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what is solo ads

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

What EXACTLY Is A Solo Ad - Free Bonus Course

[Music]. hello everyone, Spencer, from bill the preneur here, where we teach entrepreneurs all kinds of marketing hacks. today's video is going to be about solo ads, and so I'm going to teach you what's a solo ad, and if you hang on till the end, I'm gonna give you a cool free bonus offer that I offer everyone that watches this video. so what we're looking at now in our dashboard- well, you can see on the screen here- is probably the biggest solo ad providing site that is out there. it's called udemy or UD mean, depending on who you're toking to, but so we're gonna use that as our example. so all the solo ad is is: we go find someone that has a huge email list with like thousands and thousands, tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of people on their email list, and we tell them we want them to email their lists about our offer, okay. and so they send out an email to their list and we pay per click for how many people they send over to our offer, okay. so very, very simple. the only hard part is finding people that have good lists, that have people on them that we want, right. so I have another video on how to actually make money on solo ads. that's pretty important. but what do you do is you're gonna go to UD, me, udemy, and you're gonna go to find sellers. okay, so this website- there's a link down below. just click the link and it'll take you to this website. create a free account and you can start finding sellers. udemy is super cool. it tells you how much it costs for them to send a click to your landing page or your website or your product or whatever. it is 54 cents for this guy. it tells you right here what percentage of people actually made money off of this seller. so, eight percent of people- not great, not bad, and my other videos will explain why that is. and then it tells you how many people were happy with this person's performance. okay, 2200 were happy with William. only nine were unhappy. so William clearly knows what he's doing, okay, and so I can click in here, say, yeah, I think I want William to send traffic. Williams based in the United States. and then you just do something simple like, hey, I want him to send 400 visitors to my website. it says, okay, where do you want to send them? you give them a link right here and then you just it's gonna give you a number. so for 400 visitors, it's 219. you Add to Cart and he's gonna go look at the page and he's gonna go write out a good email that convinces people to go to that page and he'll go from there. or you can add your own add text and tell him: hey, I want you to tell your list this, which typically is how I recommend it, because you know your product better than them. okay, but that's also that is so. that is, you go to a site like udemy calm, you connect with somebody who has a big email list and then you pay them to email their list about your product. okay, now there's other videos that I show how to really succeed with this, because a lot of people don't succeed and a lot of people succeed wildly. okay, now, like I said, there's gonna be a little bonus. what I offer at the end here- so what that bonus is- is I actually have a course that I offer for free. all you got to do is go down below, click the second link after you d me, and it'll take you to a place where I show you exactly how to not only run can successful solo ads, but how to create successful funnels that actually sell and how to write successful emails after that that actually continue to sell your solo ad people after the fact that you know, after the solo ad is over. so I teach you essentially how to succeed with solo ads K. so now you know what it is and there's an offer down below to 3-letter learn for free how to succeed with them. if that doesn't sound awesome to you, I don't know what else to say. anyway, if you like when you watch here and you like watching videos that have cool bonus offers at the end, then click that subscribe button. I put out content like this all the time. I teach tons of cool marketing hacks on YouTube, so click subscribe and then head down and sign up for you to me and grab your free course and get going with solo ads. thanks for watching you.

