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Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

How To Add Your Logo To Shopify Products (Private Labeling Your Dropshipping Brand in 2022)

so you guys have found a product that works for your store, you validated it and you're making consistent sales with it every single day. well, what do you do to go ahead and take this product to the next level? well, the first thing you should focus on is private labeling your product and getting your logo on it. private labeling is essential to building a brand in 2021 and it's how you stand out from your competition. so, what's up, guys? my name is alex and in this video, we're going to dive into my laptop really quickly and tok about private labeling your products and getting your logo on them. let's jump into that right now, okay? so, like i said, i want to keep this video short and simple. so i just went and pulled up the aliexpress drop shipping center and we're gonna pick one of these random products on here. so i already went through and did this all for you guys to keep it short and simple, but we'll go ahead and choose this laser hair removal tool. so i've been seeing this all over. i've been seeing a ton of brands take advantage of this product and private label it themselves, and it's just performing well overall. so i went ahead and opened up that listing over here and that's what you see. so you're sourcing it for around thirty one dollars with free shipping for each order. and i also went on an ad spy tool, drop a spy- and found this product actually private label to a brand. so this is kenzie, and they went ahead and got their logo stamped on there and i went ahead and checked out their product page as well. so if you go on here, i don't know how much they're getting this product for because they've actually private labeled it. so it's probably a significant discount compared to the aliexpress cost. but even for a 31 dollar price point, these margins are crazy. so they're selling it for 230 dollars when or when the average product cost was around thirty dollars. so that would be a two hundred dollar markup and i don't know if they're just advertising and marketing it very well or if they're offering discounts in the process or what, but i really like the way this is set up. so, as you can see right here, you got this product, you got your logo on it and i'm not going to pay attention to fine detail for this for the purpose of this video, because, if you can see right here, this product slightly different from this one, but the same overall idea and the same concept is: you just want to get your logo on your product. i don't care what you're selling when you, you know you validate it and you're ready to move on. you need to private label it, you need to get your logo on it and you need to secure your logistiks for your store. so i like what they have going. they have their private label product, their logo on it and everything. they're doing a great job branding it, as you can see right here. uh, they actually it looks like they got an influencer to review this product and they're using it on their home homepage. that is awesome. keep going. they got all the reviews. so this is put together very well. this is a very nice brand. so let's go ahead and move over to alibaba. this is where we're gonna source this product for the purpose of this video. we're going to move away from aliexpress because, let's be real, in 2021, you can't deal with those long shipping times, especially if you're private labeling your product. it's just going to give you a bad name overall. so alibaba is just like aliexpress, but it's for more buying in bulk and customizing your products and really working with these suppliers on a more one-to-one basis. so i went ahead and typed in laser hair removal tool on alibaba and we're gonna go ahead and find this product and stamp our logo on it. you'll just want to go ahead and scroll through until you find a few of those exact listings that match and open up a few tabs. you want to compare. you know a bunch of different listings, some suppliers and you know. just look at the fine