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why are ads appearing on my phone

Published on: February 12 2023 by pipiads

- In this video, Abhishek from Tik Matters explains how to remove malware or adware from your Android mobile phone without using any software or antivirus.

- He demonstrates the kind of pop-up ads that are common while browsing Facebook or watching YouTube videos.

- He shows that these ads are coming from Google Adsense, but they can be easily removed through a few simple steps in the phone's settings.

Steps to Remove Pop-up Ads:

1. Go to settings on your Android phone.

2. Click on Accounts and then Google.

3. Inside Google, click on Personal Info and Privacy.

4. Click on Add Settings, which will open a browser and show the add settings for your account.

5. Switch off Add Personalization.

6. Click on Turn Off when prompted.

7. Click on Visit Ad Choices, which will load a page with all the ads and websites enabled on your phone.

8. Uncheck all the websites from which you get ads.

9. Click on Continue and then Make Your Choices.

10. Opt out from all the companies that send ads to your phone.

11. Restart your phone.

- After following these steps, pop-up ads will no longer appear on your Android phone.

- Abhishek thanks his viewers and subscribers for their support and announces that he will be distributing goodies and gifts at 10,000 subscriptions.

How to Stop Popup Ads on Android Phone in 2 Minutes

Hey guys, in this video, I'll be showing you how to get rid of annoying pop-up ads on your Android mobile phone without any application or software. Before we start, I have a request for you - please subscribe to my channel and hit the like button. It's totally free, and it helps me out a lot.

Types of Pop-up Ads:

- Three types of pop-up ads can be closed simply by clicking on the cross button at the top corner.

Steps to Remove Pop-up Ads:

1. Open Settings and go to Google Settings.

- In old mobiles, go to Accounts, click on Google Accounts, and find the Google settings option.

- In the latest mobiles, go to Settings and click on Google.

2. Click on the Ad section and turn off the option Opt out of Ads Personalization. Also, turn off the option Enable Debug Logging Ads.

3. Go back to the Google Account Settings and click on Manage your Google Account.

4. Open Data and Personalization and scroll down to the Ads Personalization option.

5. Untick the option Ads Settings and turn off the Add Personalization option in this window.

6. Click on the Add Visit Your Online Choices option. If you get an error, just press the Try Again button.

7. Scroll down and press Continue.

8. At the top right side of the page, you have an option to select all the companies. Click on it and select all the company selector tools.

9. Go to the end of the page and click on Opt out of all button and wait for the completion.

10. Go to the home page and open the Chrome browser. In the site settings, click on Pop-up and Redirects and turn this option off.

11. Go back and click on the Ads option and turn this also off.

Note: You may still get one or two ads because Google cannot allow you to opt out from all companies.

So, these were the steps to remove pop-up ads from your Android mobile phone without any application or software. I hope you found this video helpful. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, and thanks for watching!

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

Hey guys, in today's video, I'll be showing you how to permanently remove pop-up ads from your Android phone. These ads can be really annoying, and while you can skip them by pressing the cross button at the top of the add bar, let's see how we can get rid of them completely.

- Pop-up ads can cause trouble and annoyance on your Android phone

- There are two sources of these ads: Google and viruses

- I'll provide solutions for both in this video

Removing Google Ads:

- Open your mobile settings and find the Google option

- Open the ad section and turn off the option for personalized ads

- Reset your advertising ID

- Manage your Google account, go to data and privacy, and find add personalization settings

- Remove the categories of ads that appear on your screen

- Turn off ad personalization option

- Open your Chrome browser and go to settings

- Open site settings and block third party cookies

- Turn off the ad section option if it's already on

Removing Virus-Related Ads:

- Go to settings and find the apps section

- Hide system apps if necessary

- Find the app without name and logo and uninstall it

Final Option:

- If all else fails, reset your mobile phone (make sure to backup your data first)

- Try the DNS trick before resetting your phone (link available in the description or end screen)

- Permanently removing pop-up ads from your Android phone can be done by following these steps

- If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel and give me a supper thanks

- Thanks for watching!

How to Find out Which App Is Causing Pop-Up Ads on Android

In this article, we will discuss how to stop pop-up ads in any Android device. It can be frustrating when you are using an app and suddenly an ad pops up. However, with these simple steps, you can say goodbye to these annoying ads.


