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What It's Like To Travel For 150+ Days A Year At 18 Years Old

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

What It's Like To Travel For 150+ Days A Year At 18 Years Old

The above is a brief introduction to What It's Like To Travel For 150+ Days A Year At 18 Years Old.

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What It's Like To Travel For 150+ Days A Year At 18 Years Old

all right I want to explain something
that I'm also gonna explain much further
in the car as I'm headed up to LA
because I've got some meetings there
there's a few really cool business
partners I'm linking up with there's
some friends so in this video you guys
already saw the title thumbnail you know
what it is about but I want to tok
about what it's like to travel so much
you know X amount I'm gonna explain how
I structure that you know as an 18 year
launch burn artist as an entrepreneur in
general or even as a person in general
as a lot of ways you can spin it so you
can spin it as a person in general or as
an entrepreneur as a young person as a
young launch whatever so I would explain
how it's affected me a lot of things the
cool thing is and there's both sides
there's nothing just amazing as it seems
you can see gotta take the trash out
anyways I'm headed out and bring that
out with me but it's so cool to travel
and I'm not gonna bash it I'm gonna
explain why I love a Homebase too but
I've done a lot of traveling for about
two years so ever since I was 16 of 18
currently for those who don't know ever
since I was 16 I started doing a lot of
travels and so that was always within
the US couldn't really afford to go
outside the US too much and it was more
complicated underage this and that not
known a lot of people but so always
moving around I was curious by different
environments I loved palm trees so I was
always chasing the palm trees and you're
going down to Florida go to California
just kept going to LA all the time yeah
that's been my only goal to really move
this my whole knee that was my main goal
since I was about 13 so it's cool to
make that happen I'll explain that in a
second but the whole travel piece at a
young age so I just flipped on my white
board here hope you can see my beautiful
shoes my skateboard shoes these things
are freaking it's so helpful and it's
literally booking everybody right now
just waiting for her to reply but I want
to explain this real quick because I
believe it's really important so since
I've been traveling it really introduced
me to two different things tiknically
three so I'm gonna start with a third a
sense of independence that you can kind
of how you want but direct things that
it did it really gave me a sense of
culture in the different ways that
people live in different locations
different lifestyles available because
you have access to anything you want you
know if you want to go live in Bali
which I've lived there I'll tok about
all that in a second if you want to live
in your third world country in a
different spot you can do that if you
want to go to Europe you can do that if
you want to do this and that you can
do that I do apologize for the lighting
right now it's not the best but anyways
folks I'm saying so you can do anything
you want the lifestyle is achievable
it's there now it might be difficult you
might tok about oh but aren't the
financial resources you still have the
potential to get it I don't wanna say
you have the ability to get it it is
attainable it's possible it is possible
no matter what situation situation
you're in it is possible so there's no
excuse you could possibly make so the
thing that you got to realize is when I
was 16 getting thrown into all these
environments I always put myself into
one of two different situations drastik
wealth or extreme poverty and so these
are two different things I saw and I
quickly gravitated towards the wealthy
because that's what I wanted I wanted
the affluence and so what I notiked is
the way people lived I started meeting
us you know meeting a lot of people
people introduced me to other people and
just excuse me did you know just kind of
snowball and so I met a lot of people I
learned my how they conduct themselves
and so traveling on the end of seeing
the different lifestyles open my eyes up
to the different locations that's what
led me to falling in love with
California so by doing that the other
thing that I also learned about
besides independence is at least at a
young age when you're young you really
understand bubbles and I'm gonna spare
this isn't a second but you understand
the different way I don't want to relate
this to lifestyle and I happen to make
this make sense because more than just a
lifestyle it's also about I guess you
could tie it in I don't really know I'm
going things exactly I'm trying to my
best to put it into words so there's so
many different ways that people even
live the way people think the way people
act certain demographics I'll give you
an example a direct example I spent
about three weeks in Naples Florida one
time do you know where that is most you
probably don't I'm sure one person is
gonna comment I know where that is it's
amazing it's a great place love it
naples marco island amazing it is almost
all old people i've never been to a
place with so many old people but it was
old wealth so a lot of Rolls Royces
Ferraris mansions not new modern
mansions you know the old money style
ridiculous amounts of money but it was
older money and so the reason I threw
myself in that situation is because I
wanted to go make some money so what I
started doing is I went up to all these
business owners and I started offering
social media marketing services I knew
they have the
they were qualified the odds of them
knowing social media marketing were next
to nothing the odds of them having a
good business because they've been in
business for a long time was extremely
high and I started closing some clients
so through myself in that situation
right it was a profitable situation met
some amazing people to discover where my
favorite restaurants
