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when exposed to ads warning about the negative effects of sun tanning

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

'Dangerous' tanning products promoted by influencers - BBC News

[Music]. more and more people are injecting or inhaling an untested drug which promises a safe tan. it's illegal to sell injectables or nasal sprays made with melanotant ii in the uk, but it's not illegal to use them, though there's evidence the untested drug may be linked to skin cancer. you don't know what you are using- that's, that's the bottom line- and you don't know what you're being given. so these products are very, very dangerous. they can potentially lead to cancer. we have cases which have shown melanoma developing after using these products. i tok about the skin risks, but who knows what else it might be doing? and it's just it's incredibly worrying. as melanatan 2 is unlicensed, it hasn't undergone stringent safety tests, so we've asked these chemists to take a look and see if they can tell us what's actually in these tanning products. the team would normally expect to find around 10 ingredients in a licensed medicine, but we're shocked to find some of the kits which came from a range of providers contained around a hundred other unidentified ingredients along with milanatan ii. if you don't know what you're taking, you should probably avoid it. scientists have described taking melanotan as a russian roulette. would you agree with that? it's a big risk. yeah, it's probably more like using a machine gun rather than a pistol. um, there's many more chances to to get something that's that's going to be potentially harmful. so that was like me when i first started using the nasal screws. oh, wow, and it was quite dark. so i've got like no makeup on there- anything there. so this is a nasal spray that i've been using recently, despite the serious health risks. lauren is one of dozens of influencers we've found promoting the tanning products to their followers. she ditched the nasal spray after two months because it made her feel nauseous. it was through instagram that i've seen that and i thought: well, that's what, it's good, i want to get down really fast. this company had reached out to me and asked if they sent me some products for free. i would post on my social media and promote it, and that's what i did. so did you know, when you were given the products, that they were illegal? um, no, did you research the product? obviously, at the time i didn't think much of it, like everybody was using the tanning injections or the nasal sprays and it just seemed like a normal thing to do. but now that i look back, obviously i need to. as an emphasis, i'll be careful and promoting and i don't want to give out the wrong idea. one woman we spoke to developed melanoma eight months after trying tanning injections. parts of her leg had to be removed and doctors told her it's likely the drug caused it. so i'm just going to show you a clip of a girl called liv who we've interviewed. if you could just watch it and then tell me how you feel afterwards. it really, really, really angers me. it's just so irresponsible. it's someone's health at the end of the day. looking brown isn't the be-all and end-all. your health is is ten times more important. i think she was obviously probably drawn into the same way i was and probably had no idea. i mean, she's probably a young naive like myself and thought i would have nice to have skin and, yeah, probably didn't realize the damages it could do. we've contacted dozens of influencers who've promoted melanotan and they haven't wanted to speak to us. why did you want to? it's there's nothing wrong with like, maybe making a mistake and trying things. i feel like a lot of young people do the same, like we'll see things on the internet. we'll see milano time. we see like fillers, we see people that are all looking pretty imperfect and we'll probably do that things to try and look like that. so it's maybe just so other people don't necessarily go to adam. maybe just think before they actually like take something off of somebody or before they buy something. you just need to be careful what you're putting on your body because you could have any sort of reaction you

Measuring the Distances to the Sun and the Moon | FLERFPRATT 6

hi everyone. flat earthers typically believe that the Universe in its entirety consists of a disc shaped Earth covered by a firmament the radius of which is comparable to the radius of the disc shaped Earth. the Sun and the Moon orbit inside this Dome and the stars are just dots on the Dome itself. space as we know it is a lie made up by NASA foreign. let's take this one. this is floor of Pratt. Flat Earth points refuted a thousand times. don't forget to rate the video, subscribe and hit the Bell. here we go. when you simply look at the sky, you have no idea how distant any of the lights you see are. a few things seem obvious. the sun and the moon are closer than the background Stars. if nothing else, the moon clearly moves in front of the Stars, blocking the line of sight to them. the sun and the moon are about the same angular size. makes sense to think they're about the same distance away. presumably the Moon is a little closer because it can eclipse the Sun. but whatever, it can't be that much of a difference, can it? I truly understand why this seems intuitive, but it falls apart the second. you start thinking of ways to actually measure the distances to these objects. so how do you do that? here's me and here's you. I see the moon between these stars and you see the Moon between these. of course we're looking at it