details and everything. you want to find the best deal possible. okay, so i found this listing and this is the listing we're going to use for the purpose of this video. but, like i said, you want to compare. you want to find the best price, the best shipping times, the best suppliers and everything to do with that. so, if you look right here, the original price point on aliexpress was about 31. well, if you look over here, the minimum order is two, so that's actually pretty low. a lot of suppliers have minimum order quantities of like a hundred or a thousand and a lot of times people just can't afford to buy that much inventory up front. so if you look right here, the minimum order is two. so anywhere between two and nine orders, you're getting it for twenty six dollars and ninety cents a piece, anywhere from ten to about a hundred orders. you're getting it for twenty four and then 100 and up 22.. and about 50 000 pieces. you are paying 9.90 for each one of these. so there's a few aspects that you want to look at on these suppliers to determine if they're legit. one of the first things you want to look at is alibaba trade assurance. so that, just you know, protects you, make sure you're not getting scammed. you can get a refund if your order doesn't arrive, or if it arrives and the products are terrible. so this just really protects you overall. you want to look at a few other things, like some of the actual reviews on the product or if there is any. so this supplier right here: they've been in business for two years, their ratings are pretty good and yeah, so you just want to look at their overall stats. i'll go into more depth and show you what you actually need to be looking for in another video when i tok about sourcing and building long-term relationships with these suppliers. but you just want to look at some of the basic factors, what other people are saying about them, and make sure you're protected as well by making sure these people are legit. so, looking down at customization, you want to look at the minimum order quantity for getting your logo on this product, and there's also customized packaging and some suppliers might offer, you know, additional features and benefits, stuff like that. some might not even offer it at all, but basically you have to buy a hundred of these to get your logo on it. so if you guys can afford that, i'm gonna show you how to go about sourcing this product and getting your logo on it. if you guys can't, then find another supplier that has a logo for a smaller quantity, or look at sourcing another product, but let's move forward with this one. so what you want to do is you want to go ahead and click contact supplier so you can go ahead and fill in some of the other additional stuff, but the main message you want to say is you want to be professional, polite and get your message across so you can say something along the lines of: you know, hi, i'm alex, i'm the purchasing manager for whatever your store is. i'm looking to place an order for however many of this product and i would like to get my logo on it. can we tok about pricing and you guys can negotiate with these buyers on the actual product, pricing and the shipping cost and everything to do with that. the main point is you want to get it across to them that you need your logo on this product and you can send it over to them and just discuss, you know, the timing, shipping, the cost, everything to do with that. it's all in the negotiations, by messaging the supplier. so this should be pretty straightforward. you just want to negotiate with them, you tell them what you want, what you need, and then you guys can tok about the shipping times, the shipping method, the actual cost, and go ahead and message around a few suppliers, kind of get this going and see where you're gonna find the best deal. and i know a lot of people up front will place sample orders so they can, you know, ensure that the quality is there. but a lot of people don't have time to go through this process because shipping times are still crazy and everything like that. so me personally, if i don't have time to place a sample order, i'll go ahead an