so if threw myself into that progression
and I understood you know different
levels of it then you know when I went
to Miami I lived in Miami for a month
and a half and I was there every other
week for like six months
so basically living there half the time
and I was about to move there it was
always the fake BS which is why I didn't
I'm moving there it's like The Young
Money but it was rented money it was you
know spending there you know the last
little bit of their check on renting a
Lambo or popping some Dom at the club
it's like it was stupid you know I
didn't like it so I ended up not you
know pursuing that so there what I found
in California it was a good balance for
me it really was and I understood the
micro situations the different places
I'm gonna tok about more world travels
and everything here in a second but
there's different pockets in California
I spent a lot of time in San Francisco
so a little bit up outside of there
Walnut Creek Pleasanton area have done a
lot of things up there I spent a lot of
time in LA it's where I originally moved
and I've also now I spend a lot of time
in San Diego too but I've lived in
Orange County Newport Beach to be
specific that's my new port place right
now so I've lived in these different
locations I've understood the people
they're kind of the whole purpose of
those people behind they're just how
they act how they conduct themselves so
very specific with it and you know I
discovered what I like what I don't like
me personally I don't think I'll ever
live in one place full-time so before I
say I'm not gonna ever live in LA I'm
not gonna live any more full-time so you
know Newport Beach for me currently is
what I consider my home this isn't my
home base however I go wherever I feel
most comfortable most productive and
most grounded so this means flying back
home to Minnesota I do that I've done
that multiple times if this means this
is what I'm gonna be doing later this
week I already know and I can feel it
coming means going to get in a place on
the beach in Malibu so I can clear my
mind you know yes I have a view of the
water like 270 degrees here whatever yes
but like on the water I'm gonna do that
you know whether it means right now I'm
doing this more for business but house
in the Hollywood Hills you know it's all
about that for me so I've moved around a
lot of done random stuff went up to the
Appalachian Mountains got a jeep and a
little house in the middle of nowhere
you know to the stuff in Utah caller
Hawaii wherever Mexico you explain it
now you know you can guess so the other
thing is when I first moved to LA when I
was seventeen at the beginning this year
you liked it was looking for a house
didn't find the right deals ended up
saying screw it let's go travel I'll
come back in a few months or be more
stuff on the market which is logical so
went to Mexico China Bali Thailand
Malaysia Russia Prague and Czech
Republic Amsterdam and then I came back
went to Minnesota I was feeling that
vibe for a few days then went to LA then
came back down and got this place in
Newport throughout the time my buddy
business partner I was traveling with
continued on Spain Rome Morocco which is
in Africa some you know Italy some crazy
spots whatever and kept doing all that
so I've gone overseas done this stuff
traveling the way it affects you is
really interesting this what most people
don't realize is it gives you such a
perspective and I don't mean perspective
on a life like the stupid thing your
parents used to tell you yeah maybe but
it's the micro it's the small things in
there gives you us you know a
perspective on financials I'll start off
with that one we'll tok about financial
it's more of a business channel
disturbed it so for an example when I
was in Bali I was there for a month my
plan was to live there I ended up you
know loving it and then I continued on I
was kind of over it after a month I was
like this is this whatever so continued
on I would definitely go back it's
amazing place I would recommend it but
uh what I learned there is what I'm
driving my dirt bike which I had rented
for $4 a day you know it's sunrise at
5:00 a.m. because I'm gonna work in
California time some my sleep schedule
is messed up and I'm driving and you
know I've got a three thousand dollar
laptop this has nothing to do with
bragging $3,000 laptop in my bag I've
got two phones on me a portable charger
it's like 50 bucks yeah you know a pair
of shoes I was wearing Easy's at the
time they were trashed but still 200
ollars were an you know $30 pants $20
shirt and then recognizing that as I'm
driving I'm looking at people
excuse me in these rice fields with
their pants rolled up muddy water up to
their knees check can only assume is
freezing cold with a backhoe you know
working in these fields
you know 56 year old people young people
old people everything men women children
working for what I now know to be
anywhere from one to three dollar
a day so give me a perspective on
financial income there now I'll be going
to Dubai soon I'm sure that's gonna
change things but doing something Vegas
la but now overseas being in places like
Europe okay where I can really see
different levels of wealth inside of
there it does give you a perspective on
money for example if you were to live in
Bali there's multiple entrepreneurs who
live in Bali it's very inexpensive like
while I was traveling on average and I
wasn't living cheap by any means it's
never about the money but even though it
is it isn't it isn't it was really
interesting because I was spending in my
total expenses traveling plus having a
videographer with me everywhere when I
flew someone out all expenses paid in
exchange for a couple months of doing
that they got amazing experiences I
brought two people out actually that
cost was what my house in LA would have
cost which about $10,000 a month so just
the house in LA you have other costs you
have food living entertainment travel on
top of everything I'm toking that ten
thousand was included all my airfare
travel in here you know I flew economy
everyone don't care you know anything we
