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Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

The BEST EBAY Product Research Tool (How To Sell On EBAY 2022)

what's going on people, welcome back to my channel if you're new. my name is sam and what i do here is break down various different tips and tricks to help you make money online. but in today's video, what i'm going to be doing is going through which ebay product research software you should be using, and exactly which one i use with my seven figure ebay shop. i'm gonna be going through what i've been doing over the years and how i've changed my methods, what i do now, and just some things that you need to know that's gonna help you out on your own ebay journey. these are the things that i wish someone told me at the start, because it would have made the whole process a lot more easier. so make sure you stik around to the end. there's going to be so much value in it. as always, i don't waste any more time. i want to jump straight into it. so if you find any value in the video, don't forget to press the like button and don't forget to subscribe as well. hit the bell notification so that youtube can let you know when a new video has been released. let's not waste any more time, let's get right into it. so the two product research softwares that i'm going to be toking about in today's video is terrapeak and zeke analytiks. so if you're new to my channel or you're just new to ebay in general, i'm going to give you a quick background on these two different softwares and how they've changed over the years and how i've used them with my own business. so let's focus on terapeak first. so tevapeak is a software that ebay provides to their sellers for free. so you're able to access terapeak if you log into your ebay account. all right, so i've just jumped onto terapeak and if you want to find it yourself, you just go to research at the top right there and you're going to see terrapeak product research and then from here you're going to be able to do whatever research that you want to do. but let me show you how i use it. so what you need to do is type in a keyword for a product that you're looking to sell. you can't type in the whole title. you need to type in a specific keyword and then from here you can change the date range. you can change it to the last seven days, 30 days, 90 days or the last year. so i'm gonna leave it to the last year for now- and the main filters that ebay or terapeak allows you to select is the condition, so you can either select new, brand new, etc. etc. or the format filter- you know whether it's auction, best offer, accepted, fixed price price filter. you know which seller is selling it, whether they're top rated seller or you know above standard, etc. and they've got a few more filters over here that you can select, like the buyer location and the seller location. so those are the main filters that you can choose from when researching a partikular product. now, scrolling down to this section here, these are the main data points that terapeak actually shows you, but the main ones that i look at is the sell-through rate. it also shows the total amount of sellers within that time frame as well and the total amount of sales that was generated from that product in that partikular time. so those are the main data points i like to look out for: the sell for rate, the total amount of sellers and the total sales that were generated within that period of time. now, scrolling down over here, the next useful thing about terapeak is that it shows you the average sold price on each and every day. now, the reason why this information is useful is because you're going to be able to see whether or not the price of the product that you're selling is going down in terms of the average price, because if you're able to see that data, you're going to be able to know whether or not you need to either increase your price or decrease your price, depending on the average sold price. now, another way that you can use terapeak is if you click on this option right here now. this is a very useful graph and it's something that terapeak has recently included, and the way that this works is that it shows you the total amount of units that were sold on each day. so, as we can see, for yoga mats, there's a clear downtrend that's happening, where less and less yoga mats are being sold every single day on ebay. so, in february 2022, around 400- you know to around 300- yoga mats are being bought by different customers on ebay. however, last year around the same time, there was around 900 yoga mats being sold- a thousand. so the reason why this is useful, it goes without saying, is because you're gonna be able to see whether or not less customers are buying the item that you're selling or more customers are buying it. so i like to use this graph when it comes to the products that i'm selling, if i'm using terapeak to do my product research and just scrolling down a little bit more. the last thing that i'm going to show you when it comes to using terapeak is that you're able to double check the total amount of sales generated by any partikular seller, and you're also able to see which product actually generated those sales. so, for example, we can see that this product was able to generate 53 000 pounds in cells in the last 365 days, and this is useful because you're able to see exactly what product it is and from there, you can figure out whether