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who are shopify competitors

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

Top 3 Shopify Alternatives - Cheaper and Better

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How to do Shopify Competitor Research (eCommerce Competition Analysis)

Hey, it's Claus here. Welcome to another quick tip episode of the e-commerce coffee break. today I want to tok about competitor research and how it is done the right way. Therefore, I will give you an example on what my members of my coaching program have to go through to get all the information they need to do proper competitor research. Now, first of all, obviously you want to find out who is your competitor. The easiest way to do this is obviously go to Google and see what for a specific search term for your business shows up. So if you're, for instance, type in your industry, niche or your target group and you get the listings, you will probably see other companies targeting with the same products, the same target group. So these are your direct customers. Also, you will see some Google ads promoting services or products in this niche, So also people who are potentially your customers. So you want to create a Google spreadsheet, or a spreadsheet where you list all these competitors. Now, one thing you need to keep in mind is that your competitors are in the same boat, Like you know. one of them has a hundred percent figured out and all of them have to deal with the ever-changing routes of online marketing. So Facebook ads changes and you're struggling with Facebook ads or with your rankings or anything else. the same applies to your competitors. So therefore, don't start copying what your competitors do. We do competitor research to find out what channels are they testing, And then we want to see what potentially works for them And then sort of re-engineer it for our own business or find new marketing channels that you haven't thought about. Now, going back to the spreadsheet, you have your spreadsheet And the first column you want to have is obviously a competitor name. Then next you want to list the store, your L or the website URL, And then you want to find out if they have, for instance, a block. So if they have a block, also add the block URL. next thing is: have a look at their website, at their store. If they're offering any kind of newsletter, sign up. if yes, then sign up for their newsletters. to make it easier for you in your day-to-day life, Create a new email address- I free email address under your Gmail, for instance, and use that one instead of your normal business email address or your normal private address. you don't want to fill up. Your already full inbox was more promotion. So creating a separate email address will help you And then you can go once a week or so to this inbox of this email address and see what of kind of promotional newsletters are coming in from your competitors. So make sure to sign up for the newsletter you want to show, or you want to learn from this on. how often do they send out newsletter, What kind of content are they promoting through the newsletter And what kind of style are they using for their newsletters? Then you want to find out if they have landing pages. So, beside off the normal store or websites, do they use landing page builders like click funnels or lead pages for specific promotions or products? If you go to search through stretch results of your competitor and see that they are listing a different URL or a sub domain that might take you to a landing page. So you want to find out if they're actually using landing pages on top of their normal store. you want to find out if they are using clickers to assist in their business. it does work for some business, of all of business. And then another column in your spreadsheet would be a rewards program. So do your competitor offers a offer, a rewards program, the same? Do they offer a referral or affiliate program? All of this do want to capture in a row for your competitor. then, going into social media, once you're on their website or on their store, they probably will have some links to all the social media channels. So you want to sign up for these channels and you want to capture, for instance, the link to the Facebook page. was that? you also want to capture how many likes and how many followers they have at this point in time. And the same you want to find out if they have a Facebook group and how many Facebook group members they have. Next thing is a little bit more tricky. You want to go to the Google ads manager. So basically checking on Google from the page, from their Facebook page, if they are running Facebook ads. if yes, then you add the link to the Facebook ads library directly into your spreadsheet so that you can go in there quickly and find the ads without going through the whole steps, One-to-one, to find out about their, their ads. Same you do for Instagram, If they have an Instagram account, at that two year spreadsheet and then also add the Instagram URL to your spreadsheet and number of followers and also the number of posts they have published. next step would be YouTube. Find out if your competitors have a YouTube channel, as the number of subscribers, same for Pinterest, Pinterest viewers, same for LinkedIn. If you're in a B2B space, for instance, you want to capture all the social channels of your competitors with the numbers they have. Now. the idea here is to go back, like once a month, and to compare the