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why am i getting ads after every song on spotify

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

How Many Songs Are Released Every Day On Spotify? BIG Update

there is a brand new update revealing,just how many songs are uploaded to,music streaming services daily and we're,going to tok about it in today's video,[Music],what's up guys this is Omari With No,Nonsense music marketing the number one,place for music business and industry,advice online if you are not subscribed,already and you're a serious musician,click the Subscribe button now hit that,notification Bell so you can get updates,on every new video that we drop so it,just so happened last week that there,was a milestone pass for streaming,services like Spotify app music so on,and so forth,over 100 000 tracks are now being,uploaded each day to streaming services,this artikle,dropped by music business worldwide uh,that,there are there's essentially an endless,amount of music not only on the,platforms but being added every single,day so these figures were confirmed by,uh Universal Music Group CEO and,chairman,um as well as they were at uh the Music,Matters conference in Singapore just,last month,um they their argument was that,um,record companies with their ability to,Market promote and develop artists are,only becoming more critikal to musicians,careers arguable but,um you know we'll go into that so,it is true that if you don't know how to,Market yourself you do need somebody to,help and obviously you can have a,independent service such as us who does,the Spotify playlist thing the YouTube,promotion the Instagram ads management,the Facebook ads management The tik,tok influencer uh promotion we do all,that and you don't have to sign away,your rights but you do need to be a,little bit more organized meaning that,you know you have the ambition to go out,and get your own website built you have,the ambition to build out your products,and services like actually have a sales,funnel so that you can make your money,back you have to be more ambitious in,Booking your own shows it's very,possible,the main problem is that people don't do,all the steps I just said they just want,to buy one Spotify promotion and think,that's going to be enough,for me to make my money back on this uh,just through the streaming Revenue it,doesn't happen like that the streaming,Revenue that would be like us putting,a Google ad on our website put in the,Google ad banners go to our website and,then running paid traffic to the website,and thinking that the Google ads revenue,is going to pay for our paid traffic,that doesn't that doesn't compute that's,not in a business that's a wish you're,wishing that that Revenue coming from,the streaming services is going to equal,the amount you put out for promotion it,doesn't work that way for any business,that's just like if you throw it out on,TV then you know what I put out is just,going to magically come back to me no,you have to have a plan of how that's,going to come back and it's usually,through a business structure through a,sales funnel uh so you want people to,sign up for your email list you want,them to sign up for your text message,list you want them to visit your website,so that they can get put through a,sequence where they get to know you and,then you sell them products or services,or have them out to shows uh have more,sponsorships,use all that influence to build your,business versus just trying to get,streaming Revenue so even the major,labels like they they do a good job of,old school advertising they're still,learning a lot of the new school,advertising what they do is just,sign the people who do know like tik,tok or Instagram or Google they just,sign the artists who already know that,so that they don't necessarily have to,have as many people internally who do,that,but they they still do have people,obviously who work on that but we've,gone over how their ads usually aren't,as good as,other people's ads such as small,businesses or digital marketers are,really good to study on how to make good,ads for small businesses such as artists,uh but,half of his point is true that you do,need either you need to learn it,yourself or you you need to hire,somebody to do it don't just spend money,on trying to run your own Facebook ads,or try to run your own Instagram ads and,then you're wondering why this doesn't,work I've you know people have actually,said Facebook ads don't work well no you,just don't know how to run the ads so,either get somebody who does know how to,run the ads like us to run them for you,or you need to go take a course look at,a bunch of YouTube videos learning how,to do it properly yourself,uh so,the other thing that I wanted to touch,on,100 000 songs per day,a lot of purist like artists who are,purists aren't gonna like this next,statement but needs to be said,song should be shorter,you you likely want like if you can get,it under three minutes under like in,that two minute area uh for the song,then that's going to be your best bet in,this new music economy like a two minute,song,obviously once you get bigger then you,can make longer songs but when you're,smaller and you're trying to play this,game of this is a brand new game this is,not 1990 anymore,you want your song to be consumed a lot,so you kind of want to leave them,wanting at the end of the song If the,song is only two minutes then