needed to buy food adventures yeah cliff
jumping renting a boat jet skiing all
the time whatever living good so it's
really cool to see and I still had other
expenses on aside for business expenses
we're just completely indirect the only
other expense I had a thing I had tying
myself anywhere was I put my car in
storage in Los Angeles so I still about
two thousand a month in expenses tied to
LA on my car you know just with storage
insurance I kept insurance on it
honestly interestin feel like canceling
it didn't know how and then also the car
payment so doing that it really did give
me a great perspective on the world
where I would want to live where I'd
consider living the biggest thing it
taught me personally he said I don't
want to live in one location
I really don't this is something I've
kind of learned being here too you know
like I moved in I've when I was kind of
first here I didn't go anywhere like two
months I had so much work to get done I
was launched a ton of stuff and at one
point I went over three weeks without
having a direct one-on-one real
conversation with someone I know in
person can I move to you don't really
know anyone here so I said I would be
focused and so
there's a really interesting situation
but now I know that I need to move
around I'll switch locations I'll work
by myself I'll go with people I'm going
to business you know locations where I'm
with business partners robe just with
friends who don't do business like
separation so for me I like to jump
around I like to move and being able to
travel is really amazing it is I'm not
gonna lie to you it's amazing and let's
see if this Airbnb lady
reply let me actually fresh even example
literally leaving right now here's my
bags that's it I'm going bring in that I
don't have them bring the tripod but
I've got my light here for you guys got
to be fancy let me see that she said it
doesn't matter it's okay don't worry I
booked now this is not about price not
about this and that but that's what I'm
spend and it literally is amazing I'm
able to do that and what's really cool
to me is Mabel - obviously financially
support myself which I've been able to
do for quite some time now which is
but have this is what's really cool the
location and the time freedom and the
choice I'm gonna call it choice
selectiveness freedom I can be with or
be without anyone or anything I want to
if I want to sell my car today I can
sell my car if I want to break the lease
here I can break the lease I'd pay a lot
of money to do it but I can do it I
could go buy a new car that's just
financial I could say fu to one of my
business partners
cut him off I could go pick up some girl
I could go to Dubai in the next flight
whenever is that soon his flight I could
charter a jet to San Francisco to eat
ramen noodles that I bought at a Walmart
I could punch a hole through this
whiteboard and throw it off my balcony
and make a neighbor mat I could do it so
there's nobody to tell me no which is
interesting that's I don't know who gave
me that power bad idea
nobody that tell me no and I'm
financially able to do a lot of things
and I don't have the time restriction or
location restriction that a lot of
people have with a job but also not just
a job relationships and just things
tying them down not saying I'm gonna
tied down but I like to have that
flexibility because it helps me be more
productive and I like that so it's one
thing I really like about traveling so I
don't know if you guys have done any
traveling let me know what that would be
down below I'm definitely gonna do some
Travel type videos you guys have already
been seeing some stuff as I travel
around you can go way back on the
channel when I had a filmer the
videographer travel with me we made some
amazing content you know it did a little
business in China meeting up with some
suppliers did a really funny video there
did a lot of stuff in Bali Tyler
whatever you can go back on the channel
watch some of that or just simple stuff
that I've done myself traveling around
up in New York Miami LA Arizona wherever
back home a ton of different stuff you
can go check it out I'm definitely gonna
keep droppin more travel videos so let
me know what you would want to see
specifically let me also know what the
coolest single destination that you have
ever traveled to his drop it down below
what do you think's the coolest place
that you've been to got to be able to
speak from experience and why I'm
looking for some more locations to go to
so let me know I would greatly
appreciate it with that being said you
guys I've got to finish booking this
real quick and jump on the road yeah I'm
gonna book it on camera to show him
legit I feel like there's maybe some
person who's not very memo just pull
it's not about that
all right so other night if you enjoy
this video feel free to drop a like down
below I would greatly appreciate it and
as always join the family on the game
and then I see can subscribe button
we're a little bit over excuse me what
are we over actually let me pull up the
YouTube statistiks here we are at 104
thousand seven hundred so about 1504
when you guys have seen this which is
amazing first of all I appreciate that
that's crazy to me and sink in the ball
if you want to be a part of that it's
free I would appreciate it that's really
all ask and return for making these
videos and if you have any video
suggestions feel free to leave that in
the comments down below as well as your
favorite location and why and with that
being said I'll be seeing you guys
tomorrow in the next video peace
oh and whether you guys agree with it or
not I do what I feel and I feel I need
to explain that last little thing I just
did there I don't want to keep anything
from you guys I don't want a lot I don't
want to have till I don't want to be
forced to lie someone since I happen to
mention that booking was probably gonna
say something I don't want skeptikal
people I would rather kill that there
you go I booked the property it's said
and done you'll be seeing a vlog there

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