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when are black friday ads released in newspaper

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Black Friday Ads! - Live stream | TRN

so this seemed like a wonderfully stupid idea. I was looking at the Black Friday ads. it's later on on Thursday, Thanksgiving, and everybody's done eating, people are packing up and leaving and getting ready for bed, or they already left, and I figure I want to take a look at these ads. but you know what? I want to take a look at these ads with you. what is up, smash, how are you tonight? I figure I try something fun and if nobody likes it, you know what, that's okay. so how was your thing? savings, mr smash. anyways, I guess we can. I guess we could start see how this, how this wants to come out here and I'm hoping you guys can hear me, if you can hear me, hopefully. I don't know. that seems to be the bad luck that I have half the time. gamer's- Oh see, I don't do the gamers Club thing. I don't really have a membership to any of the stores, except for like wholesale places like BJ's and stuff like that. so, anyway, okay. so we're looking at, uh, Walmart. so what do we get here? so, down here, switch 300 bucks, that's how much they cost. yeah, it looks like a couple of TV's- element TV, which is, from what I hear, pieces of garbage and a sharp 55 inch, which is might be decent, oh yeah. yeah, I know you could like stack the the discount with coupons and stuff like that, so I actually can't be a decent deal. I, I have heard that before. so, holy crap, there's a lot of TVs here. so Samsung, Vizio, Samsung, Samsung, Samsung, whole bunch of Samsung TVs. that is not too bad. so let's see, yeah, they're not as good as they used to be. yeah, they're not as good as they used to be. well, I got an echo just then. oops, anyway. so what else we looking at? yeah, I feel like when I used to like, almost like when the internet was earlier Internet, I feel like the ads were better. I think there are better deals. I like the stores that gave better deals just don't exist anymore. like I feel like like Circuit City or compusa gave better deals for stuff and those stores just I'm not around anymore now. this is actually not bad. so I'm looking here at this wall mount: 20 bucks for a wall mount, that's not too bad. usually the wall mounts I bought, I buy from Harbor Freight and with a coupon you're gonna play ten bucks, but twenty is not terrible. no, stuck together, but yeah, I mean I don't know going back and seeing like the compusa, yeah it's, and they would have that whole back page that had like a ton of stuff that was like a dollar or five bucks or free after the rebate and even if you didn't send the rebate in, it would be like five dollars in their final rebate. so I mean it's still four, five bucks. you got something halfway decent. kind of missed that a little bit. so here I want a new tablet. I feel like tablets are like not popular anymore. if I call the Android ones are crap, like some of them. yes, Circuit City was amazing. that was like my second go to store. it was always copy us. a first Tenth Circuit City, then Best Buy and pretty much never, ever staples. do I notike that? they've been using the same design on these sand ester eyes forever? they have it. a four gig looks just like that. I mean, look at this thing: 28 bucks for seven-inch smart AB- that that's what it says. it's a thing at that. and the frame correctly. let me see: smart AB or smart AB, yeah, whatever, maybe. yeah, iPads are not bad. I just I I'm not in the whole Apple ecosystem so I don't usually go to much for Apple stuff, but it just seems like the Android tablets are terrible. these Google homes are getting cheaper and cheaper. these are the electors. I think at some point they're just gonna start getting away, cuz they want those things in your house. so there's a point where it seems like 10 bucks or free, they're gonna start giving you like I think they're D, do give you those. you buy the light bulbs and you get the Google home for free, or the, the Samsung, whatever they call their smart home, smart thinks. oh, this, this page is busy. whoa, there's a lot of stuff here. so well, that's not bad. so these TVs are actually pretty, not TVs, their dual DVDs. it's so funny is our old van, the one that got smashed by the tree. we had borrowed somebody's little TVs like this, and the new van won't. the new to us van has the TV built in, and now I find a set of those TVs for like almost 50 bucks. so figured, I don't need them. now and there they are again. this - I, I don't buy movies anymore, I just don't. I feel like it. you know, I don't, I don't know, it's just so. you know people have them, you have Plex, they have Netflix, like I just don't buy movies anymore. that's terrible. used to be all about buying movies are. I care nothing about bicycles, so I look an easel easels are cool and pajamas and moah pajamas and I don't care. and that's a decent toolbox. if you need a toolbox- a metal one- you like keep this in your car. seriously, buy this toolbox and look it comes with some tools, get it and like put it in your car. there you go. yeah, I have one friend that he's still really into buying movies and he buys like the steel books and everything and good for him. I mean, if he's into and he enjoys, he's got all the power to him. I just don't. I just don't do it anymore. I just don't. you know this last thing back here. I never heard of the brand Pro mark shadow drone with GPS. so it looks like it's a GPS and it's got like the stream that goes to the head for a hundred bucks. if