numbers. So, for instance, if they have a YouTube channel, you want to just see how much did this channel grow in the last four weeks and how often do they publish new content on YouTube. So if they're- for instance, I have a hundred subscribers now, in four weeks time they're 500 subscribers- There is something working for them. The same for Instagram. If they have 5,000 Instagram posts and 50,000 Instagram followers and for four weeks later nothing has changed, Then this is probably an indication that this channel is not working for them as good in regards of growth. Next thing you want to find out: are they running Google ads? You can do this with tools like SEMrush. I will put a link in the show notes that you can get to SEMrush there. You can use SEMrush seven days for free and there will be very easy to find out if they are running Google ads. So you want to find out also if there are selling on Amazon. so do research for your competitor on Amazon And if they have an Amazon store, then you want to add the link in your spreadsheet as well. And finally, then this brings us back to SEMrush as a tool or Uber suggest can use that as well. You want to find out how much traffic do they have on their store. SEMrush, for instance, supports that very nicely And you can find out very conveniently from your competitors How many monthly visitors do they have, How many unique visitors they have, how many pages are visited by their per session by their visitors, How long do they spend time-wise on the page on the on the site, and what is their bounce rate. Was that obviously going back every four weeks to your spreadsheet, you're going to compare these numbers So you can see: is there growth in visitors? is the bounce rate going up and down, and so on and so forth. So all this data that you have collected now for your competitor research will help you over time to see what kind of marketing activities are your competitors are doing, For instance with the newsletters, and then see what kind of results is that driving for them on their marketing channels, either on their store, on their website or in their social media channels or through ads. all of this will help you to understand what kind of channels might potentially work in your business as well and where to focus on. Now, if you have a number of competitors in your spreadsheet- and I would recommend to have at least five, or better 10,, then you will see certain trends coming out of your spreadsheet. For instance, if all of your competitors see some growth on Instagram, then this might be something that you're focusing your time more on than on other channels. Again, keep in mind you should not copy what your competitors are doing. Don't steal from them, Just use the data. t.

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How To Spy On Your Competitors Shopify Stores

what's going on guys? welcome to the bit branding channel. today, i'm going to show you how to spy on shopify stores, including one chrome extension that a lot of people don't know about, but it's going to help you out a lot. now, before we get started, i just want to say welcome to everyone new again. my name is christian pinon, one of the co-founders here at bit branding. we have been helping frustrated store owners- 2015 becoming packed full store owners- through tutorials, tactiks, strategies, uh. so if you want to support our channel, make sure that you hit that subscribe button and turn on those bell notifications. all right, with that out of the way, let's get started. first things first, right, you have to figure out who is your competition out there, right? one of the tactiks that we've used in the past is use google for that. in google, you can do something like site semi or site colon: my shopify, what are these? um, oh my gosh, what are these? these things? type in the keyword for your store. so in this example, i typed in dog, right, and it gave me all kind of shopify stores that have the word dog attached to it. again, this is not gonna work for every single thing, but it's gonna give you a pretty good idea of some of the stores in shopify for sure that are going to be on shopify that have the word dog as part of it. so one that i saw earlier was this one beds, or the foggy dog. look look at that, they have really nice dog beds. megan is gonna love this story, let me tell you. and so it's piper, that's my dog. it's a little silver lab. she's crazy adorable. all right, so anyways, this store, as you can see, is a shopify store and we can tell that because they have, um, every shopify store has that unique url, which is whatever the name of itmyshopifycom. so that's all we're doing here. we're basically telling google: hey, google, give us every site that has that myshopifycom with the word dog in there, so it's going to give you has quite a few results. actually, does it give you 500 000 results, 500 000 results. so that gives you an idea of how many shopify stores are out there with the name dog in it, and there's probably a lot more that just have maybe the word pet. so just keep that in mind. you can use a lot of different keywords and you can easily find a lot of of your competition, right, depending on what you're selling. you just change the keyword, boom results. all right, the next best thing that you can do- um, again, these are kind of like shopify, like me, kind of hacker, hacker. so what we can do here is find out the best sellers, and by doing that, i'm actually. i have this store right here. it's called