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When to Spend on Digital Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Why Digital Advertising Doesn't Work the Way You Think It Does

Many big brands have turned off millions of dollars of digital ad spending, and yet they saw no change in business outcomes. Small businesses, on the other hand, have reduced their digital marketing efforts, but still saw their business activity go up. This raises the question: does digital advertising really work, or is there something else going on?


1. When P and G turned off $200 million of their digital ad spending, they saw no change in business outcomes.

2. When Chase reduced their programmatic reach from 400,000 sites to 5,000 sites, they saw a 99% decrease, but still saw no change in business outcomes.

3. When Uber turned off $120 million of their digital ad spending meant to drive more app installs, they saw no change in the rate of app installs.

4. When big brands stopped spending on digital ads, nothing happened. Even eBay turned off their paid search ad spending in 2012 and saw no change in sales.

5. A small business owner doing Facebook advertising turned off Fan Facebook Audience Network and saw the number of ad impressions plummet by about 90%, but the sales of his music and merchandise went up.

6. Another small business owner turned on a Google AdWords campaign and saw a dramatic increase in traffic coming to her site. However, most of the android visitors were bouncing, leaving after a few seconds.

The Problem:

The discrepancy between the clicks reported by Facebook advertising and the number of arrivals on a website reported by Google Analytics vanished. This suggests that the vast majority of impressions and clicks are from bot activity. Currently, much of the problem with digital advertising today stems from marketers' obsession with big numbers. But big numbers of ads and clicks do not translate into more business activity and sales.

Digital marketing works, but marketers could be spending far fewer dollars and getting the same levels of business outcomes or spending the dollars more smartly in digital and getting even more business outcomes than they are now. It is time for marketers to focus on quality over quantity in their digital advertising efforts.

GroupM predicts 2020 will have slow growth in digital ad spending

A slowdown in the growth of ad spending is expected next year due to various pressures on the global economy, such as trade barriers and deceleration at the end of an economic cycle.

Expectations for advertising growth are not different from those of local economies, with the exception of the US and the UK, which are expected to grow. China and most other countries are experiencing a slowdown in growth.

Facebook, Google, and Amazon are continuing to take a huge share away from other digital players, with the exception of live sports. However, major categories such as automotive, retail, and financial services are expected to be flat.

While digital ad spending is still growing, it's not growing as fast as it was in 2016-2017. The most powerful digital ad players will still get the lion's share of business, but there is a concern about what that does to the margin profile.

The potential deceleration may have to do with companies taking a stance on political advertising, which makes it very difficult for most of the major categories to drive demand due to the clutter in the marketplace and pricing challenges.

The actual market for political advertising in the US is estimated to be around 10 billion dollars in 2020, which is a conservative estimate. Fundraising is up 45% for the first half of 2019 compared to the first half of 2017.

Overall, the slowdown in ad spending growth is expected to be a challenge for the industry, but the most powerful digital ad players will continue to dominate and pivot into other businesses. The impact of political advertising on the market will be significant and heavily skewed into a small number of geographies.

How much should I be spending on Digital Ads in Real Estate in 2022?

The market is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the headlines. It can cause uncertainty in the real estate business and make people wonder if they should hoard their cash or go all in.

Bullet Points:

- The biggest brand almost never loses

- Surviving on a non-REO business is possible

- Taking 10 listings and only selling 3 is not necessary

- The market may become more competitive for getting listings

- Attention to pricing and process is important

- Withholding content or slowing down advertising is not necessary

- Real estate could be the vehicle that pulls everything out of a recession

- Tracking every dollar that goes out the door is important

- Going all in on content creation, advertising, and video is crucial

- Massive action in this market will reward those who take it

- The market will humble those who pull back

- The one who goes all in on content will always win

Now is the time to go all in on content creation, advertising, and video. It is important to track every dollar that goes out the door and pay attention to what is working. The market may become more competitive for getting listings, but it is crucial to push as hard as possible and go all in on media. The biggest brand almost never loses, and the one who goes all in on content will always win.

Digital Media and Limiting Social Media Use

In this article, we will discuss the adverse effects of social media overuse and provide tips for limiting social media usage. We will also talk about the concept of a family media plan.