or not you want to sell that product or if you don't, and you're able to go through and look at all of the other sellers and see how much money they're making from any partikular product. all right, so i've just jumped onto my zika analytiks dashboard and i'm going to quickly run through the different ways that you can use them. first things first. on the left hand side over here, we've got product research. now over here, you're going to be able to type in any product that you want to type in and search. similar data to the one that we saw on terapeak. so let me just quickly type in yoga map, alright. so, as you guys can see, there's a lot of similar data to what i just showed you on terapeak. as you can see, zeke analytiks is showing us the sales earnings. the next useful piece of data that i like to look out for is the successful listing percentage. as we can see, yoga mat has 58, which is really good. i like to make sure that this number is, you know, above 45, above 50 percent, because that means that i've got above average chance of being able to sell whatever item i'm looking at now. if we just scroll down here, we can see that zeke analytiks is able to show us which ebay seller has the largest market share for yoga mats at the moment. now, this information is very useful because it allows us to know which seller is making the most money from yoga mats, because from knowing this information, we're going to be able to go into their ebay store and dig a little bit more further, see what other products they're selling, see you know what ways that we can copy them, because for them to have the largest market share for yoga mats on ebay uk means that they're doing something right. so this information is very useful if we go over here. similar to terapeak, zeke is able to show us the daily cells that are being made for yoga mats at the moment, so we're going to be able to see whether or not there's a trend. again, it's only showing us for the last 30 days, but it allows us to see whether or not there's a trend or whether or not cells are flat for the last 30 days and, scrolling down just a bit more- very similar to terra terapeak- we're able to see which seller is selling the most. we're able to see how much they've made in terms of the total amount of units that they've sold in a partikular amount of time, the price that they're selling it for and, if i'm here, we can scroll down and see which yoga mat is performing the best and then from there we can now source the best performing yoga mat on ebay at the moment or whatever product they are looking for. so everything i just showed you now on zika analytiks is very similar to tevopique, but the way that zeke differs from terra peak is the fact that if we go back over here, the one useful tool that zika analytiks has is c.

EASIEST Way To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Online Store 📦

how to find the best drop shipping suppliers for your ecommerce business. now, do not mind my voice in this video because i'm running a little bit of a cold. no, it's not covered- i've already been through that- but that will not stop me from sharing with you how to find the best dropshipping suppliers for your drop shipping business, with the best shipping times and the best products for your target audience. we'll be going over all of that and more in this video, so stay tuned. quick intro and let's go. welcome back. i'm lyron from autods, the content manager, and in this video, you're going to learn about how to find the best drop shipping suppliers for your ecommerce business. now, once again, i am running a little bit of a cold during this recording, so i will try to keep it brief, but, of course, i will not leave out any juicy info that you need to know. so let's get started one sec before that. if you haven't done so yet, subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that are coming out in the world of dropshipping. that being said, like and share this video if you appreciate the value, so let's jump right into it. how do we find the best dropshipping suppliers for our ecommerce business? of course, for those of you who are not aware yet, dropshipping is simply a business model where you can fulfill orders. you can have your own online store and sell anything that you want without actually holding them in stok. as soon as you get an order, you fulfill them by simply going to your suppliers website and purchasing the product and shipping it directly to your end customer. but with all of this, of course, we need high quality dropshipping suppliers where we can actually list their products and sell them on our online store, and we're also going to need a selling channel like ebay, shopify, wix, facebook marketplace and there's many others where you can actually host your online business. but the most important thing here- which is why you are watching this video- is how can we actually find the best suppliers and why is it important to have a good, high quality drop shipping supplier? well, for one, you're going to want to have a large product base. you don't only want to put all of your eggs in one basket and leave all of your work to one drop shipping supplier. if that drop shipping supplier ever lets you down, then you won't have anyone else to work with, and now your business will be in trouble. so we do not want to have a single point of failure, which is what we will have when we're only working with one supplier. so it's