How To Make $3000+ Real Money Weekly Using Udimi Solo Ads | Make Money Online | Online Jobs

three thousand dollars, and even above that, on a weekly basis. is that even possible? yes, it is. i am going to show you how to do udemy ads and make that amount of money from the comfort of your home. the best part is this is completely online and you personally do not have to deal with any kind of a physical product, and it's worldwide. so, no matter where you are- nigeria, india, usa, canada, oman, dubai, bangladesh or wherever in the world- this is absolutely gonna work for you. so, without any further ado, let's dive into the video for today. [Music]. [Applause]. hello, my friend. my name is kenneth brown. welcome to channel. step up. and how are we doing today? i hope fantastik. well, if you are not doing fantastik, you're watching my video for today. i absolutely understand that. stik with me till the end. i promise you you are definitely gonna go away with a big smile on your face and you are gonna get four amazing bonuses by the end of my video. and hey, if you are watching my videos for the first time, consider subscribing to my channel. smash that bell notification icon and always share my content after you watch my videos, because i make simple and easy videos for you to understand, showing you how to make money online genuinely. so if you think you are getting confused or you need any assistance, please feel free to post a comment, or you could even send me an email. and hey, i have started a brand new tik channel by the name of cygnatik, the link for which is in my description below. i suggest you subscribe to the channel also, and for my number one recommendation to make money online, please feel free to check out the first link in the description below. so let me dive straight in. in order for you to make three thousand dollars, and even above that, every single weekend from the comfort of your home using your dummy ads is very simple and easy, because you don't have to actually do anything. you just promote your affiliate links or your products or services through solo ads on udemy and you make a decent amount of money. as simple as that. so you need to ensure two things before you actually make money using udemy ads. the first thing is you need to have a product or a service that is going to pay you a good amount of commission per sale, okay. and the second thing is you need to select the correct udemy solo ad vendor so that they do promotions properly for you and you make that amount of money? right, because you know, i have been doing my own research for quite some time now and i have been using udemy for quite some time and i have been making a decent amount of money through my udemy promotions every single weekend and i am happy about it. right, and it's your turn to be happy. so let's dive into udemycom, the link for which is in my description. click on the link in my description, sign up and you are going to get amazing discounts. so once you log in, you could click on find sellers and you get onto this page so you could see here that all these solo ad vendors have a very good- uh, you know- feedback score and, uh, you know, they have a very good sales rate. okay, so this vendor has gotten 48 of sale. has 96 feedbacks given to him. uh, this seller out here has, uh, 46 of sales. that is also amazing. right, has more than 300 feedbacks- okay, positive feedbacks, all right. so, on and so forth. you have a lot of sellers out here whose services are actually affordable and very, very effective. now, in order for you to start promoting a product or a service, you will need to have a product or a service, right. so if you are a person who already has a product that you are willing to promote from which you could get, like you know, a lot of commissions, that's fantastik, okay. but if you are a person who is new to- uh, maybe- affiliate marketing or new to the make money online niche and you want to make a lot of money online, what you could do is apply for specific websites or affiliate networks and start promoting those products from those networks- okay, and start promoting products from those networks, all right. for example, clickbank. clickbank is an amazing affiliate marketplace on which you could get low tiket and high tiket products. promote those products and you can make a lot of money. my friend, this is a genuine website. i have been using clickbank for over three years now and i have been making a decent amount of money every single month from the comfort of my home. oh yes, i do not have a job. i don't work anywhere. okay, i used to work in a corporate company. i used to do these things- affiliate marketing, drop shipping, drop servicing- as a side income, but i never knew that this is going to be a full timer for me. so if you are interested to get into affiliate marketing. you could sign up for clickbank and you know find for products that could pay you a lot of commissions. you go to clickbankcom, sign up for a free account. uh, you can register with a proper id from your government, depending on your country. it takes like 24 to 48 hours in some cases for a account to be approved, but once approved, it's worth it. okay, assuming that your account is approved, you log into clickbank and get on to the marketplace. you will get option out here to get to the marketplace directly. click on the link for marketplace and you get onto this page. okay, so once you do that, once you are on the marketplace, you have all the categories of products or services available out here. okay, uh, so if you are maybe interested in, you know, e-business and e-marketing, because everything is going online these days and, uh, you know a lot of people are looking for online jobs. you could actually promote a course or a product or a service related to the make money online niche. okay, so you could click on e-business and e-marketing and once you are on this page, i need you to filter out all the products or services out here by average payment or conversion, so you scroll down and you could see here that you have a product that could pay you a commission up to eleven hundred dollars and somewhat change. okay, it's not, this is a fact. okay, you promote this product. if there's a sale, you get this amount of payment. okay, so if you want to promote this product is very simple. you click on this tab- promote. you get a pop-up like this: ensure your account nickname or your user id is mentioned out here and click on generate hop links. once you do that, you get your long ugly affiliate link out here, you copy the affiliate link and you get back to udemy. now you need to look for a seller that could promote this product. so if you get back to the product and click on this link, you would be directed to the website. okay, so this is a course, or so this is basically a course or a product that is going to teach people to start an online business or anything related to that. so you need to find for a seller out here or a vendor out here for solo ads that could actually promote such courses. so sellers that could do online e-business promotions are the best. okay, so you may just want to go ahead and, you know, set the filter out here. uh, maybe your budget is like, say, 40 cents as a beginner, you leave the niche to you know, marketing: okay, that's going to be fantastik. uh, ratings: okay, got sales at least 20. okay, the rest is all. right. now, this is important. seller located in: i suggest you find for sellers- or, uh, mostly go for sellers- that is located in the first world countries. i'm not saying that, you know, sellers from the second or the third world countries are bad. these guys are also amazing. okay, they do an amazing job. but the thing is, sellers from the first world countries are actually located in the first world countries and they mostly have updated lists for buyers or interested people for such courses. okay, so, for example, this one here, the seller: okay, you click on this link, get to the description page or the page on which you could order solo ads from this guy. all right, so you start with 300 clicks. that's fantastik and you could paste your long affiliate link out here. okay, remember that affiliate link you copied. paste it here all righ.

