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what is brand dropshipping

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Guide to BRANDED Dropshipping UNDER $500! (Step By Step)

If you don't differentiate your business from the competition, you're setting yourself up for failure and you'll probably be left wondering why it's not working out for you. And when it comes to e-commerce, there are two common methods to separate yourself from the competition: number one, which is finding a unique product that's not easily sourced, and then number two, branding that product to be your very own. and both these methods are crucial, absolutely crucial, if you want to build a seven figure and beyond brand. i'm here to tell you there are a few nifty ways to drop ship custom branded products under 500 in total. just be wary, we're toking about lower tiket items here, up to 100. we obviously cannot ask a brand- a kayak, for example- and ask to just buy two. starting with the very first method, let's get straight into it. on screen here on the Alibabacom home page, at the top of the menu, you can see a ready to ship function. so if you click that, there is a dedicated page to what they call low moq customization, which allows you to buy in very small batches and, at the same time, be able to customize that small batch of items. so if you click source now, you're met with a list of suppliers and items that you're able to completely customize and bulk buy in very small pieces. so a lot of these pieces, you- only you- can basically buy a one piece, and that is it. the thing is, though, i find that it's slightly limited in its product range. so here is another method, actually, that i like to use. i'll show you right now. so if we go back into the Alibabacom homepage and you scroll all the way down into the footer- i'm toking like all the way down and you can see this browse alphabetikally function here- if you click show room and if you search and input the keyword moq, you'll then be met with this page here. in this page, you can see that we searched low moq, and there are 420 000 items and products to pick from and suppliers to work with, so you can start to filter out these items, of course, right here, but these are all low moq items that you can purchase, you know, a few pieces at a time, 10 pieces at a time, and you're able to also customize them. so this is a great way to find products that have low MOQs that you don't need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on, and you're able to work with that supplier to start customizing your products, like immediately, on a low budget of just 500. so this is a great nifty trick and tip: to start finding those low moq items, because some of these suppliers- they know that there are businesses out there that want to work with low MOQs, customizable items, you know- to test the market, and so what they've done is they've actually inserted the low moq keyword in their actual title, which makes it super easy for us to find items that we can work with and and suppliers that are willing to work with low moq's yet still customize your product. okay, so just jumping in here real quick. if you're finding this video useful so far, i'd be forever grateful if you drop a quick like and comment the code word super supplier. okay, so we just went over a couple methods. but the next method is negotiation, and just remember that suppliers welcome negotiation. you're a potential long-term business partner, so they want your business and are open to negotiating terms and prices. so once you've found at least, let's say, three to five suppliers who are able to dropship, make it clear that you want to brand your products and you also want to place a small order to test the market. a pro tip here is that suppliers usually accept an moq minimum order quantity of 30 to 40 percent of the original moq that they requested. so let's just say they need you to order 10 of the products that you're requesting. you can potentially negotiate to buy three to four and they'll accept that. just be wary that they'll likely increase each unit price slightly, and you can usually get away with a 10 unit price increase for lower moq orders. just be transparent and strong in your requests. feel free to let them know you're shopping the market and more than happy to move on to the next supplier. if you can't reach an agreement, you'll be surprised, i think, just how many times these suppliers will actually accept your offer. so negotiating is going to be far easier if you already have an e-commerce store, naturally, even if it's just a small one, because you're able to show them your ecommerce store as proof of business. the next step that i think is really important to mention to you is that you need to do your due diligence with these suppliers, especially for cheaper and lower quantity orders. this is so, so, so important. please make sure you're doing this, and i'll give you a few pointers to follow. make sure that you ask to see legitimate supplier documentation, which may include compliance certifications, photos of their warehouse, a business license, etc. and also ask for a business address and phone number. i usually like to cross check these and go complete stoker mode on google maps and then finally ask for customer references from previous happy customers and on top of those recommendations. actually, a super easy way to protect yourself is using the backing of Alibabacom built-in payment protection system, which filters listings by verified sellers who offer trade assurance, which is an easy way to safeguard your orders. so be sure that you're doing those things. i cannot stress this enough: just make sure that you're doing your due diligence. as a bonus, it's also worth showing you, in my opinion, really quickly how to find the best of the best suppliers, because i know some of the viewers on this channel are advanced drop shippers and e-commerce business owners already doing multiple, six and seven figures in revenue, which is amazing, um, alongside beginners. so we don't discriminate here on this channel. but Alibabacom- if we jump on my screen here now, alibabacom has this elite partner event where they provide access to the most premium of suppliers, like we're toking about suppliers with decades of world-class manufacturing capabilities. many of them have hundreds of patents and sell to, like large companies across the globe. so, going with these suppliers, you're practikally guaranteed extremely fast response rates and reliable shipping, because they're extremely professional. i want to show you an example of an elite partner. i found this partner and they are literally the official partner of samsung, and this is crosschecked through alibabacom. so these guys are a lighting company and they have extremely fast delivery- three to seven days, two door- and again, they are partnered with samsung. so this is an extremely amazing supplier and these are the types of supplies that you can find here on alibabacom. and so these elite suppliers- they are extremely professional sellers. their product quality is extremely high, and so if you're- i just wanted to mention this, because if you're- looking for an extremely high grade supplier, let's say you have a higher budget- then these guys are definitely worth reaching out to. i'm not saying this specific supplier, but their elite partners are something to look into that might be extremely beneficial to you too. so, to just wrap up, i just want to say a big thank you to alibabacom as today's video sponsor, and guys. i hope you enjoyed this video. be sure to drop a like down below on this if you haven't yet already, and subscribe for more business, marketing and tik content. comment the code word super supplier and i'll give it a like. and the final thing that i want to mention is that our ecommerce mastery course, which goes really deep into building a full-blown online e-commerce business from scratch and all the steps in between, um is available down below. you also get my mentorship wit.

