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what is high ticket dropshipping

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping for 30 Days (HIGH TICKET)

i have tried shopify high tiket drop shipping for the last 30 days and this is exactly what happened. i'll show you the results in this video, but before i do that, many of you guys know that in the beginning of 2022, i had this eyelash brand. i was dropshipping with it. my customers were happy with the product, i was happy with the money, but all of a sudden, in the beginning of june, all of a sudden, i got this email that my- my store was banned. now i don't know exactly why my store was banned. it didn't even say that the store was banned, it just said that the store is unavailable. now i have no idea why that happened, but i was stuck with no income, like i literally had no money coming in. i'm like i want to try this high tiket shopify drop shipping thing and use the money that i made from the last brand and actually put it into something that can give me more profit, which is high tiket. and if you don't know the difference between low tiket drop shipping, high tiket drop shipping basically is just the price. so low to kit is anything from 20, from zero dollars actually to a hundred, and then high tiket is anything from a thousand and above everything in between. that is basically medium to kill, but everyone has a difference of opinion on that. but basically, there's more profit and high tiket, and what i love the most about it, too, is that you don't use chinese suppliers for high tik. and the beautiful thing about it, too, is that the shipping is extremely fast- faster than the chinese shipping- so customers are, overall, more happy with with the whole service. now, mind you, i've actually tried it in june and i got pretty good results. but i'm going to show you this new store that i started in july because i wanted to make this new store a challenge, and at the time of me recording this is july 25th, or the month is not even over. but i wanted to make this video right now just to show you the story behind what's been happening with this, uh, new story. and, by the way, again, at the time of me recording this july 25, i did get the eyelash brand back, so it's not bad anymore. i actually i tried to fix it and i fixed it, but regardless, i think this is nice to show what high tiket is in comparison to low tiket. now, listen, high tiket, shopify, drop shipping, is way different than low tiket. so for high tiket, you're actually working with brands that are actually established. so you're not making your own brand. you're basically making a retail store and you're selling brands within that retail store. so think of wayfarer. you know how wafer is basically a massive drop shipping company. so what they do is that they don't have any of their own product. the only thing that they do is that they they allow other brands to sell on their platform. it's kind of like amazon, but it's not like amazon, because amazon is for everything and wayfarer is basically for higher tiket things and things that are more about home improvement, furniture, all that stuff. but for high tiket, you actually, before you start making sales, you go and you try to call these brands. so, for example, if you're sitting on a on a chair right now with a desk, some brand, some supplier actually made that desk. so if you go and contact that supplier that made that desk, you can work with them and they can give you wholesale prices and then that way they can actually drop ship your product. so this is basically what i take shopify dropshipping is. so anyway, i started this new store in the bathroom niche, and the reason why i did the bathroom niche, because i used the bathroom a lot and i'm like i'll just do bathroom. but honestly, bro, like you can actually sell anything like anything you look around in your house, you can sell it like: do you see that thing right there, that that little fan? i mean, it's probably not gonna sell for a thousand and above, but you can sell something similar to that, or even actually my bed. it's funny because actually i sleep on a bed like everyone else. whoever made that bed, you can actually contact the supplier and you can actually start working with them. so that's exactly what i did. i went in my bathroom, i looked at the vanities and the toilet and everything- the brands that are actually behind that- and i went and contacted these people. but not just that. i went on wayfair and i basically searched for a bunch of brands that i can contact and call and tell them that listen, i'm gonna make you more money if you allow me legally to start selling your product. so obviously there's a bit of persuasion and there's a bit of like cold email strategy and cold calling. some of them actually agreed to to do it. so i closed basically three brands. out of those three brands, two of them are the ones that are actually carrying this whole store. so here are the results that i got on the first day of july. so i have spent 64 dollars on google ads- because you use google ads and not facebook- and i got back zero sales. so this whole, that whole day, i was actually pretty disappointed because i'm like i thought i did my, my research properly on the suppliers and i thought these suppliers were gonna get me sales pretty quickly, because i thought that's the whole point of kind of drop shipping, because you want to work with suppliers that are gonna, that are