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What is a solo ad and how to profit from them

what is a solo ad and, most importantly, how can you use solo ads to drive more sales to your products into your services? hi guys, it's Sam data from databse comm, and in this video I'm speaking about solo ads and how you can leverage the use of solo ads to increase the amount of sales to your products and services online. essentially, a solo ad is whenever you are paying to be advertised through someone else's email list. so, for example, there might be someone who blogs about beauty related topics on their website, and on their website they might have a sign-up form where people can subscribe to their email list. so let's say that the person who blogs about Beauty has managed to generate two or three thousand people on their email list, so they have two or three thousand names and email addresses of people who are interested in beauty. now, if they were to send out an email to those two or three thousand people advertising your product or your service in return for a fee- you know, maybe you pay them fifty or hundred pounds to do it for you- then that is essentially a solo ad now, because that person has hopefully been providing those two or three thousand people with a lot of value, sending them valuable emails in the form of blog artikles, maybe even videos, then they're likely to have a really good relationship with the thousands of people that they have on their email list and, as a result, you're likely to get very good results if you actually advertise your products or your services by using that person and advertise into their database. now I'm actually going to show you one method that you can use to find solo ad opportunities to help you market your products or your services. now, this is just one method and I may be doing some more methods on solo ads and how you can leverage solo ads to make sure your subscribe to the channel so you don't miss those. but let's just say, for example, you have a pet product and you're trying to use solo ads to increase sales. so, as you can see on my computer, I'm actually on Google and I've tracked in advertisers on a pet blog. now, the reason why I've tapped this in is because I'm trying to find someone who has a pet blog and you as followers, subscribers of people who you know are interested in pet products and who may be interested in my pet product, if I was actually selling a pet product. so, as I actually scroll down, I can see this partikular blog where it says: advertise with go pet friendly comm and when I clicked on their link, if I scroll down a little bit further and go to, in a nutshell it tells you that they have sixty four thousand visitors to their website, around fifty five thousand unique visits per month. they have one hundred and nine thousand page views views per month and they also have one hundred and fifty thousand Facebook fans and seventy thousand Twitter followers. and if you go down a little bit further, you can also see that they have over two thousand email subscribers. so this is very important information. whenever you find a blog and you want to advertise on that person's blog, always check how many email subscribers they have and also, you know, see their other social entities as well: how many Facebook followers there, how many Twitter followers they have. that will show you a good indication of- actually you know- whether or not it's worth getting a solo ad from this partikular provider. so if I was selling a pet related product and I found this partikular website that had over 2,000 plus subscribers to their email list, I could send them out an email or contact this partikular company and ask them how much it would cost for me to send out a solo ad or for me to send out an email to their 2,000 plus subscribers. sometimes what they do is actually send the email out on your behalf. so one of the most effective emails I could have sent out to these 2,000 people is not just going buy my product, but it's actually an email that gives something of value away for free. so, for example, after I contacted these guys and they agreed to send out an email to their 2000 Plus subscribers, the email that I actually have sent out might be something like: hey, go download my free report on how to make sure that your pet is always healthy. and when they click the link in the email they head over to my landing page which says: you know, enter your name and email address and you can get access to this free report which shows you how to make sure your animal is always healthy. and that way I have those people on my database now and then I can market my products to that partikular client group. so hopefully you can see that this tiknique I've just demonstrated is a great way for you not just to sell your products and services, but also for you to build your own database as well to build up your own names and email addresses of people who are interested in your partikular niche. so obviously, if you're selling pet related products, you wouldn't go to a business blog. so you actually want to narrow it down as much as you can so that you're actually emailing out to people who are specifically your target group. so hopefully, after watching this video, you now have a firm understanding of what solo ads actually are and you have a method of which you can go and implement and leverage the use of solo ads to help you sell more products and build your own database at the same time. if this video did help you out, then please click the like button down below and make sure you share with a friend. if you have any additional questions or comments, then leave them for me in the comment section and I'll answer it as soon as I can. but until next time, what's the mama? up a great video. subscribe to my youtube channel for more awesome content. have a great day and I will see you soon.