this even remotely works, that is not bad. that is not bad at all. and of course, you have the. what do you call in here? where is it? the Xbox one X 500 bucks, I think that's how much it costs and this is probably the best I've seen so far, as that's a 50-inch TV for 330. LG's a decent brand. it looks like it has built-in apps. that's not bad. and look at these stupid things. these had troubles only at Walmart. why the only? oh, okay, that design isn't the whole point. you don't know what's in there. so this in, you're buying it, it's the golden link. so who will you hatch? oh, the golden links, because you tell me in the package, that's what it is. that's. that's cool, as any, as anybody may wonder. I am NOT going out for for a Blackfyre. hitting my wife is so she's pregnant, I'm still he's ad soon and and do it. so this is new. this is new to me. so this is Duluth trading. I don't. would they just open this store where I am here in Rhode Island? I've never been there, I don't know. I guess they sell men's clothes from, from what I'm seeing, 30% off, that's a good deal. 30% off any peers of a hundred in store, online or by phone. who advertises by phone? still, whatever, anyway, oh no, this how I had it rigged just fell down. hello, let me fix that. it was. that was terrible. hang on, that was amazing. let's fix this. all that, that's great. I don't have it in the exact spot I had it before. oh, that's close enough. I hope it doesn't fall out of me again. oh, okay, okay, I'll have to keep an eye on that and not accidentally hit the camera with the piece of paper when I lift it up. anyways, okay, so back to the underwear store. holy crap, this is twenty two. wait, wait, wait, wait, look, it's not focusing its twenty two dollars for a pair of underwear. oh, my god, I'm never going here. what up, what do they got inside? hold on, see, let's see, let's see, look up, okay, so forty four bucks for a shirt and $99 for a hoodie. that is awful. you know what? this is going directly in the trash. I am never going to this store. I mean, I don't buy. I don't buy garbage clothes, I mean, but I'm not spending $100 on a sweatshirt. this is a complete waste of time. why would you have a Black Friday sale at the lay-z-boy store? this is why I don't wear clothes. yes, this is. this is why closer, just far too expensive that they really are. look at, here's another one. okay, so look, this is another black, for, like Black Friday deals, you can really be. it's for adverted, sure, and mattress, who's going here? who's going here on Black Friday? look, they're advertising that they have hot chocolate, feuded, eat, drink, whatever. I mean that you're granted this is. this is nice furniture. I mean, I see that I'm still laughing at this is why I don't work clothes like who's going here. take a look at 600 bucks for this fireplace thing. it's nice i.


one here with the brand new video. this time i want to go back to the past. so let's do black friday 2004 ads. so let's go to the past and see in 2004 what deals best buy had for their black friday. so they opened: six in the morning till noon, wow. [Laughter]. wow, six in the morning. so this time it wasn't on thursday thanksgiving, it was actually six in the morning, so this was around the time. what year was this? 2004? let's see what they had on sale. can we zoom in a little bit better? um, napster, that was our mp3 player. this was our camcorder. wow, look the laptops. desktop e machines, the big, best tops. oh man, the camera. look at that. cool down here. a small screen, wow. let me go to the third page. what did i miss? i was going too fast. so we have dvd and vcr combo. dvd portable, that small tv- that's where i played all my playstation 2 games. a dvd player. we had the dave chappelle the day after tomorrow, 10 each. and then dvd hits. sorry, i was going by too fast, i was too excited. oh, this is page two. where was page one? that's the same thing. okay, okay, let's go. okay, we already went through this. friday and saturday: only no interest until january 2006. wow well, six hour special free shipping. all right, let's see what do we have here. oh, these are just, uh well, toshiba: 40 gigabyte of hard drive, 20, 256 megabytes of ram and you can play dvd and cd. oh, these are the games. this is what i'm looking for. all right, look the ps2: 150. um, the memory card: 20, 20 now for these games, 10 for these 19. spider-man, can we zoom in a little bit more? tony hawk, pro skater 4: 10 bad boys, five dollars. and how much was the game boy advance? well, we cannot see it when we can look: xbox live, venus controller and gamecube beep combo pack: 50, 150. how much was the regular price? maybe 200? okay, i cannot turn sideways. i don't know how to turn sideways from my phone, but maybe you guys can. so eighty dollars for the controller, not controller for the game boy advance. and then we have more games here. what is this? oh, is that midnight club? is that the game shirt or no? and these are pc games, always perfect, best buy gift cards. so eighty dollars, now, that's not worth, is? is it eighty dollars? uh, used, i don't know how much you used to cost, i got. wait, how much are they use? maybe 50 and then 10 for these games. all right, let's go to the next page. all right. so here are the movies: 5 for 25, your choice. that's not bad, but these movies- selena was great. what else do we have here? um chris, rock, space and cowboys. there we go. let me zoom in. you know what guys? the boiler room, vegas vacation is that? rob schneider, space cowboys. all right, let's go to the next page. all the hottest