always a good idea to diversify and work with anywhere around three drop shipping suppliers at the same time, and that way, if one ever causes any problems- like chinese holidays and now they won't be here for two weeks- so then you're gonna go to your us suppliers or maybe just any other shipping delivery info- maybe they have some bad quality products which let some of your customers down, so you want to move over to someone else. there are many reasons why you'd want to switch and shift between different drop shipping suppliers until you learn which ones are best for your business. so let's get into it. what are some of the things that make a good drop shipping supplier? before you begin your search, you want to look for these features and benefits through your suppliers. so first, we want to make sure that we have fast shipping times, and this, of course, is very, very important, because you want to be able to deliver your products really quickly to your audiences. nobody today wants to wait two weeks, three weeks or anything above that to get their product as soon as someone places an order, they want to have it as soon as possible. if someone placed an order today, they want to have it delivered by yesterday, and that is the now in demand era that we live in, and there's nothing wrong with that because there are many high quality suppliers where we can actually get fast shipping from them. so, to provide the best customer service, to give our customers a very good experience through our stores, to make them remember our stores and remember our brand and come back for repeat purchases, we're going to deliver fast shipping times and that is what we're going to get when we're using high quality drop shipping suppliers who can also drop ship from into the same region that we are targeting. so, for example, if you want to drop ship to the uk audience, then you want to find uk suppliers that store their products in uk warehouses so you can ship quickly domestikally- and that goes also for any other region. so, fast shipping times. the second thing you want to look out for is high quality products. we don't want to sell a low quality products. we don't want our customers opening up returns every other item that we ship out and if we sell low quality products, if we don't even take a look at what we're selling, then we are going to get those returns and we will be dealing with customers who are not very happy with the quality of our products. so another great benefit that we're going to get from working with high quality suppliers is that we will have high quality products and we'll have a way to check the quality of the products without having to order it or have any physical contact with the product itself. the next thing you want to look out for in a drop shipping supplier is competitive prices. now there are a lot of suppliers out there and millions of products, and some of those products can be found through some of those drop shipping suppliers. the same exact product at different price ranges. so that is why you always want to go with the supplier who has the most competitive price point for that product, and that is another thing that we need to look out for when choosing our dropshipping supplier. for example, you can take a look at products on aliexpress and then find them on amazon at more expensive prices, and the reason for that is because that seller from aliexpress, or maybe a different seller, bought stok from that seller from aliexpress or alibaba or anywhere else, and they shipped it to amazon's warehouses, so that seller on amazon now needs to make a profit on top of what he bought it from- on aliexpress or alibaba or anywhere else, meaning the price on amazon is now going to be higher than where he bought it from, and you can use both of these suppliers as examples for those that you can work with in your drop shipping business. so in this case, you can ship the more expensive product from amazon from us warehouses or ship the cheaper version from aliexpress or alibaba, but it comes from china and it will take longer. we're going to get into all of that really soon. don't get confused yet. i'm just throwing in quick examples. next is product reviews, and this goes with high quality products, because these suppliers that we're going to be looking out for they have product reviews for their products on their website. so this gives you an early understanding or some type of insight on the quality of this product and if it's really matching its item description and if people are overall happy with this product that they purchased, because you're about to sell it also on your store and you want it to be of high quality. you want it to be a proven product that has been selling, that has a proven track record. so that is what we're gonna get when we have customer reviews on our suppliers websites. the next thing that we want to look out for is tracking information. some suppliers provide tracking information that you simply cannot track anywhere except for their website. so if you share with your customer that same tracking info, they won't really be able to do anything with it because they will not be able to track it. so you want to work with suppliers that have trackable tracking information, like ups, usps, fedex, dhl- many types of international tracking that's trackable, and more. you can track them on websites like 17tracknet and others, and we're also going to tok about that furt.

