we are no longer going to be putting any content on the patreon. a lot of things have changed. we made the patreon. we were in a much different place than we were now. we just had a kid. things were, you know, things were shaky and honestly felt like we we needed a little bit of stability. but you guys have supported the patreon, helped us with that. you guys support us a lot. and the youtube channel is. it's grown. uh, twitch has grown and so i don't really feel like we put enough on the patreon as it is to really justify the people that are are giving money to it. uh, again, we are very thankful for the people that have supported us. uh, but, moving forward, we're not gonna do it anymore. we're uh, we're shutting it down. i mean, it's still gonna be there but, uh, we're not gonna be posting anything to it. uh, and for those of you that still want to support directly and uh, and want to support the family, they're still the twitch. uh, if you go to the twitch- twitchcom, simatoskin, twitchtv, slash simontoskin- and if you like, subscribe or anything, i can give you a direct shout out right there. i can thank you in person, which i think is a lot better than uh, like you guys supporting us on the patreon- and you know, i'm not even really involved with it anymore- uh, it's not a it's not a bad thing, it's actually a good thing, it's a good thing, uh. so, you know, don't? i don't know, it's like i feel like i'm apologizing that we're shutting it down, but at the same time it's like it's not a bad thing, like it's it's actually a good thing that we're able, that we don't, it's a good thing that we don't have to rely on that anymore to uh to, to give us that, that sense of security. but anyway, again, thank you guys very much for the support. and, like i said, if you wanted to support the patreon or you want to continue to support us- twitchtv, cementoskin- i'm there whenever i stream, stream every day, almost- come by, say, hey, you know, drop all you know, support us there, and we do appreciate you. and if you're just watching the videos, hey, thank you. thank you, let's get to it. she's wanted: oh, what's the egg? you gotta choose the egg, or help her. [Laughter], [Music] choose her eggs. you know what i'm saying? a hole he's breaking in, betray him. there he is, get him. do you want the money or the egg. do you want the money or the egg? it's all about this freaking. that's kind of like what's going on. it's all about this: this egg and this egg. do you want the egg or do you want the money? do you want the girl or do you want the egg? do you want to betray this guy you've never met? sure, why not you? just the main characters run around. his underwear makes sense to me, but unfortunately homescapes and gardenscapes ads have been banned for being misleading. have you ever been on facebook or anything and seen the ad for these kind of games? or even seen the ad for this game right here, where it's like this dude, you gotta like solve the puzzles? it's like, oh, man, uh, it's. there's like all the same game. it's like they're all using the same company to make their ads or something i don't know it kind of weird, huh, it's kind of weird. the heck is this. it's called, it's called earth speaker [Music]. oh, it's a [Music]. all right, that's kind of- i don't know- a little creepy, honestly. like what's the? what does it get? does it give you like little videos that you like? i mean, it's just like a face app thing like you would have on like your uh, on your snapchats and stuff, right, yeah, yeah, that's kind of cool. oh, yeah, that wasn't that bad. ha ha, i'm a concubine, you're just an attendant. give me water, please, concubine. when i become a noble concert, i will revenge. [Laughter], i will revenge. oh, you always want to get ahead of me because, i believe, choose your appearance i. i'm always ahead of you because i play this game. now, give me a massage. okay, yeah, right, right, right. it seems like a dream shroom video, almost what's the game actually like, though? i needed your cat. i must help you. oh, help the cat. you're wait, wait, wait. is being a concubine actually like an upgrade from being a noble lady in like a con in a con hang on. woman who lives the man but has lower status than his wife or wives, a mistress, ah, leveling up to a concubine? nice, good for you. oh, wow, you were a concubine but now you're a queen because you blocked that ninja hot dog legend of the phoenix dress-up. is this a dress-up game? i hear we got a youtube ad right here. what is that is? that is that a turd is something just crap on him and he's like: choose to eat it or not, i just bury it, man. just you've been holding your hand, wilson. it grows into a plant. nice, oh, there's an axe. you grew an axe. that's how axes are made. now you chopped down the tree and you chopped up a whole village, total battle. wow, the title and- and i don't know that- doesn't seem like it matches up very well. have you ever built like an entire village using just your axe? i mean, we shouldn't be worried about realism, because that axe just literally grew off a vine. how do you make an axe? but i don't know, just