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when dropshipping do you use your own money

Published on: February 15 2023 by pipiads

Using Debt to Fulfill Aliexpress Orders: The Best Strategy

Today's question is from a viewer asking about the best way to pay suppliers when drop shipping on Aliexpress. Should you use your own money or wait until the money clears in your store account?

Using Debt Strategically:

- Use your own money or debt to buy items on Aliexpress.

- Debt is not bad if used strategically to make more money.

- Use debt to multiply money, not for personal consumption.

- Get a credit card to make the process easier.

- Use credit card to pay for items on Aliexpress immediately.

- Waiting for funds to clear will add 5-7 days to shipping time.

- Speeding up shipping time is key to drop shipping success.

- Pay off credit card bill as soon as possible to avoid interest.

- You are not technically using money you don't have yet.

- You are using your own money from the customer waiting to be cleared.

- Use debt strategically to make a profit.

Using debt strategically to fulfill Aliexpress orders is the best way to reduce shipping time and make a profit. Don't be scared of debt, use it to your advantage. Get a credit card and pay off your bill as soon as possible. By using debt strategically, you will be on your way to drop shipping success.

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

Starting a Shopify Dropshipping Business from Scratch

In this video, the author sets out to start a new Shopify dropshipping business with the goal of making over $1000 in just one week, without using any money. The author plans to document the entire process step by step and at the end of the video, reveals the exact amount of money the business made.

Steps Taken:

1. Find a good product to sell

- The author searches for winning products on TikTok by looking up relevant hashtags like tiktok made me buy it, amazon finds, dropshippers exposed and tiktok viral products.

- The author finds a product that stands out to them the most - a cordless hair curler.

2. Find a good supplier

- The author uses Spocket to find the cordless hair curler for $28.30 with shipping times of 7-14 business days.

- The author decides to sell the product on their store for $59.99, a fraction of the price that other stores are selling it for.

3. Build the Shopify store

- The author spends time building a simple and clean store with different color options, sales timer, high-quality photos, benefits of buying the product, frequently asked questions, 30-day money-back guarantee, and customer reviews.

4. Add After Sell app

- The author adds the After Sell app to their store to create post-purchase upsell offers.

- The author sets up their first funnel for the heat protectant spray, which they plan to upsell to customers who purchase the cordless hair curler.

Starting a Shopify dropshipping business from scratch is possible without using any money. The author was able to find a winning product, a good supplier, build a Shopify store, and add an app for post-purchase upsell offers. The key is to be creative and resourceful in finding ways to promote and sell the product.

I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

Over the past few years, I have managed to make over seven figures drop shipping. But then, I thought to myself, what if I lost it all? All the money, all the knowledge, all the connections, and I would have to start all over again with only 100 dollars to my name. Lucky for you guys, in this video, I'm going to go over exactly what I would do if I were to start with only 100 dollars and potentially cut myself a Lambo at the end of this video.

To make this challenge more difficult, there are a few guidelines in place. Rule number one is that I cannot use my past connections, old influencers, or past suppliers that have given me winning products. Rule number two is that I have to start a brand new Shopify store, meaning I also have to start with a brand new product that I've never tested before. Rule number three is that I can't use my personal brand to gain anything out of this challenge, meaning I can't shout it out on my Instagram or do anything to influence it in that sort of way. Lastly, I only have a set budget of 100 dollars.

The first step in the process is to find a winning product. Since we only have a budget of 100 dollars, I'm going to be going the TikTok organic route, meaning posting content on TikTok and hoping one of them blows up so that we can get a lot of visitors to our site for virtually free. I'm going to scroll through my TikTok feed for a while and see if I come across something interesting. I found a product that may be worthwhile testing, a speaker that amplifies the sound when placed on a surface.

I searched the product on Amazon and purchased it for 38 dollars. I also went on AliExpress to see how much I could source this product for, which came to be around 21 dollars. Since we're selling it for 40 dollars and we're getting it for 21 dollars, we have a profit margin of 19 dollars. Out of our 100 dollar budget, we spent 38 dollars to order the product, which leaves us with a total of 62 dollars left to spend.

I'm going to use a 30-day Shopify free trial to create the store and make the logo myself since we're on a budget of 100 dollars. Our store is called Porta Speaker, and we have the product page set up with a few images, reviews, free shipping, and 50% off under the price. We also have a description, gifs, and an FAQ section.

Now that we have the winning product and our site built out, the last step is to create a TikTok page for it and start posting loads of custom content for the product. We can potentially get on the for you page of different potential customers that will potentially be the holder of the one and only Porta Speaker.

The product has finally arrived, and I unboxed it on camera. I set it up and showed how it works. We're almost ready to start filming custom content for it and driving traffic to the store to see if anyone would actually buy from it.

In conclusion, the process of starting a dropshipping business with only 100 dollars involves finding a winning product, creating a Shopify store, and driving traffic to it through organic methods like TikTok. It's important to follow the guidelines set in place to make the challenge more difficult and fair. With dedication and hard work, it's possible to make a successful dropshipping business with a limited budget.

Using Credit card VS Your Own Money to Start Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

Hey guys, it's Cameron and today I want to talk about using your own money versus using credit cards when starting your own business. It's a big topic and a lot of beginners ask about it, so let's go over some of the pros and cons.