Branded Shopify Dropshipping with CJ Dropshipping (2022)

drop shipping is becoming increasingly more competitive in 2022, and the way that you can stand out from your competitors is to start drop shipping private label and branded products and build a real brand around your drop shipping store. so in today's video, i'm going to be showing you how you can use cj drop shipping's new wholesale sourcing service so that you can start drop shipping private label and branded products, and cj dropshipping is an amazing alternative to using aliexpress or alibaba, especially when it comes to drop shipping, private label and branded products and also decreasing the shipping times of your products. so the first thing that you're going to have to do in order to start dropshipping private label products with cj dropshipping is, of course, to identify a product, so you can search through cj's extensive library of products and find a product that you want to start private label drop shipping with your branded logo on now. once you do this, then you can contact your agent from the cj dropshipping dashboard and just say that you want to set up a private label brand using cj's wholesale service. now, if there is a product that you want to start drop shipping using this service, but you can't find it in cj's library of products, you can actually post a sourcing request and then your agent will get back to you in around 24 hours with the result and if they can find the product and they can source the product, then you can continue on with private labeling and branding the product ready to dropship. and this is one of the amazing benefits of using cj dropshipping's wholesale service to actually private label and branded products is that you actually get a personal agent that will help you with the entire setup. once you have identified the product that you want to start private label drop shipping, you can now work on creating a sample with your agent. so, once again, you can contact your agent through the cj drop shipping dashboard and then you need to go and send them your logo file so they can print this on the product. now, generally, they will ask for your logo file to be in adobe illustrator format, and this is because it comes out much better quality when the logo is printed on products. so just bear this in mind when you are creating a sample. you are going to want to have your logo in adobe illustrator format now. once you have done this, it will take a few days for the first sample to be created and then the agent will contact you and they can send a sample to your address so you can check the quality, you can check how the logo is being printed and any changes that you want to make to the product. so the product that you can see on screen now is a product that i have set up using cj's private labeling service and, as you can see, the logo printing is super high quality and i have had the logo printed on the packaging and also on the product itself and, once again, it was a really smooth process to actually get all of this set up. so now your product has been put into production, your sample has been produced. so, like i said earlier, you can now ask your agent to send a sample to your address so you can inspect the quality. now, once you have inspected the quality and if you are happy with the product and how the logo is printed, you can then go and proceed with purchasing a very small minimum order quantity, which cj will house in their warehouse and also fulfill the orders. for now it depends on the product. some products have a minimum order quantity of just one. so you just have to go and set up this logo printing process and then you can just go and drop ship them one at a time. some of them maybe will have a minimum order quantity of 10. some of them will have a minimum order quantity of 20, 30, 40 or 50.. so it does depend on the product. usually the cheaper products will have a higher minimum order quantity and a slightly more expensive product will have a lower minimum order quantity, but you can start with really low minimum order quantities on almost any single product. so this just makes it a really easy barrier to entry to start private label drop shipping these products using cj drop shipping's new wholesale service. so that just means even if you're on a tight budget, you still have access to drop shipping these branded products. now, once you have purchased the minimum order quantity of the product- and, like i say, for some products this is just one, and you can pay for that minimum order quantity through your cj drop shipping dashboard- cj will now warehouse the product for you and they will also fulfill all of your orders once you start getting orders on your store. now this can once again be done through the cj dropshipping dashboard. so check out my full, full-length tutorial on how to fulfill orders with cj dropshipping, because it is the exact same process for these private label and branded products as well, and the really amazing thing about this is you can actually add more value to your products because they have a higher perceived value when they are branded. it means you'll have more repeat customers and you'll be able to build a more long-term business around your store with these private label and branded products. so make sure to check out cj's wholesale service- i will leave a link in the description below. if you do have any questions about the service, then make sure to leave them in the comments and i will get back to you right away. and also check out my other video on the full tutorial on how to use your cj drop shipping dashboard, and i hope to see you in one of those videos.

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Shopify Debut Theme Customization | Debut Theme Design Tutorial