cds: wow, 6.99 warranties, around 10 or 13. we got beyonce there, jessica simpsons, we got spider-man 2, the album ac dc, michael jackson. now everything is digital, so cds are going obsolete. training day: joel ace ventura. i'm sorry, what yo? going back to 2004? oh, look, how. what's? 888 flat screen tvs- those who are yet to be born. this is how we played. this was our plasma tv. wow, 219 flat 2 stereo tv. who needs a workshop? when you got the rock solid tvs for a lot less jingles? wow, those were our plasma. you couldn't hook this up to the wall wall mount. okay, let's see what else we have here. these are monitors. four hundred dollars. another tv: lctv 17. wow, they were quite expensive back then. of course. look what we had here: handheld lcd tv, what? yeah, i don't think those exist. they do probably do exist, but everything's portable. now you have your tablets, ipad, um, your cam candle fire- that's what color candle fire stik. and your samsung's tablets, wow, 37 dollars, not bad. i mean, it's satellite, right, it has the antenna. um, let me see dvd cd player: 34.99. look at this. stereo jbl 399.. craig, a craig from friday, this one: you get 100 gift card home theater receiver, 600 watt home theater receiver, uh, portable dvd player. yeah, wow, this was. if you had one of these. you're popular. if i remember seeing everybody have one of these in my family member. yes, you were popular if you had one of these. my cousins, my friends. and at least you get free 50 pack dvd art packs. yes, you put your vhs and you record it on the disk. we don't get those nowadays. the digital market killed everything. excessive chair executive chart. i'm sorry. three home direct system, so free. samsung, hd, upconvert dvd player, jvc, sony, toshiba, huh, i wonder if these are better than right now, than what we have right now, the home theater system as in. i don't know, because you know they say the older the item, the better quality. oh, man, flip phones, guys, flip phones for the bomb. if you drop them it will still work. battery lost lasts longer. um, it was hard to text but it was worth it. it was three minutes after 9: 00 pm, i think, or free texts after nine: beepers- are these beepers? oh no, these are satellite. don't even start with b birds, those were wild back then. so we get more to roll up and even get camera phone. oh my gosh, bro, 2004 can't get any better than that. unbelievable prices, three nationwide carriers, all is one store. why go anywhere? yeah, why go anywhere 2004.. wait, walkie tokies, what? oh no, are they what attack? six miles to a radio? six miles, wow, and we have our karaoke machine, cd player, portable cd player- yep, portable cd player. if you had one of those- you're popular yo, these external radio. you had to be careful if you had that in your car installed because people out there would rob it. i know i've read her stories where people would rob their external music radio stereo. you would have to. once you leave your car, you have to take it with you or put it inside somewhere hidden in your car so nobody will see it. that's how we live back then. dvd, portable system um sub package. what is that? amp and illuminated? i thought it was a tape recorder- 14.99 cd player. oh man, you know, guys, i'll be a perfect gift for this year. if you want to give a gift to a friend, you give them a cd player and a cd or a walkman or something. that'll be a perfect gift, you know, not only will it be exciting, but it'll bring a smile to their face saying what you got me this for christmas. think about it. it's a perfect gift. i think they're cheap. go to the dollar store, you know, if you got enough to give to your friend, to your love partners, to your girlfriend's, boyfriend's, husband's, wife, kids cd player, especially to the kids. nowadays they're gonna say: what is this? you know what? i'm gonna give that to my little cousins. that's a perfect holiday gift. there you have it also. that's the same page. okay, let me go to the next one. yo, my mom had one. no, my mom had the big one. she had the big one where you put on your shoulder and you record this camcorder. oh man, and this is how we zoom in with our cameras. we don't have no options in our phone zoom ins about. we would press the button and then the lens will pop out and look how much- 512 were those megabytes. look how much- 30 dollars we have- quite expensive back then. and of course, we needed the batteries and we had boombox put in your shoulder. walk around your area, your neighborhood, oh, man, brings back memories. what are these cameras? kodak cannons? only. this is where you have your minutes. you didn't need no contract. yeah, you could buy cards. minutes put in your card, 30 of 30 or 20 would last you for a week at least. there are no contracts and i'll sand this. these are memory stik. 256 megabytes- 30 dollars, jeez, 256. right now, 256 will only cost what? two dollars, man, you can probably get a free online. 20 will give you what? 32, 64 gigabytes. oh, napster, that was the, the music, that was our itunes spotify where you download music and you have to do save. now, no, no melt in rebates, but there were mold melt in melon. rebates. for 1049 you get the gateway. gateway notebook that reads and writes dvds and cds. iowa noise canceling headphones: one free year of master, that's not bad one. for one full year, dude, that is perfect. printers: these are wireless router, netgear, super g, the netgear and the sand is a digital audio player eighty dollars, oh man, i see a projector six hundred. i think it was really expensive. now, after melding reb.