huel, it's like fuel, but with an h. i actually use them. i love their shakes. uh, this is free promo for for heel. so shout out to heal, make my muscles grow. so with this, what you can do is you can. i'm gonna just go to youtube so i can grab this. we're gonna have this in the description of this video, but you just go to the url and then you paste that. you're basically saying: give me the collections, all your collections, all your products, and sort them by best seller. so what that's going to do is going to, depending on the store. actually, warning, warning doesn't work on all the stores, but it works on, i would say, majority of the stores, where it will give you the price, all the all their products in order of best selling, which is pretty cool when it comes to spying on your competition, figuring out what they're doing, figuring out what are going to be their best sellers, right? so if you're looking for maybe a couple products to sell, maybe one of these things like a fidget little thing you want to figure out- if maybe, i don't know- you figured out some of the competition out there and you want to figure out if this partikular product is selling well, then sort by bestsellers, use that little thing on the url and you'll be able to kind of see what are their best sellers and make a decision based off of that. let's do the same thing with this doggy store. i just want to see if it also works with them. so if it doesn't work, this is going to give you a maybe an error message or it's just going to come up blank. so there we go. actually, the number one actually has the tag already that says bestseller, so we didn't have to even use that for this partikular store. but there you have it. they have all their products sorted by best sellers, and a lot of times you'll see that some of the best sellers are going to be their gift cards. that's kind of fun too. so that may tell you that you may need to offer gift cards for your store. who knows, we'll see. all right, you also want to stik around to the end of this video, because i'm going to show you that google chrome extension that does almost all this work for you with just a click of a button. all right, this next one is actually pretty cool and it works with not just shopify but any store, so all you have to do is enter the url and it will give you tons of information. so let's go with it. it's called builtwithcom, so let's go with the foggy dog, my copy, foggyfoggyorgycom. go to buildwithcom. i want to paste that. look up and there you have it: amazing results. a couple things that you can see here is analytiks and tracking. you can see that they're using google analytiks. you can see that they're using clovillo clavio- is that how you say that? you, um, i'm guessing that's for email? they're using facebook pixel, google global site tag. they're all using a couple widgets for pinterest and, judge me, some kind of statistiks or analytiks. ecommerce: obviously shopify. we already knew that from our search. now, pretty cool thing: here you can actually see some of the plugins or apps that they're using. so cross-sell for shopify riceai. so there's a couple of things in here that are built in shopify, so shopify discounts, for example. that's probably going to show up on every shopify store, but, looking at like cross-sell and then riceai, those things are going to be very informational for you if you're wanting to know what kind of apps your competition is using. there's a lot of different information in here that you can use if you have, you know, maybe a different store beside shopify, but the main thing is going to be the apps, the analytiks that you're using, and then payment profiles as well, so you can see here that they're using after pay, using paypal, mo, amazon payments and obviously, all the other regular cards. so this gives you a lot of really good information and, uh, yeah, if you're spying on either shopify stores or not shopify stores, this is the place to go. now, before we jump to that chrome extension that i've been toking and hinting about, um, i want to make sure that you watch our latest video on how to drive traffic to your shopify store through tiktok. it's amazing. if you're not on tiktok, you definitely want to check it out because it's a great, great informational video and it might open your eyes on maybe- hey, maybe- i should be on tiktok. maybe i should be on tiktok. you should be in touch, i should be. i'll on tiktok two. yeah, that should be on time. all right, let's jump to the last one. so the last one is called drum roll please. it's called coala inspector. we're gonna do heal again and then we're gonna go here and then i have a bunch of extensions: call inspector. there we go, let us do this thing. okay, now a couple things here, huge things actually. shopify theme actually gives you the name of the shopify theme that they're using. so in a lot of cases they're going to be using custom themes and they'll completely change the name. so in this instance, huel has a very custom theme, so they just called it fuel. so you really don't know. they could have worked off of a different template or theme and just changed the name. that's very easy to do. a lot of times you'll actually see the actual name of the theme, which is really cool, so you can actually spy and see exactly what theme they're using. then you can also see shopify applications, which is their apps that they're using. so they're using instant search and then two more undetected. sometimes it doesn't gi.

