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wholesale dropshipping brand name apparel

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing a men's apparel manifest and how it can help you make money through wholesale. We will explore the different items included in the manifest, their original retail cost, and the actual cost you would pay. We will also discuss the benefits of getting a supplier and the various name brands and items you will have access to.

The Men's Apparel Manifest:

- The manifest includes a breakdown of UPC item descriptions and original quantities.

- It includes over 1100 items of men's apparel.

- Name brands included are Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, John Ashford, and PGA Tour.

- The original retail cost of some items is as high as $529.

- The actual cost you would pay is significantly lower, making it a great opportunity for profit.

- The manifest is just one of many lots available, so you have various options to choose from.

Benefits of Getting a Supplier:

- You have access to name brand items at a lower cost, giving you a chance to make a profit.

- You don't have to worry about shipping the items yourself; the supplier can ship directly to Amazon for you.

- The items are new with tags, so you don't have to worry about any customization or returns.

- You will have access to more than just men's apparel, including name brand purses and toys.

Getting a supplier can be a great opportunity to make money through wholesale, and the men's apparel manifest is just one example of the many lots available. With access to name brand items at a lower cost, you have the chance to make a profit without worrying about shipping or customization. If you are interested in getting started, click the link in the description and get the list today.

How To Buy Name Brand Wholesale Products With Little Money | Amazon FBA & eBay

Hey guys, my name is Noah and this channel is called Wholesale Direct. I try to give you information as directly as possible to help you grow and build your e-commerce business, so you can create different sources of revenue for yourself. When you want to grow your business, you have two main options: you can either grow what you are currently doing or incorporate a new business. For me, I have added wholesale to my business and have wholesale accounts with different wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. In this article, I will explain how to find wholesale suppliers to grow your business.

Finding Wholesale Suppliers:

- Start by typing the brand name plus distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer into Google.

- Check each result to see if they carry the items you are looking for and if they have a high MOQ (minimum order quantity).

- Contact the supplier to ask about their policies and MOQ.

- Look for companies that have no MOQ or low MOQ to get started with less money.

- Make an account with the supplier and get a sales tax permit or other necessary documents.

Benefits of Wholesale:

- Better profit margins when buying in bulk.

- Better relationships with suppliers.

- Better pricing and discounts.

- Access to name brand products.

- The ability to grow and diversify your business.

In summary, finding wholesale suppliers can be a great way to grow and diversify your e-commerce business. By following the steps outlined above, you can find suppliers with the products you need and the MOQ that fits your budget. Wholesale allows for better profit margins, better relationships with suppliers, and access to name brand products. So, start searching for wholesale suppliers today and take your business to the next level!

What Is Wholesale Dropshipping & How I Find Wholesale Suppliers

- Wholesale dropshipping is a popular business model, but many people don't understand what it actually means.

- Wholesale businesses are done in large orders, and most wholesalers don't offer dropshipping.

- Dropshipping involves working with a wholesaler who will ship out orders to your customers for you.

Benefits of Dropshipping:

- You don't have to see or touch the products, and the supplier handles everything.

- You can test products to see if they sell before purchasing in bulk.

- You can negotiate better margins with a good quality supplier.

Choosing a Supplier:

- Look for a supplier with a good business, not just one that dropships.

- Check their website for product categories, return policies, and shipping information.

- Look up reviews on Google, Yelp, and other review sites.

- Check their products and reviews on Amazon and eBay to see how competitive they are.

- Wholesale dropshipping is a great way to start a business with minimal overhead and capital.

- It's important to choose a good quality supplier, not just one that dropships.

- Vetting potential suppliers involves checking their website, reviews, and product competitiveness.

- Working with a good wholesale dropshipper can help you build a successful business with better margins and profitability.

Dropshipping 2021: How My Dropshipping Clothing Brand Works (Through Shopify!)

Hey, what's up? It's Rob from Apparel Success. In this video, I want to share with you how my dropshipping clothing brand works. I'll be walking you through the whole process and explaining all the little details so you can run your own clothing brand the same way I do.

How My Clothing Brand Used to Work:

I used to order all of the blank clothing for my clothing brand through suppliers like T-Shirt Ca and HS Apparel. Then, I'd order that clothing to a screen printing facility who would print all of my clothing. Finally, I'd have that company ship it all to my place where I'd go and pick it up. I'd then organize all the inventory, shelve it, count it, and fulfill orders.