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Top 9 Certified eBay dropshiping Suppliers (Wholesalers). #ebay #dropshipping

hello guys, this is hassan back with another video. so today's topic we're going to discuss, uh, the top nine certified ebay driveship and suppliers. you can see in whole sellers as well, they're working on, you can say, on the ebay they're doing a drop shipping business. so let's see, uh, what are those nine? uh, certified ebay drop shipping suppliers? so you're looking for the certified eb drive shipping suppliers, but i had no idea where to start, right, you're not done. so when it comes to ebay dropshipping, the main strategy is to team up with the authorized wholesaler, dropship and suppliers for ebay. uh, all of those suppliers can handle your products, uh, you can handle your own business, can handle your all of the stuff, and you got a team who handle your quality checking, who handle your packing, who handle your shipping and handle your buildings, handle your and you can say, the physical business. so, uh, most ebay suppliers, uh, they're just doing us in the starts, they're just taking a start. so, uh, let's see, fred, not and um, uh, in today's video i'm gonna uh figure out that uh were those nine certified dropshipping suppliers. so let's see the page content. so, okay, there's a list of the nine ebay certified drop shipping suppliers. the first one is, you can say a prologue a problem is a drop shipping supplier. so we're giving the services all over the world. uh, you can just place your order on the apollo and they'll deliver your products on time. and double dova is another really good and exciting dropshipping supplier side. uh, you can just freely place your orders. so the third one is sale who? so that's the third one. it's uh, an interesting and you can say amazing site to go over there to to search around the products. they got a thousand and millions of the products over there. so the fourth one is coast way. coast way is another you can say they're surpassing an amazing site to work on. you can get your desired products over their website. so and just go check it out. the wholesaler uk. uh, as it clears by name that it's located in the uk, there are uk suppliers, they're working in the uk, so they're doing the drop shipping business. so the sixth one is marriage pad products. so you can see by the name that they're kind of handling the uh pet products. you can say the uh, they are doing the bad animals. uh, you can say the dogs, cats and hens and that kind of pro. you can say the pets, animals. okay, the same one is big by so big. buy another drop shipping suppliers, wholesale to be, uh, that's, uh you can say, one of the best drop shipping suppliers. i really recommend you, but it's interesting seriously, i have tried it but and i was shocked that it's amazing- and the worldwide brands. so that's another shopify and ebay drop shipping supplier. so what's the questions related to the drop shipping suppliers on the ebay? mostly people, uh, they're asking for: how do i find a drive shipping supplier on ebay? so how you can find your supplier on ebay. how profitable is ebay drop shipping? how, what kind of profits you uh can generate on the ebay drop shipping? can you drop your products from ebay? yeah, surely, uh, you can uh drop your products from ebay. so how you can learn the drop shipping policy like drop shipping on shopify. ebitda also has its own set of laws and regulations for the ebay driveship and suppliers the sellers work with. so, uh, you can say that's the nine and ebay drop shipping certified suppliers we discuss in today's video. let me explain again what are the nine best drop shipping suppliers. you can say iporlo, uh. the second one is doba. the third place got salehoo on the fourth spot is caused way. fifth one: uh came to the name of the wholesaler uk. the sixth one got a spot for the mileage pet products. the seventh one got a spa for the big buy. the eighth one got a place for the whole sale to be. and the last and then uh ninth one is worldwide brand. so these are the most certified ebay drop shipping suppliers so you can just place your freely on these websites. they are the most trustable uh suppliers over there on the internet these days. so if you're trying to look for some interesting content or relating to the online earning, related to the drop shipping business, relating to the amazon, related to the ebay drop shipping or something like that, stay in touch with my channel. don't forget to press the subscribe button, press the bell icon like share my video and if you got a suggestion for my channel, for my videos, just leave a comment. uh, i'm trying to reply you and i'mma try to improve my channel videos. so if you got a suggestion for me, go ahead and do it for me. take cares of you and your families. have a good day. bye.

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How To Start Wholesale Dropshipping On eBay In 2021 (Step By Step Guide)

all right, we're live right now. what's up everybody? welcome back to the channel. this is Jason from wholesale drop shipping champions. I'm alongside my co-host and co-founder of drop shipping University, Tom Cormier, aka e-comm Tom, if you want to say hi to the people. how's it going everybody? we had some tiknical difficulties, but we are here right now, so hopefully you can hear us. please let us know if you can hear us in the comments, because we set this up really quickly. my name is EECOM tom. most you probably know who I am. I've run my own YouTube channel. I'm sure you've been there before. we do a lot of lives and we're excited to get started on Jason's first ever live. so if you could, please smash that like button, show some love as many people as possible and yeah, yes. so, guys, I got a couple of announcements. first of all, I'm really excited that you guys showed up to today's live, but we have a couple of announcements. one of the things is down in the description. there is a link to the free mini course for the wholesale drop shipping course. within there, there's a forum to get started with the pre-registration- basically an early bird special because, as most you guys know, that wholesale drop shipping course is being released this Saturday night and that's the only way that you'll be able to get those notifications via email. so make sure you guys, after this video, watch this video. after this video, make sure you guys sign up and that way you guys can get into it. I've had a lot of questions. there's a lot of hype built around this, so I'm really