from different locations. but have a look at this angle P, the angle by which the moon appears to move, if we compare my view of the sky with yours. let's say the Moon is up here instead, notike how the angle gets smaller. let's put it down here, notike how it gets bigger. yeah, there's a relationship between the angle P, the altitude R and the distance D between the two of us. I realize I'm about to go way over the head. so, flurfs, because this is going to be way more complicated than lift P, flush. but for those who actually care, High School trigonometry tells us that R equals D over 2 over tan, p over 2.. if p is small, which it typically will be when we're looking at objects in the sky, R equals D over tan. p is a good approximation of this. p is called The Parallax, the apparent angular displacement of an object as it is viewed from two different locations. say, two people take pictures of the sky on a moonlit Knight at the same time. one is located in my hometown of lean jump in Sweden and the other is in Cape Town, South Africa. okay, I don't actually have a buddy in South Africa, so I'm using astronomy software to just demonstrate the method. flirts are going to complain no matter what I do, because even if I took real photos, they would say at CG, just treat this as a demonstration of the method. okay, that makes D 10 200 kilometers, assuming the Earth is flat. in reality, we'd have to use this distance, 9100 kilometers. when we superimpose the images using the Stars closest to the moon as reference, we find that the moon has a parallax of 1.42 degrees. that gives me an R of 411 000 kilometers, not five thousand. if the moon were just 5 000 kilometers away, The Parallax in this observation would be a whopping 64 degrees. what's funny is that even when we assume the Earth is flat, we still get a number that all the wrong is on the same order of magnitude as the correct 384 000.. if we use the correct d of 9100 kilometers, we get R equals 367 000 kilometers, which is even closer to the correct value. so this completely obliterates the florist model. but now let's take a look at the distance to the Sun and see if that's the same turns out. there's a problem measuring the distance to the Sun using Parallax. I can't superimpose images with background stars on them, because they vanish in the sunlight. sure, I could do it in starry night, but I want to restrict myself to methods that work in reality, so let's measure the distance to Venus instead. fortunately, on occasions such as June 6 2012, Venus passes in front of the Sun, as seen from Earth. we take two pictures of the transit from different locations at the same time and superimpose them using features on the solar surface as reference, or we could use the paths of the planet, because they will be parallel. that's how it's done in reality, but here I'm going to use the surface features of the Sun instead, because it's simpler. here I'm taking pictures from lean shopping and Tokyo. they didn't get a good look at this in South Africa because when it happened, they didn't have a line of sight to the Sun. still, funny how that works if the Earth is flat. anyway. that gives us a d of 7530 kilometers- that's the straight distance through the Earth- and a p of 0.00914 degrees. that results in R equals 46 million nine hundred thousand kilometers. compare this to the accepted value of 43 million kilometers. it's definitely in the same ballpark. enough to show that, once again, fluffs are off by orders of magnitude. the sun can't be the same distance from the earth as the moon, because when Venus is directly in front of the sun, it's two orders of magnitude farther away than the moon, and the sun is obviously even farther away, you know, because Venus is in front of it. so can we work out the distance to the Sun now? Yes, actually we can. let's have a go at it. when Venus appears as far from the Sun and the skies it possibly can, the angle Earth- venous- sun is 90 degrees. this is called greatest elongation. we measured the angle between the Sun and Venus at greatest elongation and find that it's 45.8 degrees. if we set the distance from the Earth to the Sun to be one, the distance between the Sun and Venus becomes sine 45.8 degrees or 0.717. the unit we're working in is called astronomical unit or AU. so during Transit we find that 46.9 million kilometers is 1 minus 0.717 equals 0.283 Au, making 1 Au the distance to the Sun 166 million kilometers. again, we end up in the same ballpark as the accepted value of 149 million kilometers, using a flat Earth and treating the distance between lean shopping and Tokyo as 8 385 kilometers, the distance we find on the map. we still find that Venus is 52.2 million kilometers away and the Sun 184.. once again, even if we give flirts everything they want, their so-called model fails completely. fluffs obviously can't calculate or measure the distances to their fantasy Sun and Moon because they don't believe in math. they didn't measure or calculate the values, they just made them up and obviously that means they can't be independently verified. R values can. the distance to the Moon and the Sun and Venus for that matter, can all be measured using radar and that confirms the accepted value. the distance to the Moon can actually be measured using laser with centimeter position, because the astronauts who were there- yeah, that's real- left reflectors there. that's actually a way to test that people have actually been on the moon. those reflectors are there and you'd need them to be able to use laser to measure the distance to the Moon, which again, we can. but of course that's just as fake as mathematiks, right, Sam? [Music].