Spending My Own Money to Test Solo Ads (Day #1 Case Study Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing)

hey, what's up? everybody so really excited about today's case study because i'm literally going to show you, um, how i'm going to go buy some solo ads and send it to my pages and see if i'm going to get some leads and sales. so this is going to be completely live. i'm going to be 100 transparent with you. i'm going to show you all my numbers, all my stats, and i'm going to kind of track this like from day to day. so i really want to see if this is going to work for me and if, for those of you who don't know what solo ads are, essentially what it is is you're paying someone to send clicks to your affiliate links. okay, so let's just say, somebody has a list of a hundred thousand emails, you say, hey, can you send an email? uh, and then here's the link. and then they send an email to your link. okay, that's what a solo ad is now, um, real quick. i want to see who's on live with me. comment hashtag live down below. if you guys are on this live, if you're watching from tiktok and you want to watch this full case study, jump over to youtube because we'll be. that's where i can see your uh questions. i can see your comments. so if you're on, uh, tiktok watching live again, just jump over my channel, passive income lifestyles- and you'll be able to see the screen, all that good stuff. so, uh, real quick, guys, let me know who's on live. awesome, we got steve. we got michaela. what's going on? everybody, we got some freedom breakthrough members in the house. um, i see facebook user. i'm not sure, uh, if you're on the facebook group. uh, sometimes i can't see the comments. so if you jump over the youtube, typically i can see your comment. for some reason, facebook does that. but, uh, we got house fun, the house. awesome guys, it's gonna be fun. this is, uh, this is something that i wanted to try out to see if it's gonna work for me or not. okay, so i'm gonna kind of document the whole process. i'm gonna reveal some of my numbers, uh, for my business, in my business, that i haven't revealed before. okay, so, kind of excited about that, for those of you who are promoting, uh, the three-day challenge or freedom breakthrough, i'm gonna reveal some really cool numbers. okay, awesome, awesome, uh. michaela says good to see you here, excited to hear about it all. paul garza says: live, adam, what's up, brother, yo yo, um, harmon car, awesome, we got a lot of people on this live and, uh, awesome. so let me just go ahead and show you what we're doing. okay and awesome. we got a lot of people on tiktok- wow, over 150 people. guys, if you are on tiktok, jump over to youtube at passive income lifestyles, um, because from there i can share the screen. tiktok doesn't allow me to do that, so unfortunately i can't show my screen on tiktok. i know there's a lot of people watching on tik tok right now, so, uh, wow, almost 200 people. so, yeah, jump over to that and then um to my youtube, passive income lifestyles- and we'll help you there. okay, all right, what am i using to stream? i'm using stream yard and then, uh, from tiktok, i'm using my phone. so, yeah, okay. so let me let me just jump right into this, okay, so i'm going to share my screen here and let's see, and just to let you guys know, i'm going to be, i'm going to show you everything. i'm literally going to pull out my credit card, i'm going to buy the solo ads and i'm going to document the whole process, okay, so, uh, let me know. okay, awesome, judy, how's it going? judy, perfect, perfect, okay, let me see if i can share my screen here, okay, so let let's kind of start from the beginning. okay, so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna send people to my three day challenge, okay, using solo ads. so i'm paying for someone to send me a certain amount of clicks to my program. now, i'm gonna do this as like if i were an affiliate of my program. so i know a lot of you guys are promoting the three day challenge. you haven't, you know, maybe gotten a sale yet. you maybe haven't gotten any leads yet. well, this is pretty much guaranteed leads and sales. okay, because basically they're gonna send you leads and or they're going