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what kind of products to sell on google ads dropshipping

Published on: February 14 2023 by pipiads

Dropshipping Product Research for Google Ads: Finding Winning Products

- Google Ads requires a different set of product criteria compared to other platforms like Facebook or TikTok

- Specific type of research needed to find products for Google Ads

- Use of NordVPN app to change location to the US

- Use of Keywords Everywhere chrome extension for product research

Product Research:

- Search for general product groups with good search volume

- Look for related keywords to the product group

- Find complimentary keywords to add to product title for Google Shopping ads

- Use of Merchant Words tool for product research on Amazon

- Look for products with good search volume and low competition

- Verify demand for product on Google

Identifying Winning Product Criteria:

- High search volume and low competition

- Low cost per click

- Check competition for brand recognition

- Find alternative products with high demand but lower price

- Using specific product research techniques and tools can help find winning products for Google Ads

- Identifying winning product criteria is crucial for success in Google Ads.

Find Shopify Winning Products - Dropshipping Product Research For Google Ads 2022

Product Research for E-commerce: Finding Winning Products

In this video, the speaker discusses product research for e-commerce and shares five winning products that can be tested on websites. The speaker focuses on how to bring niche products to a mass market audience using Google Ads.


1. Herb Preservers: This product may have low search volume, but it can be brought to a larger market by including it in the entire kitchen range. The product can grab attention if it looks good, is priced well, and fits into the right market.

2. Pasta Press: This product can be advertised as a clay rolling machine but can also be used as a pasta press. The search volume for this product is high, making it a good choice for e-commerce. The speaker suggests taking high-quality pictures of the product in a kitchen environment to increase its appeal.

3. Chunky Knit Blanket: This product can appeal to a wide audience and is a good choice for Q4 as the search volume increases during the colder months. Including generic search terms in the product title and description can help bring it to a larger market.

4. Popsockets: This product has been around for a while, but the speaker noticed it was not selling on Google Shopping. This presents an opportunity to test the product and see if it can perform well in e-commerce.

5. Silicone Stretch Lids: This product is a reusable alternative to plastic wrap and can be included in the kitchen range. The speaker suggests including the more generic search terms in the product title and description to bring it to a larger market.

Product research is essential for e-commerce success, and finding winning products can be a game-changer. Bringing niche products to a larger market can be achieved through Google Ads and including generic search terms in the product title and description. Testing different products and seeing which ones perform well is key to e-commerce success.

Top 9 Products To Sell With Google ADs | Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial

In this article, we will discuss the top nine products to sell with Google Shopping ads. We will go over the importance of product research and what to look for when choosing products for Google Ads. The top three things to consider are keyword volume per month, profit margin per product, and competition. The first product on our list is the electric portable heater, which is perfect for the wintertime and has a high search volume. The second product is the neck pain pillow, which is a generic product for a common problem and has steady search volume. The third product is a golf rangefinder, which is a niche product that already has a lot of orders and can perform well on Google Ads. Other products on our list include skincare products, pet products, and more. With proper product research and the right strategy, these products have the potential to generate six to seven figures in revenue.

How I Get Consistent & Profitable Sales Everyday With Google Ads 2022 [Shopify]

Getting consistent and profitable sales with Google Ads is crucial for any ecommerce store owner. However, achieving such results can be difficult for most shopify store owners who use Google Ads to market their store. In this article, we will discuss the three key things that you need to focus on to achieve profitable and consistent sales every single day and every single month.


- Store 1: Since January 1st of this year, this store has done roughly $127,927.42 in sales.

- Store 2: This store has done about $27,000 so far this month.

- Store 3: This shopify store did about $43,400 in sales for 8,67 ROAS.

Three Key Things to Focus On:

1. The Website: You cannot achieve good results without a good website. Your website should have a good layout and product pages to attract customers.

2. The Product: You can have the best website in the world but if you have a bad product, it won't get you any results. It's crucial to have the right product for your target audience.

3. The Ads: Your ads are crucial to driving traffic to your website. You need to have the right ad strategies, reach your target audience, and have the right ad copies.

To achieve profitable and consistent sales with Google Ads, you need to focus on the three key things: the website, the product, and the ads. By having a good website, the right product, and the right ad strategies, you can achieve great results with your ecommerce store.

Top 7 Products To SELL With Google ADs 2020 | BEST Products To Dropship

In this article, we will be discussing the top seven Google ad products for 2020 and beyond. As we all know, Google ad runs on search volume, and with changing trends, it is essential to know which products are doing well. We will be discussing these products and how you can use SEO optimized keywords to get the best results with them.

In this article, we will be discussing the top seven Google ad products for 2020 and beyond. We will be discussing these products and how you can use SEO optimized keywords to get the best results with them.