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ULTRAVIOLET RAYS | How Harmful Are UV Rays? | Ultraviolet Radiation | Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

[Music]. hey, friends, before we start today's episode, i have an important message to share with you. as you must be aware, due to certain new policies, you are not able to comment on our videos. but don't you worry, my friends. you can still share your valuable feedback, comments, views and love at our email id: peekaboo kids feedback- gmailcom. similarly, you can also visit our instagram and facebook page and continue to engage with us. we are looking forward to hearing from you. oh no, i forgot to bring the sunscreen lotion, kitty, and i don't want both of us to fall prey to those harmful uv rays from the sun and get painted with a tan. so let's go back and bring it. yes, little kitty, uv rays. hey, friends, as we carry our uninteresting journey back to our house, let us fill it with some interesting discussion and learn about the harmful radiation coming from the mighty sun. and answer a burning question. water uv rays zoom in the sun, the great, glorious, golden sun, the one that provides energy to living beings, warms us and turns night into a beautiful new day filled with hope and enthusiasm. but like anything else, our sun isn't perfect as well and has a dark side to it. yes, my dear friends, and uv rays are one such disadvantage our sun possesses. but what are these uv rays? everyone fears more than an asteroid hitting the earth's surface. before we answer that question, we need to learn about an important thing with a fancy name that sounds like the next sci-fi movie, and that is electromagnetik spectrum. you see, when we think of light, you probably think of what your eyes can see. but the light to which our eyes are sensitive is just the beginning. it is a fragment of the total amount of light around us. yes, right from radio waves, gamma rays, and you won't believe, but most of the light in the universe is invisible to us, meaning we can't see it through naked eyes. how ironic, isn't it? so electromagnetik spectrum is a term used by scientists to describe the entire range of light that exists, including the invisible uv or ultraviolet rays that are produced by the mighty sun. [Music] when the sunlight reaches the earth's surface. it consists of three types of radiations: the infrared light that we can feel as heat. the visible light that allows us to see the surrounding things, and last comes the uv radiation, the ever powerful one that can't be seen or felt by anyone. but when it comes to feeling the destructive effects of the sun's rage, the uv radiations are the main offender. these rays come in three forms: ultraviolet a or uva, ultraviolet b or uvb, and ultraviolet c or uvc, although uvc is the most destructive of them. fortunately, they are absorbed by the earth's atmosphere, which is the protective layer of gases surrounding the planet and does not reach the earth's surface, and it's mostly the uva rays that we get exposed to on a daily basis. and at times, uvb rays can penetrate or come through the atmosphere, causing damage to people who are exposed to these rays. but the vital question is: how do these seemingly innocent radiations cause so much of