excited. Tom and I collaborated on this course and it's something that we put a lot of passion, hard work and a lot of time into making this. it's over a hundred videos. there's tons of content in there for you guys. so I'm hoping, I'm hoping you guys are excited. but today we actually have a PowerPoint slide that I put together. it's gonna be five steps to easily start your wholesale drop shipping business in 2020. it's going to go over is basically five steps of you guys can start today. did you have some audio issues? yeah, Mike in, all right, so Tom had some audio issues, but today that's what we're gonna be toking about. if you guys have questions, we're gonna be doing an extended Q&A session after the PowerPoint, after we're done with that, and then from there we're gonna segue into, you know, just some other announcements. so let's go ahead and let's answer some of these questions, if you guys have any questions, or let's see if people can hear us. so we got Andrea. she's from, she's her first live. James the Griffith- how's it going? he's excited. we have canoe Cabrales. yes, become. Tom cat is in the house. what's up? because a go. and let's see Chloe. we have Chloe from Greece, Taylor- this Taylor from Montana. we got Andrea from San Antonio. we got a bunch of people. so I'm happy you guys can make it and yeah, so we're gonna get right into the PowerPoint. and if you guys again have any questions whatsoever about wholesale drop shipping, that's gonna be the whole purpose of today. if you have any questions about it, go ahead and ask them as we go for slide. yes, so here we go. I'm gonna get right into this. is gonna be step one, okay, guys. so if you are looking to get into wholesale drop shipping- and perhaps you've done retail drop shipping in the past or maybe you haven't even started your own eBay dropshipping store before- what you're gonna want to do is obviously open up a brand new eBay account, that hyperlink right there that will take you right to. obviously you guys can't click it, but just go to google type. you know, start a new a bay account and eBay will get you all set up. it's really a simple process. you don't have to be a business account or a like an individual account really doesn't matter for what we're trying to do. and then if you guys have done retail arbitrage in the past- and they're you know, maybe you've had a flagged account where you're promoted listings basically go to zero. you know that your account has been flagged for retail drop shipping. what you're gonna want to do is just open up a brand new eBay account, and the way that eBay works is, once you open up a new a bay account, you are not going to get it cross-linked until you start doing marketplace or retail drop shipping, something like amazon to ebay, Walmart to eBay. those are high risk versions of drop shipping, whereas with wholesale drop shipping, there's no risk because we're in compliance with eBay's drop shipping policy. so all you have to do is open up a brand new eBay store. you're innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of eBay, so just go ahead and do that. I know a lot of you guys have already, you know, been doing retail drop shipping for the last six months, 12 months, whatever, but this is an opportunity to start up a new account. you could have as many accounts as you want and that's really all you have to do. so that's going to be step one and after that we're gonna move into step two. so over that a few things about. first I've about creating a new account. the only time that you have to worry about the retail arbitrage is also if you've been using the API related software. so have you been using? you know, like DSM tool is a prime example of it and your auto des has their non API but they also have the API version. if you've been using the API ones, you know they connect into your eBay account. you have to accept it or verify it onto your account. you can go into your third-party authorizations. if you go to site preferences in your account settings it's over to the left-hand side. then you scroll all the way down. you can tell. it'll say usually the name of the software and they're sometimes they have weird names because that's like their developer name- and you know. if you have anything in there that's an API related- the repricing tool- then you don't want to. you know be using that account. most likely your flagged. and again, another question we've been getting asked is: do you need to create a brand new account if you have like an unflagged retail arbitrage account? no, you do not. you do not need to create a brand new account, but you could also- you know it depends if you want to separate things, because if you want to do a wholesale and solely not this accounts wholesale and then solely know this ones retail, then you could do that or you could just start sprinkling in wholesale listings into your retail store. it really doesn't truly matter that much. me personally, I'm keeping everything separate and I think a lot of people would like to keep it separate. but you know, if you don't want to create a new account and go through that hassle again, you know, inside of the course we do teach how to get a very high listing limits right off the bat so you don't have to worry about like rebuilding up your accounts listing limits. what did you get the other day? like billion? yeah, so there is a way to definitely scheme the system. but again, who knows how, how iffy that is, you know it. how many listings I can list up if you trip anything because you're a brand new account, you have two billion listing credits. I don't think there's gonna be that big of an issue, but again it's. you know, it's kind of a newer thing that we're experimenting with here. yeah, so that's that slide. step number two is gonna be start a business. so you know, this isn't 100 percent. in fact you not, nom. you know we're not pretty trained professionals in the starting a business or tax or anything like that, but it's pretty easy to start in a business. we're not gonna tell you what type of business to start either. most people start an LLC and, again, you don't need to be doing all this with the business. if you want to go the sole proprietor route, you can get an EIN number as a sole proprietor if you live in the United States and if you live outside of the United States, you can also supposedly get an EIN number on Fiverr. somebody, somebody said that on Jason's Instagram today. I like what you do. I would not trust that, that piece of advice, but basically, do you? you need the business.

