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Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

It should come as no surprise that modern advertising has shaped society in many ways. Our daily decisions and life choices are influenced, in part, by advertising. It has become deeply rooted in our established norms. A world without advertising would seem strange.

Advertising's Purpose:

The purpose of advertising extends beyond simply harassing us and taking our money. It plays a traditional role in helping businesses reach prospective customers, and vice versa. It guides us to where we can find a particular product or service we need. Advertising is essential in our technologically-driven lives, where the reach between producer and consumer has grown smaller.

The Importance of Good Advertising:

In a saturated market, good advertising becomes crucial. Subtle differences can make the distinction between choosing one product over another. Ad agencies and marketing gurus utilize two modes of advertising: focusing on product qualities or creating an emotional response. The latter tends to stand out and influence our purchasing decisions.

The Power of Association:

Advertising goes beyond describing a product itself. The most successful campaigns create a lucid atmosphere that evokes strong emotions from the consumer. These types of advertisements are memorable and influence our choices. Aesthetically appealing logos, packaging, and colors can create an affinity with a brand.

Comparing Two Perfume Commercials:

Two perfume commercials demonstrate the stark differences in advertising approaches. The first commercial focuses on explicitly describing the product's characteristics and effects on the user. In contrast, the second commercial relies solely on lighting particular feelings and associations with the perfume. The association with the product is more important than the product itself.

The Role of Advertising in Identity Formation:

Good advertising helps answer the fundamental question of human life: who am I? It relieves the anxiety brought about by self-determination. By compelling us to buy a certain product, advertising tells us what choice to make and offers an identity to emulate. Advertising caters to our feelings and resonates with our subconscious mind.

The Illusion of Happiness:

Advertising feeds off our insecurities and deficiencies as humans, making us believe that we can mask them with a new and exciting identity. However, this only diminishes our anxiety in the short term. Making authentic decisions aligned with our best interests takes effort and acceptance of who we truly are. Striving towards an ideal that does not exist only detracts from our happiness.

In a world saturated with advertising, it is important to recognize its influence on our decisions and identity formation. Good advertising appeals to our emotions and associations, guiding us towards certain products. However, it is crucial to be aware of the illusions created by advertising and to make authentic decisions that align with our best interests. Only then can we truly find happiness and be comfortable with who we are.

Six Financial Goals For 2023 | How To Build Wealth (Emergency Funds & Higher-Yields For Cash)

Happy 2023, Super Savers! I hope you're starting off the year healthy and well. Now is the perfect time to talk about financial goals. New Year's resolutions are a common practice, but many of them end up failing. However, as Super Savers, we have a better track record. In this video, I will give you six possible financial goals to start with, offer four tips for success in 2023, and share my own financial goals. Let's dive in!

- Start off by addressing the audience as happy 2023 super Savers and express well wishes.

- Mention the topic of financial goals and the relevance of discussing them now.

- Highlight the common practice of making New Year's resolutions and the abundance of articles about their failure rates.

- Emphasize the potential for Super Savers to have a better track record in achieving their financial goals.

- Mention the purpose of the video: to provide financial goals and tips for success in 2023.

Possible Financial Goals:

- Top up your emergency fund:

- Emphasize the importance of having a rainy day fund, especially given the past two years.

- Highlight the current inflation rate and the potential recession, making it necessary to revisit and ensure the adequacy of your emergency fund.

- Mention that January is a good time to revisit your budget and find areas to cut costs and contribute more to your emergency fund.

- Find higher yields for your cash:

- Address the issue of money sitting in low-yield accounts and suggest seeking out higher-yield options.

- Mention specific options like online high-yield savings accounts, eye bonds, and T bills.

- Highlight the current interest rates and projected rate hikes for 2023.

- Watch at least one of Jennifer's videos every week:

- Insert a playful interjection, mentioning that it's New Year's and a good time to set this goal.

- Highlight the potential benefits of watching educational videos, particularly in relation to financial goals one and two.

Tips for Success:

- Work on no more than three goals at a time:

- Mention the importance of focus and avoiding overwhelm.

- Use a colloquialism to describe the negative outcome of trying to target too many goals simultaneously.

- Encourage starting with one short-term goal and progressing to the next.

- Make your goals specific, measurable, and time-bound:

- Explain why generic goals like cut expenses or start saving for retirement are not effective.

- Provide examples of how to make goals specific, measurable, and time-bound.

- Adjust your goals as needed:

- Acknowledge that setbacks can happen and emphasize the importance of getting back on track.

- Mention that goals may need to be adjusted due to changing circumstances or personal growth.

- Find an accountability partner:

- Highlight the benefits of having someone who supports and holds you accountable.

- Mention different options for an accountability partner, including family, friends, or the Super Saver community.

- Share personal financial goals:

- Express the desire to grow the YouTube Super Saver community and reopen the personal finance course.

