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what you need to know about starting a dropshipping business

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

trying to start a dropshipping store can be overwhelming. with so many different steps and strategies, it's hard to even know where to start. so in this video, i'm going to share my exact strategy for starting a new drop shipping store from scratch, and in the last couple months, i've built a new store with this strategy, and that store has already done close to 900 000 in sales. so if i had to start over today, this is exactly what i would do. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my online business with as much transparency as possible, so that i can lead by example and help you start your own online business this year. so if you're interested in starting your own online store and you want to follow my journey, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. all right, let's get started. firstly, i want to show you some live results that i'm getting with this exact strategy. so it's around halfway through the day and i've already generated around 3 800 in sales on this store. the profit margin is pretty good as well. i've done almost fifteen hundred dollars in profit, which is almost a forty percent profit margin, and if we take a look at yesterday's stats, you can see i sold around sixty seven hundred dollars and made around eighteen hundred dollars in profit. i just wanted to prove to you that this is working right now. so you know it's worth your time to watch this whole video. so there are four main things that go into building a successful drop shipping store. the first one is your product. the second one is your store. the third is your marketing and how you get customers, and the fourth is running your business and shipping out your orders. now i'm gonna break down each of these one by one as simple as possible. so let's get started with products. so without a winning product, it's pretty much impossible to have success with drop shipping. thankfully, there are a ton of products out there that you can sell. every single week, new winning products pop up, so the opportunities are always fresh. there's really only three things that i look for when determining if a product is a winning product. the first thing is if the product has been recently trending on facebook and instagram. what i mean by trending is that there is a ad that is getting a ton of views, shares, comments and likes and people are going crazy for the product. this is a great sign that you can make money off of this product because people are already interested in it. as long as you do something a little bit better than the person that's already selling it, you can swoop right in, compete with them and make money selling that same product. this is exactly what i've done for every single one of my winning products and it's worked time and time again. the next thing i look for is mass appeal. my favorite type of products are the ones that can be sold to the masses. i don't love the extremely narrowed down products that only apply to a small set of people. yes, they will buy the product, but if we ever want to scale and build something big, we need something that we can sell to almost everybody. it's okay if it's a little narrow, like it's only for women or it's only for men, but the broader the better. the last thing i look for is good profit margins. what i consider to be good profit margins is being able to sell the product for three times the cost it takes to ship it out to the customer. so if the product costs you around 10 to send it to your customer, you want to be able to sell it for at least 30, and that's pretty much all i look for in a winning product. let me show you a live example of exactly what i'm toking about. okay, so this product is an absolute banger. basically, it is a garden privacy fence that you set up in your backyard. as you can see, this product was launched on march 8th of this year and they've already got over 70 000 likes on this post. if you check out the comments, people are going crazy for this. they love it, they really enjoy the product. but the people that are selling it aren't doing a good job and if we look at their video, it's not really that good. and then if we go to their website, it's the same thing. it's really not that good. this product has great profit margins as well. you can see that it cost around four dollars on the low end to ship to a customer and they're selling it for anywhere from 1999 all the way up to almost a hundred dollars per sale. so if you came in and made a slightly better video, a slightly better website, you could clean up off of this product and make a ton of money. so, like i said, that product is an absolute banger and a perfect example of a winning product. now, how do you find these products? the tried and true method that i've been using for years is simply just looking on your facebook and instagram feed. every single day, you're going to get targeted with ads for drop shipping products eventually, and every time you get targeted with one of these ads, you need to show facebook that you're interested. so you want to go to the ad, you want to like, you want to comment, you want to go to the website, you want to click add to cart and show facebook that you're trying to buy stuff like this. so they will start recommending you more products and your feed is just going to become the best product research tool that you have. that's my favorite