to send you clicks and then from there, um, basically, the goal is to, uh, for those people to convert, right, and i'm going to show you kind of how the numbers work with this, okay, so let me go and show you. i'm going to start from the beginning here. now i'm going to log in as out, like if i were an affiliate promoting my own program, right? so this is, obviously, if you guys are an affiliate here and this, this will work for any program that you're promoting. but i'm just going to use my example. as you know if i were promoting my own program, okay, as an affiliate, okay. so, basically, i'm gonna, i'm gonna keep this all up. now what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna kind of go over the numbers, okay, so, the numbers are really important, guys, because i'm paying for clicks. i want to make sure that it's going to be worth it, okay. so let me go over the numbers first and then we'll kind of go from there. okay, so i'm going to share some of these stats with you guys. i haven't really shared this before, so i want to make sure, um, you guys understand this, okay. so, right here, you can see, this is the three day challenge, okay, so, basically, when you send someone to the three-day challenge, we have an average cart value of twenty three dollars. okay, obviously, the three day challenge is only seven dollars, but because of the multiple up sales, because we have, you know, um, order bumps within this funnel, the average cart value is 23, okay, so this is a really important number to understand, okay. the second number- and this is actually super important as well- is, uh, the average lifetime value, okay, or the lifetime value of a customer, okay, so, as you can see here, um, every customer that goes through my programs, will spend a hundred and fifty eight dollars. okay, these are the two numbers i'm gonna be working with as i buy these solo ads. okay, i want to make sure that, uh, if i spend money, that i'm gonna get a return eventually, okay, so, hopefully that makes sense. okay, common hashtag: make sense down below. if not, i can go and, um, kind of re-explain that, but these are numbers i really haven't shared with you guys before. this is something that, um, you know, i want you guys to see 100 transparency, because i'm going to literally take out my credit card and buy this. i want everything to be documented, okay, so, um, so the two numbers we're going to be looking at is acv, which is 23 dollars, so let's go ahead and write this at the top, okay, so, um, let's do acv. so average card value: okay, a, c, b, okay, equals, let's say 23, okay, 23, okay, we'll do 23. ltv, which is lifetime value, is about 100. and what was it? 158? let me double check. yeah, 158, okay, cool. so these are the two numbers we're going to be working with. all, right, now i'm going to go back and i'm going to show you kind of what i'm going to buy. okay. so these, this is the website i'm going to be buying from now, just to let you guys know. i personally know this person, okay, so i i tok with him on a on a day-to-day basis and he has a really legit solo ad company. okay, 100 transparency guys. a lot of solo ad people out there are not good. okay, they're gonna just send you basically not good clicks. okay, the reason i'm doing this is because i know he has really good people on his email list and there's a certain process he goes through to make sure it's a um, it's legit. that being said, i'm i'm still gonna put my money down and i'm gonna test it before i recommend it to you guys, okay, so, um, that being said, i'm gonna go back to the numbers. all right, hashtag makes sense. awesome, awesome, cool guys. so, um, let me go back. i knew it was going to be awesome, awesome, yeah, so let me go back here. let me share my screen, all right. so let's tok about the numbers here. so what i'm going to be buying is going to be buying a thousand clicks, okay, so what that means is i'm gonna buy this right here, okay. so what this means is he's gonna send me 1 000 people to my page, okay. so what's going to happen here is i need to figure out, is this going to be worth it for me? okay, and remember, remember, i'm going to do this like if i were an affiliate. okay, if i were actually prom.