Watch THIS before Dropshipping | 27 Year Old Millionaire | Davie Fogarty

- Usually, I'm a huge advocate for just jumping in and getting started with business, but dropshipping comes with warnings. (drum booming). - What were my failed businesses and why did I fail? - [Voiceover]: Show me something that you thought that would sell. - Biggest takeaways from my failed drop - $220,000, but I failed. - Drop shipping is riddled with payment bans and ad account bans that could affect you for your entire life. This is a message to my younger viewers: Make sure you watch this video before you get started with dropshipping. - [Man], That's cool. - Cool (upbeat music) (shutter clicking). Hey everyone, I'm Davie, I'm 26 years old and my Shopify brands have done over $270 million in sales. Today is a really special video. We're gonna break down the dark side of dropshipping. The other day, a kid came into my office. He is 16 years old and just dropped out of school. He is incredibly smart, driven and ready for success. He was telling me stories about how his stores were doing huge volumes, making more than his parents and his teachers combined. I've seen some of his Shopify dashboards now and he's doing over $20,000 in sales a day. The problem is he's doing dropshipping. His main challenges right now is that his Facebook ad account keeps getting banned. He needs to set them up through agency accounts or his friends and family. All of these headaches with account bans stops people from finding success with e-commerce. Even when you find success, those account bans are gonna keep following you and stopping your momentum. They stop you from focusing on the main things, like fixing your advertising and your website. Instead, you're focusing on where my next ad account is going to be. I personally was incredibly lucky When I started the Oodie. I custom branded my store and focused on customer experience from day one. This means that I've never had an account ban. However, I'm very, very familiar with it And I'm gonna tell you exactly how to avoid it. today, As the Internet became more mainstream, globalization happened, China became closer and dropshipping was born. Western economies were able to contact Chinese suppliers easily and ship products directly from China to their country. Dropshipping, as you know, is a pretty simple business model. All you need to do is acquire a customer and then the Chinese manufacturer will ship it directly from China. You hold no inventory, So the risk is much lower. The fact that it is so simple is the main problem of dropshipping. Basically, anyone with an internet connection can do it. Online gurus are busy selling courses, but they don't actually tell you the main risks of the business model itself. So these are the reasons why people think dropshipping is such a good idea. The first and foremost is that low barrier to entry. It requires very little capital to get started. The second thing is the simplicity. You don't have to handle the freight component and setting up the 3PL. The logistiks is much simpler. All you need to worry about is acquiring the customers and also the customer service component. The other benefit that often isn't toked about is the tax component. A lot of countries have thresholds for their duties and by shipping directly to China you can actually avoid those duties by shipping under that cost. If that's the case, why don't we hear about more dropshippers on the Forbes list? There are some major disadvantages about this business model. Let's get into them Before we keep going. make sure you like and subscribe. The first major disadvantage of dropshipping lies in its simplicity. in that it's super, super competitive With low barriers of entry. people flock into the market. It's basic economics. The standard business model for dropshipping is going onto a tool like Adspy and then finding a product that has high amount of some social proof. Because this business strategy has been standardized. what will happen is, when a product scales quite well, lots of other people will flock into it and your margin will drop. The competition will increase. This is the same for other tools like E-com hunt, Because everyone is using them. everyone is launching the same products. While you may be able to arbitrage Facebook traffic initially, what will happen is that if you do not differentiate your product, people will keep undercutting each other and the ad costs will keep going up. Pair that with the Chinese suppliers actually listing their products on Amazon themselves and you're in real big trouble. Basically, your trend lifespan has been shortened. The other negative of dropshipping is my biggest pet peeve. There is no customer connection. In e-commerce you have two elements. You have acquisition- acquiring a customer- and then retention- keeping them around. Dropshippers generally only really care about the acquisition pace. They're trying to make profit on the first purchase of the transaction. So basically, they're buying ads, they're buying the one product, they're shipping it to them minus the courier costs, and you get your profits. Often brands are actually opposite. There'll be willing to lose money on the first acquisition cost so that they can retain their customers, bring them back to repeat purchase and make money over time. There is actually two reasons why this is the case. Because of the really competitive nature of