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How To Find Shopify Stores In Your Niche | Find Shopify Competitors

[Music]. hello everyone and welcome to on how channel, the place where, every day, you learn something new. my name is ennes and i'm working for you, so if you have any tutorial requests, let me know. i'll be happy to do a video for you. but today i have a really special video because i will show you how you can find competitors, shopify stores in your niche without using any tools or anything. and not just that: i will actually show you how you can find out the ad set for the shopify stores and you will be able to see the pictures and the videos they are using in their ad set and also the description and since when they are running the ad set, to know if it's successful or not, because if the ad set was running for a month or so, that means they are successful. that's why they keep the ads running and spending money. basically, and, as i said, all this without using any tools or anything and it's completely free. so, without any more toking, let's get to it. and, by the way, before we start, this is my instagram right here, as you can see. so if you want to say hi or have any tutorial request, or you want to ask me something, just drop me a message and i will be happy to reply to you. so, without any more checking, let's get back to our tutorial and let's just start. as i said, i will show you how you can find competitors, shopify stores, in your niche without using any tools or anything. so let's get to it. the first thing you're going to do is basically access google search engine and, yes, we will find out all that just from google search engine. so, after you did access the google search engine, tap on the search bar and type in in-text two dots and two quotation marks, and between the two quotation marks you will type in: powered by super file- and i think you are familiar with this word, right, every shopify store has this powered by shopify, at the footer or the bottom of the website and yes, you can actually remove that. and also, i will show you in my next video how you can find competitors shopify store if they are also removed this powered by shockwave, from their website. you are watching on how channel and everything is possible here. so, after you did type in index, two dots and two quotation marks, and between the two quotation marks, powered by shopify, hit space multiple times and type in again in text, two dots and two quotation marks, and this time, between the two quotation marks, you will type in a keyword or anything that's related to your niche. in my partikular case, i don't have any niche to look for or anything, so i'm going to simply type in women bags and after you got this right, as i said, i will also put this in the description box, so you guys get it right. so, after you did typing this, hit enter and you should see all the search results. our website that's running on shopify and has to do with your niche, which is, in my case, women's bag. so let's just pick a random website from here to go for to do demonstration on it. so let's just go for this one right here. as you can see, this is the website which is a women's bag website, a shop, basically. so let me just scroll down to show you the powered by shopify that's at the bottom page and here is, as you can see, powered by shopify and, as i said, some websites they do remove this, because it's completely possible to remove it, and there is actually another trick that you can use to find shopify stores that they have removed this powered by shopify, and i will show you that in my next video. so, after you did find the shopify store in your niche- and, by the way, let's just get back to search result, as you can see here, there is 177 000 results and they are all shopify stores that sells women's bag, and you might think that's a lot. well, because i did use a very generic niche, which is women's bag. so this is really normal to find this much of websites that's a selling women's bag, and let's just go to the website. so, after we did find the shopify store, the next step is to find out the ad set that's currently running for this shopify store. so to do that, the first thing you're going to do is look for the icon for facebook or instagram, and i already see the one here. as you can see, there is also one in the. the bottom page here is for facebook on instagram. let's just go for facebook. bear with me, please. i have really slow connection. i do suffer to upload videos, so if this video helped you out, help me out. please send that like button, please, anyway. so, as you can see, this is the, the facebook page. they have 700 likes, 600, sorry. so the first thing you're going to do after you did access the facebook page for the shopify store is simply copy the name for the facebook page, just like you see i'm doing right now, and after you did copy the name for the facebook page, open up google search engine again and type in facebook ad library and, no worries, i will put link for it in the description box, in case you don't like google search engine- who doesn't? and here we go. we have to wait again. so after you did access the ad library website, you should see this page right here and in this drop menu right here, you should see your country, which is, in my case, morocco, which is my country. so just click on it and you will see this drop menu and click on all option right here. and after that, click on this add category and click on all ads option right here. and the next step is simply pasting the name for the for the facebook page, which is the facebook page for the shopify store, and after that, you should see the page right here, just like you see right now. it says advertisers, so just click on it and it will show you the page for it. and here it is, as you can see. here it says launch it on julie 2021. and here it is. this ad set says active and started on 22 julie actually, and, as you can see, this is the ad set for the for the shopify store, and you can click on see add details. they are using a video, actually, not a picture, and here is the description for the ad set on everything they only running, uh, one ad set for the moment. you can check out the video here and watch the video and see what they are running for, which is, in this case, is basically a woman's bag, which is a clothing line. so that's how you see the ads for the shopify store in your niche. and just get back here to the search result and, as you can see, there is thousands here and they are all shopify stores that sell in women's bag. and after you did access the website, as i said, simply look for the icon for the facebook page and copy the name for it and paste it inside the ad library and it will show you all the ad set for it. so that's how you find competitors shopify store in your niche and also see their ad set and all the advertisements that's running on both facebook and instagram. as i said, and if you guys have any questions, just drop them below in a comment or send me a message on my instagram and i will be happy to help you out. otherwise, i think my job it is done and thanks for watching and catch you on next one.