How To Run Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing (2 BEST SOURCES)

what's going on? my friend, gary bury, here in this video, i want to break down more information on how you can actually generate paid traffic for affiliate marketing. okay, if you're promoting a product online right now and you want to drive traffic- or visitors, people- to that sales page, we need traffic, we need eyeballs. now, if you have a little bit of extra money, i'm going to share with you more information on how you can actually pay to send traffic very easily and quickly to a sales page. now, the traffic we're gonna cover in this video is one that i covered inside of this video here. okay, i posted it um, some months back. okay, it got quite a bit of interest. okay, i broke down how to use solo ads. okay, which, if you don't know what a solo ad, a solo ad is basically where you pay someone who has an email list of potential customers. you pay that person and they will send an email to their email list, sending the link in the email to whatever affiliate offer or website that you want. okay, now, in this training, i broke down exactly how solo ads work and a little bit of information on how to actually find vendors. but what i want to do in this video is break down more information on how to actually find the right people to purchase solo ads from and how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers very, very easily. now, if you want more information on what solo ads are and all that stuff, i'm going to include a link below this video where you can actually click and watch that first video. okay, that goes, you know in depth, but what you want to understand is if you go to facebook, okay, there's really two main places that i go to to purchase solo ads, and solo ads are great in a lot of different niches- okay, health and fitness, uh, dating, make money online- okay. now, in this video, i'm going to break down my top two places. now, the first place, okay, is facebook. a lot of people don't realize, but you can go to facebook and join facebook groups that are full of solo ad vendors. these are people that again have email lists- list of email addresses in whatever niche that you want- okay. so, for example, if you're promoting a offer to help people make money online- i know a lot of people who watch my youtube videos are in the make money online niche- well, you can actually go to facebook, join these groups that i'm going to share with you right now, and you can actually find good vendors using the criteria that i'm going to share with you. so, if you type in solo ads inside of the top search bar in facebook and you go to groups, okay, you filter by groups. these top ones right here are some of my favorite. okay, one of them is called solo ads- testimonials. it has over 40 or 41 000 members, and then solo ads- sales testimonials. this one has 24 000 members. okay, you can join both of these. okay, now i'm inside the groups right here and these are what they look like. okay, now, the beautiful thing about these facebook groups is this is where you can actually find some. some are lesser known vendors, okay, the second source i'm going to share with you is my favorite source, but sometimes some of those vendors you have to wait, you know, a week before they'll run your solo ad when you purchase it. okay, because they're very busy. so this is a good way, with facebook groups, to find vendors that aren't as popular. so if you go in here, what you want to realize is that people will actually be posting their results that they got, okay, their testimonials from the vendor that they purchased from. okay, so albert, right here you can see that he had a seller. okay, so he bought from someone. let me, uh, zoom out real quick. okay, so you can see this. he bought from charmany, okay, that's the seller name. the type was solo ad clicks. okay, sometimes it's it's different: um, mix, okay, see, mix clicks. this isn't as good in my opinion, because you're not getting a hundred percent. uh, solo ad clicks like clicks from an email. so i typically look for the type of solo ad clicks. they ordered a thousand clicks. they received a thousand and twelve clicks, so they actually purchased and got more than they purchased, which is something you wanna look for. it's a good benefit. and they got 413 subscribers- okay, and five sales. so then some some people put in comments. you know i got at least 40 to 42 opt-in rate with an average of five sales. okay, so this is a testimonial for this person. now, if you like their results, okay, so maybe you think, wow, like they got a good opt-in rate. a good percentage of people went to their capture page, went to their website and put their email in. okay, which is what you want to realize is a good thing to do when you actually promote using solo ads. it's a good idea to send that traffic to a capture page, which is a website like this, for example. okay, if i go to: okay here, this is an example of a capture page. okay, so when they click here, they put their email address in. now i recommend, typically you send solo ad traffic to a capture page so you can capture the person's email address and follow up through email marketing, rather than just sending them right to an affiliate sales page. now, if i go here. okay, this person: again, they got a good opt-in rate. now we can go down more. okay, this person mix clicks. like i said, typically i look for just solo ad clicks. okay, like this seller, hofsha hossan, clicks