method, but i also created a tool that automates this process. so if you want to check that out, click the link down below. alright, so step number one is finding a product that fits this criteria. so once you've got that product, now you've got to build a store. now there are a couple different types of stores that you could build. you could build a general store, which is a store that has a bunch of random products all around it. you could build a one product store, which is a store that only focuses on selling one main product, or you can build a hybrid store, which is what i recommend. building a hybrid store combines the benefit of a one product store and a general store. with a general store, you have freedom to test a bunch of products, and with a one product store you're limited, but you're gonna have a higher conversion rate and people are gonna trust you much more than a general store. with a hybrid store, you're creating the same branded feel that a one product store would have, but with the freedom to test a bunch of products. i think it's better if i just show you an example. so this is a sample store that i created. that would actually be perfect for the product i just showed you. the store is called flora flow. as you can see, it's pretty much focused entirely on home and garden based products. it has a nice branded design, it has a good logo, it's easy to browse and shop around and overall, it feels like a trustworthy site. i recently made a video on exactly how i built this store, so after you watch this one, feel free to check that out. the one tip i will give in this video is to model your store off of what's already working. this is not some brand new design i came up with. i just put my own little twist on what was already working. you don't have to reinvent the wheel. you just have to take what's working and add a little bit of your own sauce to it. so i would advise taking your product, building a store like this and filling it up with products that are similar to the one you're selling. here's another really good example of a hybrid store. this one is called arctik shirt and, as you can see, they sell a bunch of home decor products as well. they have the moon lamp, this kitchen set, they have bedding. they have all types of products, but the store is really nice, branded and feels extremely trustworthy. in my opinion, this is the best approach for beginners, so give it a try. next up, you need to get some traffic and customers to your website. personally, my favorite method for starting with a new store is facebook ads. it does cost a little bit of money to run ads on facebook, so i recommend that you have at least a couple hundred dollars.

How to Start a Drop shipping Business: Everything You Need to Know!

Drop Shipping is a business model in which a retailer does not keep items in store, but instead forwards the customer's purchase and shipment details to the manufacturer, a wholesaler, another retailer or a Fulfillment company, who then sends the goods straight to the client. you are responsible for customer support and returns as the retailer, while the supplier handles the rest. if you want to establish a Drop Shipping business, these are the steps you need to take: one, selecting a Drop Shipping business idea. the fact is that what you sell is important. you should spend some time searching for the top Drop Shipping business ideas. most individuals advise you to choose a specialty in which you are interested, but that's just half the story. it's a mix of business and passion with a slant toward profit. the truth is that the most successful Drop Shipping Company ideas are generally the finest. when you're generating money, it's much simpler to be passionate. two: research the market. before beginning A Drop Shipping business, it is critikal to conduct market research and determine the items you will offer. you'll need to figure out which items are in demand, how competitive the market is and what rates you'll be able to give. you may accomplish this by speaking with others in the business or studying firms in your competitors. sector three: locate a supplier. it's time to choose a supplier. once you've decided on the things you'll be selling, you'll need to investigate several suppliers, establish their price structures and delivery regulations, and then decide which one is the greatest fit for your company. when you have a list of five or six suitable suppliers to pick from, you can proceed to the next stage, which is contacting these suppliers and inquiring about important issues such as minimum order quantities and shipping periods. you've probably reduced your list of probable providers to two at this point. the easiest method to decide right now is to place a sample order for a product and compare the outcomes. compare Ecommerce delivery times, product quality and packaging, while keeping your consumer in mind and what they will antikipate from you when placing an order and making a selection. four: create an online store. once you've chosen a supplier, it's time to create an online store. you'll need to choose an e-commerce platform and design your store, add product descriptions and images and set up payment processing. your domain name is important, especially if you intend to develop a long-term brand. to make the process easier, you may utilize a free company name generator regardless. get thecom domain if you want to use your niche as a keyword in the new domain. make it wide, such as Beauty, jewelry or fashion, rather than