that still,leaves them wanting for other songs or,to repeat your song More last I checked,a song that's two minutes gets page out,just as much as I saw in this four,minutes or one that's like seven minutes,so I as a small time artist I would I,would not release a song that's seven,minutes I would cut that down to two,minutes and then you know you can make,it into another song like chop up your,content just like you we take this,long-form video of YouTube and chop it,up and put it everywhere else same idea,take your longer songs and try to chop,them up into smaller song make shorter,songs do what you got to do to get it,down to like the two minute area uh you,know if you want to push it and get it,towards three minutes you can do that,but really you need to pump out content,um if there's a hundred thousand songs,going out per day and you're a new,artist and you're trying to get put on,trying to gain your fan base,and you want to get paid more from the,streaming every dollar does count,especially when you're growing your,business as a small business so if you,can take that four minute song turn it,into two two-minute songs and then,you're getting paid double now for the,same listening time uh that is that's,that's what you have to do you don't,have to do that but that's highly,advisable,um to play this game smartly,so,have more releases that allows you to,have more consistent release schedule,you don't have to you know make every,song for a minute you can have a,consistent release schedule and,everything's two minutes you don't have,to write as much whenever every song is,two minutes so that you can be using,your time wisely and efficiently,uh additionally we've said this before,but,we've we've said that you should have at,least one release every ideally it'd be,every month or even every two weeks if,you can pull off One release per week uh,you know we'll shout out kid Travis,again,uh he last we checked he was releasing a,song every single week you guys can go,look on Spotify he's been making a lot,of traction because he just keeps,releasing a song every single week so,you stay on top of people's mind if they,follow you on Spotify you're dropping in,their release radar and then that,release radar algorithm is helping boost,the Discover weekly and the radio,playlist so that way,um but you know we don't want you to,to just use the paper motion and not,take advantage of the organic promotion,as well so a lot of times you just use,the paid promotion to get to the organic,that's what we do that's what and,obviously we still do some paid ads but,ideally you want your business to be,sustainable enough to a point that you,can just throw this amount of dollars,into it and you'll know that you'll,start to get some organic traffic after,it,uh so a

Is Spotify Marquee 10X BETTER than Facebook Ads?

in this video I'm going to go over a new,study from Spotify that says Marquee,delivers 10 times more listeners per,dollar than social ads on average and so,we're going to just go through this,artikle I'm going to give you my,opinions on this a big thanks to Sam who,is the creative director or creative,product and brand marketing head of,creative product and brand marketing,Spotify for dming this to me a cool guy,he did an interview with Ari herstand a,little while back and apparently watched,my channel so hey Sam thanks for sending,us over,um but yeah let's just kind of read,through this and see see what the data,is what they give us and then we'll tok,about it so what they did is they worked,with eight labels and Distributors over,this period of several months they say,months long here to look at the,effectiveness of Marquee versus other,digital ads and I've toked in the past,about Marquee I've shown how you can,actually use it if you want to check out,most recent video I have on that there I,do use Marquee for every song it is a,great tool but I also use Facebook ads,for every single song and I use them,both in Tandem and they each have their,own perks now I want to clarify some,things that you might not know about,Marquee Marquee is only for retargeting,you can't gain new brand new fans for,Marquee it's only retargeting people,who've already listed your music in a,certain time period like in the last,year I think it is but still it's really,good at retargeting your listeners,especially people who might have just,heard you in passing in a playlist or on,Discover weekly or on a radio or,whatever whereas Facebook ads usually,you're mostly targeting strangers right,you're trying to get brand new people so,you can kind of use your ads or bringing,new people then make sure you're keeping,them engaged with your Marquee they kind,of go hand in hand in that way if you,want to learn more about the Facebook ad,then you can check out this playlist,right here I have a ton of videos on,that so that's what you know Marquee and,Facebook ads so they're saying saying,that per dollar you can get essentially,10 times more people listening to music,with Marquee,and so here we have this graph here,which is very vague Spotify listeners,per dollar spent Marquee is 10 times,more average study scene of 10. so let's,see what how they actually set up this,study and I'll zoom in so you can get a,better look at,it so they use 10 new releases for the,study they did a mix of release types,albums EPs and singles from a mix of,artist audience sizes 300 000 monthly,listeners to 16 