ordered, okay. so this aj guy right here: he ordered 200 clicks. that means he paid okay money to get 200 people clicking the link in that solo ad email. he received 230 clicks. okay, so that's 30 more clicks, and he paid for. the opt-in rate was 60. okay, which is really good. anything about 40 is very, very good. with silhouette traffic, tier one- sometimes the person will put in if it's, you know, top tier or tier one traffic, this is very good. okay, because this means that the traffic is coming from countries that are top tier. okay, people have money there, people can invest in different products. and then sales, yes, okay, so they made a sale. so, in a nutshell, what i personally look for on facebook groups is vendors and testimonials that our solo ad clicks have a good opt-in rate. okay, the person reported that they had a good opt-in rate, that there's 90 percent or higher tier one or top-tier traffic and the person got sales. because, again, you want to buy from vendors that are getting other people's sales, because if you promote an affiliate product with that same vendor, chances are you're also going to get sales. so, this person right here, this hofstra hossan, if i wanted to purchase from them- let's say you see a testimonial, you like that vendor. you think, wow, this person would probably be someone that i would want to buy from. all you have to do is just message this person, okay, and just say, hey, i saw a testimonial about you, about your solo ads. you know i'd love to purchase a test run. you know what are your prices and then you can try to negotiate a little bit, or you can just purchase how many price. you know their typical price. they may send you to a website where you can purchase it there. what do you want to purchase, right? how much? now i'm going to cover this a little bit more in a second, but i recommend you know anywhere from 100 to 300 clicks when you first purchase from someone. you want to buy enough clicks where you can tell if it actually worked. you know if you just, you know, purchase 50 clicks, which usually you can't even purchase that low, they won't let you. but that's not really enough to you know, know if that person is going to work for the affiliate offer. so if you get 100 to 300 clicks, that's enough to really be able to tell what the results are going to be like. but you don't want to purchase, you know, a thousand clicks without knowing if that vendor's gonna work. so that's a good guideline. so i would join these facebook groups- okay, here's another one same thing- and i would just start to look and create a list of vendors that you think are good. okay, you know they're getting people results, and then i would message them and go with a few. okay, test a few of them, if you have a budget, to see which one's givi.

$10,000 In A Month Using Solo Ads On Udimi

oh, that's hot, that's hot. hello there, hey people, gary here from my digi affiliate and today we're gonna tok about um, solo ads. guys, solo ads using the 25 business that i've been promoting lately, which works really well. you know it's 80 commissions we sell. you don't need two people in and it pays for itself and you know, to get into profit you only need two people and i got, i got 13.. i got 13 people in right now and, as you can see, i got 300. let me refresh it so you know for sure, let it reload up. got 300 in the last week or two and, yeah, it's working out pretty well for me. now i want to show y'all, just to show you, the results like i'm making money off of this. i want to make sure that it's taken me a while to um make this video because i had to test to make sure it works all right. so i've been you buying solo. i bought solo ads from udemy unimaycom here about solo ads and it's been working out for me. now the thing about solo ads and what's the advantages of using solo ads is that it's the easiest way to market like. it's simply easy. you just give them your affiliate link and that's pretty much it. you don't really have to do much else. i mean, you could write them, you could write an email for them to send out or whatever, but their prerogative is to make sure that you get clips so they'll figure out the email best. it's probably best to lead them to write their email, you know what i mean. but the el figure out how the right to they. they know how to write to their people to get them invested in what they toking about here. get them clips anyway over what you right. maybe you'll write something way too long or something like that, but it's best to just hand them the link and then they'll figure it out for themselves, like that. anyway, i bought some solo. i bought a solo ad and it worked out pretty well. i got a couple of sales off of it and, um, yeah, i just want to show you guys how to do that solo ads. now you can. there's multiple ways to buy solo ads. you to me, there's uni me, there's facebook, there's their own websites and stuff. um, i think uni me is the best place to go when you're first starting and understanding that, because it has some, you know, filters and whatnot to make sure you're not getting fake clicks and stuff like that in in the program and it's easy to market. you know, understand how many sales people are getting from vendors and so on. they have it ranked out and stuff like that and it's pretty hard to trick people. i guess you could say that's the um. that's the biggest drawback of solo ads. it's easy to use by traffic if, if, um, you buy from the wrong person. um, that's why i say stik to