gonna give you sales pretty quick and there's a strategy to find, to find those suppliers. so anyway, that day i was actually pretty disappointed, but i'm like, let me not judge the results way too fast and just keep spending. so what i did actually? i went on google ads and i just put some of my magic on it, because i have a bit of magic that i use on google ads and every time i do it like i'm- i'm not gonna lie, but i'm actually pretty good at it- right. so the second day of the month comes and this is basically how much i make. so basically i made zero dollars again and this time i spent nine, 79 and i got back zero. so, like how, maybe i thought this was going to work. so, honestly, i started rethinking my strategy. i thought the brands that i closed were not very good brands, even though i thought they were- and, honestly, most stores they have over 10 brands, like more than 10 brands that they that they that they have on their stores. my store only had two brands. basically, to scale a store, you got to have more brands, so having two brands is basically not enough for it. but regardless, i'm like this is a challenge that i wanted to do with myself, even though i should have recorded it from the beginning of the month. so i'm like i'll give it a third chance, but this time i don't want to do anything. like, honestly, i just didn't do anything, i just left it, and by that i mean that i did not touch the google ads, i didn't put any of my magic on it. so, anyway, the third day comes and i actually got my first sale. so i sold one of those vanity things and i got a 999 dollar sale. this was actually the cheapest product on my store, so it's not that bad. and then the other positive thing is that i got a few add to carts, and add to carts just mean that like there is a bit of interest on your product. so then that day i actually spent 79 dollars once again and then i got back 999 dollars. that was basically the product price, but the product price, the profit, and that is usually 20. just take 20 of 999 and then minus 7.79, so then you would get about 120 in profit, but it's about like 110 because like transaction costs and all that stuff. but again it's still not profitable because the first and the second day i basically got no sales. so right now we're still in the negative, so we're not even basically profitable, even though the numbers on the ads are actually canadian and the product price is usd. so there's a bit of like, just just bear with me, okay, but listen, that day i was actually really happy because i got that sale, because usually when i, when i do low tiket, i don't get 999 sales. so this time i was pretty happy. so i'm like, let me go and google ads and let me just add some of more of my magic on it. so here's what happened on the fourth day: i got no sale. i don't know why, but i got.

How to High Ticket Dropship (Step by Step Guide)

make more money with fewer sales sounds too good to be true, but actually you can achieve that with something called a high tiket Drop Shipping Store. instead of selling a ton of low-cost and low margin products and making 10 bucks here and there, you can make just as much profit with a single sale of a high tiket Drop Shipping product. who doesn't like the sound of that? think drones, guitars and Furniture, not phone cases and Novelty socks. these high tiket items are typically larger and more challenging to ship, but offer much higher profit margins. in this guide, we'll take a deep dive into this type of Drop Shipping and the step-by-step process you can use to find and sell High tiket products. as a bonus, we've also included a list of the 15 best high tiket Drop Shipping products you can start selling today. ready to dive in and take your profits to another level? let's get started. [Music]. before we get started, I want to remind you guys of the Lucky Draw this month where you'll have a chance to win a one-year free membership to sailor directory or sell who Dropship. all you have to do is comment below and tell us what is the biggest issue you're currently trying to solve in your Drop Shipping Journey. at the end of the month we'll choose one lucky winner and announce that person in our latest YouTube video. now let's tok about what exactly is high tiket Drop Shipping. High tiket Drop Shipping works the same way as a Load tiket Drop Shipping: you sell a product, place an order with your Drop Shipping supplier and they handle the Fulfillment process. the major difference is that a high tiket Drop Shipping business is focused on selling more expensive items- High tiket products. there are some risks with selling High tiket products under eCommerce store generally. these products are larger and harder to ship, so managing returns can be difficult. but selling High tiket products can boost your profits. you can make more money per sale and it's easier to find lucrative niches that aren't oversaturated with competitors. so what is the high tiket Drop Shipping product? a high tiket Drop Shipping product is an item that sells for a high price point. in most niches it means products that sell for 150 to 2 000 or more aside from the price point. there are three main characteristiks of a high tiket Drop Shipping product. one: Higher profit per sale. don't expect to sell High quantities of high tiket products. typically these products have a slow return over, but you'll be making significantly more per sale. two: no impulse purchases. Shoppers don't buy High tiket items