all right, guys. so in this video i'm going to be showing you how you can go ahead and customize your debut theme within shopify. so debut theme is the theme that all shopify stores start out with by default when you go ahead and start a shopify store and if you haven't already opened your shopify store yet, you can start your 14 day free trial by clicking the first link in the description. so i figured i'd make this video because debut theme is one of the most commonly used themes, because it's the one that all stores start out with, and the view theme actually looks really good. so right here we can see that this is what debut theme looks like when it's first installed, with absolutely nothing filled out. so we can see that we have where our logo should be. we have a big header right here with some text. we have an image here, we have three images with text. below here we have a uh empty collection and we have another um header type image. right here, another wallpaper image. we have some testimonials and we have three images down here. and then we have the footer. so right now we have a nice little template, but it's blank. so if you're looking to go ahead and fill out your um store using debut theme. the first thing you're going to want to make sure you have is a few key things. so i'm going to bring up a notepad and just make sure, because before you go ahead and start the design process, you're going to need a couple things. so the first one is going to be a logo. so i assume you already have a logo at this point if you're ready to start your store design. but if not, then make sure you get a logo first, because everything else is going to be based around the logo. and then we're going to have a color scheme selected and normally this color scheme is going to be derived from colors from your logo and typically you're going to use one to two colors to base your entire store around. and, like i said, these colors will be derived from the logo. and the next thing we're going to need is a couple wallpaper photos so we can see. we're going to need some photos to go ahead and put back here in this header. we need some photos to put back here and this header as well. so if you have any large photos related to your business, go ahead and upload them to your computer or put them all in one folder so we can go ahead and use them as backgrounds here, and, if you don't, you can use different sites such as pixabay to find free stok images that you can go ahead and use. so let's just type in something like fishing, so if you had a store related to fishing, you could go ahead and just look for different stok photos here. or maybe you have something related to yoga or fitness. you can type in a lot of different niches, depending on what your store is based around, and you can use some of these wallpapers to go ahead and put back here. now, obviously, i do think it's better if you have your own custom photos, but uh, you know, not everyone's gonna have that starting out. so if you don't, you can go ahead and use pixabay to get some related photos so we can see that, based on the template here, we're gonna need at least one and two bigger photos, and then we're going to need about five smaller photos to go ahead and put in here, in here and down here. now, one thing to keep in mind is we don't have to go ahead and utilize every one of these sections, and i'm going to show you how you can add and delete sections. but you just want to go into the design process with all of these different things in place already, because it's going to make things a lot easier. so make sure you have a logo, select your color scheme based on the logo, have a couple of wallpaper photos, have about five, you know. maybe, maybe in five to ten smaller photos, they can be in your product, they could be something related to your business. but just make sure you have five to ten smaller photos and then make sure you just have, like, business details, so like slogans, taglines, selling points, uh, just different type of details that we can use to go ahead and fill out this uh page with. so, that said, i'm gonna go ahead and get started with customizing this. so, in order to customize the theme, all we have to do is come over here to online store themes and then click customize. now i already have, um, all of the stuff that i'm going to put in to the design, all the details that i'm going to put into design, prepared ahead of time, which is, like i said, what i would recommend you do as well, because getting all of this is pretty much the first half of the work done. it's just getting what you're going to fill in the store with, and then, once you have this, it's literally just about filling in and then customizing different sections and getting rid of certain sections. so where we pretty much start things off is with the header. so if we open up header right here, the first thing we need to do is upload our logo, which we can do right here by selecting an image. so all we have to do is click upload and i'm going to go ahead and upload a logo right here and i'm going to go ahead and click select and then we can go ahead and customize our logo width right here. so i'm going to go ahead and make it big and we can choose whether we want this centered or to the left, and i'm going to keep it to the left right here. and the next thing we can do is change the menu we have here. we're going to just keep this as the main menu and then we can come down here to announcement bar, and a lot of the time you'll just go ahead and show an announcement mark so we can kind of put an announcement up here. so this is where you can put something that's relevant to your business, whether that's, you know, like a discount, you're running a promotion, you're running free shipping or just any type of details really that have to do with your business. so in this case- uh, the example design i'm going to be going for is a local cookie business, so i'll go ahead and put something like this and then down here we can go ahead and paste a link if we want this to link to anything. so if you are promoting, like a specific sale, then you could have this link to a specific sale. in this case, i'm going to go ahead and not link to anything. and this is where the second part- right here, the color scheme- is going to come into play. so we want to make sure that our store looks fluid and looks like it kind of blends together. we want to make sure that it actually looks good. so in order to do that, we need to have a set color scheme. we can't just have random colors wherever we want so we can see how if our logo is brown, then we probably want to stik to this type of color scheme. we wouldn't want to come down here and make this any color like this, because that just doesn't fit in at all. so what we want to do is find the exact color from our logo. take one of the colors from our logo and there's one of two ways you can do that. one is with a photo editor like photoshop, which i'm going to do right here. i'm going to just use the color picker and in this case, the most prominent color in the logo is this darker brown. so i'm going to use that and then i'm going to take this six digit code right here and use this to match the exact color. now, if you don't have photoshop or photo editor, you can just go on google and search up hex color finder and actually, if i go really quick, if we go to hex color, if we go, actually i believe it's hex color finder. uh, yeah, it's this site right here. so, html- color codesinfo. you can come here, you can upload, uh, your logo like this, and then you can just click and you get the same exact color code right there and we're going to be using this code for the rest of our designs. we're going to go ahead and put in that color and now the brown goes ahead and matches our logo right here. and as far as the text for what's going to go up here, normally you're just going to decide what looks better on the background color between white or black. so if we go to black, i personally think that white looks better, so i'm going to go back to white. and now we're done.