dropshippers. Often, what will happen is the product quality will continuously drop. Suppliers will continuously reduce the quality of their product to increase the margin. Drop shippers will then gravitate to this supplier And eventually the product will just break. We all have that experience of just buying a product as cheap as possible, getting it and it barely even works. The second element around retention is the shipping times. If you buy a product from a store and it takes over 30 days to get to you, you're never gonna buy from it again, especially when there's an alternative that has treated eight days shipping time or even one day with Amazon. Now this continues a chain reaction. With the delayed shipping times comes negative reviews. These negative reviews can be in the form of the automatik Facebook survey that Facebook sends your customers after they purchase, or they can be on sites like Trustpilot. with all these negative reviews, The next step is platform bands. all platforms out there, whether it's Stripe or Facebook ads, want to make sure that their customers have a good experience. They invest millions of dollars in preventing this negative experience from happening to their customers, whether it be fraud or scams. if a customer buys something off the newsfeed and it comes and it's really bad experience, chances are that you're not gonna buy something off the newsfeed again. This is why Facebook would rather just ban the account straight away, then risk their user experience. Now, once this ban happens, it's very hard to get your accounts back. Even when you make a mistake when you're 12 years old, it's gonna haunt you for the rest of your career. I was banned off a payment gateway when I was very young selling headphones, and it lost me so much money when I first started Oodie. Before I get into mitigating the risk with drop shipping and account bans, I thought I'd jump on the phone with The ECOM King (bell ringing). This guy is a beast in the industry. He's got brands and dropshipping stores, So he's gonna be an expert on the topic. Let's give him a call now. So, Kamil, you're one of the biggest advocates for drop shipping, I know. Can you please tell our Subscribers a little bit about yourself? - Yeah, so my name's Kamil Sattar as The ECOM King. I started my YouTube channel about three years ago and I started e-commerce back in 2015 buying and reselling sneakers and clothing, And then in 2017, that's when I came across dropshipping And then, ever since then, I've just been doing dropshipping And since then we've been building a few dif.

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Shopify: How To Start A BRANDED Dropshipping Store And Make Money With It

people are making millions with shopify, e-commerce and drop shipping, but the question is how? and the answer is by building brands. i actually created a strategy called branded drop shipping, which by far, is the absolute best strategy to build a successful shopify store that will actually allow you to live a life of passive income and freedom. hey, what's going on? my name is dan and i want to welcome you back to the channel. i'm an active ecommerce seller and investor. i own several brands, having sold millions of dollars in e-commerce- physical products online- in the past several years. on the side, i also make youtube videos sharing what's been working for me and what's working for me along my own e-commerce journey: building brands, building existing brands and new brands as well. so far, i've gotten over 300 000 subscribers, which is absolutely incredible. i'm so happy and grateful for every single one of you watching my videos, because it's always been my mission ever since i started youtube. from day one, it's always been my mission to create the absolute best online entrepreneurial content out there, because before i got into this space, before i got into this whole game of online business at e-commerce, what was out there honestly was very unimpressive. you know, online business was very much still. i guess almost like taboo. it was like just a lot of sketchy, a lot of sketchiness, a lot of sketchy stuff online. so that's why, when i started making videos, i knew that i could really offer so much, just through my own journey. um, you know, having been able to do the things that i've done, i've been able to become a multi-millionaire in my early 20s through online business, through e-commerce specifically, and through online entrepreneurship, which i so recommend to you. i think it's so, so, so great to get into right now. one thing i will say is that it's super easy to get overwhelmed with the massive amount of information out there. you know, there's just so much. there's all these youtubers and everybody out there just saying things right, someone's toking about e-commerce, someone's toking about shopify, someone's toking about bitcoin, stoks, whatever- and it can be confusing when you're starting out. i actually was going through the same thing when i was starting out along my journey, because i didn't know what to do, and luckily, i actually committed to e-commerce and that's what i became successful with. so, because there's so much information out there, a lot of it which is honestly very questionable. that's why part of my mission is to just bring the absolute best ecommerce information, the best ecommerce content. part of that is to show the best strategy for building a