on a whip. if you're spending a lot of cash, you research your options before making a decision to buy. this means you need to optimize your marketing strategy and online store for high tiket items. three: high quality and luxury items. people expect the premium product and service. when they spend big on an item, that goes for the product itself and the service your e-commerce store provides. you need to find Reliable, high quality suppliers and make sure your customer service is first class. now I'm going to give you a step-by-step process of how to do high tiket Drop Shipping. we've covered the basics, so now let's dig into the step-by-step process of how to do high tiket Drop Shipping. step one is to find the right products to sell. no surprises here. the first step is to find High tiket items to sell in your Drop Shipping Store. there are a bunch of ways to research potential products and validate your ideas before you invest any time or money into marketing. Google Trends is a helpful tool that's really easy to use. simply type in your product idea and you'll be able to see interest in the search term over time. you can also use Amazon and eBay bestseller lists, of course, many people use e-commerce marketplaces to search for bargains, but you can find great High tiket Drop Shipping product ideas if you look in the right categories. lastly, you can use keyword research tools like hrefs or ubersuggest to gain insight into how popular certain products and niches are. these tools can help you judge the level of competition for high tiket Drop Shipping niches. it's best to use multiple tactiks to validate a product idea. generally, you want to see consistent demand over time. if you need some help with product research, check out our video here on product research. you can make money with trending products, but they tend to be low-cost items with smaller margins. step two is to find a reliable supplier. once you've narrowed in on a good product, the next step is to find a supplier for your high tiket Drop Shipping business. now finding a good supplier is super important for a high tiket Drop Shipping. the cost of returns can quickly eat into your profits, so you need to be extra careful when choosing a supplier. the best high tiket Drop Shipping suppliers will have a proven track record, great communication and excellent quality control. so where can you find these suppliers? here are the three best places to look. first is Aliexpress, which often gets a bad reputation from dropshippers and, while it does have its issues, you can certainly find trustworthy and reliable suppliers on the platform. if you look hard enough, it's much easier to do that if you use the right tool. with a tool like Saleh Dropship, you'll have a way easier time finding trend products sold by vetted suppliers, because the tool only allows you to drop ship the quality products from credible suppliers. you can add products to your Shopify store with just a couple of clicks and you don't have to worry about your customers complaining that the product is damaged or low quality. the second place you could look is the selfie directory, which is one of the best places to find High tiket Drop Shipping suppliers. okay, it might sound a little biased, but it's a hundred percent true. you can find over 1.6 million products in the directory and they're all sold by vetted suppliers with a proven track record for product quality and service. you can filter products according to the country of origin, which makes it easy to find local suppliers offering lower shipping costs and faster shipping times. customers expect fast and efficient service when buying a high tiket item. step three is to set up your Drop Shipping Store. it's time to create a high-end dropshipping store to sell your high tiket products. there are a few extra things you need to keep in mind when creating a high-end Drop Shipping Store, including Number One Premium branding. branding becomes more important as the cost of product increases. if you want to sell High tiket products, you need branding that matches the high quality feel of the products you sell. there are a bunch of luxury and high-end Shopify themes you can use, but they are premium themes that range from 30 to 300. while visuals are important, you should also pay attention to your web copy. if you're targeting a luxury audience, it's a good idea to ditch the slang and use a more professional tone. you can check out examples of luxury brands in your Niche to get some inspiration and find out what can work for your audience. next is professional product photos. product photos are vital for every e-commerce store, but they are absolutely crucial for high tiket items. if you're selling the luxury watch that costs hundreds of dollars and you recycle a basic image from AliExpress, it's not going to look good and it will cost you sales. you should consider hiring a pro photographer to get some great shots of your products. if you know your aperture from your white balance, you can take your own photos using your digital camera or smartphone. this simple tip can help you stand out from competitors who haven't tried to create custom images. three is customer service. when customers are spending big money, they expect exceptional customer service. that's why business class tikets are better than coach and why a fancy Italian restaurant offers a much better dining experience than at McDonald's. the same principle applies to e-commerce y.