million monthly,listeners now right off the bat I do,think that skews things a bit,um I found that Marquee it works a,little bit differently for bigger and,smaller just because like the big,artists have all this organic stuff,coming in so they have way more people,to retarget but I'll ignore that for now,I just want to figure that out they also,did a mix of genres wrap electronic,Indie and Rock,uh they picked the right releases after,working with these partners and this is,how they conducted the study They,promoted the same release on ads as they,did with Marquee,they targeted core audiences,with um Marquee and with ads so this is,a big distinction so in the social media,ads they were also it sounds like they,were only retargeting,at least that's what this sounds like I,might be interpreting this wrong but no,expanded targeting people who have liked,to engage with the artist so that's a I,think that is something that they they,could have done differently because,that's you know retargeting isn't always,cheaper,um despite what a lot of people think,they did mobile only that makes a ton of,sense and also Marquee only does mobile,ads Target the same countries as Marquis,this is actually one thing I think,Marquee has a great advantage in when it,comes to,paid marketing is that Marquee you can,pay a flat rate in an expensive country,whereas if you were to run ads in that,country it might be incredibly expensive,especially if the campaign is poorly,whereas for Marquis it'll just be a flat,rate especially the US where it's 50,cents per click from our key if you're,running a Facebook conversion campaign,in just the US 50 cents would be quite,quite good in a lot of cases ads are,optimized for driving clicks or,conversions to the Spotify mobile app,whichever the partner typically used to,drive listening so when they ran their,social ads they were it sounds like some,people are using clicks or link click,campaigns traffic campaigns and other,people are using conversion campaigns,ad scheduled match Marquee so basically,they've ran these things for the same,period of time and the ad budget matched,Marquee so they would if they spent a,hundred dollars in Marquee they'd spend,100 and have spent 500 marketing they,spent 500 ads and then they also saying,here they wanted to be this comparison,to be as apples as apples as possible,from Marquis they essentially Marquee by,default like keeps collecting data for,14 days after you kind of see how people,gauge with their music and they did the,same thing for the social ads I'm not,sure how they would have measured that,because it's kind of hard to tell,um in Spotify artists like what came,from your ads and what didn't especially,like it's just all Blended in with your,organic and even your Marquee you can't,really split out,inside of Spotify artist obviously you,see the Marquee stats for the campaign,now they have the results here,and this is where I get a little sad and,the reason is like I would have liked to,have just the raw data dump of all these,campaigns because you'll notike here,there's there's no graphs there's some,20x 10x there's no real numbers and,there's no real data,um you know on average Marquee delivered,10x more Spotify listeners for every,daughter every dollar not only did,Marquee deliver more listeners on,average per dollar it also results in,more listeners per click essentially,there's a drop off between every,conversion or click you get and what,happens in terms of streaming,it's clear that Marquee not only drives,streams at a higher conversion rate and,a lower cost per listener it helps us,Foster meaningful operations,that's true I mean like Marquee does a,great thing for retargeting your fans,um the higher conversion rate it does,have quite a high conversion rate but,I'm kind of hesitant about the cost,because they've said it's so much,cheaper,but without looking at the exact,campaigns they ran,like it's kind of hard to know like,is this really an Apple's Apple study,like they used like Marquee is a,retargeting tool right so they're,running a retargeting ad,but that's not really what you would,typically do with social media and also,that that social media ad there's a huge,difference in conversion rates between a,traffic campaign and a conversion domain,so it's like it's a big difference like,saying that they Blended the two,together like it's that makes sense,but only if you dump all the data out,like if they literally provided all the,stats for the Marquees per song,all the Facebook or social media ad,campaigns per song without all the data,they can make it Anonymous and just,provided in a giant Excel spreadsheet I,and probably a lot of people that watch,his channel would actually go through,that data and do a comparison because we,don't really care which one is better we,just want to know like which one is,better in certain circumstances right um,if it actually is true that you get 10,times more results per dollar that's,fantastik to know because then I'd be,telling people like max out your Marquee,every single time you have it so that's,kind of my my biggest bummer about this,study so moral of the story I'm really,glad that Spotify is looking into this,stuff and running studies I just really,wish and I did like look around a bit,for this if there is a way to just,straight up get this data um and so I'll,probably uh email Mr Sam because he,seems li

