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wholesale dropshipping agent

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

Cheapest Price=Best Option? How to Find a Reliable Dropshipping Agent |Wholesale Supplier From China

hey guys, this is echo from daily fulfill. welcome to our daily fulfilled channel. many of you might be still looking for cheapest price, but it's cheapest price always the best option for you. i really doubt that you might say that you need cheapest prices to maximize your margins, but i'm afraid that it is not true if you consider it in a long time run. today i'm going to tell you why chippy surprise is not always the best option. why are some suppliers even able to give you extremely low prices compared with others? well, the first one: poor product quality. same type of product can have various qualities. take leggings, for example. the inner fabric difference leads to different hand feel and different weight. are a weight of 300 grams, 5 500 grand at 700 grams. so the prices could be a lot different. the thinnest one is the cheapest one and it is difficult to tell differences between from photos. so you sell good quality type of leggings in your store, but customers but your suppliers ship the poor quality one and imagine how many complaints you will receive from customers. and the second is slow and very, very new shipping methods. the cost of e-package shipping is cheaper than price of seeing shipping, but the shipping service of a packet will bring you a lot of headaches, no checking, updates for a long time and stuck at warehouse or customs. your customers have to wait months to get their puzzles and keep asking you where the puzzle is. also, some new shipping methods provided and you are not familiar with claiming three to five days shipping worldwide, but quite cheap prices. you need to know the truth that fast shipping costs cannot be cheap. new shipping methods mean not much experience. whether they are capable to handle large order quantities in holiday seasons or they have good solution of local delivery, we have no idea, but it is risky to do that. and number three is no guaranteed after sales service. they only need to ship out your orders and you don't even know if they do take good care of your orders. until then, your customers receive passes, but what if some issues happens, like class lost, possible damaged, inferior products, etc. you will need to deal with with all complaints by yourself. even some issues are caused by your agent, but they don't need to take responsibility of that because you paid services which after sales service was not included and many customer staff start disputes and ask for returns. you paid cheapest prices to maximize your margins, but in the end you have to pay more to deal with after sales issues, things will become nasty and i believe that you don't want to get into these situations and if you are now scaling, scaling up, professional and reliable drop shipping agent as a partner is super vital. best fulfillment service is much more important than cheapest prices. quality products, reasonable prices, faster shipping, guaranteed after-sales service and good communications matters a lot. all of these bring your customers better shopping experience, happier customers and have and higher sales. hope you guys find this video helpful to you and millions. thanks if you give us a thumbs up. show the support with this video and don't miss out by subscribing to our channel. i will keep updating ladies and news in e-commerce business. we share a lot of related content in our facebook group as well. also check out on our website, datingfulfillcom. you can get free quotes there. what we deliver will provide is one on one vip service for each professional dropshippers daily. fulfill is a solid support and you just focus on what matters. we make your business easy and we scale together. this is echo from deliver field. thanks for tuning in. see you soon. bye.