Best High Ticket Dropshipping Niches (In 2022)

in this video revealing the best drop shipping niches for high tiket items and how complete beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience- more than after the intro- hey guys, how's it going? mike bastille here, welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online? sign up for it. in the link below. we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. so sign up for it now. alright, guys, so check this out. this is my blog and on this blog we literally document all of our e-commerce successes that we had in the past, and you can see from one of my first months: we made five grand, as documented on this vlog. check this out. literally, it was crazy october. there was nothing and then bam, it was a hundred dollars a day and then we started scaling at like three hundred dollars a day to the highest. it was nearly like just tipping a little bit of the seven hundred dollars right. and then after that, my first year, we scaled like crazy. you could see that that's a little where it began in october, and then we literally did about like 1.6 million dollars in sales that first year, which is insane because, like i said, i'm not the smartest person in the world. i think i'm an idiot when it comes to, like, most business things. but the fact that i was able to do it and fail a lot but still kind of like succeed, shows you just how forgiving some type of business models are compared to others. uh, but when people are getting started, you know, one of the biggest things that they understand is like: okay, that's great for you, mike, but what would be something like for me to go ahead and get successful with? because some of these were like low tiket items. and the downside with low tiket items is you really really really got to get good at marketing. like that's one skill that i really had to focus on, um, and if you don't have that skill in marketing, well, how can you make more profit with less skill and less time and less resources? and you know, after traveling around the world and even interviewing some of these successful people on my podcast, like this 11 year old girl that turned on 30 million dollars and this guy that makes a million dollars per month- profit some of the best ways that i've seen that people make money with drop shipping is actually in high tiket products. i'm toking about like 500 plus. you know, my friends, like selling trampolines or like kayaks or like these weird plants that like hang on like the shelves and whatnot, and they absolutely kill it without having to worry about. like the logistiks that i had to worry about with 42 000 orders. like, come on man, like if you're just getting started and you have no idea about logistiks or hiring a team, 42 000 orders is a lot right, but some of these guys are only like selling one order a day and they were still pulling in like six figures profit a year. um, so that's the beauty with the, the drop shipping issues for high tiket items. but let's actually break it down on my blog post that i tok about you can check it out. just go to microsoftcom and look for this- the best dropshipping niches for high tiket items- and we'll walk together through this together. so let's tok about what is a high tiket item? so high tiket item is an item that costs more than a standard consumer would be willing to spend on it. for example, most customers wouldn't want to spend 500 on shoes. they'd rather. they'd rather find a deal on it. right, but, as you can see, the main benefit of high tiket drop shipping is that, since the products are more expensive, you can charge a lot more money for them than standard retail price, and dropshipping can charge up to 30 percent more for high tiket items than other companies do, um, which is huge, because the more profit that you have up front, the more you can take that and just like reinvest it back in your business and like, for example, grow without actually having you sink more cost of your own money into it. that makes drop shipping- high tiket items- more sustainable business model, because customers feel like they're getting a real deal. and by sustainable it's like really important. because you can see how crazy this is. it was like up then down, then up then down, then up and down, and up and down and up and down and it was just like very like inconsistent and it like destroyed my soul, for example. but you know a lot of my friends that you know do high tiket drop shipping. they always have a little bit of a consistent growth. it's not like up down, up, down, up down. it's literally consistent. so if you prefer stability, if you prefer profitability, if you prefer consistency. if you have a family, if you have, you know a lot of bills to pay and you need sustainability- it's a really good option, um, but it's also known fact that when people buy high tiket items, they have lower customer support needs, even though customer service is always a priority. um, most customers that buy high tiket items know a lot about the product already. um, in all in all, higher profit margins, meaning you have you make more money for less effort, which is, like the most important here. i was spending like 16 hours a day, man. i was completely stressed um. that's why we actually pivoted to a different business model. um, but, as you can see, let's tok about the risking cons of high tiket items. so higher startup costs, obviously. um, when you are, for example, the disadvantage of the high tiket items is it costs a lot more money to buy a 500 item than it does to buy a 10 one. um, that's why it's important to research your niche before you make any purchases to see what types of products are in demand. the next one is make money and time to ship. another expensive disadvantage of high tiket dividends is they take a lot more money to ship. that's because you have much higher shipping fees for if the customer service had to order like micro or low tiket items. now, drop shipping- high tiket items seem- sometimes means that you have to offer free shipping, which cuts into your profits, and it's suited for more experienced drop shippers or people that are just willing to put in more time. like i said, i wish i would have went down this um avenue sooner, instead of like later. we did high tiket drop shipping later on um and we got less sales but like, the profit was more and it was less headaches. but is it a good idea? so it's a popular and profitable niche if you know what you're doing. it can be difficult to get started since there's more research involved, but the long-term benefits speak for themselves and the most people that i know that have the most sustainable e-commerce businesses are the ones that actually do like high-tiket drop shipping, where they build a brand and you know they actually have an intention of selling it to someone else. um, so the best niche is for drop shipping high tiket items. home appliances like vacuum cleaners and washing machines or ovens- that's a popular one. computers, laptops and all their accessories are always popular because you know like electronics have huge profit margins, um, you can see. fitness equipment and accessories is another one. gaming equipment like playstations, xbox games, consoles and controllers of one. watches and accessories are also huge like. there's a lot of people in the old school days that just made a bunch of money reselling watches, right, um. another one is collectibles, such as comic books or rare coins, and then jewelry and accessories. now this is actually really popular because you know you can literally get some like jewelry for very, very, very cheap, inexpensive prices. right, and especially if you add, like a little bit of you know, your own um branding on top of it, you can really customize your own product right, like i remember, for example, back in the day- right, i remember back in the day we were drop shipping products from, for example, ebay, and i didn't know this at the time, but a lot of these people that were selling on ebay were p.