LIVE Replay: Kevin previews Best Buy's new Black Friday ad

[Music]. [Music]. good evening and welcome to another edition of kevin toks tik. kevin toks tik live. it is november 2nd. it is 10 o'clock central here in downtown minneapolis as we kick off this very new episode of kevin toks tik live. thanks for joining me. i'm kevin hurt. it's great to see you again back here for week two of the new live show that we are doing. so we started this last week. i had this idea recently, um uh, with the help of some other um folks as well- that perhaps maybe taking on a happy hour feel to kevin toks tik live would give it kind of a a different energy at night, and so i have poured myself a nice glass of non-alcoholic pink lemonade, which i enjoy very much, no matter what the temperature is, and it's just a time for us to tok tik, a time for you to put your questions into the box, to ask me things as we go, and for me to tackle a partikular topic each time we do meet. so the big elephant in the room, of course, is the fact that we have an election coming up tomorrow, a long-awaited election. so you would think on a night like this i want to tok a little bit about the election, but actually i'm going to change things up. we're not going to tok the election tonight. you'll be getting enough of that here in the days to come. although i love to tok about politiks, um, let's continue to tok about tik and the fact that best buy has now released their black friday ad for this coming year. exactly what black friday is going to look like this year, i'm not entirely sure yet. i think a lot of people right now are still trying to- uh, you know, get a handle as to what black friday is going to look like this year. regardless, we do know what some of these deals are going to be and we've already seen some of them. to be honest, back on amazon prime day, best buy actually had some sales of their own target, had sales. walmart had sales, you know, a lot of these places got an early start on things, but best buy just released their print ad a couple days ago. so today i want to go through it, uh, highlight a few things that have caught my attention, some things that i think you should keep an eye out for, and then we will also go through and highlight a couple other deals and, of course, get to your comments as well here today. so let's crack this baby open again. this is the um. this is the print version of the ad that you would see um in the newspaper the day before black friday, on thanksgiving, so right on the front page. uh, as we kick things off here, um, you'll notike. typically we see a television on the front, um, but actually a real mix here of products. we generally see at least a few tvs on here of different sizes, maybe a laptop as well, but uh, really seems to me like some more home products this year. this kitchen mixer by kitchenaid- uh, normally it looks like uh, 4.99 down to 199 um. vacuum cleaners as well, a couple laptops- you've got the new ipad air here, um, but definitely interesting that they put a few more home things on here. of course, we are in the middle right now of a pandemic: people are staying home. i don't know a lot about kitchen gear, but this right off the top seems like a pretty good deal: 300 off um this kitchenaid mixer. honestly, that's quite surprising. i don't recall seeing a um in in the past in a best buy ad where you had, like, the leading product being a kitchen product, so i do think that's interesting. i've actually got a copy of the 2004 black friday ad that just give you a sneak peek here. i'll pull it up in a little bit and we'll go back and see it was on sale back in 2004. but let's tok about this one. um, so i i do like that. i think that's a great deal. as far as the tv goes, um, insignia is best buys uh brand that they make. they do make good products. i like insignia products. uh, this is the fire tv edition, so it is gonna come with the amazon apps built into it as well. um, i think that the operating system, um, you know, whether it's fire tv, whether it's roku and a lot of times whether it's a standalone operating system that the smart tv is running, whether maybe that's tied uh in partikular to toshiba or tied back to sony or something, a lot of those times they're pretty good. i'm a little bit biased because i personally like the roku operating system. if this had roku built in, i'd be especially excited about it. but, um, having the fire tv designation does give you access to amazon's products in there. and then keep an eye too, just on apple products. we don't often see sales on apple products, although we have seen seen them a little bit more than long, long ago. this is toking about saving up to 70 on different ipad models and then also a couple hundred bucks on macbook air products. of course, those are going to vary depending on the model that you are getting. so, um, let's go in here. uh, so, black friday sale: um, they begin according to best buy here. um, they are doing it looks like something a little bit more. um, you know, that's geared toward a longer chunk of time. so this says black friday sale begins sunday, november 22nd. then you've got your thanksgi giving day sale online only, and then you've got cyber deals, which kick off saturday, november 28th. uh, you know, i guess this kind of makes sense here too. um, stretching out black friday, you know, over the course of a longer period of time probably leads to fewer amounts of people rushing into the store, which we just honestly really can't do right now. and some other ways to pick up your products as well. uh, at best buy. same day delivery, ready in an hour. next day delivery, all right. so enough of that. let's get into the actual products themselves here. a lot of different products that