successful ecommerce store, and so that's exactly what i'm toking about in this video today: how to build a successful branded drop shipping store, specifically with the strategy that i developed- and i will say again that, um, before i actually got into drop shipping, this is very much what it was like. so, um, most of the stores out there were what were called general stores, and there's still people teaching this way out there, which honestly blows my mind. i don't know how you can be on youtube and stand there and have the dignity or the conscience to tell people to build general stores and test products and you know basically just dropship forever, when in reality, we all know- well, not we all know, it's not common knowledge- but if you've been an active ecommerce seller, at least for some time, then you know the only way to actually have lasting success with e-commerce, and with shopify specifically, is by building a brand that will actually stand the test of time, and so that's why, when i got into dropshipping, i was actually already successful with amazon fba. this was about three years ago, and so when i got in, i knew that i had to fix it. i knew that i had to develop a new strategy where i could get a logo on the products, i could get fast shipping and i could actually turn drop shipping, which was, you know, originally very scammy, very sketchy. you know, people are getting basically your shipping products directly from aliexpress to people's houses, which i always thought was kind of ridiculous. you know, it's just not very high value at all. you're not really offering a lot of value as an entrepreneur. so, long story short, i came in and i made this new strategy. it's the best. since then i've made tremendous amounts of money with it. i've also created a two and a half hour tutorial for shopify on my youtube channel as well. maybe you've seen it, maybe you have it. i'm gonna link that in the description below, as well as my entire shopify playlist, which you can check out after this video. the information that i'm gonna tell you here is going to be vital to your success with shopify, because it's not being said anywhere else in any other video. so first of all, before we actually get in quickly, i will do a quick, like basic definition of what is drop shipping, because you know a lot of you watching are new. a lot of people that are watching my channel now, especially since my channel is growing so fast, which i'm so happy about and so grateful for. i just want to kind of briefly go over that. so the simple answer to what is drop shipping is: you open a shopify store, you sell products without actually having to buy any inventory. that's all it is. that's all drop shipping is instead of, for example, with amazon fba, where you have to buy 500 units or 750 units or a thousand units and you have to pay all that money up front and then store the units in the amazon warehouse and take that risk. you don't have to take that upfront risk with drop shipping. um, the great part about it is that you can basically just start a store and once you find a good enough product that you want to sell, then you can just basically use something called oberlo or you can use like an app to fulfill the orders and then it goes straight from your supplier to your customer's house. right now, i have toked a lot of smack about oberlo in the past, but times have changed a little bit. um, just the way that we do drop shipping and the way that we do brand. the drop shipping specifically has also evolved, so i'm going to tok about that in this video as well. so, long story short, how drop shipping works. uh, somebody finds your site through- like a facebook ad that you're running, for example, or a youtube ad that you're running, or you know something on tiktok. they go on your website, they buy your product. you take that money and then you send it to your supplier over in china. it doesn't have to be in china, but most suppliers who are willing to drop ship they're located in china. they're just the most familiar with that and so that's why it's likely going to be a chinese supplier. but you take that money, you send it to your supplier. let's say your customer buys your product at thirty dollars, so you take that thirty dollars, you send ten dollars to your supplier, which is how much, let's say, the unit cost is for your product, and then you pocket the profit, right? so between the money that you make from your customer and the money that you send to your supplier plus your cost of acquisition, meaning that your cost- like how much you paid to actually acquire that customer through facebook ads or through any kind of advertising that you're running- let's say, five dollars of facebook ads, so thirty dollars. what you got, uh, ten dollars. what you paid your supplier- five dollars- is how much your facebook ad costs to get that customer. well, that means thirty minus ten minus five, that's fifteen dollars. so your profit would be, uh, fifteen dollars. but obviously that's just put very simply. you know you also have shipping cost, and then you know ad cost is not usually five dollars. it really varies, uh, depending on the product. so that's just a very, very basic rundown, just like a surface level uh thing. but here's the truth about shopify, about ecommerce. you can make a lot of money doing this, especially if you follow the branded drop shipping method, because nobody e.