How To Find Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores And Copy Them To Make Millions (With Examples)

hey, what's up, guys? its online mine 24/7, and today we're gonna be toking about how to find successful Shopify stores and copy them. so today we're gonna be going through a website you can utilize to look and find the top-selling stores on Shopify. so in a second here I'm gonna hop over that website and we will get started. are you guys? we're on the website. the website is called my IP dot m/s. everything will be linked down in the description as well, so you can go ahead and easily find these sites for yourself. and so my IP dot ms. this is the website. you go ahead, click that link, type that in, and then what you're gonna also need is this code right here. so this is the IP address of Shopify Inc, the actual Shopify location in Canada, in Ottawa, that is, whether or not Ottawa Ontario. well, it's Ottawa Ontario. that's the place that they're located in. so you're gonna need their IP address. their IP address is 23.2, 27.3, 8.0. so once you have that copied, you're gonna just paste that in here at the top for the search bar. this is going to essentially take you straight to their IP address, and so, as you can see, this is their location. Shopify is the IP own or Shopify Inc. and now what we're gonna do then is click on other site, other sites, on IP, right here, this button and that is going to take us to the list of all of the top stores on the Shopify IP address. so, as you can see here they're listed from number one all the way to 51,000 is on here on their website. so they have tons and tons of stores, obviously. so, first off, just looking at the top 15, the first ones, colour-pop, then fashion Nova, all birds, Jim shark- I'm sure a lot of these you guys are probably recognizing. then it's the, the P Hut, the PI Hut, jeffree star cosmetiks, then you have movement watches, shop logan paul, fifty, fifty bottles, MN, l ml, King, ice city, social maverick by Logan Paul. shop KC nice tat, red dress, boutique bow. but just going through these you can see that, like, three or four of them are just youtuber shops. you know, like a lot of these are people, influencers, that are selling their own products and they're like the top Shopify stores. but even above that, you know, you have color pop and Jenova. then you have Jim shark. so fitness and beauty are definitely some of the top things, as well as influencer brands, as you could see with, like Logan Paul won, or them or the Maverick- so the Maverick merch, or the shop logan paul comm, or even the kc nice, that one down here at the bottom. so, as you can see, these are the top Shopify stores and on here you can then see what they're doing and what might be successful. so, if we look at the number one site on Shopify, colour-pop- so we could just click this go to website button and it brings up this pop up here with the actual web site so you can utilize the types of things that they are doing. that makes them a good store. so, as you can see, they have an email pop-up with a $5 off thing for putting in your email address and you can see the certain types of tactiks that the top stores are utilizing. so, as you can see, color pop definitely you can see why there's such a great stories, because they're utilizing that beauty niche and they're selling products that people really want for a very cheap price in comparison to other brands might sell them for higher prices. so you can see how they're doing their store. you can look at their layouts and just their overall, what they're doing on their store. another thing you can also do- which I'll have that down in the description box as well- is you can. if some sites it's not easy to actually access their bestseller list, like it is on colour-pop, and you're gonna have to copy and paste in the collection slash- best sellers, so you can see. all you have to do is copy in that and it'll take you to their bestseller list. so if we go ahead and copy this over here to another tab so you can go ahead and paste this in it's a collection slash- all question marks, sort by best selling- that will be down in the description box as well. if you do want to utilize this, where you can sort it by best selling, and then it will sort the website because, like I said, not every website is as easy to find the bestseller list like colour-pop. some sites have it more or less hidden so you can't see their bestsellers. but, as you can see, their bestsellers are this shadow palette, this I set and this other powder shadow, so you can just look through and see what are some of the best sellers on their site. now, obviously, color is like the number one sight. it's very hard to try and replicate what they're doing so you can actually look up stores within a specific niche as well. so not only can you just look up the top 15 stores and see what they're doing and what, what, why they're succeeding, what are some of the tactiks they're using, and if you come down here to the right on the view all records, you can actually see all the stores you know, not just the top 15, it will list them all out. now, if you're looking for a specific niche- say, for example, you're in the dog niche- you could just type in dog into the title to find all the different types of dog websites. this would work also for the beauty niche, for any niche you know, even even the soccer. you know you type soccer into the there you're gonna find a bunch of different soccer stores that have that in their