eBay Dropshipping Product Research for Retail and Wholesale Suppliers

hey, dropshippers, how you doing this is clear from dsm tool, and today i have something cool to share with you. the team at DSM tool and I decided together that we want to start sharing with you more and more relevant products, the most up-to-date Nicias products, ideas and everything that is related to what to sell. the reason that we decided to do it- and we hope to do it on a weekly base- on a weekly basis, i mean- is that we understand the importance- and you should understand the importance- of market research and choosing what product to sell on your eBay store when you're running an ebay drop shipping business, and in general, market research for businesses, because you're establishing a business and you know we do the same things. we're a software company and we have to answer with the software. with every software piece of software that we develop, we have to answer a demand in the market and dsm2 is an example for that same way. you guys, you need to find demands in the market and you need to fit relevant products to those demands. so in this video, I want to share with you one of the tikniques that we will be using- and I will create couple of videos that uses couple of different tikniques to find products and I'm going to show you. this is relevant. what are you doing? retail drop shipping, hostile drop shipping? I'm going to use trainees suppliers in this video and um, what's important for me that you will take from it is that I'm going to use the software called zika analytiks. it's probably the number one software in the eBay dropshipping market for finding what products to sell I. this is the only software that I'm willing to trust. I'm not willing to trust any automated solutions that go out and find you the best products out there if you don't know exactly what you're selling. I don't believe that it's a the right way to go on ebay drop shipping. plus, it opens you up to to more legitimate paths like wholesale drop shipping, which I'm going to refer to in this video as well, because we have wholesale suppliers in DSM 2 as well. so before we're jumping to my computer, I want to say two things. first, please consider to like this video. that helps us promote it on youtube. think about it the same way that you trying to rank high your products in eBay, we try to rank high out our videos on YouTube, so it really helps us. or Facebook or Instagram, wherever you watch it. consider to to click the like button, consider to subscribe to our channel and comment with any question that you might have. one last tip, pro tip, before we're starting with the market research: once you find ones products to sell, one of the things that are going to drive more traffic to your store is listing products every day, every day. you, if you change your inventory in the store- and you can do that because you're a drop shipper- you don't always buy the inventory yourself, sometimes you just drop ship from other websites. so you, in order to take to your advantage the fact that you can, that you are a drop shipper- if you list product new products every day to your store and then you do a cleanup, you remove the products that are. that requires optimization. that doesn't get enough traction. then the search engine of eBay. it's something that is known since many, many years. the search engine of eBay really likes to see new products, really like to see new opportunities, and it go. it is going to give you more exposure. you're going to get more views, more visibility, more impressions on the eBay platform, and you can do that if you go, if you find a product that you want to sell and then you click to list it with the SM tool and then in the lister you click on the import button, you will find another button- this is called the schedule button. so you can actually collect product, so you can use the tiknique that I'm using here today. you can collect the products that you want to sell in your store, let's say one day a week, and then you can schedule those products to be added to the store every day of the week. so then it's being automated for you, and this is exactly the reason why we developed the SM tool. it's supposed to help you automate your daily tasks. so instead of listing product every day, you could focus all of that work in once a week. all right, let's jump to my computer where we're going to perform the research, and I hope you guys would enjoy the emails that you're going to get with the interesting products to sell and that you would enjoy this tiknique that we're going to use for product sourcing. so for the purpose of the research today, I'm going to use Zeke analytiks. it's a software, probably the best software- for market research in the eBay dropshipping industry- and I'm going to use couple of features- they're an alternate- to explain you step by step, everything that I'm doing there. but Zeke analytiks is, while it's integrated completely into DSM tool in order to make your experience better, it's not part of the DSM tool company. it's a separate company owned by the Harkavy, which I highly recommend you to follow as well. and in order to get access to the kinda Linux, you can get a trial for one dollar. so I will leave a link in the description below for forensic analytiks. you can check it out, and I want to show you how I found this niche and what are we seeing here. but the most important part, that- and I'm