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What to do as a NEW Real Estate Agent - First 30 Days

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

What to do as a NEW Real Estate Agent - First 30 Days

What to do as a NEW Real Estate Agent - First 30 Days

getting started in real estate can be
extremely intimidating especially if you
have nobody to model after because not
everybody that enters the industry is a
legacy real estate agent meaning
somebody in their family has already
been an agent before them in fact many
new agents actually take up real estate
as a second career so yes getting into
real estate especially with having very
little knowledge about the industry can
be extremely intimidating so i wanted to
make this video and shed a bit more
light a bit more context as to what you
need to do starting your real estate
career hey taimei with jaime
rescindus.com where we have one of the
fastest growing and largest real estate
agent communities worldwide alright so
before we begin we need to take care of
some assumptions i'm assuming that
you've already passed your real estate
exam i'm also assuming that you've
already selected your association and
have access to your mls and then i'm
also assuming that you selected your
real estate brokerage so it's from that
understanding and that starting point
that we're going to begin and now that
the assumptions are out of the way let's
look at the one requirement that's
needed in order for you to execute on
the following 30 days and that one
requirement is that you work at least
and i mean at least five hours every
single day so the way that i've broken
up this 30-day blueprint is by breaking
these up into days and i'm making an
assumption that in every single day
you're at least working five hours so i
certainly won't be overloading you or
giving you this pie in the sky thing
that you might potentially at some point
possibly achieve this is very actionable
this is very practikal but i am taking
into account that you're gonna at least
work five hours all right so for phase
one we're gonna spend educating
ourselves so we're gonna spend two days
two whole days educating ourselves this
means consuming all the information that
you have from your brokerage this means
taking in all of the information that
you have from your mls from your
association this means watching as many
youtube videos as possible reading as
much as we can really deep diving into
the education part of being a real
estate agent now the reason that i want
you to spend two whole days in this
education mode and consuming everything
possible is because i want you to get
different viewpoints i want you to see
and hear what the cold callers are
saying i want you to see and hear what
the digital marketers are saying i want
you to really absorb as much as possible
because it's these different
perspectives that are going to allow you
to grow as a real estate agent much
faster now when i used to give this
challenge to my agents i would just
leave it at that just say hey go and
spend two days in education come back
let's schedule another zoom call and
continue well the challenge with that
was people went all over the board
agents went this way that way this other
way and just really got down these
rabbit holes that didn't really help all
that much so to help you along to really
help advance you we need to look at at
least two outcomes meaning that with
this consumption of all the education
that you're about to embark on you need
to at least have two outcomes and the
first one is you need to map out what a
real estate transaction actually looks
like this one outcome is going to help
you tremendously especially as a new
real estate agent because it's so easy
to get lost in a transaction especially
if you don't know what you're doing so
by you having the assignment of mapping
out what a real estate transaction looks
like you are taking all of the
information from the internet and really
putting it in its appropriate category
you're able to place what working with
clients looks like what negotiation
looks like how to convert those past
clients into referrals you're able to
put people in the correct timeline or
the correct information in the correct
timeline so you can make better use of
the information and the second outcome
in this phase of education is you need
to establish your goals and also you
need to identify the metrics that you're
going to track every single month it's
incredibly important that you establish
your goals so you're able to measure
against yourself you're not playing the
comparison game of that agent has closed
30 transactions there in their first
year that agent closed two transactions
that agent closed 100. we're not into
that what we're into is establishing our
goals and we're going to establish the
metrics that we're going to use in order
to see if we're going to hit those goals
and if we're falling behind a few months
after we got started then we can make
some adjustments after the fact but if
there's no goals in place then we're
just shooting in the dark alright so for
phase two we're gonna do some admin
stuff we're also gonna take two days to
do this this is plenty of time to
accomplish this we're gonna order some
business cards create our professional
email signatures we're gonna get some
professional headshots but most
importantly we're gonna make sure that
we have access to every portal every
login that we need you must ensure that
you have access to your mls you must
ensure that you have access to your crm
if your brokerage is providing this to
you any portal that you need access to
make sure that you have access to it
also there's many communities or many
areas that have e keys now so you need
to make sure that you can access the
digital lock boxes and it's in this