unity because they have a, you know they have the prerogative to protect your buying so that you'll buy again and again and again. you know what i mean and you can buy from facebook ads and stuff. you'll probably make more money doing that. in general, i meant to say they'll make more money selling on facebook than that. but most people who starting to sell solo ads start with you to me, get them started and then they build up a following and then they make their own website and make a full facebook um group or something like that and then people tok about them on the facebook group and that's how they get sales. now if you get messaged on facebook about solo ads, do not buy from that person. more than likely they are bad. they're not that good because people who are have good solo solos. don't get me wrong- nah, i could be wrong when it comes to people who message you but chant, i tried it before. it never works out. so people who message you to get them solo ass, don't do it. not a good idea, it doesn't even work. so, yeah, come to unimycom. i have a link in the description for it and such. i also have a link for the 25 business to start that. um, yeah, come to udemy. you know, go to the home here and then we click on find sellers. now that's what we want to do. we want to find a seller that's going to work for us in our market, so we're going to click on find sellers here. now let me show you what i usually go for: price match. it doesn't really matter. whatever you're willing to spend is what you can go for here, right, price mess. so i usually put it on a hundred just to see everybody. let me put it on 200 to see everybody. you probably don't want to pay two dollars per click with solo ads, so let's go one dollar here max. i wouldn't. i probably wouldn't pay a dollar, but most people have it under a dollar per click so you'll see everybody. so god sells what you want you want. i say you want 50.. now you can make buy with 40 and 30 here, but 50 for me that's where i stik with the most, you know, most biggest chance of me getting a sale. all right, because nothing is guaranteed. guys like you could pick the guy that has the highest sale rate on this, on this, on this website, uh, like a 89 sale rate or whatever, and still end up with like dealing over like 30 but no, no sales. this is what i'm trying to say. you'll still, you could still end up with no sales. all right, so that's, we're going to click on that. we're going to make sure our main traffic source is the united states, because the united states has the most purchasing power out of anybody out there. now, niches: i personally stik with all niches, but let's say a good one is health. a good one is health because it mark it market. health is more marketed towards women than men in general and women are more loose with their money. so it is a better chance they'll buy something if it's health wise. so that's another um tip that, if you want to, you know you're trying to start a store or something like that. try to market towards women in some way- beauty, hair products, whatever it may be. that's a good way. lose weight, or yourself something like that- and you'll make a block. you'll make money quicker. it's a it's. it's a better chance of being successful. but, um, we're gonna, we're gonna stik with all niches. we want repeat orders. these are people that bought traffic from them and decided to buy traffic again. now you can go to 30 percent here. now that really kind of tells you that this person's actually pretty doing good right now. let's go to 25 here. i probably stik around 25 percent here. in general, about 25, it's really good. anything above 20 is really good. honestly, i'll probably go with 25 going right now. so 20 or 25. we're gonna stik to 20 just to see everybody on the list here. um, now what you want to go with is, uh, ratings. i wouldn't really mess with ratings too much, but the more, the higher the you know, the more ratings they have, the better. but some newer guys are doing really good, so you probably don't want to go with ratings, probably want to get like, let's go with about 50 to 100 ratings. you want them to have 50 or 100 thumbs up, um, not 50, i'd say about 50.. you want them to have about 50 to 100 thumbs up just to um [Music]. you know, make sure that they're actually silent. i personally won't worry about rain. rain is not the biggest problem for me in general. now we're going to sort by price. we're going to have the highest price here and the lowest price there. so, as you can see, we're doing pretty good. now this is a good way to find some sellers, all right. so let's look down this list here. now we got the promoted guys: little 40 cents, 71 sale right here. it's a pretty good idea to go for. your new top seller got 630 likes, no dislikes, so he's a really good seller here. opt-ins are 35 to 65 and he says: hot for mmos, that's what 25 um business is. so anything like mmo builds up really solid man, really solid, all right. so let's look at um. we got zary. this is our mmo. i'm leaning towards this one. you got three dislikes. that's not too great, especially at just 76 lights. that's not the greatest um any kind of dislikes. if it's really high, say this one's okay because you got 719 lights as well over six disc lights. you know the percentage is much better. i probably wouldn't buy from this person just because of this. the three disc lights from 76 lights, let's see here: so far this is the best one i recommend here: 40 cents, 71 um sale rate.