kidding. we know how to make axes, guys. you go punch a tree. you get some stiks. yeah, you get some stiks, yeah, yeah, you know where i'm going with this exactly. yeah, yup, yup, yup. minecraft. oh, the true asmr experience. he's broke her foot, the spa master. but what happened at the very beginning of this video? like what is he doing? is that they do that in the spas? like let me dislocate your ankle right now. oh, my god, please, no, come, didn't check out your waifu, your animal wife, who's waiting on you, don't you worry, she's right here. is there anything missing from this picture? you guys think like a belly button? is it? is she missing. she's a clone. oh my god, cloning millions of players every week. you can dress up without your belly buttons. wow, oh my god. what is this? scary teacher versus siren head. what the heck is that? is this an ad? what is that? hang on, hang on. harry teacher vs siren siren head. is this the game? like a fighting game with the gal music going on? wow, siren head versus scary teacher. right, right, wow, oh, matching ton mansion. we got the pregnant ladies stuck in jail and her toilet's overflowing. she's got to figure out how to fix it. spider webs everywhere. what could be better than that game? wow, there's nothing i'd rather play than than matchington mansion. oh boy, after seeing that ad, i gotta download it right away. the way the true asmr experience: spa master's back. the bigger is better. choose the right one. make it bigger, big, bigger, bigger, please. oh, perfect, yay, hooray, oh my god, all right, i need a cute nursery. except challenge. oh, the game is called re-decor. yeah, brick wall, seriously, nuh. uh, you add some color to that. oh, and the tiger skin rug? oh my, my baby hates it. that's a very positive message for that. it's like: oh, please, please, redecorate this. i hate it. i hate it. download our game. i hate it. please download. you can download this game and try. okay, what do i do next? go to bed. what 12 hours late.

If Gaming Gear Were Honest

[Music] are 13 year olds, destroying you, an adult man, at your favorite video game again? yeah, then you need to transform yourself into a hardcore gamer. hi, i'm roger and i'm here to tell you about my exciting line of horton gamer gear. look at you, sprawled out like a dickensian opium addict. my hort chair will lock your flabby parts into a scientific comfort jail, allowing you to ignore the aches and pains produced by your marathon virtual homicide sessions. it's ergonomic, which means it's okay to stay up until 3 am. our squishy thrones draped into fake skins of animals you've never seen outside a safari simulator, promote a healthy approach to pretending to physically exert yourself. you're a gamer. gamer, you deserve to park your substantial buttoks on a squeaky cushion that vibrates against your genitals every time your character gets blown apart by an actual child popped up on focus. enhancing drugs, plus strapping into our next generation future stool only costs significantly more than a functionally identikal office chair. yeah, i still lost, of course. you did you clumsy waist drill. you still need my racial slur amplifiers, my rodent-shaped clickety-clacker and some comfy fatigues promising extra mobility and a poofy front pocket guaranteed to snag any falling cheese puffs. why do we need a gaming hoodie? because it's poggers. horton gamer paraphernalia pays for itself. these are the plastik gadgets we stuffed with useless metal so they feel heavy and premium that we pay the pros to use. all you have to do is beat the microscopic odds of becoming a professional gamer or streamer, just like our ads say. you can look our peripheral input devices that have yet to significantly improve upon tiknology invented in the 1800s, light up so you can play in total darkness like a cyberpunk cave troll. care for some horton geek gas, it says. give yourself a one-up, because i demanded my nephew. slap some dork on the label. it's an energy drink that we'll claim makes you extra good at rapid clicking on digital sprites until they disappear under red geometric clouds. hopefully that gives you enough confidence in your skills to make this your entire personality. what flavor is that? it tastes like a neon sign, either respawn rhubarb or berry royale. it has enough caffeine to explode a weasel's heart, but you can take it because you're a gamer. yeah, is it crazy that i want to threaten game journalists, entire families, just for doing their job? now, no, not at all. our advertisements and products are designed to encourage fans of polygonal light and sound amusements to subsume all other aspects of their identity. until their self-worth is intrinsically connected to a mainstream hobby, we'll pretend as a fringe interest. only they understand. oh yeah, i'm gonna go. i'm gonna kill every freaking nerd on the internet. [Music] like a vacuum cleaner. yeah, those 13 year olds. yeah, get good scrub. you're going to get me drunk if we do this too many times. why don't we pour that out and give you some water, are you? what are you done? this is one of the only perks of this job.