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How To Start High Ticket Shopify Dropshipping For Beginners in 2022

have you wanted to start a high tiket shopify drop shipping business, but you don't know where to start? well, be sure to smash the like button, because in this video, i will teach exactly that. it'll be an overview of how to get started as a complete beginner in high tiket shopify drop shipping and if you've been following me for a while, you know i used to sell on ebay, amazon and facebook a lot more than i do now, but in recent months i have moved primarily into shopify, and the main reason being is that it is much more long-term, much more customizable and, in my opinion, just an all-around better business model, although it is a little bit more challenging to get started, but thankfully i did all the challenging parts for you, so you can just go ahead and get started on your own with the help of this video. so if you want a longer version of this video, i just wanted to say we did put out a free shopify drop shipping mini course down below. it's about an hour and a half long and all we ask for is your email to get started. that being said, this video will be more of an overview of that video in that course and if you want more, check it out down below in the description and also in the pinned comment. with that being said, let's go into my computer. i don't want to drag this on for too long and i'll get started explaining how to get started with high tiket shopify drop shipping, step by step. all right, so here we are, inside of my computer and i'm going to start off with a quick slide about why do we want to start high tiket shopify dropshipping. you've been following me for a while, like i said, been doing a lot of ebay, amazon, facebook in the past. why am i starting, or why am i really focusing on shopify drop shipping? so one thing is: it's going to be contacting real suppliers, which is going to be the most legitimate form of drop shipping. we're not retail drop shipping, which isn't allowed on any platform. really, we're not doing walmart onto ebay, walmart onto amazon, walmart on facebook, anything like that. we're contacting real, not even suppliers, mainly real brands. we're getting deals with the actual brands themselves and that's that. so we moved it on to real- i already said it- real- agreements with real suppliers, real brands. we're contacting them, we're toking them, we're building relationships over time and we're getting to sell their items legally, allowably. usually they're much more willing to let you sell it on your website than if you called them up and said: hey, can i sell it on amazon or can i sell it on ebay? again, there's gonna be less fees of shopify, which doesn't always mean that it's going to be cheaper, because now you do have to actually pay for your own advertisement. uh, there's gonna be less rules. i'm not saying that there's no rules, but there is going to be less rules and there's going to be less bans- not going to say that there's no bans. i've heard of shopify stores getting banned is just not very common at all. you know, i'll never say never in the game of e-commerce. and again, you'll build an actual brand. you'll have something that eventually you build a brand. you'll be able to sell it. you can do whatever you want with it in the future where with a- you know, retail drop shipping store, you're not building really anything except for just sales and money online. and why high tiket? high tikets gonna be less sales and more money. you can sell a three thousand dollar item and make 500, 400, 500, 600 and you only have to do one of those a day, one every other day, and you'll be good, and the overall goal here is going to be freedom. you want time and financial freedom and i believe that high tiket shopify, dropshipping can bring it to you. so first thing you want to do, let's tok about. the first step here is: you want to find out the type of store that you want to be selling. be two different types of stores. one's going to be niche, one will be general. personally, i like niche, but you can do whatever you want. i'll just go over some of the benefits and the drawbacks of each. so if you have a niche store, you're gonna have more targeted traffic. you're gonna have higher conversions. when people come to your store, they're going to say, hey, well, i wanted this and whatever your items that you're selling on your store are, oh, but here's a different brand of the same exact item. oh, i like this. instead, i'll buy that. where you have a general store, you know, maybe you don't have two brands of the same type of item. you just have a bunch of different brands from a bunch of different niches. it's going to be better: more targeted traffic, higher conversion and, in my personal opinion, the best thing about it is that you can pick a passion. you know this is something that you really like, and in the free mini course i use the example of massage chairs- so you just love massage shares. or i'll use the example of like 3d printers. say that's something you really like, and it's going to be less like work and more like fun when you're actually building your store around it and you'll know a lot more about it. the drawback is gonna be that there's less potential suppliers. you know there's gonna be only a certain amount of massage chair suppliers or 3d printer suppliers, as compared to if you just had a general store with unlimited suppliers- and again you really need to know your stuff. you'll be