name. so, as you can see, East Coast soccer shop, you have TNT soccer shop, Pele soccer soccer store online. so you can see all the different stores that have that in their URL and it's- and you know, most stores that are selling a certain type of product are gonna have the name in their URL and so you be able to find those sores within your niche. so so say, for example, we were doing dog niche, okay, you could just go ahead and search that on here. like I said, all you had to do to find this page was just click on the view all button at the bottom right on the first page and so you can find. like bird dogs you have spotted dog company baked for your dogs. so let's go ahead and click on one of these. let's go on dog paw Polycom. as you can see, they have two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors per day. now, if they were even just to convert five percent of those people, you know, you can see how some of these stores are making quite a bit of money okay on this list, because they're the top, the top visited stores through this tracker here. so if they had two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors, okay, let's pull up the calculator- they had two thousand nine hundred and eighty visitors and they converted, let's just say, five percent of those people and this is per day, right? so one hundred and forty nine, let's say they made twenty dollars per hour per cart. that's two thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars per per day, right, I know it's the exact is the. but you know you $20, 5% of that times 20, and then you multiply that by seven, for seven days a week. you know that's $20,000 a week, right there. but if they make $20 a perv, it per five percent of the visitors, or maybe even if they did, if they did more than that, maybe they made $30 per visitor. okay, say, for example, they're a higher-end brand, right, 2,980. and then we multiply that by point zero, five, so five percent, and then we multiply that number: 149 converted people. so five percent of that times $30. four thousand four hundred and seventy dollars a day. okay, times seven, it's a lot of money. all right, that's just per per week. and if we multiply that by four per month, it's one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars a month. if they're converting that many people, okay, now, obviously they may not be converting that many people, they might be getting a lot of non conversion, but still that's crazy for them. on it, you know the amount of visitors they have. so let's actually go to their website. so we're gonna go to the website. dog Polycom- here, as you can see, it pulls up dog lovers, apparel and jewelry- says you'd see they sell a bunch of different products here and a lot of these products you could easily find these on Aliexpress. these are straight up dr.

How To Find Dropshipping Competitors | Find Shopify Competition

[Music]. hello everyone and welcome to on how channel. so, as you already know, my name is ns, i'm working for you and if you have any questions or any video requests, you can find my instagram in the description box or just drop me a comment below. i do reply to each comment on, also each message on my instagram. so today i will show you how to find your dropshipping competitors, because spying on competitors or analyzing shopify stores or dropshipping stores is a really important tax in dropshipping business, because you might miss out on some product or some cool design, or you want to actually influence your design by looking on other designs and so on. so checking out dropshipping competitors and other shopify stores is a really important task and it's actually a must do before you even launch your store. and i will show you how to find those drop shipping competitors without using any tools or anything like that. and let's just keep it honest, the tools will make it really easier to do so, but it will be limited to the database or how much data the tool has, so you can only check out a limited number of the dropshipping stores or dropshipping competitors that's related to your niche and, as i said, the trick that we will use is completely unique in this video because it's not dependent on any tools or any database online. the database limitation that you have is the actually the limitation of internet and, as you already know, there is no limits on the internet, and especially on google search engine. so you will be able to find all drop shipping competitors that's related to your niche, and we will use two tricks to do this. the first one, which is a trick that hackers use- yes, as you heard, we will use a trick that hackers use to find some hidden data on the internet. and the second trick that we will use, which is a really simple one, by using facebook ad library and without any more checking, let's get to it. so, as i said the first week, we will use a special tricks that hackers on data researchers use to find some hidden data, and if you are wondering how, so well, just from google search engine, but we will use some special queries to do so. so the first thing you're going to do is obviously access google search engine and after that, simply click on the search bar and type in in-text two dots and two quotation marks, and between the two quotation marks you will type in, powered by shopify and you will say, well, you can actually remove the powered by shopify and, yes, you can actually remove it, but, however, only shopify store that's actually branded or brands that would remove