damage to us? well, for that we need to zoom into your body to look at the upper layer of the skin, called epidermis, that protects you from many external forces. just like that, when the visible light coming from the sun hits your skin, it reflects off the epidermis, but the uvb can penetrate through your skin, into the epidermis and reacts with the dna and thus damaging it. although a low level damage can be repaired, but over exposure to uvb rays makes it hard for our body to maintain it and thus leading to many skin disorders, including skin burns, inflammation, and can even cause skin cancer. on the other hand, over exposure to uv a rays can also lead to cancer, but it is mostly responsible for causing wrinkles. yes, it can penetrate to the deep layer of skin called the dermis, which has the scaffolding of molecules such as collagen that gives your skin the elastikity. but all the flexibility finds it hard to fight the uv-a-rays, as it damages the collagen scaffolding, causing wrinkles and making you look older than your age. [Music]. but don't you worry about it, my friends, as there are very easy peasy, lemon squeezy ways to protect ourselves from the wrath of the sun. yes, just limit your time in the sun, wear glasses. using sunscreen can reduce the level of damage caused by harmful radiation and you can continue to live a healthy life. [Music]. did you know the bees can see the uv rays that help them to get the direction to the pollen as the rays are reflected on the petals? also, elephants can sense that their skin may get sunburned, and hence they got themselves by covering up in a protective coat of mud. now, that's what we call being self-aware. [Music]. hope you enjoyed today's episode. until next time, it's me dr binox zooming out. [Music]. oh, never mind.


MUTLISUB【以爱为名/ Only For Love】▶EP 11💋 学霸修理工邂逅怦然心动推理女作家🤳携手穿梭时空 相互救赎🌹开启一场时空之恋💃 #金翰# 李一桐#白鹿#以爱为营 🧡中国电视剧

(قد يجلب تغيير القدر فرحًا لبعض الناس). (البعض لديه حياة ثانية). (يجد البعض الحب). (أيضًا ، البعض) (تجنب المأساة التي لم تحدث بعد). (في الواقع, ، تغيير المصير يجلب بعض الناس الفرح ). _ _ _, _ _ _ _. الرحلة مرة أخرى. لماذا علينا أن نعود الآن؟? في ثانية أخرى ، سنكتشف مكان وجود Su Wan. إنها 23:26 الآن. هذا يعني أنها قد مرت دقيقة واحدة فقط منذ أن كنا في الرحلة الأخيرة, لكن خلال هذه الدقيقة ، بقينا أسبوعين في خط زمني آخر. ما هو النمط بالضبط؟? النمط النمط? دعني أفكر في الأمر. انطلقت على متن المركب في الخامس من آب (أغسطس) 2021.. لم يمض وقت طويل على مقابلتك ، لقد حان الوقت, بدأ السفر ، وذهبنا إلى 4 سبتمبر 2022.. في ذلك الوقت ، التقينا يان يوان. لاحقًا ،, في 18 سبتمبر, ، التقينا بعضنا البعض مرة أخرى في الرحلة البحرية. ومع ذلك, ، بقينا يومًا واحدًا فقط في الرحلة البحرية التالية, الوقت الذي سافرنا فيه إلى الوراء ، كان 19 أغسطس 2022.. هناك, ، قابلنا تشين رويينج مرة أخرى, ثم وصلنا إلى هذه النقطة ، عندما عدنا إلى الرحلة البحرية مرة أخرى. اليوم هو الثاني من سبتمبر. لذا, ، فإن الوقت لا يمضي قدمًا. إنه يتحرك للخلف, من الرابع إلى الثامن عشر, من التاسع عشر إلى الثاني. وهذا يعني أن فترة كل رحلة عبر الزمن هي خمسة عشر يومًا. وبعبارة أخرى, ، يعمل السفر عبر الزمن بنمط معين. في كل مرة ننطلق فيها من الرحلة البحرية, ، يجب أن تبقى خمسة عشر يومًا. هل أدركت أن الوقت في الرحلة البحرية مستمر? بدأنا من حيث تركناه. لقد ابتعدنا لمدة خمسة عشر يومًا ، ومع ذلك, يبدو أنها كانت مجرد لحظة في الرحلة. انعكاس الوقت سوف توقف. ومع ذلك, ، فإن ما فعلناه في الرحلة البحرية في المرة الأخيرة أعاد بالفعل إلى Chen Ruying الحياة. وهذا يعني أننا قادرون حقًا على منع حدوث مأساة. نعم, ، يمكننا ذلك, ولكن قبل ذلك ، هناك شيء مهم. ما هو؟? تذكر رقم هاتفي? ، من خلال القيام بذلك, ، ستجدني في أي جدول زمني ، ومن المفترض أن نلتقي. ، ثم, يا له من أ. ماذا عني ؟? _ _ _ _ _. آيس كريم لذيذ في الرحلة. أخي لن يسمح لي بتناول الآيس كريم. ما النكهة التي تحبها؟? أحب نكهة القلقاس الحلو, حقًا ؟ أحبها أيضًا? آه, أنا على وشك النوم. اشترى الآيس كريم. أنا فقط أحمله له. لم أتناول أي شيء. اشتريت هذه. ارجع إلى نومك الآن. سنذهب بعد ذلك أسرع. ليلة سعيدة. شكرا لك إلى اللقاء وداعا. كم هو رائع أن تكون قادرًا على رؤيتهم. يستمتعون معًا. على الرغم من أن Ying لم يمت في المرة الأخيرة, ، إلا أن Zhu Yutong ما زال ينتحر لتغيير مصيره, أيضًا بالمناسبة ، نظرًا لأننا نشك في أن Su Wan وراء هذا ، هل يجب أن نذكر السيدة تشين مسبقًا؟? لكن ليس لدينا دليل ملموس الآن. لا تقلق, متعب, استرح مبكرًا. أنت أيضًا, بالتأكيد ليلة سعيدة لكونها طفولية الليلة لقد سببت لك الكثير من المتاعب صباح الغد ، سأطلب منها أن تعتذر لك. أستاذ, في الواقع ، لست هنا للحديث عن Ying. ما الأمر بعد ذلك؟ فقط الآن ، أنا سافرنا مرة أخرى, مكثت خمسة عشر يومًا في السنة. خمسة عشر يومًا؟? لكننا رأينا بعضنا البعض منذ بضع دقائق. لذا ، هل ما زلنا? لكن يينغ نجت, على الأقل ستكون بخير. بالإضافة إلى ذلك, ، أعتقد ذلك المستقبل يمكن أن يتغير. أستاذ, هل لي أن أسأل عما إذا كان Su Wan قد جاء معك هذه المرة؟ هذه رحلة عائلية? لماذا يأتي معنا؟? أظن أن الحرق العمد في حفل الزفاف له علاقة به. بمجرد أن نذهب على الشاطئ, ، سأنظر فيه بعناية أكبر. أستاذ, لقد تأخرت. أرجوك استرح مبكرًا. وو يو, أود أن أطلب منك معروفًا, أستاذ, ، يمكنك أن تسألني فقط. أخبرني فقط ما تحتاجه, بغض النظر عما سيحدث. ، يرجى الاعتناء بـ Ying Wu Yu. أستاذ, أريد التحدث معك حول شيء ما. سأتركك لذلك. أراك لاحقًا ، تعال, ، أخبرتكم. الليلة الماضية ، كنت أتمنى أن أطلب منك الاعتناء بـ Ying لأنني عرفت فقط من خلال تسليمها لك. ، سأشعر بالارتياح بصفتي معلمك. ، لدي طلب مغرور, أستاذ وو يو. لأكون صادقًا, ، أعلم أن Ying تحبك. إذا كانت لديك مشاعر تجاهها أيضًا ، آمل أن تتزوج. اجعل Ying جزءًا من عائلتك. إذا كنت متجهًا للموت, ، فإن أمنيتي الأخيرة ستكون لدي شخص أثق في الاعتناء بها. ثم سأرتاح. وو يو, هل يمكنك فعل ذلك؟? لقد تم أخذها؟? يا آنسة, من فضلك, اجلس هناك العديد من الطرق للتواصل معي. لم أقصد الاقتراب منك. نحن لدي فرقة رائعة تعزف الليلة. إذا كنت قادمًا ، فسأحجز لك مقاعد في الصف الأول. إذن ، أنت كنت أعرف ذلك. غنائي. ما رأيك في هذه الرحلة البحرية أيضًا؟ ماذا تفعل, تقصد؟? لقد كنت في هذه الرحلة طوال الوقت. ألم تسمع غنائي في الحانة هنا؟? على أي حال, من الأفضل أن تغتنم الفرصة لتعتز بصوتي. بينما تستطيع, سأفعل. أطلق ألبومًا قريبًا ، وسأصبح مطربًا مشهورًا. لتسمعني أغني ، عليك شراء التذاكر أولاً. صناعة الترفيه ليست بسيطة, كما تعتقد. على أي حال, ، من الأفضل أن تكون مستعدًا. رحلة صعبة. أنا خارج ذلك الحين, انتظر. هل التقينا من قبل؟ من أين أنت؟ دالي أو جينغهاي؟ دالي, هل كنت تعيش بالقرب من شارع شينغوانغ ، مقاطعة هوانشان? ؟ إنه, أنا, الملك براغارت. ألا تتذكرني؟? عندما كنا أطفالًا, ، جعلتك تصدق أنه يمكنك أن تصبح جنية زهرة بتناول خمس مصاصات وقد وبختك والدتك, الملك براغارت. ؟ إعادة الملك براغارت؟ يا إلهي, لماذا? لماذا أنت نحيف جدًا الآن؟ لقد نمت أيضًا أطول, أطول بكثير. الآن مغني؟? أستاذ, بعد وفاة والداي ، كنت أنت من تعتني بي ومياو. لذا لن أرفض طلباتك, أبدًا ، ولكن فيما يتعلق بهذا الطلب ، لا أستطيع أن أقول نعم ، لكنني سأحتفظ ct بكل قوتي, ليس فقط Ying ، ولكن أيضًا أنت وزوجتك. سأنقذ حياتك بالتأكيد. السيدة Chen Ying, لماذا لم تتناول بعض الطعام؟? يمكنك الحصول على لي? لا ، شكرًا. Wu Yu, تناول بعض عصير البرتقال, صحيح, الأستاذة ، السيدة تشين ، يينغ, أرجوك المعذرة. بالتأكيد, ابتعد عنك. عندما ابتعدت ، بكيت. هل تتذكر ذلك؟? وو يو, لقد انتهيت من الحديث ؟. لا تقلق, أنا بخير. هل تعرف من التقيت؟? لقد كان جاري عندما كنت طفلاً. إنه تشو وي. أنا وو يو. أقول إنني حبيبة الطفولة, تان جياو, اسمي تشو وي. ليتل كلوديش اخرس. لا تتصل بي بهذا. هل تسمعني؟? حسنًا ، نعم, الليلة ؟ الليلة. لقد عرفنا بعضنا البعض لأكثر من عشرين عامًا. لماذا طلبت إذنه? ؟? أراك الساعة 7 مساءً الليلة. سأنتظرك. أراك الملك براغارت صدفة. الغريب الذي سنلتقي به بعد نصف عام هو في الواقع جارتي عندما كنت صغيراً, وو يو. هل نحتاج أن نسأل Zhou Wei عن الرحلة البحرية? لا حاجة, حسنًا. ، أعني, أنه يغني فقط في الحانة. لا علاقة له بهدفنا. لن نتلقى أي رسائل مفيدة منه. هل أنا على صواب ؟? لقد أصبح مغنيًا الآن. كان سيئًا في الغناء عندما كان طفلاً. بالإضافة إلى ذلك, ، كان صبيًا سمينًا. لكنه نحيل الآن. لذا ، هل ستذهب إلى الحانة الليلة؟? في كلتا الحالتين ، أنا بخير مع هذا. سأفعل. سأذهب لنذهب معًا. Miaomiao, هل أخافتك ؟? الآن ، لدي هذا قبيح. احذفه, احذفه. هل يمكنني الاحتفاظ بهذه الصورة؟ بالتأكيد, حقًا؟? نعم. أليس لديك أي شيء لتخبرني به؟ لا يمكنني. التردد. مثل Wu Yu, يجب على الشباب: كن شجاعا مثلك. لا تتهرب من سؤالي. هل تحبني, لكن لم يعجبني أحد منذ وقت طويل. لا بأس, لم أقع في حب أحد من قبل. أنا لست شخصًا محبوبًا. لماذا لديك كل هذا التردد؟? مياومياو, أنا معجب بك. أعجبت بك من النظرة الأولى. ♪ الحياة عبارة عن سلسلة من اللحظات المنفصلة ♪ ♪. أحيانًا نمر بعضنا البعض ♪ ♪ المحيط أمامنا والأدغال الشائكة بالأسفل ♪ ♪. هل هذه مغامرة أم مقامرة? ♪ ♪ الحياة لقاء عبر الزمان والمكان ♪ ♪. أحيانًا أكون تحت المطر ♪ ♪ أركض يائسًا للحاق بك ♪ ♪. هل هو القدر أم نتيجة? اختيار ♪ ♪. هذا ما قاله بروست ♪ ♪ لون الحياة الواقي ♪ ♪. إنها زهرة. تصادفها أحيانًا ♪ ♪ في إزهار كامل. ♪ ♪ القانون الذي يحدد الوقت ♪ ♪. بغض النظر عن كيفية تغير الزمان والمكان ♪ ♪ لا يهم إذا كانت ذاكرتك ستتحول إلى اللون الرمادي ♪ ♪. معنى الوجود: يتم تدميره ♪ ♪ ويغلق فم الجميع ♪ ♪. بينما تهب الرياح, ♪ ♪ تنجرف الغيوم الداكنة ♪ ♪. لقد أثبتوا أن حبنا كان حقيقيًا ♪ ♪. هذا ما قاله بروست. ♪ ♪ حارس الحياة ♪ ♪ كانت أشجار الكروم الخضراء المتواضعة ♪ ♪ الانتظار, بهدوء ♪ ♪ إنها تحدد الوقت ♪ ♪ للحماية. أنا وأنت ♪ ♪ من هي تفكر. ♪ أنت تبدو وسيمًا. لا تخبرني أنك كنت مشغولًا في ارتداء الملابس في الغرفة. الآن, لا, ، لقد اخترت هذا القميص بشكل عشوائي. ♪ الانبهار بالسفر عبر الزمن ♪ ♪ إنه كذلك انعكاس خيالي ♪ ♪ وعد تحت الأضواء المتلألئة ♪ ♪ ظهر القرار أخيرًا ♪ ♪ لأنني أهتم بك, ♪ ♪ أود مقابلتك في البداية. ♪ إنها Zhou Wei. Zhou Wei, متاهة من الزمن و space. ♪ ♪ حل لغز الذاكرة. ♪ Beauty Tan, هل أنت مستعد لقضاء ليلة لا تُنسى مع هذا النجم المستقبلي؟? كن بطلًا خارقًا. هذه المقاعد لأشخاص مهمين جدًا هي أفضل مكان للاستمتاع بالأداء. ♪ صنع أنت بانيني كل يوم. ♪ يو يا لها من مصادفة. اليوم هو يوم خاص, يوم للعثور على الحب. لذا فإن الأغنية الأولى اليوم مخصصة لشخص مميز جدًا بالنسبة لي ، سوف تسقط من أجلي بعد الاستماع إلى هذه الأغنية. تان جياو, لقد مضى وقت طويل. يو من هذا الرجل؟ استعد, شكرا لك, سنستمتع بأدائك. Zhou Wei Uhh, لدينا خطط أخرى. نحن علينا أن نذهب الآن. اركض تعال. كان الأمر محرجًا للغاية. البقاء هناك لفترة أطول ، قد يقتلني الإحراج. ما هو الخطأ في تشو وي؟? لماذا تحدث مثل هذا الهراء؟? هل قلت له هذا عن قصد؟? أمي, هل تسمح لي, من فضلكم, بالسماح لي بالاستمتاع بإجازتي؟? إنه تشين رويينج, لا تتحدث.

