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Wholesale Sources From Tradeshow 2.0

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Attending a tradeshow can be a great way to find wholesale sources for your business. With so many vendors and suppliers in one place, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all of the options. Here are some tips for finding wholesale sources at a tradeshow.

1. Plan Ahead

- Research the exhibitors beforehand

- Determine which vendors offer the products you need

- Create a schedule for which booths to visit

2. Network

- Introduce yourself to vendors and suppliers

- Ask for business cards and contact information

- Follow up after the tradeshow

3. Negotiate

- Don't be afraid to negotiate prices and terms

- Ask about discounts for bulk orders

- Find out about minimum order requirements

4. Evaluate

- Compare prices and quality from multiple vendors

- Consider shipping and delivery options

- Determine which vendors offer the best value for your business

Attending a tradeshow can be a valuable way to find wholesale sources for your business. By planning ahead, networking, negotiating, and evaluating your options, you can find the best vendors and suppliers for your needs. Remember to follow up with contacts after the tradeshow and continue building relationships with your wholesale sources.

Wholesale Sources From Tradeshow 2.0

Key Points:

- King human found a variety of novelty items at the trade show, including resin sculptures, LED fans, and light-up furniture.

- He highlights the potential for making money with these items, citing examples of people selling small items such as light-up helicopter toys for a profit.

- King human suggests creating a website to sell these novelty items and then selling the website as a business in a box on platforms like Flippa.

- He emphasizes the importance of creating a demo video for these products to showcase their unique features and encourage sales.

- King human also shares contact information for some of the vendors he found at the trade show.

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