narrow, so you don't have to modify your domain name later. also, do not use your own name as the domain for your store. if you ever sell your company, you might legitimately use your own name. Shopify is the most comprehensive e-commerce platform on the market, with new features, tools, resources and apps being added regularly. you'll find that it's easy to use and run a business on the platform. plus, if you get stuck, you can reach out to a Shopify Guru who will personally walk you through any steps for free. 5. promote your store. once your story is up and running, it's time to start promoting it. you'll need to create a marketing plan that includes SEO, social media and other strategies to reach potential customers. so you've discovered your goods and created your store. now it's time to advertise your Drop Shipping business like there's no tomorrow. this is an important phase in your Drop Shipping company's strategy, so don't keep experimenting with your store's design and assuming that you're making progress. you don't have to be afraid to put yourself out there. one of the greatest feelings is making your first sale. six process orders. order processing is an essential aspect of every business. it entails contacting your supplier, confirming the order and then ensuring that it is delivered on time to the consumer. orders can be processed in a variety of ways: a spreadsheet or an online order management system like a Shopify or Magento can be used. these tiknologies will assist you with inventory management and order tracking. 7. monitor your inventory. monitoring your inventory levels is important, since it ensures that you are constantly stoked up on in-demand commodities. this will prevent you from running out of inventory and losing potential consumers, so you can always have plenty of the things your consumers want. you'll also need to alter your prices to reflect the supplier's pricing. eight: manage customer service. finally, customer service must be managed. responding to customer inquiries, addressing complaints and processing returns and refunds are all part of the job. it's critikal to keep in touch with clients and understand their needs. in the age of social media, you may learn a lot about your clients on social media and even present them with coupons or promotional offers. you may also provide customer care 24 Hours by email, Twitter or even SMS messaging if people have queries or concerns. conclusion: there you have it. we'll show you how to establish a Drop Shipping business by incorporating some of the tips from this video into your own online store, you may start establishing your own online Empire. remember that the greatest approach to learn how to start a Drop Shipping business is to take the first move toward building one. by following these steps, you'll be able to start and run a successful Drop Shipping business.

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10 Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Dropshipping Business

interested in dropshipping, but are you really prepared for it? check out this: 10 things all beginners should know before starting a dropshipping business. hello, i'm alicia and welcome to the alidropship channel. if you didn't know, alidropship is the developer of the leading alidropship plugin for wordpress that allows you to drop ship goods from aliexpress to your own online store. you can learn more about our amazing tool here at alidropship. we have our own dropshipping stores to test our plugin marketing strategies, niches and products. we have years of experience to share with you, so let's take a look at these 10 things we found all entrepreneurs should know before starting dropshipping business. a niche store is always better than a general online shop. beginners often think that the more product categories you have, the more profit you can get, but promoting a general store is much harder, so focus on a specific niche instead. it will be easier to find your target audience, optimize your store for search engines and compete with other businesses. watch this video to learn more reasons why you should create a niche, targeted store and not just any ordinary store like on aliexpress. do not dropship any random product you find on aliexpress. although aliexpress has thousands of goods of all kinds, there are certain types of items you should avoid. these are copyrighted products. if you don't have distributor rights, don't sell what you can't sell fragile items- high risk, since these items are more susceptible to breaking during transit- heavy goods. delivering such items is difficult and costs more tiknically complex products. the more intricate it is, the higher chance that it can malfunction or break on the customer. find a profitable niche. use google trends. you can manually research what items are trending for online sales, but it can take some time. a trick will have to use google trends. it's completely free too. this tool will show you how the number of search queries have changed over time. you can test certain item keywords to see what is hot. the more people google a given item, the higher demand is. try it out yourself after you watch this video. compare these two products in google trends. google the terms cardboard and belt bag. find out how they've performed over the last five years worldwide and in your country, and tell us what you find in the comments. want to learn more about how to choose a dropshipping niche? follow the links to our related videos all in pinned