getting asked a very specific questions most likely, and again it could limit you in what you can do, what you can sell, because maybe there's not enough suppliers out there and maybe there's a lot of people selling the same suppliers. it could be a little saturated. now, again, the opposite is true for general stores. it's pretty much just vice versa. you're gonna have endless suppliers. that's a benefit. you're gonna have much more potential for growth where you can list as many suppliers and items as you want. you can have thousands of items, thousands of suppliers. i mean it's a lot, but hundreds of suppliers and you're gonna need less expertise because you'll probably get less specific questions- not saying you won't get a lot of questions, but it'll probably be a little bit less specific and you won't have to know everything because you have just a ton of items and people will probably realize that the drawbacks are gonna be gonna have less targeted traffic. say, somebody wanted one specific 3d printer. they come to your store- you you know they clicked on your ad, they like it, but they're like, yeah, maybe i want a different brand. you might not have that brand because you're not focused on one specific thing. they might want to leave. you're usually going to have a lower conversion rate, which means however many people come to your website, the percentage that i actually buy it'll probably be lower and you could get bored of it if it's not interesting me personally. i don't like to do anything that doesn't interest me. if i was just in it for the money, i'd be doing something probably completely different. but i'm not like i. i need to be interested by what i'm doing. the money comes secondarily. so if i'm not interested in, i probably won't care and it probably will be boring. somebody calls me up and asks me a question i probably won't really care to to learn it all right. so next, what are we gonna be doing? we're gonna be researching our product niche slash- niches- again, i like niche stores, so that's what i'm gonna be really basing this video off of. you're looking for what things to look for. you know we're toking about high tiket drop shipping here. some people say over 250 or over 500 dollars. i like over a thousand dollars. i don't advertise things really less than a thousand dollars. i do have items on my store less than a thousand dollars but i probably won't run ads at them. they might be something that somebody finds organically or, you know, finds after coming to my store and looking for other things. um, you want to be looking for the longevity of the niche. an example that i use a lot is going to be like fidget spinners. you know they got up. they game really popular- althoug.

High Ticket Dropshipping 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

in this video revealing a step by step tutorial for high tiket drop shipping, what it is and how complete beginners earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience more at that afternoon show: hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here. welcome to this video. before we actually begin, and remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop. where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online? sign up for it in the link below. we have a 62 year old, so one of the reasons why i got started in drop shipping and high tiket drop shipping was because i just wanted more freedom in my life. you know, i i didn't want to like work a nine-to-five job. i felt undervalued at my job, in my career, and i wanted just more freedom to, for example, pay the bills, help my mom and dad and to continue to just like travel around the world, which is why one of the best businesses to get started for complete beginners is, you know, high tiket drop shipping, because of the money that you could actually make with the very little low area barrier of entry, right like. as you can see, this is literally what i do, like clockwork as a beginner, and this is just one of the options of high tiket dropshipping. and i just did this over and over and over again. like you can see this: look at this: 614, right, that's great? right, but you can literally see this exact same product on walmart for 499, right? so i remember back in the day, i would literally go ahead and like, for example, post all these pictures on ebay and wait for sale and if i got paid like 614 dollars, i would happily, happily, buy this for 499 because it was in my own money and i would ship it to the customer myself and i would just pocket the difference in terms of profit, right, and that's essentially what i would do. but when people get started, they're like: well, what even is drop shipping? what's high dripping, hi drop shipping, high tiket drop shipping? what are the pros and cons and how can i actually get started, maybe even make my first hundred dollars a day? this is what i wish i would tell them, and that's step number one. you really need to understand what drop shipping is and what is actually the opportunity with drop shipping. now, back in the day, this is how business would work, right? like you would go and get in a business by first buying a product, right, and you would have this product and you're like, okay, now i have to make a sale. you've invested thousands of dollars for this business idea, which is this product, and if you literally can't make a sale on this, you literally lost a bunch of money, like i literally just saw, like the movie pursuit of happiness with will smith. let me