- Express gratitude to the audience for their support and encourage sharing the channel with others.

- Wrap up the video by thanking the audience for watching, reminding them to share the video, and expressing excitement for the year ahead.

Word Count: 613 words.

Adobe Animate HTML5 Canvas Banner Ads: Essential Publish Settings for Packaging and Small File Size

Hello there! This is the first of two related videos discussing how to publish HTML5 banners from within Adobe Animate. In this first video, we will focus on the basic publish settings, with a special emphasis on file size. The second video will cover making your banner ads compatible with the Google ad network.

Let's get started! I have two HTML5 canvas documents here in Animate, one for a museum and another for a training company. Both are saved in the same folder.

First, let's publish the museum banner. Go to the File menu and select Publish. Now, take a look in the folder, and you'll see that it has created an HTML page with a canvas tag, a related JavaScript file, and an images folder.

These three elements need to be zipped up and sent to whoever is responsible for publishing the ad. Now, let's move on to the training company banner.

When you preview an animation in the browser, it performs the same type of publish as when you go to the File menu and select Publish. However, this presents a problem because both clients' images are in the same folder. To resolve this, we need to change the publish settings.

Go to the File menu and choose Publish Settings. By default, the publish files are saved in the same folder as the working file. Click on the Select Publish Destination icon to change this. I recommend creating a new folder for each client. Name it accordingly, and save it. Do the same for the training company banner.

Now, when you preview in the browser, you'll see that each banner has its own subfolder for publishing. Simply zip up each folder and send them off to the appropriate parties.

Next, let's talk about file size. It's crucial to keep the file size manageable. Take a look at the previewed museum banner in its folder. The file size is too large, around 350k, which won't work. To reduce the size, crop out unnecessary elements and optimize the images as best you can.

Then, go to tinypng.com, which does an excellent job of further reducing file sizes. Drag and drop the images onto the website, and it will compress them without any visible loss in quality. This can significantly reduce the file size.

Compare the original folder to the tinified folder, and you'll see a significant reduction in size. Additionally, pay attention to how you export the images. Exporting as a sprite sheet tends to result in the smallest file size.

Finally, remember that even a few kilobytes can make a difference in whether your banner is accepted or rejected. Fine-tune your file size as much as possible.

Thank you for watching, and see you next time!

John Battelle: Wired and the Birth of Banner Ads

This is a true story. I had the idea for a technology magazine that covered technology the way Rolling Stone covered music. That idea turned into Wired. I wasn't the person who made it happen, I just happened to run into the person who did. They brought me on board as a partner and chaos ensued. Did you actually run into them? I mean, is it true that you were the guy they roped in from Berkeley because of a project you did?

It's a funny story. They actually sought out a guy I worked with at another magazine first. He was offered the job but turned it down because he thought it was a fly-by-night startup. He recommended me instead, so they called me. I almost deleted the message, thinking it was just a PR pitch. But I called back and it turned out to be the same idea I had pitched for my master's thesis. I was in. It was like forming a band. I was so excited.

We started in a warehouse in South Park, San Francisco. It was full of junkies and garbage, but it was cheap. Eventually, we outgrew that space and moved to a different building. Our offices are still in San Francisco, on Third Street.

In 1993, we realized the importance of the internet and wanted to create an internet version of the magazine. We had an argument about whether to call it wired.com or HotWired. We decided to make it an entirely new brand and put it in a different building. HotWired became a pirate ship, and we managed them from the original Wired offices.

At one point, we had to figure out how to pay the staff at HotWired. I suggested the idea of a banner ad at the bottom of the screen, but Lewis suggested putting it at the top so people could scroll it out of the way. We created a separate technology infrastructure for advertising and content, which led to the birth of the ad tech industry. The decision in that meeting and the success of Facebook today have shaped my career in trying to integrate content and advertising in a sustainable way.

And that's the story of how Wired came to be.

What is Viral Banner Ad Co-Op?

Hey guys, Dan Watson here. Today I want to talk to you about Viral Banner Ad Coop. This website is the hub for the majority of my banner advertising. Let's take a look at the website and how it works.

- Viral Banner Ad Coop is owned by a company that also owns several other advertising sources.

- Your banner ads are not only placed on their websites, but also on hundreds of other websites through their banner code.

- The number of websites your ads can be shown on depends on the traffic to these websites. During peak times, it can be as many as 3,000 websites, but during slower periods, it may be around 889 websites.

- It's important to keep in mind that this fluctuation is normal and depends on market demographics and online activity.

- Now let's log in and see how to use this platform.

After logging in, you will see the simple back office of Viral Banner Ad Coop. There are different upgrade levels, but I recommend upgrading to gold for a one-to-one ratio of showing your banner ads.

- As a free member, you only get a third of the credit for each time your affiliate code is shown.