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Merry Christmas! | Gift-wrapped emptiness, real happiness, and Songs with Mom and Dad

and if you're listening at home join us,sing along,Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound,[Music],Aloha and merry Christmas happy holidays,to each and every one of you now it has,been a crazy year by all measures it has,gone by quickly and it seems like we're,at a place in time where nothing is safe,from being politikized or being attacked,not even Christmas now you hear about,this sometimes being toked about in the,mainstream media and you know people,tok about Christmas being canceled and,others in the mainstream media saying,well no no that's just some Far,right-wing conspiracy but let's just,look at the facts as people celebrate,Hanukkah it is customary to to greet,them with Hanukkah samiak at the end of,Ramadan we wish our Muslim brothers and,sisters Eid Mubarak and as Hindus,celebrate Diwali around the world we,wish people a Happy Diwali but for some,reason when it comes to Christmas the,cancer culture Brigade tells us hey,you're not allowed to say Christmas,you're not allowed to say Merry,Christmas,instead they tell us you have to say,happy holidays because otherwise you,might offend someone trying to erase,Jesus Christ from Christmas is an,example of the depth of spiritual,erosion in this country that we're,seeing and the length and efforts that,people are going through to try to erase,God and especially Christianity from,every corner and facet of our public,lives now so this time of year that's,meant to be an even marketed as a joyful,time of year the reality is that it is,unfortunately filled with increasing,rates of depression and sadness and,loneliness and emptiness and tragically,suicide too much of our society is,missing the true meaning of Christmas,instead promoting superficial,materialism we are all bombarded with,ads whether they're popping up on,Twitter or Instagram or Facebook we have,commercials on television billboard is,all telling us hey happiness can be,purchased,for the low low price of 9.99 or 25,whatever it might be trying to get us to,believe truly that we are going to find,happiness in these things rather than,focusing on and celebrating,the real reason of Christmas,celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ,and his message of love for God and love,for one another so because of all of,this focus on just about everything but,Jesus Christ's message and Christmas,it's easy to forget what it's really all,about truly giving being of service to,others making a positive impact with our,lives and that in doing so this is what,brings us true happiness this is what,brings us greater happiness than being,served by someone else this is what,gives us,true fulfillment giving more than,getting I'm so grateful to have realized,very early on in my life that that was,where happiness is found that I was,happiest when I was doing my best to be,of service to God and to others,happiness is not found in a gift wrap,box or a fat bank account or a fancy car,that's the truth now this is the Paradox,as long as we are searching for,happiness and doing everything that we,can selfishly for ourselves to be happy,we're not ever going to experience true,happiness and true fulfillment but once,we set aside our own selfish interests,and our own Pursuit selfish Pursuit of,Happiness once we stop focusing on how,we can find that happiness for ourselves,and instead focus on how we can be of,service to others work for the,well-being and the happiness of others,that's when we actually experience true,happiness however Martin Luther King,said everybody can be great because,anybody can serve no matter who we are,what we do in our lives with skills or,talents we may have no matter any of,these superficial things every single,one of us can find our own way to be of,service to others today in honor of the,celebration of Christmas and the,holidays I'm excited to introduce you to,two of my favorite people in the world,this has given me a great excuse to be,able to hang out with them mom and dad,[Music],Christmas take two take one,Mark Mark,so her career options here,it actually matters it's not just for,show no I know I've been on video before,we have to do that right gosh so you're,really an old hand yeah you know I have,to slate editor needs to know which take,it is that's right and sync the audio,and you know that's all right,I've been learning something in my old,age,well I am excited and proud to welcome,you to our home studio thank you I think,um I'm trying to think I think the last,time that you guys were here we still,had a living room,yes things have changed quite radically,here yeah,now it's like stepping over I always,joke it's like it's only a half joke do,you know what parkour is no,parkour is this it's a very physical,athletik activity where people like go,and navigate obstacles,you know just like running on walls and,flipping off of bridges onto the ground,and getting around different things and,uh,one of one of our friends is not very,good at it but he just runs around life,pretending he is and just just like will,kick up against a wall and yell parkour,so it's a bit of a joke but that's what,I feel like walking through here that,you have to do parkour to navigate the,obstacles of,what used to be our living room,[Music],[Laughter],parkour comes from the show The Office,oh,I'm sure you're Avid Watchers