1. Use a frequently used app.

2. Press the home button if any app pops up while using another app.

3. Go to the Play Store and click on the hamburger button at the top left.

4. Select My apps and games.

5. Click on Installed and sort the apps alphabetically.

6. Find the app that is causing the pop-up ads.

7. Uninstall the app and say goodbye to the ads.

By following these steps, you can easily stop pop-up ads on your Android device. It is important to regularly check which apps are causing the ads and uninstall them to prevent further annoyance. Don't forget to subscribe and click on the bell icon for more helpful tips.

[Solved] How to Disable Full Screen Random Ads on Samsung Phones

In this video, Rajat Gupta discusses how to disable and turn off full screen random pop-up ads on Samsung or Android phones. The cause of the problem is a phone infected with an ad from an app recently installed. The solution is to uninstall that app, but it can be difficult to determine which app is the culprit. Gupta provides three solutions to determine the app and get rid of the ad.

1. Click on the most recent button on the bottom left to see if the ad appears. Ad is treated as an app, so the most recent app used is likely the culprit.

2. Go to the Play Store and click on My Apps. Sort the apps by last used to see which app was recently used and causing the ad.

3. Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from the Play Store and scan the phone to find the infected app and uninstall it.

Gupta demonstrates the first two solutions on a Samsung S8 Plus phone, and shows how to uninstall the app causing the ad. He encourages viewers to let him know in the comments which solution worked for them and to subscribe to his channel for more helpful videos.

The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

Mobile game ads have become a plague upon the internet, with deceptive, manipulative, and misleading advertising tactics used to hook unsuspecting users with addictive gameplay and microtransactions. The entire system is corrupt, with low-quality games that cost virtually nothing to make, while marketing in a misleading manner. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the world of mobile game ads, their origins, and how they have descended into the state of madness we suffer today.

Origins of Mobile Game Ads:

The history of mobile games as an industry is interconnected with the rise of mobile game ads. In the early 2010s, mobile games required upfront payments to play the game. But then, mobile game companies decided to scrap this model and instead go for in-game microtransactions, which became the main form of generating revenue for the mobile game industry.

The Rise of Deceptive Advertising:

With the rise of in-game microtransactions, mobile game companies unleashed a tidal wave of advertisements, and the tone of mobile game ads changed dramatically. The companies started running into the same issue that traditional television ads faced in the mid-2000s, where people started to become numb to regular ads. So, they had to start getting increasingly bizarre just to get the attention of people.

Tactics Used in Mobile Game Ads:

Mobile game ads only have a few seconds to make an impression on viewers, so they have to go super hard to grab the viewers' attention. Poor animation, outlandish scenarios, imitations of popular properties, or blatant sexual imagery are all powerful tools to stop you dead in your tracks and force you to pay attention. Another common tactic is to bait the viewers' creativity or intelligence, making them feel special, or making obvious mistakes to stop and gawk at the stupidity on display.

Mobile game ads have become a corrupt and disgusting world, where low-quality games cost virtually nothing to make, and marketing is done in a misleading and manipulative manner. The rise of in-game microtransactions has led to a tidal wave of advertisements, where companies use bizarre tactics to grab the viewers' attention. The entire system is corrupt, and many websites are complicit in the process, including YouTube. It is time to take a stand against these deceptive and manipulative tactics and demand more transparency and honesty in mobile game advertising.

Is my phone listening to me? We tested it, here's what happened

Are Social Media Apps Listening to Your Conversations?

Have you ever experienced targeted ads on your social media feed that seem like they were specifically tailored to your conversation? Many people believe that social media apps are listening to their conversations and using the information to target ads. But is there any truth to this conspiracy theory?


- A couple noticed ads for the band Heart after frequently using the term heart in their conversations.

- A woman saw an ad for a specific cruise after discussing it with a friend.

- An experiment by a British security company played pet food commercials repeatedly to a phone in a quiet room, but no discernible difference was observed.


- Facebook and Instagram founders deny that their apps listen in on conversations.

- However, they do collect data from third-party partners to target ads.

- Data collection companies create profiles on users based on their interactions with content and their online activity.

- Apps can collect data and sell it to third parties.

While it's unclear if social media apps are actually listening to our conversations, it's important to be aware of how our data is being collected and used. By using privacy-focused apps and being mindful of the information we share online, we can better protect our privacy.

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