powered by shopify. usually drop shippers will not have the time to remove it each time they launch a new product or a new shopify stores, because most drop shippers are running maybe five stores a month or more, so they will not bother by that, because they will launch a shopify store for special products and they will make some money and move on to the other product with another store of course. so most of the websites they have this powered by shopify. there will be drop shipping stores and you will see that right now. so after you type in in text two dots and two question marks and between them powered by shopify- and, by the way, i will put this in the description box, so just scroll down description box and copy it from there, as i said, after you type in this, hit enter multiple times just to make sure you actually have some space between the first command and the second command, because this is really important, otherwise it will not work- and type in again in text two dots and two quotation marks and this time, between the two quotation marks, you will type in a special keyword that's related to your niche. so, for example, if you are selling shoes or anything like that, you will type in hair shoes. if you are, if you are selling gadgets, you will type in hair gadgets. actually, let's just go for gadgets here, let's just type in gadgets and let's just hit enter and, as you can see the number of results here, five hundred and sixty nine thousand results and yes, there are super five stores that's actually selling gadgets. and you might be thinking, wait, that's a lot. yes, that's a lot, because this is a really generic niche, which is gadgets, and there is thousands of products that's related to gadgets. that's why we did get a lot of shopify stores here. so let's just check out the first one here and maybe the second one and the third one. so here it is. as you can see, this is obviously a shopify store, just like you see right now. if we scroll down at the bottom screen, you will see here, as you can see, it says powered by shopify, just like you see here. so right now we know for sure that this is actually a shopify store and from the products here you can actually tell this is a drop shipping competitor, in case you are actually selling gadgets. as you can see, this is a really aliexpress product. so let's just check out this one. as you can see, the text looks like a copy and paste. there is no, uh, proper paragraphs here. this is a bunch of text. nobody will read this. you need to make a proper description below the products, otherwise it would not look really good. so let's just check the other one. okay, this one is coming soon. not really launch it yet, or maybe he did launch it and sell some products and he did remove the product to start a new product or launch a new store. so let's just access the other one. and here is this is does not look really professional. yeah, as you can see the same for this one powered by shopify. you just access the last one. here it's called gadgets get go. this is the smartphone charger on the on the car. yeah, you can tell this is a really drop shipping store. right, it's obvious from the products: magic tape and also, just like the other ones, powered by shopify, just like you see here. and there is not a lot of products here, as you can see, only three products. so he's probably selling some of them. that's why he's keeping them on the store and remove it. the other products. so i guess you get the idea here right. simply, you will type in in google search engine in text, two dots, two question marks in between them, powered by shopify, and make sure you guys include space here, otherwise it will not work. as i said before and after that, in text, two dots and two quotation marks, and between these two quotation marks you will type in a keyword that's related to your niche: if you are selling shoes, type in hair shoes, if you are selling smartphone cases, type in hair cases, and so on. so i guess you got the idea here right and, as i said, i will put this in the description box and you can just keep scrolling like this and go for other pages, and you will find plenty here and they are all shopify stores and i guarantee most of them they will be drop shipping stores. so, as i said, let's just go for the second trick, which is by using facebook ad library, and this one doesn't really require any explanation or anything like that. it's really simple to use, simply access facebook ad library and also i will put link for it in the description box. let's just remove the country morocco. for me, let's just keep it all, and for the ad cache, we really just pick all ads and let's just go for the same product as the first try, which is gadgets. so simply type in here gadgets and hit enter. but there is actually some tricks that you would need to implement in district in order to only spot drop shipping stores. but i think this is actually a drop shipping store. you see this picture here. this is obviously drop shipping products. so, for example, let's just go for this one. it's called sterling gadgets, as you can see. the first trick here is, as you can see, it has zero like. so this is a brand new page and has zero likes. this is recently was launched in order to test. this product, as you can see, has only three ad set. they use the same creatives. so let's just access the website here it's called sterling gadgets, and here is the website, as you can see, and the same here. as you can see, we did not use the first.