admin stage that i also included
creating your social media so if you
don't have an instagram now would be a
great time to do that if you don't have
a facebook now would also be a great
time to do it but if you happen to have
all the social media platforms out there
already then we need to revamp them we
need to make them a bit more
professional and when i'm saying make it
professional i'm not saying overdo it
you don't need to make it corporate what
you need to do is at bare minimum
let people in your social sphere know
that you're a real estate agent being a
secret agent does not work so at bare
minimum when people go to your facebook
profile they need to know that you're a
real estate agent and what you're going
to find in the creation of your social
media and what you're also going to find
in the creation of all of the other
logins such as your zillow profiles your
google my business profiles your trulia
profiles all these other profiles you're
going to find that they ask for
descriptions of what you do so these set
up questions by the social media
profiles and other industry profiles
that you have access to are a great
precursor to your value proposition this
is a great opportunity for you to create
that you need to create your value
proposition who are you what do you do
why do you do what you're doing and all
that fun stuff so this is why on this
admin phase we're giving it two full
days because some of you including
myself for the longest time have no idea
why we're doing this so we need to
create that value proposition that then
we can translate over to our website we
can translate over to our facebook over
to our linkedin and all the other
profiles that we need to fill out and as
far as outcomes for this phase we need
to make sure that we have access to all
the portals and have all the logins that
we need and also we need to look the
part on all of those profiles okay so
for phase three we're doing some role
playing we're gonna allocate two more
days to this so keeping this in context
we gave two days to phase one two days
to phase two and we're gonna spend two
more days here in this role playing
phase this is where we bring everything
together this is where we start
role-playing this is where we start
practiking like we play so we start
showing homes even though we have no
clients and nobody's working with us
we're gonna go through the actual
process we're gonna go through the
motions of actually showing a home and
the scenarios that you need to be
practiking are very simple we need to
practike speaking with the leads what
are we going to say when we have them on
the phone or in front of us we need to
practike our listing presentations how
are we going to do those presentations
that are going to convince those
homeowners to use us we also need to
practike our buying consultations how
can we bring enough trust to those home
buyers so they can hire us as their
agent we also need a practike showing
homes so this means you log into the mls
finding a home to show and go and do a
pre-showing because at this point you
probably don't have a client we also
need a practike negotiating and
contracting so once you have that home
what paperwork what forums what
documents do you need to execute with
your client and we also need to practike
our contract to close how are we going
to manage the contract along the way and
i know this sounds like a lot because it
is however this is the actual real
estate agent portion this is what you're
gonna do day in and day out
unfortunately as a starting newbie as a
new real estate agent you won't have too
many opportunities to practike with
real-time clients so you need to
manufacture those opportunities and
trust me by you doing this you're going
to accelerate your growth because you're
not going to feel uneasy you're not
going to feel anxious you're not going
to feel stressed out when that first
leaf calls you and freak out trying to
figure out what am i going to say and i
wish i could say that i followed my own
advice back in the day when i first
started well unfortunately i didn't
because there was no blueprint this was
me just figuring it out myself so i
still remember showing my very first
house to my very first client i couldn't
even get into the house because i didn't
know how to operate the supra which is
our digital lock box so please avoid the
embarrassment and start the role playing
now and then phase number four we need
to establish a game plan we need to
create that game plan to generate
business i really wanted to give this
phase one day but based off of the
feedback that i've received from real
estate agents i pushed it to two days so
in this phase as well you're receiving
two full days to generate your game plan
to generate business and the strategy
that i subscribe to and that i teach my
real estate agents is a two one three
that is focusing on two active
strategies to generate business one
passive strategy to generate business
and three social media platforms to
leverage for your real estate business
this means that you need to identify two
active strategies that are for now
business this means cold calling this
means door knocking this means open
housing this means fear of influence
this means working on strategies that at
any one moment can pop off and generate
business now we need to identify those
two active strategies that we're gonna
execute in the following days so those
two strategies not only do we need to
identify them but we also need to know
how to execute on them so if you decided
i want to do open houses as one of my
strategies you need to figure out how
they actually work that's why you're
getting two full days to complete this
task the passive strategies are for
later business so if you decide youtube
is it we need to figure out how that