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How to Start a BRANDED Dropshipping Business Using AliBaba (2023)

i recently launched my dropshipping e-commerce brand and managed to generate over four thousand dollars in a few days using influencer marketing. in today's video, i'm going to be showing you the exact supplier that i used. that will allow you to set up your own dropshipping ecommerce brand with your logo printed on the product, with a minimum order quantity of one or two. so if you've got a kind of tight budget but you want to start your very own drop shipping e-commerce brand, then this is going to be the video for you. so let's get straight into it. so here is the exact supplier that i used for my drop shipping e-commerce brand: ringcast, which is a wrinkle removal device. so i did find them on alibaba and it literally took me days and days of trailing through supplies to actually come across them. but i'm really happy i have because, like i say, they've got some really amazing products that you can drop ship with your logo on, with a minimum order quantity of one or two, so you don't have to invest loads up front in purchasing lots of inventory. so if we go and scroll down, i will leave a link in the description to bji tiknology and we can go and have a look at some of their products. now they are better if you want to create a one product store around one partikular product. so, like i've done exactly here with wincast, you can see this is the wrinkle removal device and you can see that they have it exactly here. so for this product i had to start with a minimum order quantity of two pieces, but for a lot of their products they will allow you to start with one piece. so you can see, this is my one product store. like i say it, they are best used when you are trying to create a brand around one single product. and if you're interested in how i actually created this, i did use the sweet funnels theme, which is the best theme for creating one product stores. so if we go back to the bji supply, you can see they literally have hundreds of products in loads of different niches. mostly- well, all of them- are in the tiknology nice niche, but they are mostly sort of related to beauty. some are related to health and things like that. so you can go on here. like i said, i'll leave a link in the description. you can go and have a look at all of the different products that they have. now if we scroll up to the top we can click on products and we can click on see all categories. now you don't have to click on drop shipping, because sometimes it does filter out some of their products. so i recommend just to leave it on all products and just ignore the products where you need to order a minimum of 100 pieces, let's say. but what you can do is you can go and filter by new and you will see all of the new products that bji are releasing, and they release new products every month. so this will help to keep you ahead of the curve of your competition, because you can come on here and you can start launching some of their new products as soon as they release them, with your own logo on, and build a proper brand around the product, like i said, exactly how i have done here, and i do have a full case study video on how i actually launched this brand and generated over four thousand dollars with influencer marketing. now i also have a feeling that some massive brands are using this supplier, or at least have used it when they first started out. so if we have a look at this product here, this ipl hair removal device, if we go over to this store, which is hey, silky skin, and these are a massive ecommerce, e-commerce shopify brand and they're generating hundreds of thousands every month with their brand and you can see it's the exact same product that we can see on the bji tiknology supplier. so i reckon, now that they probably have, now they're generating so much in revenue and making so many sales, they probably have purchased a bulk inventory, maybe from a cheaper supplier, but when they first started out, they probably just started using one at a time to make it a lot cheaper. and if we go and have a look at their instagram, they literally have hundreds of influencers promoting their product. so that is an example of how you can use this supplier to build a one product store just like this and build your very own e-commerce brand around it. now you're probably wondering: are there any setup fees or anything like that? well, when i first started my ringcast e-commerce brand, i had to pay a 25 setup fee. this was last year. so they create a mold of your logo and they use that mode to print it on all of the products. so you do have to pay that 25 setup fee. i'm not exactly sure how much it is now. like i said, this was last year it was 25. it might be a little bit more now, but it shouldn't be anything too expensive. and then for my partikular product i had to purchase two, but let's just say for one of these cheaper products. so let's go and have a look at one. that's only one. so, for example, this one you can get for one piece. so twenty dollars plus a twenty five dollar setup fee. you're looking at around fifty dollars to start your very own e-commerce plan. so it's super cheap to get started with them. you can just click on the product or you can just click on contact supplier. so if we do click on the partikular product and then from here you can click on contact supplier and you can say: i want to start printing my logo on this product, you send them an adobe illustrator file of your logo and they will go and print it for you on the product. and then you just have to simply pay through alibaba, and paying through alibaba is super secure, so you're not going to get ripped off or anything like that, and i've used this supplier quite extensively so i can verify that they are a reliable supplier. now you're probably wondering about how do you actually fulfill orders as well with bji, seeing as it's not like connecting to a shopify store with oberlo back in the days or de-esses or something like that. well, it's actually very simple to go and fulfill orders with them. all you have to do from your shopify dashboard: you just go and click on export on your orders and then you can go and export orders by date, or you can just go and select all orders. for example, i'm just going to go for a plain csv file, so this is like an excel file, and then all you need to do is click on export orders. once your orders have been exported, they will be exported to an excel file that looks like this. now, what you're going to want to then do is just go and get rid of any columns that aren't necessary for the supplier. so all the suppliers really going to want to see is the shipping details. so you'll see up the top here we have the name, the email, the financial status, when it was paid, all of this stuff. you can just go and get rid of this. so what you can do is you can go and select all of the columns that you don't need. so i'm just going to go and select all of these columns up until we see shipping address and shipping name, then you can just click on right click and you can just click on hide and then, once again, you will see the ones after this. so, just after notes, i'm going to go and select all of these and, once again, once we have selected all of these columns that aren't necessary for the supplier to see, then we can right click and we can just hit hide. so once you have done that, you will see all of the shipping details. so we can just double click to make them a bit bigger. so now we have shipping name, shipping street shipping address one, shipping address two. so all of these details have been taken from the shopify orders that we exported. so now let's just make these a bit bigger and then we can scroll across and what we can do is we can add an extra column. so i'm just going to go and add another column so instead of notes, we can just go and put in this column tracking number. so once you've added that tracking number column to your excel sheet of all of your shopify orders, then you can just go over to alibaba and go to the message center and then you can go and message your contact from bji. so once you purc.