hey guys, I'm going on here. so a lot of people have the problem of finding local suppliers for the products that they want to sell. I have discount this method when I rang them me doing my product research on shop II subscribe to my youtube channel for more money making tricks and hacks. at the end of this video, I will also share with you in which platform that is the best platform to sell your Sharpie products or to promote your Sharpie products. so make sure that you stay to the end. now let us begin. we can actually look for local drop shipper supplier in choppy itself as well. yes, you can do that. just let me repeat this again: you can look for products supplier directly from shop II perform itself well and, yes, factory or a bigger place are actually selling directly to Sharpie or lozada as well, and I am NOT surprised with this movement or this strategy at all. with platform like sharpie and la da da Factory and company cannot directly sell their products on this platform. well, by doing this, they can actually cut down a headcount of the sales person for their company. so why not? a lot of money will be safe by doing this way. the next questions you may ask wink then how or how to beat the appraisal. well, if I were you, I will not even take that into consideration. think about this: they are thirty two point six millions population in Malaysia and they are twenty eight point in millions visitors to shop E or much a lot. so what I can see is only opportunities and not obstacle. the number one mistake of most people in starting up a business is being a perfectionist. they want to get the best product to sell, the best price, the best suppliers, the best time to start, and five, ten years passed by and there still has not started anything yet. so the best time to start is now. okay, now just let me share this method, if you guys, so that you guys have a better understanding on how easy actually it is to get a local supplier. so it is really super, super easy. just Hut in dropship onto the search box so you would get to see a lot of different products they are available for you to choose for drop shipping, and 90% of them are actually local supplier, wholesaler and even direct from the factory. I mean, you can also tie in a specific products that you want to search for, like I'm back dropship, facemask, dropship, watch, dropship as a truck, just whatever that you want to armed dropship. now let's try this backdrop shape. this seller is selling local ready stop the top seller style CANbus mini tote, slingback handbag, bo4 if you whatever is it. so shipping fees is free to NS and also it's very, very cheap as well if you get charged. so a couple of things that you want to look at when choosing a good dropship on your sharpie in case you cannot ebook. so the first thing is the rating must be high. obviously you know respond prefer to be above 80% and respond time prefer to be within two hours or ASAP. if not, if you have any question, you know if the supplier is not reliable and it's not responsive, it is very hard for you to proceed. so if the survey is a new supplier, you may wanna order one or two product to test water first, in case the product is not good or it's not as mentioned in the images or inside the story itself. so when you scroll down a bit more, you'll get to see if this apply is actually from crunk joho and they are actually welcoming reseller and also drop shipper. well, the most important thing is the review must be above four and higher. I mean, of course, the higher the better, but four is okay and, of course, more than that will be much better. and this player has four point seven which are very, very awesome. so if you are into selling these products, you can actually consider the suppliers and also feel free to use this method into searching more local suppliers for your products. okay, so now let's look at what sort of platform that is best to promote your products. as you can see over here, these are the top six social media marketplace that Malaysians go for: 77 point 51 percent are using FB, 10.65 from Twitter. four point eight to from IG. three point six, three from Pinterest. three percent from YouTube. zero point two from tumblr. so, obviously, if you want to promote your products- shop- they are from sharpies or any products from any places- spend most of your time on Facebook. I hope that this video able to help you along your entrepreneur journey. peace and love. I'm going on.