How My Clothing Brand Works Now:

Nowadays, I get all my clothing made through a company in Toronto called Avid Apparel. They supply me with all the blank clothing, print it all, bag it all, barcode it all, and basically do everything from start to finish. They handle all their production for my clothing brand, except for a few hats and promotional items. They ship all the inventory to my fulfillment center, Lickety Split, which is also in Toronto. Lickety Split receives it all, organizes it all, shelves it all, and gets it ready to fulfill orders. They fulfill all the orders for my clothing brand that are made through my website, and all the inventory is directly recorded through the Shopify website. All communication that needs to be done with me in the fulfillment center happens directly on Shopify.

Benefits of Working with a Fulfillment Center:

This process is extremely streamlined and has saved me a lot of time and money. My fulfillment center charges me around three dollars to pack and ship every order out. This extra fee doesn't add to any losses for my clothing brand, as I've tied in all the shipping costs into the handling fee that's tied into the shipping costs to cover all the fulfillment costs. So, the customer is technically paying for all the shipping.

I hope this video was insightful and gave you some ideas on how you can run the structure of your own clothing brand moving forward. By working with a fulfillment center, I no longer have to handle all the inventory or fulfill orders myself. I'm doing dropshipping for my clothing brand, and it's been an incredibly smooth process. If you're interested in starting your own clothing brand, I highly recommend working with a fulfillment center like Lickety Split. Thanks for watching!

How To Find BRAND NAME Wholesale Suppliers For Amazon FBA To Get Ungated

In this video, the author shows how to find authorized suppliers for name brand products. These suppliers have a higher likelihood of getting approved in certain categories on Amazon.


1. Contact the brand or company whose products you want to sell

2. Ask if you can buy wholesale directly from them or for a list of authorized distributors or wholesalers

3. Find authorized distributors who carry products from that brand

4. Contact the company directly and ask them if you can sell their products


1. Find a brand to contact

- Use categories or bestsellers on Amazon

- Look at competitors selling the product

2. Go to the brand's website and find a support or contact page

3. Contact the company directly with a message template

4. Receive a response with information on minimum initial order and authorized wholesalers

5. Search for authorized wholesalers online

6. Match the phone number given by the brand with the wholesaler's phone number to confirm legitimacy

7. Contact the wholesaler and ask how to become a retailer for them

Using this method, you can find authorized suppliers for name brand products that have a higher likelihood of getting approved in certain categories on Amazon. By contacting the brand directly and finding authorized distributors, you can expand your inventory and increase your sales.

Should You Buy Clothes Wholesale or Is Dropshipping Better For Your Business

In this article, we will discuss whether it is better to buy clothing wholesale or dropship. This is a question that is frequently asked by people who are starting their own businesses.

Reasons to Buy Wholesale:

- Not many US suppliers dropship clothing

- Clothing dropshipped from China can have sizing issues

- Clothing has many variables that can lead to returns

- Wholesale allows you to touch and feel the products

- You can examine the clothes and check the sizing

- It is better to have the products in your possession

Reasons to Avoid Dropshipping:

- Sizing can be different from what is expected

- Clothing has many variables that can lead to returns

- Images can be misleading

- You cannot touch or feel the products

- There are many fly-by-night suppliers

In conclusion, if you are going to sell clothing, it is better to buy wholesale rather than dropship. You can examine the clothes and check the sizing, which will help reduce the number of returns. Additionally, you can find a reputable supplier who always keeps good merchandise. If you are going to start a clothing business, make sure you do your due diligence and do a lot of research. Clothing is a tricky market, and you want to avoid negative reviews. Finally, it is better to avoid dropshipping and focus on buying wholesale.

Wholesale Boutique Clothing Vendors and Dropshipping Suppliers Review - Episode 2

- Welcome back to another wholesale vendor review

- This review is not sponsored and I purchased the products myself

- I will give a natural and honest reaction to the products

Vendor Information:

- Wholesale 7 is a Chinese based company

- No minimum order required and can purchase individual products

- No license required to shop from this vendor

- Shipping times can be longer and shipping costs are higher

- Had to pay custom taxes on top of shipping prices

Product Review:

- Received four outfits from Wholesale 7

- Tried on each outfit and showed in video

- Overall, liked the quality and materials of the outfits

- Outfits ranged from a jumpsuit to a cotton dress

- Some outfits were see-through or had extra straps

- Prices were low but shipping costs made it more expensive

- Recommended Wholesale 7 for those interested in purchasing wholesale products

- Link to website provided in description

- Encouraged engagement in comments and subscribing to channel for future videos

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