New Rule: The United States of Dumb-merica | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

[Applause]. and finally, new rule: before we tackle any of our daunting specific problems here in america, we have to figure out how a country can solve any problem if so many of its people are so intractably, astoundingly, mind-numbingly stupid- and i'm not saying that as hyperbole or just out of frustration. i mean this country just might be empirically verifiably too dumb to continue as an ongoing enterprise. [Music]. jay leno used to do a classic bit called jaywalking, where he asked ordinary citizens the kind of question we used to consider common knowledge, and in the internet age, that bit has been, shall we say, updated and is still a useful indicator of where exactly we are on the bird brain chart. take a look at some of the answers given on a tiktok site called project better. who is the first person to land on the sun? lance armstrong? what is the biggest city in the world? uh, i think it's like, like asia. what is the biggest city in the world? europe. if you were born in 2021, how old would you be? 21.. what country is venice, italy, located in for a hundred dollars? you have any clue? oh gosh, i'm going to be a teacher, so i should know this. um, you should. paris. where is queen elizabeth from egypt, egypt, where is it? brazil? so, so you tell me, if a country is only as strong as its people, what can the future possibly hold for a population this moronic, being a full-grown adult and thinking a human could walk on the sun, or that the biggest city in the world was asia, when, plainly, it's europe? [Laughter]. this country simply has no education standards anymore. they will let you out of a public high school and give you a diploma and you don't have to actually know anything, which used to be the mission of schools: knowing things. i know it's super important to stop the grooming of our kids, or, i don't know, to start it, and, and certainly critikal race theory must be stricken from the curriculum or, who knows, maybe included in all of it. but you know, while we're having those fights, could someone please notike that the kids don't actually know anything. as i travel this country on weekends doing stand-up, now i see the politikal ads that are running on the local tv markets and i think: how can this possibly work on people? and then i remember: oh yes, they think queen elizabeth is from egypt [Applause] when, again, plainly, it's brazil. politikal campaigns used to turn out two kinds of ads: the positive or what i like to call the village people ad, where you're seen with a cop, a construction worker, a military guy and a minority. and then the negative ads, the ones that look like they were shot by navy seals wearing night-vision goggles. will you make your opponent look like someone who killed their spouse on an episode of datebot? but now it seems they figured out that the people are dumb enough that you can put the positive and the negative in the same ad. here's one we see in la a hundred times a day for congressperson young kim. eight times in a row. politikian greg raths increased our tax rates and fees, just like biden and the liberals. wraths makes california unaffordable. greg raths even proposed raising his taxpayer salary over 60 percent. we pay more, he makes more. that's politikian greg ratz, but young kim is fighting wraths in the liberals. [Applause]. that's right, i'm young and unlike my opponent, i'm in color. come on, don't want, don't you want your representative to be in color, as opposed to an x-ray. and i don't chew on cigars or stuff cash in my pockets or get drunk with washington insiders and jail cell doors never shut behind me. when candidates and politikal ads say i approve this message, they should have to add at the end: you dumb. i'm brad turnbull and i approve this message. you dumb candidates always say they're just highlighting the differences between them and their opponents. here's congressman mark moore's ad highlighting the difference between him and opponent melanie stansberry. murderers, rapists and childbusters walking free. we need to pass the breathe act in congress. stop the madness. stop, melanie stansberry. what the hell, melanie stansberry? why are you so pro-rapist in child molester? don't you know that voters see child molesters unfavorably? voters want someone who will let them know. i'm the good guy because i'm meeting with firemen, i'm meeting with teachers, i'm meeting with cops, i'm toking to kids, i'm toking to black kid, i'm wearing a hard hat and looking concerned. i'm pointing to the border wall with my thumb [Laughter]. come on, that's my thumb. you must know. i got this [Applause] after all. didn't you hear me say i'm strong on values and good for jobs, that i'm fighting for you and on your side and i'm going to get things done and shake things up, and then i have a plan, details to follow to clean things up. my god, my sleeves are rolled up. what more evidence do you need on the good god, unlike my opponent who's always cackling maniacally and who lives in washington. good guys live in america, which is great, in pure. bad guys live in washington- gross. they're always career politikians, career politikian, career politikian, career politikian, career politikians, career politikians, career politikian, career politikian- yeah, career politikian. good guys don't even go to washington, but they will if they have to, like mike garcia. it won't be easy on my family, but it's something we'll go through together. i just hope they don't get killed by melanie stansberry, and you know i'm not. i'm not picking on mike or young king or any of them in partikular, because they're all alike. well wait, not all. there are actually some ads that are even more submental, and in 2022 i'm going to blow away the democrat socialist agenda. yeah, here's three words. no one ever has to say to marjorie taylor: greene, dumb it down. there is an entire species of politikal ads on the right where the candidate just shoots something they don't like. a lot of these ads make no mention of policy at all. it's just truck: gun me, like these things, you like, vote me but. but here's something i notike that's different about the ads that conservatives make versus the ones from liberals. the conservatives wear that description like it's their first name. they cannot say it enough: i'm a conservative outsider, america's most conservative, top rated conservative, a real conservative, proven conservative, christian conservative america, first conservative conservative warrior. i'm so conservative but you never hear anyone bragging about being a liberal. there's no liberal. bob schmohawk is a liberal who wants to enact more liberal policies. democrats might want to think about what that means, because the implication is you're embarrassed by what liberalism has become, that the term is now irredeemably coupled with woke nonsense, which is a shame because despite their nonsense, it's still generally, generally a better product. but what does it say about your brand if you don't want to say what you are so much a liberal? politiks nowadays is identity politiks, and yet it seems we found the one thing liberals won't identify as liberals: you.