- Silver members get half the credit, while gold members get a one-to-one ratio.

- Gold members also enjoy additional benefits.

- Currently, I have around 95 to 100 banners showing, but you can have up to 110 banners.

- It's important to track the click-through rates of your banners to determine their effectiveness.

- You need about 10,000 to 20,000 views before getting an accurate representation of click-through rates.

There are two cool features I want to highlight about this website.

1. You can use other website's banner impressions to earn additional credits for your banners.

- By entering the banner URL and link URL codes provided by those websites, you can increase your banner credits.

- Although it may not seem like a lot, these additional impressions can add up over time.

2. You can use a separate code for 125 by 125 banners.

- Although these banners don't convert as well as the 468 by 60 banners, you can still make use of them.

- By using the same codes as the 468 by 60 banners, you can earn credits that can be used for either banner size.

I currently have almost 350,000 banner credits ready to go. I plan on filling out the rest of my 110 banners and even purchasing more in the future for increased exposure.

During the summer months, website traffic may be slower, but having more banners can compensate for that. It's important to keep in mind that credits will not be used up as fast during this time.

Overall, I highly recommend Viral Banner Ad Coop for its affordability and effectiveness. Although you can't geo-target with this platform, the one-to-one ratio and the ability to earn additional credits make it worth it.

If you have any questions, please leave them down below and I'll be happy to answer them. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching!

How Advertising Rewires Kids' Brains

- Screens and ads are everywhere in children's lives, impacting their brains and shaping their values.

- Advertising is designed to sell more stuff, not promote healthy and happy development.

- Kids are becoming more materialistic as a result of the constant stream of advertising.


1. Materialistic Values and Consequences:

- Research shows that materialistic kids are less happy and have lower academic performance.

- Materialistic kids prioritize appearing successful over learning new skills and ideas.

- They are less likely to share, care about the environment, and recycle.

- Materialism teaches that stuff is important, but it is relationships and life satisfaction that lead to happiness.

2. Impact on Health:

- 98% of food ads that kids see are for unhealthy foods, leading to obesity and other health complications.

- Black and Hispanic kids are exposed to more junk food marketing than their white peers.

3. Awareness and Solutions:

- Polls show that people recognize the problem of advertising to children and support a ban.

- Parents can help by discussing ads with their children and teaching them about marketing tactics.

- Reducing children's screen time improves academic performance, relationships, and physical health.

- The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood provides resources and advocates for policies to protect children from marketing.

- Advertising is harmful to children's brains, values, and health.

- It is crucial to change societal rules and prioritize children as citizens rather than consumers.

- By unlearning negative lessons from advertising and promoting conversations and critical thinking, we can help children find true happiness that goes beyond material possessions.

Online Advertising: Crash Course Media Literacy #7

In this article, we will discuss the topic of numerical sequences. We will explore the concept of patterns in numbers and how they can be analyzed and understood. By using various techniques and strategies, we can unlock the secrets of numerical sequences and solve complex problems. Let's dive in!

Understanding Numerical Sequences:

- A numerical sequence is a series of numbers arranged in a specific order.

- Sequences can have different patterns, such as arithmetic, geometric, or even random.

- Analyzing sequences helps us identify relationships and make predictions.

Identifying Patterns in Numerical Sequences:

- Look for repeating numbers or a common difference between consecutive terms.

- Check if the numbers are increasing or decreasing in a regular manner.

- Pay attention to any multiplication or division relationships between terms.

Strategies for Analyzing Numerical Sequences:

1. Arithmetic Sequences:

- Arithmetic sequences have a common difference between consecutive terms.

- To find the common difference, subtract any term from its consecutive term.

- Use the formula: nth term = a + (n - 1)d, where a is the first term and d is the common difference.

2. Geometric Sequences:

- Geometric sequences have a common ratio between consecutive terms.

- To find the common ratio, divide any term by its consecutive term.

- Use the formula: nth term = ar^(n-1), where a is the first term and r is the common ratio.

3. Random Sequences:

- Random sequences do not follow a specific pattern.

- Analyze the given terms for any possible relationships or clues.

- Look for outliers or unique characteristics within the sequence.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

- Dangling modifiers can lead to confusing or unclear statements. Make sure modifiers are placed correctly in the sentence.

- Colloquialisms and idioms should be used sparingly and only when appropriate for the context.

- Repetitive phrases should be avoided to maintain reader engagement.

- Unnatural sentence structures can hinder comprehension. Aim for clarity and simplicity.

Understanding numerical sequences is an essential skill in mathematics and problem-solving. By identifying patterns and using specific strategies, we can unlock the secrets hidden within numerical sequences. Remember to analyze the given terms, look for patterns, and apply the appropriate formulas. With practice, you'll become a master at deciphering numerical sequences and solving complex problems. So, go ahead and explore the fascinating world of numerical sequences!

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