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How To Add Logo for Sticky and Transparent Header - [Shopify Dawn Theme]

Hello everyone, welcome to WebSensePro. I'm your host, Bilal Naseer, with another Shopify tutorial video. this video is a follow-up video of the previous video which I created. so that's the old video which I created in which I taught you guys how to make stiky and transparent Adder using code without any app. and this video is a follow-up video because when I created- uh, the stiky and rash parent had a video- I got lots of comments from you guys that we need to have a separate logo for transparent header and separate logo for the normal website. So currently, after implementing this tutorial, you will be able to have the transparent header, like this transparent and stiky header. so it's stiky throughout the website. plus, when you scroll to the top, it's transparent. but after implementing what I'm teaching you guys today, you'll be able to have a separate logo. so take a look at this one. so I have white color logo when I am on transparent header mode, but I want. but when I scroll down, it will change to the different color logo and that's what you will learn in this video. so if you want to learn stik to the video, don't forget to subscribe. okay, and comment on the video below. so, without further Ado, let's jump into the chord foreign logo for our transparent header. and in order to implement this, you'll have to first follow the old tutorial- the previous video tutorial which I created for you guys, and once you have successfully implemented that tutorial and once you're seeing the transparent header on your Shopify store, only then you will be able to implement this, because I'll be adding CSS code which is on top of the old code which I already have added in order to achieve the transparent and stiky header. so let's get into the back end of our Shopify and I'm gonna go to slash admin and from there, once it's completely loaded, I'm gonna click on sales Channel online store and from there I'll added the code. so that's my Dawn theme and I'm working on, so that's the uh Dawn theme version which I am implementing this tutorial to. I'm gonna click on these three small dots and then click on edit code. before editing the code, I keep reminding you guys: please duplicate your theme. so if you can, if you mess up anything with your code, you can easily revert it back, because I get lots of emails sometime that after implementing your code or site got messed up, and I keep repeating that again and again: that please to have the duplicate of your theme so in case you mess up, you can easily revert it back. okay, now let's edit our code and from our code editor I'm going to search for header, dot- liquid file. and that's the file where where I will add additional CSS code. okay, and in this file I'll search for Style. so let's search for bracket percent and then style. that's the code which I'm going to search for and that's the code which we added when we were implementing transparent and stiky header, and I'm going to add the CSS code just above the end, Style. and that's the CSS code. so when you copy the CSS code, you will have to change this URL. so that's the URL which you will need to change it from your own log, own logo, which you want to display when your transparent header is enabled. so this will only work wherever your transparent header is showing. so I'm just going to copy this code and paste it here and hit save and let's wait for the file to save. okay, once it's saved, I'm gonna go to my website and hit refresh. and here we go. my white logo is showing up but, as you can see, it's a little cutting off. so what I'm gonna do? I'll adjust the width and height as per the old logo. so there is, this is width and height. so you will have to adjust width and height as per the whole logo which you have. so in order to do that- because it might be different for every uh other logo and it might be different as per your header settings- so I'm gonna go to this black logo and click on inspect element and from there you can see. so when you hover over it, you can see rendered size, which is 150 as width and 63 pixel as height. we will use the same width and height in our transparent header logo. so I'm gonna change my width to 150 pixel and height to 63 pixel. make sure you add the width and height as per the original logo which you have. only then you will be able to see the full logo. otherwise, your logo will cut off. Okay, now click on Save again. and now let's hit refresh. and there we go. as you can see, we have a different logo on our transparent header now, and it's pretty easy to implement. you just need to upload uh the different color logo, copy the URL and add it here. so in order to upload the file, you'll go to the back end of your store, click on settings and from there click on files and here you will be able to see all of the files. so I just copied the URL from here and added in my CSS code. so that's, when you click this button, you'll you will copy the URL on your clipboard and all you need to do is just copy it and paste it here on your CSS code. and once you paste the code and hit save and adjust the width and height of the logo, you will have a different logo for your transparent header, which will work completely smooth and it will look good on desktop. and now let's test it on mobile as well, and if we test it on mobile version, looks fine in Mobile as well. take a look, looks good, right, perfect, okay, guys. so, uh, that's it for the tutorial. I hope you guys liked it. if you do, please comment on the video below, share it or with your friends if they are using Shopify store and if they have implemented the tutorial. until next video, have a great day.