of the,office right never heard of it sure,let's go with that,it is a funny show trying to think of,where we were,Last Christmas I think because of covid,you know we didn't really get to do much,of anything together as a family and,we've gone Christmas caroling and other,things before but I feel like for the,last few Christmases,it's been pretty quiet,um so I'm so stoked that you guys could,come over today and we could share a few,of our favorite songs with people yeah,uh people who are listening on the,podcast who were maybe watching at home,and I think well one of the songs we're,gonna do,should we start with Amazing Grace sure,all right sure Amazing Grace yeah one of,the most memorable times I remember,singing this song was,um in Charleston in South Carolina,uh,at a Baptist Church that was a funeral,service for the families who had lost,loved ones in the mass shooting at the,church so the service was not actually,at the church because there were so many,people there but,um,it was so incredible because we heard,from,uh for example one of the mothers whose,child was killed in that mass shooting,and uh in her remarks she spoke about,forgiveness,forgiveness,to this guy who had taken her son's life,along with others,and,you know,it's an unimaginable thing,to think of going through,and understanding and knowing,even though I haven't been there in that,position and I can't imagine how,difficult it must have been for her as a,mom,but knowing for certain that the only,way that one can find that forgiveness,is because of God and God's love and,um and so after the the you know the the,speeches were done and the the comments,and the testimonials were done,um it was so powerful to be in that kind,of a,Sports stadium,with thousands of people Everyone,lifting their voices in Amazing Grace,yeah,so let's lift ours let's lift ours,and if you're listening at home join us,sing along,um,[Music],I once was lost but now I've found,was blind but now,I see,it twice,my fears release,our precious did that Grace appeared,[Music],Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that,say the rest like this if I once was,when we've been there Ten Thousand Years,bright shining as the sun,we know last days to sing God's grace,Amazing Grace,but now I see,all right all right,[Music],so the next song we're going to do is,one that you wrote it's an original song,called,Jesus Christ,[Laughter],enough said right yeah,yeah,how long ago did you write this song,I don't remember,yeah I think it's a 1980 or 1979 that's,about that time yeah yeah do you have um,you know obviously we grew up in a very,musical home,and uh Crystal was just asking me like,she's like oh do you play any musical,instruments I was like yeah I f

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How I Got 100,000 Streams On Spotify

my song lions recently crossed the,hundred thousand,stream mark on spotify now i dropped,this song back in january,january 15th to be exact that means,within five,months it has gone from zero to over a,hundred thousand streams,so today we're going to walk through,exactly how that's played out,what the data says in spotify for,artists and i'm going to share with you,how i made that happen,now if you're new here my name is tom,i'm a musician and on this channel we,tok about music marketing,branding business habits and tikniques,that are going to help us move from,making music as a hobby to making music,as a business,so we can get paid to spend our time,doing what we love and today we're going,to tok,about how i took my song lions from zero,streams on day one,to a hundred thousand streams within,five months of release now i did,all of this using facebook ads i didn't,do a single bit of playlisting,i didn't do a single bit of additional,marketing outside of that,i just used organic marketing and,facebook ads and so we're going to look,at how this song has performed over time,and then we're going to walk through all,of the things i did to help,bring it to this point,so first things first let's dive into,spotify for artists i have here this,custom date range which is,uh january 15th which is the friday i,released the song all the way until,today which is,june 29th which is the day i'm filming,this video this is how the streams have,played out over time for this song,as you can see the first week of release,i had a little bit of a bump here,as i started to get traffic initially,because of how i was running my ad,campaigns,and then the following monday i got this,massive release radar pump i had this,really great week after that following,that release radar pump,which ended the following friday after,that and then,after that i got another release radar,pump the following,friday so i had two really good release,radar boosts for this song,really good algorithmic traffic that was,all driven by spotify's,platform didn't have to pay anything for,that didn't have to get added to any,additional playlists for that i just got,enough traffic to the song,initially using facebook ads to get,spotify to do this work,for me using all of the algorithms that,are in place on the platform then after,that,things kind of settled in for a little,bit right everything looks pretty,similar,but the interesting part is because the,song performed so well at first,i have successively gotten multiple,discover,weekly bumps throughout the life cycle,of this song so,monday march 15th the full two months,after