comment below. always choose reliable suppliers. before starting a drop shipping business, you have to find products to sell, but it's not just about the physical products. the sellers you buy from are equally, if not more, important, because sellers determine the quality your customers will get to find products from the most reliable suppliers, go to aliexpress and type in what product you are looking for. tik the four stars and up box to see only high rated goods. then tik the free shipping box. now sort the results by the number of orders. when you find a product with a lot of orders, check out the seller, observe how long the shop has been active, the positive feedback score and the number of followers. be sure you also check out customer reviews and pay special attention to those that contain photos. this is your inside look to what the actual product looks like when received by customers. if buyers look happy all around, then you're probably dealing with a reliable supplier. thumbs up for that. carefully choose a domain name for your store. before starting a dropshipping business, you'll need to choose a domain name for the site, but don't just create anything. in short, you don't want something like this. a good domain name looks like this. it's seo friendly, legible and is easy to remember. watch this video to learn how you can choose a great domain name. make sure to choose a proper e-commerce platform. if you're new to dropshipping, i suggest that you build your dropshipping store on either wordpress or woocommerce. both these platforms are free and will let you save a lot on starting up. plus, our allo dropship plugin is compatible with these platforms, allowing you to sell from suppliers with minimal hassle. if you research other dropshipping plugins out there, you will see that other dropship is the only dropshipping tool that allows unlimited product imports from aliexpress and no restrictions on your monthly orders. you also have no monthly fees, just one time payment of 89. if you want to learn more about our alley dropship plugin and how it compares to competitors, watch this video. take care of payment gateways beforehand. one of the best things about dropshipping is that you can do it from any place in the world and customers can buy from anywhere. the beauty of online shopping is convenient, so before you launch your website, make sure customers will be able to pay through at least one payment gateway. make sure your payment gateway is accessible in your country and the countries where your target customers live. compare transaction fees to see what will work for you, and remember to choose gateways that have multi-currency support. we recommend using this gateways, but before starting your dropshipping business, check which ones will work in your country. after all, you have to be able to receive your website's income too. don't neglect search engine optimization. seo is efficient way to drive traffic to your online store and it's not super hard to do. you just have to find proper keywords and write appealing titles and product descriptions for your website landing pages and product pages. also be sure you're providing interesting content throughout your website to bring in more customers. reputation drives sales. before buying anything, most people look for customer reviews. therefore, you should work hard to maintain a good website reputation. a good practike is to always ask buyers to leave a review if they enjoy their purchase or shopping experience with you and if there are negative reviews, be sure to always respond and be accommodating and apologetik. if you can refund a customer or find out why his experience wasn't good, do so. this way, visitors to your website can see that your brand is engaged and willing to provide great customer service. don't give up if there are little or no sales at the beginning. before starting a dropshipping business, one has to properly prepare the website. imagery and copy needs to be done and pages have to be optimized for seo. purchases also need to be tested to ensure payment gateways and fulfillment from the supplier are fully functioning. social media pages have to be created and launched with content. after that, if you decide to run pay-per-click campaigns, they usually take a while to bring in results and if you aren't seeing enough conversions, you might be targeting the wrong audience, or maybe your product selection isn't as appealing. there are tons of reasons as to why sales don't take off. that's why, with alidropship, you can order a professional review of your dropshipping store from our team of experts. we also offer a number of marketing services to help you attract the first-time buyers. check the links in the description to learn more. dropshipping is a relatively safe business model that requires little investment. it allows you to start an online shop without having to physically store inventory. the business will also teach you skills useful to other types of e-commerce channels. if you're thinking of trying your hand and trying a drop shipping store, download our beginner's guide on dropshipping and read through it for more details on the business. you will find the link in the description box. we hope that you found this video helpful. give us a like if you enjoyed it. be sure to subscribe to our channel to see more guides and stay on top of the latest in dropshipping. if you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below. thanks for watching and see you next week. bye you.

