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when big stopped spending on ads

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be summarizing a piece of content that is primarily in Dutch. The content appears to be related to Facebook and advertising on the platform.

Bullet points:

- The video mentioned in the content appears to have been built around advertising on Facebook.

- The author notes that their Facebook account is causing them stress and anxiety.

- They mention various Facebook features such as collecting likes and subscriptions.

- The content includes references to the Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda and the Syrian militant group Jabhat al-Nusra.

- The author talks about using PayPal to pay for Facebook advertising.

- They also discuss the idea of optimizing their Facebook ads for better results.

- The content ends with an invitation to join a Facebook group.

While the content itself is difficult to understand due to the use of colloquialisms and grammatical errors, it appears to be related to Facebook advertising. The author discusses various features and techniques for optimizing ads on the platform, as well as their own experiences with using Facebook for advertising.


Facebook Ad Accounts: Overcoming Spending Limits

Starting a new ad account on Facebook often comes with spending limits and restrictions, which can be frustrating for advertisers looking to grow their campaigns. In this article, we will discuss how to overcome these limits and increase spending on your ad account.

Tips for Increasing Spending Limits:

1. Spend Consistently: When starting a new ad account, it's important to spend consistently for at least a month, never missing a payment. This shows Facebook that you are a responsible advertiser and can handle a higher spending limit.

2. Contact Customer Support: While it's not recommended to immediately ask Facebook to increase your spending limit, contacting customer support after consistently spending for a month can be helpful. However, it's important to note that the decision ultimately lies with the customer support representative you speak with.

3. Consider Other Account Limits: If your spending limit can't be increased on your main ad account, consider asking Facebook to increase the limit on another account you may have access to. Facebook often allows up to three additional accounts with spending limits, which can help increase your overall ad spend.

While there is no guaranteed way to increase spending limits on Facebook ad accounts, consistent spending and communication with customer support can help. It's important to remember that increasing spending limits is a temporary solution, and advertisers should always focus on training their main ad account for long-term success. If you want to learn more about Facebook ads, check out our free course or book. Remember to stay creative and consistent in your advertising efforts.

How To Fix Tiktok Ads That Are Not Spending

- Many e-commerce entrepreneurs have faced the frustration of their TikTok ads not spending.

- This article will provide solutions to the problem and help set up a successful TikTok ad campaign.

Tips for Fixing Ad Spending Issues:

- Your ad account is not optimized, and TikTok wants to see results before spending your budget.

- To exit the learning phase on a conversion campaign, you need to show TikTok that your campaign can generate at least 50 conversions within one week.

- Choose an easier objective first, like page views or add to carts, to show TikTok that you can hit conversion metrics.

- Black borders around ad creators can affect the algorithm, as can creatives that have already been used by someone else.

- Creatives need to be TikTok-friendly and follow community guidelines.

- Timing, targeting, and having multiple creatives can also affect ad spending.

- Opening an agency account can be an easy solution but requires research and due diligence.

- My team and I have extra agency accounts available for those interested.

- Following the tips outlined in this article will help set up a successful TikTok ad campaign and avoid ad spending issues.

- Thank you for watching, and don't forget to enter the weekly giveaway and check out the link for working with our team.

When Big Brands Stopped Spending On Digital Ads Nothing Happened Why

Does Digital Advertising Really Work? The Truth Behind Big Numbers

Many big brands have turned off millions of dollars of digital ad spending and saw no change in business outcomes. However, small businesses who reduced their digital marketing saw an increase in business activity. So, what is going on? Does digital advertising really work?


1. P&G turned off $200 million of their digital ad spending and saw no change in business outcomes.

2. Chase reduced their programmatic reach from 400,000 sites to 5,000 sites, a 99% decrease, and saw no change in business outcomes.

3. Uber turned off $120 million of their digital ad spending and saw no change in the rate of app installs.

4. Big brands stopped spending on digital ads and nothing happened.

5. In 2012, eBay turned off their paid search ad spending and saw no change in sales coming from those sources.

6. A small business owner doing Facebook advertising turned off fan Facebook audience network and saw the number of ad impressions plummet by about 90%, but the sales of his music and merchandise went up despite getting far fewer clicks.