- Using your own money or credit cards when starting a business

- It's a big topic that beginners often ask about

- We'll go over some pros and cons

Using Credit Cards:

- Can earn cash back

- No need to save up money upfront

- Credit limits may limit how much you can sell

- Can be dangerous if not disciplined

- Pay off credit card debt before taking profit

Saving Up Your Own Money:

- Need to save up money upfront

- Can sell within your comfortable range

- Can reinvest profits to grow your business

- Takes longer to start making a profit

- It's up to you whether you want to use your own money or credit cards

- Be disciplined with credit cards to avoid getting into debt

- Save up enough money to start comfortably

- Reinvest profits to grow your business

- Don't be afraid to start small and work your way up.

Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

Starting a Dropshipping Store: My Exact Strategy

Starting a dropshipping store can be overwhelming, but with the right strategy, it can be a lucrative business. In this article, I will share my exact strategy for starting a new dropshipping store from scratch.

Live Results:

Using my strategy, I have built a new store that has already done close to $900,000 in sales in just a few months. If you are interested in starting your own online store, follow my journey for new videos every Friday.

Four Main Things:

There are four main things that go into building a successful dropshipping store:

1. Product

2. Store

3. Marketing

4. Running your business and shipping out your orders


Without a winning product, it is impossible to have success with dropshipping. There are three things to look for when determining if a product is a winning product:

1. Recently trending on Facebook and Instagram

2. Mass appeal

3. Good profit margins

How to Find Winning Products:

The tried and true method is to look on your Facebook and Instagram feed every day for targeted ads. Like, comment, and add to cart to show Facebook that you are interested. Alternatively, you can use a tool to automate this process.

Building a Store:

You can build a general store, a one-product store, or a hybrid store. A hybrid store combines the benefit of a one-product store and a general store. It is recommended to model your store off of what is already working.

Getting Traffic and Customers:

Facebook ads are a great way to get traffic and customers to your website. It is recommended to have at least a few hundred dollars to invest in running ads.

Starting a dropshipping store can be overwhelming, but with the right strategy, it can be a lucrative business. By following these steps, you can build a successful dropshipping store and start making money.

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

How to Build a Successful Drop Shipping Store with Zero Dollars

My name is Isabella and I am the owner of two six-figure earning online businesses. Today, I am going to show you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars, without Shopify and with zero ads. This means that you can start this store with zero dollars and you will not have to worry about dumping any money to start this project.

Why Start a Drop Shipping Store:

Drop shipping is a great business model for those that are just starting out selling online, that don't want to invest any money up front and want to start a side hustle. The great thing about drop shipping is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Steps to Build a Successful Drop Shipping Store:

1. Find Winning Products to Sell:

- Use TikTok, AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon, and Google to research trending products.

- Ask yourself questions like how entertaining is this product, can you relate this product to your own life, what content can you create with this product, and how much content can you create with this product?

- The top niche categories for 2022 and beyond are beauty, pets, technology, kids, gifts, photography, and fitness.

2. Find Your Niche:

- Use Google to search for your product and see what comes up.

- Look for potential suppliers and check their prices.

- Research your competitors and see what they are selling.

- Find a unique angle to market your product.

3. Create a Free Logo and Name:

- Use Canva to create a free logo.

- Use Namecheap to find a domain name.

4. Set Up a Free Online Store:

- Use WordPress and WooCommerce to set up a free online store.

- Choose a theme and customize it to fit your brand.

- Add your logo and product images.

- Set up payment and shipping options.

5. Add Products to Your Online Store:

- Use AliExpress or Alibaba to find suppliers.

- Add products to your store and set your prices.

- Make sure to write good product descriptions and use high-quality images.

6. Fulfill Your Drop Shipping Orders:

- When a customer places an order, go to your supplier and order the product.

- Give the supplier the customer's shipping information.

- The supplier will ship the product directly to the customer.

7. Market Your Online Store for Free:

- Use social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to promote your store.

- Create engaging content that showcases your products.

- Collaborate with influencers to promote your store.

- Offer discounts and promotions to attract new customers.

Starting a drop shipping store is a great way to start a side hustle without investing any money up front. By following these steps, you can build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars. Remember to research your products, find your niche, create a free logo and name, set up a free online store, add products, fulfill orders, and market your store for free. Good luck!

$0-$16,000 In 30 Days Dropshipping With NO MONEY (Step-By-Step)

How I Made $16,000 My First Month Online with Shopify Drop Shipping

- Shopify drop shipping method

- My success story

- Age and experience

Finding the Product

- Inspiration from TikTok

- Soul lifts as a product

- Potential market

Creating the Website

- Shopify free trial

- Importing products with Xendrop or Oberlo

- Simple website design

- Product descriptions with videos and gifs

Marketing the Product

- Creating social media pages on TikTok and Instagram

- Buying followers for Instagram

- Taking inspiration from competitors

- Ordering the product from Amazon

Making TikToks

- Recreating viral TikToks

- Consistency and posting times

- Reposting on Instagram reels

- Getting 1,000 followers for link in bio

- Success is possible with drop shipping

- Following a five-step process can lead to profitability

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