Top Seven Products:

1. Baby Toilet Seat:

This product is perfect for the baby niche and is consistent throughout the year. It is a simple product, and parents love it as they can train their babies to use the toilet. You can use the SEO keyword baby toilet seat to rank your product towards the front of Google Ads.

2. Sun Shade Beach Tent:

With summer here, people are going to the beach, and this product is perfect for them. It has a lot of space for multiple people to rest in and high-quality photos. You can use the SEO keyword beach tent to rank your product.

3. Car Bike Rack:

With people wanting to spend time outdoors, this product is perfect for them. It is a simple bike rack that people can put on top of their cars to carry their bikes. You can use the SEO keyword car bike rack to rank your product.

4. Solar Charger:

This product is perfect for those who love the outdoors and need to charge their phones. It is a solar-powered charger, and you can use the SEO keyword solar charger to rank your product.

5. Resistance Bands:

With gyms closed, people are looking for ways to exercise at home. Resistance bands are perfect for this, and you can use the SEO keyword resistance bands to rank your product.

6. Smart Watch:

With people wanting to monitor their health, a smartwatch is perfect for them. You can use the SEO keyword smartwatch to rank your product.

7. Phone Case:

Everyone has a phone, and everyone needs a phone case. You can use the SEO keyword phone case to rank your product.

In conclusion, these are the top seven Google ad products for 2020 and beyond. With changing trends, it is essential to know which products are doing well. By using SEO optimized keywords, you can rank your products towards the front of Google Ads and get the best results.

Find 6 Figure Winning Products For Google Ads | Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, the speaker talks about how to do product research for drop shipping on Google Ads. The speaker explains what to look for in a product and how to avoid saturation. The speaker discusses three different things to keep in mind: search volume, profit margin, and opportunity.

Search Volume:

The speaker explains that on Google, people are actively looking for items to purchase. Therefore, it's important to find a product with enough demand, but not too much. The speaker suggests using a Chrome extension to find monthly search volumes for different keywords. The ideal search volume is between 40,000 and 100,000.

Profit Margin:

The speaker suggests that a perfect profit margin is anything more than $30 on Google. However, the speaker notes that there are tons of cheap and low-ticket products being advertised on Google that can be profitable if either the AOV is high enough or the cost per conversion is low enough. The speaker recommends finding a product between the $40 and $50 range and selling it for $80 to $90.


The speaker advises checking for competition, pricing, and competitors' landing pages when looking for opportunity. The speaker notes that having zero competitors is unrealistic, but having very few serious competitors is a good sign. The speaker also suggests checking competitors' pricing and landing pages to determine if there is an opportunity to sell the product.

In conclusion, the speaker recommends using ad spy tools to find dropshipping products, such as Ecom Hunts. The speaker suggests looking for a specific product, such as solar garden lights, that has a good search volume and profit margin. The speaker emphasizes the importance of checking for competition, pricing, and competitors' landing pages when determining if there is an opportunity to sell the product. Finally, the speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel for future tips on how to create a converting landing page.

How To Make $227,604+ Dropshipping with Google Ads (2023 Strategy)

- Purpose of article: To show beginners, intermediate, and experienced individuals how to generate millions in sales with Shopify Drop Shipping and Google Ads

- Key points: Keyword-based buyer's intent, auction system, 90% of web pages connected to Google, negating keywords, different types of ads, targeting demographics, understanding data, avoiding overspending on bad keywords

Understanding Buyer's Intent and Targeting Traffic

- Google Ads is an auction type system that brings buyers who already know what they're looking for

- 90% of all web pages connected on the interwebs are connected to Google's platform

- Targeting traffic involves knowing what not to target by negating keywords such as used, warranty clause, refurbished, or cheap

- Different types of ads include search ads, video ads, shopping ads, and display ads

- Targeting can also involve individual phone and computer targeting, competitor targeting, and specific location targeting

- Remarketing to customers who haven't bought yet can also be effective

- Demographics such as age groups, income by household, and male/female targeting can also be used

Understanding Your Data and Avoiding Overspending

- Understanding data involves knowing click-through rate, cost per click, cost per conversion, impression share, and search ads

- Google Ads works like a real auction, where you determine where and what price you want to put yourself in the auction

- Collecting data at the most cost-effective rate is key to avoiding overspending on bad keywords

- Negative keyword lists are important to avoid overspending on irrelevant keywords

- Profits from one campaign should already be paying for the next new campaign, unless you want to risk testing a new campaign type

- Start with a standard shopping campaign with low bids and collect and remove irrelevant keywords

- Move to a search campaign using keywords that are already converting well with low cost per click

- Avoid overspending on bad keywords and focus on collecting data at a cost-effective rate to avoid running out of budget

- Consider Quantum Drop Shipping as a business option and book a free intro call to discuss if it's a good fit for you

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