the song came out,i got this uh discover weekly bump on,that monday,fast forwarding here all of these little,bumps these are all little discover,weekly pushes now,some of them aren't very big but they're,a little bit the little bitty pushes,nonetheless,got another one here got another one,right here and then,most recently uh monday june 14th was,just a couple of weeks ago i got another,discover weekly bump that was even,bigger,than all of the previous ones since its,kind of,month release cycle back in january this,song has,continued to perform well over time,because i put in the work,within the first week of release to make,sure i got plenty of traffic to that,song,and gave spota enough user engagement,data,on the platform for them to push it out,far and wide and if we go down to the,source of streams and look by percentage,you can kind of see further in detail,how this played out if you're,pursuing playlisting if you're trying to,go through a playlisting platform,odds are the biggest source of your,streams are going to be right here in,the middle,other listeners playlists now for this,song you can see that's at five percent,instead for this song the highest,portion of traffic is coming from the,listeners own playlist and library,and spotify algorithmic playlists now,initially,in this first spike at the beginning of,the life cycle of this song,this spotify algorithmic playlists,section of the chart here was easily the,highest,all of the traffic was coming from the,algorithmic playlists,and this listener playlist was zero at,the,time over time as more people have,discovered,this song through the algorithmic,playlists on spotify,they have saved them to their own,playlists and library,and are listening to it having saved the,song which is precisely the user,behavior that we want we want somebody,to hear the song,love the song say the song and continue,to listen to the song,and that's precisely how this is played,out if we scroll back up here and we go,to,the playlist breakdown of this song,we'll go here and we'll open it up to,since 2015.,we can see that the top three playlists,are all spotify algorithmic playlists,for this song got release radar with,just over 21 000,streams discover weekly with just over 9,000 streams,and then the radio playlist with about,1600 streams going on 1700 at this point,these algorithmic playlists are very,very important to the success,of a song on spotify much more so and,much more effective,in my experience than trying to,win over a playlist or with an,independent playlist and,the last point about these playlists,that i want to make is that,even though i didn't speak to anybody or,go through,any playlisting platform or try to get,anybody to add the song,to their playlist so that other people,would listen to it this song has been,added to,1760 playlists,on spotify which means every single one,of these people either heard the song,directly from my profile,or heard this song on a spotify,algorithmic playlist,and decided to add it to their own,playlist,if you want to get playlisted on spotify,pursuing the algorithmic traffic,is a very effective way to do that as,this song,has showcased,so how did i do all this as i said,earlier in the video,i used facebook ads that's the only paid,advertising,i used i didn't pay anybody to add it to,their playlist i didn't do any,influencer marketing nothing like that,i use facebook ads and a combination of,organic marketing so first and foremost,on this advertising,promotion front organic what did i do i,post about the song to instagram,i have a very systematik instagram,strategy that i have outlined in a,previous video which you can check out,here,on the channel i'll walk you through how,i approach instagram,in short i posted about the song on,instagram,i shared the song in my stories on,instagram,and i shared it fairly heavily within,the first couple of weeks,and ever since then i continue to kind,of redirect the attention to the song,every once in a while by just throwing,up a story or mentioning the song,like in this video secondly outside of,instagram i've utilized youtube now,obviously i'm here on youtube toking,about marketing strategies and what has,worked for me,but i also have posted the song to my,youtube channel,which you can check out here if you want,to and i've done a slew of videos,toking about how i've been marketing,this song on my youtube channel so every,single one of these,little posts stories videos,or whatever are opportunities for,someone to engage with the song,if they so choose now i'm obviously not,forcing anybody to listen to the song,but if anybody is curious about how i'm,doing things which is what i like to,share on the channel,you have the song as a frame of,reference if you want to go check it out,simply by using it as a point of example,and a point of reference,when discussing other things i believe,has helped some of that organic traffic,as well,like this video case in point second,part,paid advertising facebook ads let's dig,into facebook ads and tok about,kind of what i did and how that has,played out over time,so here in facebook ads i've basically,run two campaigns,for my song lions the first one was a,spotify release campaign,i ran this campaign for three days,friday saturday sunday,when the song dropped and i spent 150,as you can see right here this campaign,ran for three days,i spent

Spotify vs. YouTube Music - Which is Better?