Learn How to Add SVG Logo in Your Shopify Store - 2022

hi guys, welcome back to another youtube tutorial video, and today we are learning about how to add an svg logo in your shopify store. so why we are adding an svg logo? because it's of really good quality and it doesn't get blur, and it's really good quality as compared to the png's in jpegs. and shopify doesn't have a direct way to do it, so we'll do it by code and i'm going to teach you guys how to do it. so if you want to learn it, stik to the end of the video. let's jump right into it. okay, first we will go to the back end of our shopify store, so i'm gonna put /admin. i'm already logged in, so it will display something like this: now click on online store and we are doing it in the debut team. you can do it in any of the free shopify theme, so let's first do it in the debut team. click on actions and hit on edit code, and now we will add our svg logo in our assets folder. so I have a dummy logo and my desktop saved, so i'm gonna click on add a new asset and then choose file and navigate to the logo which I have saved and where it is. here it is, so i'm going to click on it and there's the logo upload asset. my logo is uploaded. here's the logo which we uploaded. now let's rename it to a little more simpler so it will be easier for us to add in the code: logosvg- done, okay, now we will find the header liquid file. now let's search in the header and here's our headerliquid file: we where we will add in the code for our svg logo. and one thing I forgot: please do not forget to subscribe my channel. hit the like button and the bell icon so you can notify whenever I create a new video, so you can learn more cool. now let's find out where we need to end the code. now we will search for sectionsettingslogo, and here it is one moment, so we need to find this one. okay, line number 75 in debut theme. but you can search this in if you are using any other theme, like any other free shopify theme. so you need to search for this if, and this if is ending here, and if line number 97, from line number 75 to line number 97, we will completely replace this chord with what we have already created. i'm gonna remove this code and add in the code which i have already saved. don't worry about the code. i'll share it in the video subscription so you can easily copy and paste. so there's the code which you'll be copying and paste. okay, cool, now hit save and now our svg logo should be visible when we refresh. there we go. our svg logo is looking good. inspect element. let's see if it's okay. our svg logo is looking good. here's that svg logo. so, as you can see, no matter how much you zoom in, it won't be blur. it's just a dummy file. you can use your own logo file, logo or svg file. so that's the quality of svg, that it's very good quality and it doesn't get blur as compared to the png's in jpegs, and it's also very lightweight. so if you have your svg logo created, make sure to use your svg logo. the one thing i'll add that if you will go to the customize section of your team now, you won't be able to change your logo from here. now let's go to the backend and there's our header and, as you can see, the logo is not visible because we have hard coded it and you can change the size. take a look. you can change the size, but you won't be able to change the image. so let's check if we can do it. three images now. if i use this for just for example, it won't be changed any matter. if I select it and hit save, you won't be able to change it because we have hard-coded our svg logo. there's no way you can upload your svg logo from here. so we won't be able to upload our svg logo. if we try that, it won't work because svg is not allowed in shopify to add it as a logo. that's why we hard coded it. cool, and that's it for the tutorial. I hope you guys like the tutorial. please do not forget to like, share and subscribe. have a great day.

#30 How to Add Shopify Custom Logo Option with Liquid Code | Shopify Liquid Tutorial Bangla

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