works if you decide that blogging is it
we also need to figure out how that
works so here you're looking at three
strategies two active and one passive
that need to start bringing in some
business for you and then with the three
social media platforms one of those
platforms you're gonna live in every
single day seven days a week another
platform we're gonna live in five days a
week so that's gonna be a platform that
we're pretty proficient in and then the
third platform that one's just gonna be
your hail mary your hopefully something
happens but i'm not gonna spend too much
time here so you're gonna be spending
three days a week there so seven days a
week five days a week three days a week
so notike here we're not looking to boil
the ocean we want to be as targeted as
possible we can't master every single
strategy we can't do radio ads we can't
do billboards we can't run facebook ads
we can't run google ads we can't do
direct mail marketing we can't do email
marketing we can't be cold calling
everybody that's just not possible so we
need to take all those strategies
condense them down into something that
we can execute on every single day now
if you want a more complete explanation
of this strategy that i call the two one
three and check out this video right
here where i go into that partikular
strategy in depth and for phase five
guess what we're performing we're
actually executing on what we've created
we're gonna spend the next two weeks not
days anymore the next two weeks in
actually working in our craft now for
the next two weeks we're gonna focus on
three things we're gonna be focused on
prospecting for now leveraging those two
active strategies and in this phase
notike that i really make room for
showing clients around or working with
clients because chances are you're not
going to have secured a client that
quickly now many of you will that's
awesome that's great but at the same
time you're not going to be as busy as
you will be a year from now five years
from now 10 years from now because
you're just starting out so you're just
getting out of the station right you're
starting to generate your book of
business so here for the next two weeks
there's probably not going to be anybody
that calls you or dms you or text you
saying hey help me buy a house that's
probably not going to happen if it does
great awesome praise god that's awesome
but at the end of the day we need to
control the controllables and the
controllables that we have are those
four actions that we just toked about
now phase five took us from day nine to
day 23 and all of that is performance
all of that is execution that we just
toked about for phase six it's gonna
take us one day and that's where we
re-evaluate what we just did in this
phase this is where we get honest with
ourselves this is where we look back at
our previous two weeks and really look
at what is working and what is not
because after two weeks of consistent
work you're at least gonna see some
trends some patterns come up yes of
course with a longer time frame there's
gonna be more data but we're trying to
get this done within 30 days so every
two months you can do this every quarter
you can do this every half a year you
can do this don't push it any anything
beyond that you want to be reassessing
what you're doing in your business more
consistently than once a year so your
new year's resolutions is not the time
to look back at your business you need
to put in some natural pit stops along
the way to re-evaluate but for our
purposes today as we just started we
need to look back at those two weeks and
see what's working where am i spending
too much time what's having what's
really uncomfortable for me that just
does not get simpler for me do i need to
readjust this is a great little pit stop
for you now i'm not saying give up on
what your goals are i'm also not saying
give up on the strategies that you laid
out at the beginning of this and give up
on them simply because it's hard or it
wasn't as simple as you thought it would
be what i'm saying is reevaluate the
metrics or the goals that you set out in
each one of those strategies so if you
had a strategy of cold calling and you
originally told yourself i'm gonna call
a thousand people and you quickly
recognize that is not possible then now
we can set it back to something that is
actually reasonable something that's
actually achievable another example is
if you identified open housing as one of
your strategies and you quickly found
out that in this market it's incredibly
difficult to do because the inventory
just isn't there so if you have the plan
of doing four to six open houses in a
weekend you quickly found out that
that's gonna be a little bit more
challenging that you thought well now
it'd be a great time to reassess that
and for phase number seven which takes
us from day 25 to day 30 we're going
back to performance we call this perform
2.0 this is where you go back to
prospecting for now business for later
business building your personal brand
and continue your role playing so
basically you're doing what you were
doing already in phase five which is a
performance aspect but here you're
retooling with a better sense of what
you're doing now here's the thing this
video and this strategy this blueprint
works regardless if you're a brand new
agent or a seasoned agent anybody that's
looking to take their real estate
business to that next level this is the
video for you now if you're looking for
a more complete blueprint with scripts
with actionable items with all that fun
stuff then i'm gonna link it down below
for you to check out and while you're
down in the description box you might as
well hit that subscribe button because
i've notiked that eighty percent of you
are not subscribed

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