[Muziek]. yes, welkom en super tof, dat je kijkt naar al weer een nieuwe video op mijn kanaal. mijn naam is jesjoea kaart, en de laatste tijd ben ik op mijn instagram en mijn youtube kanaal en heel veel informatie aan het delen over branding. hoe bouw je nou een succesvol lange termijn brent op, die jaar in jaar uit seals voor je gaan opleveren en die op de lange termijn ook nog eens geld waard is? nou, uit die video's- en uit die komt ook kerk ook- heel veel vragen van: is dropshipping dan nog wel interessant? moet ik gelijk beginnen met een brent? wat kan ik het beste doen? en in deze video ga ik je uitleggen, wat dropshipping is, wat branding is en wat voor jou het beste is, om mee te gaan starten. we gaan natuurlijk vanuit, dat je op lange termijn succesvol worden. dus, als dit de tijdlijn is van jou als ondernemer en hieronder even de tijd: dus dit is je begin, dit is jaar nul en dit is jaar 10, dan is alles, wat hieronder zit. intussen zit dus eigenlijk je learning curt, dus dat is eigenlijk het proces, dat je doormaakt. nou, stel, dat je hier op dit punt is succesvol- grant we hebben, dan is dat misschien je langetermijnvisie met jou e-commerce business. en wat ik altijd tegen mijn studenten zeg: bekijk, ik leer mensen natuurlijk dropshippen. ik heb natuurlijk de dropje bekende meer, waarin ik moment dat succesvol leer, en ik raad dat nog steeds een hele grote groep aan. maar ik raad ook een andere groep aan, om niet met de dropship er juist over te stappen op een brand. en hoe kun je nou bepalen voor jezelf, in welke groep je behoort, aan wat je nou het beste kunt doen? nou, omdat te snappen zul je heel goed moeten kijken naar deze learning curve en stel dat de eerste drie jaar, dat je in deze periode focust op het dropshippen. ik zeg altijd, dat dropshipping ik nog steeds heel winstgevend is. je kunt er nog steeds heel veel geld mee verdienen. maar nog belangrijker, het is een hele makkelijke manier, om in e-commerce te komen. kijk, je hebt eigenlijk geen op site kost, om te stappen. starten met two groups in business. het is heel makkelijk, om mee te beginnen. je bouwt heel makkelijk cash flow op en je bouwt heel makkelijk nieuwe skills op te wissen. je leert heel snel nieuwe nieuwe skills. je leert bijvoorbeeld, hoe je met je klanten omgaat. je leert een stukje marketing, die lid, copywriting, je leert adverteren, hyllit- echt in een hele korte tijd heel veel belangrijke skills, die jij nodig hebt, om op lange termijn een succesvolle biz is op te bouwen. dus ik zeg altijd tegen mensen: gebruik dit stukje, om aan de ene kant cash flow te genereren. dus deze drie jaar gebruiken, bijvoorbeeld, om gewoon lekker te hangen met je dossier business, lekker je bankrekening te laten groeien, maar ook, om skills te ontwikkelen, dat we hebben je de skills, en om erachter te komen, waar je passie ligt, wat voor producten veel leuk om te kopen, wat voor klanten zijn leuk, om mee te werken waren, zie je potentie. kijk in deze drie jaar in de in the drop show periode- dus we noemen dat even drop ship. dus dat is zeg, maar de dropship periode in die de optie periode' je eerst, een webshop zal waarschijnlijk nooit een webshop worden, die op lange termijn gaat houden. dus, en dat dit, dat is realistisch. ik wil realistisch met jullie zijn. we hebben super veel mensen al geholpen, en de eerste webshop, dier gaan hebben, is vast niet je laatste webshop en dat ook niet de webshop, die je hebt op lange termijn. dus ik zal ik altijd liggen. mensen gebruik deze periode, om geld op te bouwen, om skills te leren, en gebruik dat vervolgens hier en daar, bijvoorbeeld een jaar of drie, om van a4 je eigen brand op te bouwen en vervolgens kun je eigenlijk al deze assets, die je hier op opgebouwd, kun je een set, kun je in je brand steken, zodat je deze periode, ook deze periode kunt focussen op het opbouwen van je lume cube rent. want het is heel moeilijk, om gelijk met een brein te beginnen, gelijk een team in te schakelen, gelijk producten te laten, design, er gelijk producten in te kopen, als je nog geen cash flow heb en als je nog geen ervaring hebt in e-commerce, als