Heated Exchange between Sen. Rand Paul & Dr. Anthony Fauci on Vaccines and Royalties

dr fauci, the government recommends everybody take a booster over age five. are you aware of any studies that show reduction in hospitalization or death for children who take a booster? right now there's not enough data that has been accumulated, senator paul, to indicate that that's the case. the i believe that the recommendation that was made was based on the assumption that if you look at the morbidity and mortality of children within each of the age groups, you know zero to five, five to eleven. so so there are no studies- and americans should all know this. there are no studies on children showing a reduction in hospitalization or death with taking a booster. the only studies that were permitted, the only studies that were presented, were antibody studies. so they say: if we give you a booster, you make antibodies. now a lot of scientists would question whether or not that's proof of efficacy of a vaccine. if i give you 10, or if i give a patient 10 mrna vaccines and they make protein each time or they make antibody each time, is that proof that we should give 10 boosters, dr fauci? uh, no, that i think that is somewhat of an absurd exaggeration. so that is the proof that you use, your committees use that. that's the only proof you have to tell children to take a booster is that they make antibodies. so it's not an absurdity. you're already at like five boosters for people you've had, you know, two or three boosters. it's like, where is the proof? now? i think there is probably some indication for older folks that have some risk factors. for younger folks there's not. but here's the other thing: there are some risk factors for for the vaccine. so the risk of myocarditis with a second dose for adolescent boys 12 to 24, is about 80 and a million. this is both from the cdc and from the israeli study. it's also in the ver study remarkably similar: four boys, much higher from boys than girls and much higher than the background. the background's about two per million. so there is risk and there are risks and you're telling everybody in america: just blindly go out there because we made antibodies. so it is not an absurd corollary to say if you have 10.. in fact, you probably make antibodies. if you get a hundred boosters, all right. that's not science, that's conjecture and we should not be making public policy on it. so, senator paul, if i might respond to that, we just heard in his opening statement, uh ranking member burr tok about his staff who went to israel and if you look at the data from israel, the boost- both the third shot boost and the fourth shot boost- was associated with a clear-cut clinical effect, mostly in elderly people, but also, as they gathered more data, even in people in the 40s and the 50s. so there is clinical data, but not in children. well, well see, here's the thing is, you're not willing to be honest with the american people. so, for example, 75 of kids have had the disease. why is the cdc not including this in the data? you can ask the question. you can do laboratory tests to find out who's had it and who hasn't had the disease. what is the incidence of hospitalization and death for children who have been infected with kovid subsequently going to the hospital or dying? what is the possibility? if your kid has had covid, which is 75 percent of the country's head covered, what is the chance that my child's going to the hospital or dying? if you look at the number of deaths in pediatrics, senator, you can see that there are more deaths of people who have had it, but people have had the disease. senator, we also know from other studies that the optimal degree of protection when you get infection is to get vaccinated after infection and, in fact, showing re-infection in the era of omicron and the sub-lineages that vaccinate, which you can't answer the question i ask. the question i ask is how many kids are dying and how many kids are going to the hospital who have already had covid? the answer may be zero, but you're not even giving us the data because you have so much wanted to protect everybody from all the data, because we're not smart enough to look at the data when you release data. earlier, when the cdc released the data, they left out the category of 18 to 49 on whether or not there was a health benefit for for adults 18 to 49. why was it left out? when critiks finally complained, it was finally included because there was no health benefit from taking a booster between the 18 to 49 and the cdc study. another question for you: the nih continues to refuse to voluntarily divulge the names of scientists who receive royalties and from which companies. over the period of time from 2010 to 2016, 27 000 royalty payments were paid to 1800 nih employees. we know that not because you told us, but because we forced you to tell us through the freedom of information act. over 193 million dollars was given to these 18 employees, 1800 employees. can you tell me that you have not received a royalty from any entity that you ever oversaw the distribution of money in research grants? um, well, first of all, let's tok about. that's the question. no, that's the question. have you ever overseen it? have you ever received a royalty payment from a company that you later oversaw money going to that company? you know, i don't know as a fact, but i doubt it. well, here's the thing is: why don't you let us know? why don't you reveal how much you've gotten and from what entities? the nih refuses. look, we ask them. we ask them the nih, we asked them whether or not, who got it and how much. they refused to tell us. they sent it redacted. here's what i want to know. it's not just about you. everybody on the vaccine committee, have any of them ever receive money from the people who make vaccines? can you tell me that? can you tell me if anybody on the vaccine approval committees ever received any? are you gonna? let me answer a question, okay, so let me give you some information. first of all, according to the regulations, people who receive royalties are not required to divulge them, even on their financial statement, according to the buy dole act. so let me give you some example. from 2015 to 2020, i- the only warranties i have- was my lab and i made a monoclonal antibody for use in vitro reagent that had nothing to do with patients, and during that period of time my royalties range from twenty one dollars a year to seventy seven hundred dollars a year, and the average per year was a hundred and ninety one dollars and forty six cents. it's all red, it's all redacted and you can't get any information on the 1800 scientists. your time is so. we want to know whether or not people got money from the people who made the manufacture. senator paul, your time is long over expired. i gave you an additional two and a half minutes. the witness has responded. we are going to move on, senator sanders.