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these are my top 10 favorite products on month of January 2023, and all the products on today's list are going to be New Year bangers and hidden Valentine gems. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Kamil sanon, is The e-con King, and I want to first off by saying Happy New Year to everyone that subscribed to the channel and everyone that's watching this video. so what I'm going to be doing in today's video is I'm gonna be giving you my you, my 10 favorite products for the month of January and for Valentine's Day, and these are also going to be forever green products. the method that I've the days I've gone to the industry-leading websites like Peaks to sell account, and those are all indexes that have already got great products on there, and they're doing extra research and due diligence by heading over to Amazon and looking at the sales volume. I've gone to Google Trends to see if they're trending. I've also gone on to tiktok to see how many organic views there are for the product, as that is a leading indicator right now to see success in products. we've even gone to the Facebook ad library to see how many competitors are running ads for each one of these products, because the whole purpose of this video is to give you a list of 10 amazing products for this month, but products that are also not saturated and have massive potential to the upside. now, what I've also done for you guys is I've created a free Google doc sheet that's going to contain all the information for each one of these products, and you're going to be watching me use it throughout this video. and if you want to get access to this- because it's going to have ad copies, thumbnails, links to other stores, it's going to have absolutely everything on there- then we do need to hit 2 000 likes in this video and it'll be in the pin comment and in the description below. so, guys, if you're looking for a great product to start your new year, then you're definitely in the right place. let's get straight into the top 10 list of products. [Music] on today's list is the gesture sensing smart robot. if we look at the AliExpress link, you can see it's almost got 600 orders, 4.8 star reviews on 89 people, meaning that people are happy with the product. now, what this product is? it's a smart robot that is based on gestures from you. so, based on the gesture that you show the robot, it will do a certain movement so you can see here, sidewalk, sidewalk, walk forward intelligence programming so it will do different commands based on the gesture you use with the Smart Control and the gesture hand. now the reason why I love this product so much is because I know there's been other dropshipping products that are gestures sense, like these ones that have blown up and generated multiple seven figures. so if we take a look at the product price and recommendation, I'd recommend this other product for 44.99. it's going to cost you 24.37 and your profit margin is going to be roughly 20. now, with any product that you sell, I'd always recommend that you make around about twenty dollars after you pay for the product cost and the shipping cost, as that will leave you good margins with the product price recommendations that I'm giving you. this is the base standard, meaning that once you see success with these products, you can increase the price over a long period of time. so you could potentially start selling this for 79.99 if people are willing to pay that price for the product. so if we take a look at the product description, it reads: groundbreaking gesture control, tiknology smart robot is the toy. kids go crazy for signing and dancing in response to your actions. it's truly unlike any tour you've seen before. this is the best gift for children or RC Fanatiks. it promotes creativity, fun activity for kids that doesn't revolve around mobile screens. it says features playful robotik, the robotik that will perform dance moves by moving back and forth dance music. you can follow his movements together at any time. and then it says here: educational, multi-use. although mainly used for fun, you can use this robot to respond and create a fun way for your child to learn the basic numbers and grammar and language. and then it gives you an example here: lifelike joints and movements. it has, like life, joints throughout knees, neck, elbow and even fingers so it can dance and jump or move around like a new best friend and impressive thing to witness, even as an adult. so if we take a look at a Shopify dropshipping store selling this product, we're only looking at the store to see what they've done whilst you can add it in your store. so the first thing that I like is the way they've got these bundles. the more you buy, the bigger the discounts. and then they've got here a sales- that's always good to offer a sale. then they've got these giffies. These giffies are really important for a product like this because you're toking about it being a gesture based product. people are going to want to see that in real life. so by showing them giffies like this, by showing them diagrams and explaining how the controller Works, how kids can use it, is really important if you want to get sales now. if we take a look at a Facebook video that's got over 250 000 views, the opening scene shows a kid walking with the robot and then it shows the robot picking things up and it also shows somebody unboxing the product and then it shows them giving the mic to the robot and it starts dancing. and this is really crazy, because when you watch something like this, it's going to make you think, wow, this is impressive, I want one for myself. now, if we take a look at a tiktok video for the product, you can see the opening scene says: this toy robot is awesome, and then it shows the controller that you're using and then it also shows you the gesture while moving your hand forward or backwards makes the robot move forward and backwards, and then they go over. it can walk and dance to the music. so you can see that this is designed in ugc content- POV content from your point of view- and these work really well on tiktok. now, the countries I'd recommend that you target for this product are going to be the e-packet countries, minus Mexico, Brazil in Italy, as I do find that I get a lot of high fraudulent charges from those countries. if you don't do the epocket countries, then I'd recommend the top six, which is the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, and if you're doing tiktok ads, I'd only recommend that you Target Canada and the US. now the interest I'd recommend for this product is Hot Toys, toys, Gadget Geeks, kids. and then suggested interests. now they're ready to go. ad copy read: smart robot is the toy kids go crazy for signing and dancing. response: your actions: the best gift for children's. and it will reduce screen time. shop here. then it shows the thumbnail of somebody's hand with the gestures showing that the robot is moving based on your commands, and then also shows the controller in the bottom left. now, when it comes to season success with these Drop Shipping products, the advertising pot is the most important part. so when you run ads on tiktok Facebook, you need really good videos and that's why I'm recommending launch ads. launch ads are a group of video editing experts that will deliver really good quality videos in one to three business days and if they don't, then you will get your money back and those videos will be completely free and they will still deliver the videos. and the reason why I'm recommending these guys is because the main benefits are: there's a professional team of video editors, there's a professional team of script writers, there's a professional team of designers and they're going to create, engage in first three seconds and they're also going to get you a really good thumbnail for your videos. and most people that start Drop Shipping really struggle with making really good video ads because they don't know how to edit videos in ways that are going to be really impulsive for people to watch and it can take months and m.