7. A small business owner turned on a Google AdWords campaign and immediately saw a dramatic increase in traffic coming to her site, but when she unchecked the check boxes that allowed ads to run on search partners and display network, she saw this anomalous android traffic mostly vanish.


The vast majority of impressions and clicks are from bot activity. Many marketers are obsessed with big numbers of ads and clicks, but these do not translate into more business activity and sales. Instead, marketers could be spending far fewer dollars and getting the same levels of business outcomes or spending the dollars more smartly in digital and getting even more business outcomes than they are now.

Digital advertising does work, but the problem with it today stems from marketers' obsession with big numbers. Small businesses who reduced their digital marketing saw an increase in business activity, while big brands turned off millions of dollars of digital ad spending and saw no change in business outcomes. Marketers need to focus on getting more business outcomes with smart spending rather than getting large numbers of ads and clicks.

Google Ads Not Spending Budget

Hi, my name is Joe Balostrino, and I am a digital marketing expert. In this article, I will discuss the common issues that prevent Google Ads from spending your budget and how to fix them.

Common issues and how to fix them:

1. New account: If your account is new, it may take Google some time to verify everything, including billing and quality score. Make sure everything is active and not paused.

2. Too many keywords in an ad group: Having too many keywords in an ad group can give you a poor quality score and result in poor performance. Create tight-focused ad groups with a certain amount of keywords and spend the budget to that one ad group.

3. Not enough keywords: If you only have one or two exact match keywords or you're targeting a specific location, it may not be enough to trigger enough searches and enough impressions.

4. Changed bid strategy: If you recently changed your bid strategy, Google may take five to seven days or even longer to learn.

5. Bids are too low: If your bids are too low, your keywords may not show up on the first page of Google, and therefore not enough people will see them.

6. Not enough ad groups: Having not enough ad groups can be a problem. Create more ad groups with a tight focus to improve ad performance.

7. Too many keywords or too many ad groups: Trying to do too many keywords or ad groups at one time, especially if you're limited on budget, is going to pose a problem.

8. Low budget: If your budget is too low, you may not get enough data to find out which keywords work and which don't. Hold on to your money until you have enough to run a decent test.

In summary, if your Google Ads are not spending your budget, consider the common issues mentioned above and try the recommended solutions. Remember to monitor your ad performance regularly to make necessary adjustments. If you have any specific questions or would like me to make a video on a specific topic, feel free to leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading!

TikTok Ads Not Spending? Here Are 8 Ways You Can Fix It (UPDATED)

In this article, digital marketer Chase Chapel covers eight tips for getting your Tick Tock ads to spin and start converting. The tips include increasing your budget, staircasing your spend across ad groups, limiting the number of creatives in each ad group, using authorized influencer posts, switching from purchase conversions to add to cart, turning off placements besides Tick Tock, ensuring policy compliance, and making sure you have enough budget in your ad account. Chase also provides a live example with one of his students to show how to apply these tips in practice. In addition, he offers advice on how to leverage a smaller Tick Tock account to promote a larger one and retarget video viewers using the new feature in the ads manager. By following these tips, businesses can take advantage of Tick Tock's huge opportunity to generate sales and results.

Google Ads (Adwords) Campaign Not Spending its Daily Budget? | PPC Training

- Mike Mancini from ppcvideotraining.com discusses what happens when an AdWords campaign does not spend the entire daily budget

Possible points to include:

- Account is not spending full budget despite ample opportunities

- Looking at impressions, clicks, click-through rate, average cost per click, cost conversions, cost per all conversions, all conversion rate, and average position

- Search impression share metric shows how often ads showed up versus eligible times

- Ad group may not have shown up due to being outbid or poor ads

- Some keywords may not be active anymore

- Increase max cost per click for converting keywords

- Record and measure results before making changes blindly

- Increase bid to improve average position and conversion rates

- Check search impression share for all keywords and adjust budgets accordingly

- Take a look at where money is being left on the table

- Increase budgets for keywords with high conversion rates and low search impression share

- Record and measure results before making changes

- Contact ppcvideotraining.com or mancinidigital.com for further assistance

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