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How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

you made a goal to finally start your Java shipping store, but you're probably running into a problem called information overload. you don't know exactly where to start, what strategies that you should be using, and you're probably feeling very overwhelmed with how popular Drop Shipping is becoming. it is now a high level skill that can be making you some serious money online, so you want to know exactly how to start with no confusion left on the table. that's why, today, I'm going to be breaking down a beginner friendly, step-by-step tutorial on how you can get started with Drop Shipping in 2023. so, by the end of this video, you feel fully confident in the ability to know exactly how to get started, and I'm not going to just leave it at that. once this video reaches 1500 likes, I'm going to give you a product list of the top 10 winning and training products that you need to be selling right now. so if you want full access to this product list, smash that like button down below. subscribe to this channel so I can release all the links to these products and help you get started in the right direction. so, without further Ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it. what's going on? my name is AC Hampton. I'm an a-figure marketer who has generated sales just like this, all from starting and branding drop shipping stores. while doing this, I also get to teach students from all over the world how to generate results with their own job streaming stores and make money online. if you want to experience what being a student in my one-on-one mentorship feels like, each week I get to hand out a free Consulting call to one lucky winner. so if you want the opportunity of getting on this call and go over anything you may be struggling with and answering all of your questions along the way, all you have to do is smash that like button down below and, in the comment section, comment the word Dropship with your biggest takeaway from this video. now, there's a ton of information out there in regards to starting your own dropshipping business, but let's take it all the way from the top, and the top is creating your online store. you cannot run an online business without a storefront, so let's hop into how you're going to get it and how you're going to build it. so we're heading over here to Shopify and, as you can see, you can start a seven day free trial, no credit card required in your next three months on only costing you one dollar by clicking on the link down in my description now. this is great for you, especially while just starting off, because you're immediately cutting down on the expenses that start in your online store can come with. so make sure to go ahead and check that out now. Shopify is a platform that your website will be built on and where you'll have the actual store from for the product or products that you're selling. now there are other e-commerce platforms out there that you may have heard of, but Shopify is by far the most reliable and beginner friendly, so I highly suggest that you start there. so, once you're on this page, you're going to come down over here to enter your email address and just go ahead and enter that and then, after entering your email you're sending, go to start free trial. then this screen will come up. you'll just do- I'm just starting- click on an online store and click next. you can go ahead and skip this part right here, and then this is going to be the next screen that you see, and then here you can go ahead and just name your store and, like I said, I would not spend a lot of time on this. you don't want to overthink this. just keep this very simple and very general. wherever your business is located, you'll go ahead and click on next, continue with email, create your password word and then create Shopify ID. now we just open up a new store with the free trial, and you're already 10 steps ahead of where you previously were at the beginning of this video, because your store is officially open. now let's go ahead and get into the build and everything that you'll need to make sure that, when customers are coming to your store, they always leave with purchasing something and putting more money back into your pocket. now the first thing that you want to do is head over to your Shopify App Store and search for an app called autods, and it's as simple as this. you come over here to apps, you type in Auto DS and click on enter, and this is what the Shopify App Store looks like, and it's going to be this one right here that says Auto DS- all-in-one Drop Shipping, and autods is literally an all-in-one Drop Shipping tool that you need on your online store. this app will allow you to connect your store to different suppliers that you may be wanting to use to help sell your product. they'll let you browse through potential products that you can be selling, and it even has the capability to fulfill the orders you're getting on your store automatikally and send out tracking information directly to your customer. I mean, Auto DS is going to make running your job- streaming business- as a beginner- as seamless as possible. I wish- I mean I wish- they had apps like that when I first started my Drop Shipping Journey, because automation is everything, and that's exactly what this app will give to you. I'm gonna go ahead and add this app into my store and it's just as simple as clicking add app and then install app. now that we have Auto DS downloaded, the next thing we need to do is connect this with our Shopify store. so this is gonna be the first screen you'll see. you'll go to add store, come to this plus sign where it says ad store at the bottom, click on Shopify store and click continue. you come back over here to your Shopify, highlight the actual HTML and then go ahead and add that to your store. and it's as simple as that. and if you want to make sure it's connected, you should see your actual Shopify store right here at the top left corner. now, before we head into the overall build of your store and making sure that you