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$10,000 In 24 Hours Shopify Dropshipping With (NO PAID ADS)

so this is how we were able to achieve ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with a brand new Shopify Drop Shipping Store using no paid ads, only using tiktok organic traffic, meaning the profit margins were around about 70 percent. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Camille Simon is the econ King and in today's video I've got a very special video for you guys, because I'm gonna be showing you exactly how he took a brand new Shopify dropshipping store- me and my business partner's side in Oscar and achieved ten thousand dollars in 24 hours using no paid ads like Facebook ads, Google ads, tiktok ads- and the profit margin was around about 70. our tiktok organic is a complete game changer for beginners, especially if you're on a low budget, because you can literally start a Shopify Drop Shipping Store with around about 100 to 400 and go viral on tiktok and generate tens of thousands of dollars with really high profit margins, which can make you a lot of money. and in this video, we're going to be showing you guys exactly how we did this process in terms of how we found the product, how we knew the product was going to do while on tik tok, how we create the content, how we actually scale, the product, the do's and don'ts of what you should be doing, and this is going to be a general update on tiktok organic, because I haven't made a tiktok organic video for a few months and a lot of things have changed and I'm going to be updating everything in this video. I'm also going to be bringing inside an Oscar back onto the channel and interviewing them and asking them the most important questions about tiktok organic right now, so you guys can Master it and replicate the same results now. I also want to announce that we're going to be doing a massive giveaway in today's video. this is going to be one of the biggest giveaways I've ever done this YouTube channel in the last three and a half years, so you want to get prepared for this. we're going to be giving away 10 available spots to our tiktok mentor and organic blueprint, so 10 of you guys are watching this can literally win mentoring with us for completely free if you like the video and you leave a comment on the reason why you want to win this, and as soon as this video hits 3 000 likes, I'll be picking 10 people to get that exclusive organic mentoring. what we're also going to be doing is we're going to be giving you guys a free cheat sheet for those that don't win the giveaway. in today's video you're going to be getting exclusive cheat sheet with the step-by-step tutorial and how we generated the success, and you're also going to see the cheat sheet throughout this tutorial. so make sure we hit 2 000 likes so everyone can redeem that for completely free. so, guys, if you want to learn this tiktok organic strategy, make sure you strap yourself in, get a notebook and Pen, get your laptop, get your phone, follow along with this video, because we're going to be showing you the exact strategy we use to generate ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with no paid us, just using tiktok organic traffic [Music]. so, guys, let's get straight into the strategy and, as you guys can see on the computer screen, I've got the free cheat sheet open and you guys will get access to this once we hit 2 000 likes on this video. so you can see here, the first thing that we need to do is what did we do to find Our Winning tiktok organic product. so this is what we did, step by step, step. one search for tiktok made me buy it and filter the videos to the most popular, most engaged of the week. you want to do this to the weed out, all the saturated old products. now I'd recommend that when you do this strategy, guys, you do it on the mobile device, on tiktok, as you're going to get all of these cool filters like filtering it down but the most engaged videos by the week. now, as this is a demonstrational video, I'm gonna be doing it off my desktop so it'll be slightly different to the mobile version, but it's pretty much the same thing. so, as you guys can see, I've opened up tiktok and I've typed in tiktok made me buy it in the search bar. now, if you're doing this on desktop or laptop makes you change it by top, not accounts or videos. always go by top and if you're doing, got on the mobile version, filter it down by the most popular by the week. now step two is click on all the top video products that you've notiked and see how many views they are getting, monitor their engagement levels and see if they are having functioning stores and see if they're still uploading consistently frequently. you want to do this because if they are still posting, still have good engagement, the odds are they're still generating sales. so if we go back to tiktok and scroll through some of these videos that are popping up as the most popular videos for this search term: tiktok. maybe buy it. what we're going to want to do is we're going to want to look for videos. I've got over a million views, so between 1 million and 10 million views, so you can see this. one's got 13 million views, so I'm not interested. this one here has got 7.1, so this could be a good opportunity, but I found one here that's got 1.5 million views. so what I'm going to want to do is I'm going to want to open up the video. see the dates you can see. here's the date, the 21st of November, so that was around about two weeks ago, so are still valid now. anything that's too old would be anything older than three to six months, so this fits in with a recent video, so you can see here. now what I'm going to want to do is I'm going to want to check the engagement, which is the likes to comments. so we're going to want to read the comments to make sure these are real comments and to make sure that they seem like they're coming from genuine people, and to see what people are toking about the product. now, once everything checks out and everything looks legit. you're gonna want to go to their page. you can see here. if you go to the page in the top right, you're going to open up their page and what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to see how long have they been uploading videos of this product. so you can see. this was their first video and it's got 1.5 million views and I believe that's the video that I've just watched. now we're going to want to see when the second video is uploaded literally the same day. now we're going to want to check when the most recent videos updated. now, the most recent video was uploaded 11 hours ago. so when you go onto these Pages, you're going to want to make sure that they're uploading recent videos because, let's say, they uploaded this first video here but they have stopped, let's say, four weeks ago. there's a very high chance that the product has died out and they're not seeing sales with it, so they're no longer trying to promote it organically on tiktok. now, if you download a Chrome extension called vid IQ- it's completely free. it's going to help you show the engagement level of the overall page, which is really important because you guys can see here, the average engagement rate for this page is around about five percent and, as you guys can see on my computer screen, it says with the average engagement rate by views of around about 6.7. so that's what we call the industry standard for tiktok. that's what you want to look for. anything between 5 and 10 is a very good sign, but if you scroll down you're going to see the engagement rate here, so you can see a lot of these videos are between eight percent and five percent. so that's actually really positive. now the next step is you want to go to the profile description and see if there's a website for it. so you can see here there's a link to the website as soon as you open up you want to make sure the website is valid and you can still get to it and you're not getting a 404 redirect saying it's not valid. now, as long as the website is still valid, that means that they're still selling the product and there's a high chance that they're still receiving orders, because the last thing that you guys want to do is find