het veel moeilijker om je brengt, ook daadwerkelijk succesvol te maken. kijk, heb je al ervaring met dropship en is de overstap naar het maken van een band is heel erg makkelijk. kijk, klein voorbeeld: ik zit hier nu in dubai en iemand hier, ook in dubai, je samen met ons, is kilian, en kilian is ongeveer, denk jij, of twee, twee en half drie, tussen de twee en drie jaar is die bezig met de optie business fulltime, is een baan gestopt en draait nu. de afgelopen maand heeft hij meer dan een miljoen euro omzet gedraaid en dat is in de afgelopen drie jaar ze beste maand ooit geweest. als je ziet, eigenlijk in die drie jaar is ie nog steeds iedere maand aan het groeien, iedere maat stijgen nog steeds, ze omzet, en tegen zo iemand zou ik zeggen: van hey, misschien is het nu goed, want je hebt de cashflow ruimte, gevulde bankrekening door de door lopende business. hij hoeft natuurlijk niet te stoppen met opscheppen, dus, eh, cashflow gaat gewoon door. plus, het lukt hem, om vanuit dropshippen een dropship business op te schalen, er meer dan 1 miljoen euro per maand. dus dat betekent ook, dat die hele waardevolle skills heeft ontwikkeld. hij weet, hoe die met heel veel orders moet omgaan, hij weet, hoe die klanten kan krijgen, weet, hoe die een product moet voor markt, hem. dus voor hem is het heel makkelijk, om nu te zeggen: van hey, ik ga kijken naar de meest winstgevende producten van de afgelopen tijd, of ik ga kijken naar producten, waar ik een passie om heb, en ik ga vervolgens kijken, hoe ik daar een brand omheen kan bouwen met die skills, met die cashflow, die die dankzij een dropship heeft opgebouwd. kijk, wil je op lange termijn zichzelf er worden, dan ben ik van mening, dat je zeker over moet gaan naar een brand. en dropje business is leuk, ondervonden, short en nou, de voordelen hebben net honderd keer bedoelt. natuurlijk, maar het is geen lange termijn business en heb ik het natuurlijk over, lood ik de dropshipper vanuit china. kijk, voorbeeld van kilian heeft de miljoen omzet in de maand. maar dat betekent niet, dat de bedrijf iets, waar het is, en drock je business eigenlijk, als ze het wel verkoop, is dat niet echt iets waard. heb je een brand, die een miljoen euro per maand doet, met snelle levertijden, met kwaliteit producten, met met iets unieks, wat niemand kan kopiëren, dat is een bedrijf, dat je ook voor een aardige multipro, dat we letterlijk een paar miljoen euro kunt gaan verkopen, en ik denk, dat dat wel een ja doel is, waar je als serieuze ecommerce ondernemen naar toe moet gaan werken, maar dat je niet moet vergeten, dat dropshipping gewoon een onderdeel is van dat proces. dus ik zie heel veel mensen van: ja, weet je, ik heb nog geen ervaring in, ik wil om brent starten en ik wil dit en ik wil dat. tuurlijk, dat is goed, en je kan er ook gelijk mee beginnen. alleen, dropshipping is wel een heel mooi opstapje, om daar snelle te komen, om de eigenlijk deze learning curve- een heel stuk te gaan voor korte- nou, uiteindelijk brengt, is natuurlijk de toekomst. het is moeilijker te kopiëren, je kan meer geld vragen voor je producten, je marges, een hoge klant zullen met de vrede zijn, er zullen ook vaker terugkomen en je hebt gewoon iets kijken, als je op dit punt ben, van die van die 10 jaar bijvoorbeeld, even kijken, hoe ik nu kan betekenen, nou, als je hier bijvoorbeeld bent, even kijken, ja, dus als je op dit dit punt bandleden van, hey, ik wil iets anders doen, of ik ben nu klaar met e-commerce, dan kun je op dit moment ook heel makkelijk een expat maken. ze kun je je bedrijf letterlijk voor een paar miljoen kun je verkopen. en ik denk, dat het een beetje de journey is van heel veel e-commerce ondernemers, maar dat heel weinig mensen hier stil bij staan. nou, ik ben natuurlijk met stand bezig hier in dubai, om meer informatie te geven over brand building, over hoe je nou een sustainable longterm grant opzet. ze anders daar: de koningin heeft meerdere succesvolle merken opgezet en heeft zijn klanten geholpen, om meer dan 150 miljoen euro aan sales te maken, puur door branding. dus, als je denkt van hey, dit is interessant of nieuwe da.