know if you've watched that movie. a great movie, right. but one of the biggest pain points he did was he bought all those medical devices and then his business was to try to sell it, but he bought them first. all drop shipping is doing the opposite. you first sell the product that you don't own and you only buy the product after you've already made the money. now you're probably wondering: well, what's high tiket drop shipping? well, what high tiket drop shipping is? you're just dealing with more expensive products, because the more expensive the product, the more leeway you have in pricing differences. like you can see, this is a six, this is a 500 product, right? so once you break over 400, you know people don't really like, like, know the difference between 499 and 650 bucks, right, it's just like it's. once it goes over a certain psychological barrier in the brain, it's almost like the same number, as weird as it sounds. that's why, literally, look at this, you could be like, well, mike, that's too good to be true. 48 have already been sold, guys, 48. so if you do the math, say, like, on the worst case scenario, this guy's profiting maybe 50 bucks. he's making even more with the way that i'm gonna share with you, right, but even if he just profited 50 bucks, right, 50 times five, that's around like what? two thousand five hundred dollars or so, right, yeah, two thousand five hundred dollars profit with free traffic. so you can see, like the, the beauty about like high tiket drop shipping is like, look man, it's like not even his own product right now. the next thing you're probably wondering, well, how much money can you make? well, with this method, we're doing about a hundred dollars a day, right, but we even, like, scaled it to other e-commerce business models, like if you literally look at my blog, like you could see, with another e-commerce business, we went from zero to 5k the first month, right, um, and then we went from zero to 1.6 million the first year, right, so you could see that as: and this is like now with our own website. so, with the ebay method, we got it to like a hundred dollars a day. but when we just threw it on our own website and we ran our own traffic- you know facebook ads, youtube ads, influencer marketing- it just grew faster, obviously, right, um, but yeah, you could make a good amount of money with like high tiket drop shipping and you know the profit margins are gonna be higher because you have more leeway to kind of like increases your prices, especially if it's on your own website. right now let's tok about the pros and the cons, because you're like: okay, mike, that's great. what are the pros, what are the cons? when you get in any business, you need to know the pros and cons. the pros is you can literally get started for free if you go the ebay method or really really cheap, if you go the shopify brand method, which is what you know, the zero 1.6 million did. we just hosted it on our own website. it's like 29 a month, right. so you can literally get started right away. you could do this, you know, from home. you could do this while traveling around the world. you could do this, you know, like in your spare time. you don't need to be tik savvy because you can literally create a website within as little as like five minutes with shopify, or you could even just copy and paste this exact same image and just throw it up on ebay for maybe a dollar less than this guy, right? you can literally get started like by the end of this video, right, so you can see how huge of potential that is, you know. and on top of that, you could get it to the point where it's essentially automatik and you don't have to go and depend on a nine-to-five job. and if you hire people out- like, for example, on upwork, which is what we ended up doing- we would hire, for example, virtual assistants from the philippines to go ahead and do the work for us, and some of these will literally do it for like six dollars an hour, right, a data entry like 12 an hour. i would just train them, or you could even just show them like this video and then they would just do it. right, and that's how i would create like passive income. we got the ebay method to 100 a day profit and i started like traveling once i got it to that point. now the cons are because there's such a low barrier of entry, you know, the competition starts increasing because literally anybody and their mom can like watch this video and go ahead and do that. does it make sense? but we have ways to circumnavigate that so that you know people won't come in until like your products and take your products. i'll just stay until the end of the video and you'll find out how. now you're probably wondering: well, how do you find these high tiket drop shipping products? well, of course, the easiest one is literally just like going on a walmart and seeing literally like expensive ones. if you're doing the ebay method, what i like doing is going to see the other people's items and i like going to see what other expensive things they sold like: look at this, this bad thing, this bed thing. look at this: 242 dollars was sold. this thing was sold. you could actually see this one: 71 bucks. look at this, a like a kids thing- 248- what the heck is this? 120 sold. so you could see exactly that this is exactly all the things that they are currently selling right now. look at this: 197 dollars. so you just do competitor analysis. another one, obviously, is just like looking at my blog post. i

What is High Ticket Dropshipping?