also going to go down to which products we were able to source after finding this niche- but the graph from Google Analytiks, so from Google Trends, that appears here, which shows you the increase in demand. it's true that is now going down a little bit, because they're the effects of staying home are. you know, slowly the economy is being released and people are going out, so less and less people are at doing stuff at home, and the category that I found was DIY under Home & Garden and on eBay. but I, most important, I want to show you the process of how I found this category and this trending niche, and then I'm going to show you how we source product free. so inside the kinda Linux that you use the feature it is called category research and the way that it works is that when you go into the category research you need to choose: where were you going to source products from? so if you're sending selling in the US market and you're going to source products from local suppliers, you would choose United States. today we're going to take China as an example, because we want to source products from and that are sourced from the Chinese market and basically the category search supposed to give you like general niche ideas and then relevant products within those niches. so I'm going to. I decided to choose one of the categories own of eBay and here below there are a lot of ideas of categories and subcategories that ii oolitik s-- is getting. so Zeke is connected to a to ebay and it's just drawing from there a lot of information. partially. part of it is what is the main category in the sub categories under it with some range. this ranking is actually done by eBay, not by Zeke analytik, so don't completely trust it, but you can click more. you can find ideas here what subcategories to go into. I chose the home-and-garden category which I looked for and under it I saw home improvement and I said let's try DIY, let's see what happens. and then, when I click search, what happened is that I got the search results exactly as I showed you, and actually you can see here that the graph is the graph for the demand in China, which is incorrect. so I had to change that graph. and the only thing that I really care about when it comes to looking for a category and doing category research in psychoanalytik s-- is: yeah, I mean, the amount of listings can tell me the level of competition and the amount of sales sold items in the past 30 days, divided by the amount of visiting still tell me the sell-through. that is that appears here. this is the, this is how it's being calculated, and and. but the sell-through of an entire category on eBay is not that relevant. it's not supposed to like, it wouldn't give you a.

Getting Your 1st Wholesale Dropshipping Contract For Ebay Or Amazon In 2020

have you ever considered wholesale drop shipping on ebay in 2020? I'm sure a lot of you out there have. it seems to be out the buzz and all the rage nowadays, so I went out there and I got myself my first ever wholesale drop shipping contract with a supplier for my ebay drop shipping business. inside of this video, I'm going to show you exactly how I went about doing it, exactly what supplier was and how and what they were required for me to get started. so if this does interest you, please be sure to give this video a like, give it a thumbs up to get it out to as many people as possible, and please be sure to subscribe to this channel for more updates on wholesale ebay, amazon, any type of drop shipping out there in the future, and also before we get into the PowerPoint that I made and I show you what supplier that I did get a contract with and how to do so. be sure to check down below in the description, because we did just launch a free wholesale drop shipping mini course for you on reasons why to get started wholesale drops during 2020, and also just a little bit more in depth than what this video actually includes, so be sure to check that out. all you need is your email to get signed up and we will send it to you automatikally into your inbox. so hopefully you enjoy this video. hopefully you enjoy the new mini course. and yes and no, I did not quit retail arbitrage onto eBay. I'm just further just diversifying my business on eBay and Amazon to make sure that I'm always not having my eggs on one basket, and diversifying my streams of income. so I'm gonna see you guys inside of my computer where I show you exactly what supplier I got, and then in the PowerPoint on how I went about doing so. alright, so here we are inside of my computer and you can see the wholesale distributor slash drop shipper that I did find and go with. so this is a Marine drop shipper and wholesale distributor. they are called cwr wholesale distribution. you can go ahead, sign up on their account and become a dealer as well. today I'm giving you guys all of this for free. so what are some of the few things that actually stuck out to me with this, with this drop shipping supplier? the fact that you know everything is locked off to the public. so one of the main things- and I'll tok about this later in the PowerPoint is that, with these suppliers, you want to be finding ones that are legitimate wholesale suppliers. so if anybody came knocking on your door questioning if these are legit wholesale distributors, you know they, they are. you know, sometimes if the public can see the prices, then may you're the platform like eBay. well, think, oh, these aren't wholesale