have all the necessary instructions. then get your store off the ground and running. my team and I do provide Hands-On, one-on-one guidance to help you directly with learning strategies of running your online store that can help you make money not just for short term but for a lifetime. so if you're ready to take action and start learning with my team and I by your side, make sure you head over to my Instagram at AC, underscore Hampton, DM me the word mentorship or apply with the link down in my description so I can reach out and help you get started. now that we have Auto DS connected, you're going to want to start off with importing your first product to your store, but in order to import a product, you have to know what you're looking for in a product that you should be selling. it is not smart to come into Drop Shipping thinking you can just sell any and everything, because that's going to cause you to spend a lot of time and money into the wrong direction. when you're scrolling through your products on autods and looking for one that you could be selling, you want to make sure that the product is hitting some very important key factors when, number one being that it solves some sort of problem. now, this is because a product that solves a problem is likely to sell for a longer period of time. secondly, that it can be sold for 25 or more. by doing a quick search for the product on Google, you can see on average what your competition is selling the product for, and if it's being sold for less than 25 dollars, you'll find that you're spending more money in ads than what you're actually making from selling it. so let's take this product right here as an example. so this is the anti-theft travel backpack, and you can see when I'm on Google and I'm actually searching for this. you can see that most of these products are over 25, if not all of them. so this is telling me right away that this is being sold for 25 or more across the entire market. and lastly, you want to make sure that there is demand in the market for the product that you're selling. an

How To Actually Start A Dropshipping Business (FREE Guide)

many of you guys watching have probably heard of Shopify dropshipping, but are just wondering: how the heck do you actually do it? and I completely understand you. drop shipping is one of those business models. we have tons of people online toking about how profitable it is and how you can make thousands of dollars every single month while living at home just on a laptop, and it's true. but, to be honest, there's an overwhelming amount of new people coming into the space having a little bit of success, who really have no business sharing information on Drop Shipping and Shopify as a whole, and, in turn, it leaves a lot of you guys clueless and unsure as to exactly where to start with the business model, and I completely understand the frustration. so, since I'm such a nice and generous guy, I'm going to show you exactly how to actually start your very own Shopify business right here, right now, and the best part is, it's completely free. I've been Drop Shipping since 2017. I've generated millions of dollars with the business model, and so I know a thing or two about it. it's not like I just had my first hundred dollar day and I'm coming on here to make videos. it's not like that by any means. now there's also going to be a huge announcement at the end of the video. so make sure you stik around. it's going to be in an insane opportunity where you could potentially win thousands and thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars for simply just starting Drop Shipping and having a successful store. but I'll wait to explain that till the end of the video. so just stik around, take notes and then, by the end of the video, you're gonna have an insane opportunity on your hands that I think, is like one of its kind. so just sit tight and hang on, get a notepad ready, because we honestly have a ton of work to do, so let's get into it. first things first, we need to make a Shopify store, so I will have a link below. but this is essentially the backbone of your business and this is exactly where you'll be housing your website. so once you put an email in- I created a simple one that sounds very clever: subscribe to seb's channel. if you're watching this, subscribe might as well. I'm showing you, guys, how to start a Shopify business. so then, once you do that, just click Start your free trial, and then this will essentially take you through a ton of stuff that you don't honestly even need to do so. just click Skip, Skip and Skip. you don't even need to put a store name in. you can change it at any time, so it does not really matter. you will need to select your country, so select that I'm currently in us, and then for create a shopping ID. I just continue with Google and then select my email and then that's kind of it. your Shopify store is now being built and it's not like it's going to be completed, but you'll have the account now. so now you can actually lay the framework and start building out the store. I'll quickly go over, though how to actually set all this stuff up and how to use your Shopify store. so this is the home page. this is where you're going to start seeing all your orders and stuff. essentially, like, it's not going to show up right now because we haven't picked a plan and done anything, so it's going to try and like force us to do tons of stuff like add some apps, make products, do a name, customize the theme domain, all that stuff and tons of other good stuff. so that is the home page, but once you have this all set up, it will show you the orders you have today, the visits and stuff like that, and then orders. this is essentially once people place an order. this is where the info will go. and then, for the products tab, this is, if you guys want to guess, this is where all the products show up. so I'll show you guys exactly how to add products to your store and how to fulfill them, even like when you get orders in and your customers actually place an order and they show up here- how to Auto fulfill them. so you guys don't need to use