you'll see on the screen here, uh, right in front of us: um, laptops, so several options here. um, you know, when you look at this partikular one, um, let me see if i can, actually can i zoom in here. i've always liked hp products. i'd actually always, you know, previously purchased hp products in the past until i did get a mac computer recently. but you do just get a lot of hardware, um, for the price point with a windows based computer, which i really like. this one has 12 gigabytes of ram, which is um quite a bit of ram for a laptop, by um you know, normal standards. i had a desktop i purchased a few years ago that had 12 gigabytes of ram, and even today 12 gigabytes of ram is pretty standard for a desktop. so that's a pretty good amount of ram. and again, that's your random access memory that allows you to run more programs at once. uh, 520, 12 gigabyte hard drive, not as big as you're going to see in some of those desktop type computers, but again it's ssd. so, um, solid state drive, no moving parts inside, small, sleek, thin, a little less susceptible to breaking. but again, you always do want to be careful and make sure you're backing up any hard drive if you're looking for something a little bit cheaper. i've also been fans of the chromebooks. i know lenovo and hp both make good chromebooks and there's a couple good deals here on that looks like a couple hundred bucks off. um, just be um mindful whenever you're looking at these uh chromebooks as well. um, they generally don't require a lot of ram in it, but just keep an eye on the space. so, 32 gigabytes um here of storage, 32 gigabytes here, uh, not too bad, since most of what you're doing is in the cloud. but if you, um, you know, did need a little bit of storage, uh, you could certainly look at a bigger model there. um, here's this: uh, let me see here, hisense television set 249.. uh, you know, to tell you the truth, i don't have a lot of experience, uh, with high sense um, so i can't really give a great recommendation on this partikular tv. if there's somebody in the chat that has a high sense tv, uh, let me know, would be more than happy to hear your thoughts about that. um, let's see here. let's page ahead, because this is a pretty big ad. some more tvs here, so this one i really liked. i love tcl tvs um this partikular one: a 75 inch for 4.99 um regularly, 7.99- great deal. 75 inches too. that is a lot of real estate. make sure you do your measuring um before you get into that um and then below that he.

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Black Friday deal on Samsung 4K TV may not have been such a deal

one of the biggest Black Friday deals on big screen TVs may not have been that good of a deal at all. consumer reporter John Matarese explains why. but first, you still have six more hours to grab some amazing Black Friday deals. right, John? that's right Kristen. if you didn't get your shopping done at work today, what none of us here at not in your side shop at work ever, then I have some good news for you: more cyber monday deals are on the way this evening. look for discounts on top of discounts. for instance, look for a coats: a 30% off, then get a site-wide 15% discount on top of that. Kohl's: that's 20% off site-wide, and Macy's: you get an extra 20% off tonight. Banana Republic 50% off. Old Navy 40% off everything. and at Toys R Us, you can take an extra 15% off through midnight. tonight would say being the busiest online shopping day of the year. thousands of tri-staters are now waiting for packages to arrive, but Cyber scam artists know that - so they're flooding our email inboxes with bogus shipping notikes claiming a problem with your order. the emails appear to come from the post office, FedEx, UPS or from popular stores like Best Buy and Walmart, but all of them are fake and contain malware. so you compared the ads, you made your Black Friday plans and in some cases you skipped out on Thanksgiving dinner, all to get a 4k TV at a great price. well, unfortunately, a new report claims one of the biggest Black Friday TV deals this year wasn't such a great deal. after all of all the red-hot TV deals on Black Friday, none were hotter than the Samsung 4k TVs. Samsung is a premier brand when it comes to 4k and shoppers grab these 4k sets the moment the door is opened. how good a deal is this? pretty good indeed. $499 for a 55 inch 4k is a bargain. but the website consumer world org claims some stores inflated the savings by hundreds of dollars. turns out this was not some eight hundred or thousand dollar TV you could have bought a few months ago. this was a TV typically sold for Black Friday. Samsung tells consumer world. the TV's released in August have a suggested list price of $699. best buy, JCPenney and Sears all sold it for $4.99- a $200 savings over lists. but look at targets. black friday add, the list price was suddenly $799. she supposedly saved three hundred, and at Kohl's the list price was allegedly nine hundred ninety nine dollars, giving you a five hundred dollar discount. Kohl's has not commented, while target calls the higher price a system error. now, if you bought one of these TVs, don't panic. the good news is you got a top-quality samsung tv. the only thing is you might not have saved 300 or 400 dollars. okay, speaking of savings, you've seen gas prices. they are finally falling after the holiday. Ranma Kitty reports UDF on Tyler's Ville Road in Hamilton down to 212 tonight. Kermit Ballmer says Kentucky is still high, though shell in Florence at 251 and in Indiana. our good friend Terry Hank and burns found two 22 at the shell route 50 in Lawrenceburg. on wccocom and my facebook page, read my secrets on how to save even more on cyber monday tonight, so you don't waste your money, Chris.