🚨 Don't Brand your Dropshipping Store... [Branding Is Not What You Think]

you shouldn't brand your dropshipping store. this is a statement which might be super confusing to you. however, in this video, i'm gonna elaborate and tell you exactly how it's mind-blowing to me that people actually are branding their stores and making like social media and all of those things, before they even have a winner. trust me, this is not the way to go. you don't need a perfectly looking branded store and everything doesn't have to be perfect before you actually find your first winner. and let me actually tell you one secret here: to make your first six figures, you don't need a brand at all. zero, all right, you don't need any of that, and in fact, it's actually gonna harm you to try to brand things because of a bunch of reasons. so let me hammer this point down by explaining to you every single reason why you shouldn't brand your dropshipping store. so the very first and most important part is that branding is way too advanced. all right, in the first couple of hundred thousand dollars you make, you're gonna have direct response, marketing where it's good just was just getting people coming to your store and immediately buying. okay, and trust me, we've split tested this. if you have a general store, or if you have a one product store, which looks amazing. the difference in between those things is there, but it's not substantial, like if you test a winning product with a really really good creative on two different stores with the same ads manager- one general store, one, one product store- and we did this. it doesn't change that much. all right, the conversion rate will fluctuate and it's gonna be better for sure. on the branded thing, however, you're still gonna notike that your product is a winner on the general store and that's all you need. the main thing you want from testing a product is identifying if you should move on or if this actually shows potential, and you should keep going with this and this information you will get without putting in a crazy amount of effort. all right, and this effort is actually very counterproductive because every single time you put in more effort into something, you're going to be more emotionally attached to it. all right. i see it so often how people come to me and they've put in thousands of dollars in their store, spending a bunch of money for influencers, spending about like to make really good custom content, getting like a web designer to make a perfect store, importing a bunch of products and putting in hours and hours and designing everything and making everything great, then making a perfect social media and doing all of those things before they even know if it's a winner. all right, if you have that, and then you test the product on facebook and you see something is not working, what do you do? then you're going to test it again and you're going to test the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, but it's still gonna stay within the same product. all right, because you've put in so much effort. in reality, if you would have a clear mind, you would tell yourself: this product is not working, let's move on. however, you're not going to do that if you've put in so much effort and and money. so this is a key element which you need to understand. there is no room for emotional attachment in the drop shipping business. zero, all right. every time you get emotionally attached to something, you're gonna lose money on that. okay, you just have to analyze the data and see how the response was from facebook and from your market or wherever you tested it and you see it worked. it didn't work. why didn't it work? and if you come to the conclusion that everything else was good, then it was the product, all right, especially if you've already branded everything, then it's for sure the product. so that's that. however, the next thing is ads which are high production and really, really high quality actually tend to perform worse than shitty looking ads. because, if you think about it, if you scroll around on instagram, you don't stop scrolling at a video which clearly wants to sell you something. okay. however, you do stop scrolling when you see an interesting video, a meme or something which you generally just see on instagram or facebook or somewhere where you're scrolling around. you stop scrolling. you actually check what it is, and you need to create the same exact feeling with your ad. you have to make it look like it's not an ad, and all those branded, amazing looking ads just scream sales. because it is so good looking it actually hurts your cost per clicks, all right, and this was one of those game changers for me. when i started out for the first year, i didn't really make money, all right. for the first like at least 10 months, i didn't make proper profits. and what i changed up for the same exact product which i was testing for 10 months, i just changed up the ads in terms of i made them look worse. all right, i literally took the pixels and the resolution made it lower. i looked at all the pages which were in my niche and checked out how the content on their pages look. basically, the product was an unboxing niche and i've actually checked out which videos in unboxing pages went viral and i basically took my ad and made it look like it's one of those videos. all right, obviously it still needed to be about the product and it showed the product. however, it didn't start with that. okay, the first few seconds were something else, and i'm not saying that that's always the way to go, because sometimes you can immediately show the product. however, we've put in like a really good scroll stopper and after that we showed the product in a way where it just looked very natural and like something. still, this boxing page would also post and just by putting a logo on top of your video, you're ruining it because immediately everybody knows that you're selling them something, because no meme or no video on instagram or facebook is gonna have like a logo on it. if they're not selling you anything, okay, because why would they? and then the next thing, and this one should be very obvious. however, i still have people who came to me and like they did this huge mistake which is basically ordering in bulk before you have a proven concept. so you make like 10, 20 sales or maybe even zero sales on your product and then you order like a thousand pieces or 200 pieces or 300 pieces, and the question is, why the would you do that? why, because you have no idea if you're gonna sell them and nothing is gonna get better by you ordering them. you're not gonna sell more because of that. the only thing which could happen is now you're sitting on inventory which you cannot sell and in the end of the day, what will you do with like 100 back correctors in your apartment which you cannot use anyways? so, whatever you're thinking, don't order before you actually make sure that you're gonna get rid of those pieces. okay, obviously, always something can happen and even if you make six figures, you have no idea if we're gonna sell the next hundred pieces, but you can be very, very close to being sure. there's obviously never a guarantee and something can always go wrong. however, in the likelihood of you not selling the next like thousand pieces, if you already sold like 10 000 is way lower than if you only sell sold 10.. okay, so don't do it. and and the improvement in the customer support is not going to be there because you're thinking, all right, the customer who orders for me is going to have a better experience because they're going to get the product delivery quicker and everything is going to be in a nice package which i'm going to design, or whatever. that is the benefit and the sacrifice is you losing all the money, and all the other customers which would come after those hundreds which you already have are not going to get anything, because you're losing the opportunity to actually make money, to buy in bulk and have thousands of really happy customers which you can sell things later on. okay, because right now, the main priority you should have is funding.