AliExpress- ditch that old stuff, it doesn't work anymore. there's other, better ways to fulfill your orders with Shopify- and so I'll show you how to do all that stuff: how to add products. and then customers: finances analytiks is actually very important. this is going to show you sales sessions, returning customer rate, your conversion rate. so if 100 people land on your site and only one person buys, it will be a one percent conversion rate. it even breaks it down further and just tons of good stuff. so this is the backbone of your business. but, more importantly, what we need to do is go to apps. so what we're going to do is just type in what's called Zen drop. so type that in and this is going to be where you actually fulfill your orders and once customers Place orders, they are going to be the company that is helping you out with getting the product from their warehouse into the customer's hands automated. so there's a way to do it completely automated, where you literally don't even have to click, place order or fulfill order. they handle everything. we've done thousands of orders per day with zendrop. they are an amazing supplier and Company. I want have an affiliate link. I don't want to scare you guys off and think like Zen drops a scam and I'm just doing this video to help them out. I'm not at all. but for password, we will just put in, uh, something random and then let's do this. let's hope I remembered it. I think that's it for phone number. I'm gonna do a basic one. hopefully that works. we'll see a text message and then let's see if that works. yeah, cool, that works. so we're good to go. the accounts made. I didn't put my real phone number in, so don't try calling me. but once you get into the account, this is where the fun begins. so now you can just kind of surf around four cool products and see essentially what you want to sell. you can do this. there are tons of other ways to find products. now I kind of already know products that sell well, but if you guys want more in-depth details on product research and stuff, I will have a link below for a free Drop Shipping course. it's completely free. it took me a few weeks to film and I released it for free with one of my business partners, Sebastian Georgia. so again, the course is free. we're like giving you everything I do on a daily basis for the Drop Shipping business for free. so again, all the link below for that. like I did mention, I already know some products that are working well, so we can just do like. there are a few I'm seeing right now that do well. we can just kind of pick one of them. I always like to sell problem solving products, so we can just say: like this hot and cold gel therapy mask, it's a good product. I've seen it on tiktok a little bit, so we'll just click it and then essentially all you have to do to get the product from zendrop onto your website. you don't need to go on here and then go to products and create a product. it's nothing like that and this is completely ditching AliExpress. all you do is again add that app, click add to import list, go to import list and then right here, all you'll need to do is edit your description if you want to edit the variants. so one of the things you'll need to do is edit the sale price. for myself, I would want to have at least like a 3X markup, so we'll just say: nine dollars plus six dollars is going to be 15.. so we can sell this for 39.99. that's a decent enough margin- and then just plug that in for every single color- and I'm just copy and pasting it just to make my life easy- and then from there we're profiting to twenty five dollars per sale. so if we get 10 sales, we will be profiting 250 dollars. next, you need to select the photos. so make sure you are not selecting photos that look like they came from AliExpress or came from somewhere bad, because if you guys do that, it's gonna look scammy. I saw other videos where people were trying to show you guys how to make a website and the photos all look like this and like this and like this and like this and like this. that's not what actually works, and take this from someone who actually knows what they're.

5 things you NEED to know before you start DROPSHIPPING ($10k+ per month)

yo, what's going on, guys? welcome back to another video. i got something very special for you. my name is adrian. i'm one of the founders here at the cash cow academy, where we're teaching hundreds and thousands of people how to start their own online business from home in 2022.. now, before we get on to the rest of this video, these are a few things that you should keep a note of before you start your own drop shipping store. now let's get right into it. so something that i've realized with a lot of new drop shippers- that they start a store and then they close it down before they even get their first sale. and even after building multiple six-figure brands online, i still see the same thing of a lot of people consistently failing time and time again, which is why, in this video, i'm gonna be sharing you three important things to keep note of before you start your drop shipping business. i highly advise that you take out a pen and a piece of paper so then, that way, you know exactly what you got to do and the things you need to look out for when you get started on your own online business, and if you properly take note of the things that i say, i promise you it will increase your chances of actually succeeding in the space. i've been in the drop shipping space for nearly two years and there has been so many updates and changes that have been taken place, and i want to give you the most transparent and current information to help you get started. and just as quick side track i do want you to keep in mind i'm dropping a new video every single monday, thursday and saturday, so make sure that you tag along and stay tuned for the next video. alright, so let's get started with tip number one. so one of the biggest misconceptions about drop shipping is that a lot of people are saying that it's dead, and you need to realize that one of the reasons why a lot of people are saying it's dead is because it creates controversy, which