Spotify and YouTube Music are two of the largest,music streaming services out there now i've been using both services for well,over six months now and i've come to admire the advantages of each,service so whether you're new to music streaming,or you're considering switching to one of these two platforms,let's dive into the advantages and disadvantages,of using Spotify and Youtube Music and then ultimately i'll give you my,recommendation on which one you should use now first up,one of the biggest differences between these two services,are the devices that the services support,right now Spotify is just on more devices,it's not only on devices like google assistant smart speakers but also amazon,echo speakers as well if you're an apple homepod owner you,should be able to set up either of these services to play on your,home pod in fall 2020 and currently today you can use,both the google assistant and siri to play music from either service,amazon's assistant right now only connects to Spotify and not youtube,music Spotify also has more interactions with more,unusual devices like for example the tesla model 3.,if you pay for Spotify premium you can connect your account to your tesla and,play your music natively through the app on the tesla screen without using,bluetooth from your phone both services are available on common,platforms like ios and android as well as those platforms car offerings,Apple's CarPlay and android auto and both Spotify and YouTube Music,offer desktop apps for windows mac and linux,alright next let's tok about how these services stack up between their free,and paid versions both services offer a free version of their service but one,key difference between them is that the free version of youtube,music will allow you to play any song you want which Spotify does not,now you can also skip as many tracks as you like with YouTube Music,however Spotify does allow you to keep playing music,in the background when your phone goes dark or you close the app,whereasYouTube Music's app will stop playing music once this occurs,alright so the free versions of both of these services are somewhat usable,depending on your situation but let's say you decide to pay for one of,these services what exactly do you get well first you,get an ad-free experience on Spotify you can now play any artist,or song that you want and you get unlimited skips on youtube,music you get background play and both services allow you to download music to,your devices alright now let's tok about what's,actually available on each service from what we've been able to gather the,music catalog for both Spotify and YouTube Music,is pretty similar especially if the artists you listen to are quite popular,but your mileage may vary now one advantage YouTube Music has,over Spotify is that YouTube Music can pull songs uploaded by indie artists,directly from youtube Spotify does not have that advantage,YouTube Music can pull music videos directly off of youtube and show them to,you in the YouTube Music app Spotify,currently does not have music videos with their service,YouTube Music even lets you switch between a song and the music video,version right within the app one thing Spotify,has that YouTube Music doesn't is podcasts,Spotify has recently been going after the podcast market,landing exclusive podcasts from high status figures like michelle obama,Spotify also recently landed the popular joe rogan podcast,no matter what podcasts you listen to there's a high likelihood they can be,found on Spotify and the best part is you don't have to pay for Spotify,premium in order to access podcasts they're available for free through,Spotify's apps podcasts can be found in your library section,and also intermixed with your music throughout the app now one downside with,Spotify podcasts is they can't currently be played,through the google assistant however you can of course,cast a podcast to your speakers turning to YouTube Music,it doesn't feature podcasts on its app if you want to listen to google's,podcast service you'll need to download the google,podcast app on either your ios or android device,or access google podcasts through the web we actually did a video on how,google podcasts work so if you're interested in that service,i'll leave a link to that video below in the description as well as a card here,in this video now when looking at both of the services uis there are probably,more similarities than differences both have three tabs on Spotify you've,got home search and your library on YouTube Music,home explorer and library when you play a,song on each service the view also looks pretty similar you see the,album artwork play pause and skip track buttons,on YouTube Music you have a thumbs up and a thumbs down button,and Spotify gives you a like button each service also has an,up next or cue view to show you what songs are playing next,allowing you to move around the songs that you want to hear next,Spotify does have a unique sleep timer feature within their app which is pretty,neat and yes if you want to go to sleep listening to a podcast you can now while,YouTube Music doesn't have this feature if you have a google assistant enabled,speaker or phone you can tiknically do this,while playing any media and then just tell the google assistant,to set a sleep timer for however long you want it to play the,library sections of the services are also somewhat similar on Spotify the,your library section will show you the playlist you've created,artists you're following and albums you've liked one thing i really like is,that Spotify recommends albums you might want to like,based off of your listening history also like we showed earlier there's a,podcast section to show you the podcasts you follow,as well as the episodes you've downloaded in YouTube Music's library,you have a few more options you can get to your downloads playlists,albums songs artists and subscriptions here unlike,Spotify in YouTube Music when you hit a thumbs up on an album or a song,it doesn't automatikally add that song or album into your library it will,however add those songs into the your likes playlist in youtube,music you can add songs and albums into your library and to see those songs and,albums by artists go into the artist view and then,you'll see the songs and albums rolled up,under each artist now if you want to follow an artist,you can subscribe to them but note if you subscribe to them on YouTube Music,you're also subscribing to that artist on youtube,alright well that's most of the similarities between each service's ui,now let's tok about some of the differences and let's stay on the,library view of YouTube Music