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Why 99% of Entrepreneurs Fail | Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid!

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

Why 99% of Entrepreneurs Fail | Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid!

I got a comment on a video I posted the
other day that made me sick
I would have killed for this information
back when I quit my job now a person
that is going to be successful well look
at a video like that and see what can I
take from this hmm what did this person
do and how can i replicate this now the
person that commented on my video did
not do this they did actually the
opposite they told me why I was able to
do it and they can't this is the first
mistake thinking that others have some
magic ability they don't figure out what
they did and figure out how you can
replicate it one of the complaints that
the commenter had was that I knew people
in the industry yeah I knew people in
the industry because I emailed them and
introduced myself it's not that hard to
replicate what other people are doing if
you pay attention this is the first of
seven common reasons why I see
entrepreneurs failing I'm going to tok
about each of them in detail and how you
can avoid them right now let's get into
the tactiks
the second mistake that new
entrepreneurs make is focusing on what
they can get out of every interaction
they take right away that's the opposite
of what you should do you should lead
with value if you want to make money
it's because you have something that is
more valuable to a customer than the
money that that product cost for
instance when someone buys a box of PNB
they're saying that that is more
valuable than the equative dollars in
their pocket they rather have this than
$28 so they give me the money but this
isn't just for buying products this
works with emails and I get a ton of
emails where people are asking me to do
things for them without giving any kind
of value the ones that I respond to are
the ones where people say hey you know I
like your videos here's something that
you could potentially improve on or
here's something I can do for you and
then right away I think oh what can I do
for this person in exchange so don't
lead with taking lead with value the
third mistake that new entrepreneurs
make is focusing on the negatives a lot
of things are gonna go wrong with your
business a lot and if you focus on all
those negative things but you're never
gonna be able to succeed you're never
gonna be able to notike all the good
things that are working it also works in
the external world for instance if you
constantly critikize other people
critikize other businesses then you're
never gonna notike the gems of knowledge
that they have let me give you an
example of this I look at eight a lot of
other youtubers and I think to myself
how are they so successful they don't do
this right they don't you know they
don't give enough value they're not
teaching people how to do things now
originally I had that critikizing
mindset and I thought to myself no like
they shouldn't be so successful because
their channel isn't good but then I
changed and I thought well wait a minute
why are they so successful because they
obviously are and I realized that they
were doing things that I wasn't for
instance I used to never tell my story I
never used to tok about myself in my
videos so people didn't know who I was
they didn't care about me and I realized
maybe I should tell more of my story in
my videos and that's what I'm toking
about when you stop critikizing and you
start looking at what you can learn from
other people you're gonna your eyes open
up the fourth reason that new
entrepreneurs fail is they have a
scarcity mindset and I get emails and
comments all the time from people and
they say I have no money
I'm desperate please
help I want to start an online business
if you have no money and you're
desperate starting an online business or
any kind of business for that matter is
not a good idea what you should do
instead is go get a job
that's what jobs are for that's what
working for other people is for because
they have a nice steady income that you
can get now if you save up enough money
that you can comfortably start an online
business or you want to do something
like this on the side that's different
when you're in this fear mindset this
survival mode mindset your brain is not
working optimally you're not able to
play the game of entrepreneurship which
is like chess where you need to be
thinking five 10 moves ahead you're
barely able to think about the current
move that you're on and so the first
step for you is to get out of that
survival mode the goal is to get enough
money in the bank or food and you're
covered that you're not in this fear
mode of thinking and literally what
happens in your brain is your neocortex
this is the part that makes you human
this is the part that makes you smarter
than the rest the animals this part of
your brain loses its supply of blood it
gets instead put into your your arms and
your limbs and this is because back in
the day if you were experiencing fear
that probably means that there was some
kind of a predator about to attack you
and you need to run or fight and defend
yourself so that blood is no longer in
your brain it's in your arms and legs so
get out of that fear mindset and for
some people that means saving up some
money but for other people this can
still happen even if you have a lot of
money saved up maybe it's just realizing
that you're going to be okay reason
number five entrepreneurs fail is not
being able to figure out simple things I
get emails all the time where people ask
me a question that they literally could
Google the answer to now if you aren't
able to Google something and click on
the first result and find the answer
you're not ready to be an entrepreneur
yet you need to go back to school and
figure out how to use a computer and I
think this is a deeper rooted issue this
relates back to number two where people
want to take instead of giving don't ask
people questions that you can easily
find out the answer to yourself you're
wasting other people's time instead
everything you can on your own and when
you get stuck and it's been days or
weeks and you still have not been able
to conquer this problem then feel free
to ask for help from other people the
sixth reason new entrepreneurs fail is
not learning from other people guess
whatever you're doing someone has
already done something very similar to
it learn from them figure out what they
did and follow it step by step and now I
know I'm preaching to the choir because
you're smart enough to be watching a
youtube video like this you probably
have that gene you have probably have
that type of personality or you're going
to take the time to learn from other
people but don't stop there if creating
your own passion product like I did is
something you want to do then subscribe
to the channel watch more of my videos I
have a ton of videos detailing exactly
how I've done it but I still get emails
from people asking me hey how do you
start your business I've detailed how to
do it but diversified don't just watch
youtube videos read books listen to
audiobooks there's a reason I made sure
that my bookshelf was in the background
of my youtube videos it's because these
books have revolutionized my life so
make sure you learn from the people that
have already done exactly what you want
to do last reason entrepreneurs fail is
thinking that they can do it alone
thinking they can do it by themselves
look there's a chance that maybe you can
do it by yourself but it's so much
easier when you surround yourself with
like-minded people and this is something
I've been lucky enough to be able to
start doing recently I've started having
more friends that are entrepreneurs more
friends that are selling on Amazon or
have their own YouTube channels and it's
absolutely changed my life
it's not only made me happier as a
person but it's made making money online
easier than it's ever been before and
they're able to help me find things that
I'm missing they're able to help correct
my thinking if you're trying to do this
by yourself stop start putting energy
into finding a tribe finding other
people that have the same goal as yours
there's a lot of different ways that you
can build your tribe you can go to
meetups and go to conferences about your
niche and if creating a product that
you're passionate about and selling it
online is your thing you can check out
my Facebook group I'll put the links up
here no matter what you want to find a
group of people that where you can all
help support
each other and when you put your energy
into that that's when the magic really
starts to happen that's when you get the
hockey stik growth in your business and
in your personal life you want to learn
more about my story and how I created my
product you can watch this video
otherwise like comment and subscribe
below and have a great day