pushes the video to go out viral. they want you to know that information, they want you to watch. so then you can't get started on your drop shipping business, giving you doubts and a reason to pull away from your opportunity. and i'm gonna tell you straight up: it's not true. and even though every single year more people are hopping onto drop shipping, a lot of new beginners are still making a lot of money within their first few weeks of starting, and what's crazy is that in my discord server, there's still a lot of students in there that are making money and they're taking their first steps of action to really see the success in their own online business. so i really want you to question yourself: what is stopping you from starting your own online business. there is still a massive opportunity for you to get started and come up on the rise of drop shipping in 2022.. all you have to do is take action and surround yourself with people who are better than you. over the past couple years of running my own brands and my own stores, we notiked that drop shipping has become a very popular business model since we started. if you take a look at this graph, year over year, the rise of e-commerce is growing exponentially. it's growing at an insane rate, and one of the reasons for it is because people would rather shop online than go to their own retail stores and drive to it. a lot of people would rather just get that product delivered to their house because it's more efficient, it saves them time and at the end of it, they still get their product, and if you were to find a product, that would actually get you those sales and you can figure out a way to sell it. you can get a piece of that pie becoming one of the top one percent in the world that are actually running drop shipping. now, if you feel like you've missed out on an opportunity, i want you to take a look at some of these student results that we have been helping in the cash cow academy again, i have come across so many beginners in the space that have started their drop shipping store and, within a couple of weeks, experience their first sale and understand and realize and see for themselves that this stuff is real. and something that i really want you to understand is that there is a massive difference between the people that fail and the people that actually succeed in the drop shipping space, which leads me to my second tip. this tip that i'm about to share with you would have saved me so much stress and anxiety before i got started on my store. one of the biggest things that you need to realize and understand and see for yourself is seeing how much time and work you're going to have to put in in order to see real results. you really gotta sign a contract for yourself to commit to this opportunity and never give up, because the only way that you are going to develop this skill set is by trial and error. you've probably come across so many videos where people are making stores within 24 hours, seven days, and seeing results immediately, which, in my opinion, completely destroys the perspective on how drop shipping really is. there are so many people that i have met and come across that have only put hundreds of dollars into this business model and almost immediately they are expecting to get results, and then the thing is that once they don't get those results, they feel very discouraged and they think that this business model is a scam. as you've already seen, i have done multiple of those challenges, but, however, i do have a template that helps me qualify the product before i even get to marketing. if you want access to my exact product research template, then i highly suggest that you check out the cash cow academy, because it's gonna help you qualify your product and it's gonna ensure that you increase your probability of getting sales within your first couple days. to be completely honest with you, i was blessed to even have access to a template that allowed me to qualify my product and even within my first store, selling a dog harness that you can put your pet's name on it. i got my first sale. now that doesn't mean it's gonna happen to you, and after that dog store, i had to go through a number of products over and over again. i had to run through seven stores, 30 days of trial and error before i actually found my big hitter, and that big hitter made me over 27 000 in the month of july in 2020.. it was my first ever profitable product, and even after that store died out in august of 2020, it took me another year before i was able to see my first hundred thousand dollar month. and for you, i really need you to have the mindset that you are in it for the journey. don't have any expectations as to how much money you're gonna make. just enjoy the process and fall in love with learning. it may take you 30 days, 60 days, 90 days a year, but no matter what, as long as you are consistent and taking note of your failures, i promise you you will become one step closer to seeing your success, and this is why i am so inspired to continue making youtube videos for you guys. so then, that way, you get results a lot sooner than i did understand that everything that you do is going to be a test. every time that you push out content for your stores or create ads, make sure that you break down exactly what went wrong or what went right. the reason why you want to continue to write down your wins is so then you can recycle that over and over again, so then you can start seeing consistent results. and, honestly, i'm so grateful because i didn't give up, because if i did, i have no idea where i would be. i'd probably still be working at like boston pizza or the moving company or dressing up as a paw patrol character. now, if you are new to starting a business, here are five tips that i highly suggest you take note of that will help you succeed. number one is that you really gotta find a passion for this. every time that you wake up, you have to have a fire in yourself that gets you motivated to continue attacking at that opportunity. if you are not passionate and you don't deeply enjoy what you do, then you will not see.