Best Dropship Product Buy From China Taobao 1688 Dropshipping Agent

is the wig that we're working with. I'm mad. I just like putting it in the camera like that. look at that part. come on, stop playing. stop playing with me. so this is the wig I'm about to put on. this is the icy here: 22 inch straight frontal wig. [Music], [Music], [Music], thank you. [Music] foreign. [Music]. [Music] foreign. [Music]. [Music], [Music], [Music]- scalpy, like you know. if you know what I'm saying, let me just sit up close with y'all a second. shall we do it? [Music]. what lace. and this was the bad side. let me get these little hairs- because they kind of look like they could be babies today, only those stragglies off. sorry, I had this on for a few hours so that he's gonna get it everywhere, but look, [Music], come on now. come on now. [Music]. so, guys, that's all for this video. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed it. I love cutting lights on the camera, especially when it melts to my skin again in it- natural skin color. it's like highly satisfying. y'all know the Instagram, so anyways, um, like the video. if you like it. you have any, not a comment. if you have questions or just want to go, use like. thank you, wanna comment, share, subscribe. we gotta get the word out there because you know a lot of people be stingy, the same methods or their tikniques or whatever. I got y'all beautiful, but I got y'all. don't just be nosy and I'm letting out on my little. expect you how to be a real supporter, okay.

How to find Yiwu Supplier online|from Wechat? Wholesale and dropship.

how to fight eu suppliers online. hey everyone, i'm jillian from ea sourcing. subscribe to this channel for more business information from china. if you need to source the product from china, contact us. use wechat to find eu suppliers. let's go open wechat, click the search icon. type eu. go for this three words. if you need, can copy them under the video. there are many results came out. choose the official account. follow it. click here. then choose the middle one. change the language to english. click the right top icon. okay, now is english. can search products or suppliers by keyword. also, you can search the product by categories. we can see the left side. there are different product categories. we can search the paradise by market to distribute one, district two and so on. let's see this trick. one: there are artificial flower, toilet flower, egg, celery ornaments, craft in the first floor. there are jewelry, hair ornaments in the second floor. scroll the page. can see what products are in other floors in district one of the evil market. let's see the artificial flower in the first floor. can search by products or by shops. let's see the shops. here is the company name and address of the shop in the market. check this one. okay, we can see the shop's contact person name, email and the mobile details here can contact the supplier by email or phone call. if you are not in china, click the products. you can see some of the shops, products with image and price. if you need our service to contact your suppliers from here or source product from china, a regular shipment and so on, can email or call us. remember to subscribe to this channel for more business information from china. see you in the next video. bye you.