suppliers, these aren't wholesale drop servers, even though there's like a retail and then a wholesale portal. this is one that really stuck out to me. that is kinda in the niche that I usually try to sell in, like the business Industrial Marines, kind of in that same thing, and some of the items definitely overlap. and you know, it really did seem like a very well-put-together dropshipping website and i really just did a lot of searching on google, ended up finding this, and i'm really happy with the one that I picked. I've already found some profitable items to sell on eBay and Amazon, so I'm excited to get started with it. so, that being said, this is the supplier. like I said, you can go sign up for it. I'm gonna go inside of my computer to go into the PowerPoint and we'll get started breaking down everything in this video. alright, here we are. so before we get started, please don't forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven't already hit that little Bell notification. you'll be notified of every video and please be sure to like this video to get it out to as many people as possible. so I do have a question for you as well. have you started or considered wholesale drop shipping right now, in 2020, or that's, on eBay or Amazon or any platform? let me know in the comments down below. I would love to hear from you guys. so first off, let's get into the breakdown why wholesale drops should be pretty much wholesale drop shipping is allowed on the channels allowed it's. you know retail drop chain is tiknically not allowed, but you know there's tons of people getting away with it. so wholesale drop something is allowed and, at the very least, getting all these contracts is going to help you cover yourself if you do get in trouble for retail arbitrage. so it seems as if some of these platforms, specifically eBay, are cracking down more on drop shipping, although I do think that the majority of these issues are coming from, you know, new sellers really not following the rules, and eBay cracking down on like brand new accounts more than anything else, and Amazon as well. but you know, it does seem as if there's an increase, you know, in the last couple months. so there's more to follow on that, you know. only time will be able to tell. I haven't had any issues, but I've seen more and more people start having issues. there's less competition with wholesale dropship me- and that's to do with the point down below- because it has a perceived higher barrier to entry, when in reality it's not that much different than anything with retail arbitrage. it just is a perceived higher, higher barrier to entry. harder is what a lot of people say, but in my opinion I don't think it's really that different and because of the last competition you're going to be able to get higher margins, which is what everybody wants here. you know, instead of 10% maybe you can average 15 or 20 percent, which is just great in general, as long as you can keep your sales velocity up to around the same. or, you know, mix in some retail and wholesale together and anything like that. that's pretty much where you know the best of both worlds gonna be coming into play here. so after that it's pretty much an overall similar process to pass methods with the retail arbitrage or anything like that. there's really no difference in sourcing items. I'd still use DIC analytiks and I still do use ik analytiks, anything with. you know, the repricing is gonna be a little bit different and that's for another video later on down the road. but you know, besides that, you know the listing, sourcing and everything. it's really no different. item processing and in fact sometimes order processing is a lot easier on these wholesale suppliers websites, cuz they do have an automated way to do it, and that's also for a video later on down the road. so what did I look for when I was looking for this wholesale supplier? you know I usually like to stay in the business and industrial niche- and that's been said multiple times over on my youtube channel, basically over and over again- because of the fact that I just I like the niche. I think that people that are buying these items aren't going to be returning them as much. there's a reason why they're buying these items and you know that's pretty much it. I don't like to deal with these customer support issues or you know, somebody buying the wrong size shirt or something like that and having to return it to me. it's not worthwhile. I'm trying to run an efficient business here and I'm not trying to deal with the hemming in the huiying of the. oh, I bought the wrong thing here. Oh, oh, my god, can I return it? I don't like that at all. so I searched around and I found this supplier, CWR wholesale distribution, and they are a marine supplier. you know, some things are a little bit more too like advanced, I would say, or things that I don't want to be selling, like the, the tiknology type side of things, the GPS trackers and things like that. I don't think I would really go on my way to sell them because at that point again it's getting into the. oh, maybe I like this, this GPS fish finder, but not the other one. I don't really like the whole idea that, but like the parts and the, the chemicals and everything like that. that's pretty much what I'm going for with the supplier, and I've already seen a lot of people selling that stuff on eBay. so it's definitely a. in my opinion it's heading in the right di.