Episode 223 - Thomas MacEntee & The DNA Do Over / Newspaper Runaway Ads And What They Tell Us

yeah, I don't think mother knew about this. strangled, I don't. [Music]. ya never saw it coming. [Music]. and welcome to America's family history show. extreme genes in extreme genes. calm Fisher, here, your radio root, sleuth on the program where we shake your family tree and watch the nuts fall out, and this segment of the show is brought to you by familysearchorg. hey, it's great to have you along. we've got some great guests today. first of all, we're gonna start with Thomas McEntee. he is with abundant genealogy and he's the guy who's kind of made famous the genealogy do-over. well, we're toking now about the DNA do-over and, since 2018 is shaping up to be the year of DNA, you're gonna want to hear what Thomas has to say, coming up in about nine minutes or so. then, later in the show, David Allen Lambert is gonna rejoin us after doing this segment with us here in just a few moments, toking about what's happening in your family. he's to our news and we're gonna tok about these amazing runaway ads- and I recently found one concerning a third great-grandfather who abandoned his family- and you're gonna want to hear where you can find some of these things in the amazing detail. you can learn about your ancestor through these digitized newspaper ads that go way back. that's gonna be a lot of fun. by the way, David David Allen Lambert, the chief genealogists of the New England historic Genealogical Society, americanancestorsorg, I finally got my pirate coins the other day that I picked up on eBay: a 16- yeah, a 1695- Cobb coin, a Spanish Cobb coin, otherwise known as a doubloon, or a piece of eight, dated 1695, and I picked it up from Spain for 15 bucks. and that was the year my pirate ancestor was part of the big raid on the Indian ship in the Red Sea, so my granddaughter went pretty nuts holding the pirate coin related to well, ancestors, great. now you're gonna have to let me know the next time you see one of those, because I want to buy one too. oh yeah, they are out there. what I can't get over is how expensive they generally are, but this was fifteen bucks because it wasn't in great shape, but because of the fact that I could clearly read the date. that was enough for me and I could put it in our ancestral coin book with the kids, and they really enjoy having that. anyway, nice to have you here. we got a lot of family. he's to our news today, so let's get it started, okay. well, the first story is kind of a our story fish. it takes place up in Berwick, Nova Scotia, where the Bennett family, hoping to see their dearly departed body, before the funeral, discovered that the lady in the casket was not her. ooh. so what are they? or was the second lady in the casket they brought out thinking that was her? no, turns out, this poor lady, Sandra Bennett, was cremated. it was not the family's wishes, oh, and it's caused them to be quite upset, as you can imagine, to think that three bodies all misidentified and then one of them was accidentally cremated. that's quite a mess up there, a notion, yeah, I would say, and how upsetting for the family ultimately. and where is she now? that kind of thing, oh my goodness. hopefully she won't turn up as cremated remains in some courthouse for 18 years- the one we toked about before, that's true. well, the next story is kind of our rhetoric is. in recent news we've heard all the things about the influenza problems in California and throughout the country, and it brings us back to something happen Accenture ago, and I love the stories that I saw on extreme genes calm, where you tok about the 10 myths about the 1918 flu pandemic. yes, it's fascinating stuff, you know I I don't want to read through all of them, but I just want to say like, for instance, the pandemic originated in Spain because they call it the Spanish flu and this: well, the truth of that is no one believes the so called Spanish flu came from the Spain. and then there are nine of the things. even in my own family fish. my great-grandmother died in 1920 and our family said that they believed that the flu came over with the dead bodies in Europe that were brought over after the war. a lot of I believe that. yeah, you have these urban legends. it starts, and Here I am four generations later. maybe these 10 myths will debunk my family story and I'll tell it correct from now on. and I'll tell you what. when we posted this on our Facebook page, we got more stories from people explaining how they lost their loved ones to the flu pandemic in 1918. here it is, exactly a hundred years later, and everybody still knows the story of how their loved one died a horrible death from that disease back in the day. it just goes to show that we really do never forget family members known, if it was a hundred years ago. well, Henry Louis Gates recently had toked about some of the last slave ships in America, and this one is from 160 years ago. this is a Gulf Coast wreck called the co tilde and this was found in the Mobile Alabama area embedded in the side of a riverbank, and they believe this vessel may be that of the last known vessel that had brought slaves from Africa to the United States. and that amazing in 1860. who knew that it was happening that late? because I know Jefferson passed a law back around 1812 that ended bringing new slaves over and yet some people still managed to do it, and this was one of those ships. Wow, it's sad, but maybe, as