what is high tiket dropshipping? hi, it's john here from dropship breakthrough, and in this video, i'm going to answer that question and share with you a method of dropshipping that most people do not know about. don't forget, if you want to hear more about ecommerce and dropshipping, to hit the subscribe button below and then smash that like button. so you've probably heard about drop shipping before. drop shipping is a type of e-commerce that is essentially just a different way of fulfilling orders for your customers. now here's what dropshipping looks like in its most basic form. basically, how it works is that you run an e-commerce website. when your customer places an order with you and pays for it, you place an order with your supplier or manufacturer and they ship the order directly from their warehouse to your customer. so what is really different here from other methods of e-commerce is that, rather than your business holding stok and fulfilling orders from your own warehouse, you are doing it from your suppliers warehouse. this, in turn, means that you can start a drop shipping business very quickly and for a comparatively low cost. now, that's the basic form of drop shipping, but there are, in fact, different types of drop shipping. you could drop ship from aliexpress, amazon, ebay or you could find your own supplies and dropship on your own website. most dropshipping, and the dropshipping that you probably think you know, is based around selling low tiket products, like these fake eyelashes. low tiket generally means products that retail for a hundred dollars or less, and these would retail for around forty dollars. so if you've heard of things like aliexpress drop shipping or amazon drop shipping, these are usually low tiket drop shipping methods. those methods of dropshipping might work for some people, but there is another way of drop shipping that has been around for much longer and, in my opinion, is consistently the best way to start a dropshipping business. this is, of course, higher tiket drop shipping. the process of high tiket drop shipping is pretty much the same as the basic drop shipping process that we've looked at here, but there are some key differences. key difference number one is that you focus on selling products with an average value of 800 or more, for example, this infrared sauna that sells for around four thousand dollars. key difference number two: you work with local suppliers who are based in and have inventory in, the same country as your customers. key difference number three: you are selling products that are already on the market. they are high quality and tried and tested. there are already customers who are looking for the products and ready to buy them right now. so what do these key differences mean in practike and why is high tiket drop shipping so great and the best way to do drop shipping in 2021 and beyond? number one: it's low risk. you can build a high tiket drop shipping business for less than two hundred dollars. number two: the market and products are evergreen. with high tiket drop shipping, you aren't trying to create demand for a product, which you often are. with lower tiket. you don't rely on interruption marketing methods like facebook ads. you find people who are already interested in the market for your exact products and you sell to them. the products are tried, tested and established on the market. they might have been around for years. they don't stop working, so you don't have to constantly be looking for the next winning product to base your business around. number three: you enjoy high profit per order. so earlier i mentioned infrared saunas. for four thousand dollars each one of these products, i could make twelve hundred dollars. after all costs, that's twelve hundred dollars product. so if i can sell five of those in one day, i make the same amount of profit as selling roughly 720 sets of forty dollar fake eyelashes. now think about that. this means i can afford to spend more on marketing per sale and i make significantly less sales per day to make the same amount of money. and let me tell you, it costs about the same amount of money to sell an infrared sauna as it does eyelashes. this means that there is much less work to do. i don't have to have a huge team of assistants to run my business and it can truly be a lifestyle business. number four: a high tiket drop shipping business is a branded asset. they can sell for 20 to 30 times multiples of their average monthly net profit. i've seen them for sale for amounts of up to two million dollars plus and i've personally sold them for multiple six-figure sums myself. you will rarely see a low tiket drop shipping business for sale at any significant amount of money because they really last long enough for any sort of serious investor to be interested in. number five: it takes relatively short amount of time to be profitable with a high tiket drop shipping store, so you have quick time to profit ratio. it's possible to build and launch one of these businesses in just 30 days and start making profitable sales, even if you have no prior online experience. and number six, your products are close to the uh customer, so it ships to them in two to five days, rather than if you were shipping products from china, which might take one to four weeks to get to the customer. so you generally have much less customer service, you get angry customers a lot less because they're waiting for their order, and it's a much smoother and cleaner way of fulfilling orders to customers. so that's the deal with high tiket drop shipping. if you'd love to learn more about this business method, just check the description below the video. we've got some great links in there that will help you to learn more about this business model and take your first steps. bye for now. 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