for a second,this illustrates one of the main advantages of YouTube Music it allows,you to upload music that you may have purchased from services like itunes,to your library whereas Spotify doesn't allow you to upload files directly to,the cloud like YouTube Music but it does have a local files feature that allows,you to play files on your device through the Spotify app,now the next major difference between these two services,is with music discovery and daily listening,Spotify is really well known for its playlists and this is one of the main,ways the platform allows you to discover new artists the service creates,six daily mixes just for you that are you guessed it,updated every day each playlist is based off of a different listing mode the,different types of music you listen to will typically give you more mixes,daily mixes are designed to be the easiest way to get to a good musical,experience and to create them Spotify uses,clustering tiknology to identify distinct subgroupings within a user's,listening patterns and then it builds recommendations around those,mixing in new suggestions along with known favorites,it's available on both Spotify premium as well as the free version of Spotify,and in my experience it works really well,it's a great way to discover new music that you may like,while also listeni

Fix: Spotify + Discord Integration | Songs not showing & more

what's up guys my name is tikn over,here for troubleshoot and welcome back,to another video,sir today's video is on fixing the,discord integration where Spotify,recently I added my Spotify account to,my discord account however whenever I'm,listening to music of course I've,managed to fix it now it didn't pop up,over here keep an eye on this icon over,here as soon as I pause it it'll vanish,but assume that currently music is,playing this is what it would look like,I have my little status emotikon,selected over here but of course you can,see that no song is playing as it should,when something is it should appear,somewhat like this so what exactly is,the issue well there's a couple of,things that we can go ahead and try to,try and troubleshoot this integration,not working so the number one check if,the accounts are actually linked so in,the bottom left of discord next to you,use the name click the user Settings,button and when you're in this window,over here head across through the,connections tab I need to quickly,disable streamer mode connections and,you can see what accounts you have,linked of here I have my Spotify account,but of course if it's not here simply,click the Spotify button and your,browser should open to a new web page of,course mine decides not to load but,it'll looks somewhat like this and it'll,ask you to link your two accounts once,you've linked them you can close and,reopen discord heading back to those,connections tab under your user settings,you should see that your account is over,here simply make sure that displays,Spotify as your status is set to on of,course you can have display on your,profile set to on or off what exactly is,this well when you click on your profile,as such view profile it'll show over,here if you have that first option,selected however as with me it won't,show if you have it turned off then go,ahead and see if it's actually working,clicking play and Spotify you can see,it's working over here however assuming,that it didn't work there's a couple,more steps that we can go ahead and,follow so that the first step over here,is to make sure that we actually have,game activity set to on this may sound a,little bit strange but it's one of the,steps that I had to do to get it to work,properly so use the settings at once,again and we'll head down to the game,activity tab then when we're here some,people say that you may or may not see,Spotify if you,do then I'd recommend hitting the X next,to it over here to go ahead and close it,so the way that I fixed it was by,clicking not seeing your game added I,click that click the drop-down and then,select it Spotify as such add game and,as you can see I'm now playing a Spotify,and then of course once adding it make,sure that display currently running game,as the status message is set to on,looking back into actual discord you can,see playing Spotify spot if I just,started playing however of course this,isn't the actual integration this is,just saying that I have Spotify open on,my computer and you can do this with,absolutely any program now of course,that is not the right way that you are,probably expecting however these are the,steps that I took that managed to fix it,once you've done this head into Spotify,try and play something and see if it,works if it doesn't work then simply,head into the options once again go to,game activity and you'll see Spotify,suddenly disappears goes down to the,list over here and looking back to our,actual discord you can see we're now,listening to Spotify here's the song and,some extra information heading back into,user settings followed by a game,activity we can go ahead and remove the,Spotify over here close out of this and,it's not working as expected I think,that I had to restart both discord and,Spotify after following these steps to,get it to work so I'd recommend,restarting a discord right before you go,ahead and remove it from your game,activity list over here so you add it,restart this code restart Spotify start,playing music see if it works if it does,great otherwise go ahead and remove it,from here and see if it pops up,otherwise restart discord and Spotify,once all of that is done and all of,those steps are complete you should not,have Spotify it linked correctly with,your discord account and whatever music,you're listening to should show up with,all of your friends in all of your,servers and of course something else to,keep in mind when you go ahead and add,your Spotify account for the first time,you may already have one linked over,here under connections if that's the,case you can go ahead and remove it and,add it back and of course if you're,adding the same account once again or,trying to fix this one account you,should go ahead and remove,all of these linked Spotify accounts,before going ahead and linking it again,that way things have the best chance of,working and of course if you've run,through the entire tutorial once then,I'd recommend you go ahead remove this,add it back and possibly do the tutorial,once again after restarting your entire,PC and hopefully things will be working,then but anyways that's about it thank,you for watching my name's been take,number here for troubleshoot hopefully,this video helped you and I'll see you,all in the next one,shower