part of this, can be excavated out of the mud and put on display. yeah, well, my next story goes over to the Emerald Isle, to Dublin, where you can actually go to the hotel Shelbourne and get a genealogy Butler. yeah, isn't this cool. you know, the Irish have really embraced genealogy as a great way to bring people over to see the motherland, basically for Irish Americans, because there are more Irish people here there are over there, and so not only is the government embraced it, but now so are the hotels and other people connected with tourism. it's great, and I think that this is something that could take off in America as well. all right, every week I like to give a blogger spotlight shout out- and this week it is - Melissa Dickerson, who is the genealogy girl toks blogger on genealogy girl toks Thom and Melissa toks about a variety of adventures in genealogy, but one that struck me is her blog post recently on how to find pictures of my World War 1 ancestors. so I thought that was engaging and kind of ties in to what I'm doing. tonight I'm going to be giving a lecture at the Boston Public Library on that very same topic: finding your World War one veteran ancestors. and if you can't come to Boston tonight to see me, well, guess what? I'll be at roots tik giving that same tok. and because I'm half Canadian, the other half of the lecture is how to find your Canadian World War one veteran's. wait, NEHGS would love to have our listeners become members at NEHGS and come here to Boston. you can join any HDS and if you want to save $20, use the checkout code Xtreme on american ancestorsorg a fish before I run off to give my lecture. let's tok about some of these, our run away at all. right, we'll get to that coming up a little bit later in the show, David. so thanks so much. tok to you in a few. and coming up next he is the man behind the genealogy do-over and now he's promoting the DNA do-over. Thomas McEntee is on from abundant genealogy. you're gonna want to hear what he has to say. coming up next in three minutes on Xtreme jeans, America's family history show. [Music]: hey, genies, it's Fisher. and whether you're new to family history, a seasoned pro or you've simply missed the event in years past, now's your chance to connect at roots tik. it's the world's largest family history conference. now you can join everybody for four days of discovery and make connections to your past. enjoy world-class entertainment, interactive booths and hundreds of hands-on classes. listen to celebrity speakers like former Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton and Brandon Stanton, the founder of the humans of New York photo blog, and Henry Louis Gates Jr, host of the hit PBS show finding your roots. purchase your four-day roots Tek pass t.

Black Friday Shopping Deals 2015

hi guys, Gina here and welcome back to my channel, and today is an exciting video. I'm going to be doing my pre Black Friday video to let you guys know the deals that i am going to be snagging and also throw in some tips, and i want to wish you guys a happy thanks, miss. as you can see, my house- well, my background- is half Christmas, half thanksgiving, because i couldn't hold off on adding some christmas decor into my house. so we have christmas, but we also have the turkey tubes. i also have another exciting update to share with you guys. um, some of you may know that I'm expecting, that I am expecting my second child in March and we found out the gender. so we are going to be having a boy. so I'm really excited. we have a girl already, so now we're going to have one of each, which is the perfect combination. and, yeah, I'm really excited. um, my favorite name at this point: I Sawyer. my husband likes. what's his? the name he likes? he likes Carter, but I'm on Team Sawyer and I think that I should probably have veto, since I'm the one pushing him out, so I'm going with team Sawyer. anyways, after all this rambling, let's go ahead and jump into the video. i have my list just written down. i'll just let you guys know. um, the first store is Cole's and Cole's opens on thursday at 6pm- I believe it is, yeah, 6pm. what they're doing right now with Cole's is when you spend fifty dollars or more, you're going to get $15 in ECB's back, and they do that once, not? you see these? when are we toking about? when you spend fifty dollars, you're going to get $15 kohls cash back, and they do that once a year. but they're actually already running that promo now. so you can hop on to kohls com or you can go into the store now and you can still take advantage of the fifteen dollars cold cash when you spend 50. um. so I only have. I just have a few things i'm going to highlight from Kohl's, and usually around this time of year is when I will replace our towels and our sheets and stuff like that. I don't like to use my towels and sheets for too long. so the big one: towels are 299 apiece and the jello brand sheets any size and the thread count is 600 thread count and they are going to be 49, 99 um. nike shoes for the family are twenty-five percent off and there is a deal on a men's watch for 999, and then also- I don't know if- if you guys are subscribed to the coals mailing list- um, they sent out a coupon for fifteen percent off with your kohl's card. and then also there is a ten dollar off on anything in the store that's ten dollars or more, so that's a great coupon. so you absolutely can snag on something for free. and let's see, you could snag for towels and