The Adverse Effects of Social Media Overuse:

1. Social isolation

2. Increase in stress, anxiety, and depression

3. Trouble concentrating

4. Poor sleep quality

5. Constant urgency to check notifications

Tips for Limiting Social Media Usage:

1. Log out of all social media accounts

2. Designate a time to turn off notifications

3. Keep your phone or tablet out of sight

4. Avoid social media at mealtime

5. Avoid sleeping with your cell phone

The Family Media Plan:

A family media plan is designed to help families set guidelines and recommendations for media usage within their households. It can be individualized to suit different needs.

Social media overuse can have adverse effects on our mental and physical health, and it is important to take steps to limit our usage. By following the tips provided in this article, we can improve our overall well-being. The concept of a family media plan can also be useful in regulating media usage within households.

EP 011: "How Much should I Spend on Digital Advertising" | The Teevee Marketing SHow

In this article, we will discuss the importance of customer value in determining advertising spend for businesses. We will take a simplistic approach to calculate customer value and provide a ballpark figure for advertising spend.

Determining Customer Value:

To calculate customer value, we need to know the average spend of a customer and how long they are likely to be a customer. For example, a barber charges $20 for a haircut, and a customer visits six times a year and stays for two years. The customer value would be $220 for the two years.

Determining Advertising Spend:

Once we know the customer value, we can determine how much we are willing to spend to acquire a new customer. For example, if the customer value is $220, we can decide to spend $10, $20, or $50 to acquire a new customer. This will depend on the industry and the business's budget.

Long-Term Approach:

For businesses that require one-off projects, such as real estate, it is essential to ask for referrals and stay top of mind with clients. Referrals may not come often, but the client's lifetime value is significant, making it worth the effort.

Knowing customer value is crucial in determining advertising spend for businesses. By understanding how much a customer is worth, we can allocate advertising spend effectively and acquire new customers. Maintaining relationships with clients through follow-up and referral programs can increase a business's lifetime value.

Digital Marketing In 5 Minutes | What Is Digital Marketing? | Learn Digital Marketing | Simplilearn

Joey and digital marketing: Opportunities popping up

Joey discovered numerous opportunities in the field of digital marketing, which he had never seen before. In this article, we will discuss the main concepts of digital marketing that Joey realized, such as content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Main points:

1. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses various channels such as search engines, websites, social media platforms, emails, and demos to advertise products and services.

2. The main concept of digital marketing is to promote products and services through less expensive and traditional forms of advertising.

3. Content marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. It involves creating content that engages the audience on specific search keywords.

4. Search engine optimization helps in improving website ranking and increasing website traffic.

5. Social media marketing involves using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to promote products and services.

6. Email marketing is another important aspect of digital marketing. It helps in nurturing potential customers and guiding them through the buying process.

7. Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and services to audiences by partnering with other websites or businesses.

Digital marketing is a crucial aspect of modern-day marketing, and it provides a wide range of opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services. Joey's experience shows that digital marketing is constantly evolving, and it is essential to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to be successful in this field.

Investors are Paying Attention to Digital Ad Spending

In this segment of Fast Market, the topic of discussion is digital ad spend. Joe Mazzola, the Director of Trader Education at Charles Schwab, and Andy Swann, the Co-Founder of LikeFolio.com, are the guests for this segment. The conversation begins with a question from Kevin Hinks, the host, about the trends in digital ad spend. Andy Swann responds by saying that it is a flight to quality, with companies investing in platforms where customers are making direct purchasing decisions. He also highlights the importance of tracking where consumers are making purchasing decisions. The data from LikeFolio.com shows a large divergence between Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat in terms of where customers are making these decisions. Swann predicts that Snapchat's negative performance will continue and that companies will move their ad dollars to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

The discussion then shifts to the importance of social influencers in purchasing decisions. Swann emphasizes that influencers have the ability to create relationships with their followers, which makes them more likely to trust their opinions and purchase products they endorse. The conversation ends with a discussion of Facebook's acquisition of Instagram and how it has been a huge driver of growth for the company. Despite some hiccups and snafus, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been executing digital ad spend well over the last few decades.

Overall, the data from LikeFolio.com shows a flight to quality in digital ad spend, with companies investing in platforms where customers are making direct purchasing decisions. Social influencers play a crucial role in these decisions. Facebook's acquisition of Instagram has been a significant driver of growth, and companies should focus on separating the good from the bad in terms of digital ad spend.

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