pay 299 for them, plus the fifteen percent off. so there's a few things throughout the store that you can definitely grab for free. the next store on is JC Penney, and they open on thursday at three pm, and there are a few things that caught my eye in the ad, and the first is a panini maker and it is 1999. plus there is a ten-dollar mail in rebates. so after the mail in rebate you're going to get- and you'll be getting- it for 999, and they also have sheets on sale on. the prices vary between 39, 99 and 49, and this is for any size as well. so we have a king, a California king bed, so those tend to be more expensive, and so I like when they throw in the deals for any size, because it works in my favor. um, various Arizona brand boots will be 1999 and they have some fleece on pj pants for 599. and then they also have various promos that you can stack. there is a spin, $75 and or more, and you will get twenty dollars in bonus cash. so it's like their version of kohls cash, but it's a jcpenney bonus bucks, a target. they have a. what time do they open? on Charlie, target opens at six pm on Thursday. and one of the deals that i highlighted was a tablet for thirty, nine, ninety nine. I actually got the android tablet already this sunday. they had a price for 4999, so I went ahead and just got that one. and there's also a deal on a sonicare electric toothbrush. it is on sale for 34, 99 and the original price is 59, 99 plus. i'm in this Sunday's newspaper. there was a five dollar off coupons, so that's going to drop the price down to 29, 99, which is a great price. and what else they have? various smoothie is? um, various movies are anywhere between 4 to 24 dollars. let's see, women's apparel will be forty percent off and cold weather accessories will be forty percent up as well. um, shoes for the family will be forty percent off. sweaters for the family will be forty percent off. what else- the handbags- will be forty percent off. um. I'm trying to think off the top of my head. I didn't write any of this down because I'm not going to target for those specific things and I also have various and target coupons. but I have a target redcard so they will send various coupons in the mail. so I have a five off 25 home purchase and I have a 535 apparel purchase, so I'll be able to use those coupons. um with um, I'll be able to use those coupons to get the total even lower. and old navy- they will be having a. their scale is actually already starting. for old navy, the whole entire store is forty percent off and this is gonna be through saturday- either saturday or sunday, so you guys have plenty of time to head over to old navy early, or you can head over to old navy over the weekend. I don't really think you necessarily need to run to old navy on black friday. i really i think that you could use your time going somewhere else, especially when the deal is the same um throughout the whole weekend. so i don't think there's a reason to really rush over there. uh, petsmart actually has a really great deal on a 35-pound cat litter. it's the purina brad cat litter. the 35 pound tubs will be seven, ninety-nine. I don't have a cat, but my best friend has a cat, so, yeah, they also have fifty percent off Christmas toys and Christmas sweaters for the dogs and cats. um petco, they have a promo running where you get a free dog antler or cat antler with any purchase. and I actually got this free, a tidy cat kitty litter coupon. so I'm gonna get the cat litter over at Petco i'm going to give out for free and then I'll get the dog antlers for free. I don't have a cap on. my best friend does, so, hey, she's gonna get a thing- a cat letter- for Christmas too, something obviously she needs. so that's what she's going to get. and then you, I will go ahead and link my Michaels video below. I did a whole video dedicated to a Michaels black friday sale because Michaels is my favorite store to go to. so I will go ahead and link that below if you guys want to check it out. and yeah, I am really excited for- oh, I forgot about CBS, CBS. CBS will actually be open all day on thanksgiving and and they will have a extra laundry detergent will be a dollar 99 and the red box is going to print out a dollar off coupon. plus, i have a dollar off coupon from the newspaper, so that's going to make for free laundry detergent for me. and and cheetah cheerios will be a dollar ninety-nine and a dollar red box coupon will print out. and then I have a save a dollar on any three General Mills coupon, so i'll go ahead and stack that too, and colgate will be three dollars. so actually this deal is already going on and the deal with Colgate is you will be getting a two thousand fifty cent coupon from the red box and there's a printable 50 cent off coupon on coupons com, so that's going to make for free toothpaste. so, hey, free stoking stuffer, something to donate or something you can use for yourself. ah. so I wanted just to share with you guys, um, a tip for black friday shopping that i wish i would have thought of doing, um, a while ago, and and that is to bring your own on. that is to bring your own like reusable tote with you to the store, because there have been so many times when I've gone to, like old navy or bath and body works, or especially kohls, like they'll run out of their parts really fast and will